The Coast Star from Manasquan, New Jersey on February 10, 1899 · 1
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The Coast Star from Manasquan, New Jersey · 1

Manasquan, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1899
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I I VOLUME XIX. NUMBER 23 MANASQUANNEW JERSEY, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10. 1S99, SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $1.00 A YEAR -X. I 15c Yard, j J TABLE OIL CLOTH 10c 1 ldlC M.TU11 OdULC X AI ! ioc 2 J Ten Quart Tin Backet J THE GREAT TITTLE LOCALCHAT AND GOSSIP ! Broken. mjuiiics hi Laug s. and CONCERNING OUR PEOPLE BEAUTIFUL Mattison Avenue t ASBURY PARK. N. J. I 2 The Cheapest Hoosefumimhing eStorein the World. SCHOOL NOTES Winfred Reynolds, James Rihile. Editor Ass't Editor Lookout for the examination questions in American History which were giren to- pupils in the last year of Grammar School. The attendance on Wednesday was rery small because of tlie report that school would be closed. The pupils in Dotany class hare planted a tew seeds in a glass so that theyan yatch their development. The pup of the Civil Go rem m en t class hare "-am eel verbatim all of the ConftitutionU. S. On Monday next they will begin to learn the amendments. The following pupils received loo per cent, in yie hnal examination in mensucationt' Walter Wainright, Jas. Riddle, Jessie VanSchoick, Lewis Sherman, Philip Reynolds. The following letter was received l-y ProL S. B. VanStone trom the faculty ot the University of the State of New York: S. B. VanStone, Dear Sir: We are pleased to inform you that we have leen able to rejjis'er the work 01 tlie Manaj quai), r. J . high school, and can alio your gracl-uatesvrho successfully complete the English and the Latin-wrientific courses our academic equivalent certificate, which will admit them to the study of law arvl medit-ine in the New York schools. All students who wisti to secure one of these certificates will have to be very faithful in their studies all through tlie High School. And Their Business Interspersed with Information and Sayings Wise and Otherwise as It Strikes tne Reader. Fifty-three Sundays in 1899. Easter Sunday this year falls on April 2d. Fine butter chips at Laug's confec tionery. Fresh home made Head Cheese and St rapple at Vogel's. Some men are willing to pay cash for ererytLing erceirt-lheir dVbt. Eery mother has the best boy th worst boy invariably belongs next door There is no preaching that suits peo ple so well as that which hits other people! Choice potatoes for sale. St. 75 per bbl. at farm; $2 per bbl. delivered. J P. Hulsaru If some people are to play the harp in heaven it's a pity they don't practice a little more on earth. You can save money as well as ge good goods by trading with the mer chants who have an ad. in this paper Isn t it strange that some people never take their home paper, but as soon as they are printed they want to borrow their neighbor's? The spring elections in the various townships will be held on March 14th not the 71I), as was erroneously an nounced is the i -pers. airs. L. E. Riddi? gives instructions in instrumental music. Special atten tion given to ch.Idren beginning. Terms 45 cents per lesson. Gravel for sale by load or 1,000 load delivered or iu the pit; -also straw for sale by the stack or load. Apply to J . Longstreet, Morris avenue. The vendue season is near at hand Remember tle Star-Democrat ollice is prepared to print your bills, of any ize, with neatness and dispatch. Insure your life and property with John A Longstreet, agent for first class American Fire and Life Insurance companies. Also houses for rent Farm For Rent. A farm containing about 35 acres, good house, barn and out buildings, n.eur Manasquan. N. I. cinrtajon One dollar each coat for painting wagons at Newmans, AUcnwood. For tar cough drops and ho rebound drops go to Laug's. A handsome nine pound baby boy arrived at the home of William J. Os- born on Saturday. OSCAR DURAND KILLED Mis Engine Took an Open Switch at a Speed of Forty Milts an flour and Collided With a Loaded Ice Train. ALLEN WOOD. Forman Newman drives a new team This weather delights those who bare not filled their ice houses. James Burdge moved from Harbor Morton's house to the fami owned by Benj. Havens at Herbertsville. Public tlianks are due John Patterson and Josiah Cranmer for clearing paths through this place these snowy mornings of litis week. At the sale of the personal property of Darid Allen, tlie little mule, notorious as the one- Ruby drove a few summers since, brought J 13, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Potter have returned from Trenton where the were called by the illness of Mrs Potter's father, Mahlan Margerum. The public school held a basket so cial at the residence of Archie Patterson on Thursday evening of last week for the purpose of raising money for the organ. The amount realized was $12. A Woodcrful Success. The Buffalo National Acetylene Gas Company, of Buffalo. N. Y., are placing on the market on thirty days trial, a machine for the manufacture of Acetylene Gas which is bound to take the place of all other illuminants. This machine is the latest improved and is recommended by all standard insurance companies. They light churches tores, fac'ories, residences and country homes. They want good representatives. St. Valentine Day. Tuesday next is St. Valentines Day, and the Star Stationery store has for ale a large and assorted stock of beat:, tiful d signs. Something new in the way of valentines.. An Inspection of the stock is solicited. The prices range from one cent up to sixty-fire. fiavorite Remedy CtlVES AU BUDNCY. STOMACH I " AMD UVtR TROUBLES. Inquire at Coast Star-Democrat office To be called a bird may be a slang way of complimenting one.but to supplement the remarks lv sayrrnt that "you're stuffed" takes all the polish off the compliment. The ladies of ihe M. E. Church will hold tlieir annual Martha Washington Tea Party in the lecture room of the church on Wednesday evening, February 22. Further parlicu'ars wille given later. Although February is the shortest month of the year, it has more special lays of interest than any other month in the calendar: Lincoln's birthday, St. Valentine's Day, Ash Wednesday, and Washington's Birthday. The firm that cannot do business with the puolic through the legitimate cuannel of the newspaper columns is'nt a safe firm for the public to do business with, and as a general thing doesn't do much business with anyone f r any length of time. Agent James F. Hyers is offering the Pierce wheels at the following prices: Model 40, $40; model 24, $50; model 72, $75; model, racer 82, $75; model 92. cushion frame, $65; model tandem 86, combination S100; Pierce double diamond, model 88, J 100. Sample wheels on exhibition. Goodrich's Players who opened here on Wednesday evening, give a very clean and attractive performance. The company is first-class in every respect and merits the patronage of our citizens. We undei stand that they will remain and give a performance on Saturday evening. The next legal holiday will be Lincoln's holiday, February 12th. It is a legal holiday in the following states: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Illinois. Minesota, North Dakta, Pennsylvania and Washington. It will be observed on Monday, when the post-office, bank and public sc.iools will be closed- A bicycle ride to Point Pleasant last Satur 'ay afternoon was convincing evidence that the art of road making has not reached some parts of Monmouth and Ocean counties. From Manasquan to the bridge the roads were fairly good, although a trifle soft in places. On the Ocean county side of the bridge, the mud had apparently no bottom and tlie bike was a dead letter. " Popular Advertisements and Illustrated Jokes" will be the title of an entertainment to be given on February 14th, 1899 in the lecture room of the Presbyterian church. The social committee of the C. E. are making , great preparations tor this event, and guarantee to all a most enjoyable even iog. An admission of ten cents will be asked and ice cream will be on sale after the entertainment All will be served with cake and lemonade free, 1 A few minutes after eleven o'clock on Saturday morning last this community was thrown into a state of alentines one cent. Extra pretty ereat excitement overs telenhone mM. u"u "-"UMjineuesignaasnigii as s.xiy sage from Point Pleasant which stated rive cents, btar stationery store. that the train due there at 10. had Extra services were commenced in run into an open switch and that sev- the Baptist church Monday evening eral persons had been killed ana wflf continue all of next wees. I It was known that VJie train carried TheY; P. S. Ct'E. of the Xaptist Ipart of !he crew7Je north bound church will hold a cake sale on Satur- I taln due here at 1 1, and the great- day, February 1 1 th, from 3 to 5 o'clock 681 anxiety prevailed.' So ereat was in the lecture room of the church. tlie excitement at Pant Pleasant that The ladies of M. E. church will hold no coherent answe could be oh their mothly sociable at the residence f13'" to ,he many -anxious inquiries of Wm P. Tavlor on Ti.i.rui. 8enl lrrn tins piaceand soon hurl ing, Feb. 16. All are invited and a dreds of ur citizens. Vere on their way good time assured. Friday Feb. 17; 1899. the Administra tors at Caraline Hall, deceased, will sell at the farm on the road leading from Allaire to New Bedford, personal property at 1 o'clock p. m. sharp. to the scene of the accident. A Star-Democrat reporter was among the first to reach the scene and found that the report of casualties was greatly exaeirerated. But one fatality had occurred- The life of the rave nfrinr fla-j-,n.l The blizzardy weather of the past been r,lls,1Pf, ' . . h . , ween, is conclusive eviuence mat win- 111 t torm COUld be nlainlv SPen 11m frnr-al . ler is sun wiin us. lue sleiehine. 1 .1 . X . , , . , uic ciiKinc wuii uis perveiess nana w111v.11 iu3 ueeu me imesi ior years tlie still unon flip fhrnlflA 1 f 1 1 hrnnnn aiwl Tro 1 1 i-iir m 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 I c I uuiui uwunuinicx lire iwisieu and Ihe infant daughter of Walter and torn parts of the emrne and freitMi Alt i.' r m I ml & nidiutd rtMjeru. 01 ri. neasant. aieaicars Tons of TOS hr Scattered around on Tuesdaj last of convulsions. The fad the whofe was? urrounded by a funeral took place on Wednesday. In- crowd of people fiAt continued to ermeni was made at White Lawn. I grow larger as the' minutes sned hv T - Hnnlu U-9C !n sKorwA I -v . J un every iid was the ouestion I tie intant daughter or John F., and "How did it happen?" Of all the en- Eva Osborn, of Allenwood. died on gineers in the employ' of the Central T . I l : 1 1 t 1 ! -t-l I r : 1 , . i uuj; ui idpiuaiy orouciiius. i ne i ixamoau mere were none more care- funeral was held at 2 o'clock in the ful than Durand. but while the mm Allenwood church Thursday. T. E. tion remained unanswered, the terrible Hardy was in charge of arrangements, fact that an awful blurder had been All members ot the A. O. U. W. committed, was before, their ey;.-s are icquested to be present at the r rom what could be gleaned from next reirular meetinir of Manasauan Uie veTTf lew wuO were at all corner- Lo 'ge. No. Co. to be held on Monday 831,1 wi,h ,ne tacla n tie case it was lijht, February 13th, when a number 'earned that engineer Durand was ruti- ot candidates will be initiated by the ""'S ",s lraln 31 3 specu ot aixut 40 Grand Otlicers of the Stato. miles an hour. His tiam was about ti.o -mpr, iw o .. four minutes late, anil when about j yto Manasquan. It was not until he was show that he was in error would he sign the permit. The Coroner, upon his arrival, em paneled a jury of twelve men who viewed the body, and !wo o'clock Monday afternoon was the flour set for the inquest- I Tlie open switch that caused the ac cident was the cause of much discussion. It was said that it had been left open by the crew of Pennsylvania freight train 501 which had placed the ice cars on the siding. This the if eight train crew strenuously denied Then pgain it was claimed that even if the switch was open it was Durand s duty to see the danger signal turned toward him. The engine was completely wrecked by the collision. The trucks of the engine were torn off and j.immed under the tender and the machinery torn to pieces. The front end of the tender was raised up about six feet in the air. The front end of the baggage car was crushed in and two of the freight cars were reduced t i kindling wood. It was conceded to be the worst accident on llrs end ot the line since the road was extended to Point Pleasant. This is the second accident that ha.-happened at this switch. About four J"-"13 'n express train r..:i into this switch and a bagsjue-master badly hurt. (;i this account Conductor Hurtt and Engineer Cine weresuspended from duly for a pei iod of six months. The wrecked train of S.itur.l iv last was in charge of Conductor Hurtt who had taken the place otConducror Mui- I f.r.l .. 1 , . I j.h " uu njj i.iioni a sn li t v.iC iuoii. It has been the habit of Engineer Durand for some time past to turn his en gine over to Fireman Ihad.Vv a! As-bury Park and aIIo.v him to run it to Point Pleasant, bu: Saturday last was an exception. Had the rule been tol- lowed Bradley might have been the victim. SHORT PARAGRAPHS TELLING OF OUR VISITORS And The Coming And Going of Our Own People as They Pass Within the Range of Vision of Our Bust Reporter. Capt. Ahram Longstreet of Keyport was in town on Wednesday. Lemuel Combs, of Harlem. N. Y.. was a visitor to Manasquan Tuesday. Shentfand Mrs. Houstan Fields, ol Freehold, .vcre visitors in Manasquan i on Tuesday. j Ovia'.t Emmons, who has been em ployed in .New ork lor a year past is home on a short vacation. Lieut Berry, First Regiment, X. G. N. J., was a vi-itor in Manasqaun Thursday and Friday of last week. Ja:es W. Sherman, whose home is in Yonkers, X. Y., has been the guest ot friends in town part ot the week. Mrs. Frank Longstreet and her daughter. Belle, have been spending the week with relatives in Long Branch Mr. and Mrs. A. Howell Miiler left Manasquan on Wednesday for Borden- town where they propose spending a week visiting relatives. I' Rlinme, an assistant in Dr. Geo. B. Herbert's denta! parlors at As-buiy I:rk. who his been with his regiment Co. A. X, G. N.J.. stationed at Athens, G.i., h is received an honorable l:scha:ve an-.l arrived at bis home in the l'aik this. week. $ Removal. BOSTON DENTISTS I DR. R. F. DORAN r SL'CCESSOR. REMOVED TO 715-717 Mattison Avenue, Win Jder Building, ASBURY PARK. N.J. -A her of blind people from the Industrial Ionic for the Blind, Hartford, Conn., in Paxkex HalL on la.U Mxuulay ven- ng was a very unique and pleasing flair. Their performance is well worth the price of admission. Mrs. Elia Frederick, mother of Dr. W. W. Trout, of Spring Lake, died uddenly at the residence of her aughtcr-in-Iaw, Mrs. Kate Frederick, t lai lisle, J'a., on bunday evening 1st in the 77th vear of her aire. The uneral took place on Wednesday. Our experience of fifteen years in 100 yards north of the lice house his engine to 5k an open Switch and ran into a freight train folded with ice. Trie tee Tram STOorr aTfouT 75 tecrrrom the switch and Durand's train dashed into with awful force, cutting two of the freight cars completely in half and unroofing and crushing the sides of the third car. The force of the blow loved the loaded train fully 100 feet. The ice contained in the cars slid down under the eneine and tender with frightful rapidity, raising the en gine from the rails and toppling it over. In the collision the smoke-stack was CORONER S INQUEST. ie printing business should con- I I . I . iT . 1 1 , li , , 1 ince vou that we are masters of ' u" nurieu oacKwarus anu ;e art. When you are in need of as ,1,e engine went over the engineer's anything in tlie way of neat stationery liead was caught between the fixtures or bilis of sale, drop a postal to the or me cau and lhe stack and frightful Coast Star-Democrat, and we will call crushed. Fireman Arthur Bradley, and see you. and compare our prices who had leen wiping off the jacket of and work with those of novices A woman in a neighboring town recently answered an advertisement in a city newspaper whereby it was iigreed to ejtchange fifteen pieces of silk a yard long and of different colors and suitable foi fancy work, for fifteen cents in stamps. All the lady received for her stamps and trouble was fifteen of colored silk thread each a yard long the engine and just stepped down from the footboard of the engine when the train took the switch, was hurled back wards to the side of the track, thus es caping instant death, but receiving injuries internally that wi!l confine him to his couch for some time. Baggagemaster Benj. Burdge was hurled clean across the bagtrage car pieces ar)(j me mai Cerk received an uely scalp wound by being thrown to the Matilda Thompson, mother of Col- floor of the car. The few passengers lector Robert C. Thompson, of Allaire, of the car were considerably shaken died at Point Pleasant on Wednesday but none were injured. morning in the 73 1 year of her age. When the train came to a standstill The funeral will beheld to-day Fri- the baggage car and. a passenger car day at 12 o'clock from the residence were on the siding, the remaining cars of C. Clayton at Point Pleasant. Inter- were still on the main track and the ment will be made at Glendola, switch signal stood at daneer. Inves Funeral Director T. E. Hardy has ligation convinced these who enamin charge. ed it that tlie switch was in good work Although the New Jersey members in& order and wawideopen when the of Congress were inford srm I ineswiicii. weeks atro that the Government crar- Aa Soon 33 tl,e crew of ,he train col- den and flower seeds provided by the ,ected ,heir senses ,hev hurried to the Arr-..if,.ri rorrfrv,r, fr f-w ai o vertu rned engi ne to assist i n the ex t n- tribution would be ready for January ca,ion of Engineer Durand, but upon 1st. inquiry at the department reveals reaching him it was found that he was the fact that the seeds will not be in ueaa- readiness for the lersev Renresenta- The wrecking train was immediate- lives until February icth or ,0.1, MX sent for and a message sent to Cor Some of the Congressmen have al- ner Nunemakcr at Bayhead. Then ready sent labels for their full ouota lne secl,on eang got to work and with of S. 665 packages to . the department, several small jacks succeeded in taking addressed to residents of their respec live districts. For the benefit of our business men and private residents who find electric lights a necessity, a stock company is suggested. The idea as suggested is for the purpose of curtailing the ex pense of commercial lighting Through the medium of a stock com. pany merchants and private individuals could procure the commodity at much smaller cost than by the present and the idea that tlie company would be a local one should create interest, hence a considerable amount of shares might be disposed of with the result that the town would have better- lighting facilities, and the affairs of the en terprise governed by local, represen tative business men. The matter is open for discussion. the body of Durand frtJlri under the en gine. The body was recovered at 12.55 and shortly after this the wreck ing crew arrived. In taking out the body the hand of the dead engineer had to be unchnch- ed from the throttle. The brave man when he saw that the switch was open, had reversed his engine and set his emergency brakes, showing that he had done all in his power to lessen the force of Uiq collision. Immediately alter the accident Fire man Bradley was brought to his home in Manasquan. Undertaker Hardy had some trouble in getting a permit from the Coroner to remove tlie body OAHTOIUA. 1r !f taw The Inquiry Into the Dtalh cf Engineer Durand Turned Into a Farce. The inquiry concerning the elea ii : engineer Oscar Durand, which oevm -red iturdav last, was begun in tlie Town Ha!!, Pleasant, on Mon 1 y afternoon at 2 o'clock. Coroner Georg Xunemaktr, who seemed entirelv ignorant of the duties of his important ottice, empanelled aj jury of twelve men. The tw !ve nun jury law lias been wiped oil the statute books for several years, but tlie Coroner either duln't know it or didn't care. I following is tlie Jirv: L. D. Yarmote, foreman; Joseph 15. Backes, . B. Win Camp, S. II. I'earce, O. A. S. Havens, Harnett Belt-, Ijcnry Downing, James M. VanNote, Harry Shoemaker, Thomas Turner, Warren YanXote, '.. P. YanXote. Hon. Abram Lower acted as clerk to the Coroner and helped him over the hard places, but in doing so would get tlie evidence of the witness mixed and be compelled to make erasures and corrections until some of the witnesses were in doubt about what they did say. It made no difference, however, as the witnesses were not required to sign their names to their statement. After the Coroner had adjusted his spectacles and placed a spittoon wiih-in convenient distance, the first witness, John Watson, was called. Watson resides at Point Pleasant and is employed by the Central Railroad in lhe capacity ofstalion acnt. He' staled that the last persons at the switch was the crew ol Pennsylvania freight train Xo. 501. Their train arrived in the yard Saturday morning at 8.40 a. m., and drilled some empty cars from the ice house siding. He stated lhat be saw the switch after the accident, and that it was thrown wrong but not locked. He c mid not state positively who was the last man at the switch. The switch was i:i good repair and had red signal turned against approaching train. There was a rule requiring certain speed in the yard of the railroad company. The rules required a speed of 10 miles an hour, ft had not been the custom of the railroad company to cm-ploy a man to look after switches in the yard for about a years, previous to that time he thought, a man had been employed for that purpose. The second witness. Franklin Bills, resident of Puint Pleasant, stated that the last man to handle the switch was brakemen on Pennsylvania freight train 501. The train arrived at the yard at 8.40 a. m. Supposed switch had remained open until time of accident 10.50. Did not look at switch but was positive that Pennsylvania freight crew was last to use it. Anyone could have turned an unlocked witch. It wathe duty of the station agent and section foreman to look after switches. Did not think it possible for switch to remain open two hours unnoticed. He has been in the employ of the railroad company twelve years. The third witness Ijduis Hurtt, railroad conductor, residence Manasquan, in charge of train No. 303 on day of accident stated that he knew an accident had occurred First that he saw was engine upset, could not find engineer, finally located him under engine. On looking back for rear brake-mxn who had flag, he noticed that switch was turned wrong. Was not at rear of train A Social Event. As was its pre Jictssor, tiie second .non:h;y social, g:ven by the members of the Mana.; :au Dancing class last iiuiisday . veiling m Mi.iers Hal), Broad street, was a decided social succt ss. About twet.ty-tive couples participated, and assisted in in. iking the occasion a s iccessf in function and one l'iug to be remembered, from the fact that it was the most delightful events in the history ,.f social life in Mana--qu.iii. The grand ::i irch shortlv after ,..!. was . 1 by Joe! Parker i:li Miss ila : Ion as '.is partner, and. " c. da'.:, ng v;,s the feature- of tie e ve am ' .:i pro?-: nr." Ma.;- e, Haddcn and Cuitis, compose 1 the, while Mr. Hadiey act- u r. lreiice .x.'i'se, trom Spring Lake, .M:s? Pcan.e from Point Picas-ant and Mr. Fresh from Columbus, no is at present a visitor in town being entertained hv J. Lewis and family, were among the invited guests from a distance who were permitted to enj iy ihe delightful occasion. A sumptuous collation was a successful feature of the evening's entertainment. tc l and Broke Her Arm. Mrs. James J. Longstreet fell in front of her residence on Sundav nmrn. ing last and broke both bones of her left arm. Mrs. Long-: r et had .just started out to deliver1: ouie notices to Rev. Henry Cross .0 l,j read from the pulpit when she lei . Th;nking that the arm was only s; she performed her errand and returned home but the pain had become so great that she at once sent her son for Dr. Herbert. That gentleman fcuind that both bones of the arm w ere broken and set about reducing the fracture. Spain's area test Need. M r. K, T. Olivia, of Brcclur.a. Spain, pemis his winters at Aiken. S. C. Weak lerves had caused severe pains in the baeV head. On using Electric Bitters. Jt his WMeii .Mrs. .M. was cnioved hv IK L., ana MISS u .1 i'g u 1 e t :-"ioi c:u e Ci it :;: 1 as ush Mr. CI America's greatest Blood and Nerve Remedy all pain soon left him. He says this grand, medicine is what his country needs. All America knows lhat it cures liver and kidney trouble, purities the blood, tones up the toniach, strengthens the nerves, puts nm, -.ior and new lite into every muscle, nerve and organ of the body. If weak, tired or a'.ing you need it. Every bottle guaranteed In4ac.cnts- Sold, or Aatoaides.&.Son Continued oh Second Page, Burglars at Keyport. Burgiars visited Keyport and Mata-wan Saturday night an t cracked two safes, but obtained only a few dollars for their pains. They first visited the carnage works of f ilton & Cherry, at Keyport, and wrecked the safe, but secured nothing of value. They took from the repair shot's a number of chisels and tools of various kinds and went to Matawan and broke into the otTice of the American Rice Food and Manufacturing company, in the large cereal factory recently erected near the Central Railroad station. A hole was drilled in the safe and a charge of dynamite completely wrecked the safe a partition and several desks. The Joor of the safe was blown through the partition, severing the beam. The burglars ransacked the safe and secur-eei only some small change and checks to the value of $600. Diphtheria Decreases. The State Board of Healtn in its annual report sets out that diphtheria is very much on tne decline in Xew Jersey. The report on this point says: " The number of deaths from diphtheria has continued to diminish, and only 950 were reported during the year This is 432 less than in 1S97 and 419 less than the average deaths from this affection for the past 19 years. There is almost uniform agreement among medical practitioners that the use of diphtheria antitoxine has been the main factor in the rednction of the mortality from this disease." 'fiie new Shoe Maker says lhat he 15 satis tied that the Manas iuan people are smart enough. They know well that the cheapest andbest place to get their shoes flxed is by the new shoe maker. I would not do like Mr. A, to advertise low prices in the paper and in tiie stre charge you a different price. Just bring your shoes and I will fix lliem for lue ; ri.e I mention, as follows: Men's Soies". l'.c White Oik Leather. 40c ladies' Sol'-s. i'e-: While Oak Leather, 30c Children's Soles . . from 15 c up All other sewing an ', patching very cheap. I think as long as 1 stay in Manasquan the people will have their shoes tixed at the lowest prices, at mv place. M. DL'AST. Next 10 Lewis' Store. Yiss Thomas, a lady noted for her thoroughness and skill in teaching piano forte, comes twice a week to Manasquan to give instruction to pupils in that art. For terms etc, address MISS HARRIET M. THOMAS, 606 As bury Ave, As bury Park, New Jersey, 1 iVWvlil This Tells Wlire Health May Be Found. And that m more inportant than making money. If your blood is impure, Hood's Sarsaparilla is the medicine for you. It cures scrofula, salt rheum, rheumatism, catarrh and all oilier diseases originating in or promoted by impure blood and low state of the system. Hood's pil's are easy to take, easy to operate. Cure indigestion, headache. Tit tu-dailt tfutsit tt : THE HXC&iJ&iCE OF SYBl? OF FIGS is due iii.t (.nly to the originality and simplicity e.f the combination, but also to the care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known tc the California Fig Strcp Co. or y and wo wish to impress upon all the iiLiportaxs o purchasmff the true ana original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Fips is manufactured by the Califok.via iQ Strut Co. bn.1-, a knowledge ot that fact will assist one in avoiding vha worthless iml Ations manufactured iy oooier pax-tie The high standing cf tiie u lire- tia Fia Sykit Co. with tl;s medi 2t profession, and the satisfaction " 1c- the genuine Syrup of Figs has g a a to millions of families, makes t ,c name of the Company H guaranty - the excellence of its remedy. It is tu in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and oowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseaite. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAH FRANCISCO, OaL LOCXmiXK. Kr. KKW T9RK. X. T. Dr. David Kennedys favorite Remedy CURES AIX KIDNEX STOMACH . 'AND UVtR TR9VBUS. r Q

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