Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey on May 20, 1930 · 16
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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey · 16

Camden, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1930
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fcVKAlJNG CO Ultl till, CASH) EN, TUESDAY, . MAY 20, 1930 'Salt Water In Vfrich Craven, Charlotte Wynters, ct als. Captivate Adelphi First-Night Audience With Their Delightful Persiflage By JAMES M O'NEILL 'THERE is doubt but that the Senate scrap over the six-inch gun or eight-inch gun cruiser clause in the London naval pact will have a mighty important bearing upon future world peace and our own well "eing. But personally, we prefer the question of freighter versus ferry 'oat as it is delightfully presented in "Salt Water," a verifunny comedy arrmg f rank Craven. Her I one of the most luscious iu of persiflage and nonsense offered it Philadelphia since th last revolution In Central America. It Is not a valuable milestone in tbe progress or art, for which we are grateful, as thert Is no worse way to spend three lours than to nod through one of tie aforementioned milestones , unless t Is to spend them under water. Even hat has more pleasant possibilities. But "Salt Water" Is, and let there ie no mistake about It, a thoroughly enjoyable, amusing and snicker-provoking drollery. Its plot Is as old as cat spring's hat when you meet the ,'irl friend, but by no means shabby. It has been dissected, rejuvenated and, most of all, given that nnuhed, ilroll Craven touch so that It Is tun nier than your family album. . Frank Craven Is, In "Salt Water, the same Frank Craven who has made you split your sides before, except that his bald spot seems more pronounced. Tbat Is a personality, out Craven has plenty of that. . . Craven la the. most convincing stage husband we have had the pleasure -0 see. There Is no affectation of hus- Hand-like nagging, loving, protesting ir rage. He tits the role very con vincingly and the role flts his traits. He doesn't seem to act, but la very natural In the part of John Horner. John Homer Is a landlubber who has inherited a deep longing for the equally deep sea, but the nearest he as attained his desire is to butcher -andy on the night boat at Albany. He wants to go to foreign lands and aee loreign women, but bis wife. Pansy, skillfully played by Charlotte Wynters, has other plans for him. John connives to buy a freighter, but lis wife as secretly buys a ferryboat, dubby laughs at ber wishes and roars very, very sarcastically when the aged ferryboat goes to the bottom. That Is, his lsugh Is very wholehearted until he learns that it carries ith it his life's savings. The play is jammed with amusing llres and more' amusing sltuatli na We cannot help but pause to laugh when we recall John's reactions to the sad new of the shipwreck, or to the glad news that he Is to become a daddy. Nor can we cease laughing at the wise quips of his sister, Hattie, played in commendable style by Susanna Wllla. The latter, together with Don Beddoe in the role of Nick Dominic, furnish most of the laughs which are not provoked by Craven. Charlotte Wynters is a very capable, leading lady, not only naving cnarms but histrionic ability. "Salt Water" is a three-act comedy by Dan J arret t and John Golden, and was a great success in New York. George Sharp Is to be congratulated upon his wisdom in presenting this success as his third offering of the current season at the Adelphi. So are the directors to be congratulated upon ' selecting such a well-balanced cast to support Craven, who has that sort of vole which fits bis dry, sly humor. ADKI.PHt (iMH-n Sharp Players, Inf.. prMfat Frank Craven In "Hall V'slrr," a eomrAr la thrwe arts br Jolin Gold and Iao Jarrett. staged br Alums ritt. THE CAST Jnlin HnrftYr. . I'anur Horner... Until Hornrr. ., Marion Potter.. Hara Hnwrn...,. rrlvl Todd... Mrs. Domlaick. Jim Quirk Ilnriimm Davis. Buditv Hull Ioctor rrice. ..... .Frank Craven .. ..Charlotte ttrntrre 8uanne Wllla HnK-n Hit Edward Marbar William Carry ....Don bddofl Jam C. Lane Nal Davla ... Georsa Rtwlvla, Jr. . Auouon rut Theatres Tonight ' THE STAGE Pblladclohla ADELPHI Prank Craven In "Salt Watr." BROA D francine Larrimora In "Lot Ua Ba uay. CHESTNUTW'Hei' Unborn Child." (Film). GARRICK Clalboma Foster In "The Patajr.' LYRIC "Bird In Hand." SHUUKRT Walter Woolf In "Daar Leva." WALNUT "Lyalatrate." TICK BC'BEEN j Camera AUDITORIUM Helen Chadwlck In "Tha kv Hawk. GRAND Hal Skellr la "Behind tha Make Up." NEW LYRIC Norma Shearer In "The Divorcee. " PRINCESS Lon Chaney In "The Phantom of the Onwra." STANLEY Winnie Llghtner In "Hold Everything." TOWERS Lila Lae In "Double Oroaa Roads.'' VICTORIA Chaa. Farrell in "High Society Dues." ' WALT WHITMAN Janet Gaynor In "High society Ulues. Suburban APOLLO. GLOUCESTER Janet Gaynor In Hieh fcoriety Hluea. CLEMENTON Conrad Nasl In "Dynamite" COL1.INGSWOOD Janet Gaynor In "High 8or ,'tv Hluee." CRESCENT, W. COLLTNGSWOOD "Play hit Around wan Htrpal . Blr.irLA.NI, AUDUBON Alice Day In 'The Me odv Man." LKAHER, GLOUCESTER "The BatUe of Pn rls. R1TZ. OAKLYN El Brandel In "The Golden Call." Fhlladelohia ROYD "The Devil's Holiday." ERLANuEK The Cuckooa." FtlX "Ariona Kid." MASTBAUM "The Bl Pond." KAULTON "Free and Eaty." STANTON' "The Benson Murder Caae." STANLEY "Bona of the Flame." ' SEEDING PROGRESSES St.; Paul, Minn. Seeding has progressed rapidly throughout the farming sections of the Northwest spring wheat area with seeding machines drilling seed into the ground oven in extreme northern area under favorable conditions, the Aimers Union Terminal Association reported. KATZ ARSON CONVICTION UPHELD BY HIGH COURT Trenton. May 20. The Court of Errors and Appeals today, confirmed the conviction of Adolph Kata, of Delaware township, who was convicted In the Camden Criminal Court on a charge of arson. Kats was sentenced by Judge Shay to serve two and a half years in state's prison. He was ' convicted of setting Are to his home at Third and Dudley avenue, Merchantville, on May 26, 1927. REGISTER. JOBLESS Willlaton, N. D. In order to guarantee preference to local men, a register of unemployed Is being undertaken by the local chamber of commerce. Because of reports of activity, many workmen from surrounding localities have entered the city, causing local men into an unemployed status. $20,000,000 Heiress Wins Annulment from Mulatto New York, May 2D. Dolores Elisabeth Ford, of Cincinnati, beautiful Smith College girl and heiress to a J20.000.00 Toledo, 0., fortune, haa undone her marriaee to a Harlem col ored youth and haa returned to her own race for her fourth husband. Coercion and entrapment with drugged liauor were proved to the satis faction of Supreme Court Justice Ly-tell. In Buffalo, who granted an an nulment which on May 7 last, released the white eirl from Eugene Newton . the young Mulatto to whom she had been united in circumstances she In- . dignantly and successfully decried to the court. The wire that apprised Miaa Ford of the annulment decree was less than a day old when she eloped to Hudson Falls, N. Y., and married Louis Mat. thews, a Richmond, Va., plumber. Claiborne Foster Scores in f The Patsy Remarkable Demonstration ',. Greets Star Upon Her Re turn to Philadelphia GARRICK W. R. Kane prreanta The Play or me reea, uiaioorna rueier. in ini Patay," a three-act comedy ey Barr Connera Directed by John McKee. TU,' C1HT Mrs. William Tlarrlnston. Elaine MnDermott William Harrlnston John Todd Grace Harrlseii.,..,. Harriet K. MacGiblKin Patricia Harrington. Claiborne Foster Billy Caldwell Ernest Calvert Tony Andereon Jerry Bowman Sadie Iiuchannan ...Claudia Morgan Francis Patrick O'Flaherty.. Bernard Craney itip juualy. ...jonn aacuanu Displaying with extre skill her talents for emotional aa . well witty roles, Claiborne Foster returned to Philadelphia last night and climbed high in Barry Connor's. "The Patsy, which opened at the Oarnck Theatre aa the Bret offering of the Play of the Week Company. The enthusiasm with which the play was received by the lovers of comedy who witnessed the second showing of the success in as many years was magnificent and a great portion of the accord must be handed to Miss Foster. They not only used their bands to welcome the clever actress back to the Philadelphia stage but also resorted to their vocal cords in their ovations with shouts of "Hooray." At the end ing of the second a"' the applause was deafening and the first nighters re fused to stop until the charming in genua stepped to the stage and ex pressed her appreciation. The play could not have been chosen more appropriately for Miss Foster and her deft manner In putting across the wisecracks of a modern flapper who Is a thorn In her mother's side was knockout. The plot Is based around the un fortunate happenings of the young miss who is considered the "black sheep" of the family by her mother and older sister but the "best In the world" by her father. What with her sister wearing her new clothes and her mother giving her the credit for anything which goes wrong about the house, the conflict is packed full of comedy. Aa Patricia Harrington, Miss Foster falls in love with a Tony Anderson, youthful psychologist, who has been rejected by her sister. She does not tell him of her love, however, because she knows it is not tbe "sportsman like" thing to do aa he still professes to be madly attracted to her snobbish relation. One night when Anderson calls on Grace, his hopeless weakness, and she is not at home, Pat's father, previously informed of his favorite's love, urges him to stay and talk with the young flapper. During the course of the evening be tells her his theories are not appreciated and everyone who listens to him thinks he is being idiotic. Pat, delighted at the chance to even hear her unsuspectir- lover talk, agrees to be bis audience. - He subsequently asks her if she has ever been in love and she promptly answers that she was and is. He per suades her to allow him to experiment on her and assures her he can make her win the man she loves. The cheerful way in which all of his theories work out on himself is musing. The climax is reached when the old man declares himself boss of the household and the young flapper wins Tony away from her sister who has been rejected by the man for whom she jilted young Anderson. The supporting car of John Todd, as the father; Harriet E. MacGlbbon, as the sister, and Jerry Bowman, as Tony also were well cast for their parts. i w? A. li. They are honeymooning with hope that her father will follow ner mother in forgiving them. Revelation of the heiress' strange union with the Mulatto wrougnt sensation last year which brought her mother hurrying from Cincinnati ana caused her father to employ a corps of detectives and attorneys to sunder the tie which the girl tearfully insisted had been worked on her when she was in a daze. The father, William Ford, of Toledo, is a glass manufacturer and insurance man, director and stockholder in numerous corporations. The girl Is now 24. At 15 she became the bride of George E. Krehblel, in Covington, Ky. A quick annulment was effected. In 1925 she was married to Boyd Akin, Cincinnati stage manager. She divorced him two years later, in Reno. PITMAN CANDIDATES FILE THEIR PETITIONS TWICE , Pitman, May 20. Due to the dead lock and double Bets of borough officials, candidates for the primary elec tion here on June 17 have filed their nominating petitions with both claimants of the office of borough clerk, George P. Mayhew and Sylvahus Doughty. The names of both clerks have been put in the place usually reserved for Just one name. Local candidates file with the borough clerk while those out for county offices file with the county clerk at Woodbury. , With the names of both clerks to the nominating petitions, the Gloucester County Board of Elections will have to act as referee in determining which one shall be recognized in certifying to the list of candidates. In New Outdoor Film WARNER BAXTER Scorea another triumph In "The Arlcona Kid," this week's feature at the Fox, Philadelphia. 4 Dorothy Knapp to Do Godiva , For Whoopee in New Talkie Long Golden Tresses Will Cover Beauty in Her Ride on White Steed; Jim Tully Likely to Play Part jn John Gilbert's Next Picture; Wallace Beery to Be in Cast; Harold Iloyd's Illness Diagnosed as Ordinary Tummyache. By LOBELIA O. PARSONS -Motion Picture Editor, Universal -Service Copyright, 1830, By Universal Service Los Angeles, May 19. These profes sional beauties certainly do pick out good jobs for themselves. Dorothy' Knapp, who figured much in the news papers as an Earl Carroll beauty and little later in a lawsuit, Is now In Hollywood. She will play the Lady Godlvayole In "Whoopee." You will remember Lady Godiva, who rode through the streets on a milk white horse. She wore nary a stitch of clothing and her loyal townspeople refused to embarras her by looking. Samuel tioldwyn will not fake that much liberty In the movie. The Lady Godiva in the play was covered almost completely with long golden tresses- Miss Knapp before she was recog nised as New York's prettiest show girl, almost signed up for a picture with Richard Barthelmess. uick, at the time laughing, said she was so pretty that probably no one would be looking at 'any other characters in the picture. I am under the Impression that if the Lady Godiva scene proves all satisfactory Miss Knapp will re main out here and continue her screen career. ael Charles Levee, who perspires under the same roof with these two gentlemen?" Then followed a biography of Mike which might be filed for futare reference. He stresses Mike's home life, the beauty of Mrs. Levee and the manly qualities of the two small boys and Mike's virtues aa a husband and business man. Benny Rubin is always making a fuss about something, first he accuses this column of ignoring him because he Isn't getting a million dollars for 30 days. "'Friendly Enemy," he writes (that's hla pet name for this writer) "just because I am not getting a million dollars for playing opposite Amos n' Andy is no reason you should Ignore me." Then he raises a little more Hades because we did not mention he is with Ft. K. O. His mother, he says, Is visiting him from Boston and she likes to see her son's name in print. Of course, Benny doesn't care whether they give him a headline or not. Only aa much as he cares about his right eye. James Tully, red hair, stubby beard and stalwart frame and all, Is considering playing a part In Jack Gilbert's picture, "Make Way lor a sailor." Tully wrote the story with Laurence Stalltngs and there is a part in It just built for him. Who better than the author could describe himself? Jack, who has been getting In readiness for this next talkie, will have Leila Hy-ams and Wallace Beery In the cast. Here's hoping it will be a knockout. ERRORGRAMS 0H.fll?.5MirH,MAy I PRC-SWT HS5, Kit. PATRICK? .KltPATRICK 15 THE fUTHOS OF THAT MPI-VAL fiOHNXZ OF fR- M ..,,r., &' p:i i.a. 1 crijy 4 1 CONTAGION JUMP SHOWN IN CAMDEN COUNTY Ten new cases of chicken pox, 5 of measles, 4 of pneumonia and 4 of tuberculosis were reported in Camden county -last week, according to the regular bulletin issued today from the Pitman district office of the New Jer sey department of health. Two cases of measles and one of pneumonia were the only cases of disease reported in -Gloucester county, Salem county reported one case of measles, one of pneumonia, one of scarlet fever and five of whooping cough. Four cases of chicken pox, one of measles and one of scarlet fever were reported In Cumberland county. Allvorkorno piay. Then are at least four snlstakes la the above picture. Tbey may pertain te grammar, hlatory, etiquette, drawing or whatnot. See If you ea and tfcasa. Thea lok mt th scrambled word below sad unscramble It, by awltrhlnj tha letter arovnd. tirade yoarself to for eacb of the mlatakea Bawl, and t tor the ward It yo oaac ramble It. On the Editorial Page l taJ w'u eiplal. th. laUUkei and tell yon the ward. Then you eaa sea haw aaar a haadred jam bat. RIVER FAILS. TO YIELD BODY OF GIRL SUICIDE Philadelphia harbor police had failed last night to recover the body of Hasel Green, 22, of 1038 Mechanic street, Camden, who committed suicide early Sunday by plunging into the Delaware River from the deck of the ferryboat Wildwood. The girl's nance, Stanley Proslnskl, 28. of 1819 Tioga street, Camden, was rereased by Philadelphia police after he told them the girl had threatened to "get even" with him following an argument Saturday night 2 PHILA. BANDITS FLEE WITH $420 FROM GARAGE Two armed bandits held up the Hertz Drivurself garage. 3310 North Broad street, Philadelphia, early yesterday, forced Earle C. Johnston. 31, of 440 Central avenue. Haddon Heights, the night attendant, to lie on the floor, and escaped with $420 from the cash register. Ellis Leakins. colored, of Aspen street, car washer, told police he did not know of the holdup until Johnston told him. One of those steady actors who logs right along regardless of what happens George O Brien. He seems to work about as steadily as any actor I know. As soon aa he finishes "The Last of the Duanes." a Zane Grey spic, he will start on "Fair Warning," adapted from Max Brand's novel, "Untamed." The Fox company must expect that to be soon, for Marguerite Churchill alreadjl has been chosen for the lead opposite him. Mitchell Harris and Ruth War ren are also in the cast. Alfred Wer ker will direct, with Ernest Pascal furnishing the screen play and dialogue. Tou cannot help but admire a per son who crets an Idea and stick to it. As long aa I have known Monta Bell he has wanted to put "indelible," novel to which he owns the rights, on the screen. Just when he was about to get one of the film companies interested something would always happen to change his plans. Universal is now Interested, and if a little matter of salary can be settled Monta will at last make his picture at Universal City. It Monta continues making newspaper stories he will have "flivvers," for I know of no director who gets a better atmosphere in his newspaper pictures. ' Harold Lloyd had everyone worried. That is what happens when you are a big star and people are waiting lor your pictures. Harold had a very saa pain in bis tummp, and as the day drew on the pain grew worse. Some self-aDDOinted diagnostician put it down to appendicitis, and Harold rush ed home only to find it was only a good old-fashioned tummy ache. At nrst it looked as if he would have to postpone the date of his sailing, but by putting In some extra hours he will probably be able to get away May 4. Mike Levee has a booster and what a booster, in San Francisco ! He writes us a two page letter in whicn ne says he read recently of a "boy who has fnro-.ri ahead, whose family name Is well linked with movie endeavor, David Selznick. and that other young man who reallv has done remarkable work, B. P. Schulberg, but what about Mich- CAMDEN AND BURLINGTON PADLOCKS ASKED BY U.S. Trenton, May 20. Application to padlock two South Jersey establishments was made in Federal Court here by Assistant U. S. District Attorney Philip Form an. The places are at 1122 Mt. Ephraim avenue. Camden, operated by Louie and Josephine Zaleskl. and 100 High atreet, Burlington operated by Herbert Freeh and Clifford S. Price. LAST TWO WEEKS -y Will Ntvtr Ftrtiv Ynr-mtU For Htmnt Mitnti It. BENCHLEY. NEW YORKER. LYS1STRATA THF! UM'GK HIT OF" THE AOES, Kit. W.d7l t Kat. 8at.. II UM Walnut St. Theatre , Ttota1' LYRIC LAST WEEKS Vow JOtDi DaJNKWV rrrt'8 Snapshots of Hollywood collected at random: Betty Gompson and Bebe Daniels talking about old times at the party given by Mrs. W; K. Howard and Marie Mosquini in honor of Miss Daniels. Carey Wilson reversing the usual order of things by presenting Ben Lyon with something for his trousseau. Mrs. May Sunday, Hope Loring, Alice Glazer. Mrs. Arthur Hornblow and other well known wait resses, serving the guests at the Assistance League, all for charity, Marion Davies posing in costumes of the Floradora era lor one or the movie magazines. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Cantor and Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Chevalier making a foursomo at the Ambassador Hotel. That's all today. See you tomorrow ! FARMER KILLS EMPLOYE DURING DRUNKEN FRENZY Trenton, May 20. In a drunken frenzy because of his refusal to leave the farm, Stephen Drialo, 57, a farmer of Yardville, near here, shot and killed Stanley Nostrak, 25, an employe, yesterday. After killing Nostrak, Drialo attempted to reload his shotgun and slay his wife, Mrs. Catherine Drialo, 62, but the woman escaped. The crazed man was arrested shortly after by police summoned by the wife. According to Mrs. Drialo, her husband had been drinking heavily for some time. She took charge of the farm, she saH, and hired Nostrak as & farmhand. Drialo' objected to this. SLICES AND WRAPS Battle Creek. A new bread alicer and wrapper has been perfected for commercial use, according to Boyd H. Redner. The machine, the only one of ita kind used commercially, cuts loavea of bread into slices and covers the loaf with sanitary wrapping in one process. BROAD HATS. I0K0E. a BAT, JOHM GOLDEN PrfwnU FRANCINE LARRIM0RE In Rachel Crotheri' Sparkltnr Hit "LET US BE GAY" Original K. T. Bnpp-rttni Cut CA rvTVT TTTOWT. HTST SEATS WU Eva-nlnr At B:30 Mit. Tmor. RHt NmIi SI .00 EVENINGS, Best Seats, $1.50 THE PLAT OF THE WEEK CLAIBORNE FOSTER THE PATSY" NEXT --EEK SEATS NOW CLAIBORNE FOSTER in "DESIRE" GARRICK EVENINGS j0 THE Olfaction Vtctrt Amtiftrmrnt '. E JUaOPvtrWBSTPlEU ave: 1.1 Tixlar Tomorrow JANET GAYNOR and CHARLES FARRELL Both Siasinr and Lovloi a Ther Have Mevrr Done 11? fore In "HIGH SOCIETY BLUES" lth and Federal Chaa. Fanrll in "Hich Society Bluea" tn lamini VICTORIA AUDITORIUM? Hrn Thanrllrr la "Too Skrhawk" ' All Ta Iki rur-ThrlUim Drama APOLLO Gloucester Jane .in nor in "Hi h Pot ty Blues" (5nrklin All lalkini Musical Gloucester LEADER "HIE BATTLE OF PARIS" Twelve thousand fun-loving boys and girls were ushered beneath tha white tons of SO spacious tents at Rlngllng Bros, and Barnum and Bailey Circus In Philadelphia yesterday as guests of Ellis A. Olmbel. Thv ware taken to the Circus grounds' at Eleventh street and Erie avenue In specially provided trolleys, buses, trucks and private Automobiles early In the afternoon. Children afflicted with blindness, deafness and deformity were In the throng. A. specially instructed police corns and citizens' committee saw that each child was seated close to the activities. , ' Camden orphans got their share of thm fativiHa RimAa drew ud before the Camden Home for Friendless Children, Haddon avenue and . Spruce street, at noon and the children were taken across the brldgs to share In thm vnrlH nf malrA-hfliiRVa. At the dr- soon became a part of the laughing, Gimbel Circus Party Cheers ' - r Tf.ww 12,000 Otherwise bad Hearts Prancing Horses, Crazy Clourns and Queens Canvas Fairyland Thrill Youngsters; Cam-- ' den Shut-ins Remembered of shouting, Joy-seeking brotherhood and sisterhood of youth. - The clowns those overgrown boys who hide their sorrows beneath the paint and grease to make others laugh, cavorted, much to the Joy of the children. There were 100 clowns in all on the bill. The children were provided r with candy, cakes, peanuts, ice cream and other things, but were given additional packages to take borne. Among thi stars of the circus" were Helena and Carl Wallenda In a thrilling high-wire bicycle act; Luclta Leers, Europe's famous aerlaliste; Ella Branda, who performed .on her favorite mount, and Goliath II, an immense Antarctlo sea elephant, who Is noted for singing solos to the "evening star." A tribe of Unangl savages from west of Zanzibar disported their mouths, which resemble those of crocodiles. Mr. Gimbel was on hand to open the sho and got three cheers. Other Glmbels present were Ellis A. Gimbel, Jr., Charles Gimbel, Benjamin Gimbel, Richard Gimbel and Lee Adam Gimbel and Mrs. Ellis A. Gimbel. Mayor Mackey also was there; NEWCASTLE-N. J. FERRY. READY TO BUILD SLIPS New Castle, Del., May 18 A new ferry line is to be opened between Grantham lane at , Deerner Beach Park, near here, and Penn Beach, below Pennsgrove; Selden S. Deemer, president of the Penn Ferry Corporation, announced today. Work will begin within a few weeks on the construction of the ferry slips on each side of the river. The line will be In operation by the summer of 1931, Deemer announced. The Penn Ferry Corporation, Deemer said, and several property owners along Grantham lane will petition the levy court of New Castle within two months to open and construct a hard surface road from Kiver road to the duPont boulevard. MASTER AND DOG JAILED QN VAGRANCY CHARGE Burlington, May 20 William John son and his dog were locked up in city hall jail last night, Johnson charged with drunken and disorderly conduct and the dog with vagrancy. Johnson was arrested by Sergeant George Bowley yesterday afternoon. He was taken to the Jail, the dog following. When the pet refused to leave his master Bowley put them both in a cell. Johnson was fined S7.50 by Police Judge J. Leedom Smith and the dog was given a suspended sentence. MARKKT AT HTH WARNER BAXTER in the Arizona Kid Willi MONA MARIS A Ft Moviittm Drama ! Swifl, BUtinf Aclisn tf lit Gnat Dividr On the Stage Fanchon and Msrco present Their Gorgeous Idea BLACK & GOLD Fwatvrino Th K EMM VS. ARNOLD G1AZER Over tart: "Pagliacci" FOX GRAND ORCHESTRA William A. Krautb. Conductor ENJOY COOL COMFORT! Our Cooling Sritam In Operation during tha Hot Woatbor Beginning Friday ELBRENDEL MARJORIE WHITE IN MovietoneFolliesl of 1930 Delineator of Screen Entertainment Hilar iou$ Corned a Haunting Melodirt Romantic Start p7 MARKET AT 1STH CAMDEN NIGHT Xliurs. MAY T-1. . aa1 1,000 . TEW FOREIGN ' MARVELS tadufee i TRIBE of GENUINE ONSTEB-MOUTHED SAVAGES WORLD'S MOST WEIRD UVING HUMANS FROM AFRICA'S DARKEST DEPTHS mom Acn-Mon nom-mtm wwwu-iw m tWDw.jiiu iw Op i & ? men. Ooe. hejrago ejxel Otm Ad- WW CXi, fit CHttftEN UNOn '1 TtS, M GAK STt , 1UU sttleafssj . 8 tO m Downtown Ticket Sale Circus Day BAKER-FLICK CO. COUNCIL MEETS TONIGHT Haddon Heights Lawmakers Will Vote On Ordinance Providing For Tunnel Under Railroad Among the Important subjects to be discussed at a special meeting of Haddon Heights Council, to be held tonight in the town hall, will be the ordinance providing for the construction of a tunnel under the Reading Railroad's right of way at Garden street. The ordinance was presented at the regular council meeting May 1 and was passed on first reading, a section eliminating all plans for crossings, bridges or tunnels over or under the railroad tracks, in the future, unless built at the expense ' of the borough of Haddon Heights, being stricken out. It is thought probable that, should the railroad company adhere to Its original plan and refuse to construct the Garden atreet -tunnel unless the objectionable section is put back In the ordinance, the entire measure will be voted down. In this event, an ordinance passed on first reading, providing for the vacating by the borough of Thatcher's lane, a small thoroughfare crossing the railroad near Garden street, will, according to some of the councilmen, be tabled. ... Jk WIMMIE UCHTNER JOS E. BKtiWN , SALLV ! O-NEH. eoaoTHV UVIER. soaaaa CAftPENTIER . He Warring OOBf a.J Starts Tomorro, With Dennis Kin. nette MacDonI,i Lilian Kotk The Screw, Crcat,,t 1 GRAND ! Broadway aad Mlcldt 1 Showing in SoatdT g WM. POWELL m FAY WRAY HAL S KELLY i. I 'BEHIND THE 1 MAKE UP j A great picture with a great ail WIIIIIIIJ 3 Lull LMAIMtT "The Phantom of tha Optra" TOWEES Broadway at Pine, Camden TODAY! Direct From il Fox Theatre ' A3 jjj - .. fo Theatre fnf EE WITH LILA LEE ROBERT AMES A powerful all talking movie drama of , regeneration daring In Its' theme, thrilling In Its action, appealing In its romance. Clark and McCulIough All Talkiag Camedr tVrlna Thundart VILMA BANKY "A LADY TO LOVE" AN A IX TAI.KlNti VICTOR SEASTROM PRODUCTION Today! All Talkw! f NORMA Shear V truthful Wf twnht,S jlR'-ffciiaf menial i j& TOf whieH li JkWjMf'm.mM arooW III IS: 4j Tu M TalMiW Firtim Van! C0LLINGSW00D Haddon Ave., CoUlngsweod Today Tomorrow ALL, TALKING MUSICAL 'High Society Blues' With - Janet Gaynor & Chaa. Farrell Even better than 'Sunny Side Up' CLEMENTOS Today Tomerroir Cecil B. Df Mllle's Tint M "DYNAMlTEl With CONRAD NACD. KAY JOHNSTON YOU CAN BUY THIS PITMAN, N. J. HOME WITH VERY LITTLE CASH Sale Starts at 10.30 A. M. i , if II r smji if .jyiaj m"VrtMr aHTlsaW m I "fc-ri-a-uS ifVl. - , " 11. Must Be Sold to The Highest Bidder RegJ t-riday, May 23, at 10:30 A. M A nn a TTPTinN 1 J- U V X ( rfs This attractive residence Is located at SIT Oras' s"?i,i. Walla Public School. Houae contains 6-nire ro0 , , IB1 V conveniences. Lot Is Mxl&e. Homeseeker, if 3" "Jm WJLl of calk, this desirable home can be pnrrtased. i"V pri ( and the tocatiaa ! food. If yen only knew how le" ," r t yoa would sever miss this auction. u J DON'T FORGET THE TIME 10.30 A, i CondlHons 10 en day of sale Balance and Unal iw1 f Inquire J. C.BOWUttiV JiriAt, Ii31AJfi I. . 11"-' " Sh!lh, N. i.

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