Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1895
Page 5
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ONLY THE-BEST-EVEH-PRODULEO-FOR ThE-MDNEV- PERFECT-PITTING GUAWJTOH) WftMSUTTR M(/SUN MD SIGHT&&N DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisner UNDERSTAND this offer is Choice of the Finest Suits. The lowest grades worth §C, $7 and f S are Red-iced to $3 98. For Men's Suits Yes Men's suits This offer is only in force for a Jshort time. The reader who has pktrcraized OTTO KRAUS for his beet Suit muat apprenate this remarkable offer $9.50, yes,. $9.50 for suits worth $25.00. rr\ DTTVC Choice of Any Suit in OTTO KRAUS J DU DU I J Regents.S&cks.Cutaways, Prince AlbertSuits SDring and Fall Overcoats Silk Lined. Also Ulsters. Save This Coupon.... No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. TUCKER & YOUNG, TUB PEftRL STRBET TfllLORS. A SERMON ON MISSIONS MARKED THE SECOND SERVICE OF THE. CONFERENCE WEEK LAST NIGHT. MONEY TO 'LOAN! On MortBixw SecurltjTnt 0, 7 nncl 8 per cent. MOXKY TO LOAN. On Mortgages Security andeasy.Wonthly pay- menu. Consult J. T. COCKBTJRN. ;Room» 2 and 3 Spry 6 ulldlng. DAILY JOURNAL. WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 27 Thursday, A New Boy In town. Smoke All Stock 5oent olgari. McKeen'sateamlaundry—good work Joseph Patterson came home ye*- torday from Marion. Ben Fisher, the druggist, will eave you money on paints. E. B. MoConnell was at Marion yesterday on business. Ten new members were adopted by the Red Mea last night. Mrs. Harry Fender of Frankfort is the guest of relatives In the city. Father Is doing well. It's .' -A New Boy" Thursday at the opera house. The host baking powder In the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. Once tried always used, Bon Fiaher baking powder and extract of vanilla Ben Fibber, the druggist, has thi agency for Munyon's remedies. A ful line always on hand. Aro you all tired out, do you havi *that tired feeling or sick headache You can be relieved of all these bi taknig dood's Sarsaparllla. Mr. and Mrs- Wm. Grace will go to Indianapolis today to attend the grad uatlng exercises of the Indiana Denta college. Their eon. Ed H. Grace, is the "honor nan' 11 of the graduating class. A citizen or f ondleton has won suit against a natural gas company that failed to furnish him with gaa while the fluid flowed from the com pany's well. The plaintiff asked for $25 and got $75 damages. The loUcrn Wtj Commends Itself to the well Informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man, ner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system »nd break up colda headahcbea and fovers without unpleas ant after effects, use the delightful 11- quid laxative remedy. Syrup of Figa Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •E5R; MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Crenm c Tartar Powder. Free from Ammonia, Alumo, viy other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, A GRAVE CHARGE MADE. Agnlnit Erneat Btoll of Tills CIty.br an IndlanapollH Employer-HU Iteputttlon Before Unallotted. The Indianapolis papers of yesterday have a strange story of Ernest Sioll who until a few months past resided here. The accounts are some what conflicting but all agree in tbe statement that George F. Kreltleln the employer of Ernest Stoll, is charging him with theft and that Ernest cannot be found. Ernest Stoll hasjalwaya born a good name and belongs to a family of excellent repute in this city. His father Andrew Stoll, now deceased, was trusted and respected by all our people and his brothers, John J. Stoll, Jacob Stoll and Henry Stoll are among our most active and trusted young business men. Ernest himself was a member of the Military band and was for several years in the grocery business as a member of tbe firm of Kardes & Stoll on Market street. His friends here insist that there must be some mistake and express tbe hope that Ernest will return and face his accusers, and they propose to stand by him If he does. Jacob Stoll, who is employed by E. S. Rice &son, hardware merchants, went this morning to Indianapolis but was unable to find his brother. Ho expresses the conviction that Ernest has been panic stricken by the sudden charge of crime among strangers, and that he will be all right. He says if Ernest has done wrong hla friends here are ready to help right it when satisfied that he has injured any one. but they wish first to know that he has done wrong. Mr. Kreltleln, thecemployer, was In the city today and began an attachment suit against all the banks and the mother and brothers of Ernest Stoll. Ills to bo hoped that tbe young man, who had a fair promise In life will be able to clear up his good name. The ClH»Ke» lExamlned Ye»ierd»y by the Regular Committees—A. Prom- Uiuil Lot of Probationer* and Trial Candidate* Frenrnt—The Program For the Flr»t Doy of Conference To dny—Notes. All the extra accommodations at the Broadway Methodist church were needed last night, at the second' ser. vice of the conference week. The audience was given a most excellent discourse on a fruitful and important topic. It was the annual mission ser mon, and It was a maaterly effort by the Rev. F. G. Brown of Huntington. The praise service of the evening wai of an unusually high order. "I heard the voice of Jesus say," a vocal solo by Mrs. Madge Gonser, Mrs. A. P. Jenks, accompanist, and the rendering of "Onward Chriatlan Soldier" by the excellent choir, were among tbe musical numbers. OPENING OF CONFERENCE The conference will be formally Opened at 8:80 this morning, with devotional services, and the consecra«. tion and administration of the Lord's supper by the presiding Bishop. ' At 9.30 the opening roll call will be heard, the regular organization will be effected, committees will be named and the business of the meeting will be commenced. The Rev. Dr. G. K. Morris of BOB- ton will lecture at 2 p. m., on "The Sermon, a Product." The annual meeting of the Preachers' Aid Society will be held at 3 p, m. The Missionary Society's anniversary meeting will be called at 7:80 this evening, and at that time Chaplain McCabe will make an address. CLASSES EXAMINED. At the Broadway Presbyterian and the Universalist churches, the com. Third Year—F M Stone, F G Browne and E E Near. Fourtn Year—L J Nafizger, I W Singer and J K Walts. •Local Deacons' Orders—R F Brewington, T M Guild and W R Suman. General Qualifications for Admission on Trial in to Full Connection—J H Jackson, H J Norris, P J Albright, J W Bowen, F T Simpson and C Harvey. NOTES. " In 1849, 1859 and 1873, Logansport entertained the Northern Indiana Con ference. ''The last conference held in Logans, port, in 1873; was presided over by JJishop Merrill, A special train will be run over the Big Four from Muncle next Sunday on account of the conference. The Rev. J. B. Ford, formerly pastor of the Broadway M. E. church is in attendance at the conferance. .The pulpits of all the Protestant churoes of Logansport will he occupied by visiting ministers next Sunday. ' A strong effort will be made by the members of the Broadway church to retain H. J. Norris as their pastor. It is probable that Reva. W. R. Wones and M. A. Harlan will be reappointed to -their charges in Logansport. Presiding Elder Lynch of the Warsaw district has finished his term of service, and will be replaced by, the conference. .The committee and the local pastors did aome hard work yesterday in placing the visitors at home among th'e hospitable citizens of Logansport. V-BishopW. H. Warren DD. LL. D., of Denver, Col , arrived yesterday at 2 p, m., and will preside over the sessions of the M. E. conference which opens today. . A new conference secretary must be choseu this year for the first time in sixteen years. C G. Hudson, who has served so cipably In that capacity, has been made a presiding elder. The Rev. J M. Driver, of the First church.at Marion, a pulpit orator and For Men's Shoes SEE OUR Spring Goods! Prices are advancing but we hold them down,' WALKER & RfVUOH 420 Broadway. will mltteea appointed to examine the I lecturer of wide reputation, candidates for admiBSion to the COD- | P™ach tomorrow (Thursday) evening, THE DUST OF THREE YEARS, Will 1>0 Sattlcd by Olio Wolf, to Whom tlu- Street Sprinkling Contract HUM lleen JLvt. The 'water works committee met Monday night and awarded to Otto Wolf the contract for laying- the dust that may acscmulate on the streets in the dOwQ town district during tbe ensuing three year*. The price was $1,200. The district to be dampened s that part of the city lying: west of Seventh street and between the two rivers. Tbe meeting of the new committee and the defunct water works board will be hold at the pumping station 'rldcy afternoon, aod at that time the final transfer of the business will be made. Acaia in Trouble. M. E. FiiZilbbons the Insurance man. formerly of Lbgansport. who us been mixed up In a recent scandal at Anderson, with a spirit medium, la aid to again be In trouble • over a heclc tor which he la aald to have DO money in bant. ference. and for a chance as probationers, mot the large classes of candidates, and carried on tbe work of examining. The following probationers were entered for examination. G A Wilson Muncle, A L Weaver Waterloo, M C Pittenger Spiceland, 0 B Wilcox Fort Wayne, H E Switzer Evanaton, R H Dampsey Greencastle, G C Coking 1 Coesse, J M B Reeves New Waverly, W W Martin Alto, W D Smith Elkhart, R C Jonea Fremont, M Pell Gas City, G T, e-ers Blalne, C E Parsona ftew Paris' J C Lang 1 Bourbon, H Lacey Cadiz, C W Smith Dublin, D S Jones Macy, L Steere New Haven, R L Semans Valentine, M Came South Whitley, S F Spitz Akron, F Speck. oloe Middlebury, W T A White Roana, LC Zimmerman Ualoodale, J A Sum wait Corunna, JB Cosens Wabash, W P Herron Wakarusa, N P Barton Butler, W B Freeland, Bobs, S H Stores Atlanta, T J Johnson Galveston,- F B Kepner Centerville. E J Major Ingalls, FL Haugbtby Trenton, H H Compton Portland, J L Hutcbens. Circlevllle, E E Wright Bippus. The applicants for admission are: Phllo M. Brlckley, Frank M. Beard, H. H. Compton, A, G. Detch, D H. ' Furgeaoa, J.H.Harwell F L. BUught- by, S. F. Barter. W. P. Harron, Sam'J Hestoj, ?. Sandi'fur. T. J. Loricg, T. W. Petty, Elmsr F. Pittenger, C A. Rowand, B. F. Sayder, R. J. Wade, R L. Stmana, W. E. Put;, W. S Sirana- .ban, Edward Trippeer, D. Hower and W. J. Hartz. The classes were heard by the following- committees: Candidates for Ad mission—A S Wooten and C C Clssell. First Year—S Light A A Lamport and C Kiog-jf Second Xear—J A Baarty, L; M Krider.and J A Lewellen. at the First Presbyterian church. Supt. A. H. Douglass of the city schools extends a cordial invitation to the visiting ministers to visit the edu. cational department of the city's insti tutloos. Tbe guests will b3| welcome at all times. In the sickness of Eider Birch, the Rev, A. Greeiman presided at ihe quarterly meeting Monday j night of the Market street M. E. church. The church's affairs were found to be in every way flourishing. Oa (he nick L,l«t. Mrs, W. C. Thomas is 1)1. Joseph Craiff of North street has lagrlppe. A little son of M, J. Schilling is seriously ill. Mrs. C. P. Collett of Bates street IB reported sick. Mrs. Fred Cramer of the South Side is reported ill. Mrs. Rabecca Montfort of High street has lagrippe. Mias Mollie dobinson of North street has bean very sick. Mrs. Will Thomas <if High street, is ill with la grippe. Miss Dottie Johnson is recovering a!o\vJv from a. severe sickness. A child of Jamss Tolen of the South Side is afflicted with erysipelas. P. W. Moors, who has been ill for sorno tune is said to bj improving. - Ht\rry Williams, the lad who was run over by a dray some time ago, is said to be in a critical condition, having- suffered a rslapse. • Ex-constable Murphy is suffering with an abscess on his back, ar>d haa for soma time been unaole to leave his home on the South Side. An operation has been found necessary. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. A New Boy In toco Thursday. To Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker of the East End, a daughter. There was a special meeting of the Knights of St. John last night. Clarence Hayes of Terre Haute is the guest of friends in the city. Dan Dovle of Richmond, is the guest of his brother Michael In the city. Headquarters for paints, oils and varnish, at Ben Fisher's drug store. N. A. Jeffras of Cincinnati ie a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Q. A. Myers. Mrs. Jennie Vlgua of Chicago IB visiting her daughter, Mrs. Ed Newcomb. Forty hours devotional services will begin Friday morning at St. Bridget's Catholic church. 1C you need money you can get it on personal or collateral security of E. 3. Overshiner, 327 Fourth St. Frank S. Moore and wife of Lafayette, were the guests of H. B. Moore of High street the first of the week. A delicate operation was performed eaterday morotng upon Mrs. Frank Barnard, north of the city, by Dr. B. Stevens. D.-s, Holloway. Sterrett and Busjahn were present. The Rev'. W. E. Louckes, D. D. of Philadelphia, was very highly complimented in aa article in the Elmlra, N. Y. Journal for March. HIP picture accompanied the notice. The Rev. Louckea was formerly a resident of Logansport. "Trimt Those Who lUve Tried." Catarrh caused hoarseness end difficulty in speaking. It also resulted to a great extent in lost hearing. By the use Ely's Cream Balm dropping of mucus has ceased, voice and 'hearing have greatly improved—J. W. Davidson, Att'y at Law, Monmouth, 111. 1 used Ely's Cream Balm for catarrh and have received great benefit. I believe it a safe and certain cure, very pleasant to take—Wm. Frazer, Rochester, N. IT. Price of Ely's Cream Balm is fifty cents. THEY ARE HARMLESS Apart, Bat m I>»nserous Bay and a Gnn Combination— Another Accident. Johnny Rudolph is thirteen years of age, and lives with hla mother In the East End. .He ia not natura ly a careleaa boy, but last night about 9 o'clock he did a very foolleh thing, which he has since been regretting very deeply. Johnny has a 2S cali- bre- revolver, and took considerable pleasure in flashing tbe weapon and toying with it. Tne vicious little instrument went off last 1 night, and tbe bullet ploughed through Johnny's left hand, entering tbe Balm and emerging juat back of the little finger. The injury was cared for by Drs. Bu-jiha and Holloway, and he was said to be doing very nicely a; 10^0 .ast night. Benrfleld- Holler. Sunday alteration at Ihe home of p bride's parents on Thirteenth street, Colfai Benefield and Mise Bertha, Holley irere married in the presence of & number of friends, by ;be Eer Joseph, Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. Benefteld will live />ver No. 200 lirtb street. THE FINEST LINE OF SPRING SUITINGS To be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. NEW HAMESS SHOP. I have moved my harness and saddlery shop to 626 Twelfth street, where 1 will turn oat the best, good* for the least money. GEO. W. FOSTER, A5USEHEMS. D CLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. S, B. Patterson, Manager. Thursday, March 28- Where can you find a play so tanny. THE NEW BOY BY ABTHUR LAW. Direction oIGastiiva Frohinan," The King of Comedies, Introducing Mr. BerteCoote, sarroundea by a superb Cast ot FrobnKtn't; Select, players. Its a rlp-roarlni, Cn-de-stecle. Are you ROlnt to miss uv Not on your lire! • Seats on sale Tuesday morning. PKICES, (1st floor $l,75c,60c. I Balcony M)c, ISc. • THE YEAR The 1,000,000. Bo Small*; Man on Earth \V!U Than » Fly. The surface of the earth is slow-)3 - but surely diminishing, says the scientists. AH ihe landed' portion will be submerged and the last man will be drowned. Tlic ice is gradually accumulntiEj at thenorth pole and slowly melting 1 .-.way at the south. Eventually the eartli'a center of gravity will suddenly change, and the last man will be cn:s!>e<3 by tbe rush of movables that ivilJ quickly glide over its .vurface. There is a retarding medium ia space causing- a gradual loss in velocity in all of the p]ane:s. Tbe earth, wIit-D -her revolutions Crinlly oease, will, be drawn nearer asf": rcc-ari'r to t>ie sun until the last man v.-iK be literally roasted off tlw face of ihe earth. Eejrinn'icif with tlic year 3000 A. D. hiirnanitv -.viil commence to retrograde, :.ud by die end of the year 1,000,000 roan will be'no larger and liavc no irorc intelligence than a plant louse. In that event there will be no "last man,". remarks the St. 'Louis Republic. The sun's fires will gradually bunt out and the temperature cool; ia consequence the oarth's glacial zones will enlarge, driving- shivering 1 humanity toward the equator. At last the habi table space .will lessen to nothing and overcrowded h-.iraaoitj- will be froze* in a heap, . . _ __ * .Jit... ^r^&Slilfl

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