The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on September 29, 1954 · Page 1
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 1

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1954
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FINAL EDITION REGISTER Jfore Than m Centwrf in Few Service— THE 5ASJDDSKV STAR-NEWS —AH Inatitntien *f Pngrtm mti TrwUMm VII;\TNI:R Cloudy and mild tonight with scattered showers, low near $S. TTiuri- day rather cloudy and sdtne bolder with the high 68, and rain likely again Thursday night. Founded 1822. Vol 132. No. 146. Intentional Newi Service SANDUSKY. OHIO, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29. 1954 Sandusky tfewtpapera, Ine. United Praia Prle* Pit* Dulles Is Cold To Issues In French 'Deal' Mendes-France Makes Bid For U.S. Approval Of Plan LONDON, Sept. 29 (UP) — French Premier Pierre Mendes-France met U. S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles privately today in a "man. to-man" bid to sell the American diplomat on his controversial "package deal" for rearming Germany. Authoritative sources said the French premier called for an American commitment to keep .troops in Europe for 50 years as a part of his scheme for safeguarding against revived German militarism. He also was understood to have urged the United States to funnel all American military aid to Europe through the Brussels Pact headquarters, which France has proposed as the agency to control German rearmament. Says Impossible Dulles was known to be cold on both issues. American sources here said he feels it is impossible to give the specific long-term troop commitment. And the United States would prefer to have-«0tT- trol of armament and U. S. military aid funds vested in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. .In an earlier meeting with West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, the French premier was understood to have stiffened his demand for a settlement of the dispute future oi the coal-rich i Saar as a part of the agreement on German rearmament. I Mendes-France calle d uponj Dulles at the Princess Gate residence of American Ambassador Winthrop Aldrich an hour before the afternoon session of the crucial nine-nations rearmament conference was called to order. The French premier first raised the question of an American and British commitment , (Continued on Page 14 Fiery Sen. Pat McCarran Collapses, Dies At Rally SUBBING FOR THE REAL THING —School children in Colonic N. Y., are probably waiting anxiously for their new school building to be completed, but their school continues. While eonM ruction vsocs on, Robert Olive, top, holds temporary classes in one of a shift of buses, bottom, parked outside the new building. Ramey Declares U.S. .s Losing Air Power Race With Russians Says Not Enough Planes Here To Meet World Threat; Soviets So Close Can Be Seen On Airstrips By Pilois Over Japan NAGOYA, JAPAN, Sept. 29 (UP)—The United States is losing the air power race with Soviet Russia, Leut. Gen. Roger M. Ramey, commander of the 5th Air Force, said today. — Evidence Noel Field Died In Red Prison U. 5. Questions 'Important' Escapees From Iron Curtain; Swiatlo Gives Data New London Firm Low Bidder For Wing At OSSH to keep -Ool. 6.) UN In Breather As Vishinsky's Speech Is Awaited WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 (UP)—The Uijited States has some evidence that former U. S. diplomat Noel Field died in a Hungarian lipjuson although the State Department "assumed" he Mas alive Tues- r " ' day. Administration officials reported the evidence today. They were supported by Josef Swiatlo. a high ranking secret police official from Communist Poland who has taken refuge in this country. At a news conference Tuesday Swiatlo told the inside story of Field's mysterious disappearance behind the Iron Curtain in 1949 along with his wife Herta and brother Hermann. Although he said nothing about whether they are alive, he later revealed his doubts about Noel to a small group of reporters. "From my conversations with the vice minister of Hungarian security." he said, "I understand that Noel Field is not alive any more." Not Sure About Others In the case of Hermann, Swiatlo said "When I was leaving Poland, Right now, Ramey said in an exclusive interview with the United Press, the U. S. Air Force; is loo small to beat off an all-out Communist attack. In addition,' Red warplartes are so close to Japan that vital American bases could be knocked out with little-; warning. ! "The Russians have - sinnething Jennings and Churella, Inc., Get like two and a half times the corn- General Contract For S"7L578; bat aircraft the U. S. has," he said. Zoellner Awarded Portion of "There are not enough air- Hospital Work. , planes in the United States to, meet the world threat. And there's 1 not enough aircraft in the Far! East to meet the threat here. j "Something near 8,000 Commu-j nist airplanes are in reach of' _ _ Japan and the majority of them;hibitors have in their possession, are jets. They're awfully close to courtesy tickets which they 'are us - _ . | distributing to the public. Each On.Kuriles I visitor attending the show with a New London, bid $274,578 on the) The Soviets have put combat; courtesy ticket will be admitted general contract when bids were i aircraft on Sakhalin and the j OI - 25 cents against the regular opened in Columbus Tuesday by>Kurile Islands, which lie just olf| cnarge o{ 35 cenls . the state architect. Mhe coast oi" Hokkaido, Japan's! Merchants having booths and William Zoellner Plumbing and; northernmost home island. i conducting exhibits include the Heating, Inc.. Sandusky, was low : "They are so close to us that we|following: heating and ventilating j can see their planes on the airstrips from the air over Japan." a colonel who flies an F-86 Sabre jet interjected. "Jf an attack came from that direction," Ramey said, "they A New London contractor was low bidder on the general contract for replacement of an existing, antiquated wing of the Soldiers' Home Hospital, while a Sandusky concern was low on the heating and ventilating: contract. Jennings and Churella, Inc.. Home And Better Living Show Set For Here Oct. 5-9 Sponsored by the-Jianduskv Exchange Club, the second Sandusky Home and Better Living Show will be held In I the Ambus building, Venice; rd. Oct. 5-9, from 7:30 to 10:30 p. m. Various local merchants and business houses are exhibiting. Harold AI. Gram, director of the show, has announced that all ex- McCARRAN DIES —U. S. Senator Patrick A. McCarran, 78, co-author of the controversial McCarran-Walter Immigra t i o n Act, collapsed and died Tuesday night hefore. the horrified ^aze of persons attending a Democratic rally at Hawthorne, Nev. on the contract on a bid of $41,579. Other low bidders were E. W. File and Son. Lima, plumbing, $33,261, and Dutt Electric, Inc., Sharon Center, O., electrical, $31,484. !could hit our northern bases be- The projected wing will be add-| l01 . e we could get off the ground." ^ e added that even radar would not give enough warning for (Continued on Page 14 —Col. 7.) ed to that section of the hospital dedicated in 1950. and will contain! FLEES REDS — Josef Swiatlo, a high official of Red Poland's secret police, tells a news conference in Washington that he decided to flee Communism when he saw clearly that the Polish Communist Party is devoted to Russia and not his native country. He has been granted asylum in this country. (NEA Telephotoi. UNITED NATIONS, N. Y., Sept. 29 <UP) — The United Nations General Assembly took a breather today in preparation for an exchange between Russia and the West later this week in its policy debate. Soviet Delegate Andrei Y. Vishinsky was scheduled for a major policy speech to the Assembly on Thursday morning. Informed sources said Vishinsky's speech would be "conciliatory in tone." British Minister of State SeLwyn Lloyd, originally listed to speak of Total, this afternoon, rescheduled his appearance for Friday morning, when he will be in position to offer rebuttal to whatever attacks! Records of the Erie-co board of the veteran Soviet diplomat mayielections reveal that a total of 14, 14,921 Voters Said _EIicjiJtifi For Election Erie-co Board Reports 13,068 In City And 1,853 In Per- kins-tp; Increase Over 1953. he was still alive. But if he is;ii5 beds. The wing's addition is alive today, I do not know." He a progressive modernization of the also isn't sure about Herta. entire hospital..layout planned over The government demanded the! a period of years. " release of all three Fields in notes Sandusky Architect Harold Par: to Poland Tuesday. Meanwhile: , ker> who drew the p]anS) is lo ; 1. Informed sources disclosed. meel with lhp Home board of i that Erica Glaser Wallach, a German girl the Fields informally adopted after she had run away from the Nazis, is being held in a Russian concentration camp even 1 . « T J i though she is married to an Amer -|/\riTlY HlQUClGGS ican. The American's name was not revealed. 2. Officials called Swiatlo's defection to the West of the "highest value" since he had access to secret data on Poland's Communist party an'd its operations. They eTps onset launch against the West. American strategists, whose policy has been to answer the Russians whenever they, make a major statement here, appeared content to leave the task to Lloyd this time. He Views A 'Cup' 921 qualified electors are registered for the Nov, 2 general elections for Sandusky and Perkins-tp. Registrations closed Sept. 22 ara mis" neips onset The recent desertions of high ranking West German officials to Communism. 3. The United States is understood to be questioning still more "important" escapees from the Iron Curtain. 'Gives Reason For Flight Swiatlo, a deputy chief in Poland's ministry of public security, said he broke with Communism when "I saw clearly that the Central Committee of the Polish Communist party was devoted to trustees to make recommendations on the contract awards to the state architect. From Area Given Oath Wednesday Thirteen Army inductees from neighboring communities were ac On Group To Go Or Action Taken SEOUL, Sept. 29 (INS) — The Republic of Korea government today warned Communist members of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission overseeing the armistice that they must leave Korea immediately or the ROKs will "take matters in their own Bill Walters Store, Bowers Home Specialties, Smith Hardware Co., Cook Furnace Co.. Sandusky Roofing Co.. Monroevllle Brikcrete Corp., Huntington Machine Shop, Able Roofing and Siding Co., Crusey's Store for Homes, Williams Music Center, Bing's Furniture Store, Simon-Herzog Sheet Metal and Heating, Home Specialty, Hill's Supply Co. Win, Zoellner Plumbing and Specialties, Earl C. Ransom, A. W Jewell, Inc., Brinnon Wallpaper & Paint Co.. A. C. Petersen Lumber Co.. Sherwin-Williams Co., Vivian Westgate, Hassinger Appliances, Herman's Furniture, Inc., Extermital Termite Service, WLEC, Better Living, Inc., A. W. Roberts and Son Electric Sales and Service Star-News. and The Register- FBI .Orders Hunt cepted for duty by the Clevelandi hands." Of that total, 13,068 are voters the Soviet government and not to of the city, and l',853 of Perkins-tp,[Poland." the latter having registered for the j In spite of their arrests, Swiatlo first time, inasmuch as voters of;said Tuesday that he believes the the county had never been re-;Fields were Communist sympathi/- quired to register before. crs. Figures for Sandusky show that induction station Wednesday. They included: John R. Bacak, Lakeside; Alvin G. Schubert and Donald D. Rhineberger, both of Republic; Richard J. Elliott, Donald L. Carper, Burdett J. Gibbs. Carl J. Recktenwald, Jr., Philip A. Walden and James R. Sours, all of Fremont; Neil L. Davidson. Port Clinton; Larry O. Smith, Verne W. Havice, Philip M. Meacham and Donald G. Hartley, all of Bellevue. ROK spokesman Hong Kee Karl issued the warning to NNSC members from Communist Poland and Czechoslovkia and charged they are engaged in "espionage activities" for Red North Korea. He said the Reds were a "continuous threat" to the ROKs. Last month government sponsored demonstrations were held in Seoul calling for departure of the Ri.l truce overseers but no action was taken. for Bank Teller, Gone With $82,143 Influential Solon 6th To Pass In Year Dem Strength In Senate Now At 46; Term Up In 7956 Coronary Occlusion Indicated AM Death Cause; Had Just Finished •Eloquent' Speech. HAWTHORNE, NEV., Sept. 29 (UP) — Democratic Sen. Patrick A., "Pat", McCarran of Nevada, a "front row hell raiser" and frequent fiery foe of presidents for nearly a quarter of a century, died of • heart attack Tuesday night at Lhe age of 78. McCarran, sixth senator to die this year, had served in the Senate continuously since 1932 and was one of the most influential members. He presided as chairman of the powerful Judiciary Committee for many years before the Eisenhower administration took office in 1953. Death came to the outspoken, white-haired senator a few min- {utes after he completed an elo» i quent speech at a Democratic | party campaign rally at Haw(borne, site of a huge naval ammunition depot 150 miles south of Reno. ; Not Up Until 19511 McCarran did not face re-elee- tion until 1956 but had urged election of a Democrat not only in Nevada but throughout the nation in November. "It is imperative that a Democratic Congress be elected in order that your senior senator may resume his position as head of the Judiciary Committee of the Senate and continue his fight against Communism," McCarran declared (Continued on Page 14—-Col. i.) Claim White House Staff In Action To Censure Solon WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 (UP)-— Sources close to Sen. Joseph R. school, winning a scholarship at; McCarthy said today they think Ohio State University. lhe White House staff had a nand In 1903 Miss Malloy graduated! in tne move to censure the con . Sandusky Native, Famed Educator, Claimed By Death Sister Mary Aloysius. Former Dr. Mary Malloy, Was College Dean and Received Honors From Pope. Funeral service for Sister Mary Aloysius (Malloy), OSF, who died Monday nigrht in St. Mary's Hospital Rochester, Minn., will be held at 10:30 a. m. Thursday in the Franciscan Mother House Chapelt Rochester. A native of Sandusky, Sister Mary Aloysius was dean of the College of St. Teresa at Winona, Minn., from 1911 until her retirement several years ago. Since then she had been dean emeritus of the college, being one of the most out Hearing', 5 Gefrfe "WitfhW *lNflfttt^ te^ever-lea**<So*^ dusky. Mary Aloysius Malloy was born .Tune 14, 1880 in Sandusky to Patrick and Mary (Lambe) Malloy, both natives of Ireland and pioneer residents of this city, who lived on Perry-st. She received her early education at SS. Peter and Paul school and graduated with honor's from Sandusky High from Ohio State with a Ph. B ripgiee anti gtayeri there two more for last year's November elections Loading Mark LISBON', PORTUGAL, Sept. 29 (UP)-Cesar Ferriera a landown-; 12 795 dt voters had regWered , or in the mountains ot northeast dM10tl an increaAe tnis8year 0l ~ , , „ RrjQ m Q . Portugal, said he didn t believe in j 073 \Jl i/,0/0 1 OllS 0©t flying saucers. But he told police j" . he had seen a flying cup — com-j^" • tj. t C l_ plete with "two eight foot giants' I N-jTOTC ^€01X11 clad in pocketless metallic suits." STATISTICS BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Guckert, Fori Clinton, a daughter, at Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pheiifer, 414 4b 'th-st, a son, at Good Samaritan Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hichey, 315 E. Madisun-st, a daughter, at Good Samaritan Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ro- sanovich. 1002'v \v. Jeffer- son-sl, a son, at Good Samaritan Hospital. Mr. and Mr*,, .tames Windau, 2304 River-a\. a daughter, at Providence Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bonn. Castalia. a son. at Providence Hospital. DEATHS Mrs. Carl Hautz, 68 1405 Ogont/ Joseph M. Mulaney. 59. 2306" Remington-av. Infant Lawrence C Si out, RD 1, Huron Miss Maynie Swably, 430 Itaron-av. For Missing Boy BULLETIN SIOUX CITY, 1A. (INS)— The mangled body of a boy, believed to be that of eight- year-ohl Jhnmie Bremmer, was found today on a farm two miles northwest of Sioux City. The head was reported severed from the body. SIOUX CITY. Sept. 29 il.NSi- At Coal Dock Here The Canadian freighter James Norris, operated by the Upper Lakes & St. Lawrence Transportation Co. of Toronto, Ont., set a new single cargo loading record at the Lower Lake Dock Co. here Tuesday when the ship left the docks with a total of 17,678 tons of coal The Norris cargo topped the !previous local record by about 300 [tons, dock officials said. The .Norris is a new carrier, having been in service for a few seasons; |An all-day hunt in three states for anc | i s one of -he largest ships on I an eight-year-old Sioux City boy, the lakes. J. Eric Fox is master of I .who vanished Aug. 31. has failed the Canadian freighter. ' to produce any clues to his where-; Other ships loading at the docks •abouts. todav were the Irving S. Olds, i After the intensive search Tues-.Keyclon, Sieeiton, Calvin and lhe ! day. the fir»t large-scale organ- Norway. ized hunt in several weeks, Assist- • ! ant Police Chief Russell White in- LlSt First Public dicated he has lost hope that Jimmy Bremmer will be found in 1 lhe area. 1 ; The hunt in kma. Nebraska and „ ARRtN, Sept. 29 «L\M--Dr. ! South Dakota was planned by po-' Geor « e D - CaiI, <-"™!! Jr - 5 ^ dle d< lice and National Guard with thou- Trumbull Memorial' sands oi volunteers agisting. ot injuries suffered a I wees ago when his aulo \sas NOTJiD AUTHOR Dlt'.S struck by an earth moving ria- CHAPEL HILL, N. C, Sept <-'hine on the Ohio turnpike where i L Pi— James H. Street, author of il culs near his Bracevilie home. and "The Biscuit Wis death is believed to be the Death On Turnpike ,\ears as a teaching fellow in English, receiving her A. M. in 1905. She then received a scholarship from Cornell University and got her Ph. D. from that university in 1907. For the^ next four years; she v as principal tMinn.' Seminary at St. Teresa named dean lege. Was Honored By Pope Pope Benedict XV in 1918 personally conferred upon her the cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice for distinguished service in the cause NEW YORK, Sept. 29 (UP) — Federal agents spread a tightly organized search today for John Siemer, 23-year -old bank teller who vanished Tuesday with his wife, three children and $82,143 in bank funds. The FBI ordered the search concentrated in New Jersey, where Siemer has relatives, U. S. Dist. Atty. Peter Passalacqua said. Plainclothes agents were watching for Siemer's wife, Henrietta, and ther children, John, 4, Mark, 2. Siemer, a teller at the West Borchardt Firm Brighton branch of the Staten ls-!^%» ^*±*m*m*m*h land National Bank and Trust to VJlVCn VrfOnTrOCT failed to show up for work Tues day. Authorities »aid a woman who identified herself as Mrs. Siemer Bid Of $85,222 Is For Improvement inn'ersial Wisconsin Republican. They" told reporters they have heard Presidential Assistant Sherman Adams took an active interest in the censure proceedings and conferred at least once with'Sen. Ralph E. Flanders (R-Vt.). who in- of Winona' trocluce<i tile ori Kinal censure mo- until beingi tion Col- A White House spokesman here ! took sharp issue with this report. I He said "The White House at no time involves itself with congressional hearings and it never will." There was no immediate comment from the Summer White of Catholic higher eduueation." In; House in Denver. But President 1923 she became the first Amer-j Eisenhower has consistently main- ican to receive the Cross of Merltjtained a hands-off attitude on the of the Constantinian Order of St.'censure fight. He told a press (Continued on Page 14— Col. 6.) For State Work telephoned the bank and said her husband was ill. A subsequent check of Siemer's cage showed all paper money had been removed and only silver and pennies remained. conference on Aug. 4 that it was the Senate's business. A special Senate committee j headed by Sen. Arthur V. Watkins tR-Utah) recommended Monday [that McCarthy be censured on two j charges. News In Brief Of State Route 387 And U. Route 6. ——-— CLEVELAND (UP) —Four The state highway department , holdup men were ta pt ured today today awarded to Castalia eon-; by police as they fled the Sea- tractor. Elmer Borchardt, Inc., con-i board Finance Co. with an unde- 2^? j Longer Asks Facts As Ousted Power Ofiicial Testifies WASHINGTON. Sept. 29 ilPjj trad for work on State Route 387 land U. S. Route 6. West Perkins- iav's western extremity, on a bid of $85,222. The project, in Sandusky and termined amount of money. Roadblocks uere set up lo halt the getaway car driven away by a tilth member of the gang. » # « Perkins-tp, is for grading, draining! HUNTINGTON, W. V'A. tt'P) -~ and paving in part, with a^phaltic A new bridge across the Ohio concrete and resurfacing l-45a :Rhe ,. here appears a!iSUl ed a* a 1 miles. jesult of an anticipated big in- Ai the same tune th e slate re- crease m th<j tmt() jected bids on paving of .49b mi es^. ^ w Vft of State Route 269 111 Margaretta-, m ^ ovemDer IP- '» » * 1 —Chairman William Langer <R- JNDi promised a full exploration j today of an ousted Missssippi 'utility official's charge ttiat "King I Wall Street'' controlled his power 111 in. ' "Ue'it- going to get the facts,' {Langer told newsmen in advance j of today's hearing, at which J. D. I StietenroUi, former secretary- treasurer of the MUsssippi Power KANSAS CITY. Sept. 29 iINSi ;& Light Co., was recalled as a'—One person was killed and seven I witness. {others were injured in Kansas ! Sueieurotii told the subcommii-i City Man Killed, 7 Hurtln Kansas City Storm SAN DIEGO. INS) -r- The Navy revealed today that powerful sea and air striking forces were dispatched to the west side of Formosa early this month when a fied invasion of the Nat stronghold was expected• <• • CINCINNATI UMS) — TM "The Gauntlet' Eater," died heart attack. Tuesday night ot He was 50. a first 011 lhe loll road, which is ,not officially open to the p*bUc., WORLD SERIES DISHES--On the me<>u as the Cleveland Indians invade New York for their championship duel with the Giants are these templing dishes. GreU Givo, a model who hails originally from Cleveland, shows oli the -11411 011 lhe front of the Lobster restaurant. Greta's hand partially cow's a sign which reads; "Giant Fans—Lse Other EnUanc.' iNEA Telephotoi. Tuesday night during a ae -j itee Tuesday that he broke wilh'nes of thunderstorms accompa -j ! company policy... and was fired. 'uied by high winds. jond explosion here within 1$ after a lookd at the propose! The fatality was Rolla A. Dis-jhours sent two workers to the , Dixon -Yales contract and after be-; ney, 55. who was blown off «i hospital today with acid buroi coming convinced his fain acual- 1 hangar roof at Grandview air f and held up production at EaMry l.\ was controlled from Wall base by wind gusts reaching 50, Industrie* which is engaged in Sued, t miles an hour. jgoveruxnent contrast*. 4 1

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