The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN (ARK.). COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 27, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily r»M pel 11 n« for con te cut Lrr Iniertton: Minimum chsrr* ............ .. ., . Me I lime prr line ................... lie 3 lime* p<?r hn* p?r day .......... J2c 4 tlmr& per line prr tiny ......... 7c 12 time* pei! lln* per day .,*,,,,, Jc Month per line ......... 90c Ad ordered (or tlirp* or «.lx limr* and •topped before eiplcailon will be chftrj- td for ih» number of time,-, the ml ftppcfcred and Hdjunment of bill made All cl* tilllcd *d»er Using copy submitted bj per nans residing outside 01 lh« cUy must be iccompanJfd by ca»h Kites nib? easily bi cnmpmnJ Trorn the Abore table, AtiirritilnE; oidrred rot trrrguiA; in- irrilnns take the one- Unia table .Vu res po nubility wltt be taken for more ihan one incorrect ninn ol • ny clarified art All *ris »r« resUlclrd to Ihdr proper cln»UtcatLon. atjlo and type. The Couclpi News reserve* the riK'it to edit or reject injr *d. Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade ! Used Furniture GUN HAKIMSON i SON FUHN1TUKIC CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tl ! TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W Wilnut Phone 33B2 Plenty of Parking Space Apartment for Rent 3 room and baUi in duplex. B23 N. Division. 3125 pk <l;l 4 rm. wn/ur. npt.. hnr(IvoofJ /loorn, We bath, arcoln bout. 1001 W. Ash. call 2757. • .1 26 pk 4.3 nrir ollvrr 't ma- tractor pUlili 0 1 nc-v olivet fig. J1595 Ollvri CfanX Allans ajitl tK'irlri'; rnmpjrtt' t/i •"I Oliver 70 tS7 M) Mrhru> K t Hiulu /Jioiv shares Jl 90 RI/C 12*. Otnrr trac- llur am] bailer pirn* in U1 B discounts lilS 50-UA wlirrl Dtarliifs. Us .W-H A jWlltoj bcarlm M 25 IH-I ci-ru discount jScc or c.lll Olui llorrlhmi. 517 w Ash '"' «" 313 en tl ' Fur'n. apt., five room* ami hath in*, Douyan. 3,25 jifc 28 3 rm. lur. apt. pvt. bath, eler M *35 month, 320 N. 2nd. 325 pk A '2 ] Dirt J'ij. 63/13. 3,15 pk 4.15 Nice Em I. hir Ram ire apt. chc-np. Nice for 1 or 2 working people. Ph. S678. 325 pic 23 Furnished upslnlrs flpt., private bath, hot water, FrlglrtnLre, (BOO per wccX. Couple only. Ph! 2919. 3.27 pk Nicely furnished 2 rooms & Ijfitli. strictly prLviuc. All electric kitchen, plenty of hot wiuor, nice flncl cleun. Rent, single or couple. On Main 8t., Ph. 2671 after 5—3435. 325 jvfc 10 Bowen Apts. tor Hciit. 4'^ rm. imfur, 1-3 rm. completely furnished, 1-4 room partly furnished. Day Ph, 8061, HlKhl 6213. 324 ck 30 3 room and hath apt.. 3 blocVs from Main. $30 per month, ph. 3UQ-J or 6056. 324 pk 30 2; rm. \inf. npt. with bath. 300 S Lilly. Ph.. 4684 322 ]ik 20 Duplex imr, 3 rms. Ac bnth elr* w. h. Newly decorated walls, floors And wootl- Troik. good location, rcfvsonfible rent, Udles or couple. Will hold to Apr. 1 lor ;twrmMient trnnnt. 2671. after 5 — 9433. <Mi5 p)t 29 3 room & 4 room Rpts. for rent. Chll M12. C. Abraham. 6 cX tf Upstairs 4 room unfurn, npt wHli bftth. electric water heftier, wired for electric BtoTt. New!? decorated Couple •nly. Ph. 2787. 2)19 ck tf Modern 1 loom [Mr npt. Ph. 2595 or «MV 2,1* ck If Modern Apt., 3 room* and br-th, new- tt d*cor*l*d, good lurnlturt. f&a equlp- »i»nl. Ph. 3373, 7. Simon. B\1l ck tC Small Apartments, furnished, f 8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. ' 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services Tkm'l *nrtan|[er ytnir family with l»uJty tlr«—BUT Ln TIRITS. CHAPMAN SKRVTC* STATION Xatn »nd Dlrl.tlon Phone 25«3 12,13 ck tr Se/v/ces GradiiRte practical nurse available for private rt\ity. Ph. 2109 3!25 pic 41 Curtains Inundered, W- Ash. . a;25 pk 4 25 Cijftaln.s lAimilrrrd anrt Ftrelclird, Mrs. J. E. I^n-yrcnre, Ph, f>2, r it). 3 25 pk -i 25 TELEVISION REPAIR AM makes A: mcxlpJs, at rrapnnnt>le prices. Day Amusement Co. Ph. 4470. Hlphtvnr 61 North 3 21 rk 421 For moving Jt Jocal riaullnc. c » 1 1 6323. W, W Feckhnm. 117 W Rosp. 31-t pk 28 Laundry. Tn my rmme Ph. BUT B pit 4 a I repair nny mnVc nr nit>rl«-l wasbSnE machine 2 blocks west of Dixie PI? en 8th St.. by new school H^rbT' Graham. Ph 6733. 37 pk 1 "J For expert plumbing, mi stove ntul pump rop&ir*. c.\ll fi349 Hairy Myers 3 1 pk 4 3 Used Tractors i 2—11 i<';irmulls willi busters .•iiicl ecillivjttors. 3 B John Ucoros with equij). mciit. J!)f)0 model I<'ci%'iiBoii with cullivatoi 1 and biislei's. S—K-20 I-'iirmalls with ctil- Uvators J Alasscy Ilan-is 101 Supc'j with <l-row ciillivator. 3 Sets of International Middle Buslors. Cash or Ki lS y Terras M»ny other good used trac- lora to choose from. . . If you want a xood nsod tractor at a food price go to 61 Implement Co. N. Highway 61 Dial 2142 12-14 ck tf TKI.KVISION RCA VICTOR E«nert InMaiLtion MrTlM ua.v Amusement Co. ft>. «70. Highway 61 Nnrlh . 321 rK 121 D. &P.L. No. 15 tons, rtrllntcrt. treat PI] ptnrtnH """' 10 " M to an per rrnl S.vell .1 -is nit ^ .in im ' " s w " l " Little plnoe nit North invv r,l rc,,, E ,r.,,(. 1951 Ford Trucks now offered at prices If you want to save money on a brand new Ford Truck — (hen see the 1951 models still available at Phillips .Motor C.'". At the present lime you can get "/ 2 Ton, ;!;.|-Ton, 1 i/j-Ton and 2-Ton models. All carry our new truck jfiiarariiec, of course. Think twice before you buy a new truck—come to Phillips NOW! Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 SALE SKAT COV.KKS Plastic & fiber Entire stock nnist go. Come in and make us an offer. THK JJ. l'\ CiOODKICII STORE -117 W. Alii in 3'27 ck 30 For Sale, Real Estate WKST KENTUCKY" .STOCK Wltlr-ltiitinm-inentfi ^ Pcrrnnnp tute- it: c RoUgerlne. Rrallor u Pns- ruh, Ky. 3.17 |»V. 6 17 Sr, r. ' Seta Cor,, sovbtnn eil I-crllllwr. NCM- nnil UTII FAn.MEnS SOVHEAN CORP Hroiulwny. nlylbcvlll^, I'll, 3 2G pk 2.1 -room nparlmnils, oiip fl-rormi up;' ; Fniik- n .1 m '-nt, all hilly furnished rnrced 10 ft. Dell. ir-nt rtisplaj- case. I'll 3 20 35,000 common red bricks S30.00 fier thousand. Tom I-ilUe, Jr., Ph. 4.122. 22 ' ck 2n 71 j hnrpppo«>pr onthr-ard EsrcHrrTl nnrtltlnn. sion M w. any m n n Mm" nr 3. Alrhasr. I'll. 3721. ' 324' rk n i Country rlub stork. CAll 3 27 pk 3il i "1," T 'J 1 ,'" OnndriKf Lottnti'" rrmovps fl.inrirur? or nmnrv hnck. Sokt In lUy- E Ash St. One wrr-k^s '«.'.r-l»?"'<i torn for sale. J \v \VHIM in'fin HI Sox 10.1. niytln-vlllo. on llnlr M,.on "Atl ncftr Homer [Im^rs 310.,, 3 25 j>k 4 ! 1 Hon.'.-oholfi f limit uvc. like ' ii/m- Mi'.. O O rij i 70 WINUTr PHOTOSTATir SFRV- ICX. O'STSEM'S STUDIO-MS W MMN Watch and Jewelry Repair l-D«y sir»Ice on Jewplrir—.3 dars on wilchrs nnrt clocks. Guivrantcecl " wdrk <on« by txpcrt repairmen Lowest »rlc«. PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second For paln'lnx and p.iprnni:. <-.ill H^ ry \Vhpal anrt Rov KrcrmRn U'r spr lstl?e 111 shrptrorX ILnlshlni: PI; fip now. Ph. fiD.'M. Dninnili- rr.irlv in roft •Tim Rn](-^o» S. S. Rtomliorir 3 a; ck if ,1 2n ck 4 211 f Drlv rh 3 24 ]ik 31 Onr rwiliflo rrllrnt rondlilo coiintrrs No ph *tt.rr. Flovrt A Jb-e poof lalilo! . r»Hs. ruck tlr mil., . < ri . ,, hltf. 3 K p Corlifiprl Reaii Sopd Rlup tfli; crno'i* T>nTtcli^nv Xo ^ an OTOI,.,! hy Rt,t. Pi|,,,t n,,. lrc1i , h ' v; b^^s. *10 p^r hr\c C. 1. WVi.llv Prpni l"'l I.Anrt FnTro. or ph. 202V 'BUtho 12 niorn house. Koott location across trom hlph school Divided Into 3 ftprm- imms. filch vi-Hh rlpctrlc kitchen. Tivo ip;\rt- _ _ M to ullli Ojini lor ln^ 2 20 ck II Kxti'.i good G-moin lioiise nnil batli, on Iloarii SU'cel close to liiuli .school. Gas heat, liii-^c living room. One of (lie three lied rooms is nn cxlni Invgc master bedroom, (iaragc, outdoor storage, fenced hnekyiird. Tin's Iiouso is in good condilion inside and out, and the neighbor, hood is Jops. Price .if 13.000. Modern ^-bedroom homo on Illinois Streot — little lady, ynu'll like (his convenient kitchen. Yon will also like tiie dishvvnslirr and pnrhapre rtis- posal. t'lmice neighborhood, corner lot. FIIA financed. See or call JOHNNY MARR* Realtor 112 So. 2nd. I'hcuic -1111 Resilience Phone asflG 3:i ck tf For Sale, Misc. 1 Viking vraelAt)]^ oox 1 1/2 HP Ca:r,rrr = *or I 14-foot meat c**p 1 3/4 HP corr.pi(?so75 1 8-foot 111U self-service CRFJ 2 meat blacks 1 Hob.irt Jllrcr ! grinder 3 Ice-Kri5.p vegetable tucks 1 BleRk maXer 1 8x6 walk-In cooler 1 nafe 1 1950 modrl 1 1/2 ton GMc truck Contart NTelrln H^lspll x\ Hal^ft] ^ White Furniture Co., or Phonr cwws ^ 22 'tf I havp spvrrnl hunclrrcl clnth frort tacics w-11! Ml for 20c ra mil Brlripp!; 245 Mr.nTla, 3fl LpflchvlHp, 327 pk 44 SEED BEANS—Dortch No. 2 97 " f pcrnilnfttlon. 14 bushel. Ogdrn> 98% . permlnatlon. (375 bushel. US BUnV- cnshlp, Dell, ph. 2492. 327 pit 427 •4 row John . Drcrp <i\< s Rurrlrltp e Planter with rorr roUry hoe - Real ESTATE Farms—-Cily Properly LOANS Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glcncoc RMff. Ph. OSl H»l f Wmnttl Tractor driver with latnlly to make :rnp Ph. 6801. utho l!rirm-«. 3jl ck tf Couple wftntccl, man lo do yarcl- • ork. woman housework. Must h:\ve xperlrnce. Good salary riiul house Write James L. Fletcher. Ftptrher's Gin Clldcon, Mo. 3,17 p \ 30 Job Wanted GIN OPKRATOR Experienced gin Supt. now o]ien. Year around work required. Only modern plant doing large business considered. Write Box W\V, c'o this paper. ' 3 22 pk 23 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Pl.inned Protection 134 W A»h St. OLIHCOK HOTEL BUILDING IS cli tl Wanted to Buy WANTROr \\> p™v top prlrrs for ayhmn spills, shrllrtl , , nrloy. Oft our price . s, T*-hpBt flnrt orn ynti sell FARMF.KS SOYBEAN CORP. Brorulw.ty. Blytlirvlllc, Ph. «I 3.20 Ck 20 We will pay CASH for jour old Kocliki c^mrriK And len.M?? (or part." O'STKEN'S STUDIO 115 WKST Main 12,4 cX 11 Lost and Found ?^50 reward for fincHng my tliumoiKl ring. F. G. GIp- ,son. Call 32G2 t 3423 or 44G-I, Gloncoc Iloicl. II ck tf For Sale, Cars & Trucks l.itr niorlrl l£>ao Dodcn pickup, - rtnmp New 1952 A Mode I John Deere & Equipment Jack Robinson Implement Co. lil.vlheville, Arkaiisas — Phons 237J WHAT WII.I, I'ATHER SAY? - Man-are!; Truman, scornfully linns from whnt she tud wriUcn, v:hile bliildfoklec!, as a guest artist on Jimmie Durante's (at ri K lili television show durln B rehearsal In Hollywood. After Miss Truman added strokes to B swio.s of horizontal lines ,the board was turned (<j disclose tile cnni|!a«;a slojjmi. Slit- erased the letters and exclaimed, "L won't diiie to home louislif (AP IVlrephoto) For Rent 3 room /urnlshed hotife, \\ ith het'i 501 E. Cherry. - 326 nic 23 Mortem 3-hcflrooin home, etcrtrlc hoi heatrr rnrnislierf, Excollr-ni lo 326 ck tr ration. Ci»(I 2465. Concrete BJncX Rulhllnp. suitable for rnf-e or store und adjoining 5 room onaft with bath, [.ocntoti In curve on lvlift-ny Bl. south side at Hollnntl Mo Call 44M or wrlta Paul Byrum liii[>le- n« Co L-2J ck « Private Rooms Bedroom ne-ir town. Private en- i rance. Reasonable. Ph. 6KIB. i 3 21 nX 2S I Two bedrooms, private bath. Ph 4643 2^26 4.1 'Icr: off tea on ground floor. Vprj' convetilcnt. See W M, Burns. 115 North Second. 3.8 ck U Unfurn. house and apartment, ph. 3 rm. mi fur, house with hath $25. tear -121 E. Ash. Ph. 46G7. 3.21 ck 3D Bedroom aclJolnhiK baih; nlso 4-room urn. npt. I'D. 2790. 325 p>. 4;1 KBNTAL SANDERS Rcfinish your own floors. Rent au electric samlcr from Ward's. Easy to use, economical. Free instruction. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. <106 Main St. 3 25 ck 28 RrLtllrr. ncfalhlinn Among ihi' early Greeks, the punishment of n uinrtlerer was the duty niul privileae nt the victim's rela- livrs, according to the Kncyclo- peitia Bi itnmiiea. Notice TRl.EV-ISIOiV REPAIR All makes t t moricls. at rra.sontibte prices. Day Aniuscnient C'o. I'h. 4470. Highway 61 Korlh 321 ck 421 EASTER SPECIALS 915 cold waves $10 ?10 cold waves ST. 50 ilachinelcss 55 tip THE BKAUTY BAR Glcnror Hotpl H rimnp 3202 Bedroom convenient lo b!Uh, 61esm heat, 611 w. Main Ph. 3325 _ 3'l9 pk 4119 The Angel Falis in Eastern Venezuela is more than twite Die height of the Empire State Building. SOftE O3J Reconditioned Money— Makers BUY NOW WHILE THE PRICES ARE LOW- PRICES ARE SURE TO GO UP! 1950 Chevrolet V t -Ton Pickup. . .a beautiful, ojic-owncr car wilh very )o»- mileage, .now l'J50 QMC '/,-Ton Pickup... a cilv driven $ truck now specially priced at only ......... 19-19 Chevrolet «.Ton 1'ickup. . .here's a dandy SOQC one at this bargain price .................. Ov V 1919 Chevrolet i^-Ton Pickup., .a nice truck SQflC and a real value naw at this low price ....... 033 MIS Chevrolet 1-Ton Pickup Truck... at Siillivan-NclKon It's yours for only 1918 International y,-'\\»i Pickup. ..a super $/ huy! This truck is now cuf priced at jusl ...... * 19-18 Ford i/ 2 -Ton I'ickun Truck. . .come to the 57AJ; l)ig used car lot on Walnut Street. . .only ..... I 33 1918 Chevrolet Si-Ton Pickup. . .lake a dem- S7QC onslralion drive in this clean truck ......... I 93 J9-IG Dodge 1-Ton Stake Body Truck. . .Sullivan-Nelson has the (ruck buys in Blytheville. 1917 Ford Y-8 '/J-Ton Panel Truck. . .save yourself some big money now on this truck. . 191C Chevrolet Stake Hody Truck... an ex- cepl ionally fine value at only Jnsn Chcvrolcf 2-Ton short wheelhase Cab & Cbas.sis I'ruck.. .2-spced axle, 325x20 front tires and !)0n\20 rear tires. This one is a dandy— save dollars now. Many More to Choose From EASY GIMAC PAYMENT PLAN fiemeniber, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut phone 4578 $CAC . 333 $C»C , 3*f 3 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed lies! Prices Kirby Drug Stores for Spring Join the SiiHriK parade—\vllh sliocs Hint look like new. BrinK us Ihc slmcs tliiil ncetl il>cins FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ 0 "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Of f ice & Bulk Pf on*— Promised Land The devout followers ot the Aga Khan, Moslem leader, number innre thnn 20 million. Most of the more than 100 U. a. TV stations are connected by network facilities. 35 rK 45 The smnli Aoeoan island of Ml- :nnas ha.s several hundred church- SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oals, Alfalfa, l.espcde/a, Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn, See us before you buy. Blyfhevilie Soybean Corp. Phone 6S56 - 1800 West MMn crmi Irfth^nd rtralti board All hi conrtltinn. 12IR \\>M ChlrkA 5 rm«. of funiUmr. n town. 513 S. Broad way, 3 Jti Fh •(•HfI^t v pk 28 -1 room house. Has lo be torn do\vA to he moved. Price $100.00. Tom Uttlo, .h-.. ph. * rHH Ihr •frf rit,:n Hd.f»C (o i -Jv bottom. I(',s IML-K l-rlck bomr a.25 i>k 2a I p],. Krick Special _ imM tirw 2 linli< . tlvKir fiiTii^rr A- nitlo u pnvtmiH c,,ll Tl.^vUI Ph 3633. or 24S6. or «=n "5. lh.\rs rlchl r quirk snln Th ice of cri-ry- lo do K Ihlnj vmnUc nttlc i •V corntrp lv>; ' In A- rtijoy . cts. nlrf-lv lovoh- Ii \VHISKNHt!NT Drokor, Ptione 340* , crnratrd. You tviin'l hivn f. Crtsh I'ftjini-nt S35fi.V(X> 3.26 ck 29 I THE MAN TO KNOW The m;in tu know Is Ihc ir whn ktnms how tn e.lre for .vnm c«r . . . and does his liest to repair it riclii: Viui'll tinil (lie best scrviee for your ear at T. I Keaj Motnr to. Trj us. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chr.Tsler-rijm.sth Dr.ler CERTIFIED COTTONSEED FOR SALE Mississippi Certified OclUpinc 15 CotttmsMcl <g S^OO.OO ncr ton. Mississippi Orlifirtl Cokrr 100 Will t'nllonsrrrt W S18S.OO per Ion. This collcm is cxccllcnl tor hlishl land as It resists will. Tlicsc (ccJ arc rlr;inrrt. rlplinlrd. treated anr) sacked 100 pounds lo the Vic. and nee priced F.O.B. Blytheville. Arkansas. Telephone 17-.I, Kelroni. Mississippi. .1. D. UJNOY INSURANCE to fit your needs. SAVtNOS • SERVICE • SATIRVACTION RAYMOND ZACHRY Mutual Insurance Agency Isaacs nirlg. Phone 3IDO •47 CHEVROLET $699 \\ilh new piiinl, new lires, pnu-lically new motor you get a good buy on this '/j-Ton I'ickup! '48 GMC 2-Ton $899 What a buy on this big GMC lonjj whcclbase Truck. Has good tires, too. See it! '46 DODGE $69' A 2-tloor Sedan with new reconditioned motor, good tires, A-1 condition! '46 MERCURY $799 This nice Club Coupe has fires so new. they're stinking new; A slick car! '48 GMC 3-Ton $999 '50 FORD $889 What a bargain! Here's a 3- '" f >ne shape, (his '/ ; -Toi Ton short wheelbase CMC I'ickup is etinipped wilh i wilh an A-l motor for Sflfl!'! heater and rear bumper! HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmnbilo — GMC Trucks Phone 20,-)6 Used'Car I.ol — phone 6151

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