Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on March 28, 1910 · 10
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 10

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1910
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Tin: caixaaV- daily u::::mv, r.To::r.AV, pa: r If you want the choicest in Cut Flowers or H ouse Plants call at our greenhouse where you can select the best. A.M.Temll FLORIST. Cor. 1st St W. and 6th Ave. Fhone 412 Toole, Peet & Co. Bafa and Sound Investments In MT. ROYAL BRIDGELAND Gait Coal Steam Coal Pine & Poplar Wood Toole, Peet & Co. Phone 66 Herald Biook, Centra 8treet CHEAP BUY SEVENTH AVE. WEST. Four lots. North-cast corner ?th Ave. anil 3rd St. West. 100 feet, frontage on 7th Ave. nd 130 feet frontage on 3rd St. West. Trice for a short time, $45,000. Reasonable terms. T. J. S. Skinner Real Eetaie, Firs Insurance and Financial Broker. Money t Loan. Phone 410. Ametrong Block, Firat St. Eaet. WOOD GOOD DRY PINE Large stock on hand York Shaw Office 333 8th Avenue Eut Phone 600. LOCAL AND GENERAL ; T. C. !Ulfrn. of Hyde Kn.. s a isuct tu tin- AHw-rtii. j i Miss Cousins, of .i -:- 1 1; n- is jvialting the Misses J:iyn a. J. F. Uiu-t,, Rs't! P.'-cr, N spending! 'tin ilay in the i-Jty on business, J j Clmrlid Clarke, editor of ihe HIu'.'i I 'Itlver Timrs, la In tin- city today. j I li not forget thai the annuel eli-'in-j 'up day Is set for Thursday, Marc'l .11,; The monthly pay day for civic cin-1 ployed Iihi been postponed until to-, morrow. ' John J. Young, of Calgary, register-; cd at the faliic hotel, San Francisco, March 22. i I'. Kocbou has returned lrom a lul-j nt8 trip to various parts in sJ".s-katehewun. j Chris. I'niTi-nrotl!, of Canary, has purchased the. Crime of Wales 'iot.-l in WVtftskl1n. Mrs. T. P. English will not receive Wednesday, March 30, but mi til tin.1 Wednesday in April. Lewis Storkctt, manager of the C. I' .It. mliuH at iliwiiiir, 1;C, Is registered at the Alberta. Miss E. J. ifnekic. of Kdmnntin, 'am.' In from the wist last night, ai d I -ft for honu' this afternoon. .Mrs. I'. Hums and two children, and Miss Hersant, at the I'alact-hotel, Ban Francisco, March 23. Senator Talhot, of Lacombe, nli Uiis morning to attend the funeral ol Colin UeriHe. M P.'., at Mackod. Supt. of Public Works U'ni. U(.rdmr placed a gang of men. at work raking up the different struts of the city this morning. Dr. IHow and family have returned after spending the winter In the different resorts of the eoast and In i 'a llf.irn la. The waterworks u. irtirtmeiit lisle onuni'iK'ed oprrutiona for the your. Today thev are working on First treet west. Mayor Jumioson suggests that everybody .should lit once prepare to plant fir, halm of gilead and poplar trees on Arbor day, May f. An afternutfn tea and xjtle of work will be held at liishopst court. Thursday uftcrii ion, 16 to IS.30 o'clock In uid of -the women's auxiliary. The organization meeting of the Calgary builders' . exchange takcH place tonight in the old board of trade rooms, 224 Eighth iiVenile West. Jn the city at the present time Dure arc nix rases of diphtheria, 11 of senr- l' t fever, and fl cis.s of measles. The Mtnullpox hospital is vacant. This being a legal holiday, there will be no meeting r.f the board of aldermen this evening. The board will, in ail probability, meet tomorrow night. The dominion government have agreed to pay the Htreet railway sys- l"m I3rtu per year fur twelve letter carriers using the cars who are in uniform and on actual duty. The poiiec'coiirt tliut ni'TnuiK p'1.-sented .i blank appeal ami; ovUim to tl'.e fart that the immlstrat'; had re- codiilzed l-ii.ster .Moii lay an a, ieil'.ilay. and tin' eases " adjourned until tomorrow. In acknowledging recent Lynn fund oontrlbutloiiH an error vh. made ip a nanin and an wnount. One wan Mrs. Jk llarber, whoh was given ns "Barker." Mrs. Fred litirtch Kuve f: but was only credited with 1. Kdn,'ir Odborne, conimiKsioner for the empire development Hchcme of he Doily Chronicle of I,ondon, Kn called Upon the co'iimiHsiouers thin liorninff, and fir n tew momenta talked publicity for CulKary and district with the ori'iciiilH. City Clerk Gillis in Htill pourtliiR fearly his entire tlind In the ttralti exchniiKo Rifcnins tl"" new iasun ol bonds recently received from i)tt'iiv;i Ho fxpeets them to be ready tor delivery to the ISank of Montreal Wednesday afternoon or cvenlnn. This evening in Knox church schoolroom there will b an Kustor service Klveii by tho Hpeclal Hunday school choir to which the parents and friends of the children uro cordially inviti d. An oiviU'ulM wt!! it&swt the choir in the Interpretation of the music of the cvenlinf, A Jolly Kuster party whs riv-: ; A. Hepburn on ThurMday to the mei"- i'i'Ts oi trie cluii. A'ter r E. D. Smith's JAMS The 100 per cent. Pure jam The Granulated Sugar and Fruit Jam. Tie Sealed Tin Jam. The Natural Color Jam, MASON & HiCKEY AGENTS The: Alberta Locators 207a 8th Ave. Eaet. Phone 1017 We have a beautifully furnished HOUSE on 3rd Ave six rooms and fully modern. We will rent same furnished. Call at our office for particulars. i.tiinerous Karnes the company was entertained by Messrs. Young a"d iiray witn vtonn se"riions and vini by Messrs. fililtvim and Metiivjior. Thuse present were Meters. Vomit, flijiy. Taylor. Pnirweather. Mc(';rei:o-s'tul others. The monthly meet lug of the dioccs-an liomvJ of the women's auxiliury of the Church of Knfflsmd will bo held ut 3 p.m.. Tuesday, March 2rjral the Ivjitif o; lh.' president, Mrs. Heruard, T3i Thirteenth nveiuie west. Two Edmonton nieitibers of the board will be pre- :Kcnt and urraiiReinent.s must be made for the annua meeting to !. ;i.-3i in j Edmonto'i In .Tune. It. is very impor tant that ill auxiliary members be present. additioIlToals" !-- not imsF the I'.fistern Ip.ces!ir,ent Co.'s adv. on pafics i; and 13 of this issue. US-1 llrnthev!e,wl of ly-iermietive l'ngineer- tlrm nnntni h.-ilt. 7'ie sjIi::. .rll 1:11. Iot I lirr.ns iiuilioiniim at .1 oelurli. 1!K-1 A swpi.'l to "lliaw.-itlm." tricfpllow's ! Jiidinn rH-m. emitii'.i "The tK-atli of Mln-m-ii- h:i . ' " will he exhibited shortly nt Hiatinnd. The liiuuhtero and Madia of Kmsland will hold (i Tie and How K'irUi! and chinee Iti the liauie hull. Ve,1nedv. March 30, it S 10 p.m. ltefrtvhir.ents provided Tickets 0c. Tlo moving nieliires of the openltiR or' parliament bv H. M. the Kinpr have heen . secured hy Starhmd. t.irt imd will lw slKiwn ; an extra In all their theatres i a very tcvtn time. i $1,700 Five Room Cottage Sunnyside EUctric light, full basement, iurnace. $300 cah, bal. easy term. J. H. Jamieson Phone 2250 OVER MOLSONS BANK Holmpatric Adjoiiiins the city Jim-iis on the west, the natural growth uf the litst residential part of the city. Ten minutes' walk from the reservoir; here the city have eighty acres which they intend to make into one of the finest parks in Calgary. This property will be placed on the market the 1st of April at $50 per lot. $10 down, balance $2.50 per month, without interest or taxes THE United Agencies Limited 113A 8th AVENUE WEST, CALGARY Phine 2050 Easter Gifts s- v - -4 THINKS HE HAS IT MUSHED OUT WITH HIS GREAT SECRET. GOOD FRIDAY, MARCH 25th. EASTER SUNDAY, MARCH 27th. lie sure and see our stock before buying Tost Cards, Decorations, Novelties and everything for the Easter season. earson s 216 Eighth Ave. E. Phone 1098. Secret of Perpetual Motion Revealed to Dawson Miner Who, Half Starved, Struggles Back Is Civiiliiation. known his disovery. The ide. Icauie in him in the way of a dream, j Mr. ytriize! bean wrk on his model 'on the J"th "f December, which fell on a fYidav. hi three weeks lime be fjid ; stock, and did. not know lieu forth, v . lo pi"ce"d with his model. .Mr. Stril-' lei says If than mad" si'eut oblation ami nr.ivn lor on mi- wa to nil jjiMyi ior 1 ,ake this power, "In the same ihJpr a o me and bruudlf li Vuiicouver, March 26-mution has been discovered Stritzel, of Dawson. Centuries have come ar.d gone sine? first the effort was mad to discover perpetual motion. At carCinK l the doctrine of the conservation of energy It is not possible to work without ex-pendlturw of energy in siiran form. Xevertheless many forms of apparatus have been devised by which the inventor ! believed it possible to gain work with-!out the expenditure of effort, li n ! machine could bo devised so as to be ! able to keep up its motion perpetually land at the same time to do useful work I the law of the conservation of energy i would bn disproved and perpetual mo-lion would be discovered. Strut! Rot m-ar it in his apparatus, but U called 'for gold leaves chanced 'hh electricity from radium, two costly pre-requisites iand due to quit when (he radium play-led out. The Keely motor was an nl- most perpetual absorber of funds and lone .spiritualistic medium claimed to ' hnvc solved perpetual motion by In-iducing liia 'spirit controls" to work for ; him. All of these near-pcrpeliials j brought in electricity, and without "energy" there is no I'leetrlcHy. : Hut now comes thn statement by t John Stritzel, who has just "mushed" Suit from Dawson, that perpetual motion hits been discovered. Mr. .Stritzel : t ncountered all kinds of hardships on j his way out, sometimes liviiiK on two meals n day, and often on one, but i-ver 'pressing on to tho outer world, to make i man appeared to me and brouih a lime I'ox, auom ! two inches and M In width and lour -"Perpetual Inches lent; Mot .showed to me tin-" s-is John works runniiiK Inside. I said Hint I 'can make one. like it and then In- went, eft at once. I salit, 11 nie again.' and the man came back ami showed me how to star nnd t!i" machine, drawing my attention to tnree I which controlled it. I praised him very much that lit: has Riven mo his secrel. He charged nic to build on-to run a bicycle. I promised I would ,'. so. Then li" disappeared at once. As I opened my eyi it was about daylight, and I started to build a machine i; little over live feet hlh. "1 tore that one down and binned it up on Feb. ix-l!l. which fell on Prldsy nnd SaturduN. This was in Hureka Creek. Y.T. That night a voice cam to me and told me to go and preach. Ever since that time I have been on my way to get the machine patented. hieh I will do so as soon as I ran This powerful machine will run eiih'r a clock or a ship on tne ocean, ace.euio,, to Its size." Question Box Aylard Fred Edward, I'anff, Alta.: -We recelvetl the ad. referred to on notepapvi' of Western Commission company, lion Accord building. Win-nlpcs. Man. This letter was ?ln'd ITetl Thomas. Try this address ,a & i 5! g f 11 E a E Ia 1. 1' 1 it, li MTZr.- i M B'. w n m- e- , m m mi & w mt hi MMWaMaWa-aaaaallMa rttU-UMrrr-r-Tir?1 161 !ai III .til ft j.-s -1 1 - 1 n.l. , Jt-iri An Exhibit of Authoritative Styles in Apparel and Accessories for his Yearly FASHION SHOW The Horse Show is linked, by common consent, with the blossoming out of the prevailing fashions of the season. If you would be apparelled correctly you will heed this announcement and visit our departments where an accurate idea may be gained of the reigning modes. You'll find garments for wearing, portraying the authentic lines of approved styles, adopted from the Russian peasant mode of dress. The display of the new garments of apparel are in themselves interesting and worth making a special trip to the store to view. We might go into minute details of the styles on display in every department and still not tire you for stocks present an assemblage of fashionable apparel and accessories of dress, sure to appeal to the intense interest of every woman in this locality. A VISIT TO THE STORE WILL CONVINCfeOTJ OF THE ADVISABILITY OF EARLY PURCHASING. 5 Millinery For the Horse Show Your natural inference ought to be that the season having assumed full swing assortments arc not us complete as they wire but they are. Our on n workrooms have exerted continual efforts to meet the draw upon ihe stocks by producing an unusually large number of exquisite replicas of the latest New , York models and in addition a reliable output of entirely original creations. Second Floor. GINGHAM SALE FOR TUESDAY Morning. Hundreds of yards of checked and striped ginghams. At per yard ....J WOMEN'S DRESS SKIRTS All that Is new e have it. fikirlM for medium or the stout women; all colors and qualities of cloth; range in price from $5.00 to S1G.50 NEW WHITE EMBROIDERED BELTS Kx;ensive assortments of white wash In Ms for early spring buyers. They come in a wide range of patterns, plain and embroidered styles with pearl or gilt buckhs; all lengths and adjustable. At t 25k, 35c' 50 t 75 DELAINETTES FOR TUESDAY'S SELLING 3 'in yards of e' new Delaine, t. ,-. jt material of muslin weight, with Moral and scroll patterns, also spot: everyone of them fast colors. They run ,n width 31 inches and suitable for house or street dresses. Hpoela!, i. per yard 25 111 jl n I Handsome New Tailored Suits At irkar $30. S35, $37.50 845. i me of the most fetching assortments in the city. The mits are made of all wool materials in plain cloth, diagonal weaves, serges, serviceable checks. French worsteds, .etc.; coats are of ,12 to 34 inches In length, made with two or four buttons, lined throughout with mercerized linings; plain or fancy skirt to match. These come in all the new spring shadings, all sizes to select from. NEW SPRING COATS Ore nt variety of styles and colorings, plain shantung and striped silk coats, also shep- ' herd's checks. Moire coats are used this season and our collection .comprises all new styles. The prices range from 10 to $32.00 LINEN SUITINGS 27 inches wide, lino striped linen suitings, quality that is only found at the Robinson Co. Lovely washable colors in blue, grey and natti'a'. linen shades; also n spi-cial showing of plaiu linen in colors of sky, tan. green and natural. The price, at per jard 35 '10 WHITE LINEN SUITINGS A collection of five lines of snow white quality, in widths from "(5 to 44 Inches; suitable for summer suits, blouses and skirts. At per yard ....50c, 65. 75. 90 GALATEA SUITINGS .10 inch wide Galatea, in narrow stripes, blue color, the favorite. This is a quality most suitable for boys' wash suits and hiouhes. Will wear well ,iiid always looks well. Dress Materials For The Horse Show French striped suiting in the most desirable spring and summer shades. At per length $12.50 HOMESPUN SUITINGS A suiting that comes first in Eastern styles Our assortment, includes suit ends only, In colors of browns, blues, greens, greys and light shades. At each $10.50 FOULARD SILKS In single or double width, in assorted patterns and colorings; line, soft silk finished materials for summer wear. The price, per rd $1.35 $2.25 WHITE BLOUSES In great variety of stylos, all new and of Rne muslin, neatly trimmed. The price, ach ... $1.85 NEW LINEN AND SILK BLOUSES Styles to suit every woman no matter how critical. Linen blouses at $2.25 $6.00 Muslin blouses $1.65 $-4.25 Silk nnd net blouses ..$4.50 t0 $15.00 COTTON FOULARDS Light linen materials for women's and misses' dresses. They are of very pretty assorted patterns and colorings. At per yard ... 10 TUESDAY'S SALE OF MOREEN UNDERSKIRTS 5 dozen heavy moreen skirts in colors of brown, black, blue, green, grey and mauve; made with deep flounce with narrow tucks, shirred. Special, each 75 - 6 HOSIERY Women's lislo thread hosiery in assorted colorings in plain or lace st.tles, newest spring as'irtinents adorn our hosiery counters. At M.-cia! rrt'-s. from, pair 35 to 2.50 Women's col ton lisle thread hose, full fashioned st.iekiiiKS ill Vast black or colored tan, a!! have double h-els. toes end sop.?. Value? at per pair 35 Women's silk hose, finest thre.ul silk hose in black only, beautifully finished, seamless qunliti"s; worth tour while investigating. At per yard 25 &CO. 'The Daylight Store' DAINTY DRESS MUSLINS FOR THE HORSE SHOW A very special showing of new Swiss embroidered muslins for women's dresses. They are now on display and are going fast. These muslins are all imported Swisses sold exclusively to the Daylight Store. They run in widths from 2" to 4 1 inches, all 'beautifully embroidered nnd best washing colorings. At Tx-t yard 65. 75. $1 $1.25 At per pair Si

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