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The Church Advocate and Holiness Banner from Fort Scott, Kansas • 3

Fort Scott, Kansas
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THE CHURCH ADVOCATE AND HOLINESS BANNER, FORT SCOTT, KANSAS. 7, 1918. THE CHOSEN FEW. pursuing a wrong course of action in Little mother, for you there's burning, A deep love that will never die. TO IDilB.

persecuting the church he cried out, "Lord, what wilt thou have me do?" Spurring on to the fight before us, That was a step in advance of "Who OUR DARLING MOTHER WHO HAS GONE TO REST. art thou, Lord?" Paul finally conquered himself completely for he Composed by Anna Walls Gaddy.) Our Saviour died on the rugged cross, His blood still atones and cleanses all dross. Hallelujuah what freedom within, "When the Prince of Peace has cleansed us from sin. CHORUS: says: "I am crucified with Christ," Mrs. Mary Jane Williams, age 73 years, uur uarnng motner wno nas Where the Angels of Death doth fly- Oh, it, may be that only in Heaven, I will meet you again, mother dear.

But it matters not what befalls me, The bright star of your love shines dear. This poem composed by a soldier boy in France. his selfish life was eliminated, nailed to the cross of Christ. After that he ived a most beautiful Christian life, who suffered unknown suffering and declared, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." That who taught her children the value of a noble Christian if we only will was vantage ground for the great apostle. Moreover, singleness of purpose must characterize life if it is walk in her footsteps, there will be a glorious, meeting when we are all called home to glory.

She realized to be triumphant. Taking Paul as an example who declares "This one thing her departure from this world and do." Here we have consecration, old me to meet her. lie gave me her Burley Homer Fahnestock was born May 21, 1892, and died Oct. 13, 1918, aged 26 years, 4 months and 22 days. Burley was called to the service of his country May 27th, 1918.

He was sent to Camp Dodge, Iowa. From there he was transferred to Prescott, where he died from tubercu jvly Hands are clean, my heart is pure, The things of this world can never allure; 0 yes to my God I will be true, I've taken the way with the chosen i Hallelujah! the promise is even to i me, 1 am sanctified, completely set free, Come unto me, all ye ends of the earth, Praise our Lord, what a wonderful birth! AVe're free from sin, what a wonderful thot', concentration and determination blended with a lofty objective, "That Bible to read, the same that so often she had read so as to follow her. My darling mother was one of the faith I might know him and the power of his resurrection, the fellowship of his ful Holiness. She was too helpless to losis, influenza and pneumonia. lold her paper to' read, but it was al Burley wras converted while in -i i -at suffering that I might be made comfortable unto his death." A comprehensive and a sensible program of life, covering personal meritorious ways read to her by her grandchild, camp, and wrote Home continually Carrie Lee Williams, who also loves for prayers that he might not go back he Banner.

I held my mother in my into the world again. arms for her to enter into the Golden That complete salvation our Saviour Burley wras the first boy, who en-istcd from here, to answer the call has bought, Gates, as a request from her so as to eave for a more beautiful world, Some day we shall see Him face to of death, e'er he reached the field of conflict. where she would suffer no more that face, character, a broad vision and an exalted ideal. Life should be crowded with heroic deeds. Not necessary only on the battlefield in our present conflict with organized selfishness, though there is should not be wanting, but in the more secluded paths of life.

There are so many open doors of opportunity which the I am so glad he found the Friend And praise Him forever for sanctify untold suffering. May God bless each of her children to be ready to meet of sinners, and rested in Him while ing grace. the grim destroyer, Death, made his her. She was remembered by so Ol ves we've started to win in this inroads upon that which was mortal. many flowers.

We will miss thee mother dear, the vacant chair now Owing to orders from the state race, Christian should enter and carry the helpful message of love and good board of health, the services were And we'll march on with victory and the link is broken. The reunions are to be no more; no home to visit; the consecrated cross to bear and all the conducted in the open air. grace, will. Evangelical Messenger. After the funeral a letter from him Till Jesus shall call away His bride, to loved ones at home bore instruc- And then with Him we'll forever world go free; no there's a cross for every one and there's a cross for me.

tions as to his funeral, making re abide. 1 1 Written bv one who loved her Y. L. Springfield. dearly.

Her Baby, Ardis Collins. witn Jesus ana lovea ones in giory I feel like shouting as I am at home quest that Bro. Cecil Young preach his funeral, but the message came too late. by myself. I praise God for salva LITTLE MOTHER.

Text was chosen from 1 Cor. 15:55, tion. It is good to know that I am a child of a King. Again I know that I am wrriting this little poem, we'll meet, Oh! what a reunion at Jesus' feet, When we meet our loved ones gone on before, And praise Him forever that death is no more. and we sought to speak from the To the mother I left behind, i am sun saved anci sanctmed in And it tells of my longing for her God's love, and I aim to stay that way.

i am to go out soon, just came theme, "The Blessings of Death." A sympathizing audience of friends and neighbors were present, and every kindness possible to be shown was home to stay a day or two. I aim to Over here in this daily grind. I am often alone and lonely, On a port out in No Man's Land start out in a meeting right away. The Secret of a Successful Life. found my Bible that was lost.

Many But my thoughts floating homeward cannot understand the word "Inde extended to the sorrowing family. A mother, two sisters, and three brothers are left to mourn their loss. May To my mother in dreams so grand. pendent," but I thank God that He is an independent God, and I serve Him, and He gives me the understanding I dream of you again, dear mother, As you bade me that good by. to teach it to the people.

I am no ashamed to testify for Him. I expec And I marched, a proud Yankee sol to testify for Him as long as I keep God bless and sustain them, is my, prayer. Farewell, Burley. The world's night time of suffering and death will soon be past and we will meet in the glory land. Even so, come glad day.

WILL L. DINIUS. Avalon, Mo. dier, For my country to do or die. my eyes on Him.

I am still on the independent plow, and -I expect to Countless days have passed since we stay there even if the wTorld goes back on me. I do not care for this world parted. Weary days of hard toil and pain I have something better for me in the But my-visions of you have cheered skies. Glory to God for that home Mo. me, As I fancy your face again.

How I long for your smiles of glad ness, 7F YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER." 1 hat arc haunting my memory A secret need not be an unknown affair. There are secrets that are open, but they remain secrets to many persons because they do not avail themselves of their benefits, and hence they are strangers to their glorious possibilities. The Psalmist declares, "The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him." Of course, the fear is filial and not slavish. One of the secrets of a successful life is to learn to know oneself, another to discover oneself. That is very important.

Probably this might be consistently styled a fundamental necessity to success in life. Self-knowledge is a basic preparation for achievement in life, in fact, it is in itself a momentous achievement, but its relative benefit cannot be too highly estimated. To know one's heart, one's possibilities, and one's limitations is a tremendous task requiring the mighty help and direction of the Holy Spirit. Such knowledge paves the way for subsequent Added to self-knowledge is that of self-conquest. When Saul of Tarsus Jearncd the lesson that 'he had been A young man was offered a pack age of infidel publications.

still, And the love in your eyes beseeching Even now makes my pulses thrill. He replied, "If you have anything better than the Sermon on the How you held me with hands so i Bro. John Morris Allmon was born on the 17th day of April, 1860, near Lincoln, 111., and departed this life October 10th, 1918, being 58 years, 5 months and 23 days old at the time of his death. He was married to Mary J. Brown in 1885.

To this union were born ten children, three dying in infancy, and one at the age of 7 years. His wife, five sons and one daughter survive him. He was' saved years ago in January, at a meeting 'in La Harpc, held by Sister Johnson, In the fall of 1916" he. was re-claimed, and sanctified, during a meeting held by Bro. C.

C. Sellards, at Oak Grove School-house, near Parsons, Kans. Written by one who has known him for years. Mount, the parables of the Prodiga Son, and the Good Samaritan, or geritly, Closely pressed to your throbbing you hape any better code of morals it rr man me icn Lomamnaments, or anything more consoling and beau breast, In that fond embrace I promised To live true through the crucia test. The caress of your hair, soft silver, tif ul than the twenty-third Psalm or, on the whole, anything that wil throw more light on the future am On my checks how I fair reveal to me a Father more merci feel, ful and kind than the New Testa And from lips that arc soft as roses ment, please send it along." Ex.

A sweet kiss I would like to steal..

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