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The Raleigh Register from Beckley, West Virginia · Page 1

Beckley, West Virginia
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Thursday, March 14, 1946
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Russia Attacks Iran's Designs On Soviet Oil 1 1 4i imsPcr si an s Would Caucasus Area SINCE mO--BECKLEY'S OLDEST INSTITUTION VOLUME tio--NO. 229 HECKLKY, W. VA., THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAHCH 11, By EDDIE GILMOHG Associated Press Correspondent MOSCOW -- Iran was accused in Izvestia today of trying lo seize Russian territories in the early years of the Soviet U n i o n a n d of harboring politicians who still desired to carry out imperialistic designs against the U. S. S. R. The writer Alexcev, in a --- k n s l o I7.T.OOO Miners Aiming For Better Conditions Retiring April 1 Detroit Expects Early Return Hwjjf· *£«··* T » Leavc Mate Police force j Coca-Cola Workers In Bargaining Election By The Associated Press Thc nation's labor front, clouded | for months by disputes which ! slowed the reconversion program, was as bright as a spring morning today as settlement of two prolonged and cosily strikes in the automotive and electrical industries indicated a return to work of some 275,000 employes. The back-to-work calls were delayed pending acceptance by the strikers of settlements reached yesterday in the 113-day old walkout of 175,000 employes of General Motors and in the two-month long work stoppage by 100,000 General Electric employes. The C. 1. O. unions involved In two of the country's major disputes settled with the companies with identical agreements relating lo wage increases-- 18 1-2 eents an hour. An early return to work of the 275,000 workers in the G. M. and G. E. plants would mean a sharp reduction In the ranks of the idle because of labor disputes. From a near all-time hifih of more than 1,500,000 in January, the idle, now approxi- " mately 450,000 would drop to abnut 475,000. Main disputes which continued to keep idle thousands included 150,000 C. I. O. Steel Workers, mostly employed in fabricating I plants not affecled by recent scl-| tlements between the union and major steel producers; 75,000 C. I. 0. Electrical Workers at 'Westinghouse Co.; 40,000 C. I. O. workers in larm machinery plants, and about 50,000 independent C. I. 0. and A. F. L. machinists Capt. Arnold Moore Russians Moving Out Of Manchuria Capital City Now |By The Auouiatcvi Press CHUNGKING -- Government dispatches said that the Russians who withdrew abruptly from Mukden to Changchun began rolling on northward today--osten- Captain Arnold Moorp, who lias been in command of Company D of the State Police since May 20, 1941, announced today his retirement will become effective April 1. Captsin Moore, a member of the department of Public Safety since September 8. 1919, said he will leave Beckley tomorrow w i t h his wife to return to their home in El kins. Promoted lo the rank of cap- t a i n in 1935. he commanded Company A at Fairmont and Company C at Elk ins prior to coming to Beckley. Ke entered the department as r, trooper in 1919 with his first assignment at Marlinlon, in Pacahontas county. Captain Moore this morning expressed his thanks to the people of Beckley for their aid to police and the newspapers for what he termed "splendid eo-uperalion." No successor has been named to his post yet, he stated. Captain Moore's home on Orchard Avenue will be occupied by Trooper C. C. McGraw who this week is attending a retraining school nt Jackson's Mill. McGraw, \vhosg wife has "been living with relatives at Spanishburg, will join him here upon his return. The house McGraw will occupy upon Captain Moore's departure 1 is just opposite the one in which [ t h e McGraws lived before he en- I tered the navy. PRICE 5 CENTS : lengthy article entitled "The Iranian question--The Grasping PUms of I r a n i a n Rcadionaric.s," de- rhired ?ome Iranians who enier- t a i n c d plans against Russia in 1019 s t i l l "pxerted no small influence in the direction of Iranian politics." Izvpslia asserted the. Iranians in a note in If) 19 Included a demand for thc Snviet Union (o hand over almost half of the Cauciisas. Including the whole of Soviet Azerbaijan, the oil city of Baku, Soviet Armenia, the City of Yerevan, and uarls of (ho. Trans-Caucasus, a total of 750,1)00 square kilometers of Soviet territory (289,000 square miles J. Moreover, the Iranians did nothing to interfere, with the moving of a British detachment from Bapndad tn Baku ami from intervening: in Ashkhabad, now In Soviet Turkmen near the Iranian border, the writer added. WASHlNGTON-John L. Lewis j 7't, ru ! h . lff /: liQ " c h l Iril "r . - . · . - . . . . ! nol without instigation from Uic Soft Pedaling Demand For Pay Increase By WILLIAM NEKDIIAM Associated Press S t a f f Writer played Sphinx lurlay, bul there was much conjecture t h a t he plan- j nod to soft-pedal wage increase [ I demands and concentrate on w i n - ; 1 ning better w o r k i n g conditions f o r | hi.s soft coal miners. At the same timr. ilu trend o f j declared. outside -- di-camcd of away Soviet territories and almost went so far a s t o try to make the Caspian Sea into an internal Iraiuan scat" Alexeev Britain Opposes Settlement While i Red Army In Iran ] £y Thr Ai«ociated Press 1 LONDON" -- Foreign Sccrelar Krnr?t Bevin declared today B r i t a i n would "regret" any settle' m r n t between Russia and Iran J which "appeared lu be extracted" from iho Tehrar. yovernmem under duress \vhiln Soviet forces are i i i i i i l occupying the country. Bevin Void the House of Com- · mons th-ii despite- the continued presence of Soviet troops in Iran | the B r i t i s h government had taken I nn decision lo put. British troops ' back in the troubled area. j "Nor," he added, "have hii i majesty's government taken any j steps to open negotiations with : tiit 1 Iranian government for the i return of British troops." British troops, evacuating Iran · March 2 under the Anglq-Soviet- , Iran treaty agreement, moved j ricross ths border into Iraq. npviewing the' Iranian situation the two-day old Natumal Bilum-l mous Wage Conference gave rise:mier to hope among industry rcprescn- j undent premier Tehran just before Ihe \hnii. tatives that Lewis m i ^ h i cam-el a i s n l t a n c h , was declared by A l e x - i stiike April 1. despile t h e fact t h a t | ccv (o [)c a m o n f i t i ic clique en-, j ho already has cloiircd Iho way for ]t e rtainin,L, f anti-Soviet designs. i a general walkout. .. Fncts mil;iin /ilcts ;. f h c c o m _ j The spec-illation over Lcwus monlillor dcc!arcdi -Iranian ru- wage posiljun, left uncertain rues- ! actionarics w . mtcd to use l h c lcm . . Ibvaham Hakimi. who was pro- 1 l ! p m * h ° da . te "'* ^ T^V^ :,,,. ~ T-~ ,, ;,.-. b f l l h ! d r a \ v ; i l . Bevin declared the British Ahmed Q-?'n ,* ,,' g o v m i m e n t had repeived the Anincci ^.i\am cs , » mosl cate g orical assurances" from Generalissimo Stalin and the Soviet government t h a t Iran's integrity would be respected. "We were assured," the foreign minister added, "that there was no intention of taking aggressivt G. V. Ross, left, syrup mixer at the Raleigh Coca-Cola Bottling Works, prepares to vote on the United Construction Workers as a bargaining agent. J. Kenneth Tjoflat, field examiner from the Cincinnati office of thc National Labor Relations Board, explains the Imllot as Arnold B. Clark, Sr., and C. S. Cavendish, Jr., representing the u n i o n and (ho company, respectively, check his eligibility. (Register Photo) 'Coke'EmployesRejcct UCW Affiliation Here and related workers in San Francisco. No hitch was indicated in get- ling the G. M. and G. E. strikers batk to their jobs as quickly as possible, and approval of the agreements by the rank and filu of the two unions was expected. The ending .or the work stoppages, sharply curtailing the production of automobiles and of industrial :uid home electrical appliances, was hailed in Washington by Secretary of Tabor jierrtay Sclnvellcnbacli. He said lie believes the country is neariiiff a long period of comparative labor peace. The labor secretary termed thc General Motors agreement the "most significant we've had, pointing toward au end of our industrial strife," The General Motors strike, | which cost an estimated billion, dollars in lost wages, sains and j sibly headed for Siberia. It was (he first indication from any source that the Mukden withdrawal meant evacuation of Manchuria. The dispatches said seven tFooply The Asboclalcd press "? rains had left Changchun, a n d ; WASHINGTON -- The GS-cen Minimum Pay Bill Faces Amending that the remainder of the Red j minimum wage bill comes up in Army's former Mukden garrison would follow shortly. A three-hour battle in the southern suburbs was reported yes- by the Chinese Central News agency. It said the battle ! folio wed nn unsuccessful attack km Chinese government positions by unidentified forces. I Today's government dispatches )so said Mukden's underground the .senate today with the administration apparently over a farm bloc barrel. President Truman has put out the word t h a t be wants the measure, which would boost the minimum hourly pay of workers covered by the Federal Wage- hour Law from 40 cents lo G5 cents immediately and to 75 cent; after four years. But the bill has run into strong dny when United Mine Workers spokesmen devoterl an entire clay to explaining of the U. M. W.'s demand for a miners' health and welfare fund. The fund was one of nine ccn- cral do ma mis which Lewis placed before the conference. Wajres were not discussed at yesterday's public meeting and they arc nol on today's program. Union officials indicated that no specific WHKC figures arc to be discussed until actual bargaln- iiifi boffins behind closed doors. Mcanwhilo. Employes of three plants of t h e i pany at Mabscolt, w i l h local No. Raleieh Coca-Cola Bottline Works! 0 4 , established several vears ago] Mcanwhilo. h o w e v e r , lhc Itaiejgli UCD Lo a «°« "g \\orKs, b ' , yes of the Mulfens Coca- "· M - w - ( u n i c d {ul1 Pressure on this morning rejected the United g,la plant ' lic health and welfare fund pj-i-|V"; Construction Workers as a bar- Twelve employes of the M u l l e n s ! Sram. -stressing w h a t it termed | gaining agent by a vote at 41 to phnit were eligible to vole in thisM 1001 ' hospitalization and medical j 27, according to J. K e n n e t h ] morning elections, two of w h o m ,i benefits now available, i n a d e q u a t e ! Tjoflat, field examiner for the! U.C.W. olficinls said, were t h e only compensation laws, lack of m i n e j oil districts of Baku and Turke- intMiia and (hereby deprive the Soviet Union of oil." He said the clniins were not oven considered at the Paris Peace Conference at the end of the First World War, "but thc advancement of such demands cannot be regarded us accidental because, during lhe entire history of Soviet- I r a n i a n relations, some I r a n i a n (Statesmen have carried on noli- \ fMc - aeA Generalissimo Stalin to- lic-s d.reeled toward bruising d a y fol . h i s ., tl , lck on W lnston Cluivchill and English Papers HifSlalinFor Churchill Attack By Tlir Associated Press LONDON -- British newspapers about Soviet collision between t h e Union and other great accomplishing tiieu- grasping (Sec Story No. 5, Ta;;c .J) Cincinnati o f f i c e of the United Construction Workers. The United Construction Workers had requested the election in an effort (o consolidate employes ol" the Beckley Coca-Cola plant. and the Kalcigh Distributing Com- huld-overs from the original local membership. A total of 69 ballots were cast this morn ing by the 74 eligible voters, Tjoflat said. One safety, and other working condi- j lions which the union wants improved under the new c^nlriict. Veteran Industry "* "negotiators was voided because it was""TM!! } hc «" iu "..' 1Bd devoted a full day j to presenting .such a demand legible. $300,000 Fire Guts Maryland Shore Town elements had placed themselves I opposition among farm state Denial the service of National gov-1 c ans. ernment officers. jocrats as well as among Republi- The dispatches said the econ- One person in a position to omic aciviser commissions as plants in 13 states remained closed since Nov. 21, was I called on Northeast Enjoys Warm Weather -* By Tlifi Asnrtaird Pr«ss I SALISBURY, MD. -- Fire f a n - | !ned by a high wind raged for.' I moro t h a n four hours in the h e a r t ! ! uf Salisbury's business section' | early today, destroying t h r e w j stores, fiutling two others and i causing damage estimated al moro i $300,000. previous nngotinlions. A spokesman for thc coal operators said the industry now feels that Lewis may not resort to a coal ticup, because of scv- rral factors. They Include: 1. He has emphasized (hut all of his nine demands arc "negotiable." Indicating that he is in a mood for across-lhe-table settlement. 2. Operators definitely are in a negotiating- mood. 3. As a recently affiliated member of the A. F. L., Lewis would prefer lo avoid a strike, in accord with lhc A. F. L.'s 110- slrikc policy. On the other h n n d , u If. M. W. spokesman made it equally clear called for a Big Three meeting soon to attempt to improve relations between Russia and her two war-time Allies. A foreign office spokesman said there probably would be no official comment on Stalin's statements, since Churchill has no status in the government. Official circles indicated that the former prime minister would be left LO |speak for himself, lie is sched- | ulcd to broadcast a speech at "world .importance" from New York City tomorrow night, au- t h o r i t a t i v e sources there said. said a preliminary nose ndicated that the adminis- lo Soviet forces-.had acks the votes to put the M u k d e n to discuss future "econ- and the pro-j measure through without change. regarded as thc sore spot on the Reuter Will Head Williamson Paper By The Ahsocintrd Prrss WILLIAMSON--The Williamson D.iily News company a n - nounced today (hfi appointment of p O U n K. R e n t e r of Hinton as gen- jeral manager. Renter, mnnagcr of the Hinton 'Daily News the past eight years succeeds lluhtM't G. Clark, mmi.igcT and editor nf t h e Williamson daily for 18 years before Ilis death in, January. The company also announced J i n this respect astonishingly re- jlhe appointment of E. L. Samp- IscniWc Hitler and his friends," Stalin said in an interview with a correspondent of Pravda, Communist p a r t y newspaper. By The- Associated Press MOSCOW--Generalissimo Stalin, in a -sharp personal attack, ac- cuscrl Winston Churchill yesterday "f .sowing the seeds of quarrels between war-time Allies and oC t r y i n g lo bring about world-rule by English-speaking nations. "Mr. Churchill and his friends son, advertising manager for the paper, j G a r r c f t editor, and of W. K. city editor. Carroll surcecrls W. Frank Tol- 1 Replying to Churchill's speech bcrl, city editor ihe past 18 years, !of March 5 at Fulton, Mo., in who is resigning to become as- j which The former British prime ' ' ' son a led nouneed venture to be an- 'minister advocated a v i r t u a l Amcr- later. i (See Story No. 6, Paffe 4) yesterday The union originally demanded a 30 per cent wage increase for G. M. production workers but later agreed to a presidential fact- finding board's recommendation of a hourly hike of 19 1-2 cents. The company, however, stood pat on l c ommitlee its top offer of 18 1-2 cents, (16.5 made up per cent). or Mukden |' s opposing the bill as written. TenTOwe''early" ioday ~"'it' wTs | s . mok !* da *" css relieved only by j With ihis notion take,,, Lewis At 11TM same tin-e means ol'^'d reporters the. situation i c TM n c t c d l o ' o v e intof'thc V. ^ '"V^,',' 0 " l h ° "'T"' I then will be in a position lo strike choking ni"her daSc,bet^l"TM- good prospects that t h e ^ ^ i ^ Z ^ ^ , \ c T ^ vtl TM lroyed wcr ? l h e J ' ' o r " """=" a ml "" a government troops a n d Commim- lEllender-Ball amendments may L ^ R a i n ls d u c in the novthcast I c - ' c n n c ist forces in Manchuria was dis- j be _accepted as a compromise. tonifihl and tomorrow. . . .-,. . . . Tliocn imnni^lvlonfC lirhio'l TT1 _ [ '' k w...ui ...... cussed in Chungking by a truce! Tile committee was of Government Gen. j Style Center (a women's apparel' 1 store), a-nd the E. G. Davis who'ie-' to reach ;t m u t u a l agreement with Hie operators to c o n t i n u e work pending set dement of thc new contract terms. llccl Army Forces Push Toward Turk Border The contract terms in addition to the 18 1-2 cents hourly boost, provide additional funds for adjustment of wage rate inequalities (See Story No. 1, Page 4) Gen. Chou En-Lai and Lt. Gen. Alvin C. Fillem, substituting for General Marshall, President Truman's special envoy to China, now en route lo Washington.. Ex-State Senator Commits Suicide His* llaliliiii i Taken In Okl Virginia Beckleyan Named In Princeton Motor Co. A charter has been granted lo Ihc E. and W. Motor company rooting trees and foiling power (discovered the hlnze at 3:50 a.m lines. Gusts at 50 miles per hour j n a trash pile in an alley behind were recorded in Atlanta today. ral In. the northeast, tempera ( _. .. _ . c ,f were expected lo parallel the hish j d c r control shortly after 8 Princeton, it was reported here|readings of yesterday, when the Firemen from seven other town? this morninf. The company is cap-i mercury climbed to 73 in Boston, i a i d n d thc Salisbury department in i -'- i «« , . _ . . . . . . i -. , . , , i . --i Draft Extension Gains Momentum Youth Breaks Arm early I 0 nc of (he stores. Thc blaze quick- ;i,, Vn\\ Wrnm Ti-no !|y irapl the alley und fprnnd In | , ' , ' ,, ,,.. .. .lures other nor.s. U w,, S broushl un- L . l °TM". ^"l ;..» « ' ' ""' R y . l O S F I P I f C. GOODWIN Associated Press Correspondent T E H R A N -- A column of Rus- ?ic'in troops which left Tabri/ in Azerbaijan was reported today to have swun.n westward in the direction (if thc Turkish border. Marshal Iv;m Bji^raininn, Rus?i;in e\!3t--rl on t a n k \vnrfare and ! Kimawhi ' irl.'i frar- c, u . coi - , tlisrlosed last ni?ht. italizcd at 325,000. (about 28 degrees above normal. i f i s h t i n R the blaze and managed | , . ·· - - - - - Incorporalm-E of the concern,j SlisMly cooler weather spread I u . confine it to thc single block I ,."....,.,' !,TM _". ' jBv Tile A^:ncl.ilf;fl Prrss | WASHINGTON -- A monn! i-iimiKiign to ext ! d r a f t sained m o m e n t u m today o n . R . t ^ im[m :nsdc h j s r e n u , a tion war dep.iri-,.,,. m d , h B ,.- Iront for ": strong m i l l - , |h :,; (- f ,.,, lanv , , , , wincii fie;,.,, posi,!,-,, l n a world which i" · " · ' « ' } . had cllmben yesterday a f t e r n o o n ' s ,, u unM , l( | cd ." school. nursinR n i r a r - | ( h c s i rmvt] ,,i l h c lured riBlil arm today as a res,,!' ,,,,,,,,.,. j e!) of f a l l i n g from a free which he! Tlic and ! which will sell Kaiser-Frazier a i i - j l h r o u g h the Rockies and northern ; where it broke o u t , a l t h o u g h the y me «s«oi;iaica noss · lomobiles, are Clarence C. El-'plains, although temperatures r e - j h i g h wind carried smoke ' ' C H A R L E S T O N -- L. O. Curtis ! B V A cHi s ,SfiTON PrC Thn fi«h a n r i iniore, president and general mana-imained above normal. Snow · fell l sparks over a wide area. 67-vcar-old former state sena- · j A f H 1 N t f l o f t -- ' 1£ ' l l i h a " d ! ger, and J. E. Whitt, of Princntnn.! during the night in thc central! City officials described tor killed himseH in the wash- W ''5 ° ScrV10e TM lx "' lccl lof ay , lhl ;' mti Favrcs F.. Rahall of Beckley. (Rockies. ' (fi« Slnry No. 4, Pasc 4) Tor, kinen inmseii in the ] a n d l n g of n 177-pound six-foot room of a downtown office build- w l l i t c h a l i b u t ,,,, R e e f v i l , Va ., a 8 , ft ^ w'tr p °Jl ccmc ' 1 , Smri far south of the usual habitat of Bodoff and William Hammack re- j n ; s r; t ., HiM'olfl } tlin son of Mr. ;md - mrulc ( Mrs. J. H- f l i e c i t . lie wns trented ij-V jjit. lhc R n l e i c h Gcnortil Mospital. thc Winding G11TFchild"" ported. Curtis had been employed for fhe last eight years as a clerk in the geological department of the United Fuel Gas Company in the Atlas Building. Witnesses told the officers that Curtis was seen to remove his glasses shortly after 11 a.m, and 8" to the washroom, whence shot soon rang out. The body, a pistol beside il, was OPA Seeks To Nip Hi se In Cotton Price; May Cost Agency Its Life . C f i m r n i t l e e m c p l i n y l)y Scci'Ctnry |nf Win- IJobi.'rl P. Patterson, one of , four witnesses the Cuts Hand On Glass \i^""^*^ C ^n- found by a fellow employe who rusher! lo the scene, Bodoff reported. With the victim's .spectacles nn Ihc desk were found a note lo Mrs. Curtis, his wallet and other personal effects. The officers said they were informed Curtis had been in bad health for some time He served in . Roane county. the senate from Street Scene The service said it hart no previous records of a halibut being landed in ihe Chesapeake bay. Service, experts said the halibut j By ·[,., Associated Press · said, forces up textile prices and '""· ""''* C|CC P. salt water a n d ; WASHINGTON--An unpreced-l eventually the cost of clothing. entcd 0. P. A. order designed t o j nip rising cotton clothing prices! shaped up today as Senator Elmer | Thomas (D-Okla) predicted the,' action may cost the agency its! life. ,' Meanwhile, thc government or- loves cold, deep, salt water and rarely is taken as far south as New York. The fish was described as large for an Atlantic halibut, pistol I although h a l i b u t taken in the [Pacific often are much larger. The halibut was landed by the f,ou Linda Clere, five-year-old sum and universal .daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Secretary ol . S t a t e James F. [Clere, of Winding G u l f , has boen.Bjnie? reported i released from the Raleigh G e n e r a l ' tional situation; General ol Hie ! Hospital where she was treated . Army Dwight D. Eisenhower dis- . f n r cuts on her right band which ci'jscd Army plans lor total i l a s t August. Bowles said that "in she sustained when she tell on a strength of 1,070,000 oflicers and commercial fishing boal Josephine j D. It was brought to Ihc Wash- j dered garment producers lo h i i s l l c j infilon wharves and sold to food company Capitol Hill's Ghost Will Recome Dinner By The Associated Press Bowles first asked leading cotton exchanges to boost mar- sin requirements voluntarily. He announced last night they had refused. So he Instructed O. F. A. to order an increase under terms of the Trice Control Act. Aides of Bowles s;iid this was sea to market their supplies of scarce shirts, suits, trousers, underwear I the first lime Ihe price control and women's stockings, both nylon i legislation had been u*ed for this and rayon. ! purpose. They said the law gives. And a Civilian Production Ad- 0. P. A. authority to regulate ministration official reported a n ; "speculative and manipulative"; agreement which he said will i market practices. . , "substantially increase" output of I Thomas, chairman of thc Senate ! WASHINGTON--The ghost of i rayon hosiery, now almost as hard . Agriculture Committee predicted j the House Office Building is about! to find as nylons. ; the Bowies' directive will lead | lo become a possum dinner. I The O. P. A. order, being prc-, congress members from colton,; Ncal Burnham, cashier of the! pared at the direction of Economic wheat and corn .'.talcs "to pool. Flag flyine upside down Memorial Building mast. atop stationery room last night lured Stabilizer Chester Bowles and to their efforts to prevent any ex- Dpi the animal from its hiding place be issued probably today or to-'tension of 0. P. A." Legislation is ill a slack of paper w i t h some raw (morrow, will require a · bigger pending lo continue lhc agency Berkley policeman's wife RettinR ticket for overtime front of post office. parking in Teen-age girls blowing soap bubbles into faces of Neville Street shoppers. meat. ! down payment on cotton purchas- It had been roaming the b u i l d - J e d for future delivery. The pur- ing since Monday night, when it pose Is to curb speculative bidding gnawed out .of a crate where it for cotton, which Bowles said l» was placed 'by .employes who! encouraged when traders can found it in the boiler room. ' make purchases wilh a very small Nobody seems In know how the I cash deposit, possum arrived at Capitol Hill, I Thlt tort of Wrtdlnj, Bowlei through June. 1047. Thomas said t h a t obviously this situation I have no choice but .piece of glass last night. to employ and exhaust at the legal' means at my command" in .slabil- , ixe prices for the commodity. : He ordcreil 0. P. A. to fix ' a down payment requirement of SltO a bale on thc basis of prevailing prices for collun. Thi: order to K a r m e n l m a n u - facturers, issued by the Civilian ProtUielitin Administration, prohibits 'producers of icarcr. apparel from keeping on hand more lhan a 30-day .supply. O. I*. A, said lhc measure was put into effect because »f reports that sonic manufacturers "have been holding back large slocks" of garments In great demand. Thc agency predicted the order will release a "sizeable" supply of I'lollmiK (o retail storM immediately. On the bright side i|s to rayon hosiery, a 0. P. A. official said (Sec Story No. 2, Pajte ·!) Penicillin May Become Useless In Few Years For Number Of Diseases (By H O W A R D \V. BLAKKSLKK lAssociatrd Press Science Reporter ' ATLANTIC CITY, N. .[.-- Penicillin is losing ils punch so r;ip- 'tlly t h a t it w;is predicted I yarn producers .supply hosiery had agreed to producers wilh this wonder drug may become almost completely useless in a few years for a number of the mosl prevalent diseases. The trouble is not in penicillin, but in special strains of germs, present in many diseases, which arc able to resist penicillin, and which arc spreading rapidly while (heir fellows are being destroyed rjussian rohnnn w h i c h left Tabriz n: was reported mov- i i i ^ northward toward the Soviet border. At Mtirand. iio'.vcver. it Uimod westward toward Khni, n o r t h of L;ike Urmia and near the c ". nm '.! l ;'. : i Turkish border. Tabriz is about 40 miles directly jast o; tiie l a k e . training. i other Soviet forces were reported yesterday to have moved i n t e n i i i - - £ o u l h 0[ lhc Iakc at Miyar.duab, near the Iraq border. Khoi is 80 miles south and s l i g h t l y east of Mt. Ararat. This Turkish l a n d m a r k stands .Hist be' lo\v thc areas 01 Kars anri Arda- han, which Riis^ia has said ( S h o u l d be c i d f d bade to her. Moving m o s t l y at night, another : co!'im:i was reporcd at Mianeh, .snulr.caM 01 Lake U r m i a and the : norihrni f f r m j i u i s of the. railroad · loading In Tehran. A harri-sar- faird roari ilso cnnnecis Mianeh t h a i p e n i c i l l i n faces is mil new.. w i t h K a z v i n . Tehran and Karaj, II. happens in most medical rcm- -0 miles north of Tehran. Soviet t h e i n - , tanks, t n c l and troops were seen tolerate yesterday at Karaj. The Russian garrison at Tabriz, cu|ni;it ot the self-proclaimed autonomous state 01 A/erbaijan, was reliably reported lo have been doubled or trebled in the past lew weeks, by thc drug. The prediction was made by edifs. Hut in penic'il crease in thc germs t h a t the d r u g seems to be very rapid. In some hospitals the. cures of Kniirrrht'a hy pcncillin have dropped from the original almost 10(1 pnr cenl lo about 50 per cenl. Similar decreases arc Roing on in other diseases, but nol so rapidly. WFATHFR In gonorrhea more lhan 30 dif- i «··»* · ·"·" lercnt strains of germs arc known. WEST V I R G I N I A : Occasional Jt makes no difference to thc pa-!rain tonight and Friday. Contin- lient which one causes the disease. 1 ued mild. Bowlcs and 0 P, A. Administra- . ' abmit l sno.OOO pounds ot fabric I Dr. Hans Molitoi' of Ihu Merck I penicillin. " ...... TM " " ...... . . tor Paul Porter "Intend to keep. ,, m o n ih, starling in April, Ihc farmer from getting a square' deal." The price of raw cotton has rLs- This, he .said, more lhan (hey have been getting .. - . . . .. since allocation controls were en about lour cents a pound linccilltted. shortly alter \hc .war ended. But some of these strains resist I Temperatures tYesterday's high but fon'UisI night's low considerably ,in a report lo lhc federation of [some lime other physicians h a y e j N o o n today isi'tissing Ihe possibility tti'at Prodi " nslllutc of Therapeutic Research.; Molilor rlid not s,iy ........ ' fi8 40 50 American Societies for Kxperi- m c n l n l Biology. He talked lo lho Phnrmocological Society. Thc Irou- bccn dis ,. . these ro.vstfinl strains in Ihc vc-| In :M hours ending at noon lo(Sec Story No. 3', Page 4) |day--none.

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