The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1952 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 195! OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Mojor HoepU (ARK.) COURIER JH5WS EGAD,TW16&S.' WISH ME LOCK.' I'M6 GIRDED MV LOWS TO '^ A ^B^,S!c^ He ^ MOF A '^ a*EB *5* BKOWM, -Jjgi COOLIDS6 WAS P V«=F6R THAT SOUR LL -^ f-^SID^T.AMD -**- * CHARACTER FIRST THIS MAY BE ALL Me dEEos FOR A COMPLETE CSJACKUP/ FlMftMCE THE: HOOPLB TXDESOT SET HV6T6RICAL'-- Political Announcements Bubject to Preferential Election July 29. 1952 For Countj Judge GENE BRADLEY PHIUP .1 DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LISTON' for Slate Senalor SEN LEE BEARUEN CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Siies up to 36 jn. Corrugated Metal Culverts Biles op to 84 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete & Metal Septic Tank! Sewer Tile Beit Price* ft, Dtllrer Hirhwa.Y 81 at Stitt Lint Phone 714 ARKANSAS BLUB TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED 80-85-31% germination, dellnted and treated ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS 80-85% Berminatton CORN AND HAY FOR SALE EARL MAGEJU, Rhone 2811, Dell, Ark. COAL Phone 3186 • Prompt De/iVery NOW.' • Courteous Service HESTER'S Coal The RAZORBACK Drive-In Is Now Serving The World's Best Pot Of Baked Beans 75 C A Full Meal Served With French Fried Potatoes, Salad and Hot Rolls ALSO SERVED ON THE CURB they're Delicious! OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WiHfamt FRECKLES AND HIS FRtMMDS T. M. B. f . u. 5. ftl. Off. "Did you tell Dad my new boy friand wa» in th« dental corps?" Egrets and eagles often fly norlh instead of south in enrly fall until winter turns them back. Guaranteed Watch Repair o% 53.50 Von watch is disassembled, | cleaned, pivots polished and hair spring* adjv«ted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler I Ne»t door U Wade Furniture ARE YOU A SAFE DRIVER? To be E ufe driver, you have to know how fast you're goinr. That m««nt >n accurate »peedotneter. Lei as check yours. We jive I- Dxj Hrrlee on ipeedomelcr repair (or all makea can and trurki. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Ct\TnSn-Hjjn*wtti Dealer 111 I. Mall Phcn; UK . , „ , cn ,, Ifllr Crxnlli. I. «ll<-rap(tnn In •olv« Ike niurdrr nr Ami-. W»r-. fc.rlon, T.rlnrr nC Mnrnt, Or.- Ike .lorkhTokrr. jl m „!„.„,(, ABU «1nroTer«i1 that Crnvnlk In *wtle /ond of Kve WWrlrr. • wlilr>w. who in one oc Ikr »riir.«l<i. 1**1 rnnme crrnlnc MAnlln, Ihr Filipino hmnrhor, n^^tnra vrry r«-ilrH mid <-II!» Crnvolk frnm hi, r«r.<«. CTnv.lh «,, m mnn. M. olhcr pnrlnrr. Jnrk Uumnnl snr- I«B "tkere nffm< (o b« Ironhle.'* XIV JJAMNEY CRAVATH disposed of Manila summarily. "Manila. You ilny here and serve dinner!" I heard a controlled, but protest- Ing, h.iss. A tall burly figure waited at the bottom of the steps. "All right, Williamson!" Cra- valh snapped. "Lead on!" Williamson, the chauffer, seemed to want to explain himself. "I was having a look around, sir," he began, "like, you says to, and I. ..." Cravath pushed him roughly. "Later, man!" Without another word Williamn turned and broke Into a run, is larch blazing full-on now. Cravath was hard at liis heels. I came next. Dumonl, who uniil now had appeared stunned, panted in the rear. But suddenly Dutnont sprinted past me; past Cravath. "Is— is . . ." he pufTcd at Wil- li.imson's elbow, but 1 lost the res; of it as Cravaih stumbled and swore. Cravalh righted himself. And I h^ird Williamson, flinging it over his shoulder, "I don't know, sir. O.ulrin't =.iy." i->i;nion; dropped back then, be-..o-.'n Ctavath and myself, a shorl fv.ufJlpd ejaculation escaping him. After thai we just ran. behind Williamson's flickering swaying liaht. I found myself racing down that accursed path before 1 knew it. Down a straight narrow tree-bordered strip where once, I under- stood, gaily-colored peacocks hid preened and strutted. An instant later I was conscious of Williamson, slowing his step«. And I could just make out the fence posts, stubby white spectres in the enveloping gloom. Williamson slopped altogether. The three ot us behind him stopped loo. a bumbling excited little huddle of men, falling over each other, swearing, apologizing briefly, and straightening up. Williamson's flashlight bored a tunnel of radiance through the damp and stirky dark. \Ve saw it, Indistinctly but horribly. A big misshapen bundle, beaten by the rain, draped limply and pitifully over the sagging chains that guarded the end of the Peacock Path. "Dolly!" Dumont's stricken cry came back to us through the monotonous patter of. raindropi. grabed my arm «nd we moved slowly forward. And I had to force myself to look. Dolly Dumont, lying across that cold wel iron, was an even more grotesque and awful speclacle than the broken body of Ames Warburton. Her head, hanging so low that it almost touched the ground, faced the clifl. Evidently she had been moving In that direction when someone, or something, strung her over Ihe chains. Cravath snatched the light from Williamson, played it upon her sagged figure. . The beam showed a crimson patch at the back of her head. Jack Dumonl lifted dazed eyes. "Who could have done this thing?" And when Cravath shook his head helplessly, he kept repeating that phrase, as if it were a kind of litany. The biif chauffeur put > hand on Dumont's arm, drew him gently aside. Cravath bent over the body The next second a low exclama- Iton broke from him. "Onh! She's not dead. At leajt, not yet." I.did as he had done, pul Ihe back of my hand down close to her lips. I felt breath, faint but warm. W« had manifestly been deceived by her dreadfully lifeless look. "What?" The new* snapped Dumont out of his stupor. His voice rose in a clear ringing shout- "Are you sure, Marney?" "Absolutely sure," Cravath cut in. "But she's in bad shape. We've got to get her inside at once. Orth and I can manage thai. Go to the house, Jack, and phone Dr. Dreeves at Port Uston. If you can'l get him, get somebody else. In a hurry. Williamson, you help us lift tier. Then bring a car up to the house. We may have to take her to Ihe hospital." Dumonl, "all trace of dazedncss vanished, was oft even before he finished speaking. Then Cravath and I made a "chair" of our hands Big Williamson lifted Dolly as it she were a baby, eased her into it, putting a slack arm around each of our necks. She was a dead weight, of course, and her head rolled lollingly, drunkenly, between Cravath's shoulder and mine. But when we started back along the Peacock Path, she suddenly gave a little moan. It was weak pathetic sound, but one of the most welcome I have ever heard. Tr/"E made the house slowly bul without too much difficulty, went in by a side door. There Dumonl mel us, "How Is she, Msrney?" He clipped il oul anxiously. Cravalh's reply came in puffs. "I've a hunch she'll b« all right." We carried Dolly up to the rooms occupied by the Dumontn. She moaned again at we laid her on the bed. "Gel Ring, Jack," Cravath said. "She'll know what to do before the doctor gels here." Dumonl disappeared, but returned almosl immediately with the grim-lipped housekeeper. When Mrs. Ring took over, she look over. She asked no questions Only a momenlary flicker of surprise and shock croscd her sharp face. Then she issued orders. (T* Kf The nectar in ' the base of flower is probably Ihe atraclion of a flower for a bee. Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis, Chunnel 4 THURSDAY NIGHT, MARCH 21 KuklB. Fran Ai Ollle News News Aboul TV Dinah Shore News Caravan Groucho Marx Boston Blackie Dragnet jnmes Mellon Mnrtln Kane Godfrey & FMenrls Racket Sqund News Feature News Sien Off FRIDAY, MARCH li 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 10:35 12:05 12:15 6:45 7:00 7:25 7:M 7:55 8:00 8:25 3:30 9:00 9:30 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 4:00 4:15 4:30 5:00 5:05 5:25 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:25 6:30 6:45 7:00 1:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:45 10:00 10:30 10:35 11:05 12:05 12:15 Test Paltcrn Today News Today Weather Today News Today Breakfast Party Langford-Ameche Strike It Rich Storylaud Love of Life Search for Tomorrow Morning Meditation News Farm New» 1st 100 Year* Garry Moore v Homcmakers Program Big Payoff Ralph Edwards Kate Smith Hawkins Falls Gabby Hayes Howdy Doody News Berl Olswanger Weatherman Space Cadeta Hartoon Time Kiikla, Fran <fe Ollle News News About TV Those Two News Caravan Rocky King We The People Big Story Atdrlch Family Cavalcade of Sports Greatest Fights Faye Emerson News Charlie Wild Playhouse of Stars News Sign Off FOR SALE Concrete cilrerK, U Inch U U inch, plain or reenforced. AIM Concrete Bvildlng Bltckt cheaper than limber for barm, chicken hoiaes, pimp haasei, tenant house*, tool ihedi. We deliver. Call «s for free eitlmate, OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone Ml Soybean Seed FOR SALE | Dorich No. 2 *nd O(td«n w>j- { bean seed, cleaned And tacked. I &ook these before price Increases. RED TOP GIN BljtheviUe — Phone 37J« ^_ FEEDS Wholesale or Retail [ FULL-O-PEP | STAF-0-LIFE Moore Bros Store Phone 8SM Hlwa; II Went I KNOW A MUtE IS MORE CAUTIOUS AMP SAFEST TD RIPE »J THI» oumny. etrr i COWT LIKE 'EM--TH6Y LOOK TOO UNCOWBOVUKE: - AW/P-- OH, I THOLXSHT *XJ WAS |M*N!w> viS- WOT TVr- COWBOY BUSINSSS-- - Benefit by Reading and Uiing C»uri«r Newt Classified Ads A L/\NPIN6 eoCKBT FAILS TOF-uHCVKMt. . MR. NUTCWEI L'/ PLEASE COME QUICK// HE <3OT QUITE A JOLT, ^, MRS &07TS,>] Ol_J I HE'LL BE OKAY' WHAT 171 V Y HB SAIC7 HE'p 5KOTHEB: I COME KKSHT (TAIL SAYf'AJl, POVVlvl ' KJOW Z TVAWT TD THANK FO* SEIN& COOPERATIVE.. I HAV£ TO 6OWANP I'LL TAS KAIL. BECAUSE A CAPTA.IW EASV SOME TIME FOR VOUi SI/WON. HE LEFT THIS KEY! HIM AS HE LEFT; MOTHER NICE CHAP. LET see IF THE GIRL DID GIVE THE RIGHT GIRL? YOU Y H»W.,.|r FITS, ALL MEAN THAT IRISH-HEV CREMURE WHO/THIS! WHY, THAT LOW-poWM SHKKE- IN-THE-GRH5S!! VIHG £*,SY TO MS ROOM, ALRED RETURNS HOME KEPT ME WAITING FOR HER IN THE PARK 1 ir GAVE IHV OILV SCOUNDREL TtHE TD «MCE OFF .WITH MVsauMrniG O'" •»"- *"•=« »•«•" .WITH MVsauMrniG ZOMBIE SET AWA.V WITH IT! HI.NEIGHBORS, '—~/ SELL TUB MINEi NICE LOOKISV LI'L \1H1S FABULOUS OL' D!SGIN'SY'GOTNlODE?WHy,THI5 KER6....WOULDJUH) 15 PAYOIRlfe CON5IPER / NWURAL TEN POUNPfl? OKAY ..TEN \'SA DEALI THAT'S POUNDS") ONE HUNDRED GOLD.' I TVVENTYOUNCHS. KlfiHTT Na5le,YOUR6 { THAT'S S1XTEENOUNC5 wcnw/i? MV \ TOTH r POL"""'""'" n\YCU GUY5 k 1 eo.; CINCH Wt'LL NEVER GET RICH HERE.' WRONG; MY \ TO TH' POUND/ WHAT FIGSERS [WT\YCU GUY5 MINIMS, LIE.'TH 1 WAY I \ — -i L 'J'rjiNB. I GOTTA KAVC A, JO»,POC/ I PON'T I EVER. CO BREAK A ) A.NV HO**f HABIT [ GOT.. '\\EMPIOfMEN AGENCY AN! V\ \ SQVYfc CWVWCfsV V£\Y -^OO .Vf SfSC. . \V<S f\ W? I WO VCKi WNUfeHT \KS TOW Ml

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