The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 9
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, MARCH IT, 19SI SLITHEV ILLE (AUK,) COTJRTEK NEWS iorris Booked for New learing in Month to ell of 'Red Front' iir Official Slain ly Stewardess He Threatened to Kill Me for Doting Others, fehe Tells Police ST. LOUTS <£>)—An attractive. 20- efir-old airline stewardess told po- Ice she fatajly shot a company of- [cial during-a quarrel yesterday nf- er he accused her of dating other nen. Lawrence E. Keil, 43, married and ather of two children, was found n a parked automobile, wounded tx times. He died a short time later. Police Chief Brown Hatrgrove of uburban Overland said the Ozark Mr Lines . steivardess, Betty Lou rracy, signed a/ statement admit- ing she shot K^U with his own gun. UntU It Wouldn't Fire "I fired the gun until it would lot fire any move," the chief quoted be petite, green-eyed girl as say- ng. The chief said she gave the blowing version: She returned from a flight (o Sockford, 111., and was met by Keil it the airport. After a meal they >arkcd across the -street from her ipartment. " HP repeatedly asked her If she i^if associated v:ith other men, iuSf announced: "I am going to :ill you/' "Gel My Gun" He asked her to get his gun, which he had taken from him during a jrevious visit, from her apartment. She got it, returned to the car, md fired RE both stepped into the •chicle through' opposite doors. She ran to her apartment and old another girl who also lived here. The other girl called a tu- teral home operator, rfho found <ril and took him to the hospittij. Miss Tracy was standing near he car when police Arrived, they NATO'S FIRST CHlEF-Gen. I Lord Ismay has agreed to become tho first secretary-general of ttje North Atlantic Treaty Organization, according to nn announcement by I jester Pearson, chairman of NATO's Council of Foreign Ministers. Lord Ismay. close friend and adviser of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, has been secretary' of Elate, for commonwealth relations since Churchill's conservative government regained power in Great Britain. SPECIAL AUCTION 7 DAIRY HEIFERS Hand picked from Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota Tuesday, March 25 ENID, OKLAHOMA Sale held at my Farm. 3500 North 6tti treat, or sli blocks straight north ol he Enid Union StocX Yards — About *t miles north and a little east of >owi> Town Square. PLEASE COMB ;ARI/T RS ttiJi Is a big sole Rnd WE HJST START ON TIME. STARTING AT JVOOX Lunch «eir«<. on the grounets by the .•die* of th« M. B, Church, 415 Hotetein-Guernsey- Brown Swiss 415 75 hc«d Ouemsej heifara thut weigh M to 300 Ibs. 50 he*d that weigh 300 to 300 Ibs. ThM« »re «tr* weH marked and hard 100 bend of Holsteln heifers thnt reign 300 to 300 tbi. 100 head that weigh 300 to 300 Its. These *re the good kind. You'll HXe hem. .39 HEAD OF BBTD/KOLSTEIN HEIF- IBS THAT WILL/ FKESIIEN THI3 Buy four bred heifers NOW, This fall *"V^1H b« higher nnd hard to find. Jkend of Blown SwlM thit weigh — heftd thut weigh 350 to MO Ihs »ch. 10 head blg> ored heifers that are eMIy good. ,•' »e«t In r»lry Heifers. ll'» the surest et of any other Jclnd or livestock Remember the shortage of dairy ows and heifers Is getting serious and re in-detr.Bnd nationwide. Don't forget that nearly all mtlic Jams are short of milk at the pres- nt time and It will continue to g«t Mrtke yotlr plans N'OW not to mS£s his bis sale of Dilry Hclferrs.' They will P foW tn bunches to suit the buyers. will be taken care of Free of \intll you can get them. COMBI rr you don't bur—you'll at es.nt see a lot of real heifers. Thanks HERR upp Si owner TERMS—.CASH mil D»re, ciirrow wiin» m! and O ien WASHINGTON W) — Government cleanup man Newtek! Morris, fresh from one investigation in which he verbally slugged It out with senators, was booked today lor another witliln a month. Sen. McCarran (D-Nev) announced lie will call Morris before his Senate Judiciary Committee •be/ore Hie Easier recess" to tell jnder oalli whether he ever was associated with Communist front activities. Rep. potter (R-Michi has told the House in a speech that Morris came to the government cleanup job with "a sordid background" of association with Communist front groups, potter said this is recorded In the files of the House Un-Amerl- cnn Activities Committee. Morris Denies t'hare-e Morris lias vigorously denied he .'cr consciously had 'anything u> do with Communist ftorit groups. In a recent letter to Sen. Mtindt (R-SD). who questicned him about it, Morris snld he is "not a subversive individual." In other developments: 1. MorrLs saEd in nn,, address he- fore a New York Episcopal group yesterday that he will send out questionnaires^ to top federal officials Tuesday. He did not explain what the questionnaires n'cre about, but earlier he hnd said his firsi cleanup step would be to look into all. outside income received by hii<Vi federal official* in (}« executive branch. He fnid the first questionnaire on this subject would go to Atty. Gen. McGrath. Becker Appointed '2. Morris announced in Washington that he has appointed Samuel Becker, a Ken- York nttorney. as his chief counsel. Becker has served as special counsel to the Federal Communications Commission. Morris also announced plans for a staff of about 20 lawyers, presumably to check the questionnaires. McCarran safd he win raise the, question of Morris' possible association \vith Communists in connection with President Truman's request that Morris be given subpoena powers. "Thorough Inquiry" "It will be a very thorough Inquiry, of course." McCarran told a reporter. "Certainly the committee wants to know all about what type of individual would exercise such powers." Last week a Senate Investigation of Morris' role in profitable ship deals and trading u-jth Red China erupted into his accusation that he was being subjected to "mental brutality" by senators afflicted with "diseased mitids. v Members of the Senate investigations subcommittee, at whom he aimed (he Wast, talked of having Mini cited on charges of contempt of Congress but apparently have abandoned the idea. Two members of McCarran's committee, declining to be named, told a reporter MorrLs' outburst at the ship inquiry may hare repercussions on the request to give him subpoena powers. MOO-TIAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY—Use-lie, the pride of La Cbapelle D'Annentieres, France, is very proud or her Ihree calves, and Ihe calves think Liselte is something pretty spr.cial ll's only about once in 20,000 times that a bovine mother can help the cow-bird brine three little calves to Dasture. 6-Guns for Korea Csuse Headache It's Against Law To Mail Them; Say Postal Authorities Japanese Liberals Re-Elect Yoshida TOKYO l/Ti **-T*-I\J I"! ine LineraL party today re-elected Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida as its president. The convention closed with cheers of ."Banzai," live 10.000 years for Japan, the party and Yoshida. Read Courier News Classified Ads. WANT ADS By ELTON C.-FAY WASHINGTON IAP> — Enlistee] men in Korea who wain to tote personal six-shooters are giving headaches to the military and post- office. Also they are le'ading kinfolk into unwilling infraction of the law. Officials said today an increasing number of revolvers and pistols have been found in the mail recently, addressed to Marines and G.Ii's Relatives try to mail the guns in response fo requests from servicement in the war zone. Why do they want them? Marine. and Army authorities here said they weren't sure, but they had some ideas after talking with relative*. Among the reasons suggested were these: 1. If officers can wear side arms, why shouldn't enlisted men? 2. fn forw-iml areas, close to the ImtUellne, regulations require that firearms he carried. A revolver in a holster Is easier la carry (ban an M-l rifle on » sling or in the hand. 3. Some soldiers claim hi letters (hat they are inadequately arm- Truce negotiators Lay Bricks to Match Pine Trees of UN PANMUNJOM. Korea i,r> Cpmmuivst truce negotiators aren't «oina to let anyone get p.heaii of tin-in, inside or outside the conference tent. Last week the U.N. Command planted 54 small pine trees among the paths leading to tenis used by the Allied delegation. Today Ccnummisl soldiers spent Ihe day laboriously laying bright red bricks along the ediscs of walks to the Communist's tents. PAGE NTN1 More Bicycles for Russia MOSCOW W, — About a third morn bicycles are to be made in Russia this year than last. The chief administration of the motorcycle and cyr.le industry said new | schedules als call for the production this year of a "tourist tandem." ed. 4. Some younp soldiers are only a few years removed from boyhood days when they yearned to pack a * pearl-handled six-gun In a bolster, cowboy fashion. The military says most enlisted men don't need sirtcarms, that under the "tobies of organization nnd equipment" sidearms are Issued "to any and all those duties require use of same." Postal laws specify that "pistols, revolvers anrt other firearms capable of being concealed on the person are non-mailable and shall not be deposited in or carried by the mails." Sutfon Becomes Gadfly of Brass Tennessee Solon Would Courtmartial General for 'Diary' WASHINGTON OP) — Rep. p n t Stitlon (D-i-enn), former Navy enlisted man, is becoming the gadfly of high military brass. Silt ton says the Army should couitmarlial MaJ. Gen. Robert W Grow, former military attache at the American Embassy in Moscow, whose diary »»s photographed by the Russians. It was Sutlon too who charged that thousands ot dollars o! tax- pavers' money had been spent on a luxury hunting lodRe tor 1,1. Ocn Edward H. Brooks at A. P. Ilili Military Reservation In virglnin firooks Is commanding general of the Second Army. The Hill reservation Is in his Armv area. Button has charged also thai the Armv Is muting millions of dollars leasing n former military reservation tt once owned In New Orleans and has told a House committee more "exposes" are coming. Brooks has denied ' suttn-i's rlwes retarding the hiritin» lodce. The Armv says (lie hinlcllnir is used as an officers' club and thai no lax money lias been spent on it But Sutlon isn't retracting his charges. He declares (hat high mil- Itarv brass from the Pentagon and their "lady friends" have attended parlies al the hunting lodcrc. Drooks and tii<? Army deny this too. RoBnrdlng Grow. button says. "I recognize the general's brilliant w-ir record hut, because of his service. j he should have known better than | to take the chances he did with a diary tllat might fall into the hands of the Soviets." A handsome, 6-foot-2 fighter Sullon says he has no quarrel with Army and Navy officers who treat their jobs ns sacred trusts. But, let him hear reports of waste In the armed forces and he's rcadv to rip into the men he thinks are responsible tor U. Twins Find Doting Same Girl Okay, But War Is Too Much; They Split WITH. U.S. THIRD DIVISION Korea fA'i — Twins Jacob and Gene Camoza have decided after four months of combat: "Fighting alongside your brother Just doesn't work," So they split, up for the first lime In 18 years. The privates from Tacoma., landed in Korea last November. They went into action as automatic riflemen (luring (lie bloody battle of Little Gibraltar. Jacob was wounded In Ihc head in that. 41-hour fight. "I almost went ciuzy trying to locate him on iho hill." Gene said. The wounded twin rejoined Gene a month later In Company P of the ifjth Regiment. They went out together on .several patrols until Gene decided, "we were worrying about each other too much." Gene asked for and got a trans- S| MIAN SHENANIGANS—Monkey business is on the increase and ilia. Brazilian woolly monkey, fortifies herself for the day's events with two-handed zest. Assisting her is her master. Carl (Corky) Frederick Ullrich 113. of Chicago. The two-and-one-half- year-old boy started to tram Ella as soon as he could toddle. TO] HHT SELL BW TRAM £TC. Sell it ... by using classified advertising in the COURIER! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Iran Oil Effort Again a Failure World Bank Writes End to Late Talks TEHRAN. Trnn llPt — A World Bank learn wrote "failure" today on the IfUest efforts t'.i Mart Iran's oil (lowinif to the West anain and packed Us buss lor the trip home. The talks with Iran's government broke down last niRht in deadlock and a spoke.sinan of Iran's joint oil board announced: '•Nc'^c.iirttions are now ended." Later a government -spokesman said he hopes that after the mis- bank in Washington a solution to the oil disagreement still may be found. The b.vik mission, headed by lyjan Officer Hector Prudhcinme. was to pay a farewell call on Premier MohRinmerl Massadegh today and fly later this week back to the United States. Japs Show Displeasure At Tax Paying, Too TOKYO l/Fi — It's tax-paying ime in Japan, too, nnd some disgruntled citizens showed their displeasure today. They threw fire bombs at two Japanese tax offices. Both fires were quickly controlled. for to the 622nd Military Pollc* Company. "It will really seem stranga not to have my better hall around," Jacob said. "We always did everything together — even dated tht same girl In hlsh school." FEEDS Wholesale or Retail FULL-O-PEP STAF-0-LIFE Moore Bros Store Phone 6868 Ilhvay IS West Put New Life Into Your Clothes! Wake up the looks of your wardrobe with qua lily dry cleaning. Colors are refreshed . . . original lines restored, Your clothes will look like new for Spring. Our experts use gentle but efficient solvents In cleaning, and do a fine pressing job loo. 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