The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 1952
Page 9
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SATURDAY, MARCH 22, I95S BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINB OUR 10ARDING HOUSI — with Major Hooplt HK» |S A SAO RX AM •— 8OOOINS LlF* i_u«e* THe SCIENTIST FKOW HIS STUFFY F-6 LU . YACHT*, LIMOOSIHES, FASHK»4 HOTELS AMD WATER- PtftCeS Tnt PROFITS MV TUCK AWAY TXWTGOTO 4LEEP OM OS = Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Elect io: July 29. 1952 For Codnty Judge GENE BRADLEY PHILIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LISTON tat State Senator SEN.. LEE BEARDEN CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 30 in. Corrugated Metal Culvert* 8lz«s up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gatci Concrete & Metal Septic Tanki Sewer Tile Best Pricei We Deliver Hlihwaj <1 «t State Line Phone 114 INSURANCE to fit your needs OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS "Oh, no, George, no dance! When Bill left with the basketball team, h» asked me to stay home and be loynl —why don't you drop in and surprise me?" SATISFACTION RAYMOND ZACHRY Isaacs Rldg. Mutual Insurance Agency Phone 34M Delinting&TreatingService W« tre now operttiny our NEW C»rTer Delint- inj and Treating Plant. All new equipment includling: latest model iSlurry (liquid) trecttr. • All sacks electrically sewed ... we guarantee 701 quick, efieient and satisfactory service. Seed accepted in truck or carload tati. . .diacount on all lots of 5 tons or more. Insure a better stand and leas runt daviafe by treating your seed. Bring your seed EARLY ami aroid the rush. - WARD GIN COMPANY No. Highway 61 — BlytheTille — Phone 5751 Or**' COAL Phon* 3186 • Prompt D«//vtry NOW/ • Courteous S«rv;c« HESTER'S Coal Yard FOR SALE Concrete culrerts, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper tban I amber f«r barns, chicken hoBKS, pump houses, tenant hooses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call KB for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 6»1 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oats, Alfalfa, Lespedeza. Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. See us before you buy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phone 68M - 1800 West Main Guaranteed Watch Repair A $ 3.50 low muh l» dluwembkd, I e!e«»ed, piv*ts polished mud ; hair sprlngi ad}««t«4. 3 Day Servie* Thompson Credit Jeweler I Next 4o«r to Wade Fimltire I •m STOUT, A»n -W.rS.I-1... ••« •< lh« pnrtKer* of Marner Onv«th, the •toclcfcrnker. w»« MKr«*r«4. JIM Ortk. vrlTMte <e- *e«tlvc. fccllevt*. Orth [• ponliiv *• BAIT* 1w* •McxplHlned HttcmpU •• CrKTAlli'i life. CrnvHtli waaU •Wark>rtv«*B ivmt* 1* reiwalN »• •• aeeldeKt •• Ike rrcnrda HMIU tiler* !• »r«»f »f mnrd^r. Orth her t the "WO one, Sally Cravath said, ex- eept Eve herself possibly, knew why h«r first husband had shot himself. Eve's second marriage had been with a prince from Georgia—the Russian Georgia. "That marriage flopped after Just a few months. Then Eve was free for a long time. But she finally settled for the Wheeler man. He WM a lot older but a right guy, 1 Cues*. He and Eve seem to have 'H*d fun. And when Wheeler died. h« l«ft her pots of money." No monetary motive, at least for Wheelfcr. But apparently she • her away around with men And vhe'd been connected with violent death before. "Leaving Eve?" I said. Sally let long lashes droop over eyes like little gray clouds. "This doesn't do much for my ego. James Just something to pump, eh?" "This is a business trip," 1 said "Charming frankness. But . oh, well, let's take Uncle Jack. And he shouldn't lake long. I'm terribly fond of Uncle Jack. Jim. But, tc be absolutely honest, Uncle Jack i a perennial sophomore." She com pressed her lips, then added, "an< so is Uncle Marney." "You mean?" "Oh," Sally laughed, "they go their sheepskins, all right. But— not that I'm so darn clever or ma lure or anything—but. to my wa of thinking, neither of them eve graduated from Yale In their Blind*, that It" "They w«* together up there?* 1 "Together, like this." She crossed wo slim fingers. "And long be- or« Yale. At socne very select Ittle boys school in N«w York, rst. Then Exeter and finally New laven. The two of them seem to ave murdered all-comers, in ath- etics. I don't know what they use for a motto at New Haven. But f it isn't TJumont for Cravath' or Cravath for Dumont,' I've been misinformed att my Hf*/ Sounds like they subbed for on* another," I said, "Something like that. Uncle arney was a half-back. All- American too. And, apparently every time Uncle Marney got tirec Jncle Jack took over. And he was terrific, too, if I may quote Uncle Mamey." "Very smooth sailing, eh?" "They didn't have much of iroblem after college, either. They ust naturally went into Uncl- Vlarney's brokerage business. ! wasn't exactly his then, of course Elis father was still alive. Uncle STarney inherited and Uncle Jacl rode along with him. That's al there was to it," "You say then," I remarked reflectively, "tnat Mr. Cravalh anc Mr. Dumont have had very eas; and successful lives? Nothin. much to worry about?" IE shifted In her seat. "I'd sa that about Uncle Marney, def initely. And about Uncle Jack too up to a point. But—well, Jim, yo must have seen for yourself." "I get you," I said. "How did h ever come to Jo it? Not, mind you that Dolly couldn't have been at tractive once." "She was," said Sally. "Ver pretty, and bright and amusing lo< She'd been on the stage. 1 guw you'd have to Kay that poof Dolly just an ex-hoofer." "I know a lot of hoofem. An most of Ihcm are swell people." Sh« turned Mm asa't trying to be stuffy. But a— i ... oh, heck, an alcoholic can >me from anywhere.*' "I'm only interested in what lade her start drinking." "All I know is that Uncle Jack id everything in the world for er. But it wasn't any use. They ad three strikes on them before ley ever got married. He didn't nderstand the life she'd been used 3 and she was like a nsh out of rater in his. But she was stuck with his lite and she couldn't ope. So she started beating the bottle. That's my idea of what 'T'HAT situation didn't make en- ti^ sens* to me. "Maybe Doly Dumont didn't help haul the Daisy Chain at Vassar. But she's ibviously no fool. And certainly Dumont is a sensible man. Why luir/t they just mutually call it off?" "I don't know. It's rather tragic oo. Dolly's a very sweet woman, when she wants to be. She's got a leart as big as the house. I don't :hink she really means to give Uncle Jack a rough time." I should think," I said, "that ne'd do jomething about it. Not just take it," "Well, ihort of divorce, he has done things. Dolly's been in cure places any number of times. But it doesn't slick. Well, can I do any other quick thumbnails, Jim?" "Just one," I said. "Dave Sladen." "Oh, Dave." Involuntarily, I I thought, her eyes traveled away from mine. "Would you rather not discuss him?" I asked. "Why shouldn't I?" She looked at me quickly again. I shrugged. "I wouldn't know. Unless it's because the guy'j evidently nuu about you," A pot shot, but it came off. She colored, most fetchingly. "You're nuis yourself. But even If that were true, it has nothing to do with al) thii." No? D»T« Sladen and, I m_ pected, Ames Warburton as well, far overboard for Sally, and here was an old motive for murder. Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel SATURDAY, MABC1I 22 6:00 American Barn Dance 6:30 1/orie Ranger 7:00 All Star Revue 8:CO Show of shows 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:40 C, A. Previet Ken Murray 11:45 News 11:55 Sign Off SUNDAY, MARCH 23 11:00 Test Pattern 11:15 News 11:30 Cnncly Carnival 12:00 Frontiers of Faith 12:30 Here's To Your Health 1:00 Burns &. Allen 1:30 Beulah 2:00 Hopalong Ca-ssiciy 3:00 Meet the Press 3:30 Hall of Fame 4:00 Zoo Parnde 4:30 Gene Autry 5:00 Film Featurett* 5:15 Washington Spotlight 5:30 Slim Rhodes 5:55 News 6:00 Story of Naxarus 6:30 Young Mr. Bobbin 7:30 Comedy Hour 8:00 TV Playhouse 9:00 Red Skelton 9:30 Stu Erwin 10:30 I Love Lucy 10:30 News 10:35 Toast of the Town 11:35 Crime Photographer 12:05 News 12:15 Sign Off MONDAY, MARCH Z4 «:45 Test Pattern 7:00 Today 7:25 News T.30 Today 7:55 Weather 8:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 9:00 Breakfast Party 9:30 Langford-Amecha 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Storyland 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Morning Medlatation 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 1st 100 Years 12:45 Garry Moore 1:30 Homemakers Program :00 Big Payoff :30 Ralph Edwardj :CO Kate Smith :00 Hawkins Pallj :15 Gabby Hayes 4:30 Howdy r>oody :00 News >:05 Berl Olswanger a:25 Weatherman 5:30 Space CadeU 6:00 Kukla, Fran & OJllo 6:15 News 6:25 News About 6:3& Those Two 6:45 Bill Day 7:00 Paul Winchcll 7:30 Howard Barlow 8:00 Craig Kennedy 8:30 Robert Montgomery 9:30 Who Said That 0:00 Wrestling 0:45 News 1:00 Man Against crime 1:30 News 1:35 Sign Off Soybean Seed FOR SALE I Dortch No. ^ and Osden *oy- I bean s«ed, cleaned and tvackcd. Book these before prlc* In- creaKS. RED TOP GIN Blytheville - Phon« 375« FEEDS Wholesale or Retail FULL-O-PEP STAF-0-LIFE Moore Bros Store Phone «86« Rlwa; 18 West HWPY »G6W,GOPHERS' BUZZ Me WHEN *x> mr BETTER PUT THK ^f JUST EXACTLY HAWDCE M TVK. T WHAT PO 1OU VISE AMP UeHTEM ) MEAN r WELL, fT UP--1 WANT TD < I THINK I KNOW WR1NK& THIS 7HIMO LETTK*ar *0-tt.L COME DOWN AND FINISH IT/ BUT V3U CO AHSAP-- I'LL HANDLE MV OUT A LOT PRI6R: 1-I--MEAK! SOU J-T HAVE A FLASH. MEM — EM IMTO METAL/ DO SOME8OC* METAL? LtrMeATtr? Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads ive Mvfrty, e VIOLENT VtH/RB WRONG FOECftCE^CHKIS.I , A1E.7. ARE BKINGIH6 NA1OK*! Off THE CVANO6ENE5 AKE I.OCKEPOUT BUT IT'^ MO 5)6K THEVLl QUI DON'r KNOW MOW TO 6FT THE FLV)N6 TCIAN6LE! MY WORD! WHAT IS IT A D sr* THAT ^-^-"s WASN'T VERY CONSIDERATE OF YOU, NUTCMELL! HOW ABOUT YOUR NEIGHB O/?S ?. r HOW ABOUT ME?! PLEASE MR. BOTTS. YOU DONT HAVE TO WORRY. SJOT CME, BUT TWO &-IVS~ AND NEITHER OF 'EAV LOOktS- LIKE THE BALLET TVPE TO WE! HMAV THERE'S- A LIGHT NSDE. RA1U/& 5E6M TO BE MA.VSE- ITS JUST AS WEIL I / WERE YOU DIDN'T SEE ALREP1 IF HE (LOOKING FOR HASN'T DISCOVERED JMJfS V ME? I'M SIMON CRAFTY SWAP, HE WEEP WEVEFZ.V MREP! NOW THAT I KETUKNEP- MOT NOW.,,1 LEFT A CERTAIN XEY,WITH VOUK WOTHEK.. BUT TELL ME THIS..,HOW WELL DID VOU SLEEP ftFJER SENDING A.N IWHOCEWT 61RLTO PRISON FOR THEFT ? SO VOUVE BEEN LISTENING TO JANE McVICKER. 1 . WEIL, IF VOU REA.LLV WAMT TO KWOW, I SLEPT BETTER. THAN I HM>!NWONTHS! YES... ALL THE- TIME HE WASWT GUtLTy,,. \SHE WAS BEHIND BARS'. (AT YOU'VE HAP THE ITILL THEM I'D SELPCW QU&TTING ZOMBIE" ALL THE TINE ? seen IT, siwce THE DAY THW HE ADS FROM YOUUG WOMWU TOOK A FANCY TO IT! 8TAKI dGGIN'FOK SO6H,FOOrv,"VSOLDAND FiaTH 1 THI6 MUST BE /SACK, BO'S WE CALIFORNIA.-! HWE PLENTV WHAT DO WE / WHEN DO NOW? YEH...BLIT \WELL, I DUNNO, WHERE'LL) AT THIS I'M NEW... WE DfQ?/ BUT ANY O\L PIAC1= I RECKON,Wilt DO/ -666 I IF IT C*ON'T ^ /

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