The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Wilbur Feeble Finds College Chums x Okay' Safety Drinking Suit NEW YORK WV—It was tho cvo-, ning of Wilbur Pceble's aistusili reunion with his old college i chums, a etftg affair. "I hop* you won't be lonely," he said guiltily to his wlfo, Trellis Mae. "I may be a llltlo Ifite getting home." His wife looked at him in cold silence and held out a small bundle. "What's this?" said Wilbur, aurprlsed. "It's your new drinking costume," replied Trellis Mae. "I made It for you myself, dear." "What in the world do I need with a drinking costume?" demanded her husband. Idea From Newspaper "I got the Idea from a newspaper article," purred Trellis Mne. "It told about n millionaire sportsman who took his drinking so seriously that ho dressed for it like a Viking—in a horned helmet find & suit of chain mail." "Oh, yes, I remember," said Wilbur, "The motto of the VlJcing society wns, 'a Viking can ni- wnys drink one more.' But—his voice grew indignant—"what has that go lo do with me?" It's * Safety Uniform "Well, every lime you come home from one of your college reunions you have a blnck eye, your clothes are mussed or lorn, or your shoes are souffed," said Trellis Mae. "So I invented n safety drinking uniform for you." Her husband mutely unwrapped the package. Out came his high school football helmet, a suit of green coveralls, some heavy winter overshoes, nnd a pair of heavy leather gloves. Across the front of the helmet was lettorcd n sign: "Sip In safety." "I'm not going to lake along ttils junk," Wilbur said flatly. You're being absolutely silly." "You are going to take It!" satd Trellis Mae firmly. "And you're goln# to promise me you rron'i take a single drink without first putting it on over your regular clothes—or you're not leaving this house!" Wilbur Stomps Out After half an Hour of Htirrlng debate, Wilbur .slot n pod out the door—carrying the packngo under his arm. Trellis Mac fell asleep a few hours Inter with a victory smile still on her face. At 3:30 u.m. she was nwjikenc'd by n pounding on her door. She opened It and s»w a policeman holding a nightstick in one hnnrt — and (.he sanding form of her husband in the othor. Wilbur was wearing his overshoes and cover a! l.i and blinked owllsbly at her from beneath his old toot- ball helmet. "Docs this thing belong to you, ma'am?" nskctl the policeman, pointing to Wilbur, "Yes, I'm afraid so," sighed Trellis nine. "Do you wnnt me to •sign for him, officer?" "No, just tnXe him off my hands," said the cop, "He said he lived here but I thought he wrv? a prowler from Mars or something." Wilbur undressed climbed with tired gratitude Into bed. Trellis Mac lay wide-eyed mid sleepless In the next bed. "Well?" .she finally demanded. "I sure look a kidding from the boys when I first unwrapped the bundle." sniil Wilbur. "But after n couple of drinks they all wanted to wear the costume, too. I had an awful time gelling it, hack fron them when Hie parly broke up." "H-m-m-m-m," snld his wife. "It made such a hll with the boys they formed a new drinking society on the spot," said Wilbur, fHOUfANOS Of- DOCTORST* Anil It's America's mother-end-child favorite. Tablets nro 1/4 julultdosc, orange flavored. Buy It today, 39c. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 19M Scientists Study Brain Spot Seeking To Eliminate Pain By AI/1'ON L. KLAKKSLEE sAociated JPrewi Science Reporter J3OSTON (/I 1 ;—A way of making lile patnle«i Is being studied here as an aid for cancer sufferers. Deep In the center of the brain is a spot which scientists believe, the crossroads of pain pathways. Tor most pains you feel. Here at M^sachusetU General Hospital, scientists aie experimenting with an electric needle. They plrm to push It into this point in the brain, anil destroy the crow- roads with an electric spark. "They told me to ask you, as a favor, to design another uniform lor us—one not quite so heuvy." "And what Es the nntne of your now .society, may 1 nsk," said Trellis Mne Icily. "The Snfety Sippers Club," an swei'ed Wilbur drowsily. "Our motto IK, 'what you sip safely can't hurt you.' " Destroying ft would apparently mean freedom from pain, a Godsend for many cancer patients. The electric needle method has been tried so far on monkeys, preparatory to human trials, .said Dr. William H. Sweet, n euro -surgeon. Apparently, he .-said, this method could kill pain ea^iy, without changing personalty. Pain can be stopped by cutting the nerves in the front of the brain, In an operation called pre-f rental lobotomy, but this often brings bad personality changes. If the needle works, a person might feel no pain, from aTci/xit anything. Complete freedom from p«in could be bad for normal hu mans—you wouldn't, for example, know that you were burning your fingers with a lighted match. The pain-relief studies wore reported during a news tour of cancer centers in eight cities, spon- sored by the American cancer So- "Hot flashes" of change of life stopped or strikingly relieved in 63-80%* of the cases in doctors* tests) • Those sufTaca 11 tig "bent waves" — alternating with nervous, clammy fccllng.s —• and accompanied often by restless irritability ami nervousness*—arc well-known to women suffering tho functionally-caused distress of middle life "change",' You want relief from such suffering. And—chances arc—you can get It. Thrilling relief! Thanks to two famous Lydta Pinkfiam medicines? 'hi doc/on' tests, Lydla PmkhanVs Compound ami Tablets brought relief from such distress In G3 and 80% (respectively) of the cit.scs tested. Complete or striking relie/f Amazing, you say? Not to the mnny thoiisnnds of women who know from experience what these Lydla Plnklmm medicines can dol Their notion — actually —is very modern. Thev exert a scientifically calming, sooffilng cJTcct! Try Lydlft Pinkham's on the basis of medical evidence! See if you, too, don't gxlii blessed relief from those terrible "hot flashes" and wcaknosA so common in "change of Jlfe." How Lydia Pinkham's work* It acts through a woman's sympathetic nervous system to give relief from trie "hot flatties" and other functionally-caused distresses o/ "change of life." Don't put it off! Get Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound or new, improved Tnbtels with lidded iron (trial size only 5$cj. Wonderful — too — for the function a I pains, cramps, "dragged-out" feelings and other discomfort o£ mrnthly menstrual periods! Deep Gorf« Idaho'* Pass Creek gorge, near rcOj is more than a mile In length and Is very narrow. Us almost sheer walls rise 2000 feet and leave only a slender path of skyline above. "Whistle* Caroli Each Chrlstmastlde, a factory worker in York, Penna., attaches a little steel bar to the factory and, by manipulating It, plays Christmas carols which can be heard for miles around. 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