The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1952
Page 7
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PAGE STTTEWf CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION m r.irEi ............. ,..., nc Mi per line ....... , ......... isc 2 Haiti per ll»c p^f day ...... ..... 1Z«* 3 ti»n j»*r Uxe per <l,ijr , ......... So * Cl • iLMira jiri line per 0*7 , ic i! times per line per day .,, Sc Month prr line sjc Cyi*»i /JT* arPTjjcp wotdt to the lint. Ad ordered fnr ihrre or six limn and Hopped before fxptiJUlon \iill be charged for the number or times tin 1 ad Appeared and adjtisimoni of bill mail*. All rlasiirird nlfrrHsLHt rap* jnh- mUtffl hj pertnni rrsidlnc ouunlc •<! thf rUjr mini hr arroinpKTilrd In rJsli Ra if i m»r r.nfly lie compiled troni the Jifcore taWe. •AdT^rthlns fiiflfTvd T*>r iWRttJ.if in- wrtlomi tak*- (he one time table Vo rrstuvnMbilitv will b: lihcn 101 More than OOP Inmtrrci InifrtloTi <il All arli are rrMrlrtcrt lo their pr<MiT f]*ui fit-ill on sTjrle and ITJK. Tin- • r rejrtl ant ad. Plans-Estimates ror new corutrucilon irmodetlng or rrpiln. JT.H.A OH O. I. LOANS NO OHMGATrOK Phone 906* Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. Apartment for Moving A- Cto«ed Van trucks safe—, ^xjH-rlonrra Tinp w W TiterMia.-n i^ Wrst Hose. Phone B!128. 3,9 pk 8 9 KKKIMGKKATION KtpTi tf nic» on Alr-rnrHlltimiliiK, RpfriPfTAtinri urH ApjkllanrcK Dill T>L'flhoff And Fl^rn llrco** J'linrH- RfcKIIOKHATlQN CO.. 'J331 Wrrh 5?L rfc If Gusriijitor-rt pi?to nuilni nn-l re- |)ft1r Calt 2071 ds-.y.v 'J053 nlKlitx 5 2fi tl For Sole, Misc. Hr>Mon tr-tli pnnplrs, 6 Mrol;-; <>!(( Ph. 6138, 7 17 pi < a ^' Mrs Joe (>J38. 7 TIP, furn r>n* , 10S W. Kr. Ph 31H9. FDMT rc-oms arnl ^' Ph. M25. ._ _, ? room vinfurn, upt , u'lth l^n )inlt. MS S- Franklin KL. Ph. R702 chf in i ic WfiO. p. ,117 1 Ifi re pvt rhi « oniplcto lln nihinR Tools trigtr&ior. uttUttts. HO. Iflft W. Ky. 4 room unf'.irnlshrd ajinrtmfnt, Lilly. Phone P035. 7M5 pk 2 rcom (urn «pr ->«*~ '" rT»nn fnrn. Ph. 25W.' Small apt.. Ph. M20, 7,16 pit 19 T16 rk 23 4 room unfurnished, upt. 15!a Hpnni. Phone 422-1. 7;t5 pk 21 •1 room uufurn. Klectrlr water hr 2787 nlRhts. . li>8 S , Call 7 16 rk tf 3 room imliirnlshfcd apartment Clone to. Phone 2S95. 6S ck tf Modern 2 ronm (ur Apt Ph 2595 or - Uodem ipl. 3 roon f decorated, pood (ur *nt- ?h. 337J. T- flli s and t>sth.' n'w- illiire. g*s f((il1p- 1011. 911 c* t( Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms f4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-1 ck tf ; _^ ' '•' J 1 " •••• Save Mcnov \Vhrji Vou r>uy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 X-1 rfc t( TYPEWRITERS"' DON EDWARDS CO i!J w w»iniii rhoni 5Wi Plenty of Pork ing Space 8 room opl. on nenrn »o Brhool. Screened In . built-in cRaincts. Newly rtecor »skr. Ph. 2S5I nr 2M4. '49 Plymouth $1195 '50 FORD $795 A jilrc, lain model rnr ymi'l *»Joy owning! .S|>i>rU! tleliive 4-dnor wllh rsilln Av healff. Attractive maroon finish. Thai's rl«hl! A I9SO Porrf Ton Plrkup /or ju«t »79S! Vnii'll alway« tav* money it 1'hllllpi Molnr Co. '46 FORD This 1346 Kord In a Kuril or rniiilpl—rrj ti I |i jicil H'i th hot h radio and heater, Gh-e It A trial drive tomorrow. '47 NASH . . $645 llaricnln-prfrril, II,k 1047 S'ash 2-ilonr Sril;in COHIOK njulpprd wtth a fionil heater, f'omc lo 300 Broadway. $695 '49 Studebdlccr $695 '36 FORD If .von watil lo $125 'I^- fills (he tilll. ,U Phillips In Annttier low prlrfd y 3 -Ton I'lckup .Make the b«il tnirk Irarlt ,rf .vour life .\«H' at {!]• Kord place In Bl.vthevltle. '48 DODGE . $645 This hrav.T-(1til.v, M-Ton l)oils<. I'lokup Is just Ids. Rp. inrnihcr, .Inly Is Inirk llcrine liujluj lime In Arkansas. '47 FORD $595 The li llr rr | r( . | ; , s „„ (h [ s |!|1( - JSn5! Phillips oflors a s ,,,,,| a ml i gond doal more! niishman ^coot<>^ l Doodle Iluir vcootcr wr motor bike iowrr nrnl linml WESTHROOK MARHINX SHOT' 7:1 Ck 21 iiips A :i;J-J-*j 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Ron] ICstatft for Rale hrst ol MIKS. Co. hnym ricrt* Jtist cufit of Armoret. RO<II[ vrincnta fenced Ai erossfcl /onccd ?«M°ltot !"'= f'»'l'"! "" ' 676 CK K I1M Sr) 21st. D Sob Malone. Ph. 2771. 7)17 ck S:i7 dry In my home. Ph. 6H7, ' Experienced sr^cretriry, Can tnk? ]K*hi • IctRtton, Gcxxl reference*. Phono 3371, __ 7ii5 pk JS __ Room and bo^rd. Men. 415 ft werk • lao m«tfl to pubJIo. 115 W. Ash. __ _ _ _ 7;14 (lie 22 Export ferric* on commercial surl ulr eonmtton refrigeration. Ph. 23Cfi If no »asver 2559, Day or Night Service fltsbbs Refrlpcrattnn Scivlc,* 7;I6 pk HO r FHOT05TATJO fiBRV- KT«. O STBBN'B STIIDIO, Hi K MAIN I2M rlt tr B. H- Alloy—air eondltlonlnc rcfrl wntlon service. Ph. 2473 102 E Ml »url, niythevllle ArX. 7 ft Attention v cotton Oln Owncra- 3pr«y p»lnllnf_Wr nre «|illi>p<i<] to BKlnt sour gins or nnylhlili; Jon Imvo »0 Ixi sprayed. Ph. 2159 or Mnnllu 22S ^,^ pk 8.7 Need yoxir radto rcpstrpd. Call RIH| WaUon—33]8 DlFnblpft vctrrnn repair? radios in homr.. 313 N. 2ti(! 72 pk 8 2 COMMEnCIAl7"REKRTo"ERATION~Co" Air condluonlnu. commercial r\ml fcnuitholii rp[rlRen\lloii tprelce. Mnur- lc« Sivrirtera. Mc;r. Phone 8391 dny 3175 Plahl. <16 E. Main.' 625 ck tt Watch and Jewelry Repair l-t>»y «jTlr*\ on Jewtirj—3 dnjs on VfttcliM »nd clockj. Ounrfinncd wotle *m« l^ »xperl rep-lrraen- Lowest PAT O'BRYANT Main A Second . . iint of hiwl hrnlth lytlu'Vllln, MX 7 7 pH 8.7 17C aLTM. main residence. t?nnnt houses <(; hum This \n j piece of thrift, Shori tILstnncR sn •to rr«l- fire ntul burulur prool m(m nt Tactory prlr;r-.=. Vnult Drx>r c-, |>rnlty Fhfltlv y-irrl. This |,,n,^ t — | a strnJ nt S^-'iOO Iia^ £2350 lonn piynbl f" f Sl-SO per year. Cftfi lip palrt off f time. This 1« ryprrM loam livnri. ny Lucian Gaines Furniluve Co. Trade your, old furniture for m>w. I will also buy your old furniture, farmers'terms '/2 down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold * Gaines Ph. 6357. 4J17 c ]c tf 4d arrp.s S p!l located room hoviAe. h al] loam land. rns 43 ncres all lencort . of sajuly loam ^>::. ."; A-. Ijnrti. I wijuld Hfce a perfprt ol -= ; .COIK no for you W Clovrr was first Inlrothiccd into Engliinri ns a farm crop about the mitlcllo o( the 37th Century for Sal*, Kcal Estate •If* rilnlr Tt~9 nr. Avr >IAS )oni^, ln<"L uric ntdcp flxLiirr^. rooin'rurtiltu :t-rfiy mnrhlrif nnu comjilptr slork dniRS. niillilLiiK And (ill cqiilpnifilt InrUirlod. A line Icn-nilon for n M ( for. Wlilo slrrol ror |it,rklii K Th rnrm sorrnnt funitp ftm | I-RIIYI-P in rt- W. M. Bums' PII T>icsf ihrorr fur inn are tiol (ar (T<J:II l»yth#vlHc in DonkUp Co. r -Uo, «nd well locflifKl. 2flfi wrres well lm»rovrct 1 room inOf!- crn honve IsrRr 4 room clres-sect Ihr. i tenant house. Two R<MWI hnrn^. Pure i H60—rlRht tn town of Atlvancp. Mn, Notice KUM,EK BKUSHKS Ph. (S39B, fl:3o n m. to <:30 p.m. James highly ri pit s . p. Luttreirs hav* porkrnell!! an Market. 80(1 clilct 6!5» ck 7 I will buy or sel! /or you City Property O r Farms Geo. M. Realtor 120 W. Main. _ Ph . 717 ck 1 Private 240 Rcrr« Nlcr In ft]: r. The v?ty host of lo.%m Innrt. 2 mllr* rnst of OltJeon, *>fo. Rialen l.nntl Co. I'honf W22 Husripll Rlp.les. Ptionp 4I3B \V. T. Brmiftl. Plum* J?fi7 ,/ ; Stntr Line, 3 mllr nl OosnrU 7!3 [>1C 85 Real .ESTATE Farms—Cily Prooerly LOANS l*trr«»t*d !• ur gem** »M Noble Gill Agency Glencoc E\dg. INSURANCE Ph. 6868 O Abraha ontb. Ali nnd 5 M Vncnnt lot Post locntlon In toa'n (or nr!3hhorhoo<! erorrrr store Ser H. T. nn. Rt More, South HUvny fil 7 9 pK 23 for summer ssfsty! For Ihe safrly of you and your family and o(hi-r drivers H's imiiorlanl lo h.ivi- yutir prrrmrcd t(,r Ilir «nciial hilrrtrns nf iitmtmT rtriiinc. Tlir tiri^. llir cooling ^yslem. and o( rnursc the engine miM he !honm : hli rhcrkfd beforr von si.irt mn nn a trip. \Vhatrvrr kind nf f:I r vnu rtrfrc. voull like (hi- j,cr«i.nnl lerrirc ,vou always S c-'. nl <:l 13 ni- Min's! Service Modern jnui extra roomy, •1 ruom liouso and bulli on paved street lit 805 N. Krank- lin. Tliis house i.s in tiplop condition inside and out. Extra large kilchen with lots of cabinets. I.arjjo lot. $1,250 cash, ?14.02 total monthly payments. Vacant. Move tomorrow. Modern 5-room house and bath on large corner lot on Adams Street. Attic fan, floor furnnco, disappearing stairway, hardwood floors throughout. Jl.SOO rash, rmiy- I'o less, will handle. $54.52 lf)t,il monthly payments. Sen or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 41n Residence 1'hone 25!1R 510 ck tf , I 2* hflf lronm with prlFtvte bath. Phori* Bedroom, prlvntr hath antl entrance Close In. Phone ^4a^. 7.15 c x u Self-Propel led Combine Owners: Lei u* show you the reason why * MAYRATH LOADER Will Pay For Itself! Robinson Implesnest Co. ArkarwjJM — Phone 2371 AT NYC'S THROTTLE-William White. 55. above, president of the Delaware. Lackawanna & H'eslern Railroad, will succeed Guslnv Metzman as president of Hie New York Conlj-al flsilroad Company, Aug. 1. Wliile U a veteran ol :!!) years of railroading. Scrap Drive Planned By Amsterdam Dutch AMSTERDAM tfn — A Dutch s«ii|i-ro!lcclin B campaign. Intended li> isise llic national sorai>-oul|Hit will slari. shortly. '1'tic 1 Dut^'li .si;i-£ip-oulpiit nmst be .sl<-jjj)t-d nj) lo feed a n f «- steel plant to be opened soon in the little Dutch town of ijmuiclcn—gateway to Amsterdam harbour. The« carnpalcn is JntraiM lo mnke (lie Ou(«h people, who ordinnrlly consider w.islc inel- al.s ^ni-lhlp-ss, inore ^ti'apniituled. To advertise the campaign '• Pictjc ! Schroot" i Pete Scrap) '.rill show lip ; in Diitcli streets to stress the 1m- poitancc of .m-rnp for their country's tvuliomy. HOT? WINDOW FANS $39.95, $49.95, $59.95 Trj on* 24 hours In ,vo«r own linrm: willinut obligation. Dial 4SSI. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 1Z Inch l« M Inch, plain or recnforctd. Also Crinrrele Builrlinr Blnckj cheip- ir than lumln-r for harm, chicken house*, pump hoiisn. teiuutl IKUIWJ, lo<il slirds. We dellier. Call » for frr« endmale. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone ttl Wanted 1 frorr Ihnlr 0 do trlpphonp BOllcltlnir omf. E>r»[!^ nt wv . Also Milr- Sce or cnn , act „ „ 1 Noble. 7 n pi 18 Salesman Wanted PermiuieiiL position. Auto! parts, hanhvMj'e niul sparling ifoiuls slore. Prefer h i % li school (frndiiale, provioiis sell- - - - - "'K experience desirable. Re- IOIISB i.s in tiplop P'y ''>' loiter to ('. O. Box 408. FARM LOANS Y-oti Can Pay? . ANY AMOUNT ANYTIME ff»m farm fn«om« without Wut FMM IN«Mf€ NfVILEGE fton tnY« yn»f »ol« «« 7invc n l»** from TERRY Ab*troet & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loan* of All Kindt KILL JOHNSON GRASS "llli Sodium Chlorite, 5S% pnr«! Fine treated for rfrj application. SIZ.M per IM lb«. A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. Hlwiy 61. State Line—Phone S4U CONCRETE CULVERT TILE She* >p to 36 in. C'orrugiiteH Metal Culverts Slrts up t« 84 In. A. H. WEBB Actomatic Flood Galeo Concrete * Metal Septlr Tankj Sewer Tile fast Price. we Oelir.r Hijhwaj Bl lit Slate I.ln« Phone 1H Blylheville, Ark. F«l»«man wllh r«r tn ..,11 mnrerln. Ilotis ssataitnf F.trnlnx po«. country -*pnin-man nnrt Olhpr wpll Xnni in | aj.lnrs {3 M por day I-«T allr™-» , cnmmlsMon. Om»r Thompson M4. Ft. Smith. Ark. Wanted fo Buy ftt hpnry rtntr vh s M. J«B. HIGHEST PRICES PAID fnr tin, wire and « scrap meul. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdivn.v * Moultrie Drive Phone 8ilG2 15 ck tf Hefp Wanted for iniiv; ^Uor stnrr Onotl 'v Tor !>flvi!i'-cniont. \Vr1lf t ' Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard At-cncy Pl.inncd Proleclion OLENCOI ROTFt RIIIUMNO IM it \\\ at Lost & Found I-o^t on the HIM of July K Rtern ^^.^.k*' skin t.ur^<- it van round u rf- tvirn t.i Ilif. Hlylhrvlllc on.piovrnrnl ol- i lice. Krrp niouoy AiiJ return pursf t O.K. BarberShop Air-Conditioned Television It IH C(KI| cnmfort *nrt levlOnn while ur lt*l r tl ,j al m»n.ip;pd hy Jininij Hull. Tht only in Hljrihtillle orter- 1nt jo» bolh. Trj in. O.K. Barber Shop For exprrt haltery rhanrinf— for ,\i.l. kinrts of auloroohlle you can rely on T, I. Seay Motor C«. Protect Tonr inrest- ment In your car—oonw to us for skillful Krvicc. . T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. rw«. im ;';- vi V • -'"'"' ^ mem »f'«' 'i«^,--'ii^ °''"" *"«''•»-•• RENT A CAMERA All Tynr. of Camera* »nrt Suppllrs it n.unr.i'j Barney's Drug CAMKRA MKAntJUAKTERS , COLD STORAGE FOR FURS, v WOOtE^AND BUNKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NLI^-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL vHOT or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEY1LLE- CURB MARKET Mam Street IllylhevilJ* '50 CHEVROLET A h««ufifiil h«y If (her* «ver wan onet Here I. ™«* Spring Gr« B 4 -door Sedan (our £lu« l.n. model) eqt.ipp^ with ,11 th« things y ou |"K - Powerg.ide ,Hri«, pla.slic «, t wv^.S^rt.^ nddefrosler • • • and 5 «x(r« good'tiresj Th« $143900 1950 CHEVROLKT /,-Ton Pickup Truck SAA! motor perfect, tires OK, ami lo H - mileape. .',. SW« _ dean one—priced al only 1919 CHKVROLKT W.Ton Pickup Truck. Hfr. $ O ftC & defroster, good ruliher, maroon finish 093 J9-J9 FORD V-8 ^-'IVm I'ickup Truck-larpe $ neater runs fine, black finish, tires like new JjHfi FORD V-8 '/,-T,m t'ickt.p-n.ofor cum- plelely overhauled, tires good-new green finish 1945 CHKVROI.KT 1 5/,-Ton l.WB Cat, & Cha«sis 1 1 tick— 75().v2l> Cms all armmrl . . only 19J2 CHKVHOI.KT 1 K-To,, IAVH Truck with 12 foot l""l>'— -J-speeil ax!e, motor less than a vear ). 700x20. front fi res, 760x20 ^ on ^ cheap farm (ruck ................ Many Others to Choose From EAST GMAC PAYMENT PLAxN $J -r 445 SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "Tk. Bi, Used C«r IM •* Waln.t" 301 Watnu» Phon. 4578 NOTICE (>r GRANTING Of M4UOIC PERMIT Notict 1» hereby .given (.hat the Department of Alcoholic B«verane Control has Issued a permit No 222 to L. T. Campbell to tell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors For beverai-e at retail on the premises described a,, : 312 E. Main St, Blytrieville, Ark. ThU permit issued on the t dar of JuLj- 1952 and expires on the I day ol July, 1053. It T. Campbell. T-10-1T Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Moke or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Calia FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE M 110 8. Irt Biythevillt HORNER-WlLSON t Offers These Car & Truck Buys! 1950 OT.DSMOmi.E "8S" .J-dnor-radio, heafer, TJy- arsmatic, dark green. Rocket po«-er! Drive it today! 1919 HUnSQN -Moor Scilan— here's a mighlv nice car with both radio and heater ..... '. . .'. 1!M8 I'ONTUC Streamliner 2-diMir _ light ? blue. While (ires, radio, healer, cily-clriven ..' 1917 I'OXTIAC -J.(lo«r Sedan-fn good comli- S turn, will, K ( M ,d (ires, (his car is a luiy ....... ' 19 IB KOKI) 1 '/ 2 -T,m Trm-k with 2- s ,,ced axle. S Has pood bed. Now yours for only ........... ' 1!M.< i CMC 2-Ton Truck with 2-specd axle. Two S lo choose from at (his low price... ' 1911 CHKVROI.KT 1/,-Ton 1-ick,,,,. j) rive ,l_ Sftftfi yo\i II a^ree it's worlh move than .......... Z..J3 ]»50 CHKVH01,IOT i,i-T,m Pick,,,,. One of l| lc Sftftr sharpesl used pickups you ever saw ........ &v3 HORNER-WlLSON EAST — MAIN Rocket Oldsmolnlc — GAIC Trucks I'hon* 2056 l.'scrl Car Lot — Phont 6151

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