The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1952
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 1952 OUR BOARDING HOUSE _ with Major Hoopl. HOW MAW/ Z.1LLIOUS Jf ESAD; DON'T GILD YOUR' tX3LLARS)\ MOTIVE STUPlDITy"-..- HAME VOU PUPPED -^ UM.' THIS OUT OP THfi „ csf^ •SCIENTIFICALLY SIMPL& IT PIPE TODAY? JffMAtf'NoT KOCK THE rVOKLD " H=7 -"- &JT OF THE NSVvJ 2_^ ' / If VJ1LL YIELD A (JOLLER Tie } I TIDY INCOME/ THAT VJIU- J . V^- ^- B^tt |3=3 CHAMG& "S ^ "Ts»l HEARD YOD PLAY Political Announcements Subject to Piefej-entiiil Election July 2D. 1952 For County Judge GENE BRADLEY PHILIP J DKEH I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LISTON For State Si-nnlor SEN. LEE BEAHDEN CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Slie« up to 36 In. Corrugated Meta! Culvertg Sizes up to 81 In. A.,H. WEBB Automatic Flood Giles Concrete 4 Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Pricei We Dellrer Highway 61 at State Line Phone 7U INSURANCE to fit your needs SAVINGS SERVICE SATISFACTION RAYMOND ZACHRY Isaacs BIdg. Mutual Insurance Agency Phone 3*90 Delinting&TreatingService We are now operating our NEW CaYrer Delint- ing and Treating Plant. All new equipment including latest model Slurry (liquid) treater. AH sacks electrically sewed ... we tiiarantee yom quick, eficient and satisfactory service. Seed accepted in truck or carload lota. . .discount on all lots of 5 tons or more. Insure a better stand and less rust damage hy treating your seed. Bring your seed EARLY and aroid the-rush. WARD GIN COMPANY No. Highway fil _ Blytheyille — Phone S75S BLYTHEVIU.g (APR.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY PASS Mjrmr By J. ft. Williwni FRECKLES AND HIS FRIIND5 L WONDER. Will you go back to my friend Jopes and ask him why he doesn t hire some of these 'brilliant young executive type' of men himself? FOR SALE Concrete culrerti, iz inch to «» Inch, plain or recnforcecl. Also Concrete Bvildlnc Blocki clie»p- er thin Inraber (or barns, chicken houses, . pnmp hoases, tenant houses, tool shedE. H'e deliver. C»il « for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oafs, Alfalfa, Lespedeza. Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. See us before you buy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phone 6856 - 1800 West Main Or**' COAL Phone 3186 • Prompt De/rvery NOW/ • CoHrfeoos Service HESTER'S Coal Yard Guaranteed Watch Repair oX 53.50 Y<mr watch is disasxmblcd, cltaned, piyots polished and I hair iprtnii adjm<ted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler «t door to Wide Fornlturr THK STOIlVi .Mm Orlt, r ,lr,tr doicrllvc, <vhr, I, ,,n«lni « n „ pln T . hoj <n InTrKrl^nic ail^nuH-i on the lir r nl Jlnrnojr,. Mmllfcy vrr. rtnil» hln hi* ^ nn tkr ncene or »vhnr niTfhl \-crf wrJI br lh« nitlrtlc-r of C rn v n I li '* pnrlnrr, Amr> imnhril frum I'cncork I'lxlh, on I. one Ulnnil Sonn.l. In hl» rirAlh on rock, brlo.T. So fur Ihe drnlk (^ on rcrnrrf n» nil nccrdrnl. Thaar »l IVIn.lovcr, Urnvnlli «na hi, nlrrc Snllr In.-ltKle nnncki-, prkrlnrr. Jnck lluinonl. nnil M« wife Dollr. Crnvnll.'. .rrrrln'l ' VII T COULDN'T use my flashlight . close to the house. 1 had to pick my way. stumbling over and into a variety of objects, to approximately the spot where the Peacock Path began. The torch, when 1 did flick it on momentarily told me nothing. It merely sprayed misty yellow illumination over close-cropped grass devoid of extraneous objects or markings. t was some 50 feet from the fence, when all at once 1 stopped -dead. JR. I thought that, for the whisU of ST second, a light had i;"ne on and off, somewhere at the end of the Peacock Path. I felt myself sort of ooze, rather than move, into the shrouding shadow of an evergreen, f waited, holding my breath, and uncomfortably aware that a big guy named Jim Orth was perspiring ice-water and . . . scared to death. Then it came, the dry metallic clank of a chain. Someone, or something, was either going out onto or coming back from that precipice over which Ames Warlmrton hart fallen. Things sharp and cold, like iron- tipped toothpicks, seemed to crawl among (he hairs at the back of my neck. First came Ihe notion of rush!" R J 0 , r , ward f "ll-l»!. letting my .lorch blaze and getting a view of this pre-dawn prowler. Thnt was instantly superseded by one of caution, rd be smarter to stay where I was, partially hidden by the evergreen and await the coming of this unknown. * For, I thought. soo7ier or later he'd return via the Peacock Path. Or. I could slip quietly oil the path, execute a flanking movement. A soft thud sounded, close. I'd been straining my eyes Into the darkness between me and the unseen fence. And one moment the darkness was complete, the next the first suggestion of day showed in the sky. Faint, feeble, but enough. The figure not five feel from me was hooded. Grotesque in the gloom, indistinct, like some kind of horrible, nocturnal and outsize gnorne. I gasped: involuntarily, and swung up my torch. 1 was too late. It had a torch too, three limes as powerful as mine. It let mt have it, a shade before I could press my own button. Blinded I staggered back. And something swarmed over the c-lastiirig rays of Ihe lorch. It nil me. I fell searing pain. All the lights of all the world seemed to crash into my head, run together like so many slreams of liquid fire converging toward a given point, and then explode. • • • JT was like groping back, through mist, fog and pain. My head rested on something soft and yielding. Something else, cool as well as soft, stroked my brow gently. "Oh, Jim!" The voice appeared to come from miles above me a trembling anxious voice. "Thank goodness, you're alive." Well, that was news, of 2 sort And strangely, despite Ihe bells ringing achingly in my head I'd never felt belter in my life. D-don't bother wnking me up" I slullrrctl. "This dream Is trio good. I'm dreaming that you're -Sally." "Wlial have I got to do to bring you to your senses?" Sally in- quired. "Hit you again?" 1 bounced up, a performance thai did my splitting top no good ' Did you hit me the first time?" "I'm afraid so, Jim. I came on you x suddenly and I didn't know it was you. I just sort of panicked and swung. 1 * 'With. I'm betling, your entire family tree." She forced my head gently down into her lap again and shoved a blackthorn slick under my nose. A wicked-looking implement stout, knobby and, evidently, of Ihe consistency of granile. "With this. 1 grabbed it up as I left Oie house." Gingerly I felt behind one temple. I discovered myself the owner of a lump the size of a walnut, "You," I said, "should work for the Commandos." ^T that point my eyes, hitherto pretty cloudy and now aided by the increasing light, cleared up. I had, indeed, seen a hooded figure. She was wearing a navy-blue parka. Only now the hood was thrown back over her shoulders and the dawn-wind off the Sound riffled honey-and-amber hair. "You poor dear," she was saying, "I miglit have killed you. You Just loomed up and I—well, I hit out. Atavistic instinct, I suppose. Self preservation or something." I grinned. "Forget it Certain people—just * few, mind you— can crack me over the chump any time. But why were you out here?" "Well, you were too." Thus spoke the eternal woman. "Presumably," I said, -you didn't come out to see me. Look, lady! Give!" The corners of her mouth tightened. "Well, if you must know, I'm just not satisfied about Ames. H's hard for me to believe that he went out there and had himself an accident. The more I thought about it, after I wenl to bed for the second lime tonight, the sillier it seemed to me. Ames Warburton was perfectly normal. Jim. He hadn't a neurosis or a psychosis or anything like thai in the world. So, since I couldn't sleep, 1 decided to do a little invcslignting. It'll sound crazy, [nil 1 thought thai Ames just possibly, miglit have left a—a clue. T!ui he didn't." (To &e Continued} Soybean Seed FOR SALE Dortch No. 't and Ofcilen soybean seed, cleaned and sacked. Book these before price Increases. RED TOP GIN Blythevilte — Phone 575fi THE MAN TO KNOW The man to know Is the mechanic whn knows hnw to care for your car ... and does his best to repair it righl! You'll find the best service for your car at T. I, Seay Motor Co, Try ua. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler-rijm«»th Druler 121 E. Main Phone 2122 FEEDS Wholesale or Retail | FULL-0-PEP HOLV SMOKE/ AINT *X) RUSHINf TH' SEASON, STAR.TIW SPCIWG TRAtMIM' THIS EARL.V? EXCEPT THAT THESE ciues \ MOCBMIJ GOLM.C. roihJT TO SEVERAL \ n rTSuSrr.' SPOTS ! IT MIGHT TAKE A LdT ) THtKSS tOTH Of DIGGING To HIT THE: J KM PK3WT owe I rr -^myt4Vt.l MO vx <=^V?K r~mruw OWNER OF A ^^^V,' 1 ; T ! 'I MEASURE OUSHW STtoOP TO THE WORRY WAKT Benefit by Rtading and Using Courier N«w* Classified Ads NONSENSE, DEAR 1 OLIVER ISN'T THAT KIND OF A x- 1 I'M 1 AFRAID YOU'D HE WON'T "YsURPRlSFD CONTRIBUTE l^ UKPKrafcD .MUCH TO > YOUR HUNTING-' A& TUB TAKES OFP IN A CAB , VIC AMD LOUIE HOJ&E WITH THE HEAD. RECOSMIZS M3UR5ELF? .. GOOD SOy, WlCtC'. GRAB THAT &L&CK CASE AT THIS iND OF w reuvK, AMP stip THRU THIS OPENING 1 WE GOTTA 5CKAW OOTA HERE-QUICK! BUT . HOW LL we ser TH' SW5AG6 OOOK OPEW ' 0« THAT StOt* TH LAUOLAPVS IA1 SCREECHING, A.ND LES, VOU OLD WITCH; WHY.SUREl YOU 00 RIGHT AHEAD... I'LL TAKE CARE OF HIM MICHOLA5! I CAME OUT TO GET A BAG fOR. MISS niLUS, AWO CAUGHT THIS BURSLAE! HOLD MIS LEG WHILEICAU POLICE! LMW-. MOT'S It)' 1KOUSLE STAF-0-LIFE Moore Bros Store BOOM flUeEKNEW HIS ^MAYBE I'D ROCKHTS,BUT WHEN HEtllBE BETTER 5RDTALOO5E BUCK.-HE'ploFF IF I WAS TEAR YOUR ARM Off/ -A MORE LIKE THAT MYSELF. ISN'T THERE SOME WAY WE CA.1.J DOUGH WITH TH' TIMEV MACHINE? /•-" ~S REMEMBER TH' V ; /C'MON.VDOUGH WE HAD /I THINK ' WHMSK/\ IN ROMETWE /YOU'D HW6 COULDA EASILY/ FOUND NERO'S BROUGHT SOME MICKELS lw HOME.' . _,\ MUCH GOOD NI952 I DUN NO, OOP.WEVE HAD NO LUCK UP TO NOW NERO'S NICKELS WERE SOLID GOLD...WORTH THIRTY-FIVE CI.AM5 OUNCE. I'M TOLD. To b« a safe driver, you have to know how fast you're jtofn?. Thai means an accurate speedometer. I-et us rhfck yours. We give 1- T)ay service on speedometer repair for all makes c»rs >nd truck*. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler-rijmmlh nriler 121 E. Mxln Phone Z122

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