The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1952
Page 12
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TWSLVB BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK.) COURIKR NfiWfl WSB into Session To Frame Proposal On Steel Dispute WASHINGTON (/P>—The 18 member Wage Stabilization Eoard goes into a marattian session today to frame recommendations for settling the big steel labor dispute. The WSB, liavfng already rejected an offer from Us Industry members to give Ihc CIO Untied Stwlworke rs a 13.7- cent hou rl y jalse in pay and other benefits, raced Bgalnst time. A. walkout of 650,000 workers in the nation's task steel industry is threatened for midnight Sunday. Many officials believed it would bo headed off. OIO President Philip Murray, head of the stectworkers union, -vns waiting to see the WSB's proposed jsolution before advising his 170- mcmber policy committee nt n meeting here tomorrow whether to postpone the walkout. Disaster \Varnliiff Given A steel strike would be "a first- -class national disaster," Defense Two Women Goffers Hit By Airplane JACKSONVILLE. Fin. (AP) — Two women golfers were killed today by a Navy plane which crush- landed on T i m u q u a n a Golf Course. The Identifies were not Immediately known. A. C. Weller, who lives on Tlm- uquanft Road nnrt was plnyinp on the course, was an eye witness to tho accident. Weller said tho engine wns dead and he hadn't heard the plane coming 1 down, He aitid a caddy, standing about 10 yards from the two women was unhurt. The plane cut down both golfers, r I've been In two wars but I nev- «r SAW anything so ghastly," Weller said. Production Administrator Mftnly Fleischmann Bald yc.slerday. In a statement to the New York Sales Executive Club, he said It would seriously impair the atomic cn&rgy nnd munitions programs. 'llie WSH has asked for a strike delay nt least until April 8 U) give the Industry mid union time to bargain on the basis of the board's findings. Sonic May Close Down A few firms, including U, S. Steel Corp. and Jones ft Laiifjhlln, said they might have to start closing down some complex o|)Crations to"light to prepare for n Buiuiay night ;trlke. Generally, the industry apparently wns gambling against an imminent walkout, delaying shutdowns until the last moment. Even If the WSH's recommendations are -sweet enough to per.sunde Murray to delay the strike, they may he too bitter for the Industry to accept, thus forcing a strike later on. Trunun Opposes "Dfal" In this connection, it high government official toltl reporters prl- ittely that President Truman op- posts any "trick deal" to boost steel prices to offset higher wages, fcnrliiK It will break "the dike against Inflation." Hie government appeared In be ready to allow a $3 increase In steel prices, now nt about $110 a ton. Hut this would cover only costs to mid-1051 and steelmakers contend It would fall to compensate for new wage Increases. Chairman Natlinn P. Pcinslnger told reporters the WSB's members —six each representing the public, Industry and labor—will get down to actunl voting on the lubor Issues thi. 1 ! afternoon. He snld they would remain In session until a final decision Is reached. Up to now the wage Ironrd members have been digging Into the facts Involved, nnd dickering among themselves. HIGHWAY (Continued from Page 1) be needed In the future. The Highway Department's proposed route would relocate Highway 61 from Marion to the Highway 63-Highwny 61 Junction north ot Turrell. The new route would be from elght-tentlis to one anil one-half miles west of the present rciit*. It Ls to be part of a proposed four-lane divided highway from St. Louis to Memphis planned by the Bureau ot Public. Roads, highway official* sold. In testimony yesterday, Highway Department officials said traffic on Highway 01 had increased 113 |icr cent from 1D3D to 1950. dittos of general traffic surveys in the state. State-wide traffic increase wns 108 per cent for the same period. At Marion, the traffic average was in excess of 6,000 vehicles n day. TRUMAN (Continued from Page II orratlc Party in Washington Mnrcli 20, but will "in nmplc time before tho July convention" to clear the wny for other candidates. POLITICS (Continued from Page 1) former president of the New York City Council, us a man without "control of his own emotions." This wns an obvious reference to Morris 1 outburst ngninst the "diseased minds" of senators investigating his part in some surplus tnnker deals. 'Chicken' Tax Official Says 'No 7 to Eggs WILLIRA. Ky. »i — Cfeiinlo Hollon received u polite "lhank you" (or hlfl Ctf«s but Die coHec- tor of Internal revenue asked thrct the remainder of his tax bill be fiettle'U with money. HoHon, operator of a country store and oflen-quolccl backwoods humorist, figured he owed $38.25 for Social Security tax, "But did you know," he wrote thtj Internal revenue office, "I ain't got a cent to my name?" He said hts chicken business v/a.s'a failure and continued: "Since (here ain't no market around here, I'll just pay you fellows In e«(fB. You arc close to fi market utid cnn swap (he eggs for money." lie .shipped n crato of 12 dozen CKKS to Louisville, Scldon R. Olcnn, Hie Kentucky collector, sent Holloa u check for $6 in payment /or the c^gs nt "iihovu the murkcn price," *'Vou cnn attach the check 1 am Rf mil lift you to your return," Ciena V.TOIC, "and you con pay the bulatice at. the rate of $10 a month—but not in CKKS." CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Pnge 1) the East Const as u single port. In South Korea (lie O.N. proposed Seoul with Us nearby slngl point with Its port city of Inchon. The Allies originally asked fo Seoul and (fie Reds counter-proposed Inchrm. Cub Pack to Be Given Charter Tomorrow A charter presentation ceremony will on held for Cul> Pack Four tomorrow night at 7:30 the First Christian Church here. Cubmnstcr John Ilurnctl luis announced. The meeting will be open to the public. 'Hidden Costs' Are Hunted in Truman Aid Plan WASHINGTON (API— Two congressional committees start searching- today for what some legislators have called (he "hidden costs" In President Truman's $7,900,000,000 foreign aid program. The House Foreign Affairs Committee was prepared to question W. Avercll Harriman, Mutual Security director, at length on the amount of money remaining- unspent from previous appropriations. Harriman gave figures yesterday .-showing nt least seven billion dollars from past appropriations had not been spent or pledged by the end of last year. Rep. Vorys (R.ohlo* said Harrim nn's Incomplete testimony showed "there Is Just no need" for some of the retiuesl.i in the President's program, flnrrininn said most of the money would ha obligated by Ihc end of this year. Legion Observes 33rd BirJ-hdoy Rosco Crafton, Dlyllicvlllc busl- ncfsmnn, was principal speaker at a dinner Kivcn meintjcrs of Dud Cason Post 2>1 of the American Legion In celebration of the Legion's 33rd anniversary. IVfr. Crnfton spoke to members of the post and Us woman's auxiliary on the moral and spiritual concepts of the general public on world affairs. Tlic dinner was given Hie Legionnaires by mcmljcrs of the auxiliary. WBDNKSDAY, MARCH 19, 1953 Rev. Fitzhugh to Speak At Poplar Bluff Church The Rev. William J. Fitzhugh, priest In charge o( St. Stephen's Episcopal Church liere, will address fhe congregation of Holy Cross Episcopal Church In Pop- tur Bluff, MO., tonight. lie will speak on "The Sacraments" at the weekly Lontcn service and will conduct a forum afterwards. Monkeys and Mice Survive 80-Mile Journey Into Space in Experiment of Air Force Hy FKANK CARKY Associated I'res.4 Science Kepnrler WASHINGTON (/!•)—An Ah Force scientist told today of a rocket catapulted (10 .miles up Into space wlih live monkeys and mire »•'•"--•-' It wns K preliminary test aimed at learning eventually whether man can fly in outer space or in the border rone, of space rnnciiiR up to altitude of 120 miles above the earth. Tho mice are still living and propagating freely. The live monkeys survived the actual flights but four of them were killed when nurarhutct currying them back to earth fniled. The fifth monkey Inmlcd nil rlijht but dlnd of heat prostration In the New Mrvl^o desert. Sclciu-c! Fiction OuMonc The account, which outdoes a lot of science fiction, was told a mcet- ItiK of (he Aero Mciiical Association by Dr. .). P. Henry nt tile Air Force's Aero Meclicnl Lnlxirntory :\t Wrisht- Patlerson Base. Dayton. Ohio. The tests were designed to determine the physical and psychological effects of iKiiiK randc "weightless" under certain conditions of extreme nltlludi! Ilieht— a possible hazard flint would fnce man in the regions of free space. Dr. Henry said this "gravity free" condition can be produced for several minutes us n rocket falls freely, with downward acceleration exactly equaling Ihe earth's prr^vitv. . The monkeys and mice apparently Rot through it all right, lie said. " In possible space ships of the future, however, the welchtless condition would be of lengthy duration. In an Interview. Dr. Hcnrv told I how the flights were V-2 rockets, reaching altitudes up to 80 miles, nml the smaller H-.TO- bce rockets, with altitudes up to 40 miles, were used in tests nt Hol- loninn Air Force Base, While Sands, New Mexico. Monkeys Slept All the monkeys iictunlly "slept" through their 2,000-mlie-nn-haiir rirte. because they were anesthetized with morphine. However, as they rode in the nose of a rocket, they were equipped with imtrimients for measuring pulse, breathing, heart action and blnort pressure—and the Information was radioed hack lo earth all dur- (UR flight. The mice were not given nny morphine. And their chamber was equipped with a device in which they were free to run and jump - nnd all the time their antics were bolus automatically photographed. During the "weightless" staee of three minutes, the mice literally float-d In their rocket-nose "cabin" —hut after the descending nose reached a point where gravity again look over, the mice hepped around normally, just as though nothing hnd happened. Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w York Cotton Open High Low 1:16 May 4076 412S 408S 41M July 3983 4035 3912 4032 Get 3G97 3133 3681 3131 Dec 3613 3108 3653 3703 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low 1:15 May 4015 4130 40C5 4124 July 397B 4030 3970 4026 Oct 3696 3131 3682 3130 Dec 3059 3701 3653 3704 Soybeans High Low Close Men 303 299& 302','z May 300',i 207% 300>i July 29514 293'/ 2 296 Sep 230;!; 287% 39fl'/4 New York Stockt A T ami T 154 1-2 Amcr Tobacco 571-4 Anaconda Copper 47 1-1 Doth Steel 46 1-: Chrysler 12 7- Coc!\-Co]a 1053-4 Gen Electric 58 Gen Motors 53 1-8 Montgomery Ward C3 7-8 N Y Central 19 3-8 1 Int Harvester 33 1-2 IJ C Penney 67 1-2 Republic Steel 407-8 Radio 27 (Socony Vacuum 385-8 Studebaker 363-8 Standard of N J 113-3 Texas Corp ;.. 573-8 Sears 53 1-4 U S Steel 38 1-2 Sou Pac 66 7-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III. (IF}— USDA—Hogs 6,000; fairly active; weights steady to 25 higher; sows steady to mostly 25 higher; bulk choice 180-230 Ibs 17.50-60; several lots mostly choice Nos. 1 and 2 1-10-195 Ibs to shippers and butchers 15.65: 240-270 Ibs full width of choice grade IB 50-17 353110-325 Ibs 16.00-25; top 150-170 Ibs 15.50-17.00; few to 17.25; '120-130 Ibs 13.25-15.CO; 100-110 Ibs 11.75-13. sows up 400 Ibs 15.25-16.00; heavier sows 13.50-15.00; stags 11.5013.50; hoars 0.50-11.50; few to 12.00. Cattle 1.000; cnlves 250; moderately active demand by shipper Interests for steers; few loads and lots of good and choice steers steady at 29.00-34.00; other classes generally steady In slow trad- Ing; commercial to choice heifers mired yearlings 27.50-32.50: utility nml commercial cows 21.50-24.00; canners and cutters 17.00-21.00; utility nlld commercial bulls 23.0025.50; cutter bulls 19.00-22.00; good and choice vcalcrs 30.00-38.00; limited number prime sorted vealers 40.00; utility and commercial veal- crs largely 21.00-28.00. Kindling Wood Burns A burning box of kindling wood in the boiler room of the Ingram Building at First anil Main Strecls was the cause of a fire alonn this morning. No damage resulted. Make mealtime something GO FLY This meis^ge presented M & public sen lev Ly— Ark-Mo Power Co. Simply onlrr whatever food pleases you the mosl ami then add, "... ice-cold Coca-Cola." Enjoy il right from the bottle. EOTIIEO UND(B AUTHORITY Of IHE COCX-COH COMfANT «t COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVIULE 7*?HART SCHAFFNER &MARX CLOTHES ff^L ^rfa i S.-t**". (-."I rf ."»,. ^*T=- , >-,}} your day after day Almost any suit looks good at first. A top quality sharkskin looks better-longer. It's a luxuriously smooth and lightweight Fabric which tailors to near-perfection. Amazingly long-wearing, sharkskin keeps its freshly pressed appearance long offer other suits fook fimp and lifeless. Skilfully tailored by Horl SchaFfner & Marx it'i a suit to keep you looking your best day after day.

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