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The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas • Page 30

Waco, Texas
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Warn 14 Frtday. 19M Teeii-Aije Testify At London Trial l.nxtx^V. Junr IP nduUi'O tvml of a At rapiain that had nith him rm s'o aftrr a drmkmc Thr capt.iin. Korva wtrran Arthur fi Dearbi'i'n. ult'd nt to oh.iT'cr« ip it ijvoii Fonv Tahir M.

IH Tahlf IH tv SKi.OO nu sKKVit WITH SIT I AnON DAVIS T.V. Co tl i Oil fork sVrrlre NOW AT THE RALEIGH GRILL Corner iih mut CIRCLERCLUB At the Trmplr The Bf Rand In PAUL WAYNE ond the DriHtng Texans the the I rrlr 1 We'll t-i-iv 'of to raih fut of tho vrrv Trial l'ho oponivi Thursday at r. 5 Third Air hcadquar- tri-s suburban Ruislip MiK'ar- ihy. NNho shot down two v'ommuiust lefv in Korfa. wav ch.m;^ "ith adultery wiih oM At ms at Rury St Kd and With Juno on Mar-n Anothf-r that hr ali'oH ot to las! WH'J a wav hor vl'ijhf.

-Midr. od that aft a (VM-k- had relations a at Mr- C-'rthv Then vhe thr rest of the wiTh Mi arthN. Next Nishl. Too vli'pi Mv the nrvf Parnsh. a blonde, vaui after the it' iviations wit'i 'l- rartlix a t'-t vt.i\ win M' sn A ik a-; ii the fa rti r't lie tvp 'rtors be- V'SY ihe lal A'r IS me ut.

but me this Theatres Plan Two for One I Father's Dav Two for price of is the Fathers Hav special planned for 'Sunday the local Interstate! Theati'es, the Waco and 2Tifh Stivet. Dad will admitted free with the purchase of one ticket his child or wife. Haude Stewart. In- terstaie manager, announces. does not neces.saril.v have lo he a father, he explains Tlie head of Ihe household is "nad.

ttio. and qualified for the same whether theiv are di-en in the famih or not Purchase of a by the ife ill admit him alsti. Showing the Waco will be the n'm nitic comed.v. ('oins in the set against an Ital lan backgiwind and starring Clifton Webb. MiHiUire.

Jan and Maugie McNamara. At the Street Wall True-Life Adventui'e. Living Desert liANCr I NHt.K THK Torraco CTub DOYLE BRINK Ami riiOM. TROPICAL LOUNGE TONIGHT Buddy Woody and His Orchestra Featurine BETTY POLK, VocoHst DIAL 3-9209 the In Foods SCENIC WONDERLAND TONIGHT PETE SNELL and Orchestra Featuring JACK RILEY At The Organ find Rosiiie Pett Huddleston ocaliHt tail CPER SKY CA" RefirOcs llaito of Occopaits two in 11 I there NEVER A MAN LIKE SHANE LADD-JEAN ARTHUR VAISI HEFUN STEVENS' 1 IM I NO HOLDS BARRED OPFNS REGULAR PRICES ADULTS 50c 2 CARTOONS GIANT WIDE SCREEN FIRST STORY OF THE AMERICAN FRONTIER inemascope J(p5 GUY MADISON mi WaOON fKAll fU. No.

"Hoppy Go Lovely" HIT No. .1 "ALOHA" In (IVhMAMOrK HITW Of MOTlO.Vi.KA^s SOI CIRCLE ORIVE-IN THEATRE ON THE AISLE Hy GYNTF.R QUILL Coins Titssetl in the Fountain Make Three ishes Ctnne True ('oins in the which opened at the Waco Theatre, is a warm, engro.ssing and entirely delightful romantic comedy in which the story and highly competent cast vie for attention with the magnificent of Rome and Venice on the wide CinemaScope The John Patrick screen play, based on the John H. Secondari novel, is the u.sual stoi'N in triplicate, told with diverting charm if not with great distinction originalit.v. and din'cts the cameras more to the distaff side. That, in this instance, is Doiothv McC.uiie.

Jean Peters and Maggie McNamara, a trio of secretaries who have caps set for a trio of in Rome but not neces- saril.v Roman. aIV a thi'cesome. each with more than her share of phxsical allure, all with good jobs in pleasant surroundings and all liMng together in a which Blood Prp'iMirr Druii ATLANTIC HTY. J-APA new drug taken from the leaxes of th'' a common flowering shrub foimd in many honie gardens, may help control blixxi ptvssure in man Two divlors the rn School of Med ic'ne told a meeting of i-esoan'h here that the ilnig. has been effec-( in lowering blood piTssure in animals.

(loiiiiK ill 'riip Foiiiilain' on John Putrirk pMrM'ted Jinn Nrgulfvn Thf I McCuiif 1 miih NMmAm Binzrl SI John hlrpn of the three. She has her sights on Joiirdan. a Roman prince of one of ancient families, ami uses her elfin (harm and wit to trick him into were meant for each other, with similar tastes in art. music. and wine.

Rut she can not keep up the deception and. though confession for the soul, it does not al- way.s further In her case, it sei-ves to break the tie and she. pi'epares to retuiTi with iss Peters to America. nim, Tiber, Applan Way and. of course, the Colosseum, and the Piazza San Marco, Rialto and Grand Canal of Venice.

all very im- pre.s.sive, and the story is not permitted to block the view. Mr. Patrick has crammed a lot of humor, of situation and of dialog. into his play and Jean Negulesco is a director who knows his way about in and in Rome. Producer Sol ('.

Siegel has I given him a fine to work ith, of whom standouts, quite naturally, are Webb, who is not quite te.sty this time, and Ihe veiy talented Miss Mcfiuire, Peters and Miss McNamara, whose ranges are a hit more limited, are not exactly drawbacks, and Joiir- dan and Brazzi are nice guys to have around. Slorv of Waco Growth Screened At Two Drive-Ins and the of the industrial, religious and cultural growth of Waco, is being shown at the and Oaklawn Drive-Ins as a companion feature. The film was made here a cop HP IT now regular prices little over a year ago by H. K. Carrington of Nationwide Pictures.

Seen with it at the Westview it Naked which Charlton Heston and Eleanor Parker against the voracious army ants of South America. At the Oak- law'n is a double feature, Clear of Audie Murphy, and the science-fiction story, Came from Outer with Richard Carlson. BEMmRHf EwitlRjly DVFESOm REM.I Atoiiiir Flowers ATLANTK' ITY. V. J.

of North Dakota lists told a meeting here (hat a single tulip bulb exposed to cobalt radiation will produce up to four blooming plants at a time instead of the noiTnal one. ('obalt 60. a radioactive ele- ment, was used in the experiments. MAi ni Cm'NK. Pa is 11 year-iMd Dale fish St Dale battled a fish quite a few nutes at a nearby stream and finalK it.

RefiiiT he had a to measure the fish a grabbed it and ran th The Rev Samuel Stauffer, a Lutheran minister and father. said he saw the whole thing He even helped Dale the cat The fish was not recovered Current. Comiufi Eventx urnt ri ru ti TMRt I IN TMI KOI NT41N Di r.uiif Jrtin T' Vil I.IVIM. PfrHiRT 'Wut! 3 1 I KitK t'- Ht Ri rXiWNTOHN I 1: In -m Thf iU- MU V. Be-, HI the Rivoli Act of IIRIV I IN JllV I OVKIVWN li V- lA-'.

Al' f.SAiurd* and H' und Rat' sutu M- I (lia Bailv Meet Vv (hai'- we imagine few are accustomed to. That, we are told, is made possible a favorable exchange of dollars for Italian lire. IV other i-esprct, however, thev not so fortunate. Miss McGuirt' has in love with her Iviss fi)r vears. novelist Clifton Webb, who pn'fers to live in Rome She hasn woni her heart on her sleeve, but Webb has sensed her affection and marriage, then rails it the next da.v.

after his doctor has told him he has but a to live. Peters, a secretary in an (lovemment bureau. fallen for Rossano a law student who himself by serving as a translator in the office. They btrak the office lule against dating fellow employes, however, and is dischai-gcd without a recommendation to help hmi find other emplovment and a di.six>uraged Miss Peters decides to return The pixie-like McNamara is the nmst ambitious Coronet I si IV Tlir MIIITI' alerir thr Mr COOUB lY KfllCERMlON Itprn 1 Rrefe ''3 YOUNG TEXANS'' In Trrhnirnlor Ktihert Tat lor l.kaaor Parkrr ''ABOVE ond BEYOND" CASA BLANCA TONITE ond SATURDAY ACE HATCHEH and SKXTKT Featurinx JAiKSO.N (Jack) THOMAS aiid W. D.

(Uiih) Knjoy Ihe Terrace fi 4L Blvd. TH. SFXOND KKATI'KK 'WHEN THE DALTON'S I RODE" With I S(X)TT LAST DAY exc.fmg love story! TECHNICOLOR! imPSODY' 8 10 mioiio tisswn STARTING WACO SHOWING me great love story of our time! Ine. fftianti KIRK DOUGLAS All ANATOlt ItTVAK Hr DANY ROBIN ANATOLE LITVAK MISS ROBIN CRUSOI In PoHit Color 3 YOUNG TEXANS AT 1HK beginning, each has tossed a coin in the Fountain of Trevi which, legend has it, will grant anv desire if the wisher also to remain in or return to Rome. It IS a foregone of course, that the coins will do the tnck.

but it is not brought about without an assist from Webb and not until after Miss MKiuiie. gloriously dnink, has gone wading, in one of the more hilarious scenes. Kven more diverting than the plav IS the sight.seeing tour of Vatican, St. Fo- rystal 41 "MONEY FKOM HOME" iVrk 'The Gunfighfer" TIIII4Y Anil SAT) RIIAV WII. RII.I.

KI.I.IOTT "HOMESTEADERS" "ROSE OF CIMMARRON" ItaREE oins nun odntain irwe wivwifwel Clihon WEBB Dorothy McGUIRC PETERS lotm JOURDAN ADDFJ) Donald News OPKN A Certwe byVfCHMMMM NOW cooup ISEMSaTIOMAU VINCENT PRICE Mary Morphy-Eva Gabor GIANT WIDE-SCREEN Hollywood Sneak Preview TONIGHT! i ADILTS 50c GIANT WIDE SCREEN S' S' Si, ADILTS 50c ATTRACTION AT BOTH THE STORY OF WACO iii Whof Chonget Hove Been Mode in Woco in fhe Posf Fifty Ytorf? The Building of a Greater ond Better WACO The Building of Greoter and Better BAYLOR University ond the People Who Modo It So DIABLO a laughing killer writes the only law! The MTage story of the kid from Colorado. faced rengeaiico showdown tiio last great outpost of ovtlawryt iTf SEE the Changes in WACO From the Turn of the Century to the Present. SHOWN' AT WH.STVIKW AT He feared only two things on the SHOW.V AT OAKLAWV AT 9:25 gjSECISIA ngasui' rH. 'I rl -ELEANOR aWKLTON HESTON by GEORGE PAL threcied by BYRON ASK IN by PHILIP YORDAN and RANALD MacDOUGALL on A atory by Curi A PARAMOUNT PICTURE WKSTVIKW FKATl AT AND 10 AI COLOR CARTOON NEWS NO. ONLY RICHARD CARLSON BARBARA RUSH IN "IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE" PLIS TWO BIG COLOR CARTOONS.

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