The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1952
Page 3
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M KEWS 3 GOP Aspirants Whistle At Wisconsin 'Graveyard' FA61 By RELMAN MORI* MILWAUKEE l/P> — Wisconsin, ttiey WT, It the "grave yard of wndidafcw," «vd *hr*« Republican presidential asp Iran la are whistling hard today as the fateful hour »pproachw tor another primary election. The people »ptik t wwk tomorrow, April 1. As of today, mo«t ot the politic*! analysts believe Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio has the Inside track «nd la coming fast In Ihe race lor the state's 30 GOP convention delegate!. They ire not, however, ruling out the amiable, diver-blonde governor of California, Earl Warren, who Is collecting friends here faster than an expert prune picker coud Jill a basket In his native state. Harold Sta&sen, ex-governor of Minnesota, is the third major Republican candidate. He Is considered, at best, iv very long shot. And over the whole Republican section of the political pattern, In this last week, hangs the long shadow of Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower. In a very real way, Eisenhower, the man who Isn't here, cai be considered a decisive factor h the destinies of the other GOP campaigns. Judging from the numbers ol people you meet, in campaigning around, who say they "lite Ike.' the general seems to br Immense!) popular here. He is not ent-red h the primary, however, and there can be no repitition of the Minnesota write-in wave. Wisconsin does not count write-ins. REVERSE CEAR-O.-yn Dale Krirma?.iu. 22 months old, was a little confused as to proper use for this indispensable bit of '• .quipment, and everyone Bought it a fine joke. That is, *eveiyone but the firemen who had to turn plumber's helper and rescue her. Trieste Riots Halted TRIESTE, Free Territory tfi — Political rioting, which resulted In 160 casualties since it started Thursday, finally was quelled last night. Heavy American and British Army patrols enforced an uneasy quiet throughout the city. Ridgway Says 'Stakes Are Peace' TOKYO Ufi — Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway says the stakes in the Korean armistice talks are world peace. The Allied supreme commander said in an interview he prays constantly that Americans will be extremely patient while United Nations Command negotiators withstand Communist deceit and stalling. Ridgeway conceded that the prolonged truce talks—-now in their ninth month—tried one's patience, but added: "Patience Is a necessity. The stakes in this case are not only the lives of Allied prisoners in Communist hands. but world peace itself. I think our people realize the situation in which we find ourselves today, A situation so potentially grave calls for the most soul - searching objective analysis of what you intend to do and what your objectives are. "Far reaching, almost incalculable consequences could flow from acts which some ol our people advocate in the current situation. But such suggestions do not bespeak any sort of objective analysis." ONE-BOOK GAL—"I love to read," says Dagmar in between scfc/ra'rem? frV™, " 5h ° W " Da £ mar ' 5 Canteen," "but those sets scare me. II I only had one book I'd read. it. But so many! . . Sweetie, they positively frighten me." - t so many' ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE rvi M I'hone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays j|== 7:00 p.m. Sat. Sun. 1:00 p.m. LAST TIMES TONITE! 2 HITSl Also Cartoon & Shorts Tuesday & Wednesday! Double Feature? KmiT MfTCHUM-AVA GUMINH MELVYNMKKUt 2 Reel Edgar Kennedy Cometiy Farouk Calls New Election Egyptian Wafdist Lower House Dissolved By Decree of King CAIRO UP) — KillR Karouk dissolved parliament's Wafdist-dom- inated Lower house today and called a new general election May 18. The action \vns rcq«c-Mprt by the cabinet of independent. Prime Minister Alimed Nasnib Hilaly Pasha, Farouk's decree also ordered the new Chamber of Deputies co meet May 31. The dissolution tiirt not aflcd the Senate, which is dominated by the anti-British Wafd faction. Thrre was speculation, however, that the government, might scon request Farouk to make changes in the Senate membership to remove tins Wafd majority. Only three-fifths of the senators are elected. The rest are appointed by the Kinf^. Interior Minister Ahmed Morla- ria El Maraghy Bey told newsmen no provision had been marie yet for lifting of martini Law, whirh was clamper! on Egypt on Jan. 26 after the disastrous fire riots in Cairo. LAST MEAL FOR OLD MAN WINTER-Kenny Fox, of West Orange. N. J., feeds Old Man Winter a tray of ire cubes which the frigid fellow requested for a last meal, as he prepared to fade awaj with the advent of spring. Seattle Student Dies In Blood Experiment That Went Wrong SEATTLE Iff, — An IB-year-old college honcr student died yesterday of an injection of bacterialjy contaminated blood, given during an experiment connected with war research by the University of Washington. The young victim, James Stanley Leedom. a freshman at. Seattle University, was one of 40 volunteers participating in the project seeking better ways to preserve whole blcod. He died three days after thi jection despite every effort to save his life. Dr. Robert H. Williams, head ol the University of Washington Department of Medicine, .said the blcod became contaminated "by some phenomenon" after It had been refrigerated. "The only way we can explain it." said Dr. Williams, "is that the Loborite Rebels Draw Warning on Arms Cut Demand NEW CASTLE. England M>) — Spokesmen for the. British Labor party's moderate leadership warned last night against cuts demanded by Laborite rebels in Britain's rearmament program and hit at delays already announced by Prime Minister Churchill's Conservative government. The speeches, by former chancellor of the Exchequer Hugh Galt- skell and former Labor Undersecretary of State Woodrow Wvatt. were aimed at both the government and left-wing Labor rebel Aneurin Eevan. Gaitskell said any further cuts in British defense spending mi;;ht turn America "isolationist Benin," bringing Britain into "mortal" peril." Wyatt said reductions would make Britain "the laiijhing stock of the world" and would "give the signal for Stalin to go ahead again in Europe." bacteria were able to grow in some manner while the blood \va.s at freezing temperature and not at body temperature." Both Dr. Williams and Dr. Clement A. Finch, associate professor of medicine in charge of hematology at the university, said they would "gladly participate in the -same experiment tomorrow." I!- Men, Hounds Comb Forest For Children LAKEWOOD, Wis. Wi—Men and bloodhounds, assisted by a plane, combed a vast forest wilderness in Northeastern Wisconsin yesterday for three small children who vanished in a snowstorm Saturday afternoon. The search by nearly 800 volun- j leers turned up only part of a red tassel from the cap of one of the youngsters. It was found on a bridge over a small stream nearly a mile from their homes. Oconlo County Sheriff Joseph Foral suspended at darkness the hunt for Cathy Church, 5; her sister Mary Ann. 3, and Steven Kennedy, A. their cousin. It will be Red Fomented Riots Reported From Mexico PHOENIX, Ariz. '.-P—The Arizona Republic published today a ciispatch from Oaxaca, Mexico, by a staff member \vho reported Communist - fomented riot c there have resulted In the dcnth of three men nnd u - oundinp of 12 The reporter, Morgan Monroe said the riots have left the cit> an n rmcd camp. Monroe telephoned his account to Phoenix from P tic bin, ncnr Mexico City, 2fiO mites from Oax- ca. He explained telephone line? on; Oaxftca were SQ jammed ilh military and other official ills he 1 -was unable to phone from 10 re. Rioting started Friday night, he TVS, "All of the dead and wounded," s article says, "were members Mexican mobs which were in- ited to storm the official resi- ence of Gov. Manuel Mayornl "eredia. "Rioters also attempted to burn le governor's palace, but the fire •as confined to H n secretarial of- ,ce. resumed today. LAST TIMES IGNITE "RETREAT, HELL!" Frank Lovejoy -Need MONEY PERSOXAI LOAN Confidential Easy-to-ArrangcT Quick, Friendly Service No Red Tape No DeUy Up to 18 Months to Repay DELTA LOAN €* FINANCE COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE 324 West Ash phone 2091 Chlckanawbt District. County, Arkansas, within thirty (30) days, to answer the complaint or Tom Knight, Illed in said court; otherwise the allegations thereof will be taken as confessed. Dated this 15 day of March. 195J. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sj'kes, D. O. James M. Gardner, atty for ptf. Wm. E. Racier, Jr., ally ad litem. 3:11-24-31-*7 Honart is the capital and largest city o! Tasmania. Crying for u?f n 1 ? N P TRAIL-Joseph A. Richard, wheeling his arthritic uifc, Rosalind, pauses in N'cwark. N. J.. on his long trek from New I S H" V, r T £ mP ' e Cily ' Calif ' llc "°P CS lhat the California climate will help his wife's condition. Hichard expects to cover iO miles a day. and complete the trip in three months. . ( rgner or Japanese urrender 'Restored' TOKYO IS-Mnmoro Shigemlt- ll, signer of Japan's surrender board the U.S. battleship Misouri, today was restored the right o take part in public life. The Japanese government lifted Is ban on 1.011 former national- sts and militarists. The ban. sug- "ested by occupation authorities. ad prevented them from engag- ng in any political activity. Read Courier News Calssiflrrt Ads. Mundt Demands 'Tough' Policy On 'War Deals' WASHINGTON «^Sen. Mundt n-SD) called today for "a gct- oiigh policy" on any war surplus iropcrties "sold in corrupt influ- nce deals." Mundt announced the Senate in- esVigntiotis subcommittee. ot vliich he is a .member, is widen- the scope of a study of post- var bargain sales of government properties valued at billions of dollars. He said the subcommittee will "take an over-all look" at the huge disposals program, and "if we find any evidence of wrongdoing, It surely will result In suits to recaplure for the government the properties involved In such deals." IN T11F, CHANCERY COUHT, CmCKASAWIU niSTHICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Tom Knight, Ptf. vs No. 12,002 Pearlene Travis Knight. Dft. WAH.MNO oilmen The'Defendant, Pe.irlpne Travis Knight, i. 1 ; hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Quit crying, start trying C-2223 to r quick pain relief. C-2223 is Iodized, conlains 2 doctor-prescribed in onls.olso "Black Snuke Root" herb — for fast, effective relief. Price _ _ of first bottle back if you are not satis* led. Hurry, tie sure to get C-2223 nowl THEATER "Osccola's Kinost" LAST TIMES TONITE "THE LAS VEGAS STORY" Jane Russell Victor Mature SAVE..BUY 100 Tablets 490 Some tropical fireflies glow for several minutes nt a time. COTTON SEED 'M Ions, DIM, Saved from founcl.itJon sped, subject to ccrtillrafion. Germination 93",. Saved before the freeze. SUO TON Also Vasts tar Sale f'HONK DKLL 2681 RUSSELL GILL Fistula Is Real Threat FREE HOOK — Explains Other Related Ailments •lO-pnge FREE BOOK-tells fact j about Fistula, Hccta! Abscess, Piles 'and other recrnt and colon di;,or- jclcrsl also related ailments and lal- i corrective treatments. Thmn- i tan & Minor Hospuul, Svme 1572, J9I1 E. Lfnn-nnil, Kansas City 3, Mo. LAST TIMES TONITE "FiGHTING MAN OF THE PLAINS" in Cinecolor Randolph Scott Jane Nigh TUKS. 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