Waco Tribune-Herald from Waco, Texas on November 23, 1947 · Page 16
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Waco Tribune-Herald from Waco, Texas · Page 16

Waco, Texas
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Sunday, November 23, 1947
Page 16
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Rice Tops TCU to Take Third Place in Conference Standings Oscar ’s Hot Shots °"!s1 .?core l!ar>y This *s the final week of the football ***n.son for most college and high school team*. Only tho**e that win district championships or bowl bid» will continue to play. It Is also one of th« biggest week» of the year. ♦ ♦ ♦ Bavlor play* it* last game In Houston Saturday night against the Rice Owl». Waco High go«** to Tempi« for its annual classic with th« Wildcats. The dUtrlct Wtle may hang In th*' balance. 1 nlraa lla>l«r uiMeta SMI) the Bruin* will I»«' scrapping to stay out of the Southwest C onference cellar. ❖ ❖ <* Kvle Field will be the scene of the outstanding attraction of the season, the annual Texas - Aggie batUe. They are not playing for any championship although Texas needs a victory to finish second in the race. ❖ ♦ ♦ TCXT and SMV also renew their rivalry in Fort Worth. If SHI goe# into that one undefeated the Ponies can capture the Conference crown hy downing the Horned Frog*. Th* pair are always at their beat for this classic. ❖ ❖ ❖ Texas and the Aggies played first In 1894 with theLonghorns winning, 38 to 0. They didn’t meet again until 1898. when Texas won. 48 to 0. Both of these were in Austin. Snn Antonio was the site of the 1899 scrap, which also went, to Texas, fi to 0. Two games were played in 1900. Texas took the one in San Antonio. 5 to 0, and the one in Austin, 11 to 0. ♦ ♦ ♦ Two contests were also played In 1901, one In Ortober and one on rhanltHKiviiiK- Both were Texas victories. 17 lo 0, and 82 to 0. A. and M. got its first victory in Au»tin the nest year, 12 to 0, after the pair fought to a scoreless tie in their last San Antonio game. Texas started a victory reign in 1908 and the Aggies didn’t win for seven years. ❖ ❖ ♦ Only one game was played in 1903. 19<>4, 1905 and 1906. Each was played In Austin. Texas won hy scores of 29 to 0, .'54 to fi, 27 to 0 and 21 to 0. When they went back to two games in 1907 the first was played in Dallas and was a scoreless tie. Texas won in Austin, 11 to 6. In 1908 the pair met at the No-Tsu-Oh Carnival in Houston. Texas won that year, 28 to 12. That was when the two student bodies started parading between halves and wound up in one big gang fight. ♦ ♦ ♦ In the 19SH game at Austin TsOiiie Hamilton drop-kicked three field goals to put the Aggies ahead. 12 to 0. a the half. After the intermission both Hamilton and and Charlie DeWare, the defensive star, went out with injuries and the Steers rallied to win, 27 to 12. ♦ ♦ ♦ Then friends of A. and M. resolved the Aggies would defont Texas In 1909. A team was recruited from the Carlisle Indians, Georgia, Sevvanee and some other schools. There was no transfer rule then. It was a great team with only one aim. beatin Texas. When they met In Houston. Hamilton ran 110 vards for a touchdown. A. and M. won. 23 to 0. Let's Try a Pass Next Time Ohio Sts:# a: /Wies Win on Thanksgiving, 1919 Their next game that year was In Austin. A high wind was blowing and the team with the wind had a big advantage. In those days teams changed ends every time a touchdown was made. A. and M. did not score with the wind in the first half. The Aggies got the wind again In the second half and Hamilton passed to Choc Kelly in the first five minutes for a toueh- down. That was all the scoring and the Aggies won, 5 to 0. ♦ ♦ ♦ Relations would have been severed between the two schools after that game except for the Houston contract which had two years to run. Following the game, cadets paraded down Congress Avenue with banners, “Twice in Two Weeks,” and Texas students cheered for Carlisle, Georgia and Sewanee. It was the last contest played in Austin for a long time. ♦ ♦ ♦ flristy Beasley proved a one- fnan riot on the young 1910 Aggie team which upset Texas, 14 to 8. on his vicious line plunging. A. and M. was a big favorite in 1911. The frame was played In rain and mud. Arnold Kirkpatrick and Nelson Fuett 1«! Texas In a 6-to-0 irpset. that was the last contest until |915. although A. and M. had one pf Its greatest teams in 1912. A Student strike wrecked the 1918 Aggie team. Ctiarley Moran was the Aggie coach from 1909 through 1914. Texas would not agree to play the Aggie« until ha resigned. ♦ ♦ ♦ An agreement was reached In 3915 when Texas had a fine team. The Longhorns were expected to win by a lop-slded score. But Moran sent the Aggie team a wire which was read to the team before the game. This inspired the team to play far better than they knew how to play. On the club were Hip Collins, a great punter, two fine ends, Jim Kendrick and Johnny Garitty, and Fannie Coleman. a fine field goal kicker. Texa» safety men w'ould fumble Collins’ long punt» and the Aggie ends would pounce on them or jar them loose from the ball. It was one of the sweetest victories in Aggie history. The score was 12 to 0.“ ♦ ♦ ♦ Texas won in 1916 by a 21-to- 7 count with Hip I^ange and Billy Traube starring. But the next year Dana Bible came to A. and M. to defeat Texas 7-0 with a fine young team at College Station. For a number of years the Aggies won at College Station and Texas won at Austin. In 1918, they played at Austin and Texss was victorious, 7 to 0. ♦ ♦ ♦ The 1917 Aggie players were hack from the war In 1919 and won at College Station, 7 to 0, in the first Thanksgiving tilt by the pair there. A. and M. led a Texas team that had not scored, 3 to 0, In 1920 at Austin, hut Domingues plunged over in the last five minutes to win for the Longhorns, 7 to 3. Texas' wonder team was a big favorite In 1921 but the two battled to a scoreless tie at College Station. ♦ ♦ ♦ A. and M. won Its first conference contest from Texas in Austin, 14 to 7, In 1922. The next year, featuring Oscar Rekhardt, Texas took ita first victory at College Station, 6 to 0, recovering a fumbled punt across the goal. A [Miss batted into the arms of a Longhorn gave them a 7-to-0 victory the next season. Joel Hunt, old Waco Tiger star, was at A. and M. the next year. He led the Ag­ gies to their most crushing defeat of Texaa of all time, 28 to 0. The underdog Texas team won in Austin In 192«, 14 to ft. ♦ ♦ ♦ Bible had another great Aggie team in 1927. Texas was outclassed, 28 to 7. In 1928 Texas won at Austin, 19 to 0, but was upset by the Aggies, 13 to 9, In 1929, Texas came up with a great team, featuring Ernie Koy. Harrison Stafford, and Ox Emerson. The Longhorns won the title that year and defeated the Aggies, 26 to 0. And Hang On To Dump Frogs, 7-0 Toads Drive Deep, But Fail to Tally FORT WORTH, Nov. 22—AP— Rice used a first-quarter Texas Christian fumble as a springboard to a 7-0 victory here today. Five thousand persons braved cold, rainy weather to watch Rice score with less than four minutes remaining in the first period, then cling desperately to the advantage to take over third place in the Southwest Conference standings. Pete Stout fumbled when hit by S. J. Roberts on the Horned Frogs 27-yard line. Five plays later, Huey Keeney cut inside his own left tackle and romped It yards for the touchdown. James Williams kicked the extra point. Frogs Orivc Deep Led by Stout, Carl Knox and Lindy berry, the Horned Frogs repeatedly surged deep Into Rice territory, reaching the 18-yard line twice —once on an 80-yard fourth- quarter drive. Coach Jest Neely kept his workhorse bucks -Keeney and Tobin Rote—in the ball game all the way and substituted sparingly. The big blue-clad Owls stiffened every time TCU got in scoring position. But soft footing and a slippery ball ruined two-touchdown chances for the Frogs. Once in the second quarter back Charlie Jackson dropped Stout’s pass on the three-yard line. Again in third the ball slipped away from him in the end zone. Owls Take Opportunity "Fumbles and inability to catch those two passes hurt more than anything,” TCU Coach L. D. “Dutch” Meyer said after the game. The Frogs made one of their strongest showings in the waning minutes of the third period. Tedi ai Texas A. and M. «» Columbus, Ohio. December 22: Texss Chr.sttaa vs. Detro Drtrvlt, Mich Baylor vs. Un*.ver»»ijr of California at Berkeley. Calif T»*xas A snd M vs. Setoa Hall at South Orange. N J. Deren» her 23; Rice **. Wyoming at Houston. T^xas Christlaa vs. Loyola at Ch.- 115 Contests Are On Schedule For Southwest (lagers By The Associated Pres A schedule of 115 games, more Saylor Bittners Tax Service at than 50 of them of intersectional Oakland. Calif, nature, has been mapped for the Iieeemher M-57-St* South%vest Conference tvisiielb i*l Arkansas ¡n National Co* eg.a;* campaign. Championship* at La Aag- * The seven members of tne circu t 2li will meet more than 30 outs.de teams and will {»lay a total of better than 70 non-conference games. First games are scheduled Dec. 1, while the conference rare o^iens Jan. 5. Outside Opponents Among the intersectional opponents are such powers as New York University. Louisiana State... I^i Salle. Bradfev Tech. St. Louis. City CnllCB» of N#w York. Valpa- j , R' , Hout.o«. i Tnu «n iMitlMra V* UCLA, Ohio State. California, Se- i .* Dallas ton Hall. Loyola of Chicago, and j>noarr $ Wvoming. Arksn* is v* T*xaa A. aad M s' On the hr»>Ls of returning veto- . College Sts Field Trial Due At McGregor On C Friday, Saturday Southern Methodist r*. Wyoming at Dallas. Herem ber »Mil; Rice. T**x*a and Biflor ta Oklahoma Cttv Alt*Co1l'ge Tournament, *fexas Chrtstlsn. Texas A. and M snd Southern Methodist tn All-College Tournament st Fort oWrth. Jinnsrv 2-3: Arkansas ia Four-College Tournament st San Francisco * Oregon. Stanford. San Francisco. Arkansas). Ri vs, Louisiana a ni M at tans, defending chamnion Texa Southern Methodist. Baylor and . Rouge. La. Arkansas are exported to* battle it January is: out for the conference title. | Arkansas vs Trits A Following is the comoosite cched- c>_ u.TK .ilf ule for th" conference, including ni?«. ‘ South .a M v odU practice gnmes: Ilr«'«*ml*er t : Tf’xas A and M vs Abilene Chris- tlnn Coll>*jr*» st CoMege Station Southern Methodist vu. Oklahoma at Norman. Okla. December 2: January IS: Rice vs. Sam Houston State #• Arkansas ví H untsville Fayetteville. December 1: v** ^ ^ *** Nil* hi * «i* v« K* n 1« Sts’* T*'vher> .Isnn^rj !*; I ypi* -*%• •'•‘H*- ■•Jrt&ti • «Plttshui’g. Kan« > at Fayetttoville. Arkane** %* F .viera M»' lit t' ■HHBIiHfcL- '■ *-«• - 4 I»rrember I . Texas vs.’ Sam Houston State at { Texss A. snd M. vs Texas at Au»Keller, Tarrant County, has two tackles on its team who are believed ,. .. . _ . _ ... . , _^ . .______. . .. . « ■ m aw 11 . ■ . • % it • i Southern Methodist vs. Indiana State Janasry t*: . . _ - . to he the biggest In h-gh school football an> where. Lonnie Adkins at T Txas Christ an vs. Baylor at Fort are J . art (left) weighs 280 pounds and is 6 feet 0. tieorge Lolly (right) tips the rem ber 5 W >rth. J. O. Roger» of Georgetown. A beam at 250 and also is 6-6. They are 16 and 17 years old respectively. T*xs* A and M v< S< itheastern Jsnuary SI: re; reser.tative o' the American The fellow in between is Coacb lidi Harris, who is a mere 5 feet 10. ' I, * •' 1 - ,t . n Arkansas is. Alabama at Me. . i f.-— -“^8am Houston Stste st Tenn. »he even? Rice vs Texas A snd M st Houston Janasry 1?: T- xas Christfsn vs. Texss at F >r? Worth. Janaary IS: T**xas A. snd M vs Btylor st Wa o Southera Methodist s or st Houstiss. The inaugural field trial of the recently • organised Biuebonnet Amateur Field Trial Association will be conducted Friday and Saturday of this week in a reserved area of the former Bluebonnet Ordnance plant near McGregor, Fred L Tucker. *es retary-treas­ urer, has announced. Open Imitation Thii contest, will give the boys who brag about the abilities of their btrd dogs a chance to match them with others of this area,'* Tucker says. An open Invitation has been announced for all os ners of either pointers or setters to enter the amateur trials. Location of the eve*\t will be well-marked from the main gate I of the BOP property, and all spec- Stats at Bai >a ■ t a tors are welcome. Tucker says. Horses will be available for those I who wish to follow the All-Age 1 »take, a one-hour heat handled from horseback, and the Shooting Dog stake, a 30- minute heat handled on foot, can be observed from stationary positions. Approximate!v 30 dogs have 'been entered ui the ¿hooting Dog stake, and 20 in the Amateur All-Age stake. One entry has been received from Alabama, Tucker says. Fligible for (onte*ts Champions of the event will be eligible to enter ail national contests >ince the association is at- filiated with the Amateur Field Trials Clubs of America. Judges T^vaa is Heller Is in Texas Interscholastic League District 15-It. (Al* Thoto) Austin 22—UP- —Sta- game ; TCURlir . 11 7 .2!« If)* . 41 0 . 1Î 0 . :» ft . <> 1 . :II . 4744 . 63 . 2 1 . 40 . 40 0 Three Wacoans on Rice Eleven Koy and Stafford were still on Baylor and Rice have been play- the team in 1931 hut they upset the j Ing since 1914. The Bears have Steers, 7 to fl, at C ollege Station, won It games lo 12 for llie Owls. Texas won at Austin In 19S2 by a There was one tie in 1925. Baylor’s 21 to 0 count. Clyde Littlefield biggest margin was in 1922, when was serving his last year as Texas the championship Bear team won eoach In 193S and Matty Bell had by a 31 to 0 score. ♦ ♦ ♦ Rlre started the series with a 14-13 decision, but Baylor’s 1015 championship eleven won the 1915 contest, 2f> to 0. There were no more games until 1919, Rice tuklng that one, 8 to 0. Next year the Owls had a runaway, 28 to 0. The next one was a 17-to-14 triumph for the Bears. Then came the 31-0 Bear rout. They skipped 1923, but Baylor won In 1924 Dy a 17-to-O ♦ ♦ ♦ In those days Frank Bridges was Just come to A. and M. Both teams Were weak and battled to a 10-10 tie. ♦ ♦ ♦ At Austin In 1034, Texas won. 13 to 0. The AggieK were victors, 20 to 6, at College Station in 1935. Texas toppled a favored Aggie crew In Austin, 7-0, the jjext season. In 1937, the Aggies w'on at College Station, 7 to 0, then went to Austin the next year big favorites only to lose, 7 to 6, A, and i score. M. was the No. 1 team of the nation in 1939 but couldn't score In the rain and mud at College Sta- , tion for the first half. A hideout i,»,n£ h'* hidden-ball trick, plav in the second half started 11 * ha<l H hab,t of donating rivals a 20-to-0 victory for the Cadets. m £u]llJlg lh,‘ . A . which seldom failed to score. The | 7-7 tie came in 1925, and Baylor That’s the last one for A. and won, 9 to 7, on a safety in 1926. M. In 1940, the veteran Aggie Baylor, with its team wrecked in team went to Austin with Rose 1927 by the Round Rock bus trage- Bowl dreams but a long pass from dy, gave the iHvIs a great battle Pete I^tyden to Noble 1 loss, old before losing, 19 to 12. Temple star, In the first five min- i ^ ^ ^ utes of play set up the onlv score ! „ , . .. , as Texas won, 7-o/ A. and M. won | «¡f t three in n the title in 19tl but was smeared, 1?. ' Vo in* 1 ‘ !° » 23 to .0, at College Station. Texas 1h/\ 1 ““T .W?? pl?,yeA JV had one of its greatest teams that ,l,lkle-dtM*p mud at Carroll Held, year but something happened in K_ave lhe Owls 1 pair _oi mid-season. Baylor tied the Long- First downs ............ Net .isrds rushing . Net .lards p;t**inc . Forwards attempted Forwards completed . Forwarda intercepted Number punta ........ kl’unt averaga ........ Fumbles ...................... tumbles lost ............ Number penalties ... Varda penalized v-From line of aerimmage. Stout—who powered his way for 64 yards during the game and Berry—who picked up 51—brought the ball down to the Rice 18 before Rice held for downs. The drive carried from the Frogs’ 32-yard line. Rice’s only chance at scoring was the one it made pay. The Horned Frogs wouldn’t yield but 108 yards on the ground and Keeney gave a fine punting performance. Knox matched Keeney's punting on every occasion, once quick- kicking 75 yards. Spread Works Beat A wide, spread formation brought Texas Christian its most success on the ground, particularly In the last quarter. As it was, It gained 229 yards on the ground. With minutes left to play In the final period, the Frogs took over on their own 20 after Keeney's punt had gone over the goal. In 12 plays Knox, almost single- handed, advanced the ball 80 yards and three first downs. Big Joe Watson, Jim Spruill and the rest of the Owl line stopped three ground plays, then Rote came piling in to nip Knox a yard short of a needed first down. Rice never got closer to the TCU goal than Its own 40-yard line in the second quarter. Kice POS TCU J. Williams ,.,.LK .................. Rogers Wyman ...............I. T............... Edwards MftKce .................LG.................... Brown Watson .................. C................. Pitcock Roberts ................R<;......................... Pike Spruill ..................RT................ Kilmati Taylor ...............RE........................ B oh I Rot« ................. . .14 H................... Berry K>«.|i«*y ................LIl........... D. Bloxotn Hiley ....................Hit............... Jarkson Hocrster ..............FB........... Lucas Score by periods— Rice ..........................................7 0 0 0—7 Texas Christian .................. 0 0 0 <> 0 RICE SCORING: Touchdowns. Keeney, point aiter touchdown, Williams, (placement). Substitutions: RICK—Ends, W. Williams. Bowman, Laitia; tackles, Murphy, Armstrong, guards, Delwood Lee, Durwood Lee, Nicholson, Schwarts; center. Price; backs, Stockbridge, Anderson, Kiken- berg. 'irlXAS CHRISTIAN—Ends, Bailev, Moorman. Alford; tackles, Marablr*. Narrell; guards, Lowe. Caffey. S. Watson, Hicks; centers, Brightwell. Lincoln; backs, Knox, Stout, R. Rogers, Browning, Vaianl. Baylor-SMU CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE horns and TCI' beat them. ♦ ❖ safeties to get out with the 7-4 verdict. In 1931, Baylor didn’t have much and Rice took a 20-to-0 triumph. The Owls also won, 12 In 1942 In Austin, Texas was j to 0, in 1932. Joe Jack Pearce hard pressed to win but did the job. passed to Hall in the last minute 12 to 6. There were many Naval «n{l Aubrey Stringer booted the trainees at Texas and for the Aggies <*xt t a point for a 7-6 victory in In 1943. and the Steers won at 1933. College Station, 27 to 13. The ♦ ❖ ❖ Rice was Southwest Conference champion for the first time under next year, Texas barely made it, 6 to 0, at Austin. The Longhorns were favored in 1945 and did win but M the second half when a long punt was poorly played and Texas re- _n4l HllHM covered on the Aggie 5-yard line. t P Texas pushed over the winning amon*‘ Owl stars that jear. it was luckv in doinp so A nñd Jimmv Kitu in 1934- antl all was leading 10 to 7 l«t‘J over Baylor, 32 to 0, in the last . was leamng, íu to 7 , late in Southwest Texas Tops Houston, 2-0 HOUSTON, Nov. 22—UP—The Southwest Texas Bobcats edged the University of Houston Cougars, 2 to 0, in a fake of mud at Public School Stadium here today. The game marked the fifth Lone Star win for the Bobcats this year and marked up the same number of loses for the Cougars who made their final appearance of the season. The punting duel, pla>ed in a driving rain before a sparse Home- romlrig Day crowd, was settled In the first period. Quarterback Roy Wallace fell on a bad pass from center in the Cougar end zone on an attempted punt after the Bobcats had kicked out of bounds on the Houston one. game Rice has played here. John McCauley, Bill Walluce, Lee he Sylvester and Harpo Steen were touchdown and late In the game one of Bobby Lavne’s passes went for another one. <• ❖ ❖ ♦ ♦ ♦ Baylor won 8 to 0 In 1933 and 10 to 7 in 1936. Rice was champion again in 1937 and defeated lAst season lhe Texas team also the 13 lo 7. The Bears won started fast but faded to be hooted ,n b>' a 21-to-6 score, and from the race bv Rice and TCT It looii thp fame, 10 to 7 when was Dana Bible’s last year as coach ‘ \\oh kicked a field goal, so the tsonglmrns gave their best R*ce won, 21 to 12. in 1940, took the next one. 28 to 14. and the 1942 contest. 20 to 0. Bull Johnson’s 43-yard field goal in the last minute won for Baylor, 17 to 14, in 1045, ♦ ♦ ❖ Rice shared the title In 1946 and walloped Baylor. 38 to 6. The Owls are staging a furious finish this season and will be favored to ,, T . ------------ — .defeat the Bears Saturday, On the longhorns who have lost hut lhe Rice team are three Waeoans, one game He should hurl a vie- Froggie Williams, Ralph .Murphy tor} o\er the Aggie«. and Charles Easter. Performance of the *en*on to wal- op the Cadet«, 24 to 7.. Bobby Lavne was the big Steer hero but Hubert Beehtol turned In a tremendous game at end. ♦ ❖ ❖ Texas has a far better team than A. and M. this year but the Aggie* will be inspired for the occasion and might turn Into a close game. Layne is still chunking for 12 Wacoans Return From Successful Deer Hunts Twelve Wacoans, who started out. on the first day the deer season opened, returned from the happy hunting grounds west of the James River in Mason County Saturday with one huek less than the legal limit for the party. Those making the trip were Cameron E. Smith, K. C. Street, H. L. Blanton, J. Myron M« David, Carl D. Stone, William Miller. Paul E. Shelby. Charles E. Saxon, George Evan's, E. A. Bennett, J. M. York and O. L. Bright. broke up a long Baylor pass as the 1 game ended. First (jusrter Griffin w»>n the toss for Baylor snd elected to d<*f**nd the north goal and receha the kickoif. When the Baylor squad came hack on the field they all started rolllnic In the mud. Just to confuse th« presshox boys. Sul than of SMU kicked to the 33, where Ison received and was spilled. Hall circled left end for nine, then for three more and a first down. Johnston lost two. Tinsley was hurt on the play. H** waa repla< *»d by Bull Johnson. Johnston lost another and Price punted to the eight, where tin bsll died. Green punted back to Sims on the SMU 48 and he brought it hack to the SMU 3 iV Hall got two, belnt; downed by Relnklnif. Price s pass was intercepted hy Pare on th* SMU 30 and h* got hack to tne 46. McKissack carried for four to the mldfleld stripe. More Punta Exchanged Walker was spilled by Rohbv Griffin after a one-yard pirk up and Gre«»n punted to Sims on the 12. He was run out of bounds on the 13. Hsll got one and Price punted to Walker on the SMU 41. walker returned to the Baylor i3. Two plays produced a net loss of two and Green punted out of bounds on the 15. Hall gained two and Price punted to Walker on the SMU 33 snd the ball was returned to the 41. Craven *ot the tackle. Two tries netted three yards snd Green kicked short to Sims, who cot from the 29 ha, * the 31. Sutphin tossed Blackwood for a vsrd jnss, Hsll powered for four, and Price kicked over the goal. Gre#>n faked a nunt and ran for It to th* 3! MrKfpftick thr*«\ Walker was tossed hy Huehner snd Hall after a two-yard Kain and Green kicked nut on the Bavlor 27. Price immediately punted bark. Ps*** rot it on the 33 and lugged It for five as the quarter ended. Second Quarter Green kicked to Sims on the 20. Sima Kot as far as the S.r» and th*m ran back to the 25. Hall went for two and Mantrum hroke over the right side of his line for a first down. It mas close enouKh for a measurement. Men- srum slipped down and lost two but Baylor wa« caught clipnlnp and It cost them 15, hack to the 20 Two plays sained two and Price kirked to the SMU 4 ( 1 . SMU waa holdinc on the plav and F.aylor was given a first down on the 30 . Sutphin threw Blackwood for a loss of two, Mangum hulled for seven snd Price punted to the SMU 2.% Ps?e on an end around, rained five and Walker made it a first down on the P»Ke fumbled on the tg and Bobby Griffin recovered f..r Baylor. Mrtiisnark Eads Threat McKinney lost four and Price’s pass was intercepted on the eiaht by McKissack. who rot hack to the 15 , Green kicked out on the Baylor 45 On aecond down Griffin hroke throuch ] to the SMU 42. Mangum gained two, Bobhv Griffin added two. Price lost one. Price hooted out on the 11 . McKissack made four and Walker made it a first down on the 23. No gam on the first try. and on the second Walker got loo,»e for nin^ Then h* marie It a first on the 33. Walker, back to pass, was trapped and tore around end for 15 and a first. Johnson a pass to Reinkin? failed to gain, another long* one to Walker wan bare[y Incomplete. Another was raught •v Walker and It slipped out of his hands. McKinney raught it before It hit the ground on the Baylor 4*1 Hall made two, Price got three, and another try failed to gain aa the scoreless half ended. Third Quarter Baylor took the field in their green Jerseys. Sullivan kicked to the • 2 .*» where Hall fumbled It and fell on it on the 27. Hall gained two, Johnston got one and Price kirked to the 12. where Walker took it back to the 13 McKissack got two amj Green kicked to Sims on the 48 and was downed on th« 43. Hall got two. Bobhv Griffin fumbled on the 4.V Lewis recovering for SMU McKlsaack whs downed by McKinney <»n the 48 Walker spun for thr.e more, Mr-Kisaark fell for no gain and Green kicked out on the 24. A hackfield in motion penalty cost the Bears five, another similar penalty cost another five and Price booted to the 37. where Walker took it back to the 42. Page carried for four. Walker took three more and Page made a first down on the Baylor 45 , Page picked up two. Walker added five and then made a first down on the 32. Page went for three. McKissack went fur five more. W'alker broucht it up for another first down on the 2t, McKissack fumbled and McKinney recovered for Baylor on the 16. Price punted to Walker, who tuok I it on the SMU 35 and carried bac* j to the 41. Walker went for three, being tackle.I j b\ Mickler. Base mad* nothing and the quarter ended. I our th Quarter Green punted eut on the Baylor seven. Hall carried f<>r three, Bla« k- wood fumbled and recovered on the six. Price kicked out to the 34 . Pag ankled off tackle for two. llall Intercepted Walker's pass on the ¿2 and ran back to the 41. Blackwood took it for five yards, added another and Price lost four. His kick went out of bounds on tIt** 34 and QU Johnson want into th gained Baylor a clipping penalty t<> the smu 47 Johnson's long pass to Keirikirig was broken up by McKinney. North Texas State Pony lineup. McKissack gained tin «e and on the next play Baylor drew Texas A. and Mr. vs. Baylor sî C< lege Station Texas vs. Southern Methodist st Dallas. I'ehraarjr S’ Te\as Christian s Texas st Auatm Field Goal <»ond Johnson passed to Folsom on the Baylor 40. It was good for another first down. McKissack went for three, then Sims intercepted Johnson s pasa on the two, ran behind the Koal and then ankled out to the 21 but a clipping penalty assessed from the 11 put th« ball back to the one. Price kicked out to the 28. W'alker gained thr«e, Sims broke up a pass on the 16. and Johnson passod to Kelnking for a first down on the 11 . A pass waa Incomplete, another pass to Walker gained two, a third was broken up by Sims in the end zone, a fourth-down fldd goal attempt was good. Walker kicked from the 16, wim Johnson holding. Baylor was offside on th« klckoff and Sullixaoa second kick went to Bobby Griffin on the five, lie took It back to the 33. Price couldn't find a receiver but worked his way baca to th« line of sci imtnsge. <’»#tik stopped llall at the line and I'ric« a pass t 1 Dickeiaon was intercepted by Pate on the SMU 43. It* a Touchdown Page skirted left end for eight and Walker made a first down on the Baylor 45. Page made another eight around left end and Baylor waa assessed five yards for delaying the game. It was another first down. Walker ran beautifully around right end and waa shoved out <»f hounds on th« se\eu. It wh * a 21-jaid gain. Page went around left end for a touchdown. W'alker a try for extra point was good and the score was SMU 10, Baylor 0. Sims took Sullivan’s kickoff on the fiie and returned to the 27 A long pass was broken up by Moon, who juggled it momentarily and dropped It and the game ended. Southern Methodist vs. Cincinnati at January t?; I Cltciliall. a rkanaaa vs. Arkansas Stale a December 61 Jonesboro, Ark. Texas A and M. vs. Southeastern January 14 * Oklahoma Te*cWs at College Station , Ricw Baylor st Wartx I Southern Methodist vs. Ea«tern Ken- j _ ,, tucky State at Louisville. Ky Jaaaary Sal Deermher 8: Baylor vs. W aco. Arkansas vs. Culver-Stockton Col leg (Canton. Mo.» at Fayetteville Rice vs Tex*<* Tech at Houston. Texas A and M. va. Ea.*t Texas I February •: State at College St a t.i 1 Arkansas vs. Baylor at Texas, Louisiana State and Texa« j R.ce vs. Texas Christian at Hou*t^a Tech In round-robin double-header at [ Texas A. and M vs Southera Meth Houston. Deeemlier Ü: Rice vs. Louisiana State at Houston. Texas A. and M. vs. East Texas State at College Station. Texas. Louisiana State annd Texas T<‘ch in round-robln doubleheader at ] at College Station. Houston. Baylor *s. Waco. December 16: Southern Methodist vs. Centenary at Dallas. December II: Arkan**« vs. New York University at Madison Square Garden New York. Texas Christian vs. Kansas State at Manhattan. Kans. December 1?: Rice vs. Sstn Houston State at Houston. Texas vs. North Texas State at Austin. Baylor vs Wichita at Wichita. Kans December 13: Arkansas vs. La Salle at Philadelphia. Texas Phrlstian vs Bradley Tech at Peoria. Ill North Texas State at odist at College Station. Fehruary T: Arkansas va. BayIor at Waeo. Rice vs. Southern Method!?r at Houston. Texas Christian vs. Texas A. aad M College Sti Fehraary Iti Texas vs Baylor at Waco, February 13: Arkansas vs. Texas Christian st F*sy* etteville. Rice vs. Texas A. and M. a: Collega Station. February 1 • : Arkansa« vs Texaa Chnsuan at Faj- etteville. Fehraary li* Rice vs. Texas at Aust.n. February !*: Baylor vs. Southern Methodist ai Waco. Fehraary 20: Arkansas vs. Texas at Fayattevilie. Rice vs. Texaa Christian at Fort Worth. Texaa A and M. va Southern Methodist at Dailas. Texas A. and M. vs. Sam II ust n Fehraary SI: Arkansas vf. Texas at Fayetterille. Rie* va. Southern Methodist at Dallas. Tex-»a C**ri«t:asi va Teaaa .♦ aal U at Fort Worth. A preliminary survey of the 8,000-aere reservation has revealed plenty of bob-white quail for th« triad.*and members of the association expect interest to mount yearly In the e*ent. Anyone who wishes to place an entry in the trial may contact J. Frank Elder, president. Waco, Dr. H. Ft. Mart n, vica-president. Mexia, Tucker of Waco, or Billy Mitchell, assistant secretary. Waco. FOOTBALL FANS! Remtmhtr Y oar Fmt&ñíé Grid $t*rs mt Chrittmmi Time K itb the Mesi Gift! State at Huntsville Texas vs. North Texas State at Austin. Baylor va St. Louis at St. Louis. December IS: Southern Methodist vs. Texas Wesleyan at Dallas. December 17: Rie* vs. Drake at Des Moines, Toms. Texas A. and M. vs Sam Houston State at College Station. Dece m tier IR: Rice vs. Creighton st Omahs Neb. Texas vs. City College of New York j tin at New York. M . .. Baylor vs. Arizona at Tucson. Arix j *r* December 19: Baylor vs. UCLA at Lo» Angele» , s. Texas Christian vs. Valparaiso at .. Valparaiso. Ind. w*' 8outhera Meth Texas A. and M. vs. Baldwin-Wal- 00181 ^ Fort * or‘h- lace at Cleveland. J —....................---------------— — December 20: Texas Christian va Bowling Green *'A?k7nMÍ lí'nÑ.,th T«« sui. .. I Picture, of th* Baylor-SMU I Little Rock. Ark. ¡rame will be shown on Waco’ February !3: Texas vs Baylor at Aust a February 57: Arkansas vs. Rice at Houaton. February ?S• Arkansas vs Rice a? H »uaton Texas Christian v*. Bavlor at Waro. Texas vs. Southern Methodist st Aus- Texaa A. and M. vs. Texas at College Station. Bavlor-SMlT Film Here Lineups and Summary Ila) lor POH KM It Hollon ................. LK .............. Relnking Heironimus .........LT ............... Ethridge J. Griffin .......LG................... Lewis Huebner ............... C.............. Sutphin Craven ........... ..... ,RG...................... Cook Tinsley ...............RT........... Haniberger Ison .......................RK...........S. Hallidav Sims ......................QB................... Walker B. Griffin ..........LH..................... Par Johnston ............RII................ Ramsey -................FB............... Sullivan llall . Score by periods— SMU .............................. Baylor ........................... o n n io in o o o a— u SMU SCORING: Touchdomn, Page; point after touchdown. Walker (pla<e- ment); field goal, Walker (plate­ ment). Substitutions: BA YL(>R—Nevlll. Dickerson, Flanakin. Cl osa. Starr, ends; Massey, T. Roberta, Johnson, tackles; Mouser, McGaw. Mickler, Stone, gaurds; Qualts, Jack, Cochrane, centers; Black wood. Price, McKinney, Crews, Kimbrough. MaiiKUin. backs. SMU Folsom, Martin. Blakely, end«; J. Hallidav, llosenblum, tackles; Roberds, Pechal. guards; Baxter, Goodwin, centers; Moxley. Green. Parker, McKissack, Moon, Payne, back*. ph Texaa vs. St. Joseph » at Philadel- starting today. Manager Rite vs Rt. Louis at St. Louis Baylor vs. UCLA at I^ts Angeles Buster Scott announces. The film will run through Tuesdav. - __ rrwroa t vllLlmbXlAL SQUEEGEE A LOT MORE MILES mm Extra mileage is ooly one proof of General’s Top- Quality. Built stronger to run longer. The General Squeegee is a safer tire, every mile traveled. Clearance Sale! LEATHER JACKETS $11.50—$16.50—$22.50 ACUTI N A VF.. Sl’IT HOt'ftK *3« AUSTIN WRESTLING WRIGHT S PLAYHOUSE TUESDAY, NOV. 25TH “Tarzan” White vs. Jim Caaey Football Mar -Former Mtate Champ Moth Mntrhe* One Hour Time Until Bobby Roberts vs. Jack Kennedy ilDDT HAMMONDS, Hefrrea ADMISSION FRICKS Ringside $1.21» Side Section »Or Front Seel inn Sftc 'mm m i Mi' Ä I * h » 1 r 1 W For a Change-Over on your naw car or a step-up to Generals on your old car . . . see your car dealer or your nearest General Tire dealer. Vi t» \

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