The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1952
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1052 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Business Leaders Confident Despite Some Sales Slumps EDITOR'S NOTK: How's business so far in 1952? How will il be the rest of the year? coal. Expansion Is The Rule Rapid expansion Is the rule To show Hie state of business [ steel, aluminum, oil and defense and industry, The Associated JVewt made a state-by-state survey of the country. The follciw- JIIR article is the first of a series of three showing; conditions nation-wide. manufacturing. The survey disclosed retail sales in 10 or more states—mainly in the West and Deep South—running surprisingly ahead of the early 1951 [x-riod of frantic scare buying. Many felt present prices would be fairly well maintained; that a rising would | man rosier outlooks [or both retailers and producers. Beclouding all predictions is this unknown: The time bomb of a ser- ^P By The Associated Press •'In the midst of some sales and ] high personal incomes and production lumps that cause grave ] rate of defense spending worry, business loaderr, today are " generally confident. This is the main finding of a coast - to - const A?sorlatcd Press survey In which business and Industrial officials tt-crc asked, "How's business?" Outrlcht pessimists were few nnd" far between. Optimism was wide-; spread if somewhat cautious. Leaders reported some major Industries so harireri there is talk of recession, even white others continue to boom. Retail sales have fallen behind scare-buying 1951 over most of the nation. Many prices have been reduced, Some manufacturing has been cut back. Taxes Cause Problem The big problems are htsh taxes, rising labor costs, lower margin, buyers 1 resistance. But despite the "soft spots." business Is reported generally good by comparison with most recent years. W- Washington reports bear this French Get Hew Budget; ^o New Taxes ' Washington economists estimate that gross national production value of all goods ami services produced- -In the first three months of 1952 is at a rate nf more than 338 billion dollars annually. This (R 19 billion higher than it was year ago. Other Estimates Here are other current Washington estimates: National income at. an anniia 1 rate of more than 285 billion dollars against 269 billion ft year ago Personal income more than 25' billion against 243 billion In early 1B51. Unemployment 2,100,000 persons in February, or 300,000 less than year earlier. Among those, responding to the survey, Industrinlisis ,who expec ; to maintain high proluction out number those taklne a dim view. Retailers concede there Is con eutner resistance and it has hurt But most are confident that value over the rest of 1952 will attrac enotieh buyers so volume will com close to that of last yar. M Principal areas of Industrial dls tress nre found In textiles, shoes Red Thinks U.S. Worker Dig Grave/or Their Government PARIS (&) —French Premier An- oine Pinny today pushed an econ- budget which levies no neu axes Into the tax-conscious Na Umal Assembly. I Pinay proposed economies on almost all government spending ex- "ept the four-bill ion-dollar arms program. The cuts would save 110 illlon francs (320 million dollars). He estimated increasing yields rom existing taxes would add le.s of strikes could shut down many industries and alter business prospects drastically. Second Quarter Worries The second quarter of 1052, staring April 1, is the period in which government economists said we would see the greatest pinch on materials. Rut as It approaches, what is the picture: Defense production officials are considering relaxing controls on some types of steel and aluminum in ample supply- They're Riving a go-ahead to commercial mid nan- defense industrial construction. April could tip the balance, A series of strikes would make supplies short again, bring tightened controls and keep manv con-, struct ion workers idle. New Inflation Spree* Wage-price increases In steel and other Industries could set off a new inflationary spree. This might start a new scramble for goods and materials, another wave of f runt EC stocking of inventories. Customers lor finished products have been led (some say mistakenly) to expect no price Increases In coming months. Thus they have in no rush to buy. Because this, retailers still clearing stock* have held back on re-orders to manufacturers. So there have heei production cutbacks in some lines LOS ANGELES W\— Tbo American workers will bo the grave diggers of the United States' capitalist government, a defendant in the California Communist conspiracy trial lias been tjiicted a.s saying. Mrs. Loretta Starvu.s Stack, one of 15 defendants- marie this remark in a speei'h accepting elocium lo the sLiitc board of the Communist larly in 1945 government witness lepheii Wereb test Hied 1 relay. Wereb also irientiried four oilier defendants as active \\\ Los Aa^clcs County party aiiaii-s; Dorothy Hea- ey. Rose Chernin Kusnttz, Ben Dobbs and William Schneidcrman. Schnciderman, state pany chairman, declared in 1946 that in case of a U S.-Russia war, there was '•question whet her t he United tn protect resets. itself against FBI ar- Drait Evader Fears Return to Public his first public appearance since he served a prison term for draft evasion: -I'm scared stiff. I don't know- how the people will accept me." HOLLYWOOD (/I 1 )-Says accordionist Dick Contino. u r ho opens to- I phi at a Sunset Strip cabaret in Read Courier News Classified Ads. Norway maintains a polar b^ar Ftmcluary in the Spitsbergen archipelago. about GO billion francs (175 million dollars) to previous estimates of government income. These two factors, Pinay said, would balance the budget without new taxes. Some of the Result* Against this background, hen are results of the A. p. survey o business and industrial leaders: States would get allies for aid," he witnew said. Mips Hcalcy urged mass demonstrations at the Los AneeLw; City Hall to push various Communist Campaigns, said Wereb, an undercover man for the FBI from 1944 on. Wereb said he attended a leadership class in 1946 and was told by the instructor that the party planned to .set up leadership ''five deep" Man Consumes Barrel of BAKING SODA One man told us lie took baking soda for years. Claims he has used over ti barrel of it for stomach gas. but sot only temporary relief. Recently he quit the sociu habit and took CERTA-VIN, This new medicine Is bringing REAL, lasting relief to many Blytheville gas vic- time because it is tnken FIE FORE (not after) meals and thus works with your food. H Iwlps digest your meals faster, so your food doesn't lay there and ferment, fir-sides relieving gas, CEIITA-VTN al^o contains Herbs with Vitamin IJ-i and Iron to enrich your blood and make your nerves stronger. Wcnk, miserable people soon feel different over. So don't so on sufTc-tin^. CERTA-VIN—Kirby Bros. Drug Co Europeans Meet On 'Green Pool' PARIS (/P) — Delegates from 18 nations gathered here today for (heir first conference on the proposed "Green Pool" of Western Europe's farm products. v As they met. American officials worried that the plan—French-proposed agricultural coimterparl to the Schuman pool of coal and steel — might be used to shelter European farmers from the competition of others, particularly Americans. The 18 countries meeting here, who Import about 30 per cent of what they eat from outside the area, spent more than five billion dollars of American aid funds for American farm products in 39 months. Retail sales in 3S states have! fallen behind 1951, in many cases | by 10 to 15 per cent. But compart-', sons with 1950 are mostly favorable. There is widespread consumer re-, Distance. Seller's markets are virt- \ ually extinct. Many store heads report customers increasingly "value- conscious." Some iwy rt takes really deep price cuts to bring dollars out of hiding-. Savings, which expanded from 3.6 per cent of income, nationally, in the first quarter last year to 9 per cent in thr final three months are remaining near the higher level. Retailers eye thi.=. reservoir of buying power hopefully as a source of future business. NOTE—Tomorrow's _ article tells how ,business has a selling job, ahead to make 1952 a good year, but defense spending may tase the problem. appliances, automobiles and hard Read Courier News Classified Adi. EMERGENCY SERVICE For you who need roofing materials or olh- er supplies because nf storm damage, Sears offers 1-ilay service during the emergency. Call our order office so thai we can phone Memphis by 2:00 in the afternoon and your supplies will be here ready for you to pick up at 10:00 the next morn- Ing- SEARS ORDER OFFICE Phone 8131 — Blylheville t'. S. Natural Wnndi> ra The six natural wonders of th« United Slates are the Grand Canyon. Niagara Falls. Yellowstone park, the giant redwood trees. lh« Rocky mountains, and the Palisadej alonp the Hudson river. Siq Trial Offer on KEM'GLO Enamel! 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