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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas • Page 1

The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas • Page 1

The Courier Newsi
Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:

2 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS A Kin Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blylheville Herald ARKANSAS, ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI uu.Vil.L ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 1952 TFN PAGFS Negotiators Wrap Up Ports of Entry Pact maps appeared to meet u.N. speci- Hications and "looked in general to be following our pattern." The maps showing exact areas In which neutral inspection teams would operate during a truce were flown to U.N. truce headrjuarters here for close study. A second group of U.N. staff U. S. Jet Airmen Score Victories Over Reds officers told the Communists their "new approach" to the prisoner exchange problem needed "a considerable amount of adjustment." The Reds again made It clear they have no intention of aban- donlng the principle of forced repatriation of all war prisoners. Submit Majis The U.N. Command submitted maps of its five ports of emry Friday, but the Communists asked lor another 24 hours to pinpoint' dock areas, airports and other' facilities in their ports to be checked by neutral inspectors. U.N. staff officers made slight modifications in their maps overnight to conform 60 Communist re- que-sts. The ports of entry were named Tuesday. Communist troops and Bupplie.s would move into North Korea through Sinuiju and Man- pojtn on the Yalu River border with Manchuria, Chongjin and Hungnam on the east coast a nd Sinanju, a rail junction In th northwest. The U.K. in South Korea would be Puspji and Kanknung on By STAN CARTER SEOUL. Korea to S. Jet 75 hit swirl- planes outnumbered 31 three Communist MIGs in 0 air battle over Northwest Korea lale Friday, climaxing one of Iheir most successful weeks of Ihe air war. Ihe U. S. Fifth Air Force reported today. Afler a 30-minute battle over Sinanju American F-66 Sa- Air Base Probe Brings Shakeup In Engineer Corps Scandal Connected With Africa Job Acted on by Pace By KIHVIN' HAAKINSON the east coast. Kunsan and Inchon al charges of fraud, waste and inef- on the west coast and Taegu, an i ficoncy in building multi-million- air base cily in southeast Korea, dollar airbuses in North Africa Col. George W. Hickman said Communist and U.N. staff officers on prisoner exchange in' dicaled that they wanted frank, full ani informal talks. No Secr'eV'TiTkk'r Hickman added, however t'h'a neither side suggested secret Talks In an attempt to speed agreement. The issue of voluntary versus! forced repatriation of wor prison- ers Ls the only major dispute block rca brought, a drastic shakeUp today of Army Engineers who handled "the bre jet pilots claimed one Communist MIG-15 probably destroyed and two others damaged. During the week ended Friday U.N. pilots destroyed nine Russian-built fighters, probably destroyed three and damaged 28. Fifth air ing agreement change. on prisoner that hi thel pe cl Lv IXed actiojf Pr mpt i the nate prepared" ness subcommittee, which Staen investigating the African project gang African project Two probtejns remain to be iron- for months, announced the Penta out by negotiators workin on on order iciiiaiii ue nun-; tut iiiuiuns. announced th ed out by negotiators working on gon orders after receiving a letter coast, truce supervision. They are Com- from Pace outlining them The rnunist nomination of Commended sin to a neutral inspection 1 "nils should help the Armv Bion and an Allied demand a Air Force and especially the In" ban on construction of military payers," Johnson said takes airfields North Korea. sleps that should have been taken Only four planes of the Air Force were combat, two to Red ground fire and one for an unknown reason. Overcast skies Saturday kept most Allied warplanes on the ground and limited the ground fighting to a few desultory Red probes. Snow Too "There were about ID layers of clouds over North Korea, and a little snow," an Air Force spokesman said. Carrier-based planes and Allied warships hammered both Korean coasts Friday. Planes from the American carriers Valley Forge and Philipine Sea roamed deep into Communist territory on the eastern coast Pilots reported 120 cuts in the battered Red rail system and heavy attacks on rail installations at Hungnam, Kilchu and Hamhung British planes from the carrier HMS Glory pounded the Communist front lines on North Korea's west coast. The American cruiser Manchester and the destroyer Fox fired around the clock on enemy posi- at the eastern end, of the by Communist shore batteries near Wonsan, but were not damaged. Navy Blasts The destroyer USS Sickle and the destroyer escort USS Hamner fired sea-borne artillery on Communist life lines along the east Fifth Air Force weekly Police Tap Helper As No. Suspect BAI TTSinuv if lo lolcrale "'competence on con- BALTIMORE 8-year-old tracts if it involves a sack of cof boy who pretended to lie helping fee or a million dollars" the cops tracked down a couple of; Johnson said his watchdog corn- arson susnects ended ccmtmil( Us cst loiig time ago." "Tills is a warning to this group of builders and all other government contractors in this nation" the said. "We don't intend tolerate incompetence on con- Pllblic Baring on summary reported 450 Communis troops killed during the week- tile largest in nearly four months. The United Nations plane lost in air combat was propeller-driven F-5I Mustang, considerably slower than the sleek Russian Jets. Ono of the MIO damage claim was It 11 Dead in Cooter Vicinity; Only One Fatality in Missco (See Additional Storm Pictures on Page JO) Wind-driven dealli and destruction swept across four states and smacked into Northeast Arkansas and Southeast m'llns'arca 01 1 lwivij at Near Cooler, tl were reporled dead and scores of injured were taken to hospitals here and in County One woman was killed at Million Ridge The four-state death toll reached ICG this morning Mi.masmp, and Pemiscol Counties suffered heavy prop- e.v damage in a wide path across Milligau Ridge, Manila, Big Lake Blytheville, Number Kight, Cooter, Steele Cot tonwood Point, and. Carulhcrsville. as, 1 B1 thevii)e Alison was reported hospitalized TORNADO DKATII underneath this pile of walls, ceilings, rubble, and furniture, Calbert Castman of near Cooter died last night. The twister demolished a four- room house occupied at the time by Castman and his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Burel Castman. The latter two were injured seriously. (Courier News I'hnio) Black Fury Kills 166 as It Rips Through Four States area in Damage to homes. ulilities and farms was expected to run Into the millions of dollars Worst hit wiw Arkansas where the rumbling winds killed us persons. in West Tennessee, seven in North Mississippi and 11 in the Caruthersviile area of Missouri. Nishlniarish Scenes Throughout the night rescue workers through the muck unfair attack on him. M.iji.ii^^ made by a Mustang Weather Bui rare when a propeller driven' rom tnc so and debris seeking victims The screaming sirens of ambulances added to Ihe nightmare. Arkansas snapped MO national guardsmen to active duty overnight, keeping 100 in reserve at Camp Robinson, and putting the to work in Die tortured areas. Rod Cross poured disaster workers into the region. A Little Rock bound plane was loaded with pints of blood plasma In St. nited by btood centers here. A The storms, forecast by the as tne Weather Bureau, blitzed Arkansas stormy scssio: Senators Say Lattimore Told-Them. Untruths Pcmiscot County Memorial Hospital at Hayti was filled to capacity and Blylheville Hospital admitted more than 20 storm-injured MLssourians last night. Wall's Hospital had lo send some patients to other treatment centers because of a power failure. Lights were off at Wall's Hospital for more lhan two hours, officials said, Ration's Clinic in Manila hospitalized seven and save first aid lo about 30 more, it was reported this morning. Known dead in this nrca arc: MHS. 1IATTIK of Mil- liBiin Ridge In Ration's Clinic of chest injuries. CAI.KI;KT CASTMAN, 36. of near Cooler, found dead pinned under house. Kl) STAGGS of near Cotlonwood Point, found dead tn cotlonneld. MUKKKI.L flKNK nine months, of Coltomvood Point. i GILBERT age and address unknown. BASS. Negro woman. of St Louis died By 5IAKVIN- AKKOWSMlTil WASHINGTON scualors accuse Owen Laltimore of lelling "untruths" under oath and of contemptuous conduct. And he charges they made a "savage" and for contempt, but reached no decision. "The matter Is still pending iind will IK decided later." he added. McCarran also said the group will decide later whether to ask the Jus- LaUirnore affairs! is Milji-oniniittfe lin.S' try- MiUigan Ridge. Mrs. Henrietta Cravens of Big Lake, and William Hlrlle of Mllligan Ridge. Clinics In Caraway and Mrs. Amos Peyton and their four children. Mrs. Billy walker and baby. George Redman, and Jewel Redman, all of shady Grove. St. Bernard's in Jonesboro Bill Walker of Shady Grove. A Memphis hospital Marlin Marlm and his son Prcntis, both of At least 2-1 buildings were com pletcly destroyed and 16 more dam! "Bed in the west end of Mississippi County, according to Mrs Harralson. executive secretary of the aptCr herc and "th D. Holder, disaster relief chairman was bitterly and unanimously dc- nouncM by the Senate Internal i a coupe arson suspects ended up with mt 3t i0n For three days the boy played i bases. Alhe part of Ihe juvomlo sleuth! Pace promised that the Armv will elpmsr police. He told the cops He (ate energetic action "lo recover saw two 12-year-olds flee the Epis- all money" shown by I copal Church of the Advent when hearings "to have been impron-rlv i part of it was swepl by fire i spenl." i March 5. Damage was estimated I also announced a conference S10.000. here next week for all Ihe contrac- Police became suspicions of their lors involved in the African bases will be informed franklv'of llie unsatisfactory features of'lhc plane can get into position to damage a jet. but it has been i ecort ed several' times before in th Korean War. helper, when they learned th? third grade student had been responsible for an alley firo in to -'c. and they will be nut papers were burned. Under qucs-l on 'ce thai these features must lioning. the boy said he and an- i hc corrcriod unless action to tr-rmi- llilte cr suspend the conlvacts is follow." the secretary said. rush the top-secret air bras was decided upon shortly olher youth set the church 'fire. College for Prince Crown Prince Aki- hit), who graduates from high school next week, will break a 2600- year-old imperial tradition by'en- rolling in a co-crtucation university Apri 12. Weather Arkansas forccasl: dy and colder todav twrigo CLOu'nv Sunday, partly cloudy and continued colder. Missouri forecast: Mostly cloudy with snow flurries north; partly cloudy soulh. cooler Salurday night; Sunday parlly dourly, warmer west. Minimum this morning 58. Maximum Sunset Sunrise Total precipitation since Jan 1 Precipitation last 24 Mean temperature midway between high and fit. Normal mean temperature for Tt Dale t.asf Vpar Minimum thi.i inoniinc (I) jjwn OIIU1 after the Comunlsts invnded South fd five large contracting form a combine. Albs Constructors to rush completion of five bases' Speed was the prime, consideration Onoinal cost cslimales of MO or 300 million dollars now have soared to 455 million'! as sites have been switched several times P.irc said hr will ask "an out- sti.r.chn- authority to the situation both in Morocco and in tills country, independently of (he Army. Air Force or order lo be re that improper remedial artion has laken. and to rro rommend whether further steps arc needed." The secretary said he had dirccl- U. Gen. Lewis A. Pick, chief of Army Engineers, to relieve the two ni2incer officers now In charge in Africa. Cfll. George Derby and Lt Col. Leonard Haseman. He said Gen. Waush Kill -command Indochina Another Korea? Solons Hear Testimony by Secretary Lovett By RL'SSICLL WilNKS WASHINGTON l.P, Offical tli' fore" 6 hal o'nniunist when to- the Ch'nnso arc prc- W25. -llthwest section to the northeast tip. 7.1 Deai) in County White County the strawberry country of Arkansas alone had 73 dead. The towns of Judsonia and Bald Knob, about SO miles northeast of here, were leveled, only the Methodist Church in Judsonia escaped unscathed. "The rtamnce and human suffcr- iiiK is terrific." saui Marvin Crit- tcndcn. director of relief services lor the Arkansas Welfare Dcparl- niciit. "7'he whole hiehway soulh from searcy looks like picture scenes of battlefields. It is awful" b-hool houses, churches and ar- mnrirs in many placrs were swamped with the rain-soaked, shlverhifi injured. HosDital-s were lamnird Arkansas' Worst Tnis by far the worst storm fvcr to hit Arkansas. The deadliest of fl ip concluded weeks ofiwhirt, Laltimore is a trustee ha.s a professor at Johrrs Hopkins Uni- undei-wcnt Intensive ques- Par JloninB and swore lie never has Son been a Communist or a Red sym-' M.C.i.lhy Bdmljwlorii itihg niai OtsAerY I.TI.MAX HAMLETT. age. nnd address AI.ICE VOUXG. 10. address 1111- CEOKOE CWUSON, age and address unknown. JUAXITA NCWSOM, age and unknown. Codies of a male and a female chilli were found near Mr. Stage's body are bclic.vcd to be his Persons Tossed 100 Vartls About 2S houses in a rural area ot Cooler were demolished. An eye-wilness said four-room was blown against a car and truck parked nearby and diiin- I'grMcd. Pieces of the bulling were i spattered over a Held, according ot the chap(er. They rushed to the 'ht. SKm Her "This count is of buildings we actually saw as we drove the ninl" roads." Mrs, Haralson said tc 0 w-nicti Latiunnre is a trustee has vl i nc clamaee is consideriiblv If I Rttimorc -subversive innuence on ril a lil ki a lha she m5 Ulli I American nolicv toward the I William Creech ot near Cooler, tlnucd. Emergency Relief Qffi fs Set Up in Manila 4n iiffirc for rc of damages by tl, ose entitled fram'the lie.l UI? l. Manila Hall. Disaster Itrtlef ciialr- H'orll, niornlng. A 0 lions are to be token immcdlatrly. he sai.l. Telegrams ami telephone mes Mgts in regard to condition of relatives are lo tlircclert (o Hie Rc.l Cros, cc ln y(n sal.l. Six occupants of Ihe house were charged by other'wit- nesses. Scathing Slatcmcnt On behalf of the seven-man sub- I more committee. Chairman McCarran! mittee I ui.i.Mi»<ijji.-i vi mi: injure were Riiililnigs Destroyed Here IR Wist lofs rt ilhout 100 yards and a woman In BLythcvillp, Mrs Haralson ami wa km 1 Mr Ol cr co tol Smi Ollc Pi'ison hollcrin' when destroyed and 47 damaged. This spy in this country, In the bearing room was for Tm was June 5. 1916. thip read a scathing word statement accusing Latli- more of havhifr been "flagrantly defiant." "outspokenly discourtc-i ous and "nersistenl in bis efforts' to confuse and obscure the fact-s And then: "That he has uttered imlruths i stands clear on the record" Lattimorr sal silently a.s McCarran roari tlie long statement, then I heard the chairman's navel ran nn' end to the hearings. Jml before Mr.Carran started to read he ask- witness whether he hj-d any Investigated present Ihe sub- of Laiti- nale com- McCarlhy's n.w iiuiiviui ana 4f damaged This I col and Hie rest just, count may not be complete the nf lying out there In the field." hcjflcials warned. tne of- The Injured were laken to a ho.s- fronts 0 nnd "a 1 hou'p liital before the witnesses could; near the downtown area had one i i ffl t( Horvell E. new en- sinccr division In Ihe Mediterranean area w.ll and the Moroccan paring for "another Korea." Bui lop sources and F'rench officials in Paris and Saigon quickly denied thai Red fiKiit- incr forces have crossed Ihe fn- tlochina border. Pentagon sources say some arms supplv officers and truck drivers probably have far serious situation. A report from Saigon. Indochina, said reliable source.s estimate 6,000 to 10,000 military advisers and technicians from Re i china are making a "slow invasion" of Indochina. Been There "Some Time" The impression both here abroad that fighting forces Indochina stemmed Defense Sccreia-j 3 persons were killed. The ri a 0 om or the death March 18, of rs!) in Missouri. II- urnis nnrf Indiiina. The tains of death were many rhf-rc were rwapes. loo. N'one was more miraculous than that of a blind man. Henry Wilkins 77 of Marked Tree. He sat helplessly while the wind shattered his home him. His wife was critically 'I hr dnad, stales- ARKANSA.V While County, 73- Cottnn plant. 10; Knglan'rl 7- Point, 5- Hazon' Mnrkcd Tree and Hickory W0 Tnmiann and or.e each MISSISSIPPI Byhaha. 7. and no. more lo say. Latliinorc said statement Rebuttal Lattirnorc put out later saying: "The conduct of these hrarines and Sen. McCarran's sumniine 2.300- charge nnd the majority concluded i i i .1 for if. Orove. fell on sever, BIS Lake comnnmities were hard! cars in the storm-hit hit also, according to a report on miles of the Rrd Cross officials who hastened i sprinkled with' vilintor.H there last nighl. pieces of i' Vj of the Mississippi and Pcml- -recked farm "tiptoed injured were from these about, nnd metal roof- Known Injured a.s thick as a man's body K-wwn injured nre: i wcrp snapped off and all limbs torn Walls Hospital Mrs. Emma from lhcm K-'nir trees were C-hamtaers nf s-uth Sixteenth': 1 1 l)ul birk was freak- Si reel. Blytheville. Ish 'y peehcl from them. BiyUii-viiie Hrspual Mr. and' Mni 'y line poles Mrs. Billy Talkington. Mr. i Mrs. i 11 i a in Enrgcr. Wil- iiam Uargcr. and Mr.s. H'jrfl Castman. Mrs. Barney The steel in- NEW YORK d'istrv. lurninr down War, Hoard bonr.t re- plans to nccotiatc' sr-paratcly next week with various CfO company unions. In its hot drmiiiricttion yestcrri.iy; of the Imr.rct's for a basic 17 wage raise jiiniv i plus Henson. James Uarisey Hcivson "pV- trk'in UMMMJII 011 1 the mduslry snid such I triciri Ann HeliKm. Ntrs. Rosa Filil- justify rueful prediction" a nvr Mw prices i rierbtirk. all white; and Margaret in as m'ich a.s SJ2 a ton. i John Wesley Mecks Everett Federal Fconomic Stabilizer cr Putnam. conferred with top tec! exer'ilu rs here, hurriedly In call lo Mobilization Dircc- Inr Wilson in Washing- lo Wilson ininv diately Itcw lo New Yr.rk rnrl bii''IIv u'ilh Ihe steel cxe- I cutivfs. and returned to the nation's i lrn rnpilnl. There was no immediate otto'n comment on his conterenre with i off but some were still bare of wire. In the orrcntial rains that ac- the wiiu'is. a total of 2.35 inches (ell in BIyihevlllc. ac- R. E. Blaylock. weather crossed into from testimo and had Henrierfi rar FE Moscow. 6: and on" Mrtlir.a. I.fach and and from a statement by Sccre- tary of Slate Achcson before the LITTLE LI2 tri-min air! same group Thursday Col and Col. Ha.seman slay on the job temporarily lo (each their successors. Pace said "anrt the lime necessary for us to hear what they have to say with respect to any charges against them" Only yesterday Col. Harry Reed, veteran Army audit chief, lestlfitd under his super-; l-ovctl, appearing to testify in favor of President Truman's $7.900.000.000 Foreign Aid Bill said "some" Chinese forces had' been in bloody Indochina "for some time." Buildup Possible In answer toaqueationby Rep. Mniuffeh! If (hat ineunt "we are fhcctl with the tis llir- flu my opening statement that could not expect a fair hearing In that opfning statement" on fob. 20. l.attirmii-o crltirhwl the subcommittee about ns sliarplv as it did hj ln at t)l Heplyinif to ihp Rtoup last night. "ViBornu-. I was. Cnntrmptnoiu I was not I merrly stood up to a r-avscc and pvamlnnl-oii Dcr.sir-ttrd in Ir.r mn n.v rtavs that has. 1 am told, broken all ron- Errssioiial records, ''Rrn. in most inlrm- has as nn 'untruth' every or ron- li-t hirmiiry in my answers to rnnchiR over many years and complicated events- many of and all of Ihom rcialrti even's many vrnrs apo I have -J to hidf anrl nothini; to said Ilii- MilKommlitre qucstionrd him liir obvious Intention of aitifici.illy crralini; tin hnprc'si'in of, or evasion." The said Mr. Laltimore did. on mp slons. stnnd in contempt Cole. Mary Louise Mceks Joyce Bars, all Negroes. All victims at Blytheville Hospital arc a in IVmi-cot County near Corner. IKV-- ofticials ot County Memorial Hos- Sarnucl Hamlet. Wootlrow Lloyd Finlry. Albert ilil- ttbara Ducla. Gary Dudii, Rnymond Green. Evelyn a oltlt 'clearly occa- of the But (lie went ahead and rclen.srcl a strong statement. They the proposals hich. besides the 17'; cent hourly figure, inrlurlrs olhrr omprovemrnts estimated to be uorth nn additional five cents an hour. The proposed wage rate.s, the statcir.eul would "increase Ihp (iirerl eniptoyinrnt eosts of tile Kleel about ccm.s pet iTiiijlove fiu'ir cost ilie a bilhon dollars a year. Ethics for Pols? WASHINGTON candidates in this year's presidential campaign may be Snviled to observe a "code of fair practices," fVn dill' said yesterday "I 1 til Gireji. Maty Donnle Dean Richct. Ruby Staas. Traywiek. J. s. Traywirk. an tinidrntilicri three-year old child. Truwie Blanrhett, Pauline Hamlet. Peggy Ann miburn. Betty Jo Stines, Granvel Duda Mertc 1 Ferrcll. Marlene Kins. Will Schooler, Perry Ftrrell, Tern H.unet. Ha7j-l Clau- Icr. I.uilirr Mullins, Mike N'ewsrm, John Jaiip Tcn- nie Luther Thomas. Mary Robrrt.son. Joyce House. Willie Gipson. Jane Johnson. Ruthic Mae Johnson Theodis Johnson. Johivson! and Alice Young. And Junior Mann, and Jane Rob-; observer here. nrt other South escaped the storm, and rain reported at Osceala. Knee Urep Wnter stood knee rlrep over several iiuersrctions in Blytheville from o'clock last r.i^u until about 4 clock: Ihn moitiin-. Fields np- by flnsnes ot IJL-htnmc last nlEht. Kills Hum of Cuoter said "The cloud was so dark- you couldn't loll if it was a 'funnel' cloud, but it was awful dark out and the wind like a freight train's rumble." "You could hear a noise like planks breaking and beins chewed up- It blew hard." he continued. Roads blocked with do- had to a muddy fool pain to lid to a wrecked hou remove two bodle.x l.i;,t nighl, according to Mr.s. John Parks of Slrele who said she accompanied group into the devastated area. Arkansas-Missouri Power Company had four extra crews in this from Walnut and Iwo from Corning. Local Manager Jimmy Richardson said this morn- nix. "Kvt-lv- employe on tub 'ervice was re.stor-

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