The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIC:;T BT/rTHEViU,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 1953 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally r»ie pft Una for consecuti Insertion: Minlmmn chfitgt , 6 I lime per line 1 3 tlinr* per' IItic prr dny « times per lint; jirr d*r 12 time* pet! line per tfa/ Momh ptr 1\ne Count tl»e AT( Ad ordered tor tlitee or nix tin: • topped before expiration will be (or the mi Save Money When You Buy — Si?H — Trade Used Furniture GUN IIAKKISON & SON FURNITUKK i:<>. 517 W. Ash I'Ji. yr,-,^ 8-2 ck tl words in ihp I tpprnretl and R<1]nsunpru of bill in.ntc j - i All cla&Airtrd ncirmuing copy sub- f Anliydious Aninmnlii rli.' A- t'^-lor ^ ttie city invisi be jtrcniiipLiiilra hy cusb ,!*». Rfill 7' 35 l<* L0 f Rale* tnfty easily lie |l:e fitiore ihble. AriveillAlnK ordered foi irrrtjula icrtloni take llu- one lime InWr N'j responsibility wll! t»e utkc more than <>ru> Inc^rr.-cl tn>eri; any cl&FBlfied nd All «.<!K nre restricted to their elftiftrirMlnn. fiylc and type. Courier News reserve* the /Is hi i or reject any *<1 Notice In Memory Of One Only Sin An f l Brother. E-ri NoWr. Who Pas: M A'x vy 1 Year Ago — Do not FIJ.V: MS of wo miss him For there's such n vn<-ant plncc. OU we x'.ilnk wo licar his toofUfp-i Or fee his sinllliiK lace. An<J tit nU:ht ivlun nH is f-llt'iit And slrpp forsnkrs our ':yi-s Our tlioxii-hts KT<- In » Umi'ly smvp IVhero our rftiMmtr boy Mrs, Parents Mr. ntifl Mrs Hill Noble Sisters: Reba 1'prhJns, Ruhy mmh- ers 3 13 pk !<3 Apartment for Rent ~Di:p3rx unf. 3 rms. Ar hath flex w. >i Krwly dccoratort walls, floors ft rid v,'oi<l- Tcorh, good location, ifnsonnblp it-M, Ifltilps or couple. Will holri to Apr. t for permnncnt tPtiimt. 2fiTl. :ifi.T S- 3435. 3;IS pk 2!» TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W l>l>nn<! 333! Plenty of Parking Space >0 nusljci.s Of ft»t" lIc, Phono Dell 2(3, r >[ klirhcn rrtliln^l es-*. Tri- 2"il-J( Sti A. 1pV: 3 lb 1 ni'«- Oliver Oliver C,r,, !\ lit Ollvi-r 70. IS? .so jjiLow F,li;irrfi SI 30 fitf.c I . Otlif-r I 3 film, ftpt. 1 :, closo to Hon. Col! 4C07 Stlllrlny •> weeXtlnj's c\rcpt Srvutnl Modern .T-rooru unfurn 8^5. No chlklrrn. -Virs. J, 2S49. nltvr 4 p n\ 3 IS ]>k 22 vlpMAlrs iu>t. =•. Rinltli. I'll. 1 II pk 2Z US SO- 14 A 'J1S 5D-I3A wlirrl binrln 'Wlu_'rl tu-Krlm nt ?i PIT t'fnt dlMOtinl. JKi'i 1 or till] Cilln iJrml<,on, 517 \\'. Ash. 3.13 ck tf 2 room fur n. npl. with hath, clri'tilo iriilsrTntDT. CnH 42^5 MS rk 2'i 3 Ar -t rm. Rpts., private hnthF. liol and rolfl wnter furnlehrrt, «:iO. 719 West Ash. 3 15 pV: 22 3 rm. fiirn. apt. El PC. kitchen. i>vt. bath, close In. Ph. 3Tifi5. 3 15 ph 19 room unf. «pt-, 3M S. Lilly I'll 4. 3 13 '[>k 20 Nice 4 rm uniurn. apt. Hath. Cms A-, hot water. Close In. Day Ph. 2121 ~ night 2366. 3'tO ck 1C 3 rm turn. Rpt. Pvl. bath. pvt. ci\- trance. 40-1 K, Davis. Ph. 3-183 3 10 pk 16 3 room A: 4 room npts. (or rent. Call 11612. C. Abraham. 6 cfc tf Duplex unfur apt., all conveniences. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Ph. 2175. 3;ll pk 4|ll Opstatrs 4 room unf urn npt wltli bnth, electric water hpivtrr, wired for electric sieve. Newly decorfttrtl. Couple onlj. Ph. 2787, 1'19 ck tt Modern 45fli. room fur »pt Pli. 2595 or 2 14 ck U Mod«rn apt.. J roomi »nrt hnth. new ^ If rtecorftted. Rcwxi [urnl(v:ro. K«S equip- m«nt. Ph. 3373, r Simon. 0]21 ck tt Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 3 rm Ar bftth. Unfnr npt. 20!) K Mo fit. Call 6175. 3-1 pk ia 3 rm_ imf. apt , Call 4312, roar 801 S I«-ik 3 12 pk Auto Supplies and Services l>cm't enanncer your fumlly with fmlt-7 tlrr.i—JIL'Y I.FK TIRTB CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main anil Division PLnm 1 2.i63 12 13 clc t( Services For monne K loral hanltnr: call 652!?. W. W. isrrklmn. 117 \v Tto",c. 3 U pk 21 fnr Klrl n?r 3 to 8 In or pftrt tlriip. ph fOOS 3 1.1 pk . 313 N* Rth IMi. KOp.MAT S ASH ^ .\ srrry\i ^ 11 p-. :,v Ph. fiH7 105 head of HCOKO for sale.; Will soil »ny nniuuni of them, i Sec Venson i'otls, Slciilc, Mo. PJiono 25J-K, 14 pk Complete Kdiphonc dictal-i (f Mini ti'aiiscviljinjj; system. Old model hut in (rood condition. Price $-10. One 2-dniwer desk, 28"x'IG", price ?35. One old desk 2(;"x-l5", $15. Ice water bubbler drinking fountain, $45. I'cpsi-i" Co., ph. 2095. At These Late Model Cars! 1950 FORD $1495 A late nindi'l Ix-auly, this cnsloni J'onlor is IMoiiilowhrook G r oen. Kadio, healer and ^EIS- savj'n^ ovt-rtlrivi:! 1950 FORD $1445 Here's I lie Kord in your fuliu e! Sc;i Island (Irccn custom dpliixu Tudor . . . equipped wilti radio niul healer. 1950 FORD $1445 if yon prefer ]>tue, then see I his h;mdsnmu Slier- i(l;ni Mine Tmlur. Jtaclto, heater, CitsUim deluxe. '50 Chevrolet $1445 Another nice car, ||i:s Ia)e model Chevrolet h:is ht'al iSr Min.sic. AllracUve Town Sedan. '49 Chevrolet $1245 A deluxe I'lcctline 4- door S(!(l;in, (his gleaming Jiliick Chevrolet offers holh radio and heater. '43 Mercury $795 A fine price you'll have lo aclmil. This Mercury Town Sedan boasts » radio and heater, loo. Tan color. T947 Ford $695 If you're Ionium; for good service al minimum corsl, (his is il. Nice looking maioon Tudor Sedan. 1941 Ford $395 I'liillips has older mode's, loo. This black Tudor is just S.'!!>5. Come lo M(l') Uriisuhvav in Hlylhc- ville. 8 Si iEsii^H Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 We .have John Blue Fertilizer equipment & parts for Ferguson & Ford Tractors Jack Robinson Implement Co. Klytheville, Arkansas — Phon« 2371 For Rent 3 rin. niifur. house with hath, 1^5 Renr -121 K. Ash. I'h, 4C67. 3 14 ck 21 Con-rue nir»tVc ^ArRtjtj tir store a ho 1 1.1 f with bath Hitf!iv.»y fll. wiiith Call ^^04 or write Co il adjolnliig 5 ronin Loratpd in curve on FiUle o/ J[r>l]nnd. Mo E>AU! Byrum Imple- 1.21 ck tf Mortem c InnrtA I'll apts Ixi-l 1.22 cl Roy 3 Tl Nice of fire nn u, round floor. V*ry invr-nicnt Sec W M Burns, 115 North jcotitl. 38 ck tf New 5 rm house with metal nwnlnus ...1 iirnnnd. Gooti secttnn of town Ph J4ri26 3 10 pk 16 Furn 2 [i Kitchen. Ph lioiisr- with bath, elec. 2r>3R or 0671, 310 p'-t 23 Me labor disputes, instead of merely trying to stubftlxe wage.s. The political iniplieatimus of a series of slrike.s. Just before the conventions at Chicago in July, nre tar-rpjxcbiiiK. The Tniman admiii- istrillion would uncinpstionahly have to take the blame for them. 3 rms A: bath turn house. Couple j only, fir fir 417 N. nroadwny. 310 pk For Safe, Real fstale 12 from til) mrnts. i .l-room ho iich • Drrd Olltfi w days. A. 05CR A; Sows, w 111 Jn T row 1 n P. Uurkfi, Clear I.akr-, Ph, .i^e. «O(ifl lo rail on nrros.s ool nivtdrfl Ituo 3 apirt- •Ith rlrrlrlc kltctiril. Two n p.i ft men t K, 0110 6-nKitn up jrt- inpm, nil fulls- furjilsln-d Korce<l to 'V 1-I rlr 1^ fip " 'ic^nvisc or III hcnkh Open for Inu i i L.I\ 10 e ,^ n ^ M ^^ . ,^,,|y -j 3 Chlrkns-nvbn 2 an ck tf .s room Slon«'ko Rftcr -1 p.m. Jiou fi/KP Rnrn i\t Promlncfl Mr.i. Jim FowLrr, Promlsrcl 3 14 3 31 300 lipnd of rntton rhnpnliiR nffsr 1 , 10,000 onk fence poslx, .12 Itirh (IrUI ro $13.73 prr roll. 4 pt. hol> wire. $BIS p«T roll. Ph. or F.-P ral(1«.-ll Kt.vr. twfty "S. 6 mllM K. of N£lj«<m, For Rent or Sale RE?NT A iN'K VACUUM CLEANER 3 diiys—$1.00 SINGER SKWING CENTER Biylhevillc Pb. 2782 3 13 ck 16 Private Rooms . private bath. Ph 4643 2,26 4 1 Bedrooms Mftn niotnoyer Ph. 2CC6 wltiy Blythevllle HOlc), 221 pk nenr town Ph. 6138 3;iO pk 16 nrtlroom, rlosp In, ad)oUi1ng bath. Con.slnnt hot water, ph. 2.S17. 3.15 pk 10 Triinoi driver wit crop Ph 6801, Htho Tilly 10 iniU-.e to. 3:1 ck tf Hollywood (Continued from Page 4) bn made under the nr«' Mayer bnn- npr . . . Spring's in the air. Hrdy Lamarr has taken up golt, A Lin F.a i] d a n il T'a r;i tii'i » n 1 a JT fPitilliiL'. 'Hip studio ivnnt^ (n rush h«m Inlo n not her movie before hl.s contract ends. Stnrlci Helfn London and brr huh by, Julie Tabark, have partnrl. . , . Gecifce Dole n 7. receiver! his contract release from Howard Hughes. Dress designer Taffy took her TV-mimied .son to .=ee his £ir,=;t movie nnd the younpstrr snid: "Gosh, this is Hcur. It must ho coming live from New York." The British pfess Inds iire suijiin^ Cerro Bolivar, Venezuela's mountain of iron, ta expected to yield 10 million tons of ore n year to U.S. steel milts before I960. room rtiriory built house tniSlrr. int- \\enl 1230. 707 N. Htoiulwivy. :i 1-1 pk 21 FOR SALE J) & PL 15 COTTONSEED MAfHINK DKI.INTUU CKKHSA.N TKK.VriCn IN NKW JOO LB JUGS MEETS BL>UK TAG REQUIREMENTS EXCEI'T 2 to 5 I'KK CENT BELOW GERMINATION. ^125.00 per ton f.o.b. Blylhc- villo. \Viivcl\ouse. H pfe 4 fi in:lr CONTACT F. P. JACOBS, JR. OSCKOl.A — I'llOXK Si'.Mt 3.15 ck 22 K.xtra good (i-rooin house and batli, on He;mi Sti'iHit close to liigli school. Gasi Mioat. lai'L'i! living room. One' i bcdi'ooms is an master hedrouni. C! a va_if-e, outdour sloriiKC, UMH'< 1 (r"Tjiick.\'!trd. Tins house is ii\ (jood coudivion insulc and onl, and the nci}{hhor- hood is (ous. Price $l:{.()00. Modeni :i-liedroons home on Illinois Stra-t — little lady, you'll like this convenient kitchen. You will also like the dishwasher and Rnrbagc disposal. Choice lu'iirhhorhood. work. p fr m corner lot. FHA financed. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. Hnd. Phono -1111 Phono ;;">% 31 ck tri™" wtl] srll fnr p,-]it1iv : - 15 P V Help Wanted, Male \\'t(l: Jlnlal hiiilfliiig salesman til once. No previous ex- lioricnce necessary, l/iberal commission. Good Urntovy. Apply in pcrsan. Wilson Welil- inpc & FabricaliiiK Co., Oscc- ol »- IMS ck 1!) , (rr nun? ucokly ... .rnvrl. Ir ro|>vriiihtcd Fiunnctnl K-rvtcr H profess I mi^l nifii. pot cut la L t'Jpiity rrprjitR, ilOO Write exprclrncc Box RP Ci'n Coiirl.^r W<*ws. 3H pk 1H sloarls- ottrrator "vanird, anrnt locution. Th Job- Wanted fulLllrnr employment Call 4214 3 11 pX IS Wanted to Buy this oil)-. Pli 3,10 ck 16 2 tH-rirnoin liomn III fil sifter 5 p.m. 111 psy CASH for jo- anims und [<-n«c.» for __._ (O'STKKN'S STUDIO 115 WK5T 13,* clc \( Insurance 2'1 MIXUTST PH<>m:iT\Ti:- 1CX O'STKKN'S STUDIO-115 \V 12 l'}\ ,v>r< 3 1-1 pit •! 15 Used Tractors 2 II Kannalls with busters | ! and cultivators. MMN ] :J 1! John l)e«rcs witb cqitip- Call 4553 Fnr Complete tiisnraiicn Trotection W 1. i\,n,rd A^ncy Pr.innnil Prnlrctinn I.M \V Ash Rt t HOTEl nUTt,[>[NO EDSON Continued from Page 4 the tight for increased unemployment insurance benefits, a.s proposed by Michigan Senator Blair Moody. KNIGHT'S POSITIONS MAY UK JKOPAKI)IZR1» O. A- Knight, president of the CIO Oilworkers. is ati a-sfii-stanl stnitor of NPA — the Nn- Pi-cuinciiuii Aullioiiiy in of msmpouer and lnlx>r re-" latlotis. His pusiLtoii and standing government ollicial will inc-st ceHninly he joopardi/ctl if lie Scads his union in a strike. AH this Iftbor uuH)i\ unreal is be- iK enacted amid n certain amount of CoHKressionnl confusion. Defense niobiliz.nLion Icgi.iLTitio under which price nnd wage controls are ad mini.*; tercel — Is up renewal. No rise in ilie cast of living index, December to January has made some Congre.vmian feel further wage in ere uses are iitin e.^ary. They Also look longingly to- wvivds \vidf- price (U control. AFI. rre.sirfeia Wlllmm Green serveti notice that If Congress put-s through (JecctUroLs, his organizations will withdraw their support of the stabilization agencies. Another walk-out, by union labor participants, like last year's, migh wreck the works. Rep. Leo AUcn. Illinois Republican, has a resolution before Cmi- to investigate the Wage Stab- He charges that a wage-increase- for-pricc-increase deal in its pro po?ert derision in the ,sfeel case, am is going beyond its powers to set- "^ 1 ili/nlicn acftuiy. \VSB hud miule Watch and Jewelry Repair Real ESTATE Farms--City Property i.CPNS tone pri PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Notice For Sale, Misc. 4 row .John n-'T' i':intrr • rp; 4 tow ,Tohn I)^r:^ rrtr-.i '^rrnp. Burden*;. Pn. 4702. stock nn<i fixtures of On t.T. stfl A nUe larvr ^ton A tiU f !nrce room ] Rraron.lli!* rrnl. H on aoine In a IM:^; Frr Ihl'; one hr-fore Til" mllr rorth or Nun V, mil?-; rnst or Huv Ai:^-Mo SI.ITO line i)i;r vlil Facrtrice ftt InvoU ]B5 \vi1s.jn G:o. t t fen ment. lil'iO model Ferguson I cultivator and busters. L . "'-I'' 11 ."." j 2—K-20 Kartnalls with cid-iNOule Oil I !tivali>rp 1 Musscy Harris 101 Super with -I-row cultivator. ^> Pots of International Middle Musters. Cash or Kusy Terms Many other irood used tractors to choose from. . . If you want a jjruml used tractor at a cood price KO to 61 Implement Co. N. Highway Gl Dial 2142 12-1! ck tf FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sett That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land I'll. C.8G8 Lost and Found EASTER SPECIALS "b, ?'2riri reward for finding! my (iiamond rinjr. F. G. Oip-| -suii. Call :«fii, 312.3 or -I-U>I. j 11 ck t£l So 111 price. £I 3,is pk i» 1 Glencoe Jlolcl. ?15 cold waves ?10 ?IO cold waves ST.oO Machincloss i^o up TIIIC KK.MTY HAK IIOTrl lildv rilDlio 3202 >J ck t.i Delinting&TreatingService We are now npcratini; our NKW Carver Delint- in.e and Treating 1'lxnt. All ntw equipment includ- inj; lalest model Slurry (liquid) trealer. All sacks Heclricully sfwed ... we jnarantee yo» quick, rficicnt and satisfactory service. Seed accepted in truck or carload lots. . .discount on nil lots of 5 tons or more. Insure * better stand and less rust damage by treating your seed. Urine your seed EARLY and avoid the rush. WARD GIN COMPANY No. Highway 61 — lilytlicrille — Phone 3738 ARE YOU A SAFE DRIVER? To rn- a snfe driver, you havn lo know hoiv fasf .vou'rr ^oing. That moans an accurate speedometer. Let us check yours. \Vc give I- Day scrvln- on speedometer repair for all makes ran and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. ChrvsTrr- Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2122 The Time To Buy Is NOW OVER 50 CARS AND TRUCKS TO CHOOSE FROM—PRICES UNDER CEILING Iflol Chcvroli'l deluxe Stylelinc J-cloor Sedan. .. driven only 12,(10(1 miles, equipped with fresh-nir heater and phistic seal covers, liny this one and save! 1951 Chevrolet rteluxe 5-l > iisssnj»er Coupe...n beautiful car with very low mileage and offered nl ii bargain price. 19 IS Ford V-S 5-Pn.s.sen<{er Coupe. . . equipped S will] radio, heator and spolliglit. . .special... 1UIS Plymouth deluxe -l-duor Sedan.. .equip- $ peri with heater and seat covers, a steal al only 19-17 Chevrolet Fleetlinc 4-door Redan.. .with S radio, healer, defroster and scat covers 1018 Chevrolet 1-Ton Pickup Truck.. .here's S a hargain for you at this special low price .... 19-16 (JMC '/2-Ton I'icknp Truck.. money S on a pickup nosv at Sullivan-Nelson 1916 InleriKilional '/2-Ton Pickup Truck... $ nilr completely overhauled & good tires. A buy at ' Many More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT I'LAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at 5 729 (95 CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Nig Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 at Capsnr Romero now. He'll star in "Lady in a Fog." bnsed on a BBC rariio serial, in London. The news snipers are saying thai British Robert Heatty, \vlio played the lead on the air, is being cheated out of a job. Fresh Slock fa Guaranteed Res! Prices''^ Kirby Drug Stores COAL Phone 3186 • Prompt Delivery NOW/* Courteous Service HESTER'S Coal Yard HORNER-WllSON Specializes in Servicing Heavy-Duty TRUCK o'f money on lot "f s l> c< handle Uic trucks. I heavy-""'} Ural's a big reason can .lo Uic work K i- m money'. 'I^AOTOR co im East ^° in TR UCKS "phone 2056

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