The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1952 BLYTHF.VILLE fARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Arkansas' Political Pot Begins to Stew, Tackett ToRun; Gordon Announces By The Associated I'ress The Arkansas political pot—simmering since the first of this election year—began to stew In earnest over the weekend. In a rash of fast breaking developments: 1, Rep. Boyd Tacketl of the oM ^fourth Congressional District announced that he would run for governor, 2. l.t. Gov. Nallian Gordon announced lie would seek his fourth trrin In office. 3. The Dallas county town of Forciyce put on a big rally to boost Ally" Gen. Ike Murry, Us favorite son, for governor. While Murry lias not announced as a candidate, he j Is expected to mnke ihe race. I 4. Dr. n. B. Robins, nntioruil Oemorratir com mill nenian from Carnclen, said he would support the candidacy of Sen. Kiehard ItiisseH Cl)-Ga) for the Democratic presidential nomination. Tackett, who.^e old district was merged with Rep, Oren Harris' Seventh District because of a population loss, told a news conference in Little Rock he probably will file his party and corrupt practices pledges today i Monday) and then return to Washington, held his present post since 1947, About 2.500 of Ike Murry's home' folk in Fordyce turned out lo urf!«? the outspoken foe- of Gov. -MrMnt to .seek the povertier's office, foi Murry still refused to announce j his intentions. Cheering Crowd Present He told the chcerlnp crowd that "I know what you stand for. nnd 1 know that when I talk about hnn- P5t and efficient covernment, I'm talking about what yon stand for. It is relatively unimportant whether I run for governor or not. "The Important thiiif- is whether we have the riu'ht type of ^overn- ineiit and that we try to do some- [hine toward (hat enrl." ;n his address, Murry continued his running feud with Oov, Mc- \Iath, cntiei/ing the/ administration highway program and the recent "McMath Appreciation Ni^ht" In Madison County. Robins fledcrs Support ' Dr. Kolnns pled Red his support \ to Sen. Russel! in a letter which said In part: "Unfortunately politicians, rather than the people, usually pick the party nominees. For example, in our state at the present time we have a governor who lias consist- Russians Said SupplyingArms French Charge Aid to Vietminh SAIGON, Tnrlochlnn WV--French miHfjvry mou said today Russian- mad o arms, muni t ions rinri war oquipinrnt arc helpini: thf 1 Cnm- munisl-lrd Vletmliih ficht F roach Union forcos In Indochina, Frrnch parachutist.*, Airiinc t infantry Iti a series of dnvr.s to clonr MIP Heri River Dr-lta n[ rnemy Infiltrators. rrjKirled they had rap- tured a hi* arms ami munition dump and found these war supplies marked with the Uussijin Hod Star. Common tlnjf on this. Radio France-Asie sniri: "This ^eenis confirm that, Ihe VifLminh is s titiy Russian supplies via Red China." Cruzen Takes Command MANILA. </l'j—Rear Adm. tticharr H. Cm/en assumed command m all United Stntes military activities in the Philippines today. Rrad Courier I Ncw.s Classified Ad Youths Motorcycle Through Indion Area NAW DELHI. <>V, -- A pair Of German youths who left home vvjth' ill and a pre-war motorcycle he- i ween them have, traveled 9,000 [ miles to write a rollf ;e thesis on : India, [ Thn pair. Gu^av P/iintiann and O?kar Kroher, both 24, left hnme last March 15 a^ahf:) the advice of their friends and Munich University On the long overland trip. Kroher, a Bcort coolt with a flair for medicine, kept both men In cood sh;ipe. Pfirmann. a motor mpehanlc, kept their ancient motorcycle purring contentedly. "Monthly Pains" stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 out of 4 ca*»i m doctor*' Uilil • Chances are you're putting up — unnecessarily —with the functionally caused pains, cramps and weak, "no good" feelings of menstruation I For, in actual tests by doctors. Lydift Pmkhum's Com pound brought complete or striking relief from such distress m 3 oui of 4 of the cases! Lyrtla PLnfcham'sls modem in itt action! : So eel Lydla E, PlrTiham's Veg*lab!a compound—or new, improved Table** with added Iron. SPB If—taken through tli« month—li doesn't nlv« relief from ! (hose backaches, jltiers—htlp you feel [ bpurr brff>re and during yoili period! ' Or —If you suffer Irom functional "hoi flashes" of "change ol Life." find, ouf hot* wonderful Pinkltam's it /or that, too! * tliai PRCSIDKNT — Dr. John Paul Vincent, pastor of the First Presbyterian church fit. Sioux City, fowa, has been named president of The College of the Ozarks, a PLO.sbyteniin-suppoi'tcd school at Clnrksvillft. Ark. Dr. Vincent is to assume his new post April 15. HP succeeds Dr Hubert E. Buchanan, who since the* resignation hist September of Fred A. Walker, hns been acting president (AT I'lioto) :| The 40-year-old congressman snid I cntly followed the pro-Truman party line and unless conditions chnnee he will try to hand-pick an Arkansas delegation (to the National Democratic convention) that will be pro-Truman. "I belong to the camp of Democrats . who resent the ominou: he favors 1, A smaller state highway commission; P^i 2. Elimination of waste and extravagance in state government: 3, A halt to "pyramiding administrative costs" in the state education department; 4. Adequate welfare assistance to "deserving " persons. L-t. Gov. Gordon, a MorriHon attorney, stopped speculation that he would run for attorney general with his announcement for re-election. Gordon, World War II hero, has convention this year." trend toward state socialism in this country. We want to see a repudia. tion of these policies by the Democratic party. COKTUMK HALL WIN.N'ERS—Mr. and Mrs, Russell Campbell were judged tops at Satuiday night's Cotillion Club costume hall In Hotel Noble's Mirror Room. Mr. and Mrs, Campbell came as a southern gentleman and his lady. Louis Lynch, as a jug-toting hill-billy, and Mrs. Frank Whitworth, as a French maid, wore named "best dressed" in the men's and women's competition. Eugene Lenham, who served as a judpe, is making the presentation of a miniature loving cup. {Courier News Photol "I want (Sen. Russell) to know that you will have my personal support, tit the Democratic Arkansas News Briefs — Three Weekend Deaths Put State's Weekly Toll, at 12 BT The Associated Press Twelve persons died violently In Arkansas last week, three of them over the weekend. Fred Thompson, a construction worker, was believed to have drowned in Lake Webb near Camden S'-inday. )- A 2-year-old boy was Injured T fatally Sunday when he fell from a moving car in front of his home in the Barkada Community in Drew County. Daniel R. Herring, srm of Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul Herring, rliod in a Monticcllo hospital. In Paragould. the body of a 70- year-olri retired farmer was found stuffed in a closet of his small apartment Saturday. Police said the man, William T. Peebles, was beaten to death. Police are searching for thn man's roommate. Don Perkins. 33, for questioning in connection uiih the death. Arkansas in Washington MT By GORDON' BROWN I WASHINGTON (AH) — While 1 Sen. Fulbright is petting some mention as an Arkansas "favorite pon" for the Democratic presidential nomination, he favors Sen. Russell (D-Ga.) an announced candidate, One of FulbriEjht's most enthusiastic backers is Rep. Trimble <D- Ark.> who says "I'm for Fulbrieht i 1952, 1953/1954, 1955 and 1956." Another " Arkansan, Rep. Brooks rays <I>) say? the country should >e ready -to tafce a man of Fulbright's caliber along about 1956. Future Fighter Pilots May Fly On Belly, See by Periscope Jty FRANK E. CARKY with safely and comfort nt airmen WASHINGTON nT< — Fiphlcr pi-1 not only in pianos of trip present lots of the future may fly on their | and prospective future but also In bellip.s. watching for the enemy In ! "spare ships." If and when they periscopes and mirrors. j arc developed. The belly, or "prone" position. | Col Erncr.vm said use of mir- is theoretically the best one forlrors. periscopes anrl prisms — fishtev pilots, because it helps pre- while far from perfect in the visl- vent "blackouts" while rmllms out billiy line — would allow n sltua- of sharp dives and other hony- lion wherein the prone pilot conlrt flamming maneuvers of fast fighter sometimes look straight ahead. thus resting hi.s eyes from a steady 1 upward gii/,e. And this Ft. Smith Dixie Cup Company Hit by Strike FT. SMPTH^Pi — AFL paper workers at the Dixie Cup Company's plant here have gone on strike In support of demands for .a wage increase. About 30 workers left their Jobs at 2 a.m. yesterday, only a few hours before the plant was to .shut down for the regular Sunday holiday. Operations at the plant, were suspended, nnd tlie strikers immediately threw a picket line around the establishment. However. Neil Klt^qsnorth, plant manager, said the facility would reopen this morning as usual. About 235 members of the striking; union, local 656, AFL Pulp, Sul- phite R nri Paper Mill Workers, are employed at the establishment. State Role in 'Bold Experiment' to Be Discussed LITTLE ROCK —A 35-member planning committee will meet here in closed session today to discuss Arkansas' role in the Ford Foundation plan for teacher education. One of the leading exponents for Arkansas' Participation in the "bold experiment," Dean Henry Kroncnbere of the University of Arkansas, said the committee may make "some announcement" today. Paragould Man Named Head of Broadcasters' Group leller from Arkansas the other ay which askcci "please send me three copies of your information." The staff puzzled over it for some time and then concluded the writ- was one of several school children writing in for some information so they sent him the same information the others a.skcd. LITTLE ROCK — Ray Dexter, kmanager of radio station KDRS in ParnKould, is the new president of the Arkansas Associated Press broadcasters. Dextnr was elected yesterday to ' succeed W. V. Hunt, general manager of station KLRA in Little Rock. Mark Weaver, KLRA news director, was chosen vice president. Directors elected at the eroiip's meeting here were Fred Stevenson, KGRH, FayeUeville: L. B. Tooley. KXAR. Hope, and W. N. McKinncy. KELD, El Dorado. Trlmbfe to Advance Rep. Trimble is due to advance a couple of notches on the House j Public Works Committee next year suniinc! he is re-el EC ted. Chair- mnn Buckley (D-NY) said last year he probably won't run for re-election and Rep. Larceide (D-La.) second Democrat, is retiring because of ill health, IE these thincs come to pass, Trimble would be No. 3 Democrat on the committee and would head either the flood control or the rivers nnd harbors .subcommittee— providing Democrats retained control of the bouse. Otherwise, he'd just be No. 3 Democrat. Trimble Gets Letter Incident a Hy, Trimble got a letter this week addressed to "The Embassy of Arkansas, Wa.shtncton, D- C." It was from a young school boy in New York Asking some Arkansas information. Trimble cets most of these oddly addressed letters which obviously are intended for an Arkansas representative. That's because he Joshes the mail clerks and they take a riclicht In delivering such letters to him. Along this line, Rep. Hays got Candidate Would Clean House in Mayor's Bid MATTOON, III. <W — John F. Williams, fi3, owner of R mattress factory, believes in petting his political bid in early. He announced e is a candidate for mayor with he primary and election a year or iiore away. Williams says he will fun on a ilatform that will include no whoel ax, discontinuance of parking mi?U rs, widening streets without float- bonds, a no" diupinsr more wells local residents won't have to Irink lake water. He promised to do away with the log catcher, too, giving him other planes. 'Also, it would allow a moie shallow aircraft fuselage, thereby making for a faster, more maneuverable fighter plane. But. poorer outside visibility for the pilot, nnd the fatigue inherent maintaining unusual eye rntn- tioiw have so far been drawbacks to the adoption of "prone" flight. Today. U. Col. G. O- Emerson of the Aero Mediral Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force ,Base. Dayton, OhEo. came up with a new) slant in a report to the 23rd annual international convention of the Aero Medical Asscclation. That's an organization concerned "intermittency of upward gaze," he said, might Inrgelp end the fatigue factor of "prone" flight on missions lasting more thai' an hour. South Slope Warmer UMATILLA, Fla. im — Melon Rrower W. F. Austin Sr. ran tests through the winter to determine if It wns warmer on the south slope of a melon field than the north slope. The south slope was as much as 20 degrees warmer at times, he reported. GO FLY A KITE Thli mt»age presenter] as i public servlCB by— Ark-Mo Power Co. ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE I'honc 4621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. S;it. Sun. 1:00 p.m. LAST TIMES TONITE—2 BIG HITS! SAMUEL COLDWVN P rei CO[I •MY POOLISil HKAKT' ALSO CAFITOON & SHOUTS LAST TIMES TONITE "STEEL TOWN" in Technicolor Ann Sheridan • John Lund • Howard Duff RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SUN.-MON.-TUES. 'DRUMS IN THE DEEP SOUTH" Jnmcs Craig ['nylon WEED CONTROL CONFERENCE \ for Cotton Growers \VED.-THURS. "THE EAGLE AND HAWK" John Payne, Rhonda Fleming & Dennis O'Keefe TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY VICtOR MATURE '•XTIRRY MOORE vitLlAM BENDIX \ SAMUEL GOIOWYN iOUR^ERY i OWN Technicolor Short & Band Short LAST TIMES TONITE 'WHEN THE RED SKINS RODE" Super Cinecolor Jon Hall • Mary Casllc 2 Color Cartoons TCKSDAV HARGAIN NITK All Tickets 15c "ALADDIN AND HIS LAMP" Patricia Medina John Sanrls NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. I'bone 58 LAST TIMKS TOXITE "BEND OF THE RIVER" James Rlewnrl Julia Adams TUESDAY "LOVE NEST" June Flavor William Lundigan new full color movies showing how weeds and grasses in cotton are now being successfully controlled with a practical post- emergence herbicide. 2> E C how labor shortages are being solved by cotton farmers. SlCC how costs of production can be reduced substantially. rlt/XK. the answers to your questions on the use, cost, and availability of this money-saving, labor-sqving material. SCHEDULE OF MEETINGS OSCEOLA Time: Tuesday, March ISth, 8:00 p.m. Place: County Courl House BLYTHEV1LLE Time: Wednesday, Mar. 19th S:(in p.m. Place: Jayccp flub Uoom 309 N. 2nd St. MONETTE Time: Thursday, Mar. 20 7:.1(1 p.m. Place: School House JONESBORO Time: Friday, .March 21 I 7:10 p.m. Place: County Court House I \V,<:I).-THI:RS. "WEEKEND WITH FATHER"; Van Hoflin • 1'nlricia N'cnl, DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY offered by LION OIL COMPANY El Dorado, Arkansas "Petroleum And Chemical Products For Farm Arid Industry"

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