Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on September 16, 1913 · 14
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 14

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1913
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14 THE CALGARY DAILY HERALD. TUESDAY, SEPT. 16. 1913 Mnd . at ylay.c)-! Calgary Society l.ti.ty Editor1. Phwi MM2S Mrs. J. S. Kelly and baby of 1631 Fourteenth avenue west have gone cast for a month's vacation. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sparling are spending a few weeks at Banff. Mrs. A. Westland and Mrs. W. J. Travis left yesterday for Wyoming, Ont. Dr. H. E. McPhedron, Mrs. Mc-Fhedron and little son of Central India are the guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. McPhedron. 1514 Eleventh avenue west Dr.- Arnold Eae, Mrs. Rae and Mrs. G. C. Cushlng motored to Lethbrldge on Saturday. .' Master Raymond Slfton of Edmonton arrived in the city yesterday to resume his studies at Western Canada college. Among those who will be patrons of the Herbert Fryer concert on Thursday, September 18, in Paget hall, are: Senator and Mrs. Lougheed, Judge and Mrs. Stewart, Dr. and Mrs. Mac-. kid, Dr. and Mrs. O'Sulllvan, Madame Sauclor, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Grogan, Hme. Anderson, Judge and Mrs. WHnter, Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Anderson, Max Weil, Mr. and Mrs. P. Jj. Nalsmith, Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Spence, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Linton, and others. The tickets are on sale at Yeung and Kennedy's book store. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Barber, Toronto, announce the engagement . of their daughter, Mabl Edith, to Mr. E. W. Spafford, of Calgary. Mr. Trot and Miss Wardlow of Mont1-real were the guests of Mrs. Edmund Taylor at the Country club at tea yesterday afternoon. Senator Lougheed motored Bight Hon. J! Samuels and his party to the Golf and Country club for tea yesterday afternoon. Senator and Mrs. Lougheed gave a dinner last night In honor of several distinguished guests including the postmaster-general of Great Britain, the Rt. Hon. Herbert Samuel, the Hon. L. P. Pelletler, postmaster-general of Canada and Madame Pelletler, Madame Beleau, Mr. Hurcond and Mr, Flsht Among the guests asked to meet them were Mr. and Mrs. E. Coste, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Taylor, Mr. R. Bennett and Mr. Clarence Lougheed. The table was extremely pretty with decorations of pink and white asters and ferns. ' Mrs. Lougheed received her feuests in a smart black satin gown draped with embroidered nett Madame Pelletler wore black satin gown with jet garniture. Madame Beleau wore a violet velvet Kown with lace bertha. Mrs. Coste was downed in nett blue satin broche, and Mrs. Edmund Taylor in a dainty gown of pale blue satin with chiffon overdress and rosebud trimmings. Mrs. Baldwin Hulton gave a delightful tea yesterday for her mother Mrs. Balllle, of Ixmdon, Ont. Mrs. Baldwin recelvad her guests in a grey charmeuse gown with lace garniture and Mrs. Balllle wore grey silk with lace and velvet trimmings. The tea table was decorated with California popples and sweet peas, streamers of blue and white tulle from the chandelier completing the extremely pretty effect, and was presided over by Mrs. A. P. Hulton and Mrs. L G. Glanvllle, assisted by Mrs. Stringer and Mrs. Mc-Laws, who cut the ices, and Mrs. Zimmerman, Miss Hulton and Miss Balllle. Mr. and Mrs. George Bryan gave a dinner party last night in honor of Sir Gilbert Parker, who spent the day in ' town en route from the coast to Edmonton where he will be the guest of honor tonight at a dinner given Mr. A. L. ' nnd Mrs. Slfton, and attend the opening of parliament. Mr. and Mrs. Harry McNames of St. Thomas. Ont.. are visiting their uncle, Mr. J. II. McNames, Strathcona Heights, On their return trip east they Intend ' 6topping at Calgary, Brandon and other ADVERTISEMENT Health and Beauty Answers BY MRS. Clara: Your yellowness around chin ind neck and general "all-gone" feeling mean that your liver requires a regulator and I would suggest a plain kardene tonic. This will cleanse the blood and give tone and strength to the liver and kidneys and when these organs aro in a healthy condition you will be free from bilious attacks, obstinate headaches and the pains in the small of the back and groin. To prepare this tonic put l ounce kardeno into pint alcohol (never use whlskjn, then add cupful sugar and ihot water to make a quart. The dose js a tablespoonful before meals. The kardene tonic Is excellent to clear the skin of pimples, blotches and sallowness and its timely use frequently tsaves doctor's bills. A. P. X.; Yes, a delatone paste Is the most satisfactory thing of which I know for removing not wanted hairs. With and after two or three minutes remove, wash the skin and it will he smooth and hairless. This is a harmless, quick treatment. 0. A.; You will be surprised on how beautifully long and curly your eyebrows will grow if yon apply a little pyroxin at lish-ront. with thumb and forefinger. Thin, ugly eyebrows come in thick and glossy, merely by rubbing pyroxin on. Use care and don't get any pyroxin where li.iir is not wanted. Iirulah: If you will keep your scalp i lean and pliant by occasional shampooing with a teaspoon ful canthrox dissolved In 'a cup hot water, the hair-roots will grow strong nnd vigorous, resulting ir. a head of healthy, beautiful hair. This canthrox, which is easier to use than any shampoo of which 1 know, creates a wealth of white, thick lather that dissolves all dust and dandruff and neutralises excess oil. Rinsing leaves the scalp Immaculately clean and the hair dries quickly, with a rich, even color and is ever to fluffy and brilliant. Ella: T do not know how your eye trouble may bo caused. There are many i-eaaons which might make them dull, but I do know a certain way to tone, strengthen and brighten them. To relieve the redness and soothe the eyestrain apply the following tonic. Drop into eath eye 2 or 3 drops dally of a simple preparation made at homcMiy dissolving nn ounce crystoe in a pint of water. This will relieve the inflamed lids and beautify UTILE lEMlOWS (By BLANCHE BEACON) THE BEGINNING OF A DOUBLE CHIN They begin in very young girls, as my cut will show. The double chin is no respector of persons, age or caste. It threatens alhsallke. . It has always seemed to me, however, that if young girls of from fourteen to twenty would watch their chins more closely and observe any tendency of that chin to puff out, a great many double chins could be avoided by the rule of prevention. When you look In the mirror and notice any undue flesh under your chin, don't "wait and see." Begin at once to exercise and massage. Try these very simple rules first: 1. Elevate the chin as high as possible, and turn the head as far as possible to the light and left. 2. Do not neglect massage. It is decidedly Important, and If persisted In will work wonders. A good, simple massage is the one called the Primary Movement. To do it. First, annoint your hands and fingers with some good grease cream. Second, place the hands under the chin, palms up, and tips of fingers together. Third, stroke upward with a steady firm touch. In another article I gave extensive directions for reducing a double chin, so will not repeat them here. This is not "how to cure" especially. It Is "how to prevent." And speaking of preventing, never sit 'reading wlth your chin resting against your neck. Again, in sleeping, never crowd your chin up in the pillow. Stretch your chin forward, as you compose yourself. Do not pull the skin of your neck downwards. If you have a nervous habit of fingering your prairie points to visit friends Vancouver World. Mrs. Hermann Mewburn was one of the guests of honor at a delightful garden party given by Mrs. E. T. Deacon last week at her pretty home on Nicola street, Vancouver. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hall, Edmonton, who were visiting Mra Hall's sister, Mrs. A. F. Turnbull, have returned home. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Cross returned last night from the ranch, where they spent the summer. Mr. Persse and Mr. Dingle spent the week-end in Lethbrldge. , Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Williamson of Lethbrldge, are spending a week In Calgary. Mr. C. A. Stephens, who- had been visiting friends here has returned to Lethbrldge. A very elaborate and enjoyable dinner was given last night by the wives and sisters of the Calgary architects in honor ef the wives of the visiting architects, in the Elizabethan room of the Hudson's Bay. The latter was beautifully decorated with gay colored asters, and Mr. Howells orchestra played charming selections during the evening. Mrs. 6. M. Lang, in a gown of peach crepe de chene draped over satin and accordeon plaited ruffles, presided at the dinner, and proposed the toast of the king. The toast, "Our' visitors," was proposed by Mrs. Major and responded to by Mrs. Turner, of Edmonton, and Mrs. Ober, of Winnipeg. The following guests were present: Mrs. Russell, Winnipeg, In black silk gown and lace garniture. Mrs. Ober. Winnipeg, pale blue charmeuse with touches of lace. Mrs. Flngland, Winnipeg, fox blue silk corsage bouquet of crimson roses; Mrs. Turner, Edmonton, blue silk gown, with shadow lace coatee; Mrs, Comerty, Edmonton, smart black satin gown; Mrs. Tait, Reglna, white I silk gown with touches of lace; Mrs. MAE MARTYN. and brighten the eye Itself, safe and Inexpensive. Absolutely Birdie: Your dry hair and dandruff are common troubles which ore very easily cured. Try this tonic Which I nnd many of my friends have used and found perfect. Mix one ounce qulnsoln with 4 pint alcohol and add hi pint cold water. Rub this invigorating tonic into your scalp twice a week and the hair roots will take on a healthy growth. I know of nothing so prompt and sure in destroying dandruff and to remedy Itching pcjilp. This tonic is wonderfully stimulating to hair growth and should be used in connection with canthrox shampoo. 1 am writing today about canthrox also. See answer to Beulah. Esther: Your wrinkles, especially In middle age, are inexcusable and a certain remedy for them consists in treating the skin thoroughly with a plain almozoln cream jelly, easily made at home. This is made by pouring 2 teaspoonfuls glycerine in ,4 pint cold water, into which is then dissolved 1 ounee ulmozoin. Massaging with this simple vegetable cream jelly will quickly rid the skin of lines', blackheads and wrinkles and when used for flabby muscles and hollows will make the flesh firm and smoooth. Anna: Yes, I know a harmless fat reducer that works rapidly and which many of my too heavy friends used te bring them to normal weight. Into li pints of hot water put 4 ounces par-notis; strain when cool and take a table-spoonful before meals until weight Is sufficiently reduced. Then stop the treatment. This parnotls treatment re-quires' no dieting or violent exercise and restores the figure's symmetrical lines and after your weight Is where you want It, the flesh will be firm and the skin free from wrinkles. Mrs. W.: The girl who laughed at your "make-up" must have had some little cause at least. Most face powders give that artificial look. Besides, they rub off so easily and do damage to sensitive skins. Here is a formula which I find has met with wonderful surcess. Dissolve four ounces of spurmax In pint water and add two teaspoonfuls glycerine. Apply this IMion to face, neck and arms and rub until dry. it whitens the skin naturally, will cling a long time, seeming really a part of the skin, to which It gives a dainty glow and velvety softness and is a good preventive of all skin blemishes. I neck, either stop It, or next best, learn to massage it instead of pulling it all out of shape. "An ounce of prevention, etc." I believe it more every day. 1 .. OS J r "WfTSi -ivf Thomason, black and white silk with violet garniture; Mrs. Beattle, gown of dresden chiffon over satin; Mrs. Jamleson, black ailk with Jet erna-ments; Mrs. Langford, black satin and points de verise lace bertha; Mrs. Major White, si lk with pearl embroidery; Mrs. Alex Plrle, pale blue satin with draped lace tunlo; Mrs. O'Oara, blue and white silk with chantilly lace overdress; Mrs. Bates, smart black satin gown; Mrs. Patterson, blue silk corsage bouquet of Richmond roses; Mrs. Kelly, Alice blue silk with sequin and Jet tunic; Mrs. C. Ilroy, pink silk with pink brad garnitures; Miss Gotch, blue silk with touches of lace; Miss Lawson, pale blue silk with overdress of white nlnon and rosebud wreaths; Miss Long, cream charmeuse with draped chiffon overdress. ' Mr. and Mrs. J. K. McEwen of Weston announce the engagement of their only daughter, Annie Irene, to Mr. Stanley A. Smuck of Calgary, Alta., son of Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Smuck of Glanford, Ont The marriage is to fake place September IT. The members of Strathcona's Horse polo team entertained at dinner at the Country club on Wednesday evening. when Mrs. Steele presented the Wln- terton and Chlpman cups to the victorious team. The guests were CoL and Mrs. Steele, Capt and Mrs. Cart-wright, Mrs. j. B. Cameron, Mrs. A. E. Shaw. Miss Sheffield, Mr. Walter Critchley, Mr. A. C. Critchley, Mr. A. E. Shaw, Mr. W. O. Carruthers, and Mr. A. D. Cameron. Winnipeg Telegram. Mr. and Mrs. William Murray, Vancouver, returned yesterday from their motor trip to Brooks and leave for Edmonton this morning. The following guests have registered at Braemar Lodge: Captain Townsh- end, Langdon; Mr. J. Wain Gray, Edinburgh, Scotland; Mr. J. McArthur, Moose Jaw; Mr. L. Brydone-Jack, THE HERALD'S FASHION HINTS 9681. A new and desirable model, Ladles' apron with revert and panel front. Lawn. nainsook, dimity, cambric, crossbar muslin or percale are suitable for this design. It may be developed without the revers and sash. The pattern is cut in three sizes: Small, medium and large. It requires i yards of 36-inch material for a medium size. A pattern of this illustration mailed to any address on receipt of loo in sliver or stamps. Address Fashion Department, Dally Herald. Winnipeg; Mr. S. Watson, London; Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Ross, Ottawa r Captain G. Drage, Cricclck, North Wales; Mr. E. S. Williams ElUs, Chaunley, North Wales; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hume and children, Victoria. Mr. Claude Lonsdale spent yesterday in town, the guest ef Mrs. H. Payne Lesueur. . Mrs. Bedingfield of Peklsko is a guest at Braemar Lodge. In the " Seaforth Presbyterian church on Monday, September 1, Mr. James A. McNalighton of Calgary, son of the late Donald McNaughton of Rldeau Ferry, and Miss Janet Barr, daughter of the late Rev. M. Barr, were married. Rev. F. H. Larkin, as sisted by Dr. Nell McPherson of Springfield. Masst, officiated. The bride was beautifully gowned in crepe de chene, and carried bridal roses and lilies- ef the valley, and was given away by her unele. Dr. Sparks of St. Mary's, and during the service Miss Helen Larkin played Mendelssohn's wedding march. Master Neil McPher son and Master Thomas Barr Goven lock, nephews ef the bride, preceded the bridal party to the altar with a floral basket containing the ring. The ceremony was witnessed by the im mediate relatives of the contracting parties, who afterwards drove to ths home of Mrs. Matthew Barr, where dejeuner was served. Mr. and Mis. McNaughton left on a. short wedding trip, prior to leaving . for Calgary where they will reside. The gift of the groom, a pearl crescent, to Miss Larkin, the organist was a very Pre ty souvenir. Toronto World. , Mrs. Cyril Hill has returned from Banff, where she was the guest of Mrs. F. C. Lowes. Mrs. W. D. Spence was hostess at a most enjoyable motor drive and luncheon party in honor of Mrs. Damen, of London, England, who spent the day In Calgary, en route from British Columbia, where she visited her son. After a drive around the city Mrs. Spence had the following guests to a charming lunch in the Elizabethan room. Hudson's Bay: Mrs. Damen, London, England; Mrs. Pinkham, Mrs. Lougheed, Mrs. Wolley Dod. Mrs. Macleod, Mrs. Shsley. and Mrs. Har old Riley. Mrs.. Damen is a member of the Victorian league, which is affiliated with the Daughters of the Empire, and while in Victoria she was made an honorary member of the chapter there. Miss Isabel Whitney of Bow Island, who has been visiting her uncle, Mr. James Wallwork of this city, has gone to St Hilda's college, Calgary, to resume her studies. Lethbrldge Herald. Mr. C. Q. K. Nourse spent the weekend In Lethbrldge looking after his many interests there. The cricket match between the Australians and Calgarlans was well attended esterday afternoon and tea was served the players by the executive of the Colonel Macleod chapter of the Daughters of the Empire. Mrs. Nolen the regent and Mrs. Slsley, presided at the table which was gaily decorated with yellow asters. Mrs. Macleod, Mrs. Spence and , Mrs. Wolley-Dod assisted. Among those noticed on the grounds were Colonel and Mrs. Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Pryce Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Car-lyle, Mr. Rex Pryce Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Barrlngton Retlley, Mr. and Mrs. Napper, Mr. and Mrs. Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Darker, Captain and Mrs. Clifford, Dr. and Mrs. Sanson, Mrs. English, and many others: Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Moore, of Calgary. Alta,, are visiting Mrs. A. Moore, 68 De Lisle avenue, and will be at home Tuesday evening., Toronto Globe. The wedding of Miss Gabrlelle Kavanaugh, only daughter of Mr. John Kavanaugh, Cardinal, Ont, to Mr. John Archibald Mackenzie, of Calgary, took place very quietly on Sept 4, at St. Mark's church, Preseott Ont. Mr. and Mra Mackenzie laft for a trip through the eastern provinces before sailing on Sept. 18 for Europe. ' Miss Crossklll entertained at an informal three-table bridge last evening in honor of Mrs. Haultain, of 'Port Hope, Mrs. Broughton's guest. Miss Crossklll wore a smart gown of rose chiffon velvet relieved with lace. Mrs. Crossklll. who received with her daughter, wore black satin and jet. The guests were Mrs. Haultain, superintendent and Mrs. Broughton, Mr. and Mrs. Nightingale, Mrs. De Wolfe MacDonald, Miss Strlbley, Mr. and Mrs. Dickens, Mr. Hudspeth and Mrs. Morse. Mrs. Broughton won the ladles prize, a quaint Dutch Jug, and Mr. Hudspeth the gentleman's, a book. Edmonton Journal. Mde. E. A. Drolet entertained at a five hundred progressive party Thursday afternoon. The hostess was wearing a very beautiful gown of Alice blue marquisette over satin, trimmed with real lace. About 45 guests were pres-eot The first prize was won by Mde. Poulin, of Calgary, one of the guests of honor among the other visitors in town. Edmonton Journal. Following the completion of the polo tournament the members of the Osborne Barracks' team were the hosts at a dinner at the St. Charles' Country club last night Among the guests were Colonel and Mrs. Steele, Captain and Mrs. Cartwright, Mrs. J. B. Cameron, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Sheffield, Mr. W. Cfitchley, Mr. W. O. Carruthers and Mr. Haewood Steele. The members of the Barracks' team are Major Llpsett Captain Shaw, Lieutenants A. C. Critchley, J. Critchley and A. D. Cameron. Winnipeg Free Press. Announcement has been made in Toronto of the engagement of Miss Myrtle Heathfleld Drury, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Drury. . of that city, to Mr. Charles Norton Lloyd, now of Vancouver. The marriage is to be solemnized this month at Toronto. Princess Mary is said to be the best linguist among Their Majesties' chiU dren, and has made notable progress .vith the study of German since her journey to the continent last August. tiir Wiliiain Lawrence Young, one of the members of the London board of directors of the Grand Trunk railway, passed through Toronto this morning en route for western Canada. " Sir William is , accompanied by Lady Young. Toronto Globe. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Featherston-haugh have left for a monthf holiday in British Columbia. Toronto Globe. Mrs. Joseph Cobbledlck, Calgary, ar rived in the city on Friday evening last to spend some time with her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Stevenson. Wetas-klwln News. The engagement is announced of Miss : Catharine Scott of Weyburn, Sask.. only daughter of Mrs. J. Scott, of Edmonton. Alta., formerly of Rich mond, Que., to S. C. Hepworth, of Weyburn, Sask., son of Mr. J. S. Hep worth, of London, England. The mar riage will take place In September. Sir Max Altken, benefited by his rest cure in Germany, is now staying quietly at his Surrey home, avoiding both politics and business as far as possible. t Announcement is made of the en gagement of Edith Marlon,' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Shields, of Ver- den, Man., to Mr. Ernest Walter Ger- rard, of Melville, Sask., the marriage to take place about the middle of Sep tember. . Mrs. H. E. Glllls and Miss Jean Gil Us, who has been visiting friends in Chicago, St Paul, Toronto, and Win Chester, are now in Boston, en route to New York, where they will be the guests of Mrs. Caldwell, of Prospect park, Quebec, after Christmas. PRIVATE DANCING ASSEMBLIES Invitations have been Issued for a series of private dancing assemblies In the Maclennan dancing academy in Sherman hall, corner Seventeenth avenue and Centre street to be held on Tuesday and Friday evenings. These dances will be conducted by Mr. A. D .Maclennan, who will Introduce a number of novel dances. The lOSrd orchestra, under the leadership of W. A. Leggett has been engaged to sup ply the music. SHOWER FOR DAY NURSERY A shower on behalf of the Crescent Heights day nursery will be held on Wednesday next September 17, at the home of Mrs. Garvey, 307 Eleven and a half street northwest. Any .housekeeping donations for the nursery. food or furniture will be very accept able. Same will be called for if notice is given to the society or can be left either at the above address, or with Mrs. Gunn, 714 Fifth street Sunny- side; phone M4581. GAELIC SOCIETY DANCE The Gaelic society of Calgary will hold the first of a series of dances of the season on Thursday night, Sep tember 18, at Professor MacLennan's academy Sherman hall. Seventeenth avenue and Centre street. PRESS WOMEN TO MEET The members of the Calgary branch of the Canadian Women's Press club will meet for a social hour tomorrow arteraoon at tne tea nonr at JTonns rathskeller. PRIVATE ASSEMBLY DANCES Mr. A- D. MacLennan has Issued In vitations for a series of private danc ing assemblies to be held in his priv ate academy In the Sherman auditor ium hall. The programme commences at 9 o'clock and concludes at 12 p.m. BOW VALLEY SEWING CIRCLE The Bow Valley Sewing circle will meet on Thursday afternoon with Mrs William Flett 916 Five A street Sunnyside. W. M. 8. RALLY The annual rally of W.M.S. of Wes ley church will be held today at S o'clock. GAIETY GUIDES DANCE The Gaiety Guides club has made arrangements to hold Jts dance on Friday evening, September 19. THUMBED DOWN HER WAIST (A. It. D.) She put on her hat to go out for a walk, And she thumbed down Her waist at The belt. She met an acquaintance, a bit of a gawk. And just as they started on fashion to talk, She thumbed down Her waist at The belt Department store window displays caught her eye And as she was tempted to go in and buy, She thumbed down Her waist at The belt. She finally yielded and shopped a whole lot. But thumbed down Her waist at The belt. A car she delayed, yet she didn't care a jot. But take it from me she never forgot To thumb down Her waist at The belt. She stooped very low to tie up her Shoe, Then, fearing the sash line was top much In view, ' Just thumbed down Her waist at The belt It would not be - strange " when to Heav'n she goes,1 She'll thumb down Her waist at The belt other suitor. "Why?" simpered the pose . . But whether she moves on wings or on toes. She'll thumb down Her waist at " The belt . And e'en if her robe is the one-ptece brand. Her digit may work, Orion's on hand, To get thumbed In haste at Her belt - Newark News. "Hudson's Bay Hour Specials," page 20 Bit SINCLAIR WAXES ELOQUENT ON SUFFRAGE Women Have a Contribution to Make to the Nation-Predicts Suffrage The idea of Christianity Is service and I want to give the women the ballot be cause deep down In the bottom of my heart I realize that women should not only be the keepers of their husbands and children, but their sisters' keepers," said the Rev. Dr. Sinclair of Winnipeg, in his address OB "The Common Sense of Women Suffrage," before the women of the city yesterday, "women all over the world are awakening to their possibilities. It is ene of the most splendid awakenings of the age; Jt is a sign of an inward and spiritual awakening," said Dr. Sinclair, In his Interesting address, punctuated with humor all through. "Not so many years ago education for women was considered a radical thing; she was made for the home and education equal to that of her brother was considered entirely unnecessary. The universities were not admitting women, and even today the universities are not giving women the same degrees as men. The speaker told cf famous professors in Germany closing the class rooms entirely to women. All down through history woman has been dependant Christianity gave her her first position. In the new testament Jesus taught equality of the sexes. - In , the olden days when democratic Ideas were In the alr'hey weren't extended to women. Elizabeth Fry and Florence Nightingale, two of the world's noblest women were criticized severely when they set out on their own missions of love. They were called Immodest in the extreme. Dr. Sinclair declares that the home is not a woman's only sphere, and defies those who advance that argument to carry It out The great transformation over the life of the day makes it Impossible for women to confine their lives to the narrow walls of their own home. In the days of our forefathers the women on the farms saw that the milk was pure and controlled the making of the homespuns. Now her daughter goes to the factories to help manufacture the cloths, the supply of pure milk Is beyond her control. The same arguments hold good In every walk of life. The legislation of the day Is different for it has Invaded woman's sphere for example, the laws protecting child labor. The speaker declared that it was downright Impertinence for men to be drawing tip laws concerning the workimr Klrl and .Children. women are fundamentally different to men and there can be no doubt that women have a contribution to make to the nation. The ideal home is not run strictly on a business basis nor is the ideal city run on a purely business basis. It must be a home for the citizens. "You cannot have an Ideal home without the man and woman working in unison, each making his or her contribution. Both must work together to make the commonwealth of the nation. Militants Not As Bad As Painted Referring to militancy the speaker said that he did not think that mere man had a right to throw stones at women fighting for a right. He said that the could remember the measures the men took to gain the franchise and they won by militant methods. He believes that the newspapers make a great deal of their deliberations and the reports are exaggerated considerably. They have never injured anyone and the speaker Is quite sure that such moderation wouldn't be shown among the men. "Yet I do not approve of their tactics but when I consider that they have been working for 40 years and over, and that one-half of the members of the British house of commons have pledged themselves to vote for suffrage it is not to be wondered they became outraged. They have shelved the subject for years. If you have a certain condition of affairs driving women to desperation, I say remove the cause." Continuing, he argued that he knew several of the militants personally and referred to them as modest women, full of purpose and ready to die for a cause. "They are going to get the vote, whether you like It or not," the reverend gentleman argued. Continuing the subject, he said that he did not know a country with suffrage where the women wanted to go back to single suffrage. It Is a libel on the women to say that they do not exercise the ballot. This fact has been proven in the States. "Sometimes we expect too much of the women when they get the vote, but we must remember that social problems and the liquor question are obstinate things to deal with and we must keep everlastingly at them. "The ballot Is not so much as a function as a duty. One of the great prln-ethlcs Is that rights flow from duties. "If there is any reason for taking the franchise away It should be for a reason equal to both eexes. "In every state in the union where suffrage exists there are better laws for protection of girls and women generally than in the Dominion of Canada. "What would become of the church If the women were to discontinue their endeavors? The same would apply to the city if women's clubs were to cease working. "Have you such a quantity of brainy men In Calgary that you can afford to dismiss the women?" queried Dr. Sinclair. The lecture was held in the Sundoy schoolroom of the new Knox church, with the minister. Rev. J. A. Clark, presiding. Before Introducing the speaker, Mr. Clark remarked Jocularly that he had seen the opening of several new churches, but he never Knew one to do opened with an address on woman's suffrage. NAOMI MOTHERS' MEETING The Naomi Mothers' society will i meet tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 at i the home of Mrs. J. E. Gustus, 813 j Eighteenth avenue west. Mrs. San- ford E. Marshall will speak on the ; subject: "Sunday in the Home." Mrs. j Ross Wallace will sing. This is to be i a rally meeting after vacation. It is hoped that every member will be present i , Aunt Sally's Advice to Beauty Seekers C. M. r.: The neck should receive similar attention to that Kiven the com plexion, so color and texture of skin will be the same. A yellow neck and a white face etve a discordant effect. I advise using for both neck and complexion, the treatment recomtnenaea to "Monica. F. Klrst, stop scowling, If you would get rid of the lines between the eyes. The best application for such lines, and all wrinkles, is a solution of powdered saxollte, 1 os., dissolved in witch hasei, hi pint. Bathe the face m tills dally until entirely renevr-a. Monica: You hardly need such a list of cosmetics as you mention. Ordinary mercoilzed wax will help you more than r.ny or all of them. It will irradufiMv absorb the withered, discolored complex ion and you win soon nave a new, you.n-ful and healthy looking skin. You needn't get more than an ounce of the wax, which will cost you little at any druggist's. Apply nightly, like cold cream, washing it off mornlnfrs. Woman's Realm. (Advertisement.) I i . j Our Cigar Department fee CFCSUll is fully equipped with complete Bricks ' line of smokers' requirements. l G"t r Pint Bricks Lady Urks in attendance. Ji j. findlat drug co. CarhleDairf Company Limited 228 Fifth Avenue Estt .. STEIHMH !5i SUMS Phone M3026 pianos y FOR ADVERTISING RATES IN HARDY ""NTWAHOJttjLm ; j. . , Sole Agents for Calgary and ; ... ......... . Southern Alberta THESE COLUMNS ' 607A FIRST STREET WEST WEDDINGS . BROSH -McLEAN At the Westbourne Baptist parsonage on Saturday evening, September 13, the marriage was solemnised of Mr. "James Charles Brosh and Miss Florence Beatrice McLean of Dlds-bury. The Kev. A. Torrie was the officiating clergyman. Mr, and Mrs. Brosh will reside In the city. ROSHBRQOK-K EARNS The marriage was quietly BOlem-nlzed at the Westbourne Baptist church last evening of Mr. Sidney Arthur Roshbrook and Miss Florence Mabel Kearns, with the Rev. A. Torrie officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Roshbrook" will reside in the city. ' POWELL-LEWIS . On Saturday, September 13, at the pro-Cathedral, Mr. Herbert W. Powell and Miss Jennie Lewis, both of Calgary, ' were quietly married. Dean Paget performed the ceremony. Among other things, the bride and bridegroom were the recipients of a handsome case of cutlery from the employes of the Riverside Lumber company. Mr. and Mrs. Powell will reside in West Mount Pleasant on their return from their wedding trip in the Rockies. WESTBOURNE B. Y. P. U. Enthusiasm characterized the Young People's meeting of the Westbourne Baptist church last night, when the officers were elected for the next six months. The officers elected were as follows: President, Mr. Randy Bloomfleld; vice president. Mips Hil-dred Lambiy; secretary. Miss Bibley Wilson; treasurer. Miss Fanny Getz-er; organist, Miss Smart Representatives for the city union are. Mr. Hamlin and Miss Riddel. The following are convenors ef the various committees: Flower and visiting committee, Mrs. Loby; lookout committee, M. Hamlet; social committee. Miss Lambiy; devotional committee, Mr. Torrie; music. Miss Kate Smart It was decided to hold a measure social next Monday evening. CHURCH TEA AND SALE The ladles of All Saints parish are giving a tea and sale ofAhome cooking and needle work Thursday afternoon and evening, September 18, at the home of Mrs. Robert Casson, 910 Second avenue, northeast. The fact that so many old country people begin to make up their Christmas boxes foe those in the home land tarty In the season, has been taken into consideration in preparing this sale, and many dainty and useful articles for gifts will be displayed. There will be a programme of music and other amusements during the evening. TO INSPECT LAND J. Harry Alexander Is now en route to Fort George. While away Mr. Alexander will inspect over 30,000 acres of land in the central Interior of British Columbia in the Stuart, Nechaco, Pleasant and Buckley valleys. Mr. Alexander is acting for a syndicate of British investors who are already heavily interested in this most promising field of investment RHEUMATISM A HOME CURE GIVEN BY ONE WHO HAD IT In the spring of 1893 I was attacked by Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism. I suffered as only those who have it know, for over three years. I tried remedy after remedy, and doctor after doctor, but such relief as I received was only temporary. Finally I found a remedy that cured me completely, and it has never returned. I have given H to a number who were terribly afflicted and even bedridden with Rheumatism, and It effected a cure In every case. I want every sufferer from any form of rheumatic trouble to try this marvellous healing power. Don't send a cent; simply mail your name and address and I will send it free to try. After you have used it and it has proven Itself to be that long-looked-for means of curing your Rheumatism, you may send the price of it, one dollar, but, understand, I do not want your money unless you are perfecly satisfied to send It. Isn't that fair? Why suffer any longer when positive relief Is thus offered you free? Don t delay. Write today. Mark H. Jackson. No. 509 Gurney Bidg., Syracuse, N. Y. Mr. Jackson ia responsible. Above statement true. Pub. THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA Courses Offered In Arts Leading to B.A. and B.Bc. de- Apphed Science Leading to B.Sc. de-Law" Leading to LL.B. degree. Medicine The first year of a five year course. - , Registration and lectures begin Thursday, September 25th. For calendars and full Information apply to The Registrar, Edmonton, Alta. Bishop Pinkham College CALGARY VISITOR: THE LORD A high class Residential and Day School for Boys, providing a thorough education on definite Church of England lines after the type of the great English and Eastern Canadian Schools, with special attention to the inculcation of refining moral and religious principles. Fully Qualified Staff in All Departments Preparation for University and R.M.C. Entrance Exams.j Music Applications for prospectus should be addressed te THE REV. A. P. HAYES, B.A, F.I.G.C.M., F.T.8., (Eng.,) Prinoipsl. I Hi W.C.C. Entertain Architects1 Wives j Prior to the reception in honor of the wives of the visiting architects vesterdav afternoon the Woman's Canadian club transacted CB taess. The voting on the locajtwun- cn peuiuons won uio - action. AW clauses or KM wuuon were parsed unanlmotmly wttff th ex-rpntinn of the ones concerning the "RHtiih nnKtthtlon." and the prr- ventton of early marriages among '1 Ruthenians. It was aeeiaea man. one dealing with the educational test for men voters be worded so that the meaning be clear, as there 1 no fif.iimin nriLjBU luiioliiuhu". Discussion arose with regard to the child marriage problem as to whether new legislation ought to be passed or the old legislation as to the legal mar riage age oe more ngiuiy chiwmu. Th new president Mrs. Langford, presided. Unity hall was gaily decorated for the reception with the brilliantly col- a i aoAn aft ftMa turtlums. golden glow and asters. The hostesses and their guests, who were about twenty-five In number, enjoyed afternoon tea at small tables arranged throughout the room. The bright fire burning tn the fireplace lent a touch of comfort to the arrangement e ic nrAttv hfl.ll. CONSUMERS' LEAGUE MEETING The first annual meeting 'of 5 the Consumer's league will be held tomorrow afternoon from 3 to B o'clock in the public library. Every member Is requested to attend this meeting and every one interested is urged to be present , Don't miss Herald Dollar Day the shopping event of the month in Calgary September 24, Wednesday. , gtm Of WUDTT W II JOT HUtTM Dr. T. FELIX GOURAITD'S ORIENTAL CREAM OR MAGICAL BEAUTIFIER - Removes Tan, Wm. pies, Freckles, Moth Patchea.lUah I snd Skin Diseases, and every blemish on beauty, and defies detection. It has stood the test of 66 years, and i so harmless we taste it to be lute it is properly made. Accept no counterfeit of aimitar name. Dr. t A. Sayre said to lady of the hautton (a padent): "As yon todies will uae them, I recommend 'Bwraad'a Croat' as the least harmful of ill the skin preparations." At druggists and Department Stores. f HIT. Xipkiitt & In, Pnpv, V (rut km VJUJt MARK TWAIN Humerous Lecture by J MePHAIL WAOQETT, I.A., in ST. PAUL'S METHODIST CHURCH HILLHURST, N.wT WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 17 1913 Admission 25c. At 8:15 prompt. i Until further notice the Cronn's Orchestra will play every evening during the special Table d'Hote Dinner, between the hours of 6 and 8 p. m. SPECIAL TABLE D'HOTE DINNER, 75c. Private dining-rooms may be reserved any evening by phoning M136S. No extra charge for private dining-rooms. A LA CARTE MEAL8 AT ALL TIMES Mil BISHOP OF THE DIOCESE Is! rS?k v

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