Weekly Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on November 11, 1885 · 1
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Weekly Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 1

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1885
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There is no boy or girl, youns man or young woman, anion); vou who cannot secure a handsome lot of books thi J winter with very little effort, ;f you will only make up your mmds to it. Ine booKi aro splendidly bound and ara the pro. Auction of the Vifc. best known au- jM'? thors, which is a ,11 . HiitUdentumran- Vi V tee that they will not only afford amusement but be a source of jjro- j fit. fCCi Mail is the most popular weekly published, and is only One uoiiar a year, it lias now over 100,000 sub-! Gcribers. Hpecinien copy and prize list Bent free. Address Tins Mail, Toronto, Canada, 3 Supplies. EQUAL TO OAK. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL r - 1" i . v. S fax . taps; rise OPPOSITE THE DEP01 TELEGRAPHIC. N . W TKIMM TO KM..-. Mvii.iaiu. Nov killed mi Indian yesterday m miliar Indians who hied himself in a hou-.' IS. A 111... 1 Indian UOIItiill Oil I 111' IV-i'ITI' iiuil then -to nl off the to inki him. fortifying mill tiring on t'lein fre- iiiontly. 'I'liirty police h ll --t . -i . 1 ;i v nlt'-r-110011 for tin' reserve to nuke tiioarre-t and have not vet returned. Kkhin v. Nov. speech it tli" o Council !.t. iIjv. 111 ill'1 Li. Ml-' "t 111-. niiiir "f tin- N. W. 1.-wiih'v -la'i l tliii' iimi'iiiliiiiMits in tin' - ii" d itmi iniiiii. ipal oi iliiiiim i'.-, .'ml pi'evi iilhi' iii.-.iiire ILTilill t I I'iiirii' !il''"- V. Ollki be l.iid l-fol"e tliein. A me i -1 1 is fur ri'it'ikil'ii- t'n''pi'o-(('liiri' in i.t-i'sof ii i i-ii I i.i iriiiiiinil iimt-(i;r would ii's i on ie up (or lle'ii' coii-'iliT-iition. H :'. r itri " I" tiir l.nu'e I iippropri.ition m ule tlii- veur by tliel'o- niinioii ( ioMTiiiip-nt t'"i' tin- ii'liiiiiii-initiuii of 'lie t"ltiloi'i'.-. M.i linn. Nov. 1 nier S io rinii'iiileii .hi 1 one i f ;i.i' ol.b-t reii i''..i - oi i I-. ' i ( :i t. Winder a of Mounl-'d 1'olice l!(l !ll(r'. I. :--i-ti d :ie, e.t ,lav ,. n- ini; .0 iiaif o.t ,m'V'II. militarv (mih iiiI will t.ih" pl.e-' to-ino: :ov,' a! lialf pa-1 t'vo. A iii ni u.i- e"ii ieied of -elliiiu' whiskey to tb lll i 'il lielian-;, e-t nLiy before lie-p. Anlr-b-.. ami Iir. Kennedy -I. I'.anl jjiven l!;e f'li! b ii '!i' of ihe law. -i; lii"n b' iiiipi'iuiiii"n( ami Hom j ; n ifkotN-., Nov. Ii. 111 tile lulll'he of , l 'li,t;. I int r -tin:,- .i ' i 1j at the eu-ie ol tii.' Noi'thw.'-t 'oiineil wterilay l.t. (iov ie,'be'v iid that lie wa. yltdio me; I tin' in. nibeii, a'ain at tliat. tin'7lli .i'-.-io:i of !'ie roiineil. He c 'iieiMtn!al"d tlielu nil tlx lllereawd ri'ileei.llioli to v iiieli t lie rapid advancement of the territories i n' itled til '111. The aiiiemlilleiiH re tin' H'leml lllld l'ltlllie'ialordiliatll'e VWMlld be .i.i!iitted to them. For the former the irovernmenl had yrant' d a liand-ome faib-siilv. Thirty I'lotestant ami eiirht Uoinaii 1,'ath'ilii' .'cli'iol di-lricN ba l now bi-en pro- cliiiiied. ni'-y vi-pri-eiiieii a iopiiiation of l.HVi children of seb aye. He referred to the hardships result intr from prairie tires and proposed to submit lneasnres to prevent their recurrence. A measure for reyulatin;: the proce lure in ciises of apnea! in criminal ma ters ami for s- .airing vital statistic would belaid before them. Glle dwelt upon the jfreut responsibility, v hicli would rest on the otlice of the Lieut, (iovemor in view of the are;e appropriation by the lomiiiion ioveriiincid this year for the udtninis-tratioii of tlie territories. The fond hope of inaiiayiii),' the Indians without result to arni-s had been utifortill.ately dispelled. Tbe.si' who endeavored to set authority at naught were the tools of diMuintf men, seeking ibeir own ends. Irrespective of tin: jjood done to the Indians, lie paid a warm tribute to the Indian missionarii s and asked the council to join liini in thank-inu on behalf of tlie territories tin; active militia of Canada, the Dominion jjoviTii-ment and all parties concern d in the res toration of order. The completion of tie-C. I', H. vva- ayuded to, as also the visits ol the Governor t ienera ami Ihe Hon. Mr. While, lie r.'Lfrctleil the latet.ess of the season, at which they were called together and promised to assist iu (,'cHiiir tlirinrli their important work by every menus m his p ier. CANADA. Uit vv v, Nov. llishop tiranilin is in tlie city, lb.' has come to usk the Government for assistance for the Metis at lia-toehe. Their condition is mo-t pitiable and unless assistance is rendered them, it fearel that many will perish during the i'Oiiiiii"t winter. Sir Adiilpho t nronaiid jiarty are now en route for Winnipeg. MontiiK.vi., Xnv. A uieiuber of the Doniinion House of Commons, wlio rv-turii- ed liere on tiaturdav from Ottawa states that the cabinet is divided on the question of l'i' i fate, but that the majority are in tavot " carryinjr out the sentence. Then; were l.li:lO deaths trmn small pox n Montreal during October. TouoN'iX', Nov. o. Tin! lirst through piissenger triim on the C . I'. Ii. between vlontrealand Winnipeg started from the L'nion Station at 9:' yesterday morniiii; with a fair number of passeiujey,. li.VT l'oicr.voK. Nov. 3.- The fire stal ion uid caretidvcrs residence adjoining have ecu destroyed by lire. Winnii'Ku, Nov. o. - The detiH'hiiient if 1! battery iirrivod from the west last veninjr en mute for Montre.il. Van. Homo has decided to lis xTiiiu rales .'or this winter at the very low rate of oUc or 100 lbs tor sound wheat and for Xos 2 nil .'j frosted at 8c less from V;;inip(-(; to Joiitreal ami all points east with a slight, nereus,.) from other stations. This show., i reduction from Winnipeg of (2v on lound wheal and 1.' on frosted, from irandon of lie on sound trad 19c on frost -d and from Iteirina of Id; on souiid an le on fi'ost'.'i.l. Tliis heavy reduction ;'."ios from '.4 to oo per cut oil' lair arrymit rale-. ViNtfi:i., Nov. I.- Th,; 4:Hslnfr 'Mr-isiers for Miuuiniiii have been appoioled jv the Iiomiiiion Lfivei'iinienl us follows. Li-oar. A. Haggnri. barri-ier: Marquette, liyau. county .jin'i;. ; IViVeni'her. I,. A I'm i'li' i niii'. jiiniiir kirk. I'. M. W.ilk.-r. iiijn-'. W. It. Anl.i-li lieiiiral Middb'ton morrow ii.urnin. Hie eo.iMTMit in eiiuiily jiiil'; : uiiety judue; V oiiiity j'id--. will arrive lun-e will i.iiii.int Hon. 1 lie.. W luti' ir A. I 'in'oii mi Tii'-sd.iv. in aw v, Nov. 4. Tb-i"c-.tio:i if appoint mi; a medical eommirsiun to examine Kiel i- again before the cabinet ami th. appointment of -in li a t i m i i -i -n may In -aid to U' dci i'l-d upon. l b,' total iiin.ibi-r of -i-riji i--ne.l j i the half-br-eds in ;he Northwest during tin pli'M'iil s,si,, Mils l.'.llllt, ,,ni ,,f wlliel I'llllllx'led l.'iHO have been -..111 out. The militia tb-purtineut wiil order an ime-tie-ation into the innilition of tlm-e w im are inade widows and orphans by tin Northwest rebellion, with n view of providing tor tlii-ir future. Alo.N I KK.vi., Nov. A liia-s lneetini; of Liberals lias bi-u held le re with closed dn.r.- to oryanizo for the upproacliiiiu eieeti'in-. list of candidates was pre p.ti' tl but has not yet been eien to Ha pre-., ',( Kiii.i , Nov. 1. ll . lios., the pre-niier, has just arrived from I' ranee nm lieluiiun. iiinl reports th d fears of a con Hid of races in Canada over l.'iel's nlfaii are so -troiiolv i xa-eeiated on the oiler si'le Ibat ertain capitalists do ia,t dare t Illlike tii.-ir conteuiplati'd investuients here bciiei iee. tl,., tin- war between the Trend Canadians ami the llriti-li elemeet is ine lllillellt. The premier's lei ill ii b.i. yiel 1 tin' siynal lor a demand for provincial in tervention on Kiel's behalf Winmi'i-.o. Nov. '. The lil'sl train from Montreal arrived h iii'irninir. hloiiol lere tbi. "ii. Middii t ii and Sir A. t ii are in tic city on rebellion bu-ine.s,. Tbi' Hon. Tbos. hit-- wi! arrive I to-morrow. Speakinir at Manitou he s that it census of Manitoba would be t,i next year and probably a re listributioii ol scuts would follow. The new (rr.iin rales on iheC. 1'. 1! range .rom oi.ic er imsliel to .Montreal from Winnie H- to o-V iit Moosejaw. Oi frosted vvlieat below No. 'J a din tion of per cent is ma le o,. h"se tiL'iircs. St. .foil n , N. I!. Nov. Wnts ha-c been issued for an old-lion here caused by the r. tireiueiit of Sir Leonard Tilley. The nomination will lie held m the 17th and theebi tion on the 2!l!i. Miintiii..vi.. Nov. . A private tele-(jl'iim from a member of the Dominion parliament at Ottawa states that the cabinet have decided to appoint a commission of medical experts to examine into Kiel's mental condition. The Liberal convent ion adopted n resolution at the Montreal reform tiieeting aliinniue; the necessity of a revision of lie constitution of 1 "7 in such a maimer a-will terminate the arbitrary control of the federal i"Overnmeiit over provincial legis-lalion, define better the respective powers of the Pimiinion and the provinces, and assure to the provinces sufficient resources to render it unnecessary for them fo make periodic raids upon (lie federal treasury. TottONTo, Nov. i'i.- A caucus of the opposition iie'mbers of the local legislature was held here on Monday niffht. The niorninir papers say it was called to consider the position of affairs iu view of the approachiny general oocliou. Winmpko, Nov. U.--The iroceediiie;s of the provincial Sunday school convention closed last night, 'b;n, Miihlleton states that his sole business here at the present, time is in connection with the openinur of the Infantry school, The Hon. Thus, White came in from Portage La Prairie this morning. He ad-dic-sed a meeting there last iui.dit. IL will meet u deputation from tin) Fanners' I'liiou this afternoon, MuN'l lli'.Al., Nov. t'v -The report sent to the American papers by tlx1 ussocuited press that C. P. K. and the Grand Trunk were to be consolidated is authoritatively denounced here as a canard. Halifax, Nov. 5, Thu linn. William Arrand has liec.n appointed agent, general of Nova Scotia in Loudon, , George Milliganof Toronto has taken action for $G,(X)0 dam ijj.s iigairst J. M, Fortier, a cigar- manufacturer, of this citv fur having him arrested last July on a capias. The capias wan quashed. John Hopper, general manager for Canada of the Mutual reserve fund Life Association of New York has absconded leavinij liabilities of, 3)8.000 behind him. 'I wo banks, the Merchant's and the Union h !d his paper foi S"i,'00 between them but it is expected that they will not lose much. St. Cvi'iiLitiM-.s, N'uv. 5.--Tl;r; Scott campaign i betny vigorously carried on lie-re. l'::l!iigday is fixed for ihe 18th am! both sides are pulling forth every elTor' for success. Prominent speakers pro and con are here fr-iin Toronto, including U'.i.oii.-t others Prof, GoMwiu Smith. Toronto, Nov. .".--Ki.-'haril Stone, butcher, and three emolayt's have, been ar i-esteil on suspicion, of l'eini; 'he peipo- trators (,f the revoltiiiir outraire of baiedim n r- ,1 corpse out-ole Lamlwell s butcher vm i n-ines. je.dno-y - a-si'.-ue ! ,u the cau-e. 1'be -t'.eielits iniiei.at d ill lie- ntT.iii- u.ll d.-o bo arii'sted. WlNMI'l.c. NoV, T. .Vl ,1 ii it i i'i a -I yi-terday. N'ortbvve-tein road w.i- pen I'he li.initeli.in ia-t Id. published a oiuinissioii was i-e b. ( no con- report that the medii dreadv at work on Kit lirmalioii Un .vet Im I fectlVl is UMillL lief that l.'ie here. 1'iT.vu . Xiii . T. -A mes ,r,ttu!ai ion from the im, l. t ion of the I '. 1'. t;. v..,. it' toll-the c nil-"ilel bj is Under- I'i 1 1 eon Stephens .-1,1 ll lood that i,e wiil be knighted. Auell'oit i, eiiiL.' mad' to bi he Sir i . loin n. to ti e niii.ivrv in Leonard lilf'v. re-i"i'i',l ffoit fail Mr. .;, , -ban, t.e lead of Sr Should tin pr sent Min- :so-r oi y.arine will likely hi finance l mi-!er appi. inteil Wis.Mi'i.,.. Nov. 'J.-Mr A. lan.nai-ived en Saturday night in connection with contr.n t inalters. lie denies ih, t Al.ijoi' lb ll has as yet li ceiveil one ceil1. He intim. red la-t night licit Kiel vs i'urther r -pit -d for t ,vo , il,r,.(. ,,, but Unit the Gov, M-ii, i . which repressed ihe rebellion would goon wilh ih duty. '11 A VV V. ,,v . !j. ',e govenillli ut Ine 'ldi-r. d a iiivestig,iii,,n into th" ca-i s ol di se made v, idows and orplmus durin. the late rebellion. As tl:e time of Ihe expiration of Kiel's pre .out reprieve draws near tic excitement 'iimng certain clement-. ,,f (he p,,mlace becomes more intense. Nothing definite however can lie lenni ,1 but w 1ml ever i he ultimate fale of Kitd quay be it seem- ci r-tain that he w ill not be hanoed on tin l'ltli. Prominetit men, ir"tessing to be in be premier's coulid-nce ami who would like to see the law take its course admit this much. K viiw i l l.. 1!. C. Nov. 'j. The last -pik. in IheC. P. K. was drive Cra igilia.-iiil near the l-.agle Pass on Saturdav. Tr.uk .iviug was commenced at six o'cb.ck in tin nniming on the la-t half mile of the road, At nine o clock the last rails had been i'l'ougiit rot-want ami ine.i.-ureii tor cutting 'o make the conni' ti"n. One rail was cut and placed and the other lift until Vic President Van Home am! ti.e party arrived Major lingers made several blows wilh a Heavy sledge hammer on the hist rail, helping to cut it. One hundred and twi-ntv feet of rails were then taken up and let on lorries to be placed w hen Mr, Van Home and the party arrived, lmmcdiatc- y aft'Twanls the ca-torn train made' its ap earauco with the magnates on boaid 1 he train drew np close to the end of the track and the party came forward, t twenty two minutes pa-t nine everything was in readiness to complete the cornice ion. Hon. lb A. Smith took the maul in hand In drive the la-t spike and uftei missing il a few times, drove it home amid cheers from all pnscnt. Aftcrcon-srat illations had been exchanged on the completion of the great work Mr. Van Home's special passed over the connecting ink ami departed for Port Moody, where hey will take a special steanrr for Victoria. Chips from the last th; w"ie carried away lis mementoes by those present. Much speculation was indulged in as to what, was the leng h of the la-t rail. It proved to be 'Jo feet iiinclies ami considerable money changed hands on the head of it. Photographers were on ham! and took views of the proceedings from varum positions. UXITi:i) STATUS. New Youk, Nov. o. The New York stale elections take-! place to-day. St Pail, Nov. o. New York slate went democratic, Hill being elected govei-nur by 10 000 majority. Virginia went democratic and the republicans carrh d Iowa and Pennsylvania. South Dakota adopted the constitution and elected the republican state ticket. Only the republicans made any nominations for state ollices iu llacotah under the new constitution, They are as follows. Governor A. C. Mettette; Lieut. Governor A. K. Frank; Secretary of State ll. S, Murphy; Treasurer I). W. Diggs; Auditor F. Alexander: Attorney general K. Dottard; Supt. of pub-lie instil ut iv:, A. S. Jones; Commissioner of School and pu' kinds W. II. Deadle: Supreme judges u.st district Diuliton Carson, second district A, J Keilain, third district J, )',. liciinett; for members 0f con-gross 0. S. Giffanl and T. Kanouse. Ni'.w Youk. Nov. o. Hill's majority in New Yoik slate, was about 15,000 and the democratic majority in Virginia and Marvlaiid about the same ligures. 'Ihe HepiiUicaiw carried Iowa, Peiinsylvar.ia und Connecticut, Nkw Youk, Nov. til actor, is dead. y. jllll Met 'lllloDfjh (;UKAT UIIITIAX. boMJOX. Nov. 5.--Mrs, Lauglry has been condemned to pay the household debts, which she contracted whilst living with her husband. III III l Nl.V ."l -'I'll,. ':I1II,:kU III Wexford in eonveniion selected Han-v and To!m l?'.lu(oiid . their ididiUc; for larliiimenl in tl,0 cotnintr fovnev, Nov. -J. The trial of Kditor Stead and his associates s.ill continues. A number of tic members of the Salvation Am y wen- in bbed on lcavinj,' court yesterdi'v. Lo.sr-os, Nov. 0.--Kditor Stead and Mi s. Jarrett have been found guilty of the iibdiii ':on of L'liza Arm tionj;. Senti.'iiro has 1 11 defen-ed. i:ri;ori:A. P.viiis, Nov. :. Le l'unps -ays ihat the French cabinet will resign before the :hiinil'!'i's meet and that Hris-mi will form mother ministry, which will include M, I'levciuet and a majority of the present ministers. Coxs'i vvi i mii'i.k, Nov.'.'. The liidkiin conference meets here to-dav. At n nr- liminan ne cling of the conference of the power- hiiglaud auilfruce ileclined to ai ction tin; appointment of Prince Alex- ii'der, as governor of Kotimelia. us it would be -an iiifnngeinent o the tierlin treaty. Tliev pleaded earnestly for such -ettleni'-n;. a- would sati-fy and ipiiet the peoile of lo;o,ieia iiii, liulgaria. Fire Prevention. By-Law Nj. 2 In lie Kuiiur ! ilio ll- iiilil ; Sin. Some time ago I drew the atlen-'ion of the council I the tlagaj'iint disregard for by-law No. "J which .-o adequately prevail- f.r the prevent ion of fires. To-d y I rcL'ivt to s.iy, i.ri!!er are not niiprovetl uid th cit iz-iis apparent';,' ai'p-.ir to U-nvklessiy indifferent lo this important 'piistion. Fortune lias ,,i favored this town that imuiy are beginning to forget hat sin h disasters as fires exist, until they nay be sharply reinii.ded some day by seeing th"ir own promises I -veiled to the ground. If is to be regretted that the tini" of our Fire Inspector i so taken up with other ma'bis as to pred'nl" all hope it his ever intending to the pressing wa its of the above by-law. Thetime has arrived when something must be done. As the renreseutative of insurance interests, which are growing largely in this town, 1 nm c impelled at this juncture to take the m itter in hami. I do not do so, however. ). foie announcing th.' fact. After this I ntend to report, any cases of flagrant disregard of a ny of the clauses of l ho by-law and parties concerned will either have to comply with it or refuse at their peril. 1 am conscious in so doing that I shall gain l ie enmity of some, but on the other hand I cannot but hope that all right thinking citizens will give me their support iu tb.'u in. itter. In protecting the. interests of my companies I am Le-t beiielittitig those of i ho citizens generally. While it i" pie ising to note that clauses l to 1 1 are being slow ly carried out, there are still many transgressors. Clauses PJ and lo do not appear to be known. Th'.'y will be interesting reading to some. Coming to clause 14, ladders 1 find, are as il rule placed where there is the least chance of a conflagration. Clause lo is indicated to the blacksmith. Lumber merchants attention is drawn to clause 10 which provides that no lumber shall be oiled within 00 feet of any building. Clause 18 livery stables and carpenters shops and now in open violation of this and the respective proprietors attentions are drawn therein. Last, but not least, clauses 10 to -'l 1 have simply to say that there is too much coal and other oils in town and for the safety of property, if not ives, must be removed forthwith. Iu conclusion, as everyone knows, the most dangerous period of the year is now coming on and it would bo well for all citizens to insist on the carrying out of this by-law. It is simply suicidal for merchants ami others to lull themselves with the fancy that all is safe. These are dangers which they cannot despise. A serious fire would incur a serious loss cveu to the insured and in that iigiit it behoves every property holder not only to make his own premises reasonably safe but to see that his neighbors do the same. I shall regret, personally, having to lay information against iiiy one but as the representative of important interests, I am bound to see them protected. Thanking you for your space. Yours truly, F. W. Petto-. We understand that Crowfoot has forbidden he buildersto proceed with the erection of the new agency buildings on Old Sun's reserve, being under the impression that it is intended for a mounted police post. Ihe objection on the part ot that astute polenta to to the police being stationed on the reserve is only natural since it is reported that there are a number of strayed (? ) horses at the Crossing, for the reden p'.iou of vvhic'i a fixed tariff of $10 i Head has been established by flu finders. Considering how ea-y it is for the blameless savage to find horses on the prairie, the owners of which are not avare at the hmo that they have lost, any, there s. ems to be money in this siheme. We flunk the idea of a police post near Gleiclicn an excellent one. It should be carried out in V of.tlie vypund-d susceptibilities of tin tiioiiurcii oi: Ihe lih'MM members of elections.

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