The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 20, 1952
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YOL. XLVII—NO. 304 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS — —_J^ E "OM'KANT NEWSPAPER Q> NORTHEAST AMCAHSAS AND SOUTHEAST MWBODM Biytheville Courier Blytnevtlle Daily Newt Mississippi Valley leader Biytheville Herald Ike' Indicates I aft Quits Hell Campaign Truman Says He Is Free to Come Home SUPREME HEADQUARTERS ALLIED POWERS Europe (AP)—General Lwight U. Eisenhower said today the mounting numbers of my fellow citizens who -ire vot ing to make me the Republican nominee" may cause' him to to political office. General Elsenhower issued an* informal statement at his headquarters in response to requests by reporters for comment on the Minnesota primary Tuesday in which more than 100,000 voters wrote in his name in the Republican preferential primary. The statement said: "You gentlemen probably realize how astonished I was by the results of t-!ie Minnesota primary." Examination Forced "The mounting numbers of my fellow citizens who are voting to make me the Republican nominee are forcing me to re-examine my personal position find past decision. "I did not imagine that so n-fy voters in Minnesota would make me a write-in candidate and, according to newspaper accounts, some of them had trouble with my name. "I count it an additional compliment that some refused to be dismayed by the long Eisenhower name and simply wrote in 'ike.' " Statement Draws Reference Eisenhower's reference to his "personal position- and past decisions" apparently referred to a statement he issued Jan. 7. the day after his backers announced they would enter him in tire Ne«- Hampshire primary. Referring to that statement, made by Senator Henry Cabot "Lodge, head of the Eisenhower For President movement, Eisenhower said then that Lodge was correct In terming him B Republican and added: "He was also correct in stating that I would not seek nomination to political office." Truman Meets Press Inside Today's Courier News • . . ['hone equipment vandalism serious business . . . editorials . . . Page s. • . . Osceola News . . . Starr Gazing . . . p age c . . . Arkansas News Briefs . . rase II. • . . Sports . . . Page 9. . . . Society . . . pr, Be 4 . . . Markets . . . I'aje 5. m an effort to avert a strike set for midnight Sunday, keeled over about 5:30 o'clock this morning A Physician said Fcinsinger col KEY WEST, F fa-. (^resident lapsed"fr^U"£ VnTZ^d ]-liman sn rf taflav rtpn -nu'lfrHi n , , , „_,„ LI & UC *"" L ne Board Truman said today Gen. -Dwlght D. Elsenhower is at, liberty to return (See TRUMAN on rmgr 5) Krutz Bridge Is Completed Span Is Finished But Approaches Are Not The new Krut» BridafSs; com, pleted—but traffic will have to use the old one for awhile yet as the - -weather has not permitted Highway. Department workers to prepare approaches to the new cross- Ing. Bridge Foreman J. M. Smith said this moniing. Workers are taking the last form from the new bridge today and all that remains is to put no pasts and rails, Mr. Smith said. the approaches would be completed and the bridge opened to traffic, "it all depends on the weather" he eaid. His crew is rolling the road bed trying to dry it out but it is still too wet to work, Mr. Smith explained. _BLYTHB:VILLE ; .ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1952 TWENTY PAGES Wilson Called To Key West Steel Deliberation Halted as Chairman Falls from Fatigue WASHINGTON W>) — President riuman summoned Defense Mobil- izer Charles E. Wilson to Key West Fla., today to discuss the steel wage dispute, after wage hoard deliberations were halted by the physical collapse of the board chairman. ^mauion ana tne governor. It Hainan P. Pemsmger, chairman is an atmosphere in which there z tonB S o°ard n avl?S w "abiii- canuot be a fair contest In New ^k^StSay^ &' ££ ^'* - ^*^ V"™ Primary in New Jersey Senator Says DriscoH Broke Word on 'Ike 1 WASHINGTON IIP, _ s e n a t o r Taft said today lie has decided to withdraw from New Jersey's Republican presidential preference primary. Th« primary is April 15. Tart said he was withdrawn]- because Gov. Alfred Driscoll "lias broken his word" in endorsing Gen. Elsenhower for the GOP presidential noiniimticn "and has obviously taken steps to corrupt the intent of the preference primary." The New Jersey contest had been expected to provide another lest of strength between Taft and Eisenhower, following Eisenhower's triumph over the Ohio senator in New Hampshire's primary March 11. Support Announced Last Monday Drisccll and other New Jersey Republican leaders announced support ot Eisenhower for the nomination. In a statement today, put out by his campaign headquarters Taft said: "Reversing his previous position, Governor Driscoll announced h i 8 open support of General Eisenhower.. .. and one of his leading political associates, Lloyd B. Marsh, secretary of state, said at the same time that the state Republican organization will actively campaign for the election of Gen. Eisenhower. er. Pressure Is Cited "Tim can only mean that the Republican workers and party members in New Jersey ivil) feel in no uncertain degree the pressure and power of both the state organization and the governor. It SINGLE COPIES FIYE CBXT8 Secret Truce Talk Asked MAKESHIFT BALLOT IN MINNESOTA VRIMARY-A makeshift ballot puzzled Norton Twite ot Minneapolis when election officials ran out of the regular printed ballots In Minnesota's presidential primary election and turned to blank slips of paper. Minneapolis election officials saul the state failed to provide enough printed ballots The secretary of State's office said the nse of plain pieces of paper would be legal. Gen. Eisenhower-whose name was not even on the printed ballot-was within a lew thousand votes of Harold stasscn "iavorite son" in (he election. The write-in campaign for Ike began' only a few days before the election followin B „ ruling that such votes should be counted. (AP Wlrepholo) primary." Sea Aiken Says Taft Must Win Wisconsin WASHINGTON W-Sen. Aiken (R-VH said today that Sen Tatt " " runiirv v n v. - ••...-. Hum tunny null, Taft had planned to tour New " J " St Bb ° M ° Ut ot the r!lcc " < (>r ">« R'Pi'Wf™. preside Jersey the week of April 7. The state has 38 votes at the Republican presidential nominating convention. .Former. Gov> HaroJd . E. recessed until i pun. The unex pecte'l delny-posed a serious motv- lem, in view of the imminencV '" tne-suikt! dti^r.hns, flljy Go Today •-Wilson's office told a reporter 1 contend for the preference vote It mere was a "good, chance" that appeared that 'his name would remobilization ' ' ' —-'- - ' iimtion unless he wins Wisconsin's April i primary But Sen. Watkins fR-Utah) sain he believes tial nom- decisively .- be n horse race" between the ohioan and Gen. Eisenhower right down to the wire at the GOP National Convention in July. Yanks Damage N New' Red Jet Sabres Shoot Down 5 Enemy Planes, Damage as Many SEOUL, Koien (/^-American Sabres shot down five Communist MIG-lo-s and damaged five others today, biin e ing their two-day score to six Ked jets downed and 12 damaged. The Jets damaged yesterday include 3 new "Type 15" Communist plane, "a funny-looking bird" rarely seen over Korea. It was a high-wing version of* - - __ (lie familiar Russian-type MIG-15 This was the first reported hit. . The. spokesman suid it appeared to be more efficient at lower altitudes than the low. swcpl-wing MIG-15. But 11 seemed to be about 50 miles nn hour slower. It is about two feet longer and hud a two-foot wider wing span than the MIG-15. Wins, Fuselage Hit Lt. Jnmcs Carey of Lns Vegas. Nev.. said he hit the "Type 15" jet in the wing and fuselage after "1 found myself on the tail of this funny-looking bird." The 2-day toll of 18 Red jets destroyed or damaged was taken In five air buttles, the Fifth Air Force reported. Two of them were today. Both were fought three to seven mites above Sfnaiiju, 70 miles from the Manchurian border. Three MtO's Siiol Dn«n The Air Force said three MIQ- 15s were shot down and two damaged in a. 30 minute fight between 28 F'-ae Sabres and 40 "very aocres- si,ve" M1GS. Two others were destroyed and three damaged in a 20-minule bat- lie when 65 MIGS tried to break through 20 Sabres screening other F-80 Shooting Star jets bombing Communist rail lines. 232 Reds Destroyed The Filth Air Force said Us Korean war record Is 232 Communist aircraft destroyed, 39 probably shot It's Spring Today And Arkansas Falls In Line with Sunshine LITTLE ROCK M>j — This is the first day of spring ami Ar- gansas 1 weather offered no argument. Clear skies and warm temperatures prevailed throughout the state. Low temperatures this morning generally were in the 50's. with highs expected to be In the 80's !hls afternoon Official beginning of the sprin» season In Arkansas was 10:H a.m" , . , down and 423 damaged—a 084 to"'° lc °J" r thc nomination. Watkins tal. This does not Include figures is a Taft supporter. Aiken termed "nothing short of the big w : rite-iii vote the defense chief ce would fly to the little white House at Key West late this afternoon Andrew Berding, Wilson's public relations chief, sniti Wilson had been called by President Truman .o go over all the issues bearing on the threatened strike by 650000 CIO United Steelworkers. At Key West, today, Truman told a IICA-S conference he did not want since the hands of matter is the wage ... I «-*j'>Juiji,n;t: \\OUIQ act o Highway Commission is to j ponement appeal until n:i» fnr- t^irlr. __ ___ _i ...__: ___ _i i--.. j .. * w>n« to comment still iu the board. "Informal" Session Held Philip Murray, union chief and president of the CIO. met this morning with his 35-man executive board in what Murray described as a purely informal session. Murray's no-man wage policy committee was here for a scheduled afternoon meeting to act on a request to postpone the threatened strike at least until April B. However, the likelihood appeared cx-- tremely small that the wage policy committee would act on the post- advertise tor bids on ready-mixed concrete for completion of the approaches and will open thc bids in little Rock at 10 a.m. March 28, E. S. Dudley, purchasing agent, an- i nounccd today. ! Biytheville citizens and civic chib'- : have agitated for a new Krutz It it • --,-,..... u.iLii 11 uas in hand the recommended settlements from thc 18-man wage board. Leachville School Members 'Out' of Ulyti^viEle nn Highway 61, is exceedingly dangerous. Ark:uv-;is ff>rr( dy, cooler iiort'i unrt central por- li'ih School for the past five years ( 'aid today he is resigning- as ] coaoh and Superintendent C J j Merryman said ho has been 'noti- j JICTI by the school hoard that he will not be re-employed next year i Mr. Merry man sa id he was notified of this action yesterday afternoon and that "no .reason was given." Coach McKcc-J said thai he had, no immediate plans for the future He gave no reason for his action i main on the ballot since the dead-, line for formal withdrawal hasi passed. Headquarters to Close Taft siYid. however, he has ordered closing of his state headquar- | ters and instructed workers not to contest In New Jersey in his behalf. Taft declared the action of New Jersey Republican leaders "directly repudiates the position taken by the governor in recent weeks," and added: "Tlie latest example of his (Dris- X-Ray Clinic Site Schedule Is Set Mobile Unit to Start- Irt Osceola March 31, End Here April 29 The schedule of locations for the . ••— • —— mobile unit to be In Mississippi! colls) neutrality is his public state- ] County next month for tuberculosis ' ",.^.^,. ^.auca me om- j —•""vine «ji 01. IAJULS cao company ment of last Wednesday. This was j chest x-rays was announced today i c ' omo '.' not '" a "i" way significant supervisor at a Hayti lourist court the final tlnv linrtur th*> NAII- Tni-rn,, hv Mrc r* fl n n ,t. ,- I Or indicative (if II trnn*! •• TT, • , \Inrrh O hie linn,-, t-r,t € t'~. , ami enhowcr ro.lled up in Minnesota's presidential primary Tuesday. In ported, Eisenhower polled 100 788 votes to 128.13-1 for Ha roll] E. Stas- scn. whose name was on the printed ballot. Taft has received 23006 write-in votes. Markers Are Ekilcd Coming on lop of Eisenhower's Win over Talt in New Hampshire last week, the general's Minnesota showing elated his backers. And Aiken said from "''neutral" Sround that Ihe Minnesota results "represent a clear-cut victory for bisenhowcr when you consider that all those peoptc who voted for him took the trouble to write his name Senate to Vote On Jap Treaty Decision Expected Before Nightfall; Debate Scheduled WASHINGTON m- today begins voting on he Scnu the Jap Final Result To Be Given 'We Could Talk Easier Then/ Says Nuckols MUNSAN, Korea (AP) — The U. N. Commnnd tonight in orfocl suggested off the record truce negotiations to try (o break the long dead- war for B2£is or carrier-borne On thc ground, briefing „_«„ reported light Red proUmp rrt ista on the Western and Eastern fYonts has not !>nn>Min>-»ri i- 1 1—•"•"••• "•" i""mn-y luesnay. in late last night nnd carh todw _hm> not announced his, 3.5=0 of 3.769 precincts so far re-1 Three brief Red attacks support- rv """ H ••-••-••'—- ed by artillery, were knocked back northwest of Korango in the West. Hearings Set In Hayti Killing Trfo Face Murder Charges Saturday CARUTHERSVILLR. Mo. — Preliminary hearings for the three SI i Louis residents charged with mur- ! . H.s three accompanying Pacific «> w , wi " lin.s. However, called the out- ctlrlty pacts—with-Japan, and Austi The Phil l ,• • ....... -'inn tl:j.t i|[Hl iNC ^calnnd—dcvcloncd among Repub lancl lican senators yesterday. But Democratic Leader McFar- remained confident they wotilu lie approved by well over the necessary two-thirds majority. The Senate will vote first on a motion by Sen. Dirkscn IR-I1I) i o postpone consideration of the treaty indefinitely, lock over exchanging prisoners in Korea. An official Allied spokesman said the U.N. would "give consideration" to secret negotiations with only the final agreement—or lack of one — announced. There would be no daily briefings of news correspondents. This development came only a few hours after staff officers a- Breed on 10 ports of entry through, which troops and supplies would he fuuneled Into Korea during an armistice. Settlement of the ports of entry dispute left three major issues: 1—Voluntary repatriation. ThB Allies Insist that prisoners be allowed to accept or reject repatriation. The Ueds want back all U. N.-held prisoners. 2—Tlie Allied demand for a lian on military airfield construction. 3 — Communist nomination of Russia to a neutral Inspection commission. Brig. Gen. William P. Nuckols, official U. N. spokesman, said off the record prisoner exchange ne- gotations would permit staff officers to talk freely without having their daily arguments reported. He emphasized there was ni> tlioiiKlil ol a secret clause in the armistice. "It would be completely incorrect to interpret my remarks as any indication that the U. N coiu- cand Is departing from Its posi- are con- ¥$&tiGiHf$K ** -—, .,-^n^JWrrwi join have .. mentioned repeatedly during the past few days that the prisoner deadlock could be broi-en in secret negotiations. Nuckols made his remarks in response to questions from Allied correspondents. N'o Hint From Reds There lias been no hint from Reel truce negotiators themselves that they would propose or accept off the record talks. Last July rtctcRot«s discussed the (See CEASE-FIHE on Pa E e 5) _ Race for . the final day under the New Jersey statutes for withdraw?.!. Thus, up to the very last opportunity on my part to withdraw or take any other action the governor maintained hLs show of neutrality." Shoe Store Plans Formal Opening Here Tomorrow Kelley'-s Fri West Main, opening to. Formerly Barney's Friendly Shoe Store, the firm was purchared last . v . t.jj n no aJiiiouiiutru lOUily I . -.«j «<ij nijjjj. by Mrs. C. O. Redman executive I ST mdlcativi! o! n trend." H •secretary of thc County Tubcrcu- '---•-- • losis Association. Eisenhower backers in Minnesota made a "vigorous anrt organized" .clinics will begin ,n ^^^ ^^ "" Vote Called Astonishing Taft himself said the Eisenhower vote wns "astonishing." His only other comment wns that he had dis couraged his Minnesota supporters from writing in his name The x-ray Osceola March 31 and end in Biy- theville April 29. X-rays will be made from D a.m. until 12 noon and from 1 to 4 p.m. each day. Tlie mobile unit will be in Blv- thcville five days, beginning April 23. It will be located at the Health Unit in the morning of April S3 and at Jack Robinson's Implement Co. on East Main in the afternoon. On April 21, the mm will be at ~.. ni^ui ^-j, nit- unit win DC at : lociay talkei rYiendly Slices. Inc.. 219] lllc Health Unit all day and it will! ing ncprhllcnn i. will hold its formal! movc lo th<- West End Fire Station (Sec I'OMTir norrow. j April 25. Biytheville High School; "Ike" Hackers Jubilant MINNEAPOLIS <3>, _ Jubilant backers of Gen. Dwijjht D Eiscn- hower today talked plans for tain- ing ncprhllcnn convpntlo'i tlelc- (Scc POMTICS on Pn C e 5) month by Kelley Welch from Bar-! w " nev nwV-roii i an ^ ney Cockrell. will be the .silo for thc unit April: In the morning of April 29. it will be located at the Health Unit March 9, has been set (or Saturday. The three, Gcor?e A. Harvil! William 51. Saunders and Mrs Nancy Garner Bell, are charged with the death of Prank Vassailo 3,i. who was shot six times in front of a cabin at thc Hayti T6urist Courts a.s ch fled his assailant. The St- Louis Irio was arrested the day following the shooting but so far none of thc three has marie a statement, according to the sheriff's office here. However, police say that Mrs Boll has admitted beinn with Vassallo when he rcu'islcred at nn-, ul ,i oilier tourist court in Hayti on the j law riim after niullt of thc murder. 'nrr.-hip. : _^ Prosecutor James Hyatt of o.sccola yesterday withdrew from the iirosecining attorney's race hi this district. Mr. Hyntt announced his candidacy in January. No one else h-id filed for the office at that time Air Base Area Tuesday. H. C. (Charlie) low of BlytJievlllr, the incumbent filed for a third term in the office. Mr. Hyatt faid this morning he was tot) busy to campaign fcr the i office. He recently opened his own ciu&olving a part- For Red Cross Red Cress contributions from Blythcvllle Air Base have exceeded the S100 quota by S4.68. Chairman E. A Rice announced thla morning. W. E. Young and James Middle- . Prior to Ihe formal openin* it i to H;lrri ™ n as closed for invent " '- dccorating except for . *"l- I11.I1IL.J Ullll "i the afternoon it will move oa SHOWKKS tioiis Umight and in northwast portion this aftcrnocn. Friday partly cloudy with scattered showers. Missouri forecast: Partly cloudy . this afternoon. Thursday night I and Friday; srattered showers likely Friday; little shange in temperature; low Thursday night 30s north to near -10 south: high Friday 50=i north to 60s south. Minimum this mornlnor—17. Maximum yesterday—73. Sunset 'today—6:12. Sunrise tomorrow—G:03. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 a.m. today—none. Total precipitation since Jan 1!. Mean temperature fminway he- t\vecii high and Towi—6(1. Normal mean temperature March—SI.2. This Date Last Minimum this morniiic-30. -Maximum yc.stcrdav—SO. while losing 23. won three district! championships and was runner-up' in the slate tournament two years Sion^v™ 1 " 11 lCml " hiS r "- °" "™ * -^before Vor- ZJ I ctgn aid hearings in Congress. was closed for invent-rv'"and're-! In ° 5 -- :<la . 'he unit will be !o' short re ! crUc<l al " le Court House opening to clear out old stock. " M ~ ch 3 ,' ? The firm handles shoes for men. . 0 ^ ' " '7 women and children. Mr. Welch | Joiner — Butler Atiril 3. Whitton—School Cafeteria, April Dyess—Stansbury's Store. April 7. West Ridue — Portls Mercantile Co.. April 8 fmornine onlyi House Appropriators Trim on Budget W A C^TTr M*T-T-/-\vl , i\ , ^. •— . . came to Biytheville from Stuttgart, where he associated with a department store for several years. >^™K^ energy p,o,ra,n\ r lllc mcnt. the Federal Security Aaency infoimaumi on vrln • , Mcking i nexl risCBl yc". This is a cut of land related boards v,as recom-1 Tle A nrouriito^ r '•„ ! S174 -"WOO below Ihe reane.tcd ! mended today by the House Ap- rec^mmenS'' s .^27y r'"he i """"t^?^™ ^f^^ ie of 3ocatiojis at oth Wi,so ll -Wi,so'n t "Tavc I n'' 0 T i ; r ,, 2 i ™™' "*»» "y the Joiner - Butlcr Implemei'it Co! ^^Tl^^^^ aPil ,- oxl . «• . al Eisenhower's supreme e Headquarters In Europe, will take Organization of 'School Boy' Traffic Patrol Here Discussed Organization of a school boy patrol to assist student traffic to and from schools here was discussed yesterday afternoon by five Biytheville men representing the Pol'lce Department, the schools, the Cham- ncations necessary for a boy patrolman, Mr. Nail said. Robert Warren, member of the Jaycce safety committee, 'aftcrnoon only), Keller— Kci«r-r Bruit. April '9. Luxo:a—School Cafeteria, April Bmdntte — Burdette Plantation Store, April II. Armorel — Armorcl Plantation Store. April H. GO'iicll—High School. April 15. Dell — Brannum Pharmacy, April 16. Manila -Legion urn. April n-18. Leacnville — P.odman's Clinic. April Jl-22. in.^i *,-> iiai.j^s.iuu. or apjii'oxi- ^^ SS'H|~i To Get Industry, City Must Have ; Something to Sell, Holder Says Part- ton ' c!lnir »ien at New Liberty, reported S83.50 from that community and gam Tillrnan reported So from Tomato, Keith Hilbrcy. chairman ol nutlyinc districls. said. contributions were: S2S — Planters Flying Service. S10 — Thomas Manufacturing Company. E. R. Diekinscn. Martin Trci'Wr. Inc.. K A. Rice, and Little Sillier Miukct. $5 — E. H Craik. C. C Wllit- afeer. A. A. Gunter. L. O. Long H. C. Weathers. A. M. Hrittatn. W. I A. Nash. H. E. Lon?. A. B. Dixon, I W. C. Cntes. and Louis Greene. *I — Preston Ramey. S?.50 Paul Long, and R. M. Robbliw. 52 — P. B. Jarrat. J. E. Giintcr. Toliie Peterson. C. D. Long, B. B. Robins. D. C. Eubanks. W. T. Cain. H. C. Weathers. Jr. B M." M iihvi. and Bob Sealia. — Charles Hicks. Monroe Wll- J- R. Rnmey. \V T. Bank?. J. Worth D. Holder, manager of the Blytheville Chamber ing July All but one of the lour agemic i financed by the bill were cut. the . i sole exception being the National' ] Mediation Board which was ailot- ! ted the full SI.130.000 requested. -- - -•- >...,t >ou !,.„,,. - - - --,The Labor Depai tmenfs budget '""" "'"^'"uig to sell when you go after Industry and commmilrv i-r, ihlrn I ' :111 ? 1| V- C- L. Stockton. I. „. i was trimmed from S228.0fl6.100 to operation is' a vcrv strong «cllin» noint " ' En'wnks. H. B Stmhenson, B. T. S2U.664.400. a cut of $16.431.700. \ ' ! L.idncr. Ix-lar.rt Kious, Richard 'ford. Louis Sportellio. D.Ue Ed- orce. told members of the Kiwanis Club yesterday o, com"you must vin - s « B " ill. J E. Gip«m Wil- the meeting and said bor of Commerce and MIC- Junior Chiiinlicr of Commerce. | "\Vi recognized the need for a lor ; sc ),ool boy patrol and decided to or- s.inl/e one," Karl Mail, principal of Hu- junior high .school here, said Mr. Nail and w. D. Tommy, prin- was at his organization would provide helmets Sam •Brown belts, and raincoats for the patrolmen, 'nicy arc to set Hie equipment through the American Automobile vldcs It free. Assoclfltlon, which pro- Others at the meeting were Po- 5M ^ •si^'ss^lsa.- ^-« «•»•-= Fine, Bond Forfeiture Levied for Drunk Driving One man was lined and another forlcitcri bond in Municipal Court this morning on fharees o! driv- int while nniler the influence or liquor. day in Jail and Keith Evans forfeited a SI20 25 cash bond. as£d for ""."MO.™^ a,id"w^ ! infof k ^ club"!„ V ^ "^ \ "" d " *" in Bly,hcv,,,c as the I^U 1 *"" 3 "- • - ^^^^~i\^^^ ^^^^^™^^™>^ - ?4..^nr:^ - trimmed to, a reduction i v _ ",,.,., . ... of 5200 000 ! r ' Holdcr "scd as his topic Tlie committee cut snn 000 Irom " r " cl , ustri ' 11 expansion and the nom plo i,i cms VV( , r ., cc , oc|;ly ,, t , c ]jst _ ed four major problems that Bly- thovllle laces today In Its tight to thc s:i.r,26.;>03 requested for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation' Service, leaving that agency S3.-i •1-17.500. I , --0"* *-v , nii ii ^.i/.v; iri U \ InC ID "liaDilJ (attract industry and told what economy through the brin" fan hf> nr Is hcino Hn^n i~ _r . . . ^'1*'^' the better its chances will be In obtaining new industries, he said. Competition from other cities is nn important problem Biytheville faces. "Practically every city of any size Is trying to stabilize its is being done to cor- ing in of new industries. This problem Tlie funds are In a hill sen! to ra " l>(! or ! thc House floor for debate next rr r!K ' h I ttc . ckK , ; , Th<> (nur l' rt "' lc »'s arc (11 lack „„,„„. ,,,™ugn worKim, tonethe' , A biirfRet-cuitin? tii'i\f which al-: of natural g» s . 12) competition I to improve and advertise our , v i ready has sli.iv, d Pio.siilrnl Trii-j from other cities. (31 lack of "•- " - n<lvcrll5c our Lll > [man's own funds ran hr-a<11oiv^ lo- i hinld.n:^.-. and [-ti thc city's sew; day Into dnuands 'or moie money | cr sy.vtcm. for veterans anrt phhlir honslnc i Takinc; each problem Individ- - t .^ i n i».> r- nw |iiiuiii UUIIMJIl, . I i il I* i in; ('ML II i'l OUfCtU IIICII Vlfl- Thc VA now has 2,234 employes-j ually Mr, Holder'lold what could doing contact work, anrt says the j or is being done to solve It. cuts would reduce this figure tol He cited the pipe laying work all." tie -said, "industry, the bargain hunter, shops <J for tfie best deal." .s tor the lack of buildings. Mi meister. Frank Perkins. Lon Bates, Russell JacsMjti, Talmade Burnett, James Murriaiish. Thomas Grissom, Cecil Peters. Haleigh Peters. Holder urged the Kiwaman; to support proposed state conslllu- (S« C. Or C. on Tage 5) There isn't o stenographer or a bookkeeper left. Theyoreoll secretaries ond accountants. im»

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