The Kensington Mirror from Kensington, Kansas on January 21, 1892 · 2
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The Kensington Mirror from Kensington, Kansas · 2

Kensington, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1892
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A J. Published Every 'J'lmrsday. o. L UK ED Kditor. SITUSOWPTIONS. (TXVAKIA1JLY IN AHVANCK.) One year. : t.M Alx uionllm .......... iM Three months.. '& AdvortlHliiR Kate i Display advnrtlHijinOiitH, 1 col. 1 year. Jso 1 months ',' 46 Professional ami ImsUii'ss curds 1 year 12 Advertisements for less tlmnO months 10 cents ner Inch foreaeh Insertion. - Local notices 5 cents per line each Insertion, ?,'-In no ease will we inulie dlllereiu prices fter January 1st, 1&90. FEE-CillAII IJKKS MUST DISC ORG E. The public anxiously awaits the action of tho commissioners in the fee deal in the clerk's ollice. Do they wish to be informed of cases where witness-PS have lost their fees ?, The irkok ran furnish some interesting facts touching on the matter. A war vyith Chili is imminent. Xorton county hastwo patients at bo Kelly hospital at Dwight, iy. The, Jewell City Repubcan, men tiona W. II. Nelfjpn for congress, Lafe lTubler has resigned his position as clerk in the Kiy win land office, ana returned to Gaylord. The Salinallerald says ttiat Peffer has surrendered, bag arid baggage, to the republicans. Hope he has. Cartwright rmist develop his capacity for boodling if he wishes a re-nomination to the oflice of county attorney. Dick Palmer, the nonenity who used to edit the Kirwin Cheif, nas written a drama! Ye Gods! No wonder Turner wanted to succeed Ipgalls! A law library in Stevens county is made up of a volume of Blackstone iiuda copy of Smith and Wesson's preat work on How to Ventilate the Human Form. A United States land office official has been investigating the workiugs of the land office. Some spiteful sneak probably has been sending false reports to the depastment. The Osborne Farrney and ts ideal andidate for governor, Srnith, of Mc-1'herson, are not in it. M. M. Mur-dock has the lead in the race and is pretty sure to keep it. i j Stacy confesses! lie says, that fifty of the eight hundred newspaper men in Kansas have a monopoly of the brains. It is pretty generally understood that Stacy thought he had the monopoly. It is generally undeastood that : , county clerk, was succeeded by J. W. Holmes this week.-Uaylord Herald. And that F. II. McElhone succeeded 0 and that tyilber Post succeeded 0. Smith Centre merchants will have to give more than town lots to win back their trade that Kensington has taken. People all over the county know by reading the Mirror that Kensington is the best point at which to sell produce or buy anything from a sale bill to a steam thresher. The Osborne Farmer says that the suggestion of Prentis' name in connection with the senatorial matter was impracticable, for the reason that he stood even less than a ghost of a show. So did Hudson, Ingalls, et al. Humphrey never so much as thought of appointing anyone but Perkins. "What was the reason the commissioners asked for bids to do the county printing if they had contracted with "I". several weeks in advance nut tnen the farmers do not object to paying :?500 or $000 more thau they would have had to do had the Mirwoit been given the printing, if in so doing they can keep Scott in the county! It is generally understood that his services are indispensable! Future Senator Feck will find this particularly pleasant paragraph in the Km poria republican: '-Plumb, Peffer, Perkins previously Pomeroy. People, predict Peck. Personally Peck possesses prime pre-requisltes pleasing presence, pure principles, pluck, iwer, party popularity. Probably p.'ok prefers present paying position. Professional pride, properly preserved, precludes political preferment, The Journal will hear no "calami-I,hh" howl from the Miimoit, because .! did not get the county printing, tVi'ich it intends to inform its readers they nre gulled in the interest of ins so-called reform, though to punc-! ,,vr the jiir-hauhle of the Journal and v nre the rottenness would no doubt nvufti!' n ii 3 cundidncy for county,..-t.v The rott'-ner the better it if ; the, party nod look no iva. jt m'..i!iu.ia.i.'X mc'3tir.iiami-smmmnmtmt unawmjimmtwmnmm ii mm iiimiiiim CITY DRUG STORE! FOR Fresh Pure Drugs and Medicines. Prescriptions Carsfully Compounded. Your Patronage Respectfully solicited H. Q. HARDESTY & GO, For Temperance Drinks, Etc. THE COUNTY PRINTING ! As a triere matter of form the county commissioners caused to be published a ""NTatieB for bids." to do the county printing, advertised that the job would be let to the lowest bidder. The Mirror, behoving that the' "board should know no politics in this matter and that the interests of the tax-payer should bg made paramount to tne interests to. any of the "I's" of the politi cal complexion of the majority cj? the board, put in a bid for the work at liv ing ras. .Jut jt wag, as we expected, no consideration was given 'any bid except that of the Journal. The Mir ror offered to. do the printing as fol lows: The commissioners' proceedings, one cent ; the delinquent tax list and redemption list, town lots, ten cents; larm tracts, twenty-IHe cents : the county Job printing at 85 per cent of regular or Topeka prices. m ' ! ill fl,fl A f T TJ XHe voters niu tiuuco turn wo iiiiiv- uor offered to do th3 work without any exDense for the proceedings of the board and a ilf teen per cent discount on the job printing. As the county does not have to pay tor the delinguent tax list the manner of its letting does not concern the commissioners. The Journal's bid was to do the print ing as follows: The commissioners' proceedings, one dollar the delinguent tax list, town lots, ten cents, farm tracts twenty -live cents; Jobinljng full The Pioneer-Bulletin offered to do the work as follows: The commissioners' proceedings. one cent; the delinmieut tax list, town lots, live cents, farm tracts, fifteen cents; the job printing at item ized prices much below the Jonrnaj's bid. The "Gaylord Herald and Lebanon Criterion offered to do the work in pdch paper as follows: The' commissioners' proceedings, ninety-nine cents; the tax list, town lots two and one half cents, farm tracts Ave cents; no bid to do the Job work, The tax-payer must be purblind in deed if he cannot see that he is one of the many in this county who must put up the difference between the Journal s bid and those of the other papers, any one of which is lower than it. Reform cpmeg high! KANSAS. Kansas! What a world of ' recollec tions the name awakens. Bleeding Kansas, where John Brown, the mad man saint of Osawatomie, thought out the strange purposes of his life. Kansas, where the Emigrant Aid association and t)ie southern census stuffers combined to hasten the irrepressible conflict. The land where the Kansas legion, the Kickapoo rangers and the Jayhawkers engaged in a guerilla war fare that was the skirmish line of tne great rebellion. Kansas, the home of the grasshopper, the cyclone and the hot wind. Dreary, drought-stricken Kansas! Beautiful crop burdened Kansas, where feast follows famine. The state famous for her colleges and noted for her lynohing-bees. the home of the Bender family and the rehdes-vous of the hilarious and untamable cowboy. Kansas, where for years the popularity of the prairie dog and the sunflower wa3 disputed only by John J. Installs. Prohibition Kansas, the polit ical birthplace of John Peter St. John. Petticoated Kansas, where members ot the gentler sex aro blessed with municipal suffrage. Favored Kansas, represented by Senator Whiskers Poller and Sockless Jerry ,, Simpsou. Fighting Kansas, the scene of the present war between the steadfast friends of Judge Botkm and their deadly opponents. Pyrotechnic, impulsive, irrepressible, history-making, notoriety-seeking Kan sas! It is a very, very chilly day when its name is not ia the newspaper head lines. In all these -United btates there is none othei like busy, beautiful, bieed-ng Kansas. Chicago Mail. COMI2 OFF. Our good friend, Harry Root, makes the point that K. J. Turner was the choice of a majority of the delegates at the Colby convention, and was beaten out of the nomination by unfair means. Osborne Farmer. fill, come oil! Sudi rot is not admissible in this campafen, Br'er Farmer. The Atch' -on Champion is a friend of north ceii al and western Kansas. If for no other that reason is sufiirnt for uuv pottle patroniznig it. HAZZARI) MOTOR. The Mirror would like to knew what ever became of the perpetual motion'' machine in "'this county, the stock of which Billy Jenkins', Squire Axton, Cale Frazier and other old-timenj, held, and dropped th'etf'wad.' Can anypf the "old reminiscerisero." tcjlanythingoit? Kensington Mirror.' 1 " ' Here! 'Way back iii the distanco of the clinl past "one Frank Ilazzard, an etfieal genius,' 'discoyered tnat perpetual' mbtibn'machine. ' jTrank lived in Gayjord, if ohji may bo said'io live' who has no visible means of support. At tbaf time the ''o'jd reminiscenser" who writes this clicked the type and pulled t!he press for "Vebb Mcif all, who owned the Herald. Webb was in Topeka tnat winter as master-at-arms or some-thing-or-other of the Kansas house of representatives, and having full swing we boomed Frank's invention as it deserved, being a Gaylord production. It "took," as they say about vaccination, and we soon had the inexpressible joy of seeing our elaborate descriptions of the "Wonder of the I9th "Century" appear in the metropolitan journals with editorial comment of a more or less generally less, if we remember right encouraging nature. A stock company was formed, composed of the "capitalists" named by the Mirror and Pan Kelley, Harvey Pratt and ethers, of this place, fcjtock was issued and sojd iike hot cakes, mostly, however on promises to pay, the writer of this receiving 8100 worth, fully paid sup, for his "services." Harvey Pratt and the inventor went to Washington to secure a patent, the invention being too values to trust j,o the mails. Someway that was the last we eyer heard ot it. i Haryey and Frank came home, but they maintained a silence in regard to the patent Uiat could be seen at long distance with the naked eye. A few weeks later ,a young man with blue eyes and yellow hair, wearing a striped shirt and a dowucast countenance might have been seen walking out of town with all his earthly possessions tied up in a red cotton handkerchief. That young man was Frank Ilazzard, the inventor of the great perpetual motion machine. 3;ever having been heard of since, the stockholders reluctantly came to the conclusion that the principal of perpetual motion was in hi3 legs instead of his machine, and that he will go tramping on forever, like the Wandering Jew, Some time ago Billy Jenkins wrote us to enquire if the ,fyoung man" whom Congressman Turner was forever seeking and never finding was not Frank Ilazzard, but we could give him no light on the subject. That's the beginning and the end, the first and last of an invention which was to make millionaires as plentiful out here on the buffalo sod as they are supposed to be in Wall street. ' Of the boy3 who where ' in it" only Harvey Pratt and the writer remain in Smith county. Billy Jenkins and Squire Axton are at Whatcom, Washington, Cale Frazier is supposed to be somewhere in the land of the living, Dan Kelley is in Waterloo Iowa, and Frank Ilazzard, the inventor, is marching on. Our certificate of $100 paid np stock is taid away in the archives, not so much on account of its commercial value as a reminder of the fact that we were at that time a different kind of fool than ever before or since. Gaylord Herald. Over at Smith Centre a preacher, if he be a christian, must be scandalized by the ungodly. Probably because preachers who have any religion or through whoBe efforts more souls are sent to heaven than to hell, are such a rarity in our capitol city If the name of such a good man as Rev. Hoffman is to be wallered over the tongues of the gossips, would it not be better for every man for himself in the rush to the dividing lihe between this and eternity, and to dmpense with church and preacher? Few divines are of more intellectual worth, and none possess more of the milk of human kindness than he, and if lie is to be condemned for lus goodness on e;ntli and the reward in tin next world e.t least speculative, his lot is harder than his maker oriiuined. A.E.LAVUAM PHYSICIAN & SURGEON. Calls attended day or night. Office nrst aoor soup or wantora uros. store A, M. CORN. Attorney at 'Law, Will Practice in all Courts, ' 1 - i SMITH CENPvTE, ' . ' . KAN TYRRELL & REED, Attorneys. Will practice in all courts of the state Oflice in Opera Block, Smith Contre, Kansas. E. A. CORNELL, Painter All work guaranteed to be first-class Kensington, Kansas. ' CI1AS. CRANE, Practical Barber flaircutihg, " fcjiaving, ' 'shampooing neatly dono. ' Sensing fox, - - Kansas. Pensions for A! .i.. .... .. . , . W. J. PALMER, Pens jon Claim Agent. vIRWIN, KANSA's.' ' Attends fo' all: ' Pension claims, Bounty1', ' Back pay and Duplicate Discnarges a specialty. He is' meeting with unequaled success. 'Charges Reasonable: Will be in Kensington two days dur-inar the anniversary, A. J, FORGEY, Agent in Smi,th, Jewell and Mitchell counties Kansas, for "JO-SiE" llagnetic Rojpk Oil. ' CURES, Asthma, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Lung. Liver and ' Kidney Troubles, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Croup, Diphtheria, All Inflamajtion, Etc., Etc. 3 oz, can 75 cts, oz. ,can $2.50. Lebanon, - .- Kansas, WHEN Selecting your list of papers for the coming year it will be to your interest to consider The Advocate (SLOP PER. TEAR, the leading reform journal of Kansas wid the Mississippi valley. It is a 16 page, Gt-column journal, printed on book paper and issued every AVednes-day, The Advocate numbers among its contributors some of the best writers .on economic questions in the west, prominent among whom aie Hon. John Davis, M. C. Geo. C. Ward, S. M. Scott, Alex. G ilitzin, G. Campbell, ... P. B. Maxson. Our Mr. J. C, , Hebbard will be in Washington after the assembling of the next Congress as the special correspondent of The Advocate; and his letters alone will be worth more than the subscription price of the paper. If you are in this movement to win you cannot afford to do without the Advocate. You will need it next year. . Send 25 cents for a trial subscription and see if we have not told the truth, Address ADVOCATE PUBLISHING CO, TOPEKA, KAN. MISSOURI PACIFIC Railway. FAST MAIL ROD fE 11A. 3 When the devil gets a chance to pick out a-preacher, he always sends one. j who doe.-m't believo in rvi v;'l3. R.ums ; 11 '.'Hi. - liETWEEN ST.LCUiS AND KANSAS CITY, ST. JOSEPH. LEAVEN ORTII. VWOLN. ATCHISON, VSAIIA. Q Trains Daily l ' BETWEEN wf T nnia TTnnena Sr. A f phi ann i Magnificient passenger equipments oensisting of through Pullman Sleeping Cars and elegant new Reclining Chair Pnra fr hpt.wpfin all Doints. Dirppt. connections are made at Atchison Kansas City ana ot. Liouis union Depots. OUR COLORADO SHORT LINE Is the quickest and roost direct route to Pueblo, Denver am principal points l- Colorado and Utah. THE IRON MOUNTAIN ROUTE 19 thedirect line to the principal cities of Arkansas and Texas. The only route tr the famous Hot Springs Arkansas. New route to the City ot Mexico via San Antonio was. Over 3(H) mi'.ci the shortest lino from Atchison and K.'tiisns City. For fuvth.r information regarding these routes, address any of the com pany's agents, or CHAS.K. STYES. Passenger and Ticket Agent, Atchison K:iuv.iS. S. H. H.CLARK-fst Vicc-IVh. mil Manager, tT. 1,0 !.'!? MISSOURI Dealers In ' i HARNESS. SADDLERY & h' tL.jt Repairing neatly done, and prices reas: onable. Give ;us a calji axjd be eonvinc: ed that will save you mqney. HARDWAR 3 RB BROS. FOR COAL & LUMBER, Having recently added to our stock a fuU assortment of Lumber, including, Good Grades of Dimension, Heavy Timbers, Ship Lap, Grooved Eoofing. Drop Siding, Lap Siding, Wagon Eox Lumber, Fencing. Flooring, Ceiling, Shingles, Lath, Moulding, Posts, . Saf h, Doors, Lime, Etc. We ask the readers of the Mikkok to call and examine our stock before buying. We are also selling the famous brands, Canon City and Pine Knot coal, also the Io wa 1 Jlock which connot be bea,t for eastern coal. Good grades, good weights and good prices will talk. "We are also selling the High Arm Singer and American .Sewing machines, the Western an Anthony Wayne Washers, Jewetts Persian Ranges, Heaters, Willow Baskets, Pinafore oil ,cans, Wheelbarrows, Bird cages, Chamber sets, Lanterns, Meatchoppers, Corn sheilers, etc., etc., etc. Besjt assortment of Table and Pocket ;utlery evet brought to the cify. ' IF GOOD GOODS LOW WES AND FAIR TREATMENT WILL 'EARN' YOUP BADE WE WILL HAVE IT Thanking our customers for paot and soliciting future patronage,' we remain SANFORD BROS, UNACQUAINTED WITH THE GEOGRAPHY OT TEE COUNTRY, WIH, OBTAIN WUOH VALUABLE INFORMATION FROM A STUDY OF THIS MAP OF rr-: '.A- xTwln?CT"s RO LIT E. i wrav and Sioux FallB, In DAK UTA Cainoron, tot. joaopn, anu rjanbua MI330UEI-Omaha, Fairljurj") and Nelson, in NEriEAbKA-Hqrton. To rrunl- Ktncr'flnhar VnU. Rono in Vhn INDIAN TrilREITOEY and Including main lines, branches and extensions East and West of the Missouri Elver. Tlio Direct Route to and from Chicago, Jolit, OUawa, Peoria, La Salle, Molim, Rock Iftie-ml, i ILLINOXS-Da-vonport, MuscatiHe, Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, DoaMoines.Winteraet, Audubonwlan, and Council Blulls, in iOWA-Minneanolia f.nd St. Pan', in MINNESOTA V atertown ,y, iu acka. Pond Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, in COLORADO. . . FRiuH Eaclinini? Chair Cars to and from Chicago, Caldyttfll, Hutchinson, and Dodg-e City, and FJace Sloep ing Cars between Chicago, Wichita, and Hutchinson. Traverses pew and vast areas of rich farming and grazing lands, affording the best facilities of intercommunication to all towns and cities east ana west, northwetit end southwest o Chicago, andPaciflc and transoceanic Seaports. MAGNIFICENT VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS, Leading all competitors in splendor of equipment, cool, well ventilated, and free from dust. Throus-h Coachns, Pullman Sleepers, FRES Reclining Chair Cars, and (east of Miesouri River) Dining Cars Daily between Chicago, Des Moines, Council Blufls, and Omaha, with Free Eeclimn Chair Car to North Platte, Neb., and Between Chicago and Colorado bprings, Denver, end Pueblo, via St. Joseph, or Kansas City and Toneku. Splendid Dining Hotels (furnishing mecua ot seasonable hours) west of Missouri Eiver, California Excursions daily, with CHOICE OF ROUTES to and from Salt Lake, Ofdon, Portland, I-oa Angeles, and San Francisco. 'Xho DIBtcr LIN3 to and from I-ilro's Peek, Manitou, Garden of the Oods, tuo Qanitan-ums, and Bcenic Grandexwa of Colorado. VIA THE ALREHT LEA ROUTE, Bolid rTiire9 Trains daily between CW'-OT'"" &id Minneapolis nno t-J; J vrh TH'tO JGrfi i.aair c:r3 UW'W x-o iw "ui i,.u.,u w. , Kunens Citv. ThroagU C'iiRii- Oar and 8eper bctyeea Pewin . .pirit and Siovx Falls, vij. Eool: I:-:ia"i. To Faorit.a Lina to p.rwsno, v.-. nw-tovn. gloux ht'J.i. and iuo huiir.uor l-issciw U-.iwcjf u,ia niai.i,s Groimd.: of hfi Wortb-w.- c UTS 3HOET T..-Ttv .ravel btwemi C:i,ii;'i usoph, .Itch'.BrT, lit-" ForT'cVpf, Iv'I.'ps', f Otlico in ii yiji-c.u -;' .v ji.),lntuaic,-.'iiis, L.aft.vt',e, eiw.Uoancu i-'"'--. . w.tM, Klu ,d Cir.v, I.lino&i,OiVri, ana i: - ' i'fi".TS,ordifir3l i'i'fi-.i..u-:J:i, appiy to a "" j cv Cart'J-.l-v, or uuilr-a CIIIC a O. U-l G;n'i la&ei & 'r.'. Ls .r".

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