The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas on June 18, 1954 · Page 10
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The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas · Page 10

Waco, Texas
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Friday, June 18, 1954
Page 10
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ROCKY SAVES TITLE IN ROUGH STRUGGLE By JACK HAND Igeous former champ while saving gamely, it vanished in the chill. round for the champ, although he NEW YORK June 17 t*-Rock> h,s ^orld heavyweight title on a mght air at Yankee Stadium, Time I almost frll on his face when he Marciano, streaming blood from a unanimous decision in 15 brutal after time it seemed the 32-year-1 missed a wild right. Charles al- cut around the left eye. raised rounds. old Cincinnati Negro must sink to j most fell from a "Su/.y Q" right, goose-egg lumps on Enard If ever there was any question the canvas under the heavy bombs Charles swollen face tonight but about the ability of Charles to take 0f champ, couldn't knock down the coura- bitter punishment and fight back In the 11 th he was staggered again from another right and a searing hook to the body. By the time they got to the 13th, both men seemed tired and they tugged at close range until the Rock cut loose with another savage flurry. . . . . - A Charles right re-opened the w«s on hi« f«>t. erect and willing Kash on Rockv•„ ,vp „ |hl. stai., lo take more. > o( th(, 141h h„t wa5 holding In the savage 15th, Marciano and on the defensive again at the came out for a knockout but he bell. t’harlea the l imit I Marciano threw enough leather ! at the ex-champ to keep the shoe factories in his home town of Brockton. Mass. busy for five years. Still at the end, Charles Page IQ- Sec. I—Waco. Texas Friday, June 18, 1954 W aco Beaten in 9th B y Harlingen, 5 to 4 couldn't dump battered Ezzy although he threw everything in the book from his left hook to his “Suzy Q" right. Charles grabbed and held, staggered and stumbled but remained upright. It was the toughest fight in Marciano s string of 46 straight victories, with the possible exception of the first battle with Jersey Joe Walcott in Philadelphia m 19.*>2. No doubt about the final verdict remained among the throbbing crowd as announcer John Addie 15th All Marciano The 15th was an all-out KO bid by Marciano but no cigar. Marciano was in fine spirits in the Yankf'e dressing room after it was all over. “A right hand cut me.” he said. **It bothered me for about throe i rounds. He hurt me about three times.” Asked if Charles was the most courageous man he over faced, the Rock answered. “I think so.” In the early stages. Charles was ever>r bit the master of Marciano that Joe Walcott had been—until HARLINGEN. June —A single by Rob Skelton in the last of the ninth scored A1 Litch- enstem with the winning run as the Harlingen Capitols nosed the Waco Pirates 5 to 4 Thursday night The Capitols scored their runs one at a time in the second, fourth, fifth, seventh and ninth. The Pirates were held scoreless until the sixth when they picked up two runs on three hits. In the seventh thev scored two unearned r*rr* . Cl“ 1 • Cnenard « revealed the score cards of the three officials. Judge A?tie Aidala he got kmx*ked out. He even pushed 17 __ jjp | hct Daehn stromaheh Ubfr o.iCpmifMi had it 9-.V1, Judge Harold Bames Rock, tied him up inside, ivpp*nuhm*dt cabreia e S-6-1 and Referee Ruby Goldstein niade him miss and countered campai!. p*rker 2 Per«*. RBi t*<*hn 2 $-5-2. all for Marciano. The Asso- beautifully At ttle end of four Kamman. Camp. | cia(txj Prrss card was 10.44 for rounds he ¡^ed like a sure fire the champ. ♦winner. I K Jones 2. Liberto hell. Anderaon Chaloktan, IVppenwhmidt Perei. 2R-Campbell. SB Daehn SH Ham ; man Liherio PP—Chalokian. Per«, Ca; brera Pere? Chalokian. Cabrera LOB Temple li. Bryan 1(1 BB Strombarh 5 R i Jone« 4 S<>- Smnnbach 2 R Jone» 3 IX CHAMP STILL CANT WIN— Challenger izzord Charles, left, is staggered by a left hook by champion Rocky Marctano during their heavyweight title bout light of Hi* life Charles fought the “fight of his life” in the early rounds, driving 4 WP-Jone* Sub« L R Jone«. I! hardi Smith. T—2 3S A 7». Corpus Trims T>ler, 8-4 runs. lh k • I H*r $ 4 0 4 4 M .garni if Boone 3 Ma ule. 1 Mejias I? Monahn rf Paepke.c R.Kirsr e? Babcock.* Sheet* P Waters, p 4 2 1 3 1 * 4 13 3 10 4 0 7 4 2 0 4 0 2 2 10 Mink rf Anderen 2 Lope.’ 3 Ltrhnstn * Dnkvch rf Ri-hmnd 1 Skelton c Rj\a* p •h h o a 4 110 5 0 3 0 4 0 11 5 2 0 3 3 111 3 14 0 5 3*0 4 211 1 3 0 0 0 Bn* ins cf Suba 1 Santmrp rf Davi» 3 Culhns If Conine 2 I«iinab* c Spieth p Ih li • I I lip* 4 0 11 Wtlkin*n * 4 2 3 1 Cappa 3 3 0 $ 1 Sentie» cf 4 10 1 Gold*tn.l 4 2 2 3 Biirhm.rf 4 2 4 3 Facchini If 4 2 2 3 IVwera c 4 13 1 Jone* 2 4 112 Sim* p 5 3 5 3 3 0 !. 1 . 3 1 4 0 3 1 4 0 1 1 2 P 7 1 3 « 2 0 3 0 4 1 1 3 Total« 34 1ÍK310 Tota!* \ One out when «tettai run Waco .................................... Har.riser 3« 10 27 6 »cored (C 3®—4 10 101-4 »he.’. Manie Mejia*. Water« Mal Sannt IXirs xich 2 Lilchen*tein 2 E V". »nahar. Paf*pke Skt’lton. Mauie RRI— Rschn» 'nd. ! !t. hen*tetn. Lopei. Monahan, R viniruez S<el* »n 2 2B- IXmk ->vich Mor*- a*»r. Me tas. Lope/ 2 HR—Litcheni'em. SB Ma^anm SF M na Mar MatUe SH — Sarche? LOB—Waoo f Ha “Unsen 14 BB— Sheet* 2 Wa'er* fi SO R’.'at II Sbeeti Wa*er* 5 HO—Sheett * tn 4 1-3 PB— Paeoke L- Water» V—Valentine PeLeo- na-<fi* T—2:» A »3 Temple Hammers Br>an 3 3 1 0 « 0 fi 0 2 0 0 2 5 0 1 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 ; ........ 3nn * 2 i <rjO_iO ....... 030 01 b ono 3 J.'ire« 2 Mn>er 2. So- Suba 2. HO— R J< ne« 7 in 4 Sub* s tn; home brilliant counter punches -Lom when Marciano floundered and missed He drew- blood from Rocky's nose in the very first round and opened the gash over his left eye in the fourth. Every time Kzzy got a chance to score to that damaged eye. ha took advantage of it. Th** cut leaked on and off through the rest of the bout, bothering Rocky wh® kept dabbing at the blood with hit glove It was all Charles in the first four rounds until Marciano began to come on m the fifth with a so* ries of left hooks to the head. H* finished the attack with a puncti after the bell, drawing a chorus boos from the stands. Again in the sixth. Marvian* poured it on and the lumps began to appear on Charles’ face. Total* 35 11 24 II Total* 34 12 27 10 Txler ....................................010 012 OQO -4 Corpu* Chn«tl ...................... 2W 021 OOv -S R -Cullir.* Bmwnlnjt Conine Isnnshau* W'ilkms.'n 2 Capp* 3 Sentie* Bisham Jt*ne* E- Santamauro Cullln*. Spieth. Sen tte*. Faoehtnl RR1 -Conlne 2 Spieth. Sen- tiec Capp* lk'!d**eln. Faochir.t 3 2B—San- *amaurr> DaM* Urtnshau* Sentle*. Bi«ham Facchtm HR -Conlne Capt»' SF— (5old»teír. DP—Jone* W*ilkir.s<>n (>*ld*tetn LOB- T>!er 5. C >rpu» Chrwti 7 RB- Spieth S4im* 1 so.^ Spieth 2. Sim* 1. I’—Terre* Manr, T-2 05. A-2 377 Gaheston Hall» Au^tin Tern ab h • • Rnranab li S** K'e If 6 4 0 Chhikan 2 S 2 Daehr cf C € 1 Serpee rf 4 0 K ¿one* c g 3 J 0 Cabrera 1 40 M *>er.l s 5 ft Parker rf 4 e» Ls-vrt.' S 2 5 r VucHch.lf 4 2 Hantan 2 « 2 S 5 Ppaclwtt 3 4 Canj»bU * 5 2 A 1 TVmmnn.e n Ander*” rf 5 2 ] 0 rere t « 3 2 Strmbch p4 2 0 1 R p 1 n a Henry1 (ï SuNa.p 0 h Sauer 1 <» Garrett p n 0 Tota» 4 - r T 1 9 Total« 34 *» «ï a—Pr»rt*e<i fo: r R Jc*nt* Sn 4 th S—Struck rna for Suba ln **th %U4 ab b a a(¿al abb aa Angelo ef 5 2 S fl Cam>ll •31 1 C H* jam n 2 4 ï 2 S Pereti 4 2 Ò 3 Ma>« t 5 3 j n Mrrtan rf 5 2 0 0 Nettie« If 4 j 2 Staffordlf 3 3 ■» 0 l'rbnvrh 1 5 flfi 0 Little. 1 4 0 12 P Detti«.3 5p 33 Dino«t* e 4é 4 0 Ta> lor rf-p3 j 00 Riddle rf 5 3 2 0 (Caspar r 4 * 5 Sandrsn 2 % fi 2 Hee* prf 3 ê 01 Buchnarv-P 5 « 0 - T^aia 3!* ] .4 m Total* Jts ] [7 27 13 >!« Temí Br>ar .......... R — Andereor,. K«,e|>* C'oming Back In the eighth Charles was sliced around the right eye and an egg­ sized lump began to emerge <vn the left side of his face. Although he tried to fire back resolutely and did scone effectively when tha Rock missed, he was unable to avoid the champ's heavy bombi the rest of the way. Charles staggered, on wobbly legs in the sixth from a temfie I right and doubled up from a solid Carroll. Stafford 2 *H Stafford Carmll hook to the bodv. Still h# flurried ,alve*tr>T 12 HB 1 1 . _ , m ----- --------«----Rue ha nan WT—Burrhnmin BB back H]lh four punches to Mar* S. BurhAM«n S SO-Hm 2 Ta\k^r 1 \ cianO S RUrpHSf. H^^Hani: * R*r*T -2 io a ‘ * i The 10th round was another big Au*ttn .................................. 110 ion 010 - 4 Galventon ..........................1 22 t»x 10 R Angelo Ha u*mann Taylo. (¡a* par Ga*par Carmll 2. Perez 2, Murn««^ Stafford 2 I>»*'»ni'*''t¡* 2 Sanderson E Perei RBI Nettle« t rbarv*vtch Mormon 2 Stafford 4 (^a*i«r Campii 2. Ansek». Rurrh anan Sanderson 2B— r>v*i>o9on* tiaspar 2 Ma>* Pere? Nettie* SB Mormon HR in New York Thursday. Marciano was awarded « unanimous verdict. (United Press Telephoto). Marciano Claims Charles Toughest He Ever Fought Ut Blow-bv-Blow By I AO H. PETERSEN NEW YORK. June 17—UP—A blow by blow account of the Rocky Marciano-Lzzard Charles fight follows: ROIXD ONE Marciano came out of hi« comer quickly a d «a* *: rt mnth a left )ab a* Charle« went Into a clinch Charle« landed two light !eft* to the head and took a left th* head after the hell I save thu round riar to Marciano. «OOP MX of Title Fi «»lit THAT'S MY BOY—Heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano gets a kiss from his manager Al Weill in the dressing room after Marciano had successfully defended his title against £zzard Charles at the Yankee Stadium Thursday. (United Press Telephoto). e'e Marrtano dnoe a hard risht tn return. Charle« led a*a»n with a nght out Marriano droxe him off j rut to the jaw to the body ciano Charle« drove a rl*ht to body bui took a left and rtjrh* In return Marnano dro\e a ’eft to hody and Charie* landed a left and risht which rocked Marciano nack on hi* bee!* Marciano landed a hard ri*ht to Chatie*1 head Marnano *ent a flock ! of risht* ard left* to Charle* head C harle* *a« comp.etely heipie** as Marnano continued Marrano rntsned a left a* Charle* j continued «tassenns around Charle* land ed a hard left to »Marnano * e>e Rock> : wa* «hon »1th « left hut drove a upper Marnano drme a rt|Eht to thè che» wìth a blo» to thè bod> A Charle* left hook «-a* short But he then land ed a hard left to Marnano * head It mrked thè rhamp hack on hi* hee!* Marnano j . mi»«ed «ith a k»p.n« nsht Blood besan ; “T wo a «Unch Marciano «Uh an uppercut I ta'e this n>und to Mar ■oc xn srv tw left to hixl>' and the to c'harles head artd s'assered him again Marruino ¡anded an«-»ther right which forced Charles Into a clinch Marriano threw three blow« to the bodv and then mss*ed a hard n*ht to bead Marriano dome a hard right tn the head which dncne Charle* backwards Charles countered with a left to head They went Into a clinch a* Marciano kept horins in Charle« *tags»*red Marciano with right to the bead but Mai nano rame hark with « l«ft to the-chtr a* the round j ended 1 gave this round to Marnano KOI XD TWKIVK Charle« mi**ed a right to the taw and j Teen-Age Marctano ^ith a left u __________n n went into a clln«‘h with Charle* flicklns Holts upsetting B. and B., Holts, TCW Remain Tied ï In Senior Loot ie I * m SPORTS TODAY ) « d^wn fmm Marnano« no*e.^ SSS. -SS «h . i«n u, u» Ch.rt^< li. ’ And th.n r.rr,r tn with « , ^ *xrhanf£t hard hard nght to the head Charle« led with *® the jaw The> rxchan»ed_ hard . Mt to hnd> «. It» rouiMi «vi* Ï ga\e this round to Charle« ROl ND TWO a hard right. 1er mi**ed 'ha:1c* is flecking his ¡Ight In Marciano'* e>e He followed with a hard left and light to the h^ad fontng Marriano into a clinch. Marnano mi**ed with a left Charle* landed another right to Marnano* bleeding left eve They clinched a* Marciano wa* wild with a left hook. 1 gave hia round to Charle« The'- sparred in the middle of the nng and Marry»t> driving in mi**ed with a light to the bodj In the mflghtlns that followed Marctano landed a hard left to the body Mamano wa» short with a left hook which bounced off Charle* head Mamarv landed a left to the head and took *i left and right to the head in return Marnano landed a Ion« left to the head and took a hard uppen-ut to the jaw in return Charles was short with a nght hut drove * left to the body a* Marnano missed wit ha right cro«s Charles land ed a hard rv kM;• **> • and forced ltft an(J lo th* bnA>. forctng the champion ct *e Marciano landed a j c|tW) ,nto „ ritnrh Marciano landed a left and right to the hod>. Charles coun KOI NP F.K.HT They rllrn hed as Marctano wa* short to the body. Charle* drove a hard risht to the head and again drew hlood from the had eve. Marciano landed a hard risht off Charle* law Charle* threw a eve wa* Meeding profusely again Mat «iano daggered Charle* with a left hook and followed with a right lo the law Marnano landed another right which forced Charles Into a clinch ( harles <-«>un- tered with a right to the head Marciano wa* *hon with n right to the bodv. They clinched a* Rocky grazed Charle*" chin A* the round ended I gave this round to Mainano Bovs Town Ed ges J o I Merchants, 4-3 Boys Town scored three times in the last inning Thursday night to hand the Merchants their first defeat in Junior Teen-Age League j play. 4-3. Trailing. 3-1. Boys Town knocked the league's leading hurler. Tommy Pettigrew, out of the box in the final frame, but faulty fielding handed the Merchants the loss. T.T..:... o.o ,ot n-f V « Bonnie Noi on hurled Holts paslj rhanls vs L. I.. Sants: Telpphone | Boy. ( T owt , « Bunn and Ashcraft. NEW YORK. June 17—UP—"He surprised me. He’s the toughest guy I ever fought.” That was the tribute which battered world heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano paid beaten challenger Kzzard Charles Thursday night after his 15 - round decision vistorv at Yankee Stadium. “I didn't think he'd go that fast and good all the way. He hit me with some good punches.” Rocky conceded as he sat on his dressing room table munching slices of oranges. His face was married by a two-inch cut over the left eye. a swollen purple ‘’mouse” beneath, and a swollen nose. “He hurt me in about three or four different rounds.” the Brock- melee of his dressing room. “Yeah, 1 gotta rate him the gamest guy I ever boxed.” He tried to sound nonchalant with the reporters but the anxiety of his gruelling 15-round punch-fest showed in his face as he answered questions. ‘‘I thought I almost had him a couple of times,” Marciano said. *1 thought I needed just one more good punch to put him away, “I thought I had him about three or four times. I was surprised to sop him stay on his feet.” Marciano continued. "I think I was punching as hal’d as I ever did, but 1 never caught him clean.” Marciano, whose eye had bled freely from the fourth round to the finish, said the flow of blood bothered him in four or five rounds. ‘"I couldn’t see outta the left,” he said. “I had to fight for about a half-minute to a minute of four , or five rounds with only one eye.” Marciano said he thought th« fight was close until the 10th round but that he was in full command the rest of the wray. Did Charles rate a return match on the strength of his showing Thursday night, Rocky was asked. “Sure, he rates it,” the Rock replied. “If he comes around.” Little League Results NORTHERN LEAGUE - Coco- Cola 12, Amicable Life 6; Pirates 9, Pine Street Church 5: Tribune- Herald 20, Warren Signs 6. WESTERN MINOR LEAGUE — Williams Drug 24, Centex Iron Works 20; FlyTAF 25, Whimpy’s 24. CLYDE ARRINGTON District Manager —LIFE INS. CO. 405 Amicable Bldg. For Information Call 4-33M BASEBALL Waco Pirates vs. Harlingen in . lips No. 1 vs. Ruth's Place; Cam h>, crons vs. AAA; South Waco Mer- Merchants W. A. Holts and Texas Concrete remained neck and neck in Senior Harlingen. League plav Thursday SOFTBALL a *erie* of lefts and rights to Marciano's 111 c anJ Tevns i'nnrrvtv maulinpi WaCO Softball Association Phil chin The clinched again as both were 11 D' ano |Pxas '-Oncreie mauling Shon to h..d> Charle* landed a hard left State Home, 15-1. to Marciano * chin and Marnano s left | bleeding profusely again I* Uft huw%L 1 J w r favored B. and B., giving up four Co. vs. First National Bank, hits, walking four and striking out --------- --------------seven. The Concrctcrs clobbered State Home in only four innings with Paul Anderson getting the win. left to the chin but took a flurry of hody hiow* as the round ended. I gave this r>>und to Charle* ROI M> TMKI.r. Charle* landed a light left to the hody In the infighting that followed scored with blow« to the head Charrle* landed a hard left h«ok to the head which brought bloM again from Marnano s no*e The Hampton got the wTirat of tt a* the» went ¡nto another clinch Charle« bea* a tattoo off his bodj Charle«’ nght grazed Mamano* chin Marnano was «hon with a naht and took a right blow to the jaw which aet him back on hi* heel« Marciann honng in was ahort with a left another Mar« iano left glanced off Charle« right ahouidet Charle* landed a hard nght tn the heart But Marcia no countered with a stiff left book to the jaw» Mar nano was abort with a right as the round ended 1 gave this round to Charles Rot M> rot« Marnano w»« short with a left a* the> went Into a Clinch Marciano bounced a left hook oft Otarle«' cheek The fham p*on began farcin* the fight Rlood w*i streaming from Marciano a nose Charles stopi>ed a hard nght to the bod> and forced the champion to hold on. Charle* drove Marciano into the ropes with a nght to the head and followed with a hard left to the body Marciano began mis*ing wildly and Charle« landed a hard right to Marriano s left eye which waa bleeding badl>. Charle« mi«aed with a right, Charles was «low with a l£ft and then landed a hard nght to Marcianos head. Charles «as concentrating his at tack on Marciano « left e>e as the round ended I save this round to Charle« ROl.VD f IV K Mamano came out of hi* corner with a coagulant over his left e>e. Charles landed two hard right« one to the head and one to the hody Charles landed a hard left hook to the jaw and the left eye and noae negan to bleed again blood flowing as Charle« landed a hard nght. Marriano countered with a hard uppercut but Charle* drove into a clinch They clinched a* Marciano mlsaed with a left Charle* tMk a left honk to the bnd>, hut cf'unteted lo Marciano's Injured eye Marnano landed a hard left book to Charles eve Another Marriano left graced Charles' chin Marciano flicked a nght and left tn Charles head. Charles drove a right to the hody as the hell Bounded and Marciano landed • right to HOI M> I HI K1 t.KN Thev clinched a* Mamano drove a left 1 Into the Imdv Mamano (anded a right and Charle* countered with a hard nght to Rocki s jaw Charle* led with a nght to Rocky s head and again blood wa* flowing from hi* feft eye Charle* landed with a left to head Mnrnano landed a right to the head and Charle* countered with a left U* body. Charle* ftirked two left* off MarcUino's eve Marciano landed Score hjr innlna*— R H f. W A Holt ........................ 222 20»-11 9 i Bi B .............................MI NS I * I Nolen and McKinney; Johnson. Bouldin. Rutherford and Propst Score hy Innlna*— R H K Tevas Concrete ................0X2« 10* 15 10 2 State Home ............................1—445 Anderson and Hem; Chamber« and C. tered with a left to the b«»dy. Charles ! tended a looping left to the jaw as Mar | nano wa* snort with a right Marciano bounced a hard nght to the head Mar | nano landed a left and right which cut Charles' nght eye Marciano was *hort with a left and’ Marnano tied Charle* up Both fiahters were Weeding — Charle* from his Yight eye and Marriano from his left eje and nose I scored this round even BOUND KIKE Marnano flicked a left off Charle« tew and then landed a hard left and right to head Charle* landed a hard right to the bnd> Marriano wa* short with a left uppercut and Charles landed a left to the bod> Marcianoa left e>e wa* bleeding had- ty as Charle* made it a target for his left and right* Marciano missed a right and then landed a left to the chest. The a hard left hook the head Marciano wa* * short with a right and Oiarle« landed ■""""" ..........—................. a hard left to bod> Marciano landed a j * /-i .. • mgr* hard leP and ilgnt which Maggcred Lomifl« t .OttOHH'OOCl “ill Charle* H*> drove Charle* tiark with a left hook and again It Umked like Charle* whs out on his feet I gave this round to Marciano. Lorena downed Phillips No. I, 4-0, Thursday night on Harold Blansit s no-hitter. Cottonwood trimmod Brewer’s Hardware, 6-4. behind the pitching of Johnny Nehring. rockd roi Charles' right e>e wa* almost closed a* he came out of his corner. Marnano wa* *hort with a right to body but landed a right to head and to«*k a left to taw In return Charle* took a left to head hut landed a hard right to Mama no's law in return Charle* came In with a hard left and light to the Jaw- Again Marciano * left eve and nose were bleed Ing profuselv Cliarle* wa* wild with a left hook They exchanged left* In the middle of the ring A left hook to the head staggered Charle* Marciano wa* . i-n t.i it l •rtlh * Ifft * hey went into a . . I clinch Char le* landed a left and right to his head In return Charle* Into the rope* hut Charles rame i .¡„„„i r»;n fullback with a right to the taw as the i sinnal now. Bill Smith of Hills Ben Chandler Will Not Defend Temple Golf Title TEMPLE. June 17—SPL-Ben Chandler will not defend hi* title this year in the Temple Country Marnano dnive J Club Invitational as he is a profes- Charles with two hard rtghts to the head Charles countered to lhe bod.v Marciano tended a hard right to the head Both tUtt-unT*»<> rttitl™“1 '""'t 1 «*'» ,hl* mu"1’ '<• M*' boro, the ninner-tip last ypar. will Bf ‘.."C ^ ’Sin «»u>» nmcKM ^ ?n h"nd «hon first - round gave thi« round to Marciano Marciano mi***>d a left and then grazed matches Start Saturday morning, Rot mi tin I* lr,L rh*r,#‘* 'anded however. Chandler is running a " ' 1« hard right to the head and again Mar- . . . ^ Marciano tended a light left lo the head . rtenoa left eve wa* bleeding freely driving range at r ort riOOu. and then Charle* was short with a right n.l2,r,Sli,?£#d M*r ' Piavcrs Will qualify todav for the to bodv They clinched a* Mamano ml«*- | ',ann ''** "hort with a left but then came , , . ... , ed a nght. Charle« tended a ftum of with a liard left and neht to Charles championship flight. There Will be rights and lefts to body arvJ Mamano I Jl*,d.v Charle* tended a hard left to head fu.n rnatrhr>v oarh Hav Siitnrrlnv countered with a hard nght to the body M*rclano rame bark with a hard left!1"0 ma,cnfS ™n >ailirOay and head Marciano drove a left to the rlfbt to head Charle* staggered Marciano with a hard right to jaw Marriano staggered Charles with hard left and right Marciano tended again hard righta and lefts to Charle* head. Charles appeared to be almost out on his feet and Marciano was tending hi* punche* at will Charle* went into a clinch as the hell ended the fight I gave this round to Marciano. body but was short with a right uppercut Both were bleeding again Marciano from left eve and Charles from the right eye Marciano tended a hard light to the Jaw and staggered Charles and followed with a right to the jaw Charles wus out on his feet as he staggered around the ring a* Marciano was tending rights and lefts I at will Marciano landed a left and right j uppercut but Charle« «ta>ed on his feet) and countered with a left to the bod' j as the round ended. 1 gave this round to Marciano ROCKI) KI.KVKK Charles was short with a right tn head , and the> went Into a clinch as Mamano i mteaed with uppercut Roth tended a series of hodv blow* Marnano dro\# a hard right and followed with a left to X Mil FRAKRL1K U» body. Ghana« tended two left« to Mar- • pnd Sunday with finals in the afternoon. Julian Oates and Eddie Parma of Waco will be among the entrants. Jack Mann, who recently shot a record 63, is pro of the course. TH l'SSC* »• Abdominal Support« • llraee« • Wheel Chaira • Cratches Williams Drug j TEMPLE EAGLES SAVED BY BIG STATE LEAGUE AUSTIN, June 17-AP-The Big State League came to tha rescue of the financially troubled Temple Kagles at a meeting of the league owners this afternoon. Howard Cireen. league president, called the meeting when Temple stockholders announced the picture appeared bleak for the future. After the 2-hour meeting. Green announced the league owners decided it would be better to advance the Kagles some cash rather than shift the franchise to another city. C. D. Brown, an Eagles spokesman, said the club would He able to continue operations with the loan and also secure several players which could make a winning team. The evact amount loaned was not revealed. HOT ROD RACES 7 BIG EVENTS SUICIDE BOWL ‘ADDED ATTRACTION Frank Matthews, of Dallas, Will Completely Flip, Wheel-to-Wheel, a Convertible Stock Car Without Safety of Roll Bars. No Increase in Price. SATURDAY NITE, 7:30 P. M. Adults $1.00 Children 25c (Inder 12) Service Personnel HALF PRICE For his choice of summer's finest hats •. • v, DOBBS Gift Certificate for Father’s Day On June 20th, give Father a gift that’ll really go to his head. It’s the Dobbs Gift Certificate for a fine new Dobbs hat. The certificate comes in a tiny hatbox with a miniature hat - perfect for giving. When he exchanges the certificate for the Dobbs of his choice, he'll thank you all over again for being so ttioufihfuL Wtodlòtbi "The Store for .Wen' 417 AUSTIN DIAL 4-0395

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