Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on February 22, 1918 · 16
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 16

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1918
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z THE CALGARY DAILY HERALD, FRIDAY. FEB. aa, 1918 ' ' ' Perry sOrlginal Gut-Rate DRUG STORES AND MAIL ORDER HOUSE PERRY PRICES 20c Holland Rusks, 2 for.... 2 for -So T5e Virol .........654 $1.00 Mead's Dextri Maltroa 95 $1.00 Mellln'a Food SO $1.00 Sugar of Milk. 1 lb 95 WorWMkr oJ 4u.Xm4 folks- rwvdJHomc.t Your Own Column YOU CAN BUY FLETCHER'S CASTORIA FOR 254 AT PERRY'S YOU CAN BUY ENO'S FRUIT SALTS FOR 754 BOTTLE AT PERRY'S 25o Swansdown Powder 194 75o LaMache Face Fowtfer 624 25c Shaving Stick, Albert... 204 25o Peroxide Cream 194 25c Shaving Lotion ....... .204 YOU CAN BUY 1-LB. TIN TALCUM POWDER FOR 204 AT PERRY'S $L0O Nuxated Iron 864 $1.00 Bon Opto 6 50c Pape's Dia pepsin 384 60c California Fig Syrup. . . -434 50o Peps for Colds 404 25c Cascara Quinine Tablets 194 YOU CAN BUY $4-00 Alarm Clocks for $3.00 $3.00 Alarm Clocks for $2.00 $240 Motor Watches, S1.50 25c White Pine Syrup 19 50o Plnex 38 0o Dr. Chase's Syrup. .... .484 25c Dr. Chase's Syrup 194 25o Baby's Own Cough Syr. 19 I 30C Grove s Bromo Quinine, 254 YOU CAN BUY CLUB SPECIAL CIGARS 3 FOR 254 AT PERRY'S 2Ec Almond Cream .........194 25o Witch Hazel Cream 19r J5o Seely's Massage Cream 254 wm palm onve creams 4( 75o Pompeian Massage CYm 654 YOU CAN BUY HOSPITAL SIZE HORLICK'S MALTED MILK FOR S3.15 AT PERRY'S 25o Bclectric OH 194 25c bot. 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The most wonderful cure for constipation, sick headache, biliousness, sour stomach, stc en the market. Remember, FREE no chame and only one to a customer. $1.00 Beef, Iron and Wine... 754 $1.00 Wine Cod Liver OH....75 $1.00 Syrup Hypophosphites 754 $1.25 Pink ham's Compound 954 75o Scott's Emulsion 624 Editor, Berald Woman' Page. Women, Wake Up! Are we whose sons are laying down their lives in this fearful world struggle against German and Austrian brutality, going to allow said aliens to . destroy our young country. . Look at the condition of affairs brought to liipht in the school controversy to the north of us. Consider how much more distressing the fuel situation has been made by the alien miners to the south. Women must act before we have a state bordering on conditions similar to those In Russia. Every woman's organization In this country needs to act and act quickly that our boys who do come back to us, may not have another battle to fight here at home after they have already done their bit overseas. A MOTHER WITH THREE SONS AT THE FRONT. Editor, Herald Woman's Page. In answer to a letter signed "Social Service." and to the girls of Calgary, who may have taken exception to the report of a recent address I gave. I would like to explain how the assertion that "If all women were good there would be no ibad men," was made. I did not refer to the child or girl, but to the fully developed woman and the woman that through her own willfulness becomes bad and at whose door can be laid the blame or the first cause of spreading dread diseases and which can be contracted through the public drinking cup and kissing. I also advised the girls -to prefer the good home and less wages to the position in which they did not feel perfectly safe. To read the newspapers and magazines, and if they -did not understand the meaning of certain technical terms to go to the lady of the house and ask her to explain what was meant. Also that clothes do not make the lady; that the girl that is honest and respectable is today the nation's best asset, and as such, no matter what her occupation, it is her privilege to demand a clean bill of health - from the man who asJcs her to be his wife, or should she consider' the best man in the world too good for her. - It Is too bad that good, innocent girls end clean women can be made the7 Innocent victims of another wo man's badness. Re broken promise of marriage, again I maintain that if a man loves a girl he will respect her. and if he doesn't respect her, I think she can make up her mind it is love of self, not her, he is thinking of a big brother and horse whip would be very useful at that time. As to the men who ruin children, they are brutes not men, and a few examples and proper punishment handed out in the way it should be would soon put an end to that. We hope some day in the near future there will be women Judges on cases of this kind then, look out. In justice to the working girl, I make this statement: I worked from the age of 13 years. For the first year I received $1.50 per week. I was 'born with the love of pretty things, the same as many other girls. but was taught that the good man looked at the face, not the clothes. Concluding, I would say there are enough good women in Calgary, that no girl need go without a real, true friend. MRS. C. R. EDWARDS. President of the Womens and Girls' Friendly and Protective Society, and convenor of public health for Local Council of Women. SOAP AND N1TR0 EATERS ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE DUTY Extraordinary Cases Disclosed by Military Re-examining Board SOME EVASIONS VERY DIFFICULT TO DETECT First Calgary Man Reboarded Goes Into Class A2 From E CALGARY MAN IS NAMED SECRETARY BY BLACKSMITHS Dave Black Elected to Keep Records of Provincial Convention Eighty master blacksmiths from all over the province were in attendance at the opening of the convention which took place in the Robinson and Linton hall this morning. Mayor Costello welcomed the visitors to the city and said that he was surprised to see so many of them In at tendance. It is expected that there Will be over 400 registered by this evening, as some of them were unable to reach the city this morning. The most of the morning was taken up with the registration of the various visitors, and the first business session will be held this afternoon. The smiths all visited the city hall this morning and were photographed from the steps of the municipal building. Organizer Speaks , Organizer Lennox, from Winn,im. addresaed! the convention. nrniaininr the reasons for forminer a nrnvtivini association and also the objects of such an organization. Mr. Lennox was Instrumental in organizing the Manltoiba provincial association some nine years ago. Frank Hearnee. renreantnHv. nf h Catewell Horse Nail Company, also spoke this morning along the lines of what the new organization muM An help the blacksmiths of the province. A Livingston, of Edmonton, acted as chairman this morning, and Dave Black eureiary 01 me ualgary association was appointed secretary. Smoker Tonight It is expected that thnrn wiu much larger number In attendance at the afternoon session and also at the smoker tonight, as there are some 330 master blacksmiths in the province, and each of these was invited to attend. Most of them answered to the effect that they would come to Calgary for the convention if at all possible, and others said that though they might not be able to get away they would be in sympathy with anv ntinr. th.t be taken by the convention. ine real work of organization will take place this afternoon, when the various officers will be elected mri rangements nftde to procure a charter from the provincial government. BICYCLIST LOSES DAMAGE SUIT FOR SUM OF $599.50 MUST HAVE HOMESTEADS In connection with th i,tio. .... of the telegram that was received vea. .i; f ' " -t"-cneu, secretary of the local branch of fh iz-, ir eterans Association, from Howard Stutchbury regarding the appointment of an inspector under the land settlement board for returned soldiers it should be stated that applications 'are asked from men who at th ir hav homesteads and who are desirous of obtaining a loan of money from the oommissioners to enable them to go on the land this soring. Th.o m ??ued.-?,0?.rwarS onc Secretary " particulars 01 tne land thev hold. To Darken Hair Apply Sage Tea Look Young! Bring Back Its Natural Color, Gloss and Attractiveness. Judge Winter Dismisses Ac tion Against City Cartage Company Judge Winter has dismissed the ac tion brought by Ernest Henry Bond, a clerk employed by Robert F. Edmunds, dentist, against the City Cartage Company for ?59.60 damages, the result of an accident wherein the plain tiff was run down by a motor truck driven by an employe f the defendant company. 7 On November 8, 1M7, the plaintiff was riding, his bicycle along the west side of First street west, and in order to avoid passengers alighting from a street car, turned in ahead of the motor truck, which was following be hind and to one side of him. He was knocked down and the bicycle damaged. Judge Winter found that the unfor tunate occurrence" appeared to have been a pure accident, to which both parties contributed equally, and dismissed the action, but without costs- to any of the parties. Wright & Wright acted for the plaintiff; McArdle, Davidson & McOuire for the defendant, D.F. E Well Known Millinery and Fancy Goods Firm of Toronto Expands S. F. McKinnon and Company, the weU-known millinery and fancy goods firm of Toronto, will shortly open a branch wholesale house in Calgarv for the convenience of their western trade. M. D. Buchanan is director for all western business, and has headquarters at 301 Seventh avenue west. HANS GREEN DIES IN CALGARY HOSPITAL Former Contractor Whe Came Here 31 Years Ago Passes Away Early this morning Hans Green, who came to Calgary Si years ago, passed away at the General Hospital following an operation after a prolonged illness. Mr. oreen came from Norway, and for a long time carried on business here as a general contractor. About ten years ago he went out to live on his farm near Shepherd. Deceased was 54 years of age an leaves a widow, two dwughters andi five sons, two of whom are on active service in France. Mrs. Green is residing with her daughter, Airs. T. B. Ktancis, at 011 Sixth ave nue west, and the other daughter, Mrs. K. F. Field, resides at 626 Fifth avenue west The funeral will be conducted' on Sunday from A. M. Shaver's undertaking establishment, but the time has not yet been fixed. It is significant that in the very-first case .that was dealt with -by the new medical board of review this morning was the-man that was re-examined and . 1 who had been placed in Category "E" was pronounced to be qjulte fit for "A2." He is a Calgary man an when he was first examined was given the latter class by tse medicos, later, on the strength of a letter from a private medical man, he was placed in category "E." Now He is back again In his original classification ' and will be ordered to report, for ser vice. . ? . : ; - 1 This is the first case of many thousands that will come before the medical board of review,' which, as mentioned in The Herald yesterday, is composed of Captain R. M. Cook, president; Captain E. Flelden Nivin, and Lieut. W. Merritt.- The men that will appear before the board will be those1 who, after appearing at a tribunal, object to their medical category; also the many thousands of cases in connection with which there is some doubt in the regis trar's mind as to the men's rightful claim for exemption. Lose No Time The work that lies before the new board will be most arduous, and in order not to lose any time a start has already been made as indicated above. That the young man referred to might have been lost entirety as far as the military are concerned is proved by the fact that he was on the point or leav ing for the - States, and he would, of course, have been exempt from ser vice as he had In his possession his "K" classification by the Canadian Art' bunal. I That some men have been placed In ctassiftcation "B" owing to "doping themselves with vanoul substanaes such as soap, cordite, nitro-glycerine and so forth, is the firm conviction of Captain Cook. Actual instances have already come under his notice. These things produce undue action of the heart andi support their claim that they are suffering from an affliction of the heart. It is a well-Known net that very considerable .number of the men were sometime ago granted exemp. tion from military service on account of heart trouble. Any such subterruges, however, will not be easily put over the board of review, and if there is the A slightewt oount in any case that the man is a walking soap plant, or arsenal, or is up to any other little trick, he will be placed under arrest and closely observed. Flagrant Case ; A most flagrant case of a man thus doping himself came undwr the notice of Captain Cook and Captain Sanson but a short time ago. He was a Winnipeg man, who had never ben overseas, and had been sent here to be treated for tuberculosis. He was In hospital for three months and notwithstanding the treatment atl the Frank Convalescent Home, did not show the slightest traces of improvement. He was sent back to Calgary and was treated at the general hospital. He was there seen by the doctors mentioned, who had him removed to the Mount View institution, and It was at the latter hospital that it was discovered that the man was each cay swallowing a large quantity of soap In order to avoid military service. Thorough Examination That the re-examination of all men that come before the board of review will be very thorough. The Herald was fissured this morning by the Dresident. No attention will be paid to the prev ious metrical nistory sheets, neither will any notice be taken of any letters that may have been written by private doctors. "We are going to exercise one au thority impartially." remarked obtain Cook, "and it makes no difference to us wnetner tne man is the son of a duke if there are any in military district No. is or the son of a laborer, thev will all be treated alike. Mv nermnai opinion is that a large mimhwr of m. have been granted exemption 'who have not the slightest excuse for not being In khaki." As if by a coincident It was but a short time after making this latter remark to The Herald thi. ITUMtlinr that wja referr to above tm brought wiwv tuw uoara ana trunaaerrtxj category A2. PATRIOTIC FUND ADMIN ISTRAT ION -COST NEGLIGIBLE Expenses Were Only Three Tenths of One Per Cent, of Receipts The nrth edition of the financial statement of the Canadian Patriotic Fund shows that since it was inaugur. ated in August. 1914, till December 31 1917, the sum of I34,59,290.49 has been collected, and that the exDenses for management, secretary's office, administration and campaign, were only iie,, tieing a cost of only three tenths of one percent of the receipts. Tne statement of receipts by pro. Ti1ces hws that AJberta has con tributed H.834,245.70, placing this pro vlree fifth on the list Following is the standing of the pro. vinces: Ontario ................... .tl6.311.ll9.' n L"-"' .7Sa ,0SS.10 British Columbia , Z.4R3, 420.87 rasKstcnewan 1.952,479.11 Alberta 1.S34.24S.70 ova tscotsa r, 1,343.728.95 e.v Br.ijwwick 1.097,107.19 'Prince Edward Island 126,521.0 "I"" ' 135,527.99 Manitoba receipts represent only the .iuuuuni lorwaraeo to tne honorary treasurer and afterwards handed S?. A, tne Province, due to the fact that It is a separate organization, and ndependently collects and distributes IN THE'COURTS LEGAL INTELLIGENCE Before L. P. Ctarrv, Esq., master In chambers, Feb. 2a, W18; CT m H.B. Co. vs. Scott: '. P. U Stanford for plaintiff, obtained order for ser- tioTiaHy. """c"",m ot c"m, substitu Ontario 1iiin A- u.h-n... Cook et al: P. U Stanford obtained order for service ex tnrin in. r..; Canada Life Assurance Co. vs. bavie al: P. A. Carson obtained ordter for wui 01 court. vJ'SJ'vJ'1" - - "Vancou-'rr Ilnce Rupert Meat Co: J. A. McCalg for plaintiff, obtained consent orer for direction H.B. Co. vs. Patterson: J. A. MoCaig VT 7 uraer tor service ... .c.ucut m ciaim ex juris in Van couver. n.n. uo. vs. Mceombs: J. A. Mm. p,aintiff- obtained! order for Standard Truet vs. Grlmshaw: T T Hayden obtained vesting order in first instance, in mortgage action on farm Vrn.1, A . : 1 - nirrimn Aiminim 1:0. vs Sullivan: L. F. Mayhood applied! fo Ti-rections ami discovery; A. A. MoCilHv-rav opposed': order for accounting made Waterbury v. Hope et al: w. G Egbert for defendant, applied! for order "" uisconnrauance. with row), tr. fendant. W. A. McFarlanw for ntaintift Opposed; onfer made, setting case down ior inn at jyiarrh sittings. magee vs. Hope et al: H. D. Mann for defendant, aonllert for nrrior frtr . : 01 hwh to aerenoant privately. A. W. Ambrose opnosed; order made. Holland Canada Mortgage Co. vs. Sharman: W. A. McFarlane for plaintiff, applied for order for sale of land in mortgage foreclosure action. W. c Pollard opposed; order, sate to be on March 18, 10 per cent caa, balance In 60 days. Canada Mor-teara TnvMrfmim4 rrt MeKenzie: Adjourned one week. Gooldi, Shapley & Mulr vs Smith: Adjourned one week. McMillan vs. Wright et at: Alex Hannah obtained order for diisonntiTnicn of action. WAR WORK EVILS English Dhvslrinnft flnri navhnlMl.t. have noted the great danger to women's morals in donnlnr mnni!ln lnfhtm. giving themselves too much license. jiib woman war worKer in male at. tire and the amateur war mtnu a- deserving careful attention bv the medical profession." writes Dr. James ?."!7?etJ' M-A.. M.D., M.R.C.P.. In the Medical Press. "I see two net results of the war In this connection a greatly lowered standard of moralltv nnrt I diseases. Wlnr has certainly slackened our moral tone, and what I mav term as high-class prostitution Is much more common than In pre-war times. The free mingling of the sexes has not had altogether a beneficial effect on the morality of the country. "Skirts are worn shorter than ever before. In fact, some women seem to me to vie with each other a n ,v can wear the fewest coltbes. cigaret smoking and drinking have become common. It is a usual sight to see women smoking and drinking at tables In public 26o Danderine .......HV 50c Belgel's Syrup Ji ac rreezone ror corns 2S t .unac ne fTance, Mlntys, 7f 25c Minty Tooth Paste. . ..20 25c Mennen's Tooth Powder 1 $1.00 Pyorrhodde tuvj. Customary War Tax Ertn. Largest buyers of Druoi mA urug sundries in Western Can. ada. Contracts for these lines can oe rnaae at any time. PERRY DRUG CO. 3--STORES--3 221 Eighth Avenue East 139 Eighth Avenue West, 804 First Street West Alberta Cornsr In the Heart of the City Common garden saee brewed it a heavy tea, with sulphur added, will turn gray, streaked and tt,AA t,.i. oeauuruiiy dark and luxuriant Just ew applications will prove a re velation if your hair is fadlne. ed or gray. Mixing the Sage Tea and Sulphur recipe at home, thomrh 1. wuuuiesrome. An easier way is to get a bottle, of Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound at any drug store all ready for use. This is h n,n. time recipe Improved by the addiUon of other Ingredients. While wispy, gray, faded hair 1. nt sinful, we all desire to retain our youthful appearance and attractiveness. By darkening vour hair Wyeth'a Sage and Sulphur Compound, no one can tell, because it does it so naturally, so evenly. Tou just dampen a sponge or soft brush with it and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time: by morning all gray hairs have disappeared, and, after another u. cation or two, your hair becomes beautifully dark, glossy, soft and luxuriant. This preparation la,.i toilet requisite and is not intended for the cure, mitigation or t.rvn.i of diBeoAe. 1,- TWO WAR CAKES Canada's War Cake Two cups brown sugar (or two cuds molasses), twoc una hot water, three tablespoons of lard or beef fat or the rat taken off gravies of roasts; one package raisins, one teasDooneach of salt, cinnamon and cloves. Boll these inirredients for five min utes after they bubble. Wben cold add one teaspoon of soda dissolved In a little hot water ami add three cups of flour. Bake In two loaves forty-five minutes In a slow oven. Do not cut this cake until two or three days after baking, as It Is like any dark fruit cake, and the longer you keep It the better it is that Is If you can keep ti once the family has a taste. America's War Cake Two cups molasses, two teaspoons cinnamon, one teaspoon of cloves and mace and salt, two tablespoons of lard or any shortenln. two cups of sour apple oaiice and dissolve two level teaspoons of soda In the apple sauce and add to the rest of the Ingredients three cups flour, and bake In loaf tins about forty-five minutes in a medium oven. You can add raisins If you like, and can use brown sugar In place of mo. liases (if you have It) and you ran use dried apples, only soak them out and make aprl9 sauec of them. You will note these two recipes do pot require milk, eggs, butter or sugar if you don't want to add It, and you will be surprised at the nlrenegg 0f the cakes; every one loves them who has tried them. KEEPING YOUR INTERESTS BEFORE YOU Would be fully carried out if you selected one of our handsome Hudson Seal Coats, either plain or trimmed. Tou will save $50.00 to $100, according to length and trimming by buying NOW. ' Many beautiful sets or single pieces also at similar reduced prices. Seeing is believing, Come and See. ANNOUNCEMENT We will be displaying in a few days our specially designed LADIES' SUITS AND HATS, made by Canada's and America's best producers. W. W. BELL CORNER 7TH AVENUE AND SECOND STREET WEST SIDE TALKS J BY BUTH CAMERON ' j PLAYER SUSPENDED MONTREAL FVh. 22. Krm Ttandnll of the Toronto X.TT.'U team, has ben si!renpd by PrewlilT!t Ottr: primarily for Ms rrmiimierj abiroe of ref erees and secondly beeause he hns not -:i'i uiii-s unyiwcM upuir iiis oTinng the season. South West Grocery PHONE M1677- PHONE M1677 CORNER FOURTH STREET AND TWENTY-SECOND Ave" W. . PAY Sugar, B.C, 20-lb. sack.g2.05 with a $2.00 grocery order, not Including flour and sugar. Icing Sugar.i 3 lbs. for . . 35 Brown Sugar, 8 lbs. for .. 35 New Laid Eggs, reg. 75c. (15 Salt, 10 bag; 3 for.... 25 Vinegar, reg. 25c bottle.. 1 Washing Powder, reg. 30c.25c Rolled Oats in tube, reg. 35c, for Tomatoes. In cans, 2 for 45 Campbell's Tomato, Oxtail and Vegetable Soup, 2 for.. Mixed Candy, lb 250 Fresh, Just in, Christie's Biscuits, sweet assortment, reg Assorted Chocolates, reg. 5uc for Creamery Butter, 2 Tbs. 81 0 Pure Lard, 3-lb. pail .... Tuxedo, Red Rose, Chase and . Sanborn's Coffee, lb. tin 45 Jolly Powder, 3 pkgs. for..25 Jam, 4-lb. pail 6T B.C. Spuds, bushel .... $J.50 B.C. Spuds, 9 lbs. for .. 2j Cooking Apples, 6 lbs. for 25 Box of about 40 lbs. $1.35 Rolled Oats, 8-lb. sack QQ Sunlight and Ivory Soap, 4 bars for 30t Washing Soda, 7 lbs for...25 Lux, 3 pkgs. for ....-35 Finest Prunes, 2 lbs. for 33 Vanilla and Lemon Extract, reg 25c, for 20 White Beans, 2 lbs.' for ... .25 Onions, B.C., 8 lbs. for. . . . 2"r Turnips, 12 lbs. for o'- Carrots. 9 lbs. fur 25 Celery, per lb jq! Cabbage, 6 lbs. for 250 Lemons, large size, dozen. 40 The After-tho-War Language A woman who is recently back from "over there" was talking about the children in the schools ot Belgium. "They do not teach geography any longer," she said to me, "they can't, because It is too fluid." A map who sells school histories told me ruefully that business was very bad because "no one wants to buy histories that stop in the most important part.' There seem to be very few things of any sort that have cot been in some way touched by this tremen dous moral earthnuaka that ha shaken the foundations of our world. What War Has Done to Language Think, for instance, of the wnria and phrases that have been suddenly Injected into our daily language. now many people do you suppose there are who do not know thA meaning of such phrases as "Watch ful waiting.' -Hla morninr tuite 'a scrap of paper," or the one I un consciously used "over there." Who does not know what it means to 'Knit for the kaiser" or to "sa over the top-?". I suppose such words as "nreoared- ness" and "conservation" were tn the dictionary ten years ago, but not withi the definite meaning thev now have. When the next dictionarv is written I think something xrtv have to be added to the definition of these words. No One Now Living Will Ever Forget "A Scrap of Paper" One wonders lust hnw m nn. f these words and phrases will stay in the language and how many will prove ephemeral and be forgotten a year or two after that blsv noao for which so many hearts are Indeed weary towight," has been earned. I doubt if "a scran of Daoer" win ever be forgotten. Certainly not while one human being who has reached the age of reason when tht classic was uttered, Is alive. I won der if four WOrdS eVM- Am mora harm and aroused more feeling against the cause thev iposed to champion than those. How Many of These Words Will Get Morning, Noon -and Night" 3 Big Specials For Saturday Store Closes 10 p.m. Saturdays. BLACK KID BUTTON . 8-inch wave top, full Loiiis leather heel, imitation tip; flexible sole. Reg. $7.50, for $535 1 el j 1 ! BLAurv KID BUTTON On ban heel, plain toe, 8-inch top, iiexiDie soie. Kegular 3.00, for $5.95 ALL KID NOVELTY ' LACE Red vamp and quarter, red Louis covered heel, aha m- pagne 8-inch top. Reg. $12 for $7.95 F7 P M la, law 1MB aaaa SffQS Big Shipment received this week the Newest of the New. Ask for prices. Hood & Irvine, Ltd. -negai" ana "uueen Quality" Agtt. 113 Eighth Avenue Wast, Calgary i-none Mzeso Braid's Best Coffee A Blend of exquisite flavour and unusual strength. At dealers everywhere Into the Dictionary I fancy "camouflagei" that much abused word, has also come to stay and will take a new lease of life once we have given it a good long rest. "Slacker" may get into the dictionary, but I am not sure that it will ever be used again should occasion (heaven, forbid) arise. The reason I doubt this is that there was a differ ent word for that sort of thing in the civil war. Does anyone, perchance. remember "skeedaddler?" I wonder if any of the marvelous verbs and nouns nnd adjectives that have been concocted out of the nami "Hoover" will be any chance . get' into the dictionary. As, for instance, in this poetic hit: "If we would the force Of democracy prove ::, - " And help win the war 7 ' We must all of us hoove." It seems most unlikely. And yet look as such, words as "Gerrymander," "Marconigram." etc. In eaci of which the name of some man has been immortalized. One never can tell. ' BERING OPTICIAN AND OPTOMETRIST . Has moved to , Alberta Comer, First Street West Near Eighth Avenue, GROUND FLOOR JL" The Alexandra Hotel Serve a Special BUSINESS MAN'S LUNCH From 12 to 2:30 everyv day except Sunday Good Ssrvice. Excellent Menu Guaranteed. A trial will convinoa you of its superiority. . PRICE 40c 6PECIAL SUNDAY NIGHT DINNER, TABLE O HOTE, 75. Wholesale Millinery We are now showing a complete range of all Spring lines; including Trimmed and Tailored Hats from $2.50 to $15.00 The S. 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