The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 10
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TEX (AKK.) COUTUER NEWS Reds Reported Using Church For Politics Chinese Have Full Control, Bishop Reports MONTREAL 1.1V—The nt Hey. Y. Y. Tsil. assl.Mnnt Ansllcan bishop of HonfT Kone. said last ' night the Chinese CominuniM pov- 1 ernmpnt nnw has full control of] the church In China and uses nianv[ of its facilities for political pur-' poses. j In n mcetinc nt Mi-Gill lltiivor- slty, Bishop TSII, former frnernl! secretary of Ihp National Chinese | Church, said that between 191!) and i 1951 the Communist policy followed i three well-riefincci stages. j Whpn the Reds came down [roin the north hi 191!) In the ilrive that eventually won them control of all China, he said, they followed n "common front" policy. | Well-disciplined troops presented' disorder nnd prntccted clnirrti ami ; other property. Communist officials ' proclaimed themselves friends of j all who were .sincerely interested I in China's welfare. They presented! a program of the "new democracy" that, on paper, guaranteed] freedom of reliRion and other civil] rights. j The second period, "the period of [ penetration," began about 1550. j Bishop Tsu said "Christians snon I found that when Ihe Communists sain they were bringinc freedom to "the people" they meant tmly lo those actively in favor of the Red regime nnd program. The nthor.s became reactionaries and "enemies of the state." Many ended up doing "corrective" pemii J.ibor. In 1951, he continued, began Ihe period of "complete control." All but the most subservient church officials were eliminated from effective control of church affairs and even church services were used for Communist propaganda. Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton Open High Low 4109 4118 IOM 4021 4028 .1570 1 : 15 4083 31)95 i May . July . Ort 3723 Dec 3091 3IM8 3(560 New Orleans Cotton Open Hlyh Low May 4110 41 is 1012 July 1020 4028 31)8') Oct 3722 .1731 3BS2 Dec 3638 3093 3655 Soybeans Hi^h Low May 293 290 July 2fl()i' ( 287', Sep 233^ 2flfl l? Nov 217" 2 274^ New York Stocks A T ami T . . ],=>| 3-fi Amer Tnbacco 53 Anaconda Copper -17 Beth Stnel '19 5-fl ! Chrysler 74 7.5' Cocn-Rola 105 j Gen Electric s.8 i Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Ini Harvester .... J C Penney Republic Steel ... Radio ... . , . Socony Vacuum Obituaries Rites Conducted For Wilson Girl Struck by Truck WILSON ~ Gravesule services 3733 3690 3701 |'"f n '> s " rtunjjina Taylor, 3. who 3G6li W1IS killed in a traffic arclittnl I near hern Tupsdnv, were conduet- I ed this afternoon , n ihe fiassett! 1:15 i Cemelery by tlv Rev. D. 13. Bled-' | soe, • '• SD.TOi The T.ivJ/jj- fiiilil w,is killed' 363Ji| when she was struck bv a loaded jAmbush Brings Punishment Rice Rations Cut In Malayan Village KUALA LUMPUR Msi.iv,-, /,jv,._ Cii-n. Sir Gerald Tempter, new hiehi commissioner, clamped a 22-hour' a day house arrest on the 5000 yilheers of Tanjona Halin and slashed iheir rice rations today asj punishment for the Communist THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1«Q S,, mm ,, ni ,, c 30n of the e school hoi villace 36S8: Clnsp 2!! I 2X3 < .! 281 i.! 215', ^^ a< .,,vitl P s and ended with this part sllof "Tile solution Is lamely hi vour "ayp some suts and shoul- responsihllky of citizen- She is survived bv her |)>ii i-nls. Mr amlMn,. F.lberll 'avlot , three f.lMelP. .Irssif Aune..-. Sarah Faye hands. Hav and Martha ,!:<nn Taylor, nil of | der the Wilson; iw'e) brothers, Charles Bl-lship" T.-,ylor oil Many In ,, he nudirnre were Chi- bcri and Bjljy Wil~in We// Digger Rescued After fntombment of 12 Hours in Colorado SALIOA, Colo. Ifl —A Qld well rilsger was rescued from a caved-in well here today after 12 hours of entombment. Chnrles Dennis, a metal miner from Denver, was trapped by a rock slide al the bottom of a 15-foot well. The slide completely covered Dennis but Sheriff Emmett I,. ShewnJior said (he trap;iert man was able to breathe because of air spaces In the rock jumble. Rescue operations were carried on most of the night by (InortliBht. A power shovel broke through to the trapped man e.iriy today. He suffered let- bruises and 'vas hospitalised here. Dr. Robert A. Hoover pronounced Dennis "in pood condition." "fMo hair-brolher. Vance Wayne Taylor of Jacksnn, Miss.; «'ho do not have citizenship , Many villacers glowered angrily as • i anrl one hMf-siMer. Mrs. Oracle th" orders were Issued, ' ; I .en Carr of nuckhill. Miss. j Two Britons, two Malayan civil- The sheriffs oflire irj Osceola is. ians and plcht Malayan policemen investieatinK the accident. were killed in the ambush yencr-' • • • day. Riles to Be Held Here Tomorrow [Bridges Gives Tax Case Report UNION Standard nt Tcxns Cnrp Senrs Livestock 53 S-R R3 S H 19 1-2 33 I-« 41 i si For Mrs. Walker 3D :t-H \ WASHINGTON If, — Senator 36 1-2; R c r "cP5 for Mrs Jrnnle Walker, i styles Bridges <R-NHI le,lif,r,l to 70 3-8 '. "','"? '''",' '"I*' " l£I " ( "' lh<? home; day he took an Interest in a'.even M 1-3!"' hrr '""'"hter, Mrs C. O Red-i minion dollar tax case n Ba imi 52 7-8 : n;lm ' 132) Country Club Drive, nnv "-•••- • - - "K"""". to IM> conduc-tcri at Ifl a.m. tomor- Ex-Agri Aide Excused from Groin Testimony FBI Begins Roundup of All Ex~Armored Car Firm Employes DANVERS. Mass. '*—FBI agents today began a roundup of al] former employes of the U. S. Trucking Corp.. one of whose armored trucks was robbed of $681.000 in Danvers Square. Tuesday while Its three guards sipped coffee 20 /eet away. The Federal Bureau of Invest!gallon maintained an official silence on the matter but the Information was divulged by a source close to the Investigation. The source, who asked thai his name not be used, said he believes the FBI hopes to determine if one ol the former employes kept n key to ihe truck when he left Ihe employ of the armored car service or divulged how a key could be obtained. At the same time. Boston police swooped down on all known gang, sters — "petty and big-lime alike" — and made (hem account for \ (heir lime Tuesday morning. j Boston police look that action afler it was revealed Ihe keys lo i the company's armored trucks^ were kepi in an unlocked drawer! just Inside the entrance of a garage i in Boston's north end. Some police officers have ex- Ominous Calm Falls on Tunisia TUNIS. Tunisia 6n—Tunlsli w»« „,„„ j ,, . - -- ominously calm today but politl- pressed the opinion there might cal storms raped elsewhere over ye»be n connection between the ar- ' " ' mored car robbery nnd the still- unsolved Sl.210,000 Brink's Headquarters robbery on Jan. 17, 1950. The U. S. Trucking Corp's armored trucks are kepi in Ihe same waterfront Karaire that houses Brink's Boston headquarters. The Danvers robbery is believed to involve the second biggest cash haul in U. S. crime history. The biggest is listed as the Brink's robbery. terday's sudden French clampdown of martial law and the arrest of four top Tunisian cabinet ministers. In Paris, at least U'o major political parties prepared to rak* the already-ahaky government of Premier Antolne Pinay over the coals for the dramatic and drastic action. Read Courier News Classified Adi NATIONAI, STOCKYARDS. III. "V l ^ " l ' v - Hoy ! Unllley. (Contliuied from Page 1) a new burst of inflation. Pelnsinger has said the WSB's proposed boosts for stcclworkers »re not only fair but "unlnflatlon- ary." He contends other workers and unlonr already have drcne as well as Murray's steelworkers. and Murray now Is merely "ralchinp up." ' I Only a few days a.i;o the WSB j granled a IS-cent pay boost plus a 7 ! j-ccnt pension allowance, with industr}' members ngrerine, for more than two million workers in the conslructlon industry. This »'ns fairly close to what, the WSB rec- emmendcd for steel. The union demanded ihal Ihe Industry accept the WSB steel formula, or lake responsibility for n «rike. '/Tl — (USDAI — HOKS It).500: opened nctlve. later slow and uneven; weight!; 180-320 His opened strong to 15 higher; advance largely lost: 230 Ibs up mostly steady; 170 Ibs down 25 io 50 higher; sows stronE to 25 higher; hulk choice 180-23(1 Ibs 17.00-15; with 17.10-25 pnld freely early for choice nos. 1 and 2 under 220 Ibs; few 17.35: laier 17.IS down: 240270 Ibs full width of choice griulc 10.00-85; 2RO-350 Ibs 15.50-16.00; 150170 Ibs 15.50-17.00; 120-140 Ills 13.2515.00: 100-110 Ibs 11.7S-1276; .sows 400 Ibs down 15.00-75: heavier sows 13.50-11.75; stnp.s 11.50-13.50; hours n.M-12.00. Cattle 1,250, calves 500; sleers finding moderately active demand nnd stronK prices; hellers nnd mixed yenrlings also In (rood demand; few lends nnd lot.s good and choice steers and heifers 20.0034.00; small lot high choice to prime mixed yearlings 34.50; cows active and strong; utility and commercial cows largely 21.50-23.50; dinners and cutters I7.00-in.00; commercial bulls 23.00-2(5,00: cutter bulls in.00-22.00; most Kootl and choice venters 30.M-3S.Of): n moderate representation of prime sorlcrl vealers 40.00; utility nnd commercial vealers 20.00-20.00. Sheep 400: ncllve trnde hilly steady with Wednesday; bulk good lo prime wooled and fall shorn Inmhs 27.00-28,00: top 23.(10; | n . eluded lots not strictly sorted nt Baltimore liquor dealer becnuscThe ,,.•!„ , ,, . i wanted to encourSKP "niiick and [row at Conn f-'unernl Home Chapel; proper action" by the Eovernment In the witness chair before House tax Investigators. Bridges .suvgcst- rd that as a member of ConErcss he should be Interested In seeins Mrs, Walker, who was 72. had made her home :iith her daughter here for the past five years. Prior lo thai, she had lived with another She had been 111 tor about three months. Mrs. Walkrr '.vn.s a member of the Order of the Knstern Star.) the nlythevllle Woman's Club, the]—-Garden Club, and the Women's Hill!" Class of First Methods!! Church. She leaves two daughters. Mrs. Redman and Mr,s sibyl Payne of Plea.sanfon, Calif.: one sl.sfer. Mrs. Gertrude McDonald of Wacponer. Okla.; and three urfindchildrcn and one crent-ernndchilii. James L. Palmer Dies of Illness for James Lee Palmer, who died yesterday In a Memphis, are to bo conducted tomorrow nt 2:30 at Cohh Funeral Home Chapel by (hp Rev. P. H- HP his '™ti,i,,,. i..,i ,. ,,. j . reu" in ^he m ? ,t h ° i , "L" 6 matt "' hc declared. C( ,,nelcry at Steelr. Mr. DePriest riled in his sleep at his home last night apparently of a heart attack. A retired farmer. Mr. DoPrlest Mr. Palmer, who was 21. died after an Illness of about three months HP leaves his wile, Mrs . . hnri lived, in the Steele vicinitv for 38 years. He is survived by Ihree sons F, L. of steele. Willie of Carulh- ci-svillo nnd Dewey of Abbeyville. Miss.; two daughters. Mrs. William Cecil and Mrs. James Bizzcll of stecle: and two brothers William DePriest of Mississippi and Nathan DePriest of Blytheville. Rites Tomorrow For Mrs. Burch J. O. nnd Palmer, brother. OSOEOLA — Services for Mrs. Heights Burch of Osceola are to Betty Jo j be conducted at. St, Matthews Cath.., of BiX™; t £ri m en^ r ,r rnm? by price;' small sprinkling of aged EDSON Continued from Page 8> woman lo reach officer status, yew women get beyond ftuelady In factories. Pew women Ret top Jobs, in department store management. In banks and Insurance companies, the highest women usually fro Is routine clerical supervisory. * • * GUIDED MISRILKS are n o \v classified as SAM, AAM. ASM, SSM so forth. This is the key: SAM — Surface to Air Missile, fired from the ground against enemy aircraft. AAM _ Air to Air Missile, fired from one airplane against another. ASM ,-Ur to Surface Missile for aerial bombing and strnfflng. SSM—Snrlnrr to Surface Missile, fired from Ihe ground at another tarpet on the ffround. AAM's are relatively small and of short flipht, SAM's are limited to the lieiRht at which planes fly ' —ten miles or so. ASM's are 2000- ' miJo-an-hmir rocke!,s thai cnn rar-J ry atomic warheads. SSM's are' bifgest o( Ihe lotand will someday ranse up to interplanetary. space ships. In addition to these four land type:;, the Navy 1= developing AUM—Air to Unrtcrwalei Mi-, slles. SUM Siirfnce to Unrlprwa- ter Missiles. UAM — Unde-nvator lo A:r Mi.s-jl";, all( j tJS j| _ Un derwater to Surface Missiles. Idea of a submerged submarine shooi- ing rlown an airplane in flipht or bombarding a city Is somcthinc to conjure Ihe sheep steady: few .slaughter ewes 12.00-14.00; cull ewes 9.00-11.00. CONGRESS (Continued from Page n within in months. Moody, snying the new car market nou- U rlogeed because muny buyers are unable to mrct these terms, nreed a one- fourth down payment with 2-1 months on Ihe balmier. Sen. Cajichart, (R-lndl voted for this and then chained his vote so It lest 6-7, Moody said. Cnpehnrt. lost by the same T-6 margin an eflore to liberalize credit on itistnjlment buying on furniture, radios, television sets and similar consumer goods Doth Issues are certain to be raiser! again. Leonard Cole. Tommy Hays, Hank Hays and Wntlklns. Palmer of tip Klmer Cole, t. Hiirt- Arthur Iheville. of Bly- Morion Leach Dies in Kentucky ' Mrs. Burch died this nmrnhv,; In a Memphis hospital after a }cn- dnys illness. She \ras 47. The time of the services had not been set this morning. WASHINGTON IJPi — A [ormer Afi'jnilture Department, aide threw hlnvclf on the mercy of Scnale l/i- ve^tiRators today and then was ex- cu«.r>d from testilying about scandals In gcvernment grain deals. The witness was Alfred O'Meill. of Edmunds County. S.D. He already is under grand jury invest!- sation. O'.Xeill was sworn as a witness before the Senate Agriculture com-. mittee and then asked "what do! Sea Volcano SpewS Rocks you men think" about whether he i should testify. "If I were in your 'place." said Chairman Ellendcr iD-La) "I wotitd not make answers." ; Bank Breakup Ordered WASHINGTON (*—The Federal Reserve Board voted 3 to 2 today to order a breakup of the Transi america Corporation's big banking empire in five western states. In Osceo/a... CALL Harold Siler at Siler's Drug Store for everyday delivery of the Blytheville Courier News STORM MANILA M>i — The Philippines' underwater volcano is blowing rocks 3.000 lo 4.000 feet Into the nir. a Manila F.vening News survey party reported today. $T.08 Per Month Mrs. FDR Gets Greeting MANILA (.TI — Several thousand Filinina women crowded Manila Alrpnrl today to erect Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt Mrs. Burch LYHS born in Carut.h- fr.sville. Mo., and was Miss Anna Clara Gootlin before her marriage- She leaves her husband; one son. Ilriehts Burch, Jr.; three riaiiah- ., . , '"•'. M". •>• W. Taylnr. Mrs. Mary Marion Leach of Lexlneton. Ky,. Florence Doiicr, and Miss Clco neplicw nf Mrs. Jmnrs Hill. Jr.. ofl.lrat. Burch; and one gi-ond<i»«sl,- nlyrlifvlllc. died last night in Lex-! tor. nil of oiceola inclon. ' Srrvircs ;trc scheduled to he con- dm-trd tomnirow in OrccnviJJe, S C., Mr I^each's former liome. Burial will br in GiTrm'ille Mr.'h has vhitert here cm several occasions. Mr, Hill left lo- day [t«r Greenville to attend the services (Continued from Page 1> been revised slightly downward. Latest total, aftrr eliminaUon of duplications and errors, was placed at 120. Arkansas was the hardest hit, but four nther states also suffered. The overall death total from the storms —includiiiR a Kriitucky flood—was pi/iced at around 221. In addition lo ihe kiirM-n dead in Arkansas, the Red Cross said seven pel-sons uere niis.sin? in the White county area, which 'bore the brunt of the tornadoes in this state. Gov. Sid McMath yesterday said he would name a 5-member' committee to administer a federal grant ot {700.000 for rehabilitation. Tnmlcrs Special Session McMath al=o still has to make »P his mind whether to call a special-Arkansas legislative se.ssion to appropriate relief hinds as a group of legislators has suggested. "This money ithe federal" Brant) is for emergency war's," McMath said. "What constitutes enicreency repair work will have to be determined." McMath said the jrant wouldn't permit complete rebuilding of public buildings—such as schools—under present interpretation ot the law. He added lie wouldn't know whether a special session would be required until he had F. fuller Interpretation of the law. McMath said thnt schools had been especially hard hit and that. as Ihe law ivns now interpreted, the schools nere "cut in the cold." Robert DePriest Rites Tomorrow .Snvicr.s fur Roirett DePriest. 7D. nf near Sleple. Mo. will lie conducted al 2 p.m. tomorrow In the Holl Funeral Home Chape] Burial will be in Mr. Zioil NAVY iCor.tinuori from Pace 11 of the line." Tv«n Kliip^ Arrive The (Wn Ships. tr,v.-(.;| l,r i: n p,,. g-et Sound. Ore-.. ;hroi:rh 1hr Tan ama Cnnnl. h.ivc nrr:vrrt at the yards, of the Ne-.v Yo:ii siiiph'iilci. Ing Corp. Cjmrien. x j . preparatory to n start on their rr-mnnol. ing. a Navy spofcpMnan said today. The general expectation is that the first production-Imp missi!?;, will be tactical weapons Inr antiaircraft 5tirfnce-to-air and possi. bly for defence ngainst attncX^ bv other ships ftirfare-to-Furhcp. Presumably the contr.ic? u'hich the Navy made about a vc-ar aco with the Conjsolid.-.ipd Vultr-e Air. craft Corp. for oppratinpr Ihe plant at Pomona. Calif,, was for production of thi- type of mi-s-:,- Constructlon of thp factory slailert In June, and was scheduled to be completed early this year. The Quarterly Garbage Or Sanitation Fees Are Due APRIL NO OTHER NOTICE WILL BE GIVEN CITY of BLYTHEW1 it's the latest liEW iiitf- April-Mey-'June SALE CATALOG jammed with low money-saving bargains SH do«n io the comfort o( your home and do all your Spring shop- pint; iKe faiy Catalog WJ Y ! Here ar« prices you caonot ignore! Big savings on'guaranteed quality merchandise for Spring »nd Summer! You can phone your ord"erj for quiet delivery to your home—-or for "pick-up" at our office «! yew con- * Prices Cm * New Spring Ustingj SEARS CATALOG ORD5R OFFICE 106'East Main Phone 8131 A BETTER AWNING... AT A MASS MARKET PRICE! • NEW LOW COST • STREAMLINED BEAUTY • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION • LEAK PROOF • EASY TO INSTALL COOL IN SUMMER PROTECTION IN WINTER 'XC/l /><>% ^••^ DMipipJ «nd Enfinrrrft fcT ROY HACKETT NEW ALUMINUM HIWASSE AWNING UTTD ALUMIMJM 4WK»CS .m) IWOR Ci.vot'lES. 'ool. „!„!„, .k,J, ( nr , our iid ^, F lrH Hn'r-.'".'^ »ind, r>LD, il^«[. Kill, *no^. On- In'lalt.l 'em up' 1 and"l«V. Vm .Jn^n" »HK ifiivn rh Hiv.tfsF. <r,v.vr.s . . . ,<, r ,i,, 3mi "Hy-wab-see, with the arrowhead label" AUSTIN & WICKER Paint, Class & Wallpaper 112 5. First—Ph.6207 Sell It ... by using clarified advertising in the COURIER! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear sam* day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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