The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 1«, 195J New Ship to Help Outwit Launch Thousand Voices, Soviet Radio Jammers Language Study fas/er At Cincinnati School CINCINNATI (AP) -- learning foreign languages Is not the tedious grind it once was—at not at tlie University or-Cincinnati. Here the student.1 have a large soundproof laboratory where they get acquainted Informally with the language while they Icnrn it, They havn foreign-language records and movies, a tape recorder and a short- ave rndio for foreign -station and 'nice of America broadcasts. The four hours of Jab work are n addition to three hours of reg- classroom study each week. One beginning class conducted a rif-bate entirely in Spani-sh alter inly four months study. Dr. Chesley M, Hatchings, acl- rjg head of the department of ro- nance languages, originated the aoii|i .study method a number of rears ago. The laboratory has been n op oration since 1950. COURIER FOR THE "VOICK": The former transport Coastal .Messenger, hpre undergoing conversion •t Hoboken, N,J., will carry Uic most powerful transmitting equipment ever lo go lo sea. Bj NEA SERVICE HOBOKEN, N. J, (NEAl — The] ship that will launch a thousand voices will soon KO to sea In a non- j combatant role In the cold wnr of j propaganda between Enst and Wcst.j Its mission will be to outwit- the j Soviet jamming of "Voice of Amer- ! ica" broadcasts .is n mobile, sen-' going broadcasting stfUion that can shift its position whenever Russirui Interference blacks out the Voice's messages to countries behind the Iron Curtain. The ship is the former Coastal Messenger, a 5800-ton over-nge Nnvy cargo ship now being de- mothbalied and converted In EI Hoboken shipyard. Although its old nfinie is Just as appropriate lor its new role, when the ship is completed In mid-February It will be commissioned in the Coast Guard service us the cutter Courier. * • » It wlH be the first of a series of floating broadcasting stations for "Operation Vngabond," and If the Courier succeeds In Its mission, the State Department plans t Iron Curtain wlth.R fleet ships that will be contlritidui the move. The Courier's route will be secret, i gleam to the skipper's eyes. But George Q. Herrick, chief of the i "I've been shot at before." hi Slate Department's international; drawled, broadcasting, facilities, hopes it will force the Russians lo keep moving Plenty of unil]ue problems faccc their land-based jamming equip- | t >, e experts when they began con ment to try Lo keep up with the vcrtinu the Courier. ship's movements, and thus minimize the effectiveness of Jamming. The Courier's skipper, Comcir. Oscar C. B Wev, a soft-spoken, 4-1- ycnr-olrf Virginian, will have !io act-unl "voices" Aboard his ship 10 spread the message of the Free World. Instead, It will he an oceanic relay station with the most powerful trans m it ting equipment ever installed on a vessel. * • » Conulr. Wi-v, a 22-year veteran of Coast Guard service — Including rum-running nntrols, ant I-submarine operations and five Pacific in- GoJd Smugglers £queak At Customs Barriers NEW DELHI Wj — If you hear a sharp whistle or a Jnud .squeak 'le passing through Indian cu.s- \ :oms harriers some day, dcn't be [ ilarmed — unlp.s.s you are n gold' u^Ier. i The Government's nntlonnl phys- > teal lnlx>i aloiy, called in to help \ curb the illegal flow of gold into find out of India, came up w i t h these suggestions. 1. A table which would whistle if baggage containing gold or other hi(;h conductivity metal is passed over it. 2. A comfortable chair in which visitors could be seated while [1JI- ini; out, their entrance or exit forms. This chair would have a built-in ienk which sounds If its occupant is currying a concealed shipment of cold. Neither gold detector, officials said, has yet been perfected to the Rc where *lt won't whistle or squeak at the gold fillings in a visitor's teeth. IU:ATK\ Mrs. Craig Saul, wife of a wealthy Butler, Pa., coal operator, stares out ot one eye after being beaten by three gunmen who robbed a safe in her home of an estimated $131.000. The bandits pistol- whipped the 40-year-old mother of nine children after she refused to open the safe. The men gained entry to (he house by posing as rie liverymen. (A I' Wrepholo) Key Wafdist Members Are Arrested in Egypt County, Arkansas, this 13 day of March, 1952. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sykes, D. C, If. G. partlow and o. E. Keck, attorneys for Ptf. Percy A. Wright, attorney ad Li torn, 3 14-21-28 4 4 Special concrete pint forms, cork insulnled, hud to be designed fo/ the cargo hold housing tho transmitters to prevent engine vinrsUion from interfering with the broadcasting. Before nil-weather, round- Die-clock operatloti c>f the radio IWHI was fcrisMjIe. nnval architects and Ml tinea polls-Honey well marine engineers hnd to design, a special cooling system to handle the terrific heat generated by the transmitters. Another strange feature of tlie Courier is a flight dock n midships. vastons in World War II—views his Irom which will be launched large new command as one of the "most \ barrage balloons to carry radio unimportant he's ever haci. j tcnnne aloft for greater broadcast"If we're successful," he said, "the Voice will gain mobility and flexibility ot operation which it has never, experienced.' 1 ' ' take too-kindly .to this ing range. A hand-pickfci crew of 80 under Comdr. Wev will include nine radio officers and two Voice supervisors. To- prepare :*>r tlicir strnnge mis- stem nil hands have gone through a Mummlfkd Pyorrhra P.iradontltls, better known as pyorrhea, •*' n.-; widely distributed among ancient Epyptir ns whose i bodies now are preserved as muni- i mies. 'IN THE CHANCERY COVKT FOR THE CHICKASAWDA DISTRICT OF MISSISSUM 1 ! COUNTY, AKKANSAS WADE R. SIMSON. Ptf. vs. No. 11,976 L.OUELLA SIMPSON. Dft, WARNING OKDKK The defendant, Louella Simpson. is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Wade R Simpson, and upon her failure to do so, said complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand and seal as Clerk of the Chancery Court of the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi , new effort brought only n mikl (raining nt the Navy's ltf?ht- r pr-than-nlr base at Lnkehurst, K.J., to learn barrage balloon operation. 406 W. Main Phone 4591 Special Purchase-5-Pc. Sofa-Bed Outfit Choice of Colors 99.88 On Terms 15% Down Here it is—a 5-piece furniture group priced together for special savings. You get a Sofa-Bed, Arm Chair, Cock- toil Table and two End Tables — designed for simple, coordinated beauty. Chair and tables in a light finish that resembles limed oak—sets off the colorful tapestry upholstery. Sofa becomes o 45x72" innerspring bed for two; sturdy coil-spring construction. L. By EDWARD FOU.AK CAIRO, Egypt (/I*) — Puad Serag el Din Pnsha and Abdel Fattah Hassan Pasha, key men in the ousted Wafdist party Cabinet, were arrested early todny and whisked away to villages in Northern Egypt. Sera[f el Din, a party strong man, was interior and finance minist-er in the regime of Premier Mustopha el Nashas Pasha. Hassen was social affairs minister. No charges were uted against j them Immediately. i Egypt's prosecutor general, however, recently accused Serag el Din —whose Interior Ministry controlled tlie police—of "administrative responsibility" for the disastrous lire riots of Jan. 26 which took 67 lives and caused millions of dollars worth of property damage. Hassan has been accused by anti- WafdJsts of making a speech which "excited the population" the day of the riots. Strong police detachments cor- | cloned off the homes of the two i ITK M >!:ori!y nftor midnight. Escorts took Scrag cl Din to Bilbeis village and Hassan to Bnssioun, where they arc being detained. Both had been questioned by the prosecutor general during his investigation of the riots. Political circles terms the arrests the "first major blow" aimed by the independent government of Premier Ahmed Naguib Hilaly Pasha against the Wafdist party, which ruled Egypt for two years before King Farouk ousted it after the Cairo riot. Pinochle Helps Polio Fight in Carbondate, HI. CARBONDALE. 111., f/P) — Joe Lerner, clothing firm president, parleys pinochle profits to fight polio, To the March of Dimes in '51, he gave $57 in winnings from weekly pinochle sessions. Pilot Orders Men Out, Rides Over Residences DALLAS </P) — A nervy Marine pilot ordered 20 servicemen out of a burning transport yesterday, then stuck with the plane until It passed over a residential area in southeast Dallas. Two of 'the men were killed In parachute accidents. A third wai missing. None of the others suffered Injuries. The known dead nere Identified as Lt, Cnidr. Lewis Joseph Qar- (leld, Downey, Calif., and Marine Cpl. Carl LJ. Ductor of Cherrr Point, N. O. Read courier News Classified Adi. Jet Ace Says It's Easier Now To Shoot Down Red MIG's SEOUL, Korea W) — The only jet ace in Korea said ye.stcrday it's easier to shoot clown Red MIG-15 Jftts now than it was when he arrived last August. "We're now able to place our aircrraft In firing position on the MIGs," said MaJ. William T. Wlii;;- ner. Jr., Shreveport, La.. a.s he pack- cc! to start home. "One possible reason (or, this is that the MIGs are generally coining up in preat- er numbers." However, we find more aggressive and capable MIG pilots than we dicl six months ago. "Apparently they are learning a little about thus business, too. I can't explain why but the MIGs s«em to enjoy doing battle with the Sabres. We try to co-operate with them." Whisncr an P-8H Sabre pilot, flew his ICOth mission yesterday. That Hives him the right In go home. He will leave tomorrow. Whisucr, 59. became history's seventh J«t ace Feb. 23. when he shot down his fifth MIG fighter. He also is credited with sharing another MIG kill and damaging six. j He was born in Shreveport. His wife, Beverly, and their 5-yeor-old 'daughter, Army Lynn, live, there. CLASSIFIED AD SALE * Amazing Reductions On Refrigerators, Gas Ranges, Electric Ranges, Washers, Television Sets, Dishwashers, Attic Fans Many of these items arc brand new in crates . . . some arc brand new floor models, some arc trade-ins that have been reconditioned —but every one is a true bargain and must be cleared from our inventory. This is really a very special sale at Adams Appliance Co., 206 West Main Street in Blytheviile. And there is something for every one. We've got so many bargains that we have jammed them into this CLASSIFIED AD SALE—all classified by item for your convenience. Go down these columns carefully, read each item; you're sure to find a bargain that will save you and your family many, many dollars. Adams Appliance Co. has gone all out to make this a great customer money-saving event. Come in or call 2071 today. Personals GAS RANGES Adams Appliance Co. is i 11 , i - , -i • MA known all over tins territory | sav for good deals, good service and fair rieiilinp;. Those are three good reasons why you're sure to be satisfied with your purchase on this big sale. Now read down the columns—you'll find bargains galore. Here's a super special on a famous MAYTAG Gas , Range. You ,can . . »»- cn*)N& table top mod-- cl made of lifetime porcelain. Regularly priced at S184.95, this brand new range K yours for Just 5154,95 during Artams Appliance's big CLASSIFIED AD SALE. ELECTRIC RANGES Financial We'll be glad to let you make your purchase on convenient payment terms, so don't let the lack ot a lot of cash step you from; on these bargains. Adams Appliance Co. offers easy terms. j Just because there's a small chip in i the porcelain, we're going to cut the price on this brand new FRIO- IDAIRE electric range by S25.00! Now, that's a bargain. The finest range made, this Frijirtaire is a deluxe model, too. Make it a point to see this range tomorrow. SERVICE AIR CONDITIONERS We think service AFTER the sale \ Famous FRIGTllAIRK! We made is .important, too. It's a big thing to conajdef* when- you -buy an appliance. Adams' .large, W2ll-equip- ped service department is experienced in appliance maintenance serving Blytheviile and its territory. You'll save yourself many a headache by having this smooth- running service department at your beck and call. WASHERS A big reduction on a brand new Dexter Washer. Regularly priced at" , this floor sample washer is Money to Loan IT ISN'T NKCESSAUY TO BORROW MONEY ELSEWHERE TO now a big. big value at only S104.95! Of course. Adams offers you a full year's guarantee—even at this special price. Used only a short time, a Maytag i washer that regularly sells for in used electric ranges. One is; 5152.45 is yours for just siiD.flf>. A a Holpoint range cut-priced i bar sf- ln! ™s « square tub porcelain B . i washer. Better check into this one to only S:)0.95! The second I if you're looking for a washing ma- one is n rebuilt Frigidaire I chinc ~ it ' 11 snve you Smo " eyS ' lucky buy and so you can save y,'tpo v Bought before the price increased, these Frigfdaire window Air-Co nditinners are yours at a saving as Inn* as they last. Buy now—and look fnnvnnl to a cor>l, coot summer even during the hottest days in Blytheviile. /RONFRS Here are two special bargains! * ° SERVF: YOU WITH KASY TERMS SO YOU CAN I.K.T TlfK PAY- MKNTS KIT YOUR BUDGET. YOU T.VN SEK THAT EVERY OrPOH- TITMTV IS OFFKRK.T) TO 1IF.I.' 1 YOli TAKE ADVANTAGE <"* THKSF. DOl-I.AR- SAVING BAK- Tf AINS. DOUBLE - OVEN electric range for only $125.00. If price is what you're looking for—tlion see these bargains. REFRIGERATORS VACATIONS How would you like lo take ;i vacation every Monday morning? You can gel freedom from the weekly washing job by getting a new Maytag- Automatic Washer. Set it — forget it. Then Monday i ( Adams Appliance offers you a S70 i saving on Frigidalrc's HIIRC double[door refrigerator. Regularly priced at S-169.15. this brand new 10 cubic foot refrigerator is now on sale nt S399.75. If you've always wanted a really BIO refrigerator then this big Frigitiairc with a separate complete food freezer is the answer to your prayers. Come in and see this model IM-100—it carries a full 5-ycar warranty. night you'll feel like n million ! nn 5alc at SIM _ 7S _ If you'd like to hnvc a new lower- prlrcd rrfriceralor, we have a brand new 7.G cuhlc foot Frifftdaire I on sale at SI99,7o—a savin? of S301 dollars ... as though you'd | Remember, this Is a brand new re- jtist had a day of vacation.! frieeralor sperially n-iliicftl during And yon can be sure with the j " ur ".ASSIFIEI> AD SALE; famous name "Maytag." SPECIAL NOTICE AOAMS AI'I'I.IANCK OFFERS TWO OF THE .MOST rOI'HI.AR USED REFRIGERATORS REBUILT MAYTAG SPEED QUEEN HOTPOINT DEXTER MONTGOMERY WARD Washers, every one rebuilt and guaranteed, nre offered lo you during this big sale for SORRY — there's only one. It's a brand new MAYTAG automatic Ironer regularly priced at $199.95, now on sal" at §159.95 — a savings of S30.00. Take the work out of ironing now. Buy this new Maytag and sit down while you iron. But don't sit down yet—hurry down to Adams Appliance Co. before this one ironer is gone! TELEVISION as low $49.95 DISHWASHERS ve Rot a largp number of RCA id Zenith television srls specially rrrtiirccl for this CLASSIFIED AD SALF. Ton ninny to mention Individually, thry Inrhiric botli con«;nlB and table models . . with Wi, 17. IF) nnrl even (he siiinl 20- inrh screens. You're sure to finil the you wnrtt nn<l pocket a big sav- in tr riurinET this snlr. Rrftcr come iloun early to avoid rii?;appoinl- mcnt. 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