Waco Tribune-Herald from Waco, Texas on January 14, 1951 · Page 21
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Waco Tribune-Herald from Waco, Texas · Page 21

Waco, Texas
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Sunday, January 14, 1951
Page 21
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Jinx's IIol Shots < !í*fh N píi I on, Pre** •bori* editor, and whn n,k bern with tNaf nr»%|i«ppf f«r many ! year», I» rr**tgnllig ïhtf« to heroine *|wHi «'(Utor of the Houston pn+t, i e lertfie l>h, I. (iforif Variglit. j «he h;i* hpcn n «pnrt* «rrthf fnf the l'r«-«* n long time, will berorn* the »port* editor, Clyde L«Mol te. w ho ha* berti wrvini a* i|>nrt« edito? *f thr Hou*tnn P«*t, will |« ; hark to Shr de»M Jíi». h*- hart hefnre replurif*« Morrl* Frank a* the »port* filini*, liiforrunth>n wn get la that Ihih King, Bavinr «nert* | ptthifritjr «tirer i«r, h»* been offered thè Job r»n Ih#* Pri**» to he \»e*ted hv Wright, nt »h increase In the he reieiv #•* it lliivlor, hut It ro«t* murk mort- to liv# in Houston, «ort It i* ver.v rtotthtful If *n> on#* would want to Mve in ll»u*t on after Ih Inc In Ware. ♦ ♦ ❖ Five Intithwnt Conference basketball games uro booked thin «eek, and then thing« will «low Dp Mr « week, dtjr !(1 mid-term exam« at mml nf the conference ! tchnot* The University nf Texas ! Aran*«« in Fa vette- nigh* Raylor g<>e« to Houston for Waco ^utiùau (Trünm^6cralà Spotâi- :f*rtion lî WACO, TKXAP. mrs DAY, j ANI* All Y 14, \n\ Paga 7 Here's the Gal We've Been Waiting For J£i RICE-ARKANSAS GAME POSTPONED t<’*m win vili«» Mondav a game with Riff T n e s day Right, and at the same time SMU will play A. and M in Dallas. Baylor makes Its annual long trip to Arkansas for a gam* Saturday night, meeting the Porkers | Jn Fayetteville 1 as* year the HN \ TICK BR »ears p i a y e d that team In Liltl# Bock, and surprised one and all hy defeating Ark#n*a* with ease. It was a memorable occasion, Between halves Otis Douglas, the new Arkansas foot hall < <»ach. was intro* d’irpd and he stated that It was ht# aim and ambition to defeat everything in Texas, That pleased the Arkansas gathering very murh, and they rhcered long and loud over that statement. It Is a good thing they did, because ihey had little to cheer about during the aeaion •« hen Arkansas finished in th** rellar with only one conference vtrtr»r'. Rire plays SMU In basket, bail in Houston Saturday night, and that wind* up the week * basketball entertainment. ♦ ♦ ♦ Rio lot-. Hy the way, doe« not play another eonferenee game at home until Jan. 1« when It meets TfT here, hot while rivals are grappling with exams, Baylor on Jan, SS will meft Oklahoma fltv I nl- Torslty In Oklnhoma City. Rnvlor defeated that team hv two points In the Oklahoma City Tenrnamoot, 4 « ❖ Tha ladies will appear a* an added attracted at Wright's Playhouse tomorrow night. Mi*s Nell JStowart will meet Miss Millie Stafford in a 4.Vmmuti* bout. In another bms* Jark Kennedy will meet Ruffv Silverstine, Big Humphrey will flush with Tom Bice. Roth will be 45-mlnute bouts, and all will be best two-out-of-thre# falls, ♦ ♦ ♦ Ed Bearh of the Wichita I alls High team madr thr All - State team, and Tommy Field*, a Sonior baek, failed to do so. One W lehita Falls fan writes In saying Fields waa a more talunhle msui to the tram than »as Beach, pointing out ♦hut the C'ovotes could not hare won the title without Fields, which may he true, hut we will hastily add that the Coyotrs certainly «oiild not base been in the finals had It not had Beach. He almost •tngte-handed defeated Highland Park in the «.emi-finals. and his record for the seaaon was absolutely marvelous, causing him ta lead In the voting by an overwheimtns: majority over his teammate. lloue\er, In tha two games we saw the Coyotes play, Fields was marvelous as a blocker. As a Aggies Upset TCU Frogs [X)U<IC.. uTA » ION, -Jan. 1.1 wav, leading. ¿V1-S. at the hgtf Howaver Tt.’t’'s savan*Atlma«. The Ai»;. <** mi.«a4 ' Te\a< A. and M upset pravi-Tbehind thr steady shooting «f^íti^h ranter tiaorfe McL^d *w three »t the free throw iift*. sK unbeaten Texas Christian i .te^ofj MrDoiveU. John DfWitt I tm point »corar For the evening. , * Drw u j.« m f ilvertUty tonight, If» to "Wí to und Marvin Martin. dropping through 1^1 points 1.ITTI.E BfK K. Jan. I a~~t roi.I.Kt... «TA i ION, ian IT Te\o i A, and M up«et prev iUsiv unbeaten Texas Christian Iversity tonight, .*t!l to -Ifi, win a well*nlavert Southsest Con fere nee ba*ketbaU game, The vie* lory left Texa* and the Agpa# a* the onlv unbeaten teums The Aggie» %%ere ahead ill the only MeHowell, tmsrjHi guard, racked the nets with IÄ points, while Ile VI iti and Martin looped through eight a piece, Mfljffd, wAf for the evening p«int! Failure of TCU to lake advan-; tage nf free throw tosses cost them the winning margin The rangy McLeod mìs^ed three while hi* tenmmate failed seven more sanity rode was r>n it* books Tranouilily marked the closing hours of the convention in eunhasi to the huh-hnh surrounding the code’* dying gasps. The convention unanimously reelected Hugh C. Willett of Southern California to his «eiond trim as president and kept m Gussie’s Tennis Easy on the Eyes ............... , will fsave fhe rfgillatorv none When former amateur and pro tennts ch«mpt«n had wielded ovap nthieiie* dut Bobby Riggs brings hi.* all-star rflit nf nettej*s to the three year- the ronlrov Baylor gymnasium Feb. \\ the star of the show will be a Santa Monica, Calif, beauty whose tennis court glamor may well nes her f 100,000 this year, Gertrude Moran is the cvirvaeious racquet «winger’s name, although sports followers the world over know her simply as Gorgeous Gusitie In Warn she'll he trading shots with Pauline Betz Addie. four- limes winner of the National Women's singles championship at Forest Hills Jack Kramer and Paneho ^cgura will meet in the second match of the night, hut eyes will he focused on (iusftie. despite the f«rt that Kramer recently was > oted the «.econd most outstanding tennis player of the half century, and Segura is a top-notch pro himself. At first glance, one might assume that Gunsie is being overmatched In her contest* with the agile, aggressive Pauline, But, that glance would he deceptive. Gussie. winner of the National Women's hard-eourt singles title In IMS and the National ^»eral Amendments Added Women'* Indoor singles crown In HMi>. Is vastly Several minor amendments ■ more at home on the harder surfaces than is her stuck intr» the new version a hard-swinging opponent. The Santa Monica queen’*, whole ttame is made to order for hard-court play. The indoor surface places a premium on speed—and ftuaaie has it. She hits a hlistmnc serve, uousunllv «.evere for a woman, and can follow It Into the net in the be*t California fashion. When she puts «wav an overhead, It stays put away, Gussie has nothing to do with NCAA Adopts Milder Bylaws DALLAS, Jan. 13 W Thr National ColtegUtn Athletic Aiftociation, ii? regulatory teeth extracted earlier, elosed Its 4Bth annual ronvenion today by re-elect Ing Its ehief executives and adopting a new and mildnr ron?»titu- tio and by-laws. The NCCA. a*- such, still gi>mg concern undai it# n< (»roesbeck ^ins Own Tournament: aro Tedi L GROESBKCK. .li Without ever being in any of the four ;p|, ■ icot * ruled ; em ¿roes- ! ,n LITTI.F Kot K. Jan, l.V-AP— H.id flvlng weather forced cancellation of a South west C on­ ference b«skelhnll game ached» tiled for little Rock tonight between Ríce Institute and the I ni» versili of Arkansas, The Rice team left Houston hy chartered airliner this morning. The plane tried until after 5 p m. to get in. but a low ceiling prevented a ’.and ng. The plane th#n headed for Shreveport, I,*., III* neare-i <*rwu v«.here they could land, to refuel before returning to Hotw- wtu IcaÎ ned the plane land here, nor clone {« here overland in time ßfftaa!# postponed th* ton. When if their tourna- ry over announced it had "honest doubt ju*t where we «.’and »n regard to the sani'y c(»de ’* tt was hroyght out bv President WiMett that the word enfof ce. ment" was not Included in the nmeoHment passed yesterday which killed the code. It mentioned only “control and regulation," The incoming council was instructed bv resolution to study the office i implications involved and report : Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth I i <Tugt Wilson, commissioner of th i Big Ten Conference Four ne» vier president* were elected, fou I re-elect#,» j The new constitution and hv I laws approver) unnntmoustv toi|a j were revised from the old consti tutk'n »nfi vv ere vi-tually the except for omission of the «anit code It is to become effective two Feb. 1, mi the Sate memhcr«h¡p it finding« in circular. tured the championship fiwn Invitation iiavketha ment with a 4«-40 vie Mart here Saturdav night. Just as they had in all other game*, the Goats grabbed an early lead and never trailed Mart after the first quarter. Groesheck had a 25-1 fi half-time lead and wat paced by ,’immy Hirth s IS points. • .ou Honeycutt was top for Mart with 11 points. During the entire tourney, Mirth poured In 10 points. In the third-place game, Huntsville'» Hornets were six*!- ing hot and roared over Waco Tech. »1-1«, with a terrifie display of shooting power. Weldon líales led the as^auH with 19 points and loe lloagland was the \\ *co leader with eight tallies. ft it pf tt* Sit«* P»vnci<1 fcteu«? ftwaim.c Et h ruis * CsmpW: &»#nJ J.tstîe» f 0 ft n s I 1 ft ft *» H., il II fi le fil 10 lì »ti I* 99 The afternoon semi-final'* produced one good game and one run- IncltiHeri in the new bylaws was | away. Mart racked up a thrtllinj Howl (ommittee Recommends the howl committee's r»commenda­ ti o rut, returned to the 105ft convention, which included; Membership on a bowl game administrative rommitiea of at lea i repreeßtatives of NCCA 12-41 victory over Huntsville with Honeycutt sinking a free thro« after the final gun had sounded to break the tie However, Phil Wells i was the Panthers* leading scorer with 12 points Pat Driscoll made 11 for Huntsville Groesbcck had member institutions; no more than — - - ------- , ». . „ , ¡ one bowl game per academic year ,no many guns for W aco per school; no less than one-third stormed to a S*.-31 victory with the ìli available tickets for ‘h** great Htrth amassing 27 points ». shoots and the 75-25 .Timmy Hyde scored 12 tallies and it cnmpetmi hv wet ion for of them were \hove la iinssle Moran, e»ho created tjiiite a stir at »laid old W i in h ted on, K ngland, several ) ears nuo with her laee-pantiea eosttime. She'll he trading shot* with tennh champ I’nuline Bet* Addle at Baylor gym Feh. IS In matches which also hrlng to Waco world champion Jack Kramer and hla court rival, rancho Segura, Pro All-Stars Battle Today was taken tip lecttor discussion, hut none of fi ma:nr nature Th«' two most important were: 1. Permission for the NCAA council to waive eliglbiltv rule$ for notional championships in case of a national emergency. This anticipated that '•orne eonfe; r>nr<’i might permit freshment to compete on tea-party, pa- -bail tennis She tikes varsity teams as they did in World to hit th,f> haU ha^d ani she knows LOS ANGELES, Jan. IS—t,!P The drpam teams of professional football all-star »quads from the National bail carrier be did not remotely and American Conferences of the National League clash in Memorial Coliseum in the first annual pro thinks she has all her shots work- that the harder hitter usually wins - if the power is accompanied by control. The Moran girl smilingly acknowledges that her control isn’l always what U should be. but she has practiced long and painstakingly for this lour, and she Tennis Meeting Called A meet me of th» Tennis Players Association of Waco will be held at the Roosevelt Hotel at 7:,10 p m. W’ednesday tc work out arrangements for the Bobby Riggs tennis matches here Feh. 13, association President Charles McCleary has announced. All persons inter est- ed in tennis, particularly those In neighboring towns, are invited. The matches are being sponsored hv P.aylor University and Waco Tennis Association. War II J’nrfer the n\ -law s without the waiver rights, froth would have hern ineligible in national meets , . .. 2. Voted to lower competing recent months VVtlham A. Aie\teams’ minimum share of bowl I anrier of Georgia Tech, Sam Bar- enme receipts from SO net* cent of ; tv of Southern ( anfornia ana 1». the gross receipts to 75 per cent,, St, .lohn of Ohio Slate. This one had in mind easing the New vice presidents eierted were possible financial strain of some W illiam H McCatter, •J>bletle_ di- sponsors in trying to slay out of I recror at Dartmoulb, 1 the red on the SO per cent formula, f * red Lewis repre«entativ e. District HI: vvjl. Membership Suspension \ ole i.^rn R. Rrenneman. Indiana facul- The convention rejected 71-47 »v reprf.en.aHvr District iy and a proposed amendment which oiniH r»nr*t*ntj!ivf' would hav»* railed for membership- v*r represen ative. suspension onlv on a two-*hird ma- District 'I. ioritv vote, the same as for evpul-j Holdovers were Carl P Schott, sion A simple majority vvitl be Penn S»»»e athletic rijrfcior Dis- n#.rf.<;<;ary tor susoonsion. trict II; George D. Small, Tulsa It also rejected a motion bv a facultv representative, District V; #»-52 margin, to eliminate the j Kmc Hendrick*. Utah State facul- compliance committee, which had j ly representative, VII, and H P. heen concerned with «anitv code Fverest, University of U ashington violations In this connection, theffe^.tfy representative, District, policy-making NCAA council had I VIII. ratio of reccpts division. | Gordon Campbell seven for Waco The Pacific Coast Conference Tech. served notice on the conventioni The four quarter-finals games it would offer an amendment at jn the morning saw' Mart eke out j the fpll convention in Cincinnati'• * 25*22 triumph over a powerfuli calling tor aholiibment of Spring Ben Hur team, Huntsville «laugh- football training. And added that it tej Fair Oakes, 57-21, Groesbeck' would »eriouslv consider taking, nut score Mexia, and Waco j such a stpp alone if the NCAA Tech nudge nasi Marlin, 2S-27, in did not go along with the Idea, a pulse-lhrohber. Three Head Members Honored The victorious Grncsbeek team . . now has won 11 of its 15 games.* The convention adopted a special Jts {nur im%r^ w#r#, to Mar». Waco, memorial resolution honoring T(„rh Rpn Hur> „nd West. three of its members who died In* Basketball Scores Teva», A. and M. Si. TCI Oklahoom A. and M. It, Rrak# 7ft (three overtime*), Minnesota IS, Purdue 55. Tulane ?l, Tennessee lit, Tevas V^esleyan 19, Howard! Pavne 5« Missouri tt, Oklahoma SS. Northwester»! t.1, low« 1#, Illinois «Ä, Michigan ♦?. Ivan»»* 54, Colorcdo II. Kentuek' ft.1». Atabumi t*. Xavier Sft, Notre Dame 5f. Wake Forest 7ft, William and Mary AS. Princeton 70, Navy 51. < nttimhia M, Vale 4 S. U loeonstn 74, Ohio Mate it. t tali If». Denver 47, Bradley 7H, Niagara It. Indiana 47, Miction '•tale ST. PennsvIvania 71, Syracuse *17. Midwestern >V4, Houston S3, Marquette «3. Wayne 4». I.a>a!ie 77, St. Joseph’s at. Bucknell 74. Bulgers 5H. ''laryland 5S. Georgetown If. Army Hi, Harvurd 54, \ anderbilt 70, M sslasippi fiS. Duke 7Ä, West Virginia 15. Arltona «7, Hardin-Simmons SJL Cornell 55, Dartmouth 4S. Florida 5fi. Georgia Tech S4L Holv Cross 75, Fordham «». compare vvltb Beaeb, and B^aeh» s„1KJav ts«mg did much to win the two final games, particularly the one howl game ■ gainst Highland Park. Here 1« Although the hest players in both the letter; ^ ^ conferences of the leagvia, a^ «hv ehosen hy the votes of fans and Tm sure vou are wonoering w nv all the griping In Wichita F„lls. j sports editors, were represented on l'U say vou would have to have; the two squads,, the game came been In Wichita Fall« this past sea* dost to being a rematch between son of foothall to understand, toW^p Angeles Rams and the have seen the Coyotes play foot-1 champion Cleveland Browns, who ball and then It would be very jnst month for the league title, simple Many sports writers over Hams, Browns Dominate Teams th* State and I suppose coaches j^e Rams and Browns each are Seasonal Switch as welt have wondered how* the Covotes could lose four games In a row and three games without a score and then come bark and win State so easily. If you had seen the captains of Wichita Falls and Auilin as they walked across the represented by seven players. In addition, the National Conference team is coached by Jot Sivdahar of the Rams, while I he American Conference has Paul Brown of Cleveland at the helm. But augmenting the Rams are field and taken notice nf Tommy syph stars as John Lujack, Frankie Fields of Wichita Falls and Billy Albert, Billy Grimes, Spec Sanders, Harris as they met thr six larger. Walker, George Conner, c*ptains of Austin. A fan In the ¿loyce Box and Fd Springle nf the crowd cried 'what are they trying National Conference, to do, scare us off,’ The American squad, in additinn ❖ <* ^ I to the Brown stars, includes Harry “Another said proudly. 'Msvbe, Gilmer, Pat Harder, Elmer Aangs- hut thev will not %c»re Harris and man. Bill Dudley, .kve Geri, Gene in-uu Watch those boys, espe- Roberts, Chuck Bednarik, Pete -i-uv Fields’ Bibos and Arnie Weinmeister. $ <, <. WaterfleW va. Graham “The Coyote captains walked Bob W alerfield of the Rams and , r, and confidently out! Otto Graham of the Browns were ♦ KJlt the siv larcer bovs' from i named as starting offensive quarto meet .1he ,ix la^g looked terbaeks, renewing their duel that tired st?,c only hut if you had taken j have The game is sponsored by the V j_ Los Angeles fsewspaper Publishers dynamic power in ( Assorjf,tjnn ith the net proceeds n second look you would noticed a vcr a smalt package. earmarked for charitty. <• * + |n addition to the jiitrhing duel “Anv time you sec Fields walk- rw*iween Walerfield and (iraham, Ing dewn the street. In school or mnte'-l was expected to prove at work, vou see the same power, whether Dick Hoerner of the Rams a« If he owned all the world with- nr Marion Motley of the Browns is eut an* t-ouh’cs ¡»nd at thK t«me > f^e better fullhack. In pass recely- he does have all of the Coyote fan*1 ing, Tom Fears of the flams again at his feet for the Coyote fan« matches his abilities against Mac know without a dnuht that Fields Speodie of the Browns. Is the most valuable man to hi* Roth teams have been practic- team. ! ing for the past in days and the 4 » ^ 4 > j coaches said they were well eo- “He is 5 ft, 8 in. tall and weighs j ordinated u*its "f.1 i't,5^«corTV 1fv5 pounds and he is small for that ^nation* nfi^ndi'’dual »tart. A u’fliwKi .. Ur, fe a; hard as steel special trophv has been > up nv He proved to be the most valuable »he n^°the ffli'me nlaver to the t<>arn not onlv be- »he individual s at i ne ga cause of his ability to play good PROBABLE STARTING football because * of 'he trust UNEUPS and confidence he somehow' gives NA iioaai , to* to his teammates. Fear* .... ❖ <• <♦ Huffman ‘•They are the mifhty champion* Barwegan that pi¡»ved Austin for the Slate Kcklund .. with him. Without him they were Creekmur the team that couldn't score «gainst M***raw Breekenrldge, Pampa and Abilene. . One huskv lineman said early in j " a*fni the season ’w hen Ton»my Fields is J, . ’' ‘' playing we have the hest team In |l ’ ‘ the State, without him we just ing at their best, On her nationwide profe'-smnal tour, Gussie «.tands to make $75.*W or more out of her matche«, She bas been guarantced 30 per rem of the gross receipts by promotor Riggs, who sees in her just w hat the doctor i niered to offset the Inability of amateur tennis to produce a suitabie new challenger to hts pro master, Jack Kramer. It the tour grossos $250,000 Gus* sie's takc will he a flat $75.000. It Your Host Breaks Leg in Big Race ARCADIA Calif., Jan 13- CP4was established as the favorite but Your Host fell and broke his leg j finished out of the money, going into thr far turn M thf*| Tht (our«ytnMld chestnut colt, $50,f*00 San Pasquel Handicap at j by Alihhal out of Boudoir II, is Highland Park Nips Waco 50-48 DALLAS, Jan, 13—SPL—Waco’s unpredictable Tiger* lapsed back into one of their old habits they hoped they had broken folding: in the last quarter and dropped a BO-48 *nine-tinglcr to the powerful Highland Park Scotties before a frenzied crowd of 1,500 fans here tonight. This was a "surprise game“ for the Tigers, because very fe>v Waco citizens ev en knew they had a Saturday game booked. As usual, Waeo was in com-♦ ——— ................................-...—— American Eleven Licks Hawaii, 4845 In Football Finale mand throughout the first three: quarters. Breaking a 15-15 tie’ that existed as the first quartet- ended, tha vouthful Bengali forged into a 31-2» halftime lead and still held lhat four-point margin, 40-36. a* the third period ended- Waco had an eight-point lead at one time during the fourth quarter. However, the hustling Seot- ties who are alwa.vs superb in the clutch, rallied to trim the score to tfi-tt with two minutes remaining. Ronnie Jones slipped through the Waco defense to sink a crip shot and was fouled hy Donice Raines, He made his free throw for a 17-tfi lead. it goes higher, her 30 per rent cut Sam a Anita tonay, and lightly* nwnwj by movie producer NAilUap still bolds rjood. In addition, the weighted Moon rush went on to Goetz and trained by Harry Daniels astute Miss Moran will coin more win the race. He was purchased by *• money bv exploiting her fame in X-rays showed Your Most, the a two year ol^d a, the L. B • laver Other directions, making her prob- pride nf California race fans, had J*« » the nel able take ,<*bout $100.000, ^ gum 'broken the ulna bone, jus« before Thjit^me Inc the hall The trickv Jones that puts Gussie in the «aine |fl- the .«boulder In four places, track Mar Fuiunt> n 19«. Skmed In for anothe crin shot IRanif come Class with ^iich sports greats veterinarian Dr, L. J. Cook an- he «on the California slipped in for anothe^ enp shot , upr<) HONOLULtf, Jan 13—AP-Everett Grgndeltus, Michigan State's great back, slashed over for four touchdowns today to lead a college All-Star team from the mainland to a 48-45 victory over the Hawaii All-Star« It was the final college game of the belated 1.950 football season. Then the Scotties began free*- ! , *lnof ih* « *u«, u -. ii Tk* i ltnrters .win th^ir second straight from the Hftwaitans, \vho reinforced by Pro Stars Joe Louis, Sam Snead and Ben ,,, . , , . , , . ^ Hogan. Not manv of the how can VV.!1 nnt bfl «Jestwyad unless com- . figure. *J Cook an* ¡season he won the , . . „.„v. t ,VJ _____ as Joe'^hiManWo ' Ted WilTiam« nounced. Breeders’ Championship at Santa snd Arthur B«rna» made a gratis j Samray Baugh and Leon Hart and ' It was announced that the hors* Anitiito push his 1919 earning to toss for a 50-46 With onlv Southern Methodist’s Kvle Bote. m.m. ¡seconds remaining Waco s A rev j Thp piace-kicking of Jim Mo- asnire to such » loftv firure Rut I plications set in. \ i;rpnf Three-Venr-Old Cooper sans a long toss from, near nachino of California on points aspire to sucn a iott> figure, «ut. « ,,rFH' ,nnf ,wn'in mid-court, but it was too late. The ! after touchdown eave the col. then, none of the boys has Gussies May Never Race Again it was a a three-year-old that Tigers never got the ball again. legians their vietorv He hit five It appeared almost certain, how- he established himself as one oi QnrP mnre, Freddie Gottlieb was out of six. Teammate Chuck Ort- ever, that he never will race again, the greatest thoroughbreds ever to Waro's top scorer, with 17 points, rnann of Michigan kicked the point although no announcement was come out of the west, however. He, batch nosing out Arthur Barnes the seventh touchdown, made to that effect. won the San Felipe stakes, Santa ,v(m 'maf|r 7r, for the Scotties' GrandeMus scored on runs of The accident occurred on a slip- Anita Derby, Kent Stake- Dick; Coooer nlaved a fine floor !?ame eight, 70 and 71 yards and on a perv track while Your Host was! Wells Stakes, Sheridan Handicap. f0r th(» Ti^rs and came throueh ■unninE in third nojitlnn In Ih-1 r.nMrn St.ln Brewers’ Hnnrtir»; wlth ^ lo",lr Cj"™^ K Gueiin and Thanksgiving Dav Htnduap. onrj p|acP ¡n the scoring parade. ing pushed his F " ___for 1950. Vvaeo boasted a slight height ad- spill Guerin was unhurt. Although just starting his third vantage, but Highland Park's All- Your Host: held his right front , year of racing, he already rank« Stat_e foolbal.er. Ed Bernet, out Rolfe Si^ns Lush (Contract DETROIT, Jan. 1.1 IT race. He threw jockey clear, and both horse and rider That year's rnci stood up immediately after the earning to $253,375 for 1950. AP Man- f^er Robor^t A iRedf Rolfe signed Up ns jf he could not igand on *>■ the third California-bred money jumped the Timers under the back —------•'* • - - H time, surpassed only hoard and turned in a fine all hts 1951 contract with the Detroit Tigers today for a reported $42, it how ever, and he was Rijr Jim Konstant j of* ficiafe* college basketball trames In the Fast during the off-season. The Phillies* Iron Man became I he first relief pitcher to he named the mo«t lalnahle player In the major leairues. ♦ ♦ ♦ 500 second highest ' managerial j the”' in nw fans waited anxmuslv salary in the American League The 42-year-old Rolfe. beginning was hurt. They were more in- his third season as pilot of thelterested in the fall than in the Tigers, will lake a back seat onlv i finish of the race and hardly saw to Cm#y Sf^ngal of th# N^w York ! Moonrush -stand off a stretch chal* Yankees when’ I* come« to salary, ' i**nge by Manyunk to win, Stengel recently signed a two. Big Thing« Were Bv peeled *n fE*; The injured Your Host was de• $RO,000 ¡n ,951 i x»inping into one of the top handi- and 1!>52. Bolfe« new contract 1*lrap horses of the taken | winner of a! away in the horse ambulance as shy On Trust and Honeymoon, the' 40,000 fans waited anxiously .. ... ... .... to learn how seriouslv the horse |*,e ',a,, "on ss'*, <»a This year he had won $42,450 to push his all-time total to $374.795. M*rriu.r 22nd en the world’s money-winning J • ConnnUv.t ft fl 0 0 11 L . , . , Cehh.r n 1 1 1 Oellard.C Today’s race was regarded pri- simmon. t i e a 2 rr**»r t marily as a prep for the $100,000 Morton .t Santa Anita Handicap next month, for which he was being pointed, j With Your Host, out of the rare, 16-yard pass from Quarterback Bill Weeks of Tow a State. Weeks threw tw'o other touchdown parses. One went to Joe Cloidt of Washington pnd the other to Don Stonerlf?er of Northwest-, ern Baugh was his usua5 masterful passing pf'If even in fVeat. He Pitched five touchdown passes in, eluding two »o Hart and one to Him ft U pf I d H r*rk l< n m Rnt«' GctMlifb.f K r> II* Carroll.f 4 0 2^ Rd-nf f s 3 ■» 13 Aniirr^n f o o 1 <■ Havvaiians final touchdown ! 2 3 i Bfrnrf r ? i 2 m came in the last minute of play. ' pii Rote to^-ed a short pass to Hart o n I | in pnf1 35onp- 0 M ft ——— ------------J ?J.* Port Arthur Manager 30 50 IS SO j PORT ARTHUR. Jan. 13— AP— around performance Totmii IS 12 15 I® Total» ! William J. (Bill) Currie today was AMERICAN’ .. LF, . ..IT. •LO.. , .C . . R<« ,. RT . ..RE.. • ■ QB , LH ., RH FR ............. Motlev Phils’ Konstanty Given Big Raise H«rnWe| PHILADELPHIA, .lan, 13 IT * A?,,,,, i The Philadelphia Phillies had fire u t t man -tini Konstantv signed to i !.*. I one-year contract answ Graham for ene year. General Manager Rilly F.van«» •aid Rolfe** «nlflry win the highest the Tiger* ever have paid to » manager. He added lhat former Manager Steve O’Neill, now bo** of the Ro*tnn Red Sox, got more money in one *ea*on with the Titer* hut *aid that was due to a po*!-sea*i»n bonne. Rolfe described himself a< **ve.rv well satisfied" with the new con- west and was, Moonrush kept on running smooth- nphrmann Xir>s n? L njanager jfor 1951 looked to for great things despite ly in front Finishinc behind . lZ!^ . . .V. . ?.! r, rA wrthA,r ?,ub„of uth,? a disappointing performance in the Manyunl- were the South American Mllcr W ith I omd Kick *" ” nai* Kentucky Derby last year when he* RepetuK, third, and Bolero, fourth. WASHINGTON lan 13 t’p don» have a foothall earn. umpire, Cletu* Gardner, \ illanova, „ 7 . . back judge, Norman Duncan. even Reach could run H hen j'(XA; field judge. Harry Rru 19 was Ross Rowen, CC1,A; _ over last year s salary, figured at about $10,000. (Jue^ees put the Fields was out for it is With the haker,’ Loyola;* Hnesman, .lacque* aC hi^lRasVJ 22 J 00 P > mighty blocking of Cliff Taylor Grenier, New Hampshire, g and Tommy Fields and eight other _____ ______________ linemen who seem to know we are yifjii: Q f 1:1 R OCnn\ I in^ p«rly last night, that the boost going to win. i IHiat IS c5Ct I risn KCUlt U him in fhp highest salary ♦ ♦ ♦ NOTRE A ML. Ind_ AP Nntre bracket” in the game, “In the fir*t C oyole game again*» j Dame * lfbO quarterback, Bobhv The world champion New York Deni*on In September, Fields play- j W iliams. threw 210 passes, tj^e most Yankees added three plavers to ed %% quarter* and at that time ®ver thrown bv an Irish Wark He their contented list hut ’learned Charles to Fight li alcoli in March ..tghest salary bracket." t öf «2^* NEW YORK, .lan. 13 UP f of the Madison 4n¡?*m«n¡ , Konstanty, voted the National 4,,’ tì»Ì) f * « « ' * j jlB»»rd Charles who retained his rrmvd ¡mmw AngMnann League s most valuable player for Jhp J'frr front office lauded j hp*VVWeight championship acainst „¡„w,*. 50, .signed the contract after he Rn|fir}£. j°h in finishing ¡ 1 pr¡dav night, will defend • ^ Í E us offered a “major Increase" **«|*td with th« Tigers last season.” , hls title »gain against Jersey Joe defend his crown increase that put« him ii *■" 1 »■««• «»»' ^»«Mwarjthatthj "highest salary bracket.” Class B Gulf Coast Baseball League Currie has been business manager of the Beaumont club of the Texas League fcr the last three years. Madison Square , Lanky Don Ge hr rnann put. on a tremendous finishing kick to beat îngvar Rengtsson of Sweden by a foot in 4:16,6 tonight in the mile run of the Washington Evening Star games, Rengtsson, a surprise entry In the mile event, led Gehrmfann Into the home stretch only to be over-, __ Garden taken hy the former Wisconsin T lami Hon Completes A Phillies spokesman said, fallowing announcement of the *ign- new contract gives him a boost} VMr in UP—tof the his; rrowd. said immediately after Fri- Star's powerful late spurt. It was that he would Gehrmann’s 33rd consecutive vie J tory at the mile distance, nninieri m.t tt,., n t# his title again against Jersey Joe defend his crown for the seventh ^lf Holmberg. another Swedish ___.A ” ivoire Walcott at Detroit on March 7 time as soon as his cut and «wollen rtinner now attending the Univer- ¡n . o^ii nf ’n,1' yp»r the International Roxing Club an- left eye healed. sitv of Tennessee was third, about y.rxt'%: ...............: 12 h'hlnd Missouri 1 osels Sooners NORMAN, Okla.. Jan. 13— UP— 'flssnuri won its first Bk Seven Conference basketball frame In three starts here tonight, nosing favored Oklahoma. Evans was richly deserved," «aid Evans. Contracts were signed this morn- technical knockout in the 10th ing at a conference attended by j round over flat-footed and flabbv iy . ,r . . ,, , T . oii' •T'r'1 Norris, president of the In- Oma of Buffalo, N, Y., before 11,* rSilptlSlS 1 rilimpn, T/-0 1 rojans Neck raurot ternaMonfll Boxing Club; Jake 504 fans. The Columbus Avenue Rantlst DALLAS, Jan. 13 AP - Don i Mint*. ( ‘ ------ ~ T . ¡team ran wild against St. John's Faurot, Missouri foothall coach, Londos, the IRC matchmaker in A quick va ay to make sandwiches 1 Church to rack un a 47-6 Inter­ said today he had conferred with i Df,’r0,<; ,, A la to lay out the matching slices ( mediate League Sundav School Southern California Athletic Of-! Charles will receive 40 per cent of bread s'de by aide. Spread all the : basketball victory Saturday 19>1 Schedule HAMILTON, Jan. 13 — SPL — Hamilton’s football schedule for 1951 has ‘been comoleted with the "ddinrr of the Ranker Bulldogs. Ranter was a district opponent until Hamilton was transferred from thr 8-A loop to 22-AA. The -am® wi’l be played in Hamilton on Oct, 5. Other non-district opponents for the locals this year are Hieo, Goldthwaite, and former district oooonents Dublin, Eastland and the score wa* M-a. At th* end of completed 99 tossn«, for another ¡ they had lost the services of third I ficails regarding the coaching iob nf ,hP *n<i Walcott Í7»-* per 18uCpS first the “filling you are using I George "owens^and BiR^HuM led! Ce^nche. District games ara I Ar^vJ.p?-Wf,.rg, Sor ¡ baseman Bobby Brown to Unela ¡ there but ‘notbang has beenjcen? ¡then add any desired salad greens, the wav with 16 and 14 points, ¡ ce ’ with GatesvHle, Lenipaaas, 11035 yards and 10 touchdowns. I Sam. | settled." i Charla*, imarüns Irom tiia boot * Close matching slices and cut. I respectively. , 'Killeen and San Sabc , See HOT SHOTS, Fage 8

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