The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMLN'ANT NEWSPAPER OP NOnTIlSAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blythevlllo Courier, Blythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. PLEDGE!! TO LOCSL Committee Hopes to Complete Its Work Within the Next Few Days. With almost $9.000 in pledges already in html, the Hlytlievlllc chamber of comm-rce committee undertaking to raise .sufficient funds lo guarantee full-term schools in District 5 next, year is planning a week of Intensive effort to bring the total of subscription above 11*- $10.000 minimum essential to the Because it is realized that some persons making plet'ges may move away, while others may for oilier reasons fail to pay their pledges in full, the committee hopes in obtain promises of al least SI2.000, believing such an amount will insure the collection of at least $10.000. Pledges are payable monthly proves to be in excess of that and if the amount. subscribed city, needed the final payments will not shal be collected. Pledges In amounts ranging from 51 to $20 per month for leu months have been received from the following: W. W. Shaver. Cecil Shane. Cobb Undertaking Co., Mrs. J. G. Sudbury, C. W. fiamey. Phillips Motor Co., O. W. McCutchen. Dr. L. H. Moore. Mead Clothing Co.. J. A. Leech, E. B. Lyman, C. S. Lemons, Hubbard Furniture Co.. Ira Gray. Dr. H. S. Davis. The Courier News. Itacl S. Branson. Blythevlile Steam Laundry, C. M. Buck. Bly- Uieville Cotton Oil Co., C. W. A(Hick, G. E. Keck. Hubbard Hardware Co.. Tom W. Jackson. Midwest Dairy Products Corp.. I,. L. i "A 7 | one r a tlolu-|" Ward. B. A. Lynch. Farmers aank I _ rt/ - lullt - -<muiK.J & Trusi Co. j hxpeclahoti. W. D. GraveUc. L. G. Thomp-1 r ..._•_. son, Ray Worthington, J. A. Wat- no:vlE Jlmc 2 . .UP)-The stru"- erman. Dr. A. M. Wnshburn. S. H. • • m,YTHKVII,l,K. ARKANSAS, Tl'KSIUY. JUNK 2, l!):ll" U. S. Girl, 15, Is Toiisi oj' France Deportation Order {or Texas and Girls Issued PARIS, June 2. lUI'i— Tiie ministry ol Interior ordered ;•.••(.iy the deputation of Texas Ciiiinii:i imcl her company of show yhl> -.vhtj v^ere barred from landing m I'rance when they re.iehod l.e Ham' ;.«.; Friday oil Ihe liner Pari-. I Tlu-y will bo sent back on :he I Parij; tomorrow, ' T:ie ministry urged pniiit io ink.' i, extra precaution.-, nyainst anv t::o: j to liberate tho girls and .-.iiui-j^lc | llieui into Paris. | Mls.s Quimin, her girls .UK! h? : \ while hone. Waco, were luund mi- I di-r Inbor laws on the grounds ihi'y ! would deprive unemployed Kn ru-h 1 cabaret iKM-formcrs 1 lrom a Inj hood. England also lias Lau-fd I entry. U. S. WILL CULL II J3INGLE COPIES.FIVE CENTS Honor Men at Annapolis War Dei:arlnH!!il i\l;il;in{ Pliius for Mohilixahoii o Man Power and Industry EDITOR'S XOTI-:: This Is Ilir- lirsl uf a scries lit stories (in the fedrraJ flovi-rnnu'iirh IH'U- (ilaii for mublli/iiiK- nuin iiotver ui:tl imluhtry when (he "ni'\l \\-.\i" breaks out. BILES GIVEN IU15 Betty Smith. 15-year-oM daughter of Muyor Dryee Smith of Kansas Mo, Louis designated by Mar- Hubert Lyauloy of France as "tte prettiest girl in the United States." The marshal proposed a least to her when he was host recently to Ameiicnn mayors unil their families who are lij'.iring France. 11V KOl>\ir\' Ni:A Srrvii-f Wiilri WASHINGTON.— Hi-tailed plans o! vast ,y.-o;>e for mobilization o! man |w,ver ajui industry when the "next war" breaks oul h.ivc been formulated by the War DepLivlLlU'llt. Immediate dial; of -1,000,000 men land registration of 7,000.000 more within the ages of 21 [o 30. creation of a ]io\vi-rfut Advisory War Council, compulsory orders (or 15.- :0fll) innniifacturing plants mid tpc- {ciul low-profit conlracls foi pur- j OSCEOLA. Ark.. June 2.-M. T .i'' lm5c ot necessary supplies av Rialk* was given a iucismcnt in SGI "? ,f lh<> ""f """"riant pins- Hie sum of S-.315 Kansas cs _°. f "! c .W>ieral «'ar plan. Wlison Concern Musi Pay Worker for Loss of Use of Mis Right 1 land. City Shook company after 11 jury The War Policies Commission i; IS m eK,l coin" 1 ,,e,r esc Sir *"T K ""'V °' ^ "'"" in which he sought damages in I'M " I ™ B , V ." ro "° s 2i s , " ltute "< lla sum of S20.000 for loss Jl ,h, use T.. '™ "^ ^commission of his riKht tend, whirh in- i r^n'v "'"', ^ c «™™™ '"»« :rcil on December 17, 1SJO. while I , ' , , i '',' 1! " r \ 1(> eislation de- E was in the employ of the Kan-!*' 1 ? ed lo c <* m -- 7e "'•« burdens and '.s City Shook company at their Mac Sniilli 'l\)j>s Oiiijlil'yin^ Picld in Urilish Open CAIIN'OUSTIB. Scotland. June iUI'l— A Held of 101) yolfcrs !ed by MacDonald Smli't). of New Vo:k. r,iuilllled today for Ihe Drills!) OjK'ii championship. The lar«e Held wus necessary be- causi- uf the (nci tluit tlitri- werr ten players who tied with u^tjre- i;ale .•.cores of I(i0. MaeDoiuild .Smith, iwptilar IOUH! tnvurltr bv- cntii.i} he was a CnrnoiLstle boy. put tocellur )iLs scores of 10 and 71 for an iigvtreiiiUi! seoie of 141 In the: au hole leal lound before (he inurnu- iil proper. Lieutenant Governor's Action in I Arouses I Dorado Case 3 rotesl. Youth, Already Under Suspended Sentence, Svir- pvised in Restaurant. LITTLE ItOCK, June 2. tUP>— Lt. Gav. tj'.'Arence K. Wilson, acting clilef executive In the absence of Gov. Harvey 1'nrnell. today for the M-cond time wKJiln t\vo luonth.s I wus Hie object of sluup criticism jre.iuUlng from the use- of Ills par- inning power. l.alc yi-.stcrdny. only a lew hours after his brother. Fred Wilson, 'El Dorado, had been sentenced (0 u year In (he slate jienllcnUnry on each of four charges of cmbc/zle-" iiieiit virowiny out of alleged payroll padding transactions, a full pardon was granted by the acting covcrnor. Tho lieutenant governor assumed Ihe duties of the chief executive' Monday niornlni;. Governor Parnctl the profits of war. It con- mill in Wilson, Ark. Attorneys for Ihe defendant gave notice of appeal to (he supreme court. I According to evidence iimoduced . ! at the hearing yesterday. Hialles Vatican Will Not Dissolve! r " lroml su injury whe " °ne of sists of six cabinet members, four senators and four representatives. I It will' report to the next. Congress, For Major Wars Only Bills drafted by tiie War beparl- ment. which Congress would be ex. !the company's trucks was unload- P"'"* to pass ImmBlhlely In case Is led near where he wo,s working | n ! !L^L ^'^ .™l^; S .. raflkln ? .„ ,, ' I hand causing n wound from which: he later developed blood pcjison- •lliey arc the htRhest. ranking mer.j of the -HH midshipmen lo In- gnd- <>al«l tins J ear Irom tl:c United Suites Naval Academy. Left to right they are Thomas D. Tyra of St. Paul. Minn., Alexander . winner of the first hou- C. Vcasey of Atlantic City. N. J., who took .second IHJHOIS; and Itoracio Uiverlo. only 1'orlo Rlcan'. in the class, who won honors. Milk Truck Dynamited in Alabama Price War BIRMINGHAM. June 2. (UP)— Dynamiting of a liirmlngham bound ! milk truck; 14 miles south of here C. Lsggptt. Otto Kochtilzky jr.. I. : mnld c ?; Jchnsoy, Mrs. J. M. Jontz. J.j RejecMon of the d mand b . tie I J. -JaBEcrs. k. B. Harrison, Roy R.tvailcan was regarded liMy T ; P ' Hasan A G. Hall. ! governments- next sten. it v:a<= be-j T^slie Hooper. O. N. Hawkins. licved , voull , b{ , u , ;,,.., „,„ , , Alfred S. Harwell. G. G. Hubbard. •. m O j U]c Azfonc ^ -^^ a ^ Alvin Hulfmnn. C. M. Gray sr..' n ihorbu^h investigat'on -s to f-i' r „ w>| , , . SCt I'al! Will Ask Pvp-jin'piir'c riCbiaeiltS ,. .1 , "b 1 -" Jllu ukJU han he regular army, even raised | severely shaken !to full strewn, anl strcnethcnerV, j'liy-stmie ' National"'Gua'vd 'units. ' ! "would cause scarcely a vippb In American life and industry." The proposed selective service EL E'ASO. Tex., June 2. (Ul'>— ! [J'-m is based on the provision de*J. L. Guard. F. A. Downing. F. • pViitTcaf flu-ess ^yithTnalYpproval ' "en^rs of Albert B. Fall's lamiiy j iswiiii:;: all able-todied males b5- C. Douglas. Mrs. R. C. Dent. Mrs. J. E. Crook, G. W. Barham, J. Mell Brooks. Mrs. H. n. Brandon. E. J. Browne, Hussell Blair. E. F. Blomcyer. C. R. Babcock, Byron Morse. F. H. Acton, R. D. Hnghep. L. G. Posey, R. H. Bennett, Simon. Roland Green, Meyers Bros, Jimmie Boyd, A. B. Holland, Borum Drugs. O. O. Hardaway. W. W. Hollipeter. Fred S. Saliba, . R. Jackson, O. C. Barnes. U. S. by the government. indicaled today they would leave to I Iv.'eon Hie age of 18 and -15 as the Tiie Azione Cattolica already has l . tlolr ntw > rnc >'. F "»k J. Hognn. ihc ; country's unorganized militia. H been restricted lhroii°hout Italy un- accl!il0 ' 1 as lo «'!ial action would be i calls for primary selection cf msn der orders from Pr?mt»v Mussolini lakc11 regarding refusal of the U., of "those aaes which best fii-'.he ' S. supreme court lo review the trial ; nerds of tl:c particular \var." polnt- SonfliPvn Prethuio,-;-^ aml cc!n ' idion of lhe former .sec- Ing out thai this range was origi- OUUinern IF resayteiluns retary of interior. nally 21 lo 30 years inclusive in Q uit f nunci! ni f'niirrriee '• NcLtncr Fal1 - Hogan nor uu council 01 v,nujcnes, mpmh ,, r „, .,,„ r . t , ,„.„.,,. , nally 21 lo 30 years, inclusive in any the World War. member of the Fall family would j There is an estimated reservoir comment on what course would be;0:' 11.000,000 registrants within the ays Southern Farmers Arc Cooperating crnnicnt's Plan. in Gov- NEW ORLEANS, June 2. (UP) — A reducllon of between G and 10 )ier cent In cotton acreage over the south ns well os substantial decrease In the use of fertilizer wns cslimated today by C. O. Moser. vice-president and secretary of th American Cotton Coop.-rntive association, in commenting on nalional i cotton week. Moser said farmers of the south had entered Inlo the government's plan and were planting more car- jdens and »-cre tryinn io raise iced f , \ • i • p , i- ! for (heir work.stock. tUSCS to Aid 111 Lxlradl- | -we still have more work io do.' Moser said. "We must nnd new uses for cotton if Hie economic Rivers Teastie. '20 year old Number Nine youth, was captured by Iluck Tnmllson. merclmnl'.'; niuhl p.Uiolman, In n chase nlshl lifter the ollicer hud surprised In Sallba's cafe. In Ihe 400 bluck oiv West Main street, The oiricer was mnkinj his icimils about 10 o'clock last night when liis lla.ihllyht lay rested full upon thj lujuro of a man crouching in the cafe. Ihe cnfe Is open cnly during the day. The. man dashed for the rear door of the ri-sliiurnnt' and TomilMui 1 , r;tccd around to the back of the bulkl- in time to ciilcli .1 Blimps: of the llcclng num. The ollicer llred lv.-o shols and Teaguc gnve up the race. The youth wns lodged In the county Joll on a chargu of burs- i.iry- Kxuminotlon of crimiiul court records today rcvsnlert that yomiic T?usuc was al llb?rty under suspended sentence of one year for burglary. He entered a plea of guilty lo burglary of C. C. LniiB- slon's store at Number Mine last fall and wns given n; suspended sentence pending good bchuvlcr en order of-Judg W. W.-Dandy. Olllcers said today that Judg; Keck would be; osked lo lift the suttjicri.sloii aCiip comri,H Tcnjiie to Ihe slate prison at Little Rock. With circuit courl in vacation th': n • j , TI \i in '""" """ wcrc nlan tmde Ot I hrec IVloilths Kc- <te's and »-cre tryir lion Fight. SAN FRANCISCO. Ji'lle '.'. (UP- having departed Saturday . lor French Lick. Ind.. to attend Hie annual conference of (jovernorfl, Shortly before noon Fred Wilson accompanied by his attorney . appeared In the Union county circuit courl nnd \vns scntcnoed. He was cmmnllU'cd to jnll pending his ie- movnl to' Ihe penitentiary. Before he could be bronchi lo LHtle Rijck the pardon was served OP. the Union county sheriff. Wilson wns' tried last March and entered plens of to The four " Says Women Have Brought Refinements in Aviation MONTREAT, N. C., June 2. iu?) followed but it was believed appli-i "fe.s of 21 and 30 and (he Army I.^_. SC ".!'"!.. lD :;! Cm ^, y . ° f t '"- cali ™ KmM ^ mn "c lor either a estimates thai about 4.000,000 men'-A man believed lo be George ~W , presidential pardon or a siispen;l;d j w=i;!d be immediately available for E. Perry, '•marrying Milwaukee j BENTONVILLE, Ark.. June 2. (UP>—"Reflueaients" in aviation have come about since women became , inierested In flying and are standard o[ the smith Is to be main- i largely due to the elforts of woni Inii-.ecT." Southern Presbyterian Church vot- Barnes. Jack Saliba E. Beit H. T • ca 175 to ^ '" convention here lo .sentence. Rylce. 1,. H. Welch, Joe Tricsch- ; ^'Ilhdre.-.v from .the Federal Co'.m- man. Irn Crawford, W. I. Osborne, i cl! ° r Cliurclies of Chrwt in Arr.:i-Dobyns, Mrs. George Cross, rrcrat approval of birth control. Dollar Liner Reported . ci i . - " AgrOUild Near Shanghai^ 1 - These whos j induction into the armed service.. brnkcman." but who claims he is i ( •">---- be designated mem-; Frank J. Mornn. was cnroule to', I?"''' !1>ci;uds - Ulc s ' local " classes would bei e drafting wuld be I deferred because oj the importance The action came on a report of Marsh M. Callaway, Marcus Evrard, C. Sims Jack l!lc standing committee on foreign! Stout, H. T. Gulp. Sam L. Manatt. Ncill Rred. W. P. Veazey, Mrs. Geo. Worrley. H. C. Turner. Jessie Reader, H. A. Rimer. I. C. Page. J. J. Hargett. Mabel Hagau. R. F. Kirsh-! ner, E. H. Dealte. Homer S. Da-i vis, John Buchanan. E. C. Patton, Oscar Alexander, H. E. Tinker J. T. Craig, J. J. Daly, Jiedels, Harvey Morris. R. L. Oaines. Graham Sudbury, W. II. Heath, J. Nick Thomas. O. fi. Wright. A. S. Smith. John C. McSIancy jr.. J. N. Sin'leterry. W. \v. Brown. Verla Snow. C. Phillips. F. [>. Langley. Albert Ellis. Mrs. J. W. Burks. Mrs. Clyde Armantroul, W. J. . Smith. J. c. Thompson. J. J. Smith. Mrs. J. w. Sykes, G. G Saliba, Dr. J. A. Saliba, J. T. Pullam. Luther Paslcy. Jim Price, Mrs. R. A. Marian, Clark Martin, H. c. Layson.-Arch Lovelace, H. (I. Lew- Gets 10-Year Sentence 'ceived but fcsv details. It said the; for Murder al Pascola'KT 3 " d " " re MADRID.—A state prison ~ l^rm of id years faces Blue Sim- ', mons of Pemiscot county, tried in ' Circuit Court here on a charge of ,' having been connected with the; death of U. J. liaynes. Pascota ' merchant last January. Haynes was shot and killed by three men i who went to his home nl Pascola j Young Arrested Each year about 800,000 men will ! a 7! V( ; Rt "'S' 51 ™'' 0 ' 1 age and be i added to the rolls. I There would be no exemptions, ! bi:t military service would be "de- j ferred 1 ' by a man's own neighbors I on the drafl board "for Wiscoasln today to lace murder charges In connection the death of Mrs. Cora Bell Hacked at Unc Du Flambeau. Will Texas and Louisiana NEW ORLEANS. (UP)— Follow| ins a 20-year fl^rht by leaders of 1 pilots, Louise McPhctrldge van Tl-.a- I den. outstanding racing pilot, said here today. Mrs. von Tharien, now a resident of Pittsburgh,- but a former rcs'l- dent here and an iilumnus of the University ol Arkansas, Is visiting Before leaving here in the cus-1 ">e Imraconstal Canal in Louisiana tody of Wisconsin ofllccrs the sir. psct said goodbye to his bride of to clear the route in Louisiana to Ihe Texas Hue. right-of-way has tiiree months, the former Anna Gu- been grami'il by the government tlerrez. She had told authorities of i through Tfneb'onne Parish. Only a few short strips in Jefferson Parish, right outside New- Orleans, now remain lo obstruct clearance of the eniire route. fl-ilf RnMn>r,r Plist-na nn<1 humanitarian reasons only." j fs_ la c 1 ' Lii u Uult Kobbery Charge Aftcr ,,, D grol , p sclMtions nnd ,'„. j Une Man Slightly Hurt When Two Cars Collide her belief In his innocence, but refused to mortgage her properties so he might fight extradilion. The man left here last night a few hours alter Governor James, nolpli •:, ol California, signed ex- ' Mc . , n tradition papers. IVilSSOUri Law Permits Bouts of 15 Rounds I (dividual deferments calls to scrvlc; Williard Young, sought by of- | W0 uld lie determined by lot. in ccimeclimi with, safej About 5000 local draft boards of at Ihe wholesale ollice (hree members each would be fimc- cf the Gulf Reining company in' ticninc, in deccnlralizcd local board .leers ....„ one n<ght evidently to .steal a ! January ' Ivas (aken " Uo custody. atcas each including about 30.000 - niotor car. when he resisted them. | ' at ^ i .slab"-: Harry Taylor's force. • Constable Taylcr said that Mrs. McMahan Dismissed A charge of arson against Mrs. is. Lucy A. Ledbstler. Mrs. Mar- Ed McMahan lias been dismissed. garct King. Sam Florman. J. w. j Justice H. L. McXnighl announced nurhani. ' j this morning, R. C. Crawford. Mrs. J. H. Car- 1 Jllr 5- McMahan wns arrested and ter. C. U. Clienoweth. L. D. Cham- : released en her own recognizance In blin. Spencer Anderson. H. c. ! eennection ttill; an alleged attempt Campbell. L?wis Alcr.lson. Ed Wal-!'° burn a residence in the western ker, Ess!c M. Scruggs. R. L. Me- ! V*tl of the city. She failed to ap- ed against Young Jimmy Jones, well ' 15 ™ ( ' 1 J lbc J s of c °n-liwpulalion. The national sys'em ~ " ould be imder a "Director of Se- Ssnlce" with a hcadquar- each ! state under direction of the gov- known .man c] nor . fi-.e president would ">•"- . ; \>uj»i.iu.i inj,v,, 3..™ iiim .i-icciivc Mn'ice with a head n Charge AgamSt j charge of Burglary would be locig- jters stall, but operated within about town, was acquitted of a; claim a certain day on which all charge of burglary in! connection j m ,i c persons between certain riesl-- ivllh the S180 robbery by a jury j nated ages would register at l!:elr ' voting prccincis. Tile local board: Cue man \vai slightly injured KANSAS CITY. Mo. (UP)-Kan- sns City am! St. Louis are prepared to put in their bids for chan;- plonship n»hls. Hie Missouri box„ .., ...,_ ..... . when I ivo cars collided on Highway • '"8 ltuv having been changed lo " "' ----- ' ' . - - ' in March criminal court. 61 about four miles south of this city at 9:33 o'clock last night. Will Kflim.-:. Memphis contractor, and Harold Nimn. local yculli. were the drivers of the tow roadsters. A .companion; of Raines, whose nnrr.e was not learned, was cut slightly about Ihe face- No arrests were made. allow 15-roimd bouts to a decision. The law. which will go into effect nfter final adjournment of the assembly, probably in September. was given tiie approval of Oov. Hen- (ry S. Cautfield. hlarelf a n<ht fan. state her. Improvements which she said women dyers brought about tn-i eluded cabin planes, the Installa- i tion of heating systems in nlanes and stirre:! up much comment ns.t.ic result of an indefinite fur!on»!i Brained a convicted Mc- Caski'l banker. Efforts were made lo rjovirnor Parncll revoke the furlough but they were without avail. formerly smeared pilot's faces and elTorts toward doing away with noises while flying. Slate Excculivc Named in Charge Canadian Liner Goes /! Off .a uit Knight, Ivy W. Crawford, P. Langley. Chester Caldwcll. Farm Equipment Co.. Henry Reldman. Aaron Rosenthal, R. Wimberly. Tom Fortas. ASdlson F. Smith, C. H." Hovey. George L. Mulr, Floyd Snyder. E. Wilson, M. O. Goodwin. \V. J. Knox. Bon T. Wij- glns. W. H. Patterson. T. E. Me- Ctiliougli, Mary E. Burns. for a preliminary hearing but I! was later announced that the charge had been <iU:ui.'sed Agreement. then sends a questionnaire to each j u . I registrant to gather information I MUmCr Dims | about dependents, occupation, phy- j ;sical condition any religious convic- > . Uo:is against war, citizenship and i ! any claim" for deferment. Tills In Imnc fl»h Lions unb . ABOARD S. S. AMERICA AT ^formation is used to separate the SEA, June 2. (UP)— The Canadian registrants into Ihe four das«if:ca- Mastery of the word 'bouillon" I save Dr. Hunter C. Sirr.s tlu> spell- | championship of the Itlythe-1 Fim! Skulls JEFFEDSON'. Oroton. .UPi — An eld Indian burying ground wns believed lo h.iv" been u«;ar!hed ••<'itli the findin'; ot two skulls about nine milrs northwcs; of here. Thc janhor.e of or.e skull was unutnailv lar^c .inri the teeth were In excellent condition. Witch Hislory rd'und vllle Lions' club"" todav, alter the MEDIA. Pennsvlv.iula I . . Coast Guard Boat and Rummer in SAN PEDRO, Cal., June 2. (UP) —One man was killed and another j $80G LoSS Sustained Find Bomb Near Hangar i wounded m « running gun nght ati at Lon? Island Airport if?" "ttwecn the rum runner Dla-l ^ r ! tone and the coast guard cutter | NEW YORK. June 2. (UP) —A;Arrow, it was announced today . . ._.,. .....^ . ,..„ by • steamer Cornwallis went aground tions. near Port Hood. Nova Scoiia. early today and distress signals were sent out. The ship was reported refloat-! Pr ii' ! . . ., , .. I.HU »luvtll V:IUL t/ullll^ UUl. !.-> wl.v I ,, ; I V. ,', . ''" "" Other words which were too much ') v 1Icr ies which were said to abound 'or many of the Lions were "art-| | n tnls section more than n een- t ventltlous." "anomalous," and I to a practicable niiniitium iuid cs-i " nntar «'!c." while one well known sential factories and industries must • . 1 ,'™ n .S local ilrusgist «eut down on not be robbed ot necessary man Plan Deferments v ' orcl llnd 'Hsoosed of Dr. A. M. i Aniom; the paprrs left by Dr. Anna Thc matter of deferments Gen-, Wn f hburn . Marcus Evrard. and j E. Broomall. win died recently, I -.-.-H MacArthur points out is ore C ' U ncc<1 ' ms clfx " c ' 5! rira ' 5 ] ™ s an "imiiibllslifd manuscript on ;ed and the fore peak reported full; n , paramoulll i ml)orl , lnc e. Dis- "" '" " ' ' Fisrhl if ;V !If r ; H' W ' 15 '" "°i 'ufbancc lo the economic ri'liic- rigRl | immediate danger. tl , re of „,„. na[lon m(|st bc k ,. In Fire Early Today power. Also. say;. "If the selection or a certain able-bodied man would causa his invalid "apothecary." era!, state, county, municipal and it necessary—private building?. Fire of unknown origin damaged ! wife and three small children to Tn» Director of Selective Service VICTORIA, n. c.. June 2 (UP) —As one of the first results of (he Canadian tariff local agents for the Curils Publishing company received orders today to seek Close Local Banks io for Birthday of Davis Biytheville banks will be closed tomorrow in observance of the anniversary of Jefferson Dai-is president of Ihe Confederate Stales of America. The birthday of Davis is Memorial Day in Arkansas, and is n legal holiday by act cf the slate legislature. WEATHER' w , G n^maT Oe " l " mnn ' Arkansas—Mostly cloudy, probsb- jly showers In extreme northeast j portion tonight and tomorrow. According to the official wealh- cr cbservcr, Charles Phillips jr., .. _.„_. i , - - - --- — -,tr3 maximum temperature here the Country acted upon to study the report of yesterday was 80 degrees and the | a legislative invesllgation of his minimum, 63 degrees, clear. Today Governor Henry H. Horloit of Ten- further Canadian subscriptions for nessee. above, 'may face impeach- C r cuservor • ? rdly , EvmlnS FoStl Latjics i ment proceedings if ri resolution Is thj maximum MagaziHo dealers said they ex- conduct in oclce. On? member of PC.c-1 similar orders from othnr Am erlcan publlshlns hoiue-s. ] tho committee has accused him of o yeir r;,-o tho maximum temperi- ture was 86 degrees nd the minimum, 58 dtfrreM, clear, charges. He was employed by "the !'-' Hudson-Cooper Lumber company at El jjovado at Ihc lime the alleged transaction took place. Officials of lumber company' today were reported ns "highly Indignant" over • Ihe pardon and Indicated they -!' would press several charges remain- :j': Ing agntnst Wilson. •'.''.'-•'' Ex-Employer Indignant •'. . . \V. H. Hudson last night said llrat Wilson had embezzled the money by padding payrolls. "I didn't check .. up on him until he got a. 10-tiay vn- catlou, then 1 look a look nl,the . books," Mr. Hudson said. •'! prom- . ispd him that I would not prose- cjile If he repaid the money. When ^•e discovered the exact sum he had cmbeEzlcd, I wrote' a letter -which he djd, no! answc-r. t thejn, scot a'. nian lo sec "him" and'he s'cnt riie" word through M. E. Gunnals/ one sheriils ollice was impcrlaln lhati of my employes, that if I had iiim Teagiie could be committed until I' rc;;ci -'u«;d, Lawrence would get iiim next (nil. ' °i'i of it and thai I could go to hell ' hell. "I want lo sec those other counts pressed ngaliist him." he addcdj Prosecuting Attorney Joe' Joiner, Union county, declined to comment ' on the acting governe-'s move but intimated Wilson might be brought to trial on one of the remaining counts. Six weeks ago Lieuienant Goverf nor Wilson assumed the duties ol the chief cxecuti/ys office when Governor P.irncll was out of the f Or C!lic ^° Man's Shooting CHICAGO, June 2. (UP)—Mrs Helm Deal. 18, of Sidney, Ohio shot nnd killed Nicholas colan- tnnce. 33, today, then shot and slightly wounded herself. Police said Mrs. Doal came here two weeks ago from Hot Springs " Ark., v.-here she had lived n short time and that si:e had been livin" with Colantance. They said jealousy led to (he shooting. : Atlanta Girl Among Yacht Tragedy Victims NEW VORIC. June 3. (UP)—Lillian Greis Kemp, former chorus i'irl. was aboard th? yachl Sea Fox when it burned in Long Island Sound, claiming the lives of all Its (passengers. IE was leaned tod.iy i She Ind written hrr husband in j Atlanta s'r.e was going en the par; ty. He arrived iie.-e yesterday.

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