The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1952
Page 10
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TEN BI.YTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 1981 WANT ADS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dallj ralo per line for consecuili f i men Ion: Hintm-am eh«r«i Ale 1 time per line 15c 3 timct per Hue per dt\r I2c 3 tlmcx per line prr day °" 6 times per line per tint 12 lira** ped Hue per J " Month per ])n* Count MTP siera<e A(i orderM for tliri Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARKJSON & SON FURMTUKE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552! 8-2 ck til ttriloni lake the erne Hm» Inhlc Nu responilbJlUy will *>r (;<)c-?i lor more than one In en erect Invrtmn r>[ any cl»»Ulcd Bd All »tii are re.iiriclfd to tltt-li prourr cU«lf)rai1oji, slyJe and ijpe. Tlie Courier Nc'ws rr.nrrvt,- the righl to edit or rejeci any nd. for Ken* 3 rms. A: bath unf. Duple*, wired for eltc. stove. Ph. 3187 or 2732. Nice 4 rm unfurn and hoi water, CLos« In. rights. 23S6 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS m(rw co. ph Plenty of Parking Space 1 nr Ollv, upt. Rath, , Day pll 2121— ! .1 i 7 ck 2^ Duplrx unf. 3 rms. A: hath flrx •*-. h. [ Nevll' drroratrd walls, ILoors and wood- s work, good 'oca if on, reasonable rrnl. ladtra or couple. Will hold to Apr fnr pprmnnent tenant. 2671, aftc- !HO 1 nvx Ollvr rrnnfe shafts ond h Oliver 70. $57.' pl.Mitrr. 66. ?15'J5- Oliver rm*. Cfiniplfic U) 29 3 Turn. upls. Clo.'fi to tion. Cnll 4607 Sunday . ftftr-r 4 p. except Saturday. 3 15 pk 3 Ar 4 rm. npts.. prlrati* bath 1 !, hot ind ™lrf water furnished. 5^0. 7 in West Ash. 3;t5 pie 22 3 rm. fuin. apt. Klre. kUchnri. pvt. bath, close In. Ph. 36G5. 3 IS pk IH unf. apt., 300 K. MHy. Fh 3.73 pk 20 Lor and hullrr pa HS M-13A wlirej \vliert bf;»rlnj; ivt Src or caLl tilin P)i, 2552. 3 room A: 4 room tvpts. Tor rent. Call 9612. C- Ahruham. 6 ck tl Duplex unfur apt., all con-! 3 bedrooms, 2! lOo head of goust for wile. Will sell any aniouni ol' them. See VeiiKun Potts, Stuule, Ala, Phone 251-K. M pk '^1 1 ton Stoncvllln 2H i nalwl 80. Ph. 42fit veniences. baths. Ph. 2175. 3[11 pk 4! 11 l-2fi Fc. On i ic Tractor, - --- ------- — : i^nvi juii-i i nicior, KIUKI rininrr A' 5rc<l Tjpfitalra 4 room \infiirn ftpt wltii | tied. Mny !>'• sf c» nt Ciosnt- U, Arknn- fenth. electric water _hr-ater. wlrrd for .MIS. (io.MipH fsin Coinpnny Oil Iff K. K electric stovo Newly decorntrd C'nni)!* 1 Hirvni^. owner. :i ]H n. only. Ph. 2787. 2 13 ck If i Trnllrr with I A' 5. CiOsm-U, Arkan- K 21 Moriern 2 room 4545. Tr: UcMlem apt., 3 rooms nnd b^lh. newly (lecorftted, pood JurnLliitE. vis tqnlp- «ntn». Ph 3373. F Simon. D 21 cV tl Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Hedrooms $4 up single. 11-1 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 3 Tm A; bath. Dnfnr. ftpt. 20[> E. Mr> »t. can ens. 3'4 px is 1950 FORD $1445 If yon prefer blue, I hen see I Ills liamlsonie Slier- idan lilue TiKlnr. !{adio, liealer. Ciislom deluxe. '50 Chevrolet $1445 Anolhcr nice car, Iliis late model Chevrolet luis heat S: music. Attractive green Town Scihin. '49 Chevrolet $1245 A deluxe l-'lcolline •!door Sedan, this j;le:ini- inj,' liliirk (')ifvnik'l offers both radio and heiit- er. '48 Mercury $795 A fine price you'll have lo admil. This Mercury Town Sedan hoasts a radio and heater, too. Tan color. 1950 FORD $1495 A late model heauly, Iliis custom Fordor is Meadovvbrook (1 r c e n, Hadin, heater and gas- savinjf overdrive! 1950 FORD $1445 Here's I he Ford in your future! Sea Island Green cuslont deluxe Tudor . . . e<|<n'i>i>c<l \vi(h radio and heater. 1947 Ford $695 If you're looking for )io»d service al minimum cost, this is il. Nice look- iiiK nmroon Tudor Sedan. 1941 Ford $395 I'hillips lias older models, too. This black Tudor is just ?:j!i:>. Come to :«HI liroadway in Blytheville. I.nrtsr H:irn nl Promise! .\!rs. Jim Fowler. Promised 300 hrad of cotton rhopptnR ncosff. !0_OfK> oak fpnm posts, ^2 inrh flold Innro liS-IS per roll. 4 pt. boh wire. roll. [>h IR. 6 miles _ Cnldwell Store! E. of Nc-ltlHon. jompeny •EETJE» r «* Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 We have John Blue Fertilizer equipment & parts for Ferguson & Ford Tractors Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 For Sale, Real Estate WEST KENTUCKY STOCK FARMS With Improvements A: IVri[mm-iu P^fi- -...« n. C. HoLtKrnnK. Rr.itccir. Pii<tu- cilh . KV- n.n pk sn 12 roorr from hlgl' 3 rm. unf. «pt.. prlvfltft hnth. h]e. Ph. 3812. . 3118 pk 21 4-room utilurn. apt. with prlvntc trilh, 713 W. Mnlll, ph. 3432. 3 in ck 21 3 room modern apartment wllh new «lcctrlc rnnge Mid rcfrlcprntor. 201R Ohlcknsan-ba. f50 E. M. Trrry. Ill], 23S!. 3.1R ck 25 4 rm. rvirn. apt. OBS hent. Convcn- i«nt location. Ph. 2109. 3;ia ph 25 Auto Supplies and Services Don't endanger 7O>ir fninllT wi tuUr tltrr—BUT LFS TlRE-S. CHAPMAN SKRVfCC STATION Main «nd DlTlslon Phone 25S1 Serv/ces Ff r mo7lnc A- JOCB! hinting, call DRESSMAKING — FORMAL3 AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHES A SPECIALTY 313 N- 8th. Ph. 6780. 3'll pk 2^ Laundry. In my Iiome Ph. fiMT 1 rcpnlr marhlno. btorXs Graham. E'h' C738, or motlrl Misnliic •*-cst or Dltlp Pip. 3.1 For exprrt pluinhhit:. oil f pump ifpa'.r?. rail 8.1 n Kar re and pk 4 1 - room Cnctor? Iniill hotiKn truller, Butane hrtit i250. 707 N. Ilronclway. ORSALE D & rr, 15 COTTONSEED MACIIINK J^KI.INTKD CKKKSAN TKKATKU IN NKW 100 I.H I'.ACS *\ >;r>ofl loratlon ncro^s tl OlvUInd Itito 3 np.^rl- IS. end) with electric kitchen. Two om nprmmnus. one fiToom ap^rt- it. all [xilly Tiiciilslieil Forced to nuw nf'lll hc.-illh. Op. Apply 713 chlrknsn n for In Help Wanted, Male MONKY OVERLOOKED IN HOLDUP—Police Chief John Schnit- 7f.r at Butler, Pa_. holds .$26.000 which three RUmnen overlooked RS they stole $131,000 from n safe in the home of Craig Saul, wealthj- coa! opciator. (AP \virenhotn) For Rent unliir. house wit 1 E, Ash, Ph. 4667. WUI: Jleta! luiilding salesman at once. No previous ex neripriCP llCCCSSal-V 1 ihpl-nl Conc "' 1 nloc * """•llnR. .Miltal.l,- fm in.i[«.jn.v, IJCLL.S.s^l] _\ . L,H>rial parnce or sttsrft and adjoining A room commission. Goofl U-rritorv hou!l: *'' Ifl b » lh - i.w»tc(i in cvitt Apply in person. Wilson \Vclil-1c«n ^"o/oi TA'te itiK & Fabricating C«., Oscc-rl!!lL22 1 22 ek tl VT i PI i 'I.- r r\r' Kj KN-ra ' K.XC: W Kxlra good (i-vnom liousc iiud Ijath, uu Jlcai-n Stvect close to liifjli .school. Cliis hwil, lai-frc liviiijf room. One exttS'.Jargo master liedntom. ! llr |^_ CJri'fiijfc, outdoor storage, fenced liackyard. 'I'llis house is in g(nid roiiiiitii.ii inside and out, and the nei«;hhor- linod is tops. Trice $!:>,.000. .Modorn .'(-bedroom lionic on — little lai DraEllnp oppr.itor 'vn >rk. pprmnncnt location, rts, E'h iipti 322 IN T1IF. CHANCKUV COI'UT FOR THE CHICKASAUIIA DISTTtlCT OF MISSISSHM'l COVXTY, AKKANSAS. GLEN HAYES, ct al Plaintin.s vs. No. 11H51 .ALVA HAYES POSTEN. ct al Defendants NOTICE OP SALE Notice i.s hereby <?ivrri l]l<> undersigned Commissioner.* $ 39 50 Replacement I'nrls Extra OVERHAUL ox Truck Now...a( Siilliviiii-Xelson you get all these at one money-saving low price! Valves ground, cylinders honed, new pislun pins antl rin^.s fillet), connecting rods aliened, main bearings and rods adjusted, rocker shaft assembly disassembled, cleaned, and replaced, oil pump and screen cleaned, expert engine tune-up, carburetor overhauled! Drive in NOW and save—pay on easy terms! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Wiilnut — Phone 4578 _ CJHK\ROLET Notice rush SerTlce and Dehil•i Call Mr« John Wai- 188' 221 pk 321 dis V- w« hwnRh( ; r .„„, ?125.00 per ton f.o.b. Blythc- 1 P"sal. Choice ' ....... corner lot. FIIA financed. See or call (lis . ville Warehouse. CONTACT F. P. JACOBS, JR. OSCEOLA —PHO-NK 822M-1 3 15 el< 22 Sprcl .. Ancle Hood Ph 1013 position to r!o i for lunrlienn* Fnnr roiv John IW\ loa- f'r-.H -1 Kill Ilirt Ph. O: p plnntor. OPl, 15 nd ttVMirrt Tct-~" n l.s pk ^.S 3 15 pk -1 15 EASTER SPECIALS ?!"> cold waves $10 ?1(1 cold waves $7.50 Macbineless $5 up TIIK I'.KAUTV RAR Clriirnr llol_^l HM?. 7 A ck 15 Untvi 3''.09. Phone 3202 He/p JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone .111] Residence Phone ^SOfi 31 ck tf Tr.irlor rtrlv crop Ph ftfioi. r with fimlly to Utlio Barn,..- »:| TC PnOTOSTATIC rS'S STiTDIO-US \V FFPV MAIN Used Tractors '^—II Fin-malls with blisters $400 DOWN Watch and Jewelry Repair Cons by PAT O'BRYANT Main <t Second For Safe, Misc. 4 row .Torin rt^ .= : 4 row John Farms. Ilarrtrttr. rh <T,i2. Stock anri Ecrr. s la , A gnort htr-Uirs- A nlrr thrcf flolnc fn .=hrU oil t'rodm: h^;i-r b^slrio pto; I?.-rtscnfthle rnu. II you arc pl:\] oo point; In ft h;j<ln-\=* of this tyv ?rr this one b^rnjr you huv I.or,?!. ooe mile north ot Nvimbrr Nine, Bt 4' 3 mllr^ ri^v or Hlwaj- fil, on thp Ark-Mo SUle lino. n-.;p"to 111 ho:\Uh V 111 sacrifice «t Invoice price, Dou*;las Wilson Oro. A: Scrv. St^, 3 1J ok 19 I! I! Jiiliii Dceves with ciitiip- '' ini'tit. I I'.l'iO model Ferguson with oiillivalni' ;ind biislfii'S. "—F-Hfl Farmalls with ctil- tivjitors 1 Mussey (Inn-is 101 Super _ \villi l-row cultivator. | \f~?.*. 3 Sels of International:" 1 ' rh < Middle Rtisters. innd'Tn" Cash or F.asy Terms ^"ft. 1 ";. Many other jrond used (rac-| H.IM- tors to ehoose from. . . If you j want .1 pood used tractor nt * (rood price go to 61 Implement Co. iV;;!J;,,'';£'';' N. IIirrlnv:.y 61 | ^x'™ '" r " r Dial 2142 12-14 ck tflr^r^M- ^ E. M. TERRY I'rr-v Ah-^iT-fi.-' X- Ko>Mi.- To I'h a.ISi —213 \V. wnlnut -f IS ^ I'nntpcl, mnn tn rlr nn h outwork. M»u Gnnrj icnlnrv i*nri = L Fletcher. Vietrho Nlrp o/flrp on trroiind lloir. Very •onv*»nient See W M Burns. 1]5 North >Ct'OLHl. 33 C l( t f rum. 2 rm house with' hath Kitchen. Ph. 2933 Or 9671. 310 p olec. k 23 antl apartment. Ph. 3 18 [>k 4 18 house Call 3,18 pk 21 EDSON CniHLnupd form Page 6) men! in Latin-America that Ir-d to Chancery u-ill on tlm 201h dav 01 i March. 1S52 nt, the Soutli door ot Ihe Coui't House at Blytheville. Mississippi County. Arkansas between the hours of ten o'clock A.M., and Uvo o'clock- P.M.. offer for sale at public aucjtirm to the highest bidder upon a credit of three months the following described lauds: The North Half ot Hie Southwest Quarter {N'i; SW 1 ,! of Section Twenty I20> Township Fourteen rm North Rnnt;e Nine '9) Eaht, Missis.Ki])]ii County. Ar- E;iiil sale Is made to Order ol Cliamviy C'mn-t tor the Chk-kasHwbii District of Mississippi County. Arkansas of date February 25. lai'J in partition proceedings. " i Vtnxhi^er nt .such sale will be re- < quin-d to give note with approved 5erilrit.>- for tile purchase prire. Datril this the 28th day o[ Feb- says. "it took us six months to ^ make the picture, we used real jships nt sea fiji llje Bay of Naple.s) and took thr^e days just to shoot a scene of me swinging 20 feet into a ship's rising." About his role or the grayiutr, reformed alcoholic in "Come Back "Little Sheba": tenge." "It's quite a chal- Aim Sheridan, whose deep. "Tal- Jnlah" .singing tones haven't been heard since she played Nora Bayes In "Shine On Harvest Moon," will be heard again in UI's "vermtllion OTools." ^ II could happen only In Hn^F wood—Will Rogers. Jr.. rioor-parins at his i»vn hirlli. He Jila.vs his fatli- er in "The Story of will Rogers"— anil iiace-s the finer '.vliile Jane Wy- inau becomes the mother of Will, Jr. Population experts estimate there arc between 30 and GO million refugee. 1 ; in the world today. 1052. . JAMES TERRY BYRON MORSE R. H. KIRSHNER Commissioners. Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insuntiirc l'!' \V ). P,,||artl Asrncy Plnnnnd Protortinn 134 W Mh SI 0[ BNC'OK HOTEL BTHLDtNCI . o! FU tlT-vllIf Real ESTATE I'a mis-City Properly LOANS IT lnrrrr*lr<! In 0117)11? or spiling *ro Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Cllencoe RSdg. Ph. R868 — cooperation. It is really not a ue«- Commie policy. It is the old trick of the united front. Havine failed to make common cause with labor, however, the Commies seek alliances with' opposition parties. R^d Courier Ne 3 Classified Ads This is exemplified further in the : efforts of French Communists to support Gen. Charles tie Gaulle's; opposition to the middle of the road.j demrralir parties. Anything I create confusion and upset existing ovr-rnmetlt. Then take over in the chaos. tn Hollywood (Continued .from Page «) fn Latin-America, the exception ' Brady as her co-star. Fox postpon- > this is of course Guatemala. '• C(1 tl!(1 film for Jeanne. . . . Jar;where the chaos is created in the ; Reynolds is 'leiiyiniz that he nmi usual «-ay. There some 5110 Com- ! Marjoric lieynolds eyen tried a trial control all the labor unions, i reconciliation. Their divorce Is bak- They nKo run tlie government. This is iti spite of the IaH Dint the Communist party is supposed lo in<! to a golden brown. lie oull.ittcd in Guatemala. The way frii .aneastrr's hallirii; "Tlie ., . , , .• . I'iratc" as "tile nearest it has worked out, since January, i movie yet to l)oui;las Fairl. inks' i" that anti-Communist demonstra-' '• The Thief »r Hi-ilui" lions are banned. ••,(, had better be'ooocl," Burt Private Rooms nnrl Cnll , 2.9 1'X 49 Hoscl 123 pV 531 nlns l>n H FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land USED CARS '48 CMC . . . $995 It's a 1!)1S CMC 3-Ton short whcelbiiso Truck— only .?9i)5. You'll gel lots of money-making service. . '48 CHEV. . . $695 We'd like to demonstrate this in 18 Chevrolet l- Ton Pickup. With good .tires, it's a huv at 5(195.- '46 CMC . . . $495 For only $l!)5 you can now huv this 1940 CMC 1'/2-Ton MV» Truck. I'ractically new motor, fine tires. '41 CHEV. . . . $295 .An older model pickup, this '/j-Ton Chevrolet is priced to give you real value. Has good tires, too. '41 PONTIAC $395 If you're looking for ai good huv on an older car, this 1911 1'onfiac fills the hill. 2-door Sedan. Cnni Jor *iV 3. nox in.r ni> Road nrar Ho' J. W. WIlUnniFon. Rt. ;hrvil]p. on Half .Moon Tfir Hoclpcs' .S'.or(*. 3 IT nk 24 My j n .. . new. Vsrrt 340 hours, plenty o' work, GM Dlp^^l Xtolor. SrlltriK riiic to 111 hoalth Srr> at work, fioart M, n ml \v. M1f<oi;rt. H. R. EUrLngton Etorp. Pool. - -- 3 IS r>= Losf Found S2ri(1 reward for finding my diamond rinp. F. G. Clip-, son. Cull aiMV..', 34'JM ov 1101. GJencoe Hotel. fiU-mc Llih Ptr rln^ Mc^m. Irf your bill':. Frti inn Fh. Wanted to Buy Wanted to Kent . w c »:n P> , CASH tor * . , . f Koilaks r«nicr»f dnrt lfn*p« It t.K t^rvSTFF.NS STt;DIO. 115 WK A S.OOO-sqiwvo-int'iC nr.'-piT of ho- , ore. u. ^ , w> .'•miti has Ivcn tltwivcird on tlic 1 ., 3,18 pk 25 i Avtuc Ocean coa,t of Alaska. |' , ,-, « '' 3 filt ' r 6 3.18 (!b tl PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock fiiiaianlccd lies! Prices Drug Stores CERTIFIED COTTONSEED FOR SALE Mt»!ss1ppl Ccrlificd Dcllapirc 15 Cottonscm -3 S200 Ofl per Ion. .llhsivslppf Ccrtlflrd Cokcr ICO 1VIII rnUnnsrrd « S1S5.00 per Ion. This rollon Is cxcellcnl for htisht land as tt resists will. These scrrl arc clf.infrl, rlcllntfrl. trralrr) anil .safktrf 10(1 ponntl^ to the b.l*. r;nd arc. priced F.O.H. Blythevlltr, Arkansas. Telephone 17-J, Belzoni, Mississippi. .1. D. U'XDY HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151 ON MAIN STREET

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