The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 10
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FACE TEN _BLYTHBVTM,B (ARK.) COURIER JTONDAY, MARCH 17, jg- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Save Money Wlien You Jiuy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HAUKISOX & SON FUHNITLTRK CO, 517 \V. Ash I'll. 25.% 8-2 ck tl irtler Dallj i«le per hnb tor consecuuv loierllon: Minimum charge ioe 1 Nine |ier lino , lie I 3 time* per line per dpij- 17^ 1 3 tlmej jie/ llnft per ciny stc ! 6 time* ppr Hue per tlrtr To 12 time* pcd lino per day ic Month per line OOc I ._" Coum fire e.Terftr.e word* to the line j Fresh Country t' Ad ordered for IhTee or Mt tunet anrl i v,-e Rre open nflf- • topped before expiration will tie charg- I fjrc-aXfufit A- bet-veen <d for the number of lltjift [he art t Store. I>osv.-ood B 61 • ppearerl aim adjustment nl bill jna<le All cla&slcled ftdrertlslng copy sub- Anhydrous A""""" 1 mltled t>y perEons rc&Mln^ outside ol [Call Charlie fir the rttj mult be »cc«m[rsn:e<l by cash (PJi. €3)7. Kite! mflj enslly ha cfimjivur-tl ttritm lh« Above table Advertising ordered (or Jrreculftr In- lertlont take Ihe one linn table No responsibility will rjc- lilcm (or more than one Incorrect in^eiunn of All adi are rrAlrlclerl lo lllr-lr propel claiRlllcMlon. fitylc nnd lyi>e. The Courier Newi reserve? the /Iglit to edit or reject *ny «ci. ood boats, W Ash. 2 25 j)fc it tractor fj,;l)<ivriv 6L 3 5 pit I& Notice \\V ft'lsh to thank our ninny friends Bnd uelRlihnrR for the Vlntlnm aivl syinpnthy Bbown us during the illness snd dcalti of our lov^rl one-. Mrs H.i^el I 1 Ellis. Wo e.^ipcinlly \vish to thank the 1 donors of foo-l. floral olterlnss. nntl 1*"° Rev. II. W. K'oolt'n. and The Kcv. J. E. Cox, Cobb luneral Hnine iind the choir. Hti.'hanrt—Travis Ellis Son .V- paxlchtor- Harmon A: Llndn. Mother—Mftble Htmnon. 313 p« IS TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 113 " Wal.n.i Plume .1382 Plenty of Parking Space Ollv!-/- •, ru» i/.irior silxulrr. new Oliver €6. ll. 1 )!).! Oliver crunfc Khalt.s nml he:inns complete to fit Oliver 70. Mr 50 exclnnse. fiadlx Plow shares tl.sil t\7t. ll' f . other trac- Apartment for Rent 3 rms. & bath nnf. Duplex, wired for *lec. stove. Ph. 3187 or 2732 3,17 rk 2(1 Nice 4 rm. unhlrn. apt. natli. Kns and hot water. Close In. Day pn, 212-1 — nlEhts. 33C6. 317 ck 2* ent, I>(irijpx tint, .t rms. A; hath clrx Hewly decorftttrl wMls, Hoots ftiitl w work. good location. r^n?onr^hle r Indies or couple. Will liolil lo A]i. for permanent tennnt. 2671. after 5-- S431. »l|5 pit 23 3 rum. epts. Close to buslnrsA section. CRU *69T Svinrtny or fitter * p.m. weekdays except Saturday. S;i5 |iX 22 Modern 3-room tttifurn. npstnlrn npt. 135. No children. Mrs. J. r, Smith. Ph. 52M. 3.IJ pV 22 3 fcA nn.-apts.. prl»Qle hntht, hoi. • nd ca!d water ftir/iiflhed. stO 715 West Ash. 315 PK 22 3 rm. /urn. apt. Elcc. kttclien. pvt. 1 room nnf. upt.. 3DO S. Lilly. Th. 4684. 3,13 pk 2D 3 room A: 4 room npts, for rent, Crtll W12. C. Abraham. 6 ck tf Duplex unfur apt., all conveniences. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Ph. 2175. j/)S 50-IM Wheel Mzrtnes, us 50-14 A JU'hccl UeiirliiB nt 2S per tint dlcrouni. Sec or mil Cilln H..rrltoA. 517 W, Ash. Ph. 2S52. 3|13 CK t! ^105 hear! of geese for sale. Will sell any nmuimt of Uiuiu. See Veiison I'olts, Slccle. Alo t'lionc 2r>l-l{. |,j j,^ o] 1 Ion Sloiifi'llli. 2/1 cottonipcil C>7rm- Inr.t^OO.J'l'^Ol • __ 3 17 p" 3 , Coni|)lotc k(]ipho'ne""(iicl:il- iiif,' and IraiiscribiiiK system. Old model Ijiit in B ,,, )( | Condition. Price $40. One 2-fIniwor desk, 28".\v1(j", price ,?35. One <>l<l desk 2G".\<la", $15. | ce wntcr hiilililcr rlfinkiiiL' fnnn tf ,in, ?,| 5, 1'epsi-Cola Boltli nl Co., ph. 2095. 3:l,| ck 18 A sows, will l I-. ,,, irks , CJCIlt [ 1950 FORD $1445 l! you prefer Wue, (hen sve this iiitndsoinc Slier- i«liin tilue Tiitlor. Itadio, heater. Cu.slom 'SO Chevrolet $1445 Anolhcr nice car, Ibis lale model Chevrolet has lifHl ..V; music. Attractive green Town Sedan. '49 Chevrolet $1245 A Tleelline -l(lour Sedan, (|UK gleam- inj; black Clievrolel offers bold radio and heater. '48 Mercury . $795 A fine price you'll have lo admit. This Mercni v 'I'ou'n Si>d;in boa.sls ;, r;i- <li<> and healer, too. Tan color. 1950 FORD $1495 A late model beauty, Uiis custom Tordor is Meadnwbrook (! r c e n. Hiiijio, boalcr and gas- s.iviiij; overdrive! t950 FORD $1445 Here's (be hVd in your future! Sea Island Green custom deluxe Tudor «Iiu'l>l»cd ivith radio and heater'. 1947 Ford $695 If you're looking for good s-crvicc at minimum cosf, (bis is it. Nice looking maroon Tudor Sedan. T941 Ford $395 I'nilJips lia.s older models, loo. This black Tudor is jusl S:i<l5. Come lo .'ill!) lirunilvviiy in Jilvtlie- ville. Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 We have John Blue Fertilizer equipment & parts for Ferguson & Ford Tractors Jack Robinson Implement Co. BIytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 for Rent 3 rm, unfiir. house with bBth, 125 R««ir 131 K. Ash, ph. 1087. 3;i< clt 21 Concrete Block BnlMJnjt. «ultablr for ^RtRKB or store »nd ndjolnlng 5 room noii-it' with bath [.orated In curve on Highway 61 south side or Holland. Mo 'Mil «U4 or «-rlte p»,n Byrum hnple- menl Co ,.21 ck it Modern onblni & apt« 1/m Roy tniris Pfi Ofl.^i j. 2 2 ck 3 22 office on ff round t\of>c. Very iirnt See W M Bartis. 115 North l, 33 c ^ t f 2 rm hourc with bnth. flee.' n. Ph, 2538 nr 3671. 3| 10 pic 23 Private Rooms Two bedrooms, private bnth. Ph 4S43 r26 4.1 8 (*d rooms [.ten only Mrs E. F Blomeycr Ph. 2666 29 pk 40 i5 At *7 wkly Btytlipvllle Hotel 2,21 pk 3,21 Rrrtroom. close In, ndjolnljijj bath. Constant hot water, ph. 2592- 3;i5 pk 19 Wanted to Rent For Sale, Real Estate 3(11 pk 4111 TTpatalr* 4 room bath, electtlo water heftier, wired for electric stove. Newly decorated Couple Only. Ph. J7S7. 2'13 CK tf Modern a room fur 43W. Ph. 2505 or Modern apt , 3 rooms rnd hfith. newly decorated. Food furniture. Eds equlp- fcitnl. Ph. 3113. T Simon. D.2] cK tf Small Apartments, furnished. |8 up per -vveeVi. Beiirnoms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-1 ck tf 3 rm i hath. Uiifur. npt. 21)5 E. Mo 61. CM1 6179. 34 ,,t IR Ml S. I.nke. 312 pk 20 Call 1.112. Auto Supplies and Services I>on I enc-antier your iflmljT wi illltY ttrf.i—ntJT LII TIHIS CHAPMAN SIRVICK STATFON Mnln and Dlrlslnn Phone 2SM Services «<S >r movm ' 65Z9. \V. \V. Be call local haullns. ham. HI W. nu-P. 3 H pX 2i SS - MAKlr;a - F ""MA!.S AND nKs's CI.OTHKS A SPECIALTY 8th. Ph. 67BO 311 pk 21 313 Laundry. In my ha I repair rir.y mni on ,^th Sr . hi- i Grahnm. Ph G73R Fnr etpcrt pltimhlnc. oil stove pnrr.p repftlrs, rail fi34T II:irrv N We ari pnrsle- Spnrtnl • 111 a. fl pX 48 •.t of D'Al'e 'PIK. "_ '""'3 "r?T- ^nrl ^ 1 r.i- rge Rjvrn nt Vioinlsrii I.nrnl . Jim Fowler, Promlstrt Ijind'. 314 p'k' 18 ., r . W J ! -T r KENTUCKY STOCK FARMS With linprovt'inents ^ I'ennanetu Pns- Scc lure II. o. Roitistrlnx, Roaltor. P M 1 U - 3 M 321 300 heart of cotton cjJDppTne "^eesp lO.rwo o»k (,;„« p() »t«. 32 Inch field lence 113.75 per roll. 4 pt. boh wire S8.15 ptr roll. P!,. or see cWvr.ll Stole! Highway 18. 0 miles E. of wUtatan, rl{ - 3;14 px 21 2 room factorv built house trailer Butane heat (250. 707 N. Hmnrlwny. ' 3114 pk 21 12 topin house. B ooil location Bcross from hlttb Kcliool Dtvltlccl Into 3 npnrt- rneols. ench with electric kitchen T-*o j-room up; rtinrnts. one C-roo utly furmsl\eri Forced sell because of'lll health. Open [or Inspection. Apply 713 Chlckasnu ba 2 20 ck tf Help Wanted, Male \Vtd: Metal building salesman «i once. No previous experience necessjiry. Liberal fommi.ssion. Good f.c-rritory Apply in person. Wilson Welding & Fabricating Co., Oscc- 4 or 5 rm. Ifouse. vicinity Smibury chool. PJi «320. Pertnaneiu resident. 3 17 uk 20 ola. 3:i.5 ck 19 FOR SALE & PL 15 COTTONSEED CKKKSAN TUKATKI) IN KKW JOO 1,» )JA<;g MKKTS A I.I, HI, UK T: 2 to 5 1>KK CENT 1 : GRK.M1XATION. ? per ton f.o.b. Blvtlie- ville Warehouse. CONTACT F. P. JACOBS, JR. OSCKOLA — PI10.XK 82^M.l 1 ir> rk 22 F.vir !o-.v .Tnhti Drorc r-Hnt"r DPI ':*, ."•nil ife-l. rlrru^d ,-vntl trr.^.,,1 .. r |,l SIM. ton. full 4f,so j', s f . x 23 J-'IH lUtl^-h. Kr.l. 315 pk 4 15 Used Tractors Extra iroocl fi-ronm liousc id bath, on Hcavn Street(p'roV. close to high si-hool. Gaai'K heat, Inrjfc livinj; room. One!]™ 1 . of_the three betlvooms is an]' 1 " 1 -' ejjra large inasfer bedroom. !x-n?fc Garage, outdour slorace, fenced backyard. This house i« in good condition inside ami out, and the neighborhood I.s lop.s. Price ?1.'!,000. .Modern 3-bedroom home on Illinois Street — little lady, you'll like (his convenient dishwasher and garbage disposal. Choice neiijli coniev lot. FHA financed. Sec or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. .Phone .mi Residence l^hone 2">?)r> 3'1 ck tf nr »< *- holh. . ranklln. 1 sol] for 3 15 Hollywood (Continued from Page 81 'The Crimson Pirate," will play opposite Richard Todrt in the British film. "The Venetian Blind," BACK TO RROAmVAY Margaret O'Brien has her choice: Resumption of her role in "Child of the Morning." now being rewritten fft a Brondwny openins. or star this fall In Fred Finkelholfe's "The Quiet Room." . . . The rumors report that Charlie Chaplin arltl Ills Oona will settle permanently in Jamaica. . . . Jean Pierre Ali- mont, in Hollywood /or MGM's "Llll," Isn't ducking questions about his tiate with Margaret Truman— the Missouri lark's first expcrlpnce at slepjilng out with a nioyie king. He told me: "Miss Tnniun vor.v kindly a.skfd nre to esrnrt Jier (n the openltiK niehl o( Laurence Olivier and Wvl:in I.rlgli in 'Caesar and Cleopalrrt.' I (lunislil thai s hc was altogclhrr t-harntin); and In- lelligcnl." Tlterc's a TV idea cooking for i Mona Freeman along (lie "Clau- tlin" type of chatacler. And per- I feet . . . Ann Sheridan ad-libbed .(It—nntl H stayed in—during a se- i |<,uracc in UI's "Just Across the! Street" that cnJle<t for her to peek ; Into a millionaire's oven at the pheasant and strak: "Ah," said Ann. "broiled money " The runinrs sro flyinit about a money tug-of-war between Tony j Curtis and UI, but the heart-' j flutterer poohs it. Here's what lie told me on the set ol "Almost! Married": i "I get enough money to satisfy! my wishes. We've had two or three j fiKcussions about n new deal I could go In tomorrow and get more I money. But there's no rush about! Kliniida Fleming's sllll lihisliine alinut a TV jslimi- rehearsal. "1 „..« supposfd lo be singine to a cow. She : tuniprt Hit other way and I was ; sinsiriK to the cow's wrong end." Moisture-laden winds from the Aleutians area first drop heavy rain on Northern California and then 'nave the as snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Jot Wanted !i years <-«:ptricnc<- <l«- mplnytnent. <;.\lt ^2H 3 11 pk 18 Notice Fnr Fnllor Brush Scrric. and DfMl- tnnre Cosmetics Call Sirs John Wni- "'"• 2(i3!> or 23e S- 221 pi 321 • EASTER SPECIALS ?15 cold waves ?10 ?10 cold waves ?7.50 Macliineless 55 up THK RRAUTY RAR Phrtne 3202 Ole Help W.nfcrf Tracto crop Ph driver \vlth tnmllr tc muke P^O], Utho Tlnrn.-x. H] ex tf «orr v ilh wm :;=lt Hint Ph 4013 „. „„, . • l'*;>nnaUs with bustevs '»•« •••«" i .-Hid cultivators. ij'^ ,-S-».iiiT,-rn^o5T^" " S U" In,,:!,!'" 1 ""' 1 l)ecrcs wilh ^^'ICK 03TKEN-S STtTniO-115 W MAIN l' 111 ' 1 ^- jr ro ISA rx tr j i[i:,o nunUH Ferguson withj rcip ciilUvjilor aiul husiers. -—f'"--<' l-'armalls \vitli cul- livulors !l;^!^tv^,-ln•^ f!. . ,. ; ,V ptrrtrlcltv Till till N. Of Hlvtl i a Twr-rmriil nd with t v . hou i u n rtn rnri fvltlc of 2! ------ - Must "hnvc tifr. Cino<) salary ;»«,) Jiff use .lines L, Flrtrtirr. Fletcher's Oln - Mo. 317 pk 5(1 srf* this Tn i f-onc) hnv <•:•!! A T ^. Mr» . for Watch and Jewelry Repoir »»Uh». on Jpwrlry —3 . by eiprrt PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second . 1«3 r* U For Sale, Misc. <•<•<• ,r,ln VV I? n D "TI> roi»ry Hoe »nrt John Dterc rtl^c h 2r ro» nmi.Scr.-l Farmi. Burclef.o. Ph 4702. 37 ,-x t[ c;^' 0t 5. "°? "«"•" 01 r,rr)r"~,7"fl rTd Sen-, bta. A r.l« l ar « More rtrilnc nn txrellrnt HnMnpj.. located In » rrrv good biuincM fpoi. Sh ,n 01 , p trK | Ucts A nlre ihree room hn»=e heJlde store R«">n»Me rent. If rm, ,re pUnn"[« on poin f m a huslnes^ of this type Frr th's one Bffore voii b.iv. Toc.ncd one rn e north of Number "Kmt. »nrt •t'i miles east o: «!»•»)- 61. on the Aff-Mo State linn. D-. to til hf»lth »lll Mcrlflcr. st invoice price. BOHK- las Wilson Gro. Ar Scrv. Eta. 3 11 nfc 19 . Rt- , r ™" '"I sale. .'. \V. Williamso 3. Bo^ 103. Blythevlllc. on Hair Moon Jioad near Homer J!o<«e«' Store. 3.1; pk 24 t MJISSC.V Harris 101 Super willi 4-ro\v cultivator. 3 Sets of International .Middle lUisters. Cash or Hasy Terms Many other tjocid used tractors to choose from. . . If you want a irond used tractor at » enn t ) price K o to 61 Implement Co. N. Hiphway 61 Dial 2H2 12-14 ck tf one/ Found Insurance \ •?250 reward for finrling my diamoivl rinp. F G Gip son. Call :??(;;>, 31^3 or .,.,(,,_ (jlencoo Hotel. H ck tf Call 4553 For Complete surjiiK-c I'rotcclion I. Pnllarcl Awnr.y Plnnnpfl Protoction 12< W A^h St 01 r.NcoE KOTKI nun.niNo 4 J! rk if Real ESTATE Farms—Ciiv Properly LOANS If Intrrrstrd 1n Ruylng or srllinc; BPO Noble Gill Agencyj INSURANCE Oleneoc Blflff. J 1 ) SHOE REPAIR H-flLTCRS MOINJ ST. ARE YOU A SAFE DRIVER? To hi! a snfe drivfr, you have to knnn how fast .you're gains. That mtam an accurate speerlnmplcr '.<•( us ctieck yours. We give 1- I>ay .service on speedometer repair for all makes cars and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Oirjsler-PIjm««lh Healer r M>IB Phone 2122 $ 39 50 Replacement Parts Extra Comlete ': -'-- OVERHAUL or Truth Now... at Sullivau-Nclson you K el all these'a one nioncy-savinir low price! Valves ground, cylinders honed new pislon pins and rings filled, connecting roils aligned, main bearings and rods adjusted, rocker shari assembly disassembled, cleaned, and replaced oil pump und screen cleaned, expert engine time-un carburetor overhauled! Drive in NOW and save—pay on easy terms! SULLI VAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone 4578 Order COAL Phone 3186 NOW.' Dops \ver-r nsrrt for military purposes by all the major nations involved in World War II. Prompt Courteous Service HESTER'S Coal Yard As many as hall a million harlen, a species of fish, have bee^l trapped i n „ single catch FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant-Promised Land PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PJT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PJT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE KREAM KASTLE DRiVE-IN Corner Division & Wafnut . 531 rx t( CERTIFIED COTTONSEED FOR SALE Ml^kslpra Cortifiort IlcU»p? nt .5 Collonwtfl ® SlissfsslppI fcrtifirrt Cokcr 100 Will Collo.isocd ® St85.0« J|.j "' " c " ll °" " M«"«!nt for W),l,t land ».s il r«I.,!, •s. Telephone 17-j, Btli.oni. .Mis .T. P. UINDY VVonted fo Buy ~ Wanferf hiilrp for telpphorio ni;n 2] -^.V 7 pitts i rcnt^ lir.. nl^o 2 iioo[>lf \vuh ttoo 'ZV .. |ClWr •'• rilf 's ''ypcrlcncc, no selUnv. i c* tl isalary, ph. KBQI, . 31; n PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock s Gunranleert liesl Prices SiKirby Drug Stores yn» Oelinting&Treating Service We are now operating our NK\V C«rT?r Delint- inR and Treating l'l*n(. All new ctiiiipment including Utfst model Slurry (liquid) treater All s»cks electric«lly sewed . . . we ^ fiuick, eficienl »nd s*tisfsctory service. Sfed accepted in truck or carload lots. . .discount on all lols of 5 tons or wore. Insure a belter stand and less nisi damage by treating your s«*ci. Brinf your seed EARLY and »»oid the rush. WARD GIN COMPANY Nfi. Highway fil — Blytherille — Phone 375(5 Clionse from z GMCi ','s-Ton I'icktiiisr wilh jnsl 10.000 miles. We can fare jou money now! 7948 CMC 2-TON This Wg OMC long wheclbase truek Is a hcckuva Roorl buy at only S8<15. A mlghty clean one: 1950 FORD PICKUP Conn. duKn nntl drive - rirkiip. ifs sharp. Good liros and lic.itpr, (no USED '48 CMC . . . $595 It's a ]<M8 CMC 3-Ton short wheclhase Truck— only 5!)!15. You'll get lots of money-making service. £ '48CHEV. . . . $695 We'd like lo demonstrate this I!).(8 Chevrolet 1- Ton Pickup. With good tires, it's a buy at $(i95. '46 CMC . . . $495 For only §195 you can now buy this 1916 CMC I ^2-Ton LWH Truck. Practically new molov, fine tires. '41 CHEV. . , . $295 An oltler model pickup, this '/i-Ton Chevrolet is priced to jfive you real value. Has good tires, loo. '41 PONTIAC . $395 If you're looking for fl goixl buy on an older car, this 1911 I'ontiac fills Hie hill. 2-door Sedan. HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Olrtsmobile — CMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — I'hone 0151 ON MAIN STREET j

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