The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1952
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1952 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ?AGE ELEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU H&V.'i THAT OUMDED LIKE A AFETERIA. , TKAY HIT-A Vou'D TIMS Ar4\ 5CARe TILE A /PeoPi-e FLOOR.' J/ OUT OP VOLM? |f rjOES EMIT A SHARP , DOESN'T IT? 1 MUST CUT DOWN THE POVJER OF THE A MArJ MIGHT 86 CUPPED oc4 1U& CKIM . wm THE tie/— AND tLL SOFTEN THE STIFF) PLASTIC 60 THE CRAVAT/ WILL PULL. UP WITH A/ •SOFT, INAUDIBLE: ^ LIKE A FN&-CAR Political Announcements 6ubje« to Preferential Election July 29, 1352 For Cofcnty Judge GENE BRADLEY , PHILIP J DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk OERALDINE LISTOJJ For State Senator BEN. LEE BEARDEN CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Siies up to 3& in. Corrugated Metal Culvert* giMi up to 14 In. A. H. WEBB Attomitic Flood Gitt< Concrete A Metal Srptlc Tanku Sewer Tile Best Pricei We nelirer Hithwajr SI at State Lin* Phone 714 r#-*> 3-3f OUT OUR WAY WHlMmi T'V'f ' TK WAV VCXJ HA.T6 FLEA POWDER., IT 6> •SMART Of VOU TO &n OUT OF 8U7 AWFUL FATHEAPEP TQ £jtT hM A PR DM 3h, '!O DO IT. ifi ,JL ^Tfe THE WORE-/ WACT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads WELL.VtKJ SURE WERF , A. DE\O BWrt"RY"K>NISHr.' MAYBE I GOT SPRIM6 FEVER, SUGM?' •^ "I borrowed these opera glasses from that nosy woman icroti the «treet—now I can see how she knows everything we do!" In the Middle Ages, toys Included carved crusaders astride their war horses. ARKANSAS BLUE TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED 80-85-91$; germination, del in led and tr«at«d ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS 80-85% germination CORN AND HAY FOR SALE EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. Or**' COAL Phone 3186 • Prompt De/ivery NOW/ • Courteous Service HESTER'S Coal Yard In the fiscal year 1949, immigrants were admitted United States. Guaranteed Watch Repair Thompso Credit Jeweler The RAZORBACK Drive-In Is Now Serving The World's Best Pot Of Baked Beans 75 C A Full Meal Served With French Fried Potatoes, Salad and Hot Rolls ALSO SERVED ON THE CURB they're Delicious! ARE YOU A SAFE DRIVER? To be * safe driver, you have to know how fast you're going. That means an accurate speedometer. Let as check yours, We give 1- Day service on speedometer repair for all m a k ft • can and truck*. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chi7»ler-Flj»««th Deiltr 111 H. M»lm Phone '2122 for whom Or'h nlrrnJy hrt<« ^.T't n (ornlnt-«n. nilchi T>«- m . (Mhrr Ki^tlx nt WJn.lovr «rU n no (her n^rincT >]» rrffr Holl v, nTirI A r-IIr-nl ETC Vfhcrlrr. H w r n I t h tor Ihr XII T LOOKED at the picture of Cravath in the sloop. Some photographic trick had given his jaw a pronounced jut that it didn't have in actuality. And yet, his real jaw was firm and determined enough. I couldn't imagine a man with a chin like that quietly and supinely acceding to—say, blackmail. T fingered the statuette of the bowler, hefted it, admired it. A graceful beautiful little thing, throwing sharp silvery gleams gainst the dark decor of the rfen. Then I studied the picture of the Yale football team .that had won the Big Three championship. TXimont plnyed with Cravat found him standing in the back row, a younger, slimmer Dumont, eyes keen even in this old photograph, and with a luxuriant mop of hair. - H . . . T stopped thinking. The footfall had boon light, but unmistakable. It came from my own j bedroom. I'd left the connecting door be- jtween that and Ccavath's sanctum ;ajar. Now I moved to it. [ Mrs. Ring, the housekeeper, was standing in my room. She wore her gray uniform and her eyes gray, too, and steely, seemed to b darting qucslingly about the place "Did you want me, Mrs. Ring? I said. She straightened up w i t h o u lhasle and the steely eyes made m v their target, knocked," she Mid, Blmoftt accusingly. "There was no answer." Well, I guess Pd been absorbed in my own ruminations and Cravath's souvenirs. "I make it a practice," Mrs. Ring volunteered then, "to check on the maids. Your room seems to be in good order. You'd be surprised though, how many times rooms aren't." Mrs. Ring probably suspectec that I was not quite as advertised While Cravath hadn't troubled to explain me when introducing us the mere fact that he had brough me into such a conference woult have given her food for thought. "Will there be anything else, Mr >rth?" she said now. I forbore to point out that sh ",'as here on her own. I mereb hook my head and she departed spent ittle rROSF. distant black clouds I noticed while in the car wit! Saily hnrt moved in over Ixm :l,ind, The suggestion of rain la> icavy in the evening air. T had a sudden yen to walk ii hat feathery mist before the ac nal rain set in. My room had be gun to seem stuffy and the tim nt in Cravalh's den had don save string cobwebs acros my brain. A stroll before dinne miRht clear them away. I put on ,ight raincoat; went downstairs. The mist-spray was cool in n' face; the air, despite its content o dampness, hr.d just enough salt tang in it to be refreshing. dragged in great lungfuls and \\ my feet lake me where they woul They took me to a part of Cr c valh's estate that I had not visite before. In fact, T hadn't even know that this liltlc wooded section there—a tiny forest of oaks an evergreens, not loo far from I Peacock Path and that fatal blu Hitherto I had been walki: through a grayness which, wh: eepening steadily, still permitted od visibility. But beneath the ees shadows look over to create mi-dark. I entered this gloomier ac« for no particular reason. I took half a dozen noiseless rides . . . and stopped short, II is a moot point, though, hether they would have heard e had 1 arrived accompanied by fanfare of trumpets. And as for eing me—well, obviously they ere seeing no one except them- Ives. Ringed by shadows in the ree-quarter dark, they simply ood there, mute and—it seemed —a little bemused, in each other's ms. •. * • FET/T my jaw drop. ?"or a second, I could have been planted . the spot Then, the first shock ver, I collected a few of my wits. began a cautious retreat, . And stopped again. This time a cold sensation, an dd mixture of surprise and fear, :ent prickling down my spine. The sound was low but, somehow orrible. A gusty pxiffy sound that might lave been made by some infuri- ;ted animal, sticking in its breath. Strangely, it seemed to send somc- liing like a slow \vave of fetidness rceping through Die dank void mder the branches. T listened. ully alerted now, rny eyes on the wo merged figures in the gloom Before me. Momentarily lost to the world, hey hadn't heard it. And the sound was not repeated. Hut from somewhere on my right came a slight crackle, as of a twig snapping. The next instant I was certain, intuitively. A fourth person, iden- lity unknown, lurked in the little wood. And it was probable, since I had been conscious of no one anywhere near me on my walk from the house, that he or she hac followed Eve Wheeler and Marston Cravalh ... to their trysting place in the mist. An unknown fourth hidden in shadow had watched that embrace in amar.ement and sudden red- eyed anger. That low suction of breath had suggested both conditions. (To B« Continued) Television- I Tonire, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel I TUESDAY NIGHT, MARCH 25 6:00 Kukla, Fran & Ollie 6:15 News 6:25 News About TV 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Milton Berle 8:00 Fireside Theatre 8:30 Circle Theatre 8:00 Amateur Hour 9:45 Tills Week In Sports 10:00 Studio One 11:00 News 11:05 Names the Same 11:35 News 11:45 Sign O(f WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 195Z 6:45 Test Pattern 1 :00 Today 1:25 Ne'«; 7:30 Today 7:55 Weather 3:00 Today S:25 News ' 8:30 Today 9:00 Breakfast Party 9:30 Langford-Arneche 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Storj'land •. 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Morning Meditation 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 1st 100 Years 12:45 Garry Moore 1:30 Homemakers Program 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Ralph Edwards 3:00 Kate Smith 4:00 Hawkins Falls 4:15 Gabby Hayes 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 News 5:05 High School Editor 5:10 Berl Olswanger 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Space Cadets 5:45 Hartoons G:00 Knkla, Fran & Ollie 6:15 News 6:25 News About TV 6:30 Those Two 6:45 Rcbelnires 7:00 Kate Smith 8:00 TV Theatre 9:0(1 Pnntominc Quiz :30 Alan Young :00 Lights Out :30 News :35 One Man's Family -.05 Meet, the Champ :3Ti News :45 Sign Off TIIEV MAOC TJIEIE BJD4 WITH PVXY WEAPONS, A 5PACE PLATFORM THi: IVOPi-C? CrtM BEBCi KHEESi ISN'T IT WONDERFUL? WE'VE SAVED •*H37 i ' TOWARD BUYING J" " A HOME i LISTEN TO FULL-CAB IN F/SHIMG BOAT, GOOD AS HEW, ONLY frfO9S*s-.'r' / BUT WHY SHOULD SHE 3ET SORE JUST BECAUSE WAS ... CLASSIFIEDS / CXAV, NOW 1 WANT / "yOU TD PHONE. KAIL. ( TELL HIW YOU MEEC7 V HIM R3WN) HEK KISHT AWAV/ JU&TAMAM WHO TO KE6&W&LE THE OP JASON \OR7THMOe6! LET'S GST TO OUK L&SSON, /v\e. LETTEJT- SltTE, 9ENNV SHIVERS IN THE COLt? . NISHT A1K. QUITE &UZ6 OF WHO IS IT? HOW TUS'S ' OUT WITH THE PLAN? FOR SALE Concrete culierls. 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or rcenforced. At»* Concrete BviJding Block* cheaper than lamber for barns, chicken homes, ptimp houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call •& Tor free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Y65v CWTAilU EASY... THAT YOUNG WOWAJO'S VEP&IDN OF HOW SHE WA.& EAILROAOEO TO PRISON WA5AD15TOR- T10U OF THE TRUTH TO SAY THE LEA I SKCULP'UE KNOWJ IT. MR.. ALKEP! WELL. TO PRIYE WE KOIKE. 1U BE PACKeP AMP HEADED WORTH NO TIME kJOW I MEM^- WN«IIE. M OPENS HONEST, I OUMNO HOW IT HAPPEWED. Ml THAT'S TH' •SHUT UP...IT CftN'T BE! OR. TH'POPB WOUIP BE 110 IT'. I SAID TH' BAG ON TK 1 LEFT EDGE Of- W CAR TRUNK' '"< SREH 5COIT! \ BUTMH.V3EIT BUT I GOTTH'ONiy S\VALL ONE ON THftT SIDE- KEYJTHW OLE HASN'T BEEN DAME PICKED UPSOttE-iOPENEDYETIWE THIUG WKEfJ SHE RUM TO CALL TH'COPS! Y WD SEE SHE— HEY, WHAT'S TW BlG IDEAC— _, THIS 15 OUR HOLE! WExS/6 WHO.' DUG IT OURSELVES! / ™ I DON'T YOU GUYS GOT MO RIGHT IN IT,' WEf-INDGOLO.A. TE6NSY TRACE, AN' GUYS COME RUNNIN' FROM EVERY PLACE! YEAH, AN' WHAT IF SEE NO V WE DIP STAKES NO WHERE ...WHO AROUND HERE'S GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO STOP U5 DK3SIM'WHERE WE KNOW THE RE'S GOLD, EH, BUSTER? JU5T TELL ME THAT.' ' OKAY, I'LL O ELL YOU. ME.' Soybean Seed FOR SALE Dortcli No. 1 anrt Ojrden soybean seed, cleaned and cacked. Book Oiese before price fn- RED TOP GIN Blythevllle — Phone J7M COME BACK. NEXT fAONTH...I'UI- T HAVE TH' E7OUGH T' PAV FEEDS Wholesale or Retail FULL-O-PEP STAF-O-LIFE Moore Bros Store fhone 6K66 Hlwaj 18 W»t t\

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