Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 22, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's . . Celebrated HatS. Silk, Stiff and Soft. -Spring Styles. DEWENTER, i The Hatter and Furnisher. THE FIRST NATIONAL BAM LOGANSPORT, . , INDIANA CAPITA! «ar,'i 000 A. J. MurdocH, PrM. W. W. Koa». Cttnli. j. F. Brookmeyer, A»»t, Cagn. DIEECTOB3: .. Banklnp In all Us Departments promptly ''safety to Customers anQ Stockholders Strong Beaerva Fund maintained. Business Change. James Beehoor has purchased the Pelton meat market. He now occupies the new room just erected to the west of the old stand, and It L? his intention to run a first-class sliop and handle a full line of fresli and salt meat*. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 1800, Subecribe Xor Tlie Journal. Geo. Harrison has the flneat line of hammock* In the city. What you want -when you are ailing is a medicine that will cure you. Try Hood's SarsaparUla and be convinced of Its merit. Jolra Gray never allows himself to get stuck on unseasonable goocLs, therefore he never has any reason to try to stick his customers. •. The Journal has a' few copies ot "Gold nnd Silver undor the Constitution" a •work containing all financial legislation compiled by Band & McNally. Price 20 cents. The regular moettaK of the W. C. T. U. will be held at the Home for the Friendless Wednesday July 22d, at 2:«0 p. m. ItcfreslimeJits will 1* served. Miss Kettle Blanc-hard will recite. All welcome. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. »we Grape Cream of-Tartar ,-Powdcr. fret | .f Ammonia, Alum or-any other adulterant 40 Years tibue Standard. SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Buys Men's Shoes solid leather, lace or congress. 98 Cents Buys Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tip Shoes, button or lace. 63 Cents Buys Ladies' Kid Oxford Ties, pat- tent leather tips, 73 Cents BuysJ Ladies' Low Calf Skin Shoes just the thing for Garden. 29 Cents Bays Ladies Serge Slippers, solid comfort. 69 Cents Buys Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace. 19 Cents Buys Baby Shoe?, patent leather tips. 50 Cents Buys Beautiful Velvet Slippers for house wear. Stevenson & Klinsict 403 Broadway. A NARROW ESCAPE. John Hatt Caught Within a Moving Separator. IdnvilJe Obsorv&r: The HirashiiiK outfit of Charley West of Lockport va? thrash'iiiA' on the fiir.ni of .1;>s. GiMiilhiUi below Lock])orc S;Uiirtl;iy aftcniooii In litR-klns :\. wagon under th.c wheat sqKiiiton 1 he separator the wagon wheel l<i'ukc rhe belt tluit rtiiv the cyclone fan This (.-,1 used' the raaeliiiic to choke up wirh straw In t.!ie vidn.ity oC tht; fan. •Tno. Hull, one of the machine ha went on tho iiuldu of the sopanitor In roinove the straw while others of :lio employe inendcil rJie belt. Hall w stiill at work around the fan when the belt w:lc; placed on the pally and I'urjrottiup: that Mr. Hall wn.= working in e, one of 'the men signalled the on r to fro ahead. The throttle was opened and but for the presence of |iiiul of Alonzo Flattery, a crippled lioy who was stawlinpr by t'he niaehkie, .Tohn HiiU would have been gathered to his faiihew. riittitery km:w -tlint Hall was down near the' fan and he also saw the enstnc start, wlic: 1 .' witli a precision common only to cooler heads, he Ihrust ihc cuds of h.is Jieavy h.'ckory cnilches throiiRh a belt wiieel on nhe separator and stopiK^d the machine before it wa^ scarcely started. The ran, which is a •heavy steel one, had moved just far enoupli to catch Mr. Hall across t!ie middle and pin !)im down fast. Save the awful frifflxt, -his injuries nre nothing. STOLE A BIQ PILE, At Least it is Thought This Lad is the Guilty Party. A couple of yonn? toughs giving their nameis as Claud a.nd Burt Hensley were arrested Monday iilght at midnight Iiy Pnrtolmau Scbrier arid Bisnop. Claud was arrested upon the charge of carrying concealed weapons and Enrt was arrested for vagrancy- Claud was reaching for his gun for some unknown purpose when arrested by Patrolman Bishop, He said that they lived at Ft. "\Vayne but later denied that statement. Tie <snid that he did.not mind being arrested; that he had been In Jail often before and that if they wanted him tn, he would go out nnd get ft rope nnd lot them lianK him. Patrolman Bishop has IL photograph and description of a boy aiiswerFng h-is description who Is wnnt- ed In .Denver, Colorado for the theft of ?4,500 and when tlii.s was shown.Hint he told them to go to — with their picture that he never saw it before. They wMl be held Bending nn Investigation. DEATH OF BELL KENNEDY. Miss LenJi Bell Kennedy died at the home of her father, .Tolim R. Kennedy near Burrows, Monday morning, after n brief ii.rul severe illness of 'four dnya. of obstriietiion of tlie bowels in tbe'To-' cnllty of the' vormifomi appendix, which i-estiHed in-npiwjitlidtis.and general or diffuse. Jufliumiatioii of the abdominal .organs ami .jMHittouitis. Dr. Soudors called -in.conncij a specialist in abdominal fnrfvry from Indianapolis togclher wUli Dr. Stevens of this city Dr. Angell of Delphi and Dr. Cable of Ilockflold" Tlie- o-UHi-uction w-n's"finally ili-slodged but relief ea.uic too Inte. The resulting Inflanmntion was akendy. on hands 1« an inteiiw; form which .baffled the combined <?n'ort.<' of scieneo-'-or (iTURS. ' Miss Kennedy wa's 3C years of ago, being the yotihgest daughter of the household. Her friends, were nnm- ber(xl -by fire limit- of her acquaintance, iKftng-an. exemplary ' OhrLnlfin- young lady, dytu-g .with true Christian resI/5-ua- tion tliat begets on-e of noble character. 'The. iiuddoii deiitli was n" 'su.vivriso"'aii'd unexpected by . ..the . conirn\ui!ty. The whole community-is-.In sorrow-with the faan.Uy. She' was a steward and, one among the most active members'of the Burrows CliTisthin churcli. • ' ' By 'her request' the 'funeral will be eonducRHl by. 1li« Daughter? of .Re- bnkah and Good TeWlaiK, she being an active member of Iwtb orders. .The •funeral discourse she-Oirected .should be delivered by her pastor, 'flic Rev. A.'L. Wast,"at Hie rerfderiee aowl will be held .Wednesday at_10:30 a. m: Interment at-'the 'Brown oliurch near Rockfleld. THEY STOLE IT Kokomo Has a Scorer Who Know Mow to Rob. THE GAME WAS A TIE But the "Tall Man and the SHor Man" Took It. If Miaf Kokomo team Is'oens- up' -it. present lick, jt; will e:iru a..rej->ulalion second only to't-he Cleveland club-foi rough riding on the kiTl'tlelu". The Ot U* were deliberately robli<?d : r>r a hard fought game yesterday at'-rhat town And the best of it is th/nt 'the. Kokoiiio people udni'itjhat. tlie Logausiiorl team was ro-bbed. There were a number of L'c roole.iv; over In sou The game, -and .when they ftiw Mic way the Kokfiiiibs/nt'eiide-l to take the pvm-e i.hey wr;re justly . : i:i- dljrnant. but'irwas no use 1 : it-was elthei give up or lose the Otto's ppyrion of the Kate receipts. The way o-f.it.\vns Ihbt: The giune .-Hailed out wJlli Knko'mo :U bat and they made two runs in Iho first, •Ivinsj.the I.ogniwpcirrs a blank. In tlie socon-d tin 1 Kokomos again scored twice and the Qtww tied the score.' iiiakiu iL four to four. Xo one who. was .watching the jraiine doubtud but that, the'score boa.rd would show this, but the ofllciai scorer changed the figures to" suit-him 1C. Instead ot crediting.,,tin;.. Ottos with the four runs t;hey nwctd, lie only ffavu them three, There Was a wrangle over this and the score was dia'nged so that the board showed the bon-ect figure, four and four. Kokoiup maile.two in the third and two more- iu die. JlUJi, and that ended their run-Kefthift.-.Lo-: gansport score one in the third. o,nc -in ho seventh and by a magniflcenf streak of batting in 'he e.i-ghth, tied th'e'scor'<5. making two run,?. T'lie ninth lulling open-ed with the'score board..showing, both- learns credited wit.h' eight .runs, .1 the scorer saw that something had to be done. Umpire Morris refused 'to- a party to the^twi'l. and so 1 he scorer took Jt i.uto his own hands' and .changed Hi-e board to show a score .pC'eight to seven -iu favor of Kokomp. ..-^Vlicn the Ottos kicked they were uwlviwith the- coint'ortlng a.ssuram-e that. N'lliat score goes on- you don't get a cent of tlie gate •eceipts." Kokomo had best never say inythiTig about Connersvlllc robbing people on tlieir home grounds. After Mi n bare-faced steal as that the best shu ciiu do is-to .say nothlng.abQiit -roji* .ters or people who know lier will think I! the old adage: "People who Huff-In ,-lau<s houses shouldn't fTirovs' "stones.'' Pliei-e w-111 be another game today and- L will be different. Tlie Kpk'inip gnu;' will be beaten so far that ;i:l\o.v.- "will, nve no clnincc to steal the.gapie.- • . • • Following i-s the score by .innings:. Loga.usiwrt n 4 1 0 0-0:1 ;2.0-:S vokomos 2220 2,(V'0-0"CM? Bat'teries^Crosby aucl BjJrsj'Tanrot; Heiiily nnd Garvey; hits—Kokoiu6'0', O.'t-. •o« 14; two-base hits—Whlte:uiuj,,.'-Re-i vllles, -StnttB, Horsloy, By-era.{2);;efrors —Kokomo 4, Ottos R; struck-. ::.ojit—by Crosby 5. by Fa-urot and HwilyU. ;'"•''' There was some terrific -bAWtig'tfone by the home team. Out vyf'fq^r'-tfliies nt but Bycw had two slnglp'anu'two, two-base hits, and ho.cauebjt.-n msyjnjll.- front game. Crosby was; wjUl. b. m pitched a good uphill game.:: Seville* pened'the fireworks .in tlwr secondMn.^ ling when the Ottos scored Mhr'-i'-unsf by hitting the ball oveji.Ui^ i'ejttce.^pr wo bases. It wa« a hard" g'ame' to play ind it was played borvesft,yf < i'iy r fTfe'Lo- rauxport team.. It ln.npt.j.d_wiited_t;iiat he piiine .was lost. . ,l.t .was .a ; fje. awj, everybody on tlie.«iwunUSL r Jtcow "that ,liat was what rlic score Iton.i-xV When; the Scare -was So"inctHin!i-ti>.,, A recunl wiw broken 'lif-flie'^fltlonnl eiiguo 'y t >s'tt>rd!iy-. Five ; gn.m'fts; "-\VeVe )layed Jn wWtlV o«; club was j>hnt..otfl vitliout a score. la th'e,',,.first'. Pji»c<,> ;k'vel;nid bhuiked Warfiins9un.jAyJ.ee. Jnltilmori! put a cout of cal.d'iiUne"oyer lie Pirate* Jn tlie flrst game, nnd the •I'ttwbuirgs tunieO rltflrt .flitfuStu their .racks .and pa.ye tlie oliamijlioiia *fi. d.ost; of -tsbeir own,jiu»aLciae.i;u.~l:he second •sww. Aud einc'lmiatl. aial-.tQw-n..wl)prf hey are all wild over thenierrormunee 'f tho Brushers, 08 the eiric ; !iiim-M~'Eii- quirer ealte -them, live Cjncfnn^tjs^Vai- ' tlie'Kew York's twor/alVit; one SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P.S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing Eai-n prevented t.he game at St. Louis vith Philadelphia.' STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Chibs - Won Los-t Per Ot. Cincinnati ...:... .•. r ,r,. Cleveland ........ •.51- Baltimore ... ...... -",0 Iliicajro ........... '-IS • :..41 Brooklyn 33 Phil.'fdelpMa • 3.". ; 31 New York 31 St.- Louis .'.•• 22 . ..:..•:. .17- 2fi 23 3!) 34 35 41 41 41 43 .079 .071 .00" .371 .333 .nso .401 .401 ..431 .410 .280 .230 PERSONAL. Mr.' H. C. Cushmnn is at Delphi on burliness. Mr. Carl Keller.is at Indianapolis on AY, B. Ray wsiisjit. Kokomo yes-terday Mi business. . .Miss Carrie Kellar is'Hsitlng at Lake laxin-knckee. Miss May McC-onnr.il'is visiting rcla- ives at F.ockteldr.,'^ "'"' / .',, ".'. L. A. Smirti.'of'H'mitiiiffton was in ho city yesterday. ' ' " E. C. Wilson is at Grand- Rapids, ilicli.,'for lite hfeiHli. ' ' ._•' George Moore of ' Laifayctte visile;! riends here yesterday! : ';.. Monl.lcello Joimial: Mr. fijid'Mr.«. W. . Uhl viislted in I^giWispbrr today. Mi'ss Craw: Thomas' of Garret t. v,-il! ri-i'vo tmliiy'for a visit with friends. Fred Harding of •pa'ii'villtff 111., is visi.t- iK the Misses' Robinson 'of North ireot.' Mifs Kittie Camey h'as returned home ff.ej a two-weeks' visit'wirli' rehi^ives i 1 ' Ch'lciigb'. ' -. Miss KaTtle'BeaiV'haX'r'ettirhed from a' wo'"]«'*•!»' vacalikm for lioin'C-'ln' Car- oil 'county. Mrs'. ' .Tames McCombiS: '-and Mrs. mlt'h"aTo'v1sitltig at Mexico;'Ind., for few days. Valparaiso yidfette: 1 Drs. A. C. and C. ; jirri'viid' 'here Siuiday from Siekafoow and wife.of South 'h.itney :m visiting their .sou. of Thirst ivet. H.'U Ll't l^c>>• *.^I»M? ^""-^ ."* 4^;,. ,y .'^",..them for a shirt out. •^oiiowiijg'iire' he SCOTCH of. the samea^jrcstecday.;,..'.-. At Cl(;velnud-^-WiuihliJKtoa.:-0,-jCl?ve.- •md 2. (Seeorul game)—WaslitoptonvO, Cleveland 7. • ; *'• '".^ '"'"'"' '•' ' M Pltrsburg—Baltlnwre'&_ t (Second game)—Baltinjfi^e^ urg 4. - - . j--'-.6r : -^ :-.•<: At Clncl-nnatl—New Vwh^O, Clncin- iflti 4, (Second gamej-TyXeSV. ^ot'lr. 2, Cincinnati 4. , .. c ,.. ^^ x-w.-:.;,.: At CMcajw—Boston 8, Cktcagp 7.,-..,.. A.uiuiJiber of. the 0 fit-pit eg to tlie B. V. U.'returned home last .nl^ht on the liduight train. ... . -. .; Mr. aiwT Mrs. Henry Reed .and family Isited/vith -T. D. Tarm-noiiiS and family t ld:iville Sirnday. . . ...: Lal'a^eite Call: .T. F. Getty. of.Lonan^ jwrt w;iis in r.he city yesterday, sliest ol'v tlie Brinnbli; House.. Ml**'" .lOSiDhinc Mei!k(;r__..or Crowitj rplnt,.is vlsitliiK Mm.-E.JCa-pp Slough; of -eai-t Market stree. .,.-..-. . • \ Ranch and Carl Mit-dack IUVH I from a trip through. Ohio, and :i tour of the great, laker;.'".. ' . .Tilings Niilson has gone tp'IJma to reenter Howe Military n-enflemy'.. He recently retu'rn«l 'from"'a' European' trip. ,7.! C.''Rhd:ibniigli! : a.prp;!ninent farmer (if WarriioD'iowDship Jeff'.last night for AtlaXita. Ga.,;for' a tew months' visit. _ , .. ,„ . *• • Mis*-/Helen- MatUiews ^yiH:.rcturn to her home-, at. .lEdlannpplis ;:; today after a. vi.sit with the Misses Rogers at Lo'ns Cliff. Prank Skin.ner who has been iravel- iujr in i;he jntorest of tlie T.nsanspori Chemical compajiy is in the city for a few days. Mesdamei5 Kendall of Indianapolis and Kendall of Rockileld, have returned to Choir homes after a visit with D. B. MoConnell. John Dittemorc and Hugh Bryan have returned to their bomo at Indianapolis after a visit with Mi.ss Mollie Wise of this city. Miss Burt Roach of Delphi who is the •;nost. of tlie Misses Moore of East. North street will po to Lafayette' Thursday to visit relatives. iSam B. PaUersoai, who has been visit- in-.' lils family at Die lake returned via St. .Toe and Chicago, to Ottuimva. Iowa yesterday. His family liavo not ber-u lo Ottu.mwa. with him but will remain at the lake durine the heated term and then ,1oiu him iw Ottuimva. IdaviHe Observer: MJsscs Susie Gibson and Lizzie Reed of Transport were tlie gneste; of .friends in Idavillo hist weoK... .Mrs. A.llio Bell and son of Loffirnspoi* a.re vi.siti.np; lior sister, Mrs. Ed Duffy. THE KARAIM JEWS. Only the sufferer knows the misery of dyspepsia, but Hood's Sarsaparilla cures the -most stubborn cases of this disease. Mattile Collins, three women and four men w.ero taken at the Collins resort yesterday afternoon. All settled in the Mayor's court. One Waj by Which Rn»I*n* Snub Orth*v dox flebrevri. The K.nraim Jews number 3,000 or i,^. 000, and live principally in the Crimea^. They spoalt a Tartardialectamong-them~ selves, and ethnolog-ically arc much, znore like Tartars than Semites, saya, the Saturday neview. Their own le^ geuds, in facl, permit the.assumptioa that they were Khazars, and were con-^ verted to Judaisminltie eighth century^ Their form of Judajsm differs from that of the 5,000,000 or more orthodox Rus- ' ei&n Jews in rejecting- the Talmud and traditional theology altogether, and I confining itself strictly to the Mosaio revelation. It has been a favorite anjuse-*.' iiient with the Russians for generations to pretend the greatest admiration anil affection for this obscure little tribe. Mme. NovikoS had her joke on tha- subject in London when she gravely- j i osured .on interviewer some years ago that there never had been a law of any- kind issued in Russia against the Jews. \Yhcn this amazing 1 assertion was ques-vj tioned, she coolly explained that she' referred to the Karairo Jews, as in Rusi sia they did not consider the disciples ot I the.Tahnnd were Jews at all. Inasmuch, as the Karaimites constitute only ft two- ! thousandth part of the Jewish race,'If. j Indeed, it be conceded that they belong 1 1 to it all. the insolence of the Russian •• attitude toward them is peculiarly ex- j asperating- to Hebrews in general, anil the spectacle of their being-brought for- j ward nt Moscow ns the sole representa-.. lives of Israel will Emprt nnd ranklo ( just as the genial Slavonic character^, desires that it should. A NOVEL ADVERTISEMENT. 1 rait.rick Johnson, was arrested • 'ast evening by Patrolman Bishop upon !he charge of intoxication. LION PRESENTED WITH A MATE. Lincoln Park, Chicago, Securei » Yoaag Lionet! fpom Denver. The Lincoln pnrk menagerie at Chi-' »ii£;o has been enriched by the addition^ of a young Hoiic*s, which will hereafter be known a.s Mrs. Leo. Th»> animal was exchanged for a two-year-old lion cub and comes direct from Denver. Kw>l>er Sweeney l«is for some tini^ been on the lookout for a suitable companion to allpvuUc the loneliness ol Leo, tlie j>ride of the menagerie. The new arrival was secured Irom a traveling- circus. Though her past reputation is none too g-ood for fi-eiitJenens Jier new qujirter-s will, her keeper - hopes, convert her into a docile, afTectionata spouse. The lioness was on view for the *taoi»tlr« S$ber.day, Though shear- .,.^Jr.ii)' 1 -Ch^cag<>..on the Fourth.^ ajid ,«as -the center ..of crowds of -.idmirinfr ferwctotors. ...Slw pccupioe the cage ne-xl "i£p Leo's. aTid. after,, she becomes accuc- tqriied' to the excitement, of life in the 'will', it is.oipwsted. 1 ta,k« kindly to & Earlhqiiake experts pro(>o!s? to*stab- \h n number, of stations for sw'smo- logrical observations around t.he eartli. Starting from .Japan, when: is the most camplcte system of studying- eartli- qunUcs in the world, the- stations will be Shanghai. Fiona Kong-, Calcutta, Sydney. Kome. Tiicubaya in Mexico, Port .Natal. Cape of (iood Hope. Santiago in Chili.and Hiode.Janeiro.allCOID- muniraliD^ with a tentral station at Strnsburj. - Bdllt • Monument In the, Cemeterj fe|> the rurfiote. . H A splendid monument of Pierre C«".j hochard, grocer, stands in a conspieu-, ous position In the cemetery of Pere 1*,, Chnise, It bears a pathetic inscription,^ Jending: ^ "Ois inconsolable widow dedicate*: this monument to his memory, and con-v| tinues the same business at the olt^j place, 307 Rue Mouffetard." f A g-entleman had the curiosity to call I at the address given, says Tit-Bits. ^ "1 came to see the widow Cabochard,'" eaid tb* caller. "Well. sir. here she is." said the roan"J beg pardon," said the gentleman, "but 1 wish to see tlie lady herself." "Sir," was the answer, "1 am the widow Cnbochard." "1 don'l exactly understand," quoth the visitor. "I allude to the relict of the late Pierre Cabocliard, whose mon uraent I Eaw yesterday at Pere la Chaise." "1 see, 1 see," was the smiling re. joinder. "Allow me to inform you that P:crre Cabochard is a myth, nnd there* fore never hud a v.-ifp., The tornb you Rdroirrd cost me n good <lt>:il of money: and. though no one was huricd there, it proves H first-rate advertisement, and ] have hart no cause to regret the expense What r:in I sell you ii) the way of groceries?" , oeath or Enffllih Klnic*. Horse accidents caused, the death o) William I. and William III.: WiHiiun H. and Richard 1. were killed by ar-. lows; Richard III. was slain in battlei Charles 1. was beheaded; Edward n^ ttiehard n. nnd Edward V. were mur« dercd; a surfeit of lampreys costHenry I. his life; poison or a surfeit of peaches killed John; poison is suspect* ed to 1iave been administered to Edward VI.; and the death of Henry VL in by some historians laid to the charge of Richard, duke of Gloucester. .• •••••- •••• •... .•!• .. .., •.(':-'-$;!<i . ' • '.-.••',. :. "> .'...'. •-••-••'.-.•.'.• .I '...;,••..' '•.'. '•' '.•'•' jw-i«, r . ,•..:..•'• •••••!;•• ','.-. '•••'••;,•.: •:;.-•;. ••• '.,'•»• ••'-.• . .-...:;,/ .y,- : /'.-'.-.;-.-"t\-: •;•';-.'• ••-.' --J 'v.^y:/ •."••; ;;';•:: fe;S$!i^

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