The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1952
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 1952 BLYTHEVI1XE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Gen. M'Arthur to Visit Little Rock Site of Birth Sunday Afternoon IJTTLE BOCK (AP) — General iugUus MatArtliur will visit this it-y of his birth for & few hours lext Sunday. It will be his Ihst trip back io -htu Rock. He was an infant wheti army officer father was ti-aiis- ei-r«d to another post and his [>ar- •nta left Little Rock. MacArthur was born Jan. 26, 1880, In th,e officers' quarters in the old Little Rock arsenal. The building, headquarters of the army post then here, will stands. The post Is now a purk—City Park for many years but since 1342 Mat-Arthur Park — and the building U now a museum. Public and semi-public appearances of the former Far East Supreme Commander are scheduled to take up only some three hours. The genera) Is to leave in ruld- [Truman Estimates 1917 Army career Cost Him $1 Million WASHINGTON W)— Harry Tru- , man estimates that going to war) i 1917 cost him a mijlion dollars : r more. In the book, "Mr. President," published today, Truman says :hat while he was an investor in an oil company drilling at Eureka, Kan., in that year. "I got all patriotic and Joined 'the Army." "My partners got into a fuss and day to see that the voters come La the polls win elections." It was by just such a handshaking campaign that Sen. Est-es Krfauvcr of Tennessee won last week's presidential preference primary election In New Hampshire—defeating Truman, let that lease go- to pot." he says. • noTi<-:e? Is White House Lonely; Is it really lonely in the White "Another company took it over and drilled a well on It and there never was a dry hole found on that 320 acres. It was the famous Teeter Pool. "If I'd stayed home and rim my oil company I'd have been a millionaire. Bub I always did let ethics beat me out of money and I suppose I always will." Well. used tc Truman records that spend some of his time Marshall Shares Opinion Truman reports that Gen. George C. Marsha 11 sha red - i n .rt. at least—his opinion of Hume, the music critic v.ho 'ot a blistering presidential letter for saying Truman's daughter. Margaret didn't sing very well. "The only thing. General Marshall said, he didn't criticize was the varnish on the piano," Truman aald In a letter to a friend, • ddlng: "It upset me and T wrote him what I thought of hhn." Rarely Writes An^ry Letter* Truman says elsewhere In the book: "I rarely write angry letters. As a matter of Tact, most of the letters I write are the letters of a good neighbor." watching sandlofc baseball games through binoculars from a White House window. Once, he says wistfully, he,strolled ov^r and joined the spectators n I a hall game—but his presence broke up the game. afternoon to fly back to New York T« Arrive k; PIMM MacArthur, bin wife; and their son, Arthur, and three members of the general's etaff are to arrive 10:30 a.m. by chartered plane from Mississippi. MacArthur Is to address the Mississippi legislature at Jackson Saturday. After brief welcoming ceremonies .t the airport, the general and his party will go immediately to Christ Episcopal Church, where MacAr ther and a brother, Malcolm, who died In childhood, were baptized May 16, 1880. The party will attend the church service, which the Rev. J. Hodge Alvcfi, rector, has said will be kepi as normal as po5£lble- Mr. Alves said there wouldn't he a special sermon because of thi general's visit. He will deliver lrn fourth sermon of seven in a I^en ten series on "The Divine Drama of Human Redemption." The sub ject will be "Who Hath Redeeme< Mankind?" The Rt Rev. R. Bland Mitchell,! | E])i£coual bishop of Arkansas, Hie] W- ^- WitselJ, rector eineri-i and Mr. Alves will greet the CHANCING LENSES —Pat Alien shows glasses de- sicned. with intercttaiigrable fteen lenses for day driving and jolrl ones for night use. at the Chicago Automobile Show. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Will Rogers' Humor Stands Up Even Today On Political Issues NEW YORK (V) — Is the belly wrote: augh Belting , old-fashioned? "Ain't Hospital Heeds More Funds Badly MARION, Ark. <AP>—Crittenden County Memorial Hospital at West Memphis may have to close because of lack of funds. County Judge W. K. Ingrain said yesterday there are no federal funds available for operational expenses and gilts to a special campaign /or funds are lagging. An attempt to get funds from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation proved fruitless, ingr&m said, because the agency can lend money only to businesses operating for profit; Election Advice Given He also gives some advice on how to win an election. "Handshakes before election day anrt precinct workers on that "Swan Song" Moiarts most popular opera Is considered to be "The Magic Flute." in two acts, whtch had Its premier in Vienna in 179!. It was the composer's s\van sons, be composed during the last year his brief life. MacArthur party in front of the church. Bishop Mitchell will pronounce the absolution and will read the closing prayer and benediction. After the services. MucArthur will visit his birthplace and then will join tlie dedication of a rose garden in MncArthur Park to memory of the Arkansas dead oE the Korean conflict- His Last scheduled appearance on ,ho public program U a speech at the bandshell in the park at l p.m. Spokesmen for the arrangements committee have said they understand that the speech will he of a '•.sentimental" nature, suitable to a homecoming. Few details of the MacArthur family'* residence here are available. Apparently young Douglas wag only about 18 months old when hi* parents left Little Rock. At least one man who remembers MacArthnr as a youth hopes to be on hand for the homecoming. He Is MJKSon E- Mitchell, a Conway resident .who knew Arthur MacArthur. the future general's brother, when they were classmates at the U, S. Naval Academy and through him met Douglas. Arkansas and little Rock residents have been urging the general for years to come here. MacArthur made R definite commitment last December to Little Rock's Republican Mayor Pratt C. Remmel. Lost Quarter Proves Costly INDIANAPOLIS (if) — Twelve year-old Thaddetlfi Starks lost quarter In his bedroom Monday, anil Ills search for it cost his father several hundred dollars. The boy lighted a candle to aid In his search. His bed caught fire. Firemen confined the blaze the room, but the father Floyd Starks, said damage amounted several hundred dollars. The quarter still Is missing. Volcano Burps Steam into Sea One way to Judge a people Is to rend what they laugh at. And there are some who believe the American of humor Is going downhill. Many professional comedians complain the nation Is developing i ulcer on its fwmybone. "People are too tense," they say. "People won't take the kidding they used to. They don't like to laugh at themselves any more." An antidote to tins trend in a tonse political year is provided by Editor Donald Day In a book of .selections from Will Rogers colled "How We Elect Our Presidents." U is a handy little guidebook back to sanity for both candidates and voters who tnke themselves too seriously. Humor Sliuids Up Well Looking back at these m a n y years after his death on an A task cm tuiidar. the humor of the sum- chewing now boy still .stands up well. But the CulluiK t[unlily of his quips stands out more clearly now that :lie fjrln that \vetit with them is | buried. Will drew his lariat noose tight on a lot of nonsense in his time that needed strangling. One wo tillers whether the statesmen of today could hold liielr tempers if they were the target of his artful losses. Would they have held still- for Rogers, who it funny how many liun- 1 run It ot rnucn tiling as a joke ami trie cans lake U serious and llk« * jokf. So there's no difference." "Harding In .sending out his speeches on the phonograph. Well, public will have one consolation — a record when dropped breaks easily." "Normalcy with me was when I owned nothing and paid no ln- com« tas,* What would Win hare though* about television? Well, he wrote: "Personally, I think th« camera, has ((one more harm for politic* than any other one faction. Everybody would rather get their pictures in the paper than their ideas. What does the platform of a political party amount to compared with photographs?" Manila. The eruption was reported by the steamer Brightslar, en route from Los Angeles to the Persian Gulf. MANILA {API—A .submarine volcano today was reported belching smcke and steam on the surface of'volcano built up n cone that rcach- the Pacific ocean 315 miles north of ed 700 feet above sea level. The location is at the same spot where a century ago an underwater d.reds of thousands of soldiers we can recruit with nerve? But we just can't find one politician In a million with backbone." j Reasons For Candidacy inating himself for vice president hi iy24, Will .said: "Another big reason wb y 1 .should be nominated is I am not a Democrat. Another still bigger reason why I should be nominated is I atn not u Hepublican, I am just progressive enough to suit the dissatisfied, And Eazy enough to be a stand "palter." WiH Nosers loved the circus atmosphere of political conventions and described politics as "The Besl Show In America. "I love animals and I love politicians, and 1 like to watch both of 'em play cither back home In their native state or after they Imve been raptured and sent to a zoo or to Washington," Here me a few of his more remember able remarks, some of ihctn as seasonable as ever: 'Ohio claims they are due a pres ident u.i they haven't had one since Tall. Look at the United Siates. they haven't had one since Lincoln." "Corruption has supplanted the (arriff ns a national Issue. . . It's hard to get people Io believe JL thing as corruption w h e n It's something that has always been going mi. . . IT.s like the poor, it's always t>ecn with us. 1 ' "The more you read and observe about this politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. Tim one that's out always looks the best." "The Deuuirnits lake the whole Doctor's Horn* facial helps your ikln look levelior < In 10 day*. Iry U — money back. If you don't agrcal Have you been longing fot a complexion thai wins compliments — that looks softer, smoother? Than we urge you Io try thli Home Beauty Ron lino. It was developed by a greal skin doctor. And in clinical teals, it helped ihe problem skin of, 4 out of 5 women took lovelier. NoKiemo worki or money back! Try it for 10 days. If not delighted, return jar to Noxzema, Baltimore — your money back. TnUe advantage Of LOOK LOVELIER OFFER today! I Clip thii coupon at a ixninderWMV I I 4O< NOXZEMA | I only 29* •"' ' | f Uie tlih trial jar-jee how ' much lovelttr it helps your J item luck: • 2. then save money by getting J GIANT 10 ox. JAR • only 894 plus taxi I | Any drug or cotm*tlc eaunlar | 406 W. Main C Phont 4591 It Makes Your Dollars Feel Important too YOUR CHOICE SALE FAMOUS BURTON-DIXIE INNERSPRING MATTRESSES Special Purchase 31.88 On Term*, 10% Down Factory close-out sole—tuxurlom irmei- iprings made to sell for as high at $44.95. Outstanding tickl—some formerly used on . expwisiv* matlr«»ei of $79.50 quality. Choose from woven itripej, handsom* dom- aiki, gay printi. Auorttd coil uniti—231, 209, 180. Come early for htil Mbction. 43-COIL Mulching Box Spring, also 2?.88 T HE Buick pictured here can match price tags with a lot of cars smaller in size and horsepower and win. But that only gives-you a hint as to what a whale of a buy it is. Like costlier Buicks, it has the wide-open view of a one-piece windshield. Like costlier Buicks, it has the gleaming distinction of sweepspcar styling. Like costlier Buicks, it has smart new fabrics and door trim. Like all other Buicks, it has the extra safety of new, long-lasting Wide-Band brakes. Like all other Buicks, it has the sure-footed, road-hugging, even- keeled steadiness of the Million 7-door SPICIAV S»dan MODEL 480 Illustrated) Dollar Ride —a combination of 15 engineering features including a husky Xrbraced frame, end-sway and side-roll stabilizers, Mi-Poised engine mountings, Permi-Firm steering and soft coil springs for every wheel. And like all other Buicks, it has a power-packed Fireball 8 Engine — a high-compression valve-in-head that gets extra wallop, extra mileage from every gallon of gasoline. So we think that you'll feel mighty important bossing around this smart-stepping smoothie. And when you check the price we're asking against the field— we think your dollars are going to feel mighty important in buying power too. Hadn't you better look into this soon? < n->rirt. (ri;n find n are rtttijccl la c Sure is true for'52 When better automobiles are built BUICK - will build them LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555

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