The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHgVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWf MONDAY, MARCH K BLYTHEVILLE COURIER HEWS THE COURIER NF.WS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher HABBY A. HAINES. Assistant Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON, Editor FAIR, D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Bole Notional Advertising Representatives: Wallace yiliner Co.. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Bntered as second class matter at the poat- at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act ol Con- October 0, 1017. Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city of Blytneville or any tuburban town where carrier service Is maintained. 25c per week. By mail, within a ratlins of 50 miles. $5.00 per year, $2.50 for six months. $1.25 (or three months; by mail outside 50 mile zone, $12.50 per year payable In advance. Meditations Thai he no longer should live the resl of bis time In the flesh to tbe lusts of men, but In the will of God.—I. Peter 1:2. * * * The form of godliness may exist with secret and with open wickedness, but the iwwer of godliness cannot,—Phillips Brooks. Barbs Yodelling is becoming popular on TV. It seems the Swiss movement is spreading. * * r It pays to go straight—especially if you're, a P«destria n cross! ng the s t reel. * * * A Frenchman who played the piano for 40 hours without stoppinp is (,'OinR to England. "God Save the Queen' 1 ' * * * Are railroad waiting' rooms a confession? If all the trains were on time, thcrc'd be no nccrl Tor them. * * * People will normally take your advice if you wait for them to come after it, War Between the States Renewed-Over Industry 7f we in Arkansas (and the South) think it's been tough lamliny: industry during the post-war years, we can prepare for even slimmer pickings. The fight for industry is really just hcgin- ning. And it looks like the biggest North- South battle since Grant and Sherman laid waste to our fields. First hint of the fact that Northern financiers were getting wise to the fart that the South was pirating their industry came some months aso at a conclave they held in New York. Construction of. buildings by municipalities for use by industry, they said in a resolution, is just another example of government getting its hand in business ... in this case, the resolution stated, it's city government. This was a thinly-veiled excuse for taking a poke at the practice of some Southern states in renting mmiicipally- owned buildings to corporal inns. It's a proven way to altracl, industry. The industry being atlraclcd is from the northeast, largely. The fimtiu'ici's who make their homes up llirre don'I like it. One way they intend to slop this praclice is by refusing to buy such bond issues. Meridian, Miss., recently found out they meant business when that ciiy unsuccessfully tried to sell a huge bond issue to pay for a gigantic textile plant. Meridian officials at the time said a way would be found. We hope so. Indicator No. Two is the fact that a recent New England governor asked his legislature for special lax exemptions for new industries. It's needed, he told them, to compete with Hie smith. Indicator No. Three: The aggressive and very expensive national advertising campaign being carried on by northeastern stales which have never previously spent a dime to attract industry. What does Arkansas have? Not until the next general election will it have a chance to make the municipal bond issue program level. It offers no tax inducement (as does Mississippi) for new industry. Its budget for advertising, though higher than in pre-war years, is a mere pittance. Does Arkansas want industry? If so, let's get busy. Are our own jet fighters as good and as plentiful as they should be? Do we have enough pilots? Arc we being left behind in military air research? Some of the answers'to these vital queslions are answered in a highly interesting article by Robert Ifotx., member of the U, S. Air Force in China during World War II, in Die last issue of a magazine put out by United Aircraft Corporation. Writing from Korea, llolz points out first that our jets are battling big odds. Some 150 F-S6 Sabres of two U. S. wings arc up against 700 Red Air Force MlG-15's. "The blunt fact," says HoU, "is that HIB Soviet Union lias L'iven thr; Chinese Communisls more iet fighters than have been made available lo our United Nations forces." And what aboul the comparative qualify of tlio .\IIG and the F-8fi? Holz says that because of their "superior flying performance at. high altitudes." the MIG's can generally dictate how and whore they want to fight. He points out. too, that whereas the Communists are able to train hundreds of jet pilots over Korea, American pilot training is limited to the relatively small number of jet planes we have. Hot/, says our pilots believe that as soon as enemy pilots become competent in Uie proving air over Korea, they are "given a diploma" and shipped out somewhere. Where? A disturbingly good guess would bo that t hey arc going back lo train still more pilots. Th.c writer concludes that whatever may be the day-to-day score in the first great struggle for jet fighter supremacy, the battle i.s of enormous significance for the future, Tlie American people, and certainly their legislators, should weigh this statement well as Congress prepares to take up the 1!)53 Air Force budget. False economy now in so vital, complex, and fast changing a field as air power can be an unbeatable handicap in the long haul for air supremacy. Views of Others Another 'Crucial Year' Confronts the World Official th hiking on I ho amount of money needed fnr Iht 1 program U hnrri to follow nt limes. Fnr example, Serrelnry Robert A. l/)VOtt .joined Desni Achr.son nnrl others Thursday In tclllriR Congress Oiiit the Kremlin will achieve "a mnior.A'JCVory" If CoitKro.^s cuts President Tnimnu'A rc<nifM, for an additional $7,900,000,000 for foreign air), Acheson described the situation in Europe ns "n rnre ninment in hlstnry." The year 1952 was pointed out. nf, tlie crucinl yenr—with accent on '•the." If one will turn iiack tlirough the newspapers of the past few years, sincir the United Slates discovered that Russia \vas ;m enemy and nnt an ally, lie will find official continent designating each of years as the "cnii'lal" yenr. Anrl lie will find mount me drmnncU fnr foieitin aid. despite the cnn>tant jisMiranrc that, '•funds for tltis crucial year" will alleviate the future situntioru Here is another odd :i^iH-i:t uf official thinking. SecroUry Lovrtl. who nvires an inimslve hurry- up in foreign aid. only a low days ncn lell in lute with plans tn slow rio'vn the. military aviation expansion mneiam He ^rurt: "In prepirlns against tin 1 dangers of n ho' nar, \ve must not be trap- pfd . . . into Insine a coir] one." Secretary t/ivrtt thus warned apain.-t nveirxpetirtilure with result- nnt overtaxation r'nii:iqnu inrfficmnry in pcltinsf plan? into opera linn In:, c.ur-ed the aa-umuhtion nf about $.33.noo.[totUH"K) of utiexpctided defense funds. That rmy have n heat ing on .Secretary LoveU's reasoning. Hut any Mibirncftnn from the $.7.900,000.000 for foreiirn aid \\onld lii.turr cmr "dolicate fore fen effort, including our ax<i pive tn rr.inre in Inrin- China," teMi{ird Mii'u:»i ^rrviviiv Arimui'^ltntor Avcrell Mnrvimnn, NYv > frnin Pan? wrulri Indicate that ip r.m rr;-.rly .<-o ronrrrtifrt ab'"vtit oporntion of ihe drlicnle marliinr, 5hou!ri co thnrouchly into thr merit s of t>ie demand before approving it. —DflUas Mornlne Xcw? SO THEY SAY USAF Budget Hike Seen As Key to Air Superiority Indications are (hat the Air Force budget will he one of the warmer items taken up at this session of Ooiijm 1 ??;. There are a lot of question? that need asking, and answering, about our air power situation in the light of the Korean war. What aboul tbe success of the enemy MIG-15 jet fighter over Korea? Heaven Help an Author on a Night- Like This $-.V^.'' s** /.y; /-^ j < -s\ , jO: 'cfer Edson's Washington Column — ( Mr President' Sure to Become i Controversial Campaign Issue Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD .-(NBA)— Movie Vithoijs Poprorn: Order the smell- salUanct .^pikethe popcorn with ediUives, Mr. Movie Exhibitor— .iramount's filming H. Q. Wells' dpnce-fiction masterpiece, "War of he Worlds" as a fripht opera that will make the Orson Welles radio •ersion seem as gentle as the story f "Goldilocks Bears." and the Three I \vatrhpcl n &ieae In which U.S. .larinees fire upott a nest of weird, obstrr-rpd. gossip-eyed Martians "Joan Btnnell." • • * The woll calls are sounding a4 20th Century-Fox as Ginger Rogers emerges from her dressing room in a form-fitting gown to play 9 sequence with Clifton Webb and Fred Clark, In 'D-ream Boat." It's a comedy about a staid colls JL- profcssor whose past catches up with him when his silent films are shown on TV. I ask Webb about { his playinp a much younger man rcnched In a wonried area. The j for the soundless Inserts made for marines hnv& a rocket launcher and | the filn tiie projectiles burst from cylinders vitli fiery, deafeninc whooshes, , When H/.s over a sinh of relief comes | says. "I come out looking Just like ' "They straightened my nose and fixed me up to look younger," he " 'iom the throats of Rciors and crew "That docs H. J ' h r ar thai Orson Wrlles Jusl surrendered," John Gilbert " PAR ' S A . Farl *V Grander and Zsa Zsa Ga- bor directed by Vlncente Minelll, are working against the lavish back- Around of a Paris hotel (or "Mad-le." one O f tbf- encodes for "Three Love Siovl™" ' John Oriek. his manly chest ex-! mo ,.,-,, nnsed by a j>hin<uns shirt-front that MOMV COM Alan Ladd onn better, Is up to j '„'.., some traditional heroics In Sam! ^T™" 1 !? ' '" vast room! Katzman's swashbuckler, "Prince of I , ch the can 'c" «'«l Pick up. ex- Pimtps." nt Columbia, i , 5 play I ? oker nr doz(1 as tta y wait It's a historical yam about Spa ill's i "f Mmclli to alert them. I wander- . attempts to enter France throuah , " lrou ? h 'he expensive sets and I Hnllnnei in the mid-16th century At !, op at a rif:ir ""I"*". French? a slennl from Director Sirlnov'snl-1 ? own to lhe labels on lh « clsar L kow, John leaps over tabli-s to bran- di.-h liis sword at his cnomtes. Bnr- hnrt Rush and Carln Baienria. his boxe.s and magazine covers. But. the prop men have slipped up on the postcards, leading ladies, scurry about ner-1 In MOM'5 P.iris. (hey sell plc- votlsly like a couple o[ movie queens lorlal sr.»nps of Los Angeles' "~ WASHINGTON INEA) — Prest-I cdilor of this book. Ins uc':ji a'dictate to me what coulrt be UMrl lent Tniman keeps n ciiary. He j Washington radio cnrnm^mntor on; and what couldn't. He turned over several networks arci \Vn:-' 1 inu;r»n : his diaries to me and I was left editor of collier's ni3^;i7.ine for the tree to edit them past ten years. piiRsmEvr GAVI: HIM NEW IDEA :eeps it at home, nnt In his office. t IF. written in his own hundwrU- n?. There Is a volume for every vcnr that he lins been in the White touso. And bo fore that there arc many IOOF-C notes and memos that has written to himself, for his n records and later »^P. One of the first of these notes is memo he wrote in 1934. He was Only three restrictions were placed upon me: "First. U- S. security was not to caueht in a brawl at a cabaret. Salkow interrupts the scene and fa^es the extras. "Von and you anrl you die," lie orders, Only in Hollywood can one man s,iy "drop dead" to another without Invitins n punch in (he nose! CEN'SonS "PLUMR" FILM "Just Across the Street," a com- friy about a plumber and his secretary. is shoot ins at UT with Ann Sheridan nntt John Lund. The stars are huddling with Director Joseph Pevney over changes in the script ordered by the movie censors. Comedy linos about certain bathroom fixtures have been ricletd. A scene involving n privy is also out. An assistant director sisusi "The censors are wa (citing like hawks on Ihls one, \Ve bad to let one act res? po tins morning. She had porcelain fillings in hrr teeth." street, the fntersfctinn of . lywood anrf Vine, the La Brp» . pits. Gran man's Chinese theater, anil the HnHywoorf cemetery where Rudolph Valentino IF hurled. "Stalac 17," the film version of the Broadway hit., is shooting at Paramount ivlth William HoMen, Don Taylor, Peter Graves, comedy newcomer Rotted Strauss and an all-male ca&L. Because of the absence of women, the conversation is on the lusty Fide and Director Billy WUdnr cautions the players to watch their wordaee. be violate. Soroiui. only material In 1 r , Hillman's book. ".Mr, President." j the public interest was to be used. started UreAy riifTerent, he says. Hillman has always been interested in for- eisn nffnirs. He claims he was one ml to be somechine en- | Third, nothing not In good was lo lie used." lien considering whether i^n should ; nf the to u=e the nsme "Trube a candidate for 'man doctrine." for the President's tlie U. S. Senat.e. ' policy on containment of commu- In this pnper he ! nisni \n OVCPCR m«l Turkey. put rtowt\ his own I Hillnian knew thru the busy Pvrs- thouRht,*; on what ( ident hart (>* dflrcn' 1 . 1 much vrspon- he h.;id ifai iinl . pibili.y *f» nOuT.--. Bui iiir: fuirtl deci- froru history and i PIOTIS hari to b? mfido by Hurry George Raft Is back before the 'ameras In Bernard Uiber's incie- , pendent nroduction of '"Loan taste : s nar v : " while Georae and Helen Wescott. play a scene in which Helen Hillman dtti clieck v.'lth the Piepi- j learns of the death of her husband, fient on everything h& -selected for i a series of pretty girls, oil piloted i;^e. There w r as ii amount of ma-] by their aecnrs. arrives on the set tcrlal front which to choose. Hill- | for n casting call. man has spent most of the past year on this effort. The author MVS the ' President t^nvr hi- npprovnl nf fhe pi-oject he thntiaht ii might help this." a whispers. his political and I Truman himselr What influenced ^'^ ^f 05 '"™ *' h " e hc wns mornl pYnlnsnrrtiy ] his decisions'? What piipcvs and of thpt time, i fiu:t> riid lie have brfove him when i still in office. He lias loner felt that all Presi- J'cler Edson . Only he riirin'l 'he tn^cle up his mind? cnll H that then. Pinsuinu this line, ihe Prpsirirnt pointing to an ernp'y chair, One by one. the beautie> fiance 1 at it. look ^tartleri and mnvp nwny. Movie actresses are (he mo5t <HI- prrstitinu-i v.omen in the ivorV. For letter on the chair are these 75 Years In Blytheville Cotton ginned in Mississippi County from its 1936 crop amounted to 19B.312 bales. This is more than 80,000 bales in excess of the 1935 crop. Miss Mildred Moore, a senior at Southeast Missouri Teachers College. Cape Girardeau. "has arri'^4 home for a week, ^P» Mrs. Ben Hanna has arrived her' to make her- home. Her husband: operates the Hanna Funeral Home. They were simply showed H Him an Secretary of nemo written Stnte James F. Mr. TrHirmn hasn't made daily. Byrnes in IfHR. It demanded a firm- drnt? Miffer from misrrprpfontniiorK He hnd already taken two defen- i,v>-• •• m-.— ,—-!!•- mo " • 1 -:'>i,, ' p jre tricks and could iv? sure of nnw. Wrong impressions persist for 'getting another with his ace of y<Lti- ; uif-y n;tU! UL.'II piovfd spadep. Where wns the fourth, and wrnr.e V>y ft\ct.s. "iwUuw, tfick? Obviously South held the ace nf I ntnrle it plain a month ago that I WPP opnosed to action that would involve us or our allies of the Unitc-ri Nations in a \var with Chi- )ia.—Britff=h Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Ths slate, like its citizens, is living beyond its me air —French tntnes | n his diaric, Then, nreier ,t:,nd n.ninst R.^ln ' It cV - ™* ^ way 'o understand the I <?frnourty South held the ace nf »»^ oove nV'm rid Ba^S many hie pnp.s of ,1 week or mo.p.u.j^ f i Tj vi -no> for not VrpoLne the t prwirtcncy. Mr. Truman told Hill- hcarts nrlci stron « ^P^lcs for his s But often hr has nnpri in thrsr ^mis! Pi-psirieuf Informed on what" went j mfni - 1s tn • ;;turi >' tnp inclivkiuals ; °P Rnm ? bld - Hfl|1 ^e there was no by mnmns on his urincipal probloms nn nt the Mo-row confoiTiirc w ' hn hnve 1 " 1 ° n PrwfdenL Mr. THI- : IXI?sihi!ity thal Efist CIU)W Produce . . of 'l«e timr. rmiiiTvrd bv This mniio Hiilm-m m - 1 "* ritori .15 an examplr the case i a winnlnq Mid. The settine trick 01 Ilie tinir - rinpiTs ed by This mrmo Thi; Prr?uie-nl nrvrr krpl Ihi:, : ,v-k'"lif he nmlri use it The Prc^i- riiary "for hislory" nr with nnv irlra ; rirpt cave hr, appinval. Out nf (hat that U mi^ht. ultimaWy to publish- ; hu-Wrnt t-rrw the rntti-ply difTci- pd. It is too incomplete to makp rn( kinri of bs«ik that now cmprap.-!. full and conncctrd -story of his ! A lit] IT J'>hfi5on cnve ; ttrrvirw> toward^ ntimiwr of in- the cln^e of his nun is tn ip\ral in ibe PIT?!- Lincoln's death. Thoy immisuiiiMii. jrirn.1':- n\\-i\ '.vnrds what IF of • mnst authentic aiicomiL nf what Excerpts from these White House,'h? man—his Hfp, ]ii.^ thomrhrs. his I Presirieiit John?nn was tryins to tin. 'i.-ntml ciiniies. howpver, ni-nkr up ! ;u Tions. "Theif :ire no ? n 115.1 tionn 1 j The Prrpiripnt told Hillmjin he the bulk of William's ne\v i r-^rlntinns." MVS Hillman. "No of-| wiintrri his Iv)ok to help people im- book. "Mr. Prosirirnl," just pub- ; ficinl paper? 1 . Nn Fi.Tte MTiers. Any i drrstnnd the manner nf man Harry li.^hed by Fairar, STrnu.=. and Ymmc. • imporTnin hi5ii>ry of the Truivmn S Tnimnn really was. The Pnvidrnt nrlministration will h>ivp to come [ confitlprl tn Hillman that, jiitrr im inirr. \lr.H (tie Whito House, he -.vnuld like I'KKi: KKI\ GIVIJN ON CONTENTS j rioncy. But he gave the ainhor no "At nn time did the President innt nn when he would be r volume is sure to hrrntn of Din rnosi controversial doru- | mpnts of the 1052 palitiral cam- [ paien. ; "Bic Bill" Hillnian. the autlvn--' example the case: a wmilU1 -' mrd. The settinc trick Johnvon. ' ^ at5 (() coir.e from tbe \Ve?l hand. There wna only one chance, so [ ZPtliwity, played fur it. Hc led n administration, after i ^^ ^'to. allowin? dummy to riiff, .-„ fT , t , '_ : while Smith riiccnrncci. This discard did rice hirer no eood. of course. South naturally, and property, led a trump from (lummy and forced tnn the am with his kin?. Thpreupon Zrdtwitz led a fourth round of clubs. Ea.^t rose to the occasion by pro- tlucinc hh len of tr\imp?, anri South jto Inclm-e on the work of th, prr,,- i '""* to nvor-nm with tlie jack. But I ,. .. ~ . , .,-_ . : no\\ \Ve5t,s eight nf spades wa IIVF to become set up for the sct- I he Doctor Says- By EDWIN P. JOKPAN, M. D, (Written for NEA Service) There is a widp>rread spirit of neutralism tin Gfrmaryl which 15 .mother wnrd foi li^IeiT- ism, - - - (lt'« i?. ptcUucsriucly termed "olv.-.e mtcli" —without me.- H'-p Jacob K. Javits iK,, NAM. * * * U * great battle is lost Pnvliamen' and the people can turn out the- Government. If a treat battle Is won crowns cheer the King.—Winston Churchill. * * * There exi^fo in thp Unitrd States an Ei;-rn- howcr mnjorsty •j.-hf-rf-^s- th^re dnes \irl exw-* a Republican majority.—Rep Hugh Scott (R.. Pa. 1 *. * * * I wonder how many ETdUor.s, Einstein*. Lhi- coliis anci Pa^teurs lie bunrd in unmarked graves, because they were, too poor to call a doctor.— Gov, Johnston Murray of Oklahoma. * * * Legislation dncsn't stop corrnvitlon any more lhan the Ten Coinrn;uirtmet\t5 slopped sni.—Rep. Clare Hotfman ^R., Mich.). Mrs. M. B and several others have afked how to get rid o! the head IOUSP or periLculr>?i5 rapiti?, This pest h,i.s n more ^r U 1 :^ (intvrr:-i,il distribution, nl- thou^h people w h o live in less crovvrird pans of (lie vvnrlti n n d tho^e who a; e iic^u.'-t^mpfl tn the liberal u>e of soap and wain- .iro le.NN likely to have trouble tl\.in the rest of humanity. Unti! rrrrntly. treatment Oiten diffirult brrm - ?-r t h ? .^i;h- 5Mncos which pot?* n lire did nm a lu'.i y s work. a nri their a p vlir ;i 11 "n to<i'i< a great deal of limp and \\'tr!< I on the pa^ nf the pa'irut. Now.! | partly a^ a result nf war exprr- ; j irnre, f.hcre are spvrral highly :-v- • ipfartery mpthcids of rli:ntnaim?' I brr from the human body, j I The newer ninthods inriurie t h p i j u.= p of DPT powrier. a pub. ; 'ance i inv-:wn nx benzyl benz-iat* 1 , and for ! I boriy lirp. a kind of bomb made up I ! of what i? called freon pyretbrurn.! •A-hirh ran be sprayed ovpr the! ! rn'irp snrlacr In a few seconds, I provlrtins a suiJabk place for u>£, is. avai In bin. j In order to make any of tlic.^e! trert'mpnu" suecrs.-fill, bnuevpr. i" ss tmpnrf^nt to follow directing , r'j^eiy snri in thp rase of heart lire •^ j:\Mrci acainst inJuriPA to t h f L:ce lay e^- or "''•*"• °n t li e body. Thr- ; e Ita'ch tn alvrjr ?p\-en riays, The m's are not rir.vtro^crl by mn,M trea'ment,-, PO th^y must be cio>Tr«'iyevl in J-nme other \vay — \L*ufllly a second treat men* after the nit?; havp hatrhpri. The foinale lon. e e lays from 50 to 1 in rcss a rtay and the mrracr in -;i- vidinl louse will live from 30 to W day*. JACOBY ON BRIDGE Bv OSWAI.n J.U'OBV Written for N'EA Sen-Ice a Gold Sfar, scnrrnl tiifapproval of !he louse's ; F j J g f Defense nivaluuinry Isa^l, there is real! danser involverl. Several riisease-sl rifk there is of sprearii:i? t h os e ; ^*\. **" "* ftr " 1 -" rtl -""- trick. We distrei5 our friends and are the laughing stock of our enemies., —Former French Premier Paul Rcynaud. I have a picture before my eyes of a new India coming into e istonce.— India's Prime Minister Nehru at opening of a new fertilizer factory In Slndrl. We are now moving toward * syndicalist state.— Argentine President Junn Peron. Baseball Business Answer to Prev'iou* Puzzle Some re* pie seem to have .a ppe- ci;U atirartion for lire. It is known | ; Smith ninKt- four sparirs in the hand [shown today. As a matter of fact. 1 j I'll even let my renders look at ru ci:U attraction for lice. It is Known [ fni)r hnilrfl . nnf ^ =crtrcil fnr lhe rjr , tlf j tbat lice will leave the bodies of ricft , n ; p Thm-p * who find it can' 5' those who nrc less allractive to ,, rhrm for thivo who seem, for sonv themselves—on their i cood eyrsicht.. if nnthins: renson. to be preferrablr.. W hrn (his hnutl wns srtually! There arp kinds of lice. Mtet ] played in n lecent rubber brirlc'p ! rt them prefer the human scalp ex-i ga rne in Miami. Waldnnar von: rept fbr crab In;ise. which likes the! sroui rrcion. i The pvinripal mclliori?. of con- ! trnl ar* 1 pre^ entinn and treat-ntent : of ;he im'orruti.iie perv'-n who ha? . nrqmter! vermin. rr-:*> n nil clean-; of prf-venfion. There ^> no cinubt ; rli.u baJbms in a arm water and \ rlirvnre'. int'i clean the chances of arci I've harl a iialf-baked poodle ihaLrmt> for 1.S years. I think it is very en' on ?nme women.—Actress Clatidette Colbert. I talked to tnrin'ocrs of Alco-1 holies An.inymou.- and vafherl | my friends at mrktiil p.irlle.-.—; Actress Joan Fontaine in Ip.irnins new role. ! This time the- baritone got the • srirl.—MeiropoliTan opera sincei" . Robert Men-ill announcing his on- cacemont to soprano Roberta Pet- lera. HORIZONTAL 1 New York bn?ebnll team 7 "Bum" from Brooklyn 13 Reach for H Waken laGrowfal 16 Mildest 17 Falsify 1 a Cloyed 20 Insect 21 Hearing organs 23 Scottish fox 2-1 Founder of Pennsylvania 25 Onion-like WEST NORTH 2) VKQ9 » A K Q J 6 AS3 EAST *A32 A 10 9 * 8 6 V 7 .i 4 3 2 » 74 » 1063 A. \KJ935 JM072 Soulh 1 A 2* Pass Ore SOVTH <Dl AKQJ63 V A J 10 North-Sovith vu! \Vrs* North East 2 A 2 » Pass 3 A 4 A Pass Pas! nin? lcaJ-*X 27 Malediction 28 Rowing implement 29 Vehicle 30 Goddess of plenty 31 Mineral rock 32 Propels 35 Beat 39 Fto\ver -10 \Vooden peg 41 Appear 42 Stengel the world's champion baseball team in 1951 43 Detroit baseball player 45 Cravat 46 Of a positive pole VERTICAL 1 End walls 2 Biblical prophet 3 Wingless insects. 4 Insect egg 5 Very (Fr.) 6 The Washington 7 Marked the time 8 Mouth\vard 9 Tha Boston DiMacgio 10 Zoroastrian 11 German cities 12 Pine resin 19 Small child 22 Waste;! ships 24 Thick soups S f T e e N A M IS F^ O l_ 1- K ei A A S S|B e. & w A rz. \ ^ & I S T 1 N ¥• ] ^ A A ? A S O L> 0 M H 5 S r R H l_ y N E= R V O 7 e A — S R A w| E W S A C -r e: A * ; N '?.-• ec o A P K A & j=; o 5C S •i A T i_ I T V A f» 9 A Ci A r- E K 0 1 C? K t V A M O E O R 1 S o r- sj A T f t; Z N B ft • 1 V S T • A O ii* L. t M 0 & 26 Infolds 27 St. Louis baseball player 29 Yellow workers 32Pit!sburg baseballplayer 33 Astronomy muse 34 Lesser baseball leagues 35 Tooth 36 Prick 37 RooJ liner 38 Persian princes 40 More pleasant 43 Qurrenlol an ocean 44 Check 47 Dative Ob.) 49 Female saint <abj Zrritxvi^ hold (he \Vr?* cflrri>. He didn'i t:.Tvr ihr adv^T\tacp of .srr-i '"* ^ 'h" "rriF. hut he found the! netit drfrnsr aiuway. j After ofwmne thp kir.e of clubs i ^i^ rontinmns: ^vith the are. Z^citwit: took stock with great care. 50 Harangue 51 Nsmer 52 Cleveland Indian first baseman 53 Shows conlempl

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