The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1952
Page 9
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PAGE TEN BLVTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS House Group Calls Tax Workers' Pay, Use 'Unbelievable' WASHINGTON (/!*i — Internal revenue workers' explanations of five-fifiure spending on fouv-fi<uire salaries were assessed today as "un- WILSON NEWS MUS. n. F. isovi.r.s Revival Haimril Plans have been announced by the llev. I). B. Bledsoc, pastor of the First Baptist Church here .'or u revival to be held at the '-liurc-h Mnrcll 23-31. The Hcv. Thomas Lamlci-s of Port Worth. Texas, vvlH conduct the services, assisted by thr Rev. Carroll Ei-ans of Blytheville, a student at Ouachita College, will lead the MMisIni;. liljLf "in ii^lu lilt .-lupins. luiln-.. trl l.lilll'll'.J il[l[] IOUMS aT) Services will be held each nii.rn- rifts from rrhUivi", have bi-en usi-i Ing at 7:10, Prayer groups will meet to explain expenditures far beyoni each niyht at 7 folloued l>y tl'.e ^i<"-i'".song sm'ice and preaching. Committees of young people and adults have been api>ointed uilh the following H.S chairmen: prayer meetings, Carolyn Lynch; publicity, Gerald Perry; transportation. Wayne Bussey; vistation, Harold Perry; census, Lainar McDank-1; fellowship, Mrs. Horace I-ec Wk-l, Patsy Oreenwell, and Carol Whitaker. Supper will be served cadi liit;ht In connection with the prayer M-IV- Ice. Plans are l>elng made fo.- a aemltiar each evening at the close of the service in the Young People's Dcpju-taient. The Rev. Mr. Landers will lead the discussions. Scoot Executive Spc.iks Bill Clair of Blytheville, district Boy Scout executive, was guest speaker at the Baptist Brotherhood meeting at the church Thursday night. Mr. Clnlr conducted a question and answer quiz, relative to Coy Scout work, to the 30 boys present. Plans were completed for reorganizing a- troop In Wilson and April 10 was set at the date for enrollment. CHve Metcalle. Jr., will lie scoutmaster with' Elstncr Beall as as- elstnnl Scoutmaster. Harold Perry will bo Junior assistant. C. K. Buchanan is chairman of the local committee. ' Hollowing the business meeting, presided ov&r by Albert Cfrecnwell, Brotherhood president, refreshments were served the 05 men and believable" by Home Investigators of tax scandals. Tlic ways and means subcommittee hi'iuk'd by Hc|). Kim; (D-Ca!iO centered its latest Inquiry on uer- M>ital finances of three employes ol . the- New York City tax olticc. ! One: appeared before the suli- j committee yesterday but refu.sed to ] answer all questions. Another told ho\c he won enough at gambling i to cover SIU.350 tie spent in a year ; his government salary was $3.500. The third, agents re|jortfd, put, IS-II.GOO into the Mock market l,e- j luTS'n 1044 find 194IJ when his annual paycheck wns .VUK10. lilnc Tells Ufat'llun Chairman King siinnru'd np thr Miljcfiminittee's reactlnn to the hec- I lie day: "A pattern has cmerKcd of highly umiMial sources of funds. I/iruo hoi sc i-aou winniiiRs, bridge systems, oiidU'S of curreiicj' attd loans and •d id Mlarii "lleasvn;iij]f people are fon-eil to conclude that in the acmvKHtc at Ihese explanations are ujibe- I'liast! Is Callril Off Kiiu; callt'd otf this phusi' of tho ."•nbi-oinniitlt-c's delving until next Wodnr-sdiiy. Stritinc out for liielicr [irouitd, tlu- «roll|j lias called fonn- er lo]> nffii ials of lln> Internal Revenue litirenn far clivscd-door n»<"i- tionlUK .'startins Tuesday. ArnojiR thf'sc arc forjner Int< l rniil Hevenut- Commissioner Joseph D. Niimm Jr. and former Assistant Commissioner Daniel Bolich. Canililiiii; J.uch itrrnund-cl Paul Ilofrichter. clerk In the nrrxiklyn tax office, u-as yesterday's most spectacular witness. Luck at finiabllnc. )ie testified In Ills Brooklyn accent. is'tlic ronson he coultl sjiend $18,3^0 a year on a $3,500 salary. "All my friends arc bnoklcs." sntcl Uofrichter. a mild-mannered niiin who lins worked '23 years for Hie revenue bnrntu LOYAL TO THE CROWN- More than 60 years of service to the Crown will be rewarded when Yeoman David Strake t! J receives the insignia of a member of the Royal Victorian Orrler from the Duke of Gloucester at Buckingham Palace. Slra'ke whose service record chiles back' to 1889, has been a member o! the Guard al t\ lc Town of London since 1918. He is so,.,, j,, quaners as he polishes sword in preparation for the tcreimmv SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 1861 THREE GOES INTO ONE?—Sen. Paul Douglas, (D-!!l.). tries to pour three K'assfulls of water into one glass, and thereby gets a copy of President Truman's Economic Report, on which (he glass rests. *ill wet. Douglas, ;i former professor, performed the "experiment" for Treasury Secretary John V/. Snyder during a Congressional hcarinj!. Kc was dramali/.lng his belief that large-scale purchase of Government bonds by the Federal Reserve System causes higher prices by expanding bank credit. Tile surplus water reprcsetifs extra bank credit, which can't be contained. Speeding Cadillac Is Only Clue In $131000 Robbery of Home on "hot horses" worth at Ifust S7 500 winnings In 1051. In return, he doped the prize flfihts tor Pucky, Saul's •Itl-year-old wife when sh boys who attended. Slurteiil Council tlccts Corky Simmons has been elected president of the student council at Wilson HlKli School. He will succeed Wayne Alexander, other 6f- flcers elected were Bill Thompson, vice-president; Jeanne Traninh, secretary-treasurer; Etta Jones, reporter; Dec Jones, parliamentarian and Jimmy Dussey.'hcnd monitor. Personals Mr. and Mrs. G. II. ahull and the liev. nnrl Mrs li^'lynn" Wade ''" S " C ommcr ciali; in Augusta. The liev. Mr. u'nde is [ Beloved Shamrock a former pastor of the Wilson Methodist Church. Frcrt Hawkins of Burton wu.« t!ic weekend curst of his brother Asa Porter and family. if^T^^'.J?' ( '''' "7 A s , ray c ", ci " i th '' cw tovs nllli kickc>d nt one of 'lie f. said the fortune-kept in a safe-represents "20 years accumulation of hard work." The mine owner said the bandits missed one packet in the safe that contained 535,000. "It's Just one of those things." Saul said, when asked why he kept *->*j Aui^iv, r A. \n i — t\ ^ruy i*au- i inro\ Tlic hest friend of all. he added, iliac auto seen speeding from the i men was n bookie named "Parky." He! scene l.s the only rluc police have ' ' explained that he and I'acky had: in a search for three bundius wlio an rirratiRpmont: Pocky tipped him ; took $131,000 from a wealthy mine operator's home niter beating his wife. The armed trio gained entrance lo the home of dale; Saul, owner of the Enual Coal Co. on 'the pretext of delivering a package ye.i- Icrday. Then they quickly seized sucii a large sum of money in his home. He added: - ......| "But don't think I'm broke I'm opened the door. j still a happy man. Nothing 'imp- One of them threw me into a. penetl to my children nnd I'm still chair.' Mrs. Saul said. She was In! young enough to make more m'on- the expensively furnished ho me icy." with her daiifihter, Joan. 2':.. and' The Sauls have nine children His twin sons. Richard and Ronnie, 4. inline employes -13 men "The children went with me-1 ^ when they draped me upstairs," Mrs. Saul related. "They even Arkantat Iowa Pastor Named Ozarks College Head By The Assmlalcd Press CLARKSVILLE — An Iowa Presbyterian pastor has been appointed president ot The College of the Ozarks here. The Appointment of Or. John Paul Vincent, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church at Sioux CHy. was announced yesterday by U, K. Rogers, president or the Board of Trustees or the College. Ozarks Is operated by the Presbyterian Church. Dr. Vincent, 48, will assume his ne«- duties April 15, Strike Hits Arsenal LITTLE ROCK — A military construction project at (he Pine Bluff, Ark. arsenal—victim of sporadic strikes—has been hit by another. But this work stoppage lasted only one day, ami striking AFL, ironworkers are scheduled to return to tlieir jobs Monday. The -strikers walked off the Jnh yesterday It] a JurLsdictfcmnl dispute with AFL pipefitters. CURVES of Osceola ;a daughter, Mr«. B^ beth Buchanan of Oaceola; an[ i " sl.sler, Mrs, Elizabeth Holllpeu, ., iBlythcvlIle, " The Turkish Island of Bozca Ada was the one to which -the Qreeki withdrew while the Trolani breached the walls of Troy to ad. mil their wooden horse. TAKE HEED, OLD BOY—Lance Cpl.'JIm Mills,'British military policeman, of South Shields, England, directs military traffic somewhere in Korea with the aid of a sign designed by military traffic experts to catch the eyes of drivers. Moot question: Will drivers watch the read, or the sign? Commercialize SHANNON, Ireland M'i— Love ol WAKNING ORDER In fhe Chancery Court, nhlcka- satvhii District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Hcrmie Decanter, ptf. vs - No. 11.936 Charlie E. Decanter, Oft. The defendant. Charlie E. De- j- •• new IrLsh industry: commercial Mrs. J. T. Wii',1ey hus tctuvnert i shamvoc^-ralsina. from Columbus, Miss., nftcr a I Shanu-ts:k. fanners harvest th-ir monlh's visit with her imthor. Mrs. ' crops ti-'*=few days before St Pa- Ila Baswell. , trick's dSy! ship" the sprnys to the Mrs. j. j. Frver of Briiiklcy spent United Htalcs by plane, where last week with h<r dausjhtrr, Mr.< I Iraiisplanml Irishmen proudly Asa 1'mit-r, and family. i v.rar the green on Ireland's oun The Woinra's .Missionary ' Union lirlil their monthly meeting .Monday nlyht at the church. Mr;,. Stanley Pierce was In charge of the , — ..... «<...:im,i,u. isiiiirjie t up- Oukl Soci iiiui lraiis-Acl.iii[lc I Cmiter. is hereby warned to planes have given birth to within thirty clays in the court Service Program. "Culm for Christ." Mrs. \f. D. Brown gave the devotional, others on ttie program wore Mrs. Jvau Haynes. Mrs. Donald Hny. Mrs. .Jack "Trammel. Mrs. O. A. Smith, Mrs. Jark Smith and Mrs. Litinar McDaniel. Mrs. nrov:n offered the elnsiu^ prayer. Mis. Pinker iKm'cn and Mrs. J. !!. Whitakcr were Memphis shopper? Monday. Glen Wheeler made n business trip to KniiMis City Ihi werk. Mr. aiu! Mrs. .v-ji Porter and family arc visit LTU: ]-ei;Uivi's in Hel. Mrs. !vy Siniih Ins returned to lior h.-imc in Tclilih. Mis; . nitrr vi-i'in 1 : with h. i M.ucr. M., til-op- Wilson. Public Radio Sets Sought by Syrians DAMASCUS. Syria f,7>,—Ilic Syr- Ian cmi-rnmellt has ernburkcd -in the a,,,;,iUrMis project of putting public radio rcceivinc sets in 5.037 villages in the country now without such facilities. An annoiinrerueilt said that, at prc«em only 18 of the Million's 5.115 vllbces have these public radio sets. Pin-pew of the radio sets is lo juovi-lr the villagers v,ith means ol liojin: .<! n»riniltural lectures rurl ei:ld:i ['<•!>. broadcast by Radio - named in the caption hereof and aiis\ver the complaint of the plaintiff. i-Iermie Decanter. Dated this Hnd day of February 1952. Harvey Morris, Clerk' Anita Sykes, D. C. C'Uy WalU. attorney for ptf. Ed a. Hook, attorney Ad Lltem. 2'23-3;I-a-15 ORDER In thi- Chancery Court, Clilcka- sawlm District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, Alli-ne nylee. I'tf. "• No. 11,883 *'r.<nfc I,. Hylcc. Oft. Tlic defendant. Frank Rylee. Is hereby warned to appear within School Election Today Voters In Arkansas' -100 schools districts went to the polls today to elect board members and decide on school taxes. fncreas millaue rates were asked In many districts. Voters in at least 12 districts who rejected proposed mitlage boosts last September will be asked again to Increase their tax rate. Paragould Gets Snow PARAijiOUlJD — There was a light trace of snow here this morning as the temperature tumbled to 35 degrees. Cor Thefts Reported LITTLE ROCK Police in Little Rock and North Little Rock received re|x>rt.s of six car thefts and six burglaries in the two cities during the night. Three of the car thefts and five burglaries were reported in the Lictle Rock area. New Oil Find Made DENVER — C. H. Murphy, Jr., E! Dorado. Ark., has a new discovery today in the Williston Basin, currently one of the nation's hottest oil areas. Murphy unit at East Poplar In Montana's Roosevelt County, north of previous discoveries in the Montana part of the basin, flowed oil at a raU of 650 barrels- a day. Club Operator Held OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma County grand jury has indicted Barney Shelton, operator of a night club at, Moffett near the Arkansas line, for attempted bribery of a state official. Shelton was arrested Jan. 8 In the office of Crime Bureau Chief George Howard Wilson, who said Shelton offered him {800 as protection money. Commodity And Stock Markets- soybeans Men May July 20; Sf-I> 28< Livestock A T and T Aini'r Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int. Harvester .. J. C. Pennev Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum . Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Scars I U S Steel Sou Pac TRUMAN thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Allcne Rylec. Dated this 10 day of February, 1952. Harvey Morris. Clerlt By Laverne Ball. D. C. Ed B. Cr.nic, attorney for pit. Claude F. Cooper, attorney Ad Lltem. 11-.15 •j 303 . 205', i 239 151 1-4 57 1-2 IS 49 7-3 71 3-8 K.i 3-4 59 52 3-8 20 33 1-2 07 3-8 41 1-2 ?6 5-8 38 34 7-8 77 1-8 58 1-4 53 3B 1-8 67 1-4 (Continued from Page 1) there was "little question" he would get all of New Mexico's 14 convention delegates. Taft campaigned through Arizona to wind up his Western tour. GF.N. K1SENHOWKK— Paul G. Hoffman, former Mai-shall Plan administrator and now president of the Ford Foundation left for Paris to "talk politics" with Eisenhower. Hoffman is advisor to a "Citizens for Eisenhower" committee. Sen. McMahon, Connecticut Democrat, said he expects approval Monday, by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of his motion inviting Eisenhower to come home and testify on the new Foreien Aid Bill. Negro Deaths 223 311-8-15 go Dora Ann Thornton Services for Dora Ann Thornton, 6. who died at her home in Chicago Mar. 9 will be conducted in Home Funeral Home Chapel at 2 p.m. tomorrow by Rev. Samuel Parker. Burial will be in the Burton Spur Cemetery. She is survived by one si.ster. Lilly I.aivcry of Blytheville, and cue daughter, Rena Simmons of Chica- ~ OSCEOLA HHSE=^=E£=£ SUNDAY & MONDAY Conl. SluwiiiK tr<mi '2 I'.Al. v' .^. f. SATURDAY |'Deputy Marshal!' Jon Hall « Hid; Foran Also Si-rial X- Comedy SAT. MIDMTK SHOW Sim-Is II): |f, LOST PLANET AIRMEN" Tristram Coffin • Mac Clark DOFF Cent. Showinjsr From 2 P.M. Sunday Sl'XDAY & MONDAY "WHEN THE RED SKINS RODE" Super C'inccolor Jon Hall • Mary Caslle 2 Color Cartoons Obituaries VIVA ET EVANGELIST Miss 'Myrtle Trobaugli 43 Inches in Height WILL PREACH EACH NIGHT AT THE ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 7th & Ash Streets BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. March 16th-30th Services Each Evening at 7:30 p.m. You are Invited to Come and Hear one of the Nation's Smallest Evangelists. J. C. DICKINSON Pa »tor Fred C. Davis Dies; Services To Be Tomorrow Services for Fred Cash Davis, former Osceola merchant who had resided here for the past year, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Swift Funeral Home in Osceola by the Rev. Percy P. Herring, pastor of the Osceola Baptist Church and the Rev. Garland C. Taylor] pastor of the Methodist. Church there. Burial will be in Violet Cemetery with Cobb Funeral Home of Blytheville and National Funeral Home of Memphis in charge. Mr. Davis died about 1 p.m. yesterday shortly after arriving at Blylheville Hospital following a heart attack. He was 60. Born in Osceola Apr. 22. 1891. Mr. Davis was a veteran of World War I. He is survived by his wife. Mrs. Lesley Davis; a son. Fred M. Dfivis •-***VVB»B«B» v » MBM « aaa RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SATURDAY 'GUN RUNNER' with Jimmy Wakely & Cnnnonlmll Taylor SAT. OWL SHOW "NiGHT MONSTER" with I5eln Lugosi & Lionel Ahvell SUN.-BION.-TUES. DRUMS IN THE DEEP SOUTH" .James Craig' Harbara I'ayton MEET THE MASTERS" The World's finest musit performed by the W'orltrs greatest artists presented by and Chas. S. Lemons Furniture Station WMCT ' Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. Phone 58 SATURDAY "EN EARLY ARIZONA" Wild Bill Elliott SAT. OWL SHOW A 'CALLSNG BULLDOG DRUMOND' Walter i'idgeon SUN.-MON. "BEND OF THE RIVER' James Stewart Julia Adams TUESDAY "LOVE NEST" June Haver William Uundigan ••••••••••...........,..„............,.,... ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 462J Show Slarfs Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. Sun. 1:00 p.m. SATURDAY! DOUBLE FEATURE! CHSE2 mounTRin Carlo™ & Sir Gaflihad Serial SATURDAY LATE SHOW! STARTS 11:30 EXTRA CARTOON & SERIAL "Pirates of the 4 High Seas" SUNDAY & MONDAY — 2*B/G*H/TSr SAMUEL GOLDWYN y • S-SIS.W KAVfAW DA\A ANDREWS- w • Nn roousii (Ttrs»jt*s kf KO *•*• AI-SO CARTOON * SHORTS

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