The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1952
Page 2
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?AGE TWO Arkansas Nen>s Briefs— Federal Mediation Service Moves into Dixie Cup Strike n.v Tin- Associated Press FT. SMITH—The Federal Conciliation mid Mediation Service today stepped into the strike that has dosed down the Dixie Cup Com- pany'i plant )i«re. Representatives of the strikers nml the company were scheduled to meet this afternoon with a mediator. The AFL Pulp. Sulphite and paper Mill Workers Union struck against the plant Sunday in support at wage demands. fos* Arkansas Landowner Dies at Home MEMPHIS—Homer Fergus Sloan, 80-year-old East Arkansas landowner, died at his home yesterday. Sloan, mviwr o( the Wlllbelh plantation at Marked Tree, Ark., was a native of Smilhville. Ark. Survivors Include his widow and two children, William c. Sloan of Jonesboro, Ark., and Mrs. Walter B. Powell of Memphis. Yankee Manufacturer Doubts Negroes Can Gain in North PINE BLUFF, Ark. 07»j — A; Northern manufacturing executive .said today he't sure that it was better Icr Southern Negroes to go North In search of a career, "Is it- really true," asked Ivan Ij. WlULs In an address prepared tor | deliverj' at Career Day at Arkan- \ sas A. M. A: N. College, "that n career aimed at success In northern- Industry Is more rewarding than a career aimed at success In the South or working with social problems of the Negroes?" WDHs Is vice president in charge of industrial relations for International Harvester Company. He (old his audience at the state- supported Negro college that they might I eel freer in sqrne respects Jn the North by reason of the Jaws and prevailing social customs. "Nevertheless, 1 ' he added, "there remain the problems of housing. jol) opportunities and many olhctt. It f^n't a perfect picture." He cbficrvetl Hint- In recent yenr.s it had become progressively easier (nr Ncgroc.s to obtnlri Jobs tr.idi- tlonRlJy held by other races and achieve success a n d recognition. WIlUs sii(u«iU?<J that the South of Ions rich fields for NcRroe.',. He cited education, agriculture, medical and dental cnre, business otul general health a.s opportunities. lie said that of a "noticeable reluctance on the part of NP;!- ro people to establish their own businesses" great opportunities exist In the field of business within the framework of the Negro community. Citing changes in southern tanning from ft one-crop level to ril- verslficaticn, Willis siiHeeslcri that soil conservation practice offers both sociaJ 'and financial rewards to the capable farmer with vision. Italian Government Says Love Letters To Mussolini Should Belong to State ROME (AP) — Italy's Kovcrn- ment contended today that dark- eyed C!nrn Petaccl's burning love letters to Benllo Mussolini belong to the state because she was II Duce's "confidential secretary." . The claim was pill forth in a Rome Court of Appeals by the Ministry of Interior. The ministry is appealing n decision of a lower court which ordered It to return bundles of the Clara-to-Duce-letters to her relatives and pay them *640 damages. When the letters were discovered in n Lake Garda y'lla in 1950. they ^were seized byipolipe iimd turned over (o (he rrifi^try tisans executed -both' "Mussolini mid Clara, his mistress. In 1045 and strung them up by their heels. The letters, published in part In Italian newspapers after they were discovered, were a sensation for weeks. They reportedly were screened carefully for hidden secrets of Mussolini's regime, The excerpts from Clara's letters published two years ago told only of her blissful memories or of her dark despair when affairs of state kept Mussolnl from her side. Once she wrnlc she "could bear, bombardments, bad news and all I pain in complete faith In you Mussolini. I can go sleepless, not eat ','~. . btH I can't stand not to see you. This kills me." _BLYTHF.VTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 1951 [Army Tug Deliver% Disposable Diapers , Miles Out at Sea NEW YORK Wi — An army lug delivered an emergency shipment of disposable diapers at sea yesterday. A few miles out from New York, It caught a Navy transport bound for Bremerhaven with families o( servicemen and put aboard seven CMCS of diapers in answer to a request. "More babies sailed than we had expected," said the Military Sea Transport Service. CKEIMTS BOSOMS FOR U.S. FK.MIMNK KI.KClANCE-Emilio Schubeith. a Flume fashion designer, shown measuring the bust of his model. Lalla, says Italian and French women can blame then bo.soms for iheir Inability to dreys as i>l-;;nntly a.-, their American sisters. Schubcrth believes "the bosoms of Italian women are too big and French women are too flat chested. He says American women got that, way by leading a more active life, exercising through participating in sports, or work. |AP Wlrcphoto) City Library Adds 57 Books To Its Shelves in February J ° n*, N E , W H OME_ Ssl. Uc. Lim,rl Uiicl. of Clay. ion. Okla.. ami his Japanese wife, nose vdlli twin ilauslitcrj, Charlene and Charlotte, at Seattle, on arrival from Japan. A tcita! of 57 fir* bnoks were obtained by the Blythevlllc Public Library durinp February, It was announced yesterday by Mrs. Ira Gray, librarian. Of these, 36 were donated as] memorial books. Eleven adult anil 10 juvenile books were obtained! by the library. I The new memorial books follow:: In memory of Monte A. Isaacs—: "Make Your Business Letters Make j Friends" by lienrtcr. donated by Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Horner. • | In memory of Mrs. Margaret j Der>n Smith—"Greatest nook Ever' Written" by Ourslcr. donated by Mrs. Mabel Smith; "Handbook o[ Color and How to 'Use It in Your Home" by Germanic. Mr. and Mrs. Mason Day, Jr.: "Gods. Graves and Scholars" by Crram. Mr. and Mrs. BUI Lawshe: "Stories of Gods and Heroes" by Benson ,ind "A Bird in the Hand" by Franklin, Mr. and Mi's. Oscar Fendler; "Glorify Yourself" by KlnK, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Alflick; "Life of Florence Nl.irhl- LnRale" by Cook and "l.ucretia Mott" by Burnett. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Chanihlin; "Decorative Art" i by Holme anrt Frost, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cohen: "Lot Go and Let Gon" by Clifle. Mrs. Nora Spradley: "Oriental RIIRS" by Mimford, Mrs. Everett B. Gee: "Wild Animals of the World" by Britlpes and "Call It Courace" by Rperrv. Mr. anrt Mrs. Harry w! mine's and Mr. nnrt Mrs. Harry A. Hatnes: "Quirk .sfrps In Charm am! Jirnn- tv" by Cocks, Mr. and Mrs. John Hudson. . In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Max Parks •:— "Mary Napes Dorfse" uy Masim;- " "Steamboat South" by Chaslairi and "Elsenhower: Man and Symbol" by Gnnther. Mr. and] Mrs. Oscar Fcmllcr: "Living ,MII- ' siclans" by Kwen. Mr. and Mrs. Ed A. Rice: "Stars in Our Heaven" by mm. Mrs. Nora Sprndlcy; "The Spy" by Coojier, Mr. anrt Mrs. E. B. Wooidson; "Victor Herbert" by Purdy. Mr. and Mrs. Mason Day. Jr.; "The Man Called Peter" by Marshall. Ray, Mary Gay and Bill Nelson: "The story of Our Geolo- Clsts" hy Fcnton and "Successful Farmer" by Tnvcs. Mr. and Mrs. Foy Ktchleson and Ronnie Fayc; "Encyclopedia of Bible Life" by Miller and "Daniel Bonne" by Stevenson, Mr. and Mis. R. G Ed- Wnrds. Jr.; "Gospel In Art" by Bailey. Jndce and Mrs. Zal B. Marrlsoa; "Through Charley's Door" by Klmbroueli, Mr. and Mrs. John Hudson. In memory of iversnn Mnrrls— "New Flower Arrangement for Everyone" by Biddle and Blum. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bugg; "Arranging Church Flowers" by Jones, East Side Garden Club. In memory of Cecil Lee "California" by Writers' Program. Mr. nnel Mrs. Loy II. Welch. /n memory of Cnady Delmar Eaton — "DeDrslayer" by Cooper and "Last of the Mohicans" by Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Price ami Joe Price: "Will Rogers" by Van Riper. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Copperlce; "Henry James" by Dti- pree. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Coheir "Kansas" by Writers' Program, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Ciesell. Adult books obtained by the library Inst month include': "Adventure In T™ Worlds" by Cronln. "Behind the Crimson Blind" by Carr, "Great Mortem Short Stories" by Ccrf, "High Road REUEYESAREAL CAUSE of NAGGING THE PROOF ITS GOODNESS AKE ITS THOUSANDS [OF REGULAR USERS / All VEGETABLE The First Phonograph . . . was invented by Thoma; A. — jusi one year afier ihe Cotlon lii-h Edison in 1878 Koute was starlcd". ...the records «I loth speak for themselves. t»- A^trirvi Dtr****', e/DMW G. L. Smythe, Gen. Agt. 601 S. Elm Sfrcct _ Telephone ACHES and PAINS due to Deficiencies of Vitamins 61,82, A person 1ms only himself to If he ROCS nrouncl suffering from nncging aches and pnlns bemuse of deficiencies of Vitamins B,, B,. Nin- cln am] Iron In his system. And he shouldn't bp satisfied to merely relieve his symptoms for a short time. Because with HADACOL, — you can actually relieve a real and underlying cense of such nagging nches Riid pntns that slow you up and make your lite miserable. Continued, Use Helps frevcnt Return What's more, continuous use of this wonderful HADACOL, medicine not only Rive, 1 ; continuous and complete relief, but It helps keep such def\- clrncy-cflused aches and pMns Irom coming back. This 501111(35 almost too good to be true, doesn't it? But It is the ASSO- iA=rr TRUTH which no one can denvf Just tnke a bottle of HADACOL to yonr doctor. Show him the iiiRredl- cnt.s on the label. See If he doesn't Rgree that HADACOL Is an excellent medicine for such deficiencies. Your own good sense should tell you HADACOL MUST be good when so many millions of bottles have been sold. You simply can't beat a medicine that's r.oon! Buy a bottle of KADACOL todny. Let It brltiK about R n a m a 7 i n p I m - provement in the way iou feel. HAOACDL ItNuStfiiWiUi — Thri sO»^ OM S Rotarians Carry Out Attendance Contest DU QUOIN, 111 <AP>—Plnckney- vi[]c RoUrlans v,-hcplpd an accident .•Ictlm Into a Rotary meeting In their efforts to win an attendance contest with Ihe Du Quoin club. Moreover the Pinckneyvllle member was wheeled into the I3u Qunin club In get credit an Pinckneyville's record, it's a rule that vis- tors' attendance he credited to home clubs. Tile visitor sens Hay Sliute ivlio NAUTICAL M A T E R I E L-Mrs. Marian EnrleM holds books sho\ciiiit \iidf range of readliiR malerlal provided for IJ. S. Nivy personnel by Oiklind. Cal.. Naval Supply Center Library. Adventure" by Pease. "How to ke Draperies a :i d slip covers - Brostroin. "Real Book About Panmunjom Now a Honeymoon Do^s" by Sherman, "Scared lo! Death" by BiRly, "Spanish-English ! Dictionary" by Duron, "Spark: it r,ifp" by Remarque and "White ""anther" by Walder-k, Juvenile books added last month follow: "Freddy Hides Again" by Brooks, 500 Hats of fiarthol Cubbins" by I 5UCS.S, "Lucretia Ann of (he Oregon Trail" by plowhead. "Miki" by j Petersham, "Pelican Here, Pelican! There" by Welfare!, "Riddle of the; Live Oaks," by Seaman, "Satur-] days" by Enright. "Ship Boy with Columbus" by Meadowcroft, "Spider Web for Two" by Enright. "Stepsister Sally" by Daringer and : 'CmestrinB Fiddle" by Berry. i PAN.VL'NJOM. K.'rcd -4' - Tlirre Ls no te'.Iu: ; •»!:.*: nil! >:.-<i>p«Li m\t at PAnn'.unjoav — i' 15 A honeymoon ifuce couferenfe site. Kmnmitmy daily from [he train at Mun- ! *an. \ ^ A ; . , , '• Barrett and his wife, the former i :e Barn:: o. :.:f New \or< Run, KarpI o[ New York Citv were! sr.d h'-s :i".>.\".i'r bride are i * 'at the married in Tokyo March 4. Mrs.' Barrett represents the Reporter i i magazine. hari b<-e:i t.:::u:?>i i: Vuu-iEievvlUe. i "* T * 5 better to have a honey-j He had ::o? «*;•. zi'.'isaj. siom liie ! moon HI Pamnunjom than tio lion- ' ymoon at all." she said. ; In !S-!9 iEv>.;- '•• workers wer? i:: ;c:y age ir.^ursr.ce. ^ he was :.. :.-n U. S. ?:*a by old- r (^ 1^v.?s^-r.-,;^^^:^;^^-:i~^;^-£ I vi^'v^rt :,..y^: t '<-iy ";->:•;>-,;•-•;,( / ? &: .V;'..M i".V xv. / : ,-.'. -.. \ • I * f * .'•'••.*' i' =. • ^ ^ * I i *:•!•'*' & . £\\i M r •• ^, .V-'=:•". '-ff\'. r fc H' * f .'••.'. •, ; ^.-f7^ ; 1 ' :,; ;•• < -.;-.. s -z-* •• \ • '. , !/ ^:-',j fr^'L'.?^-* '•*-.•• ^/v^v^v^l -v/v^V^ i \ ^~ y.Vv •*••/" v /.-•;>• v /'^••/ ; -..>.'r. f -.ii: ^«if;^ ^'i Hv«:^ v , =/M^%\ SALE CURTAINS SPECIAL PURCHASE PRISCILLAS foci 4Sx90-la. Take advantage of V/ards Special Purchase Sale Price on Cushion Dot PrisciUos. Halhoway dotted marquiielio, mercerized for clarity ond strength. 5'/ ruffle. Ivory, REG. 1.98 PLASTIC DRAPERIES BB to 90-In. Long I . / / Many Colors _ Come In and sc* Wards big assortment of plastic draperies. So many styles and colors lo choose from. Some have fan valancei. All arc made of easy-lo-clean, new vinyl plastic. REG. 98c PEBBLE PRINT FABRICS 36-tn. Wide O4 Yard. Many Colors Pennies jewed per yard odd up lo dollars on slipcover* ond draperies. Choose a floral, leaf or scenic psbbr*-(extyred print —available in a wid* cmortmenl of colors. ' Charge of Police Brutality Moves To U.S. Court Georgetown Man Says Arkansai Officer Used Rubber Hose LI1TLE ROCK I/P,-A suit charging that the Arkansas State Police used "third degree" methods to obtain a confession from a suspect has been transferred to U. S. District Court here. The suit, filed by E. n. Stephens of Georgetown, While County, alleges that he was beaten w'ith a rubber hose in State Police headquarters here. The suit was transferred to Federal Court because Stephens charges that his civil rights have been violated, Stephens accused Newman Reese investigator for Hie National Automobile Theft Bureau, of beating him with the rubber hose while Lt. H. R. Peterson, chief criminal Investigator for the State Police, looked on. He said he was forced to sien a confession that he sr>t fir to an automobile, inured by the Motors Insurance Corp.. of New York. Named defendants along with Reese and Peterson were the in- srnncc firms and the theft bureau and Sft. R. E. Brown and Trooper mil Miller of the State Police. Stephens has been cleared of the ai^oL) charge. RADIO SALE 149.95 AIRLINE RADIO-PHONO Sale Price lvJ7.OO 15% Dn., Term, An outstanding value. Enjoy 3-way enler- tainment-slolic-ffee FM and standard AM broadcasts plus 3-speed automatic record changer, large PM speaker lighted dial —mahogany veneer cabinet. 52.95 FM -AM TABLE RADIO 3 Colors 49.88 Buy on Terms ENew 2-band Airline Radio. Top reception — phono input jack —lighted dial. Smart plastic case, choice of 3 colon. 24.95 PLASTIC CLOCK-RADIO Buyon Terms 29.88 While, 31.88 (?) Aclotlt — a deor-loned radio— a punctual servant*crtl*m« other appliances. Bell or radio alarm, brown plastic coi»- 24.93 PLASTIC TABLE RADIO Safe Price I / ,OO Buy oa Term* l£] ExceMenttone and performance. Built-in anterma—easy-to- read dial Sleek case « white piastre, washable o/iUe; L

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