The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 11
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MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1958 BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER N15WS PA9E ELEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU FAP.'; LET THE RUMOR MftM/ -"-ESAD/I'M AW BRAIDS FOR 4ONA& SCIBNlTlFlC MftRvjeL. AND MARTHA vWUUD OP56T MB WITH A (SKEW HOE DM.' THAT UNCOUTH SPOT (?UMOR HMH IT THAT CLAMPED yooR CHUBBY LITTLE FIST AROUMD THE CASH ifJ THE OLD SLX5AR TO PAY TAY- ~ IF THE =%£ . _, -THAT iss, 6E AS SORe A6. A Kk'6 TRVIMG TO'LOOK Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 29, 1952 For Coanly Judge GENE BRADLEY PHILIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GERALDINB LISTON For Slate Senator SEN. LEE BEARDKN CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Six«i up to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverti Blm mp to M In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Oatn Concrete A Metal gcptlo Ttvkl Sewer Tile Be>t Frlcci We Deliver Hlfhw»7 «1 »t SUt« Liu Phone 714 3-17 OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. William* TH 1 MINUTE I EVEN SNIFFLE, IT'S 'HAH: I TOLD YOU SO--1 TOLP VOLJ NOT TO TAKE OFF •TOUR Lowe. 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A mm, one ft Crii valK'n pnrinrr*, bad hrrn n RUCII nnrl hnd Bnt , nr _ rnfly fntlrn or jTiniiieil from I»«n- cork Pnlh, nhove. ]>nvr Slnilcn, CrHTnlh'n •rCretnry, nntl Jnck HB- jwionf. nnnlhrr partner, find War- t>nr(on'ji irnlch tirnr the hoily, -Th* A WATCH, indeed, lay at Dave Sladcien's feet. Or the remains of a watch, for it now was a haltered mass of metal. Slarfen stooped to pick il up, but I grabbed his shoulder. "Better not touch anything," I said, "before the police get here.' He shot me a who-nre-you-to- give-orders look, but he straightened up without touching (he watch. Damon t said, snapping oft his torch, "Thai's Amos Wai-burton's v/atch, nil right. I saw him fiddling with it in the office the oilier day." -,-^t was then decided that Cra- "ilRrt and Dum on I would remain with the body. Sladen, Sally and I were to go buck to the house where Slacien would call the police. Cravaiti made these arrangements and I was in no position to interfere. Nonetheless. I woulc rather have stayed with Cravalh The Ihree of us negotiated that sterp climb back to Windovcr anc scarcely a word was said on (he way. At the house. Sladen disappeared immediately lo do his phoning and Sally, went upstairs to m form Eve \Vhceicr of the Ti'.e police cnmc finally ; kL-pi m the background. Marston Cravalh and Duinonl talked lo ;V.2in briefly in the living room and went with them while, I sup posed, the officers examined thi ground at the end of the Peacock Path and the medical examine viewed the body on the rocks. A nn mie oaid the slightest attention o me, I slipped up to my room, nd wailed. Cravath came around o'clock. With him was th« gaunt woman •ho'd talked to him slightly like Dutch aunt on the grounds. She iidn't look so gaunt now, fully russed in respectable and elderly 'lack. But her »yes were sharp Behind steel-rimmed spec*. * * * DR Ihe second tim« I walked into Cravath'* trophy-littered anclum. The gaunt woman *n- conccd herself immediately upon a stratghtbacked chair. She put ier feet together and assumed a no-nonsense expression which, I bought, practically came natural o her. Cravalh said, without any attempt to explain why I, the atcst of th'e guests, should be with im in his holy-of-holies at such - lime, "Mrs. Ring—Mr. Orth. Mrs. King has something to say, Orlh." I nodded to her, but interposed 'What's the police verdict, so far? 1 Cravath gestured impatiently 'Either accident or suicide, they don't know which. There'll be an inquest, however. But I'm certain"—all at once though, despite iiis florulness ;uid fullness of face Marston Cravalh looked haggar< and old—"that they'll bring in verdict of accidental death," He said* it queerly, like a man whose lips were all set to whistl past a graveyard. And the Rin; woman, prim on her uncomfort nble chair, seemed to catch th queerness in bis voice, even as dirt myself. She uttered a kind o subdued, and respectable, snort, "Accident?" Her mouth curle< 'I don't believe it," Cravalh smiled, "Mrs. Ring is woman of definite opinions. She been here . . . how many years i it, Ring?" "Forly-one," Mrs. Rifig sru< "And tliis isn'l opinion. 1 kno 1 what I raw." She paused, as if t let that weighty announccme sinl; in. "I'm a noor slftfioeor an si mgnt i aian'i sleep any better an I usually do. 1 woke up \n ie night. Don't ask me what time was, because 1 didn't look. Well, got up and sat at the window. 'he moon kept popping in and out rom behind clouds. It was out 'hen I saw the man climb the ence. It waa Ames Warburton, of ours*, but I didn't recgonize him hen. He got onto that little strip f ground between the fence and ie cliff. He look a step or two orward and bent clown. Then, ust as he was straightening up the —the thing pushed him over the UfT." "Thin*? What thing?" • * * "'HE housekeeper shrugged. "How should I know? But whatever t was, H Memed to sort o< carry dr. Warburton In front of rt. I aw him slugger and throw out his lands, as If he were trying to grab omething and hold himself back. But there wasn't anything to grab. And he was too close to the edge. Ie just . . . went over." •Pushed?" I put in. *<Y«u t r« snre about that, Mrs. Ring?" She regarded me bleakly through »T specs. "I'm sure about nothing, young man. I'm only telling you how it seemed to me. But you're probably thinking that Mr. Warburton stumbled." She was even sharper than ooked. I had be«n thinking something like that. "Well, h« didn't It was too quick, too—er, violent. I believe that something either pushed or struck him, hard. And that," she compressed thin lips, "is everything I can toll you." "I take it," I pursued, somewhat senselessly, "that you didn't see this thing that struck him. I mean, you couldn't give us an idea about what it was." "1 didn't see it or I would have told you what it was," That settled me, temporarily. Cravalh fumed. "Humph! What was Ihe boy doing oul there at thru Xirne ol night?" Mrs. Ring evidently considered Ihis unworthy of reply. (To B* raniJniiM*t THE MAN TO KNOW The man to know Is the mechanic wh« knows how to care for your car . . . and does his best la repair it riRhl! You'll find the best service for your car at T. I. Stay Motor Co. Try us. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler-PlTWllh Dealer 121 C. Main Phone Z12Z HOVV COME WJ HAVE TO HAVE THAT WIRE FRAME, TOESO? THAT'* A FOUNDATION FOR THE FKSUJZE. DUMMY SUPPORT IM WATCHINS A&ADAM AT WORK ON H6K WAX MODEL OP- HW, RAIL DOE* NOT NOTICE A CAR STOP IN FROJT OF THE ,'E'U. DI& HE HOLE KKSHT ERE, BENNY. HOLY CAT&: FOR A MINUTE I THOUGHT THM LANDLADY WAS QONNX OPtN TH' GARAGE POOfcL *T LEA.5T 3HE DIP QUIET THW DOGS' STILL HWe FOUfc MIWUfES TO PUT TH 1 SPARE BACK IN THEIR. TRUNK *NP HIDE IW MY CIVR WITH THIS POPE, BEFORE NICK PRETEHPS to WEEP TH 1 CAP. FOR fctJ WHILE, A,L H&5 REWOUED HIS POPE FROM HJ&IM JWJE6 k. SPARE ' ,.HS,STH'OLO LAP/ UNLOCK HIS DOOR,.. THEM DRIVES WJftV! WE'LL GBT AS FAR. FROM THOSE TWO JINXES TONIGHTAS- Yoo-Hco, LANDLADY! i HATE TO AS> THIS, BUT 1W IN THE SHOWER..... WOULD YOU GET SOMETHING FOR »e OUT OF IAY CM?.? *T .BUTTHEN H A D LIT TL E E SINCE YOU MILLION . I KNOW fT'6 MOT HEY, NOW \ YOUR FAULT, BUT LOOKi WEJYOUR BEING HERE X >65O CONTRftKYTO KNOWN VHYSICM_ LAWS iT \Q UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE... ..THEREFORE EDLY THE WORLD'S GREATE6T PHYSICIST, AM SHUNNED AS A.N OUTCAST BY MY COLLEAGUES. BECAUSE, MY BOY. WH EN A\V, NLJT5 \THEY HAND OUT THE TO'EM,DOCMrEr;ERAL. GRANTS OF WHY SHOULD AID TO SCIENCE YOU 0 / PROJECTS. I DONT CARE? X GeTASMELU MAKlWA WRONG TURN... YA LIVE THAT WA.V. CITY DRUG 101 E. Main — 1'hone 2512

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