The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1052 BLYTHEVILLE. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Meal Planning Easier WithFewGoodRecipes By GAYNOR MADDOX NKA Slatf Writer -Begin the sveek willi ft few good recipes ready to use for your family jnpaJs. Then meal pl.iimfng will fjc far easier. Here are three you'll like: t Easy f'lilcken Casserole • (6 servings) •'Two 15 \k -ounce cans spaghetti udgets Boosted By Adding Cereal Combined with Meat They Produce Thrifty Main Course Dishes Today, every hint on keeping I family food standards up while! keeping the budget, down is vain-1 able. Breakfast cereals contain protein and oiher important nutrients find supply those elements at a relatively low cuil. Therefore, combine them with other higher-cost Ingredients to produce thrifty and delicious main dishes. Plcklebnrgers >'j§ (6 Sen-ings) /.Three - quarters pound ground ••jeer, 'i pound "round fresh pork. *i cup milk. 1 egg. beaten. 1 tablespoon chopped onion. Pi cups whole wheat flakes or slightly crushed cornflakes. *i teaspoon salt. Vi lea.spcon pepper, 'i cnp finely chopped dill pickle. 3 tablespoons jnice from pickles. Coiribiiie meats; add milk. egg. onion, cereal flakes and .seasonings, mixing well. Shape into 6 oval- shaped rolLs. Arrange in greased baking pun and place in moderate oven (350 degrees P.). After first 20 minutes of baking pour mixture of pickles and Juice over the individual loaves. Continue bakhig for additional 30 mln- mes, basting occnstonaljy with Juice in pan. Savory Meat Loaf (8 Servings) One and one-half pounds ground beef, 2 teaspoons salt. 'i teaspoon pepper, 1 cnp rolled oats, uncooked, Vt cup chopped onion. 1 egg, beaten, l tablespoon Worcestershire Bailee, I cup canned tomatoes, ml Ik >*j± water. Combine all ingredients thoroughly. Pack Into loaf pan lined with waxed paper. Bake one hour in moderate oven (350-375 degrees F.). Serrfr hot or cold. -. . Variations 1. Spread V4 cup chili sauce over filled loaf pan before baking. 2. Shape meat mixture into 4 to 8 Individual loaves, depending on number of servings needed, and arrange In greased baking pan. Baste loaves every 15 minutes with ^ cup barbecue sauce. 3. Fill loaf pan with half of meat mixture. Spread with 3 tablespoons horseradish mustard- Add remaining meat mixture and spread top with additional 2 tablespoons horseradish mustard. and tomato sauce with cheese, 'J cup water. 1'i cups cubed cooked chicken, '.i cup chopcd raw green pepper, »; teaspoon salt, dash pepper. I tablespoon butter or fortified margarine, 14 cup dry bread crumbs Heat oven to 375 degrees F (mod- eratel. Chop spaghetti into l';-lnch Pieces: n:ld water. Blend In the chicken, Rircn pepper, salt and pepper; place in a greased ni- quart casserole Melt butter or margarine: pour over bread crumbs. Top casserole ivith buttered crumbs Bake at 375 degrees F. for 25 min utes. Sausase Rice Casserole (Makes B servings) One nnd one-half cups m Pound) sausage meat, I 1 ', tablespoons rich prepared mustard, 3 tablespoons sifted flour, 2 cups cooked nmaltcd rice. 2 clips (No 2 i caul tomnlors. 'j cl!f , chopped green peppers. ", cup chopped celery and leaves, 2 tablespoons chopped onion, Hv teaspoons salt. Roll sausage meat into 12 small firm balls. Spread with the rich Prepared mmtaril. Dredge with four. Brown all sides on medium heat. Remove from pan and keep warm, in same pan combine the remaining ingredients. Heat thoroughly. Serve topped with the sausage mustard balls. AriEJls on Horseback (Serves 6 as appetizer—3 or 4 is main course) Drain 1 pint large oysters Lav each oyster across •= slice of bacon Sprinkle with chopped parsley cayenne pepper and paprika. Roil ha- con around oyster and fasten with oothplck. Place oysters on a rack- In shallow baking dish. Bake In preheated hot oven Mso degrees P ) for 10 minutes, or until bacon la crisp. Serve hot. For Better Results, Slow Roast Veal Slow cookhi" is the rule in preparing a veal roast. When roasted at a low temperature you'll have more meat lo serve and Juicier, more tender meat. Slow roasting means a 300 le- grce F. oven. Use this same ttmper- iture for rousting beef, smoked Jork or lamb, as well, says Rehu Staggs. meat expert. When roasting veal place it in an apen roasting pan. using a rack to lold the meat up off the bottom of ^he^paji. Place strips of salt pork or bacon over the top of the roast. I PAGE 15LEVEH A HCAKTV BREAKFAST »f fruit, fc*<P« U bolld * stnrtlr Variety Is the Spice of Life And of Breakfast Tables, Too Planning Menus Is Thrifty Habit Planning menus fl day ahead Is R ihrifty habit. It gives you opportunity lo shop tor the best 'hrlfty foods and then time to plan kkrv beat- to cook them. ™ ilnner: Smoked ham butt, with (.''mustard gla/.e, candied sweet potatoes, steamed collard preens, grapefruit, salad with French dressing, corn bread, appie. pie. coEfe. milk. Dinner: Chicken pot pic,, with baking powder biscuits, green peas, lettuce with Russian dress- Ing, orange ambrosia, coffee, milk. Dinner: Baked macaroni and cheese, hot green bean salad. Italian bread, butter or fortified margarine, grapes nnd Swedish nut wafers, coffee, milk. A SUisriTUTE FOR MEAT For Sale! Cotton Seed Delta Pine 15 Delinfed, Treated Sacked in 100 lb. Tiags Non-CerHfied OHLENDORF FARMS I'hone 33WI — Osceola Hy <;AVNOR MADDOX XEA Food and Markets Kdllor Variety can .spice up your breakfast. Children, particulrU-Jy, like | .variations on the cereal theme. So try some .of the thrifty suggestions given below. Remember this important fact— children who breakfast with the family instead of atone, generally • eat better and start the day off with a better psychological attitude. An attractive breakfast table also plays its part in a better breakfast picture. Here are variations on the cereal and milk theme: Oatmeal Fluff: Drop marshmal- loivs into the boiling water and let melt before you stir in the rolled oats. Use one ivmrshmallow fcr each .serving of oatmeal. Now the cereal is ready-sweetened; just, serve with milk. Butterscotch Breakfast: Spread cornflakes or whole weat Ilakes In a shallow pun, or in individual tint ramekins or casseroles, Dot with This is .suggested because veal Is from a young animal .and lacks sufficient fat. If you use a roast nieat thermometer you will know when the meat Is cnoked. Insert it into the thickest section of the meat, but not OH bone or in fat. Do not cover the roast and do not add water. If you arid water aiid cover the roast you're cooking this tender meat as » pot-roast. Your roast meat thermometer will register no degrees p. when the veal is rcasted. The time varies with the roast—leg or shoulder roasts approximately 25 to 35 minutes per'pound; loin or rib roast-s. 30 to 35 minutes; boned and rolled shoulder, « to . 43 minutes .-per pound. butter and sprinkle brown sugn over the tcp. Heat in a mralerate "oven O.W (I(: K . P.-3TS cle?. FM a few minutes and serve at once with hot milk. Hut I'rrcal Double-'l'reul: Blwul together IMILKV!. amounts of orange Juice and honey tor a sweetner tor farina or hot whole wheat cereal. Keep a pili-her of this (.range-honey topper in the refrigerator. I'ear Split: Arrange pear quarters, banana split /sshion. In a cereal bowl. Pour in cri.sp com puffs, or Bny. ready-to-ent cereal. For the sweetner dot Die center with churned honey or honey butter. Ham Rarebit Hani rareiut makes tempting use of that leftover ham in your refrigerator. Simply add cubed cooked ham and a bit of grated American cheese to a medium cream sauce. Serve over slices of bread that have been toasted In the oven for about 15 minutes. For a family supper treat roll out baking powder biscuit dough about one-'vurter inch (hick; cut biscuits out with a four-inch biscuit cutler. Bake, ^llt and butter, and then sandwich grilled thin hamburger patties between the halves. Serve with sweet uickle relish. Do FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? FASTEETH, an Improved irtwder to he sprinkled on upper or lower platea. holds false lepih more flrmlj In place Do not slide, slip or roclt No gummy. B0oe_v. pasty tasle or feeling, FAB- TEETH Ii alkaline (uon-acUl). Dots not sour,. Checks "plate odor" (den Lure brealhj, Get FASTEETH At any driiR More, Jambalaya New Meatless Dish Oyster-Shrimp Dish Different, Deliciou* And Hat Eye Appeal By fiAVNOR MADDOX ' N'KA Food and Marked RdlUr Mealies* meal.* xre gaining In • '''' r n "'•<• good nnd often are much less expensive than meal. Try lliis wonderful recipe for some ni e ht when you're having company, it's different, dellcloui and has eye-nppeivl. Jambalaya (Serve. 4) One - pound package froze shrimp or 1'i pound fresh shrimp. 1 dozen oysters, 1 small onions, chopped, 2 tablesjioojis butter or fortified margarine. 3 cups hot water. (, cup tomato paste, 2 cups rice. 1 teaspoon salt. Smite shrimp ami onions in butter or margarine in iron slcillet, turning frequently until onions are KOliIcn mown. Add hoi water, tomato paste, rice and sail and cook OVF-I- low flame until rice is son. Boil oysters :j minuics or until edges bPsin to curl and ndd to -shrim|) mixture; blend and serve. Your family will enjoy Ibis coin binalion of .sxlmoti nnd lima beans. It's „ delicious dish, and Ls parked with imtriiion. Froicn f.lm» Beans With .Salmon and 8vvect-Sour Sauce (4-6 servlues) One can salmon, 1 medium on ioi], sliced. l /~2 cnp water, 1 pack age frozen lima beans. 1 tablespoon flour. 2 teaspoons sugar. 1 teaspoon salt, *\ cup vinegar, 1 c\ZK yolk, beaten. Drain salmon, remove skin snd bones and place on serving platter. Cook onion slices In Vj cup water until tender. Drain liquid from onions and add more water If necessary to make \' y cup. place rooked onion rings over salmon Cook Jima beans according to directions on package. Mix together the flour, sugar, salt, vinegar and liquid from onions. Cook, stirring constantly until mixture begins to thicken (about S minutes). Pour gradually into beaten egg yolk, stirring constantly. Reheat, stirring constantly without boiling until mixture is smooth and slightly thickened (about 2 minutes). Place limn beans over onions and ftalmon. Pour sauce over all. Skillet-Dinner Is Steak Meal That Is New Htre'a i seafood dish that is i .. usually good, consisting ol seafood, marinated In olive oil. herbs and spi«s. And then It is broiled on long skewers! Don'l be alrald to try it. It's really very easy. Fish Kabota (Strieii t as Appethwr or Kntree) One pound shrimp, 1 pniind scallops, 1 pound mushrooms. 1 greei pepper. 2 cloves garlic, 3 lemons. • teaspoons salt. 2 teaspoons black pepper, 4 teaspoons olive oil. 2 teaspoons grated onion. 1 teaspooi ground chile peppfrs, 1 tea.spom powdered Kltiger, 1 teaspoon powdered mustard, 1 teaspoon currj powder, ', teaspoon tti.vme. '.; lea spoon orcgano. Marinate for [onr hours r'bokecl cleaned shrimp ami raw scallop In taiice composed of all above In gradients with exception or mush rooms and sreen pepper. Drain of sauce and spit the .scallops, shrimp mushrooms nnd green pepper ni skewers, allernallnB the Items. For example, use on shrimp, one mushroom cap, one green peppe segment, one scallop, one rmish room, one green peeper, eli-., imtl PILES • «rl Likt Ji.! But !•« I Irii TfUft trom nU«ry W p4W- I Ciinie brinn twt PmlM.ti^ . . ln*r—In *lntmenl or Mppo<ito«T fo ' SPECIAL 100°°* ALLOWANCE! TO PURCHASERS OF NEW 1952 48 JET:TOWER DISHWASHER WITH HYDRO-ELiCTRIC CONTROL To introduce Uie new insgYoiingstown Kitchens 48" Jct.-'l'owcr Dishwnshcr willi Hydro-Kloof ric Control, we are making Uie above olfcr to piireliH^er.s wlio will promise lo show anil explain il lo five Friends, neighbor!;, or relatives. No oilier incllincl washes di.slics so clcmi, so " fast! In less llian ten minnle.s, <lislics even pots nnd phns . . . are wnslicd, llushrd and rinsed in water holler tliati your hands could stand. ,i8 jrt.s of bun.slcr-lie.ited water brush-scrub dishes from lop to bottom . . . hy- gienicatly clean, sparkling bright! Hurry! Take advnnlagc of tliis,offer today! Kircclivc from March 1.5 to May 31, l!'~ ' •$75.00 pKowcnci on I YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS «" EUCTRIC SINK Kefaif price $429 91 Special af/owance 100°° You poy only $3,29" EASY TERMS l!)Si Voungslown KilcWns Electric SinV, »8" niiir. Jcl-Tower DMifuhing. full sink («rili- liw. Foorf W.vt, l)i,po^r and rinw ,«,ira.y »v»il»!)Ic »l eitrm cosL Voimgslown Kilrlirn< new 1 »,sj Jel-Tnwer DishwMher-compftcl 47" wide. Adams Appliance Co., Inc 206 - 208 West Main J. W. Adarm, Mgr. / Phon. 2071 ikewer Is filled. , ing frequently. This may be s«fr Brush with olive oil and place] as an appetizer, or If d»lr*d under broiler for 10 minutes, turn-1 » niaJu course with ric«. Visiting Around Arkansas BY JOE MARSH I/if S I'tartLtijer tlua T juRt found out the other day *iiat I'm soinjf to Jive nine years longer here in Atkatisa« than my kinfolks »caUered out over tbew United Slutesl Ai'kaiisag loti?«vity, ttatutic* iliow, ia iihi« years longer than Ihe n&Ltotial avemjje, Hertacling over thofiu figures, I'm not really aurprlRed. We've got an Ideal, mild el i m n l e. Our s t»t e Rboiintla with hundreds and hun- dredx of natural ami man-mid* And another thiriK . .. we've got lotnething to tfik« the uting out nf rertftl a hard day 1 ! work. W« liv* hi ft land where who!e«onic maR Average* are sold legally hi clwn, modern busine&a eatabliihnisnti* My old hunting gnd fishing part- tter, Eph Smith, who'i xoing U beat th« nina-year Arkanaai mar^ says the |>art of a day 1 ! work or A hunt is the\nd ( when yovi o«a •ot down for a jfood bottle «r e«n of beer. He payt it male** Mi* working and hunting really worth- ItJI. Unifrt Slelr, Hi, I 1 ' i Speciolly Low Prictd! UrnifeJ TMM Only I * » MI o!6 M Ji of theie colccM tmmktttt . . . II rnier ihf notfrdhinx faodncn and mrtntf-Hvt r Mid.tM con.,<, Uu, M in ik WHEN YOU Special Offer I >"' •$ *? liiiliv Tumbler Th« qualify fryer — "A" Grade, fully-drasted FRYERS Rcclfoot Uan PICNICHAMS- - -134c Swlf r'i rlndlci* SLI BACON 39c BRING YOUR SNOWDRIFT & WESSON OIL COUPONS HERE. With coupon SNOWDRIFT- - 3 WinrerGordcn fresh frozen ORANGE JUICE 2 cans Swift's pure pork SAUSAGE 'if, 390 Hi'iskct of Hccf STEW MEAT lb 390 lin prinl ha«.s, plain or self-rising LEADER FLOUR 1.98 Full f ( (. Salad Qunen SALAD DRESSING 430 .Juicy Kunkisl LEMONS ,,„ 29|i With cnuprin FAB Giant 610 Mrs. Belt's pure strawberry PRESERVES 2!!; r 690 Large hunch green PASCAL CELERY 100 California Iceberg LETTUCE III Home permanent, plus tax LILT REFILL KIT 1,25 It Pays To Shop at Mays' MAYS' SUPER MARKET 421 South 2tst

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