The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1952
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH *>4, ,(ARK.) COURIER NEWS HAL lOYLE'S COLUMN Railroad Engineer Ends 2,000,000 Mile Trip; Never Hit a Motorist KEW YORK (Ifi— James Lemtey, ii a railroad engineer who has driven trains 2,000.000 miles in nearly 40 years and never hit a motorist. "I've Just been lucky," he said. Hi* reccrd is unusual. Almost equally unusual is the fact vhat in traveling a distance equal to 30 trips around the world none of his trains have even been hit by > motorist. Far in about cue third of • the nation's grade crossing accidents it is the motor car that crashes into the train. "I cure would like (o keep my record." said Lemley. a gentle man of 66 who retires next. September. "But these accidents are up to the motorists. How can you make them comply with the red warning lights? A train cnn't get off the tracks." The railroad for some years hnve waged an intensive safety campaign to reduce grade erossm?, disasters, which account for about five per cent of all auto latnUtics. A Ritle in the Cab To see the problem from an engineer's standpoint I rode in his cab the other day with Lemley. EJe pi- lota the Baltimore and Ohio's crack passenger train. "The fccyaL Blue," from Washington, D.C.. to Jersey City, N.J. The nine-car train is pulled by a 4.000-horsepower diesel locomotive and reaches a speed of 70 to 80 miles an hour in the 223 mile-trip. It turned out that the chief problem.? of I^mley and lite fireman were to see that the track was clear—and to warn motorists. "There are about 20D grade crossings al/mg the way," Lemley said. Exactly 1,000 feet before each crass- ing stood a concrete whistle post. At each post Lemley tugged four tunes on the whistle cord — Uvo longs, a short, and another long. And the whistle—it is reaUy a horn —moaned with a sound audible for miles. Train Br-11 Rings "The train bell, rings before each crcssing, too," explained the engineer. "But the .sound travels forward and you can't hear it here the cab." Lemley, a white-haired man with two grandchildren, has to pull that whistel cord 800 times by law. But he [lid it at least another 100 times (or himself—to signal hack lo waving kids, farmers, and housewives hanging laundry on the line. "You get to know quite a few people along the way over the years," he said, smiUng. With us in the cab rode Lemley's .S, Wi'scn H. Stevens, B. £r O road foreman of engines, a former ngineer himself. As a big diimr truck suddenly trundled across the tracks ahead of us in vioUuon o the red warning lights. I asked what would happen if the truck suddenly stalled. "We'd Hit Him" ''We'd hit him," said Stevens we could slow down—but couldn't stop in time. . "I've hit 'em myself. It gives you i' completely helpless feeling. You keep waving at the driver, tryini :o tell rim to get out. What do you think of? Well"—ne hesitated— 'I've had five children myself. Al I remember thinking about when saw there was going to be an acci dent was"—he hesitated again—" just hoped there wouldn't be anj kids in the car." There was a long silence amonf the three trainmen as we roarec on down the rails. Trainmen hat* to talk about grade crossing ncci dents, because they don't feel ther is much they themselves can do ti halt them. When I climbed down from th cab later, Lemley said, almcs apologetically: "You know, I've been lucky—jus lucky, that's all." CAUCUS CLOCK — Longest filibuster in the Senate's history has been carried on by this venerable timepiece, which has. without repair, been telling the [hours for senators since 1847. lit was presented to the govern- imenl by the state of Ohio in [1816. Washington watchmaker E. Bryer, adjusts the clock. PAGE SEVEH RECORD FEED PRODUCTION URGED-Corn production tops the Department of Agriculture's 1952 feed grain goals, Newschart above.shows that a 15 per cent increase over last year's corn harvest will be sought at the expt-nse of oats and hay. Record production is elso sought for barley and'hay In an effort to meet the nation's fast-growing demand for meat and meat products. J952 GOAL - 1.105,000 Bogi +• 250,000 Bogs V/HEAT POTATOES 987.474.000 325,703.000 Busheli Buihek RICE 43.505,000 Bngi D3Y SEAMS : 6,000,000 Bogi . ME 21.395.000 Buiheli /95I PRODUCTION Comic Books and Cowboy Movie Affect Tots, But How Much? MILAN. Holy wi — Experts on children from 25 nations say that comic books and cowboy movies affect the tots, but they admit they don't know how much or In what ways. Meeting under United Nations ipotisorshtp, 000 educators,' Jurists and other authorities ended a five- day session here with the conclusion Hint "litlle Is known" of the effect of thrilling adventure stories in young people's reading. French Plane Crashes MARSEILLE. Fiance <fl — A French plane was reported to have crashed toddy in Gao, French West Africa, killing 15 persons. movies and radio programs. A majority of speakers conceded a need for such excitement. The juridical section, hov.*ever, urged governments to bar children from films considered harmful to their education and reduce attendance of children nt movies generally. 1951, and last month. Bland told newsmen the demand for workers in many Industries Is still In excess of supply. However, there has been a falling off of em- ployment In the clothing, tootwtar, textile and radio indujt»i»«. h« said. R«ad Courier Kewi OUwttM Ml, Employment Is Good In Australian Area MEl BOURNE, Australia (API-Vacant jobs in Australia are icxver today, but there is slill plenty of employment. Secretary 11. A. Bland, of the Labor and National Service Uepart- ineut, said the number of vacant jobs in this nonunion fell from 1-tO.OOO to 100,000 between August, RECORD FOOD COALS SET — Down on the farm — about 5,400,000 of them—more crops will be sown this year than ever before in an attempt lo meet the record food goals set by the Department of Agriculture for 1952. Newschnrt above shows that ICES rice will be raised to achieve greater production of other crops, notably an 18 per cent increase in wheat and a 7 per cent hike in' potato production. Truman Friend To Face Sentence In 'Fees' Case ST, LOUIS MV—James P. Fin negan. personal friend of President Truman, comes up for sentencing today but the filing of A lengthy motion for a new trial may cause a delay. The 51-year-old former internal revenue collector was convicted by a federal court jury March 15 on two counts of illegally taking fees from p r I v a te f i rin s to re pres en t those companies before government agencies. He was found innocent on three other charges, including two of briberyi Maximum penalty under- the conviction is four years in prison and a S20.GOO fine. NUDE IS JUST A "CUT-UP"—Actress Jane Baxter poses in London beside a portrait of a nude, on which a painting of her head has been superimposed by artist John Proudfool, left. The painting will never grace an art gallery, however. It's jusl a "prop" used in a Drury Lane theatrical charity show. Fay Compton, playing Jane's mother, will slash the canvas as the climatic action in the sketch. Te first patent for B system of wireless transmission in the United States was Issued to Dr. Mahlon Loomis, of \V ashing ton, D.C., in 1872. Portugal has an area ol about 35.4G6 square miles, slightly large.* than Indiana. 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