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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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9 THE CALGARY DAILY HERALD, SATURDAY, MARCH 29. 1919 I transmission of goitre or ltrt y- Devastated Halifax is ahira neck. Dr. Shepherd states in his report ou goitre in this province: "From what I could gnther, the authorities I Strong baking powder do not wish it to be known that goitre is prevalent and so do not 1 1 Being Reconstructed is needed $23,000,000 to Be Expende Before Work Is Finished; discuss it, fearing that open dUscus-skm. might interefere with prosperity of the country." I admit that no sane and intelligent person knowing our goitre handicap could be induced to locate in the province, but what of the victims already settled here? Is thte disease to be permitted to get in its fell work on us, and our progeny, in order to protect the interests of a bunch of grafters? Are Premier Stewart and his cabinet nnder the thumbs of these grafters or are they working for the people at large? They cannot work both Rabbit Hunter Kills Silver Fox; Monster Oil Plant for Dartmouth 'l ViHllpH iHjiffrl for the well dressed man j'l 1 1 1 1 who prefers a medium broad I li Y-AvHiiil lUiii'ill toe.

Made in Black or Tan I 11 WUi illjii ijf Calf and kid, with medium I 'Hj'i i 1 1 1 weight acle. (Writtsn Especially far Tre Caljary Herald by "The pointed out that the building of the section of Halifax devastated1 highway will furnish, work for a explosion of December, THE seci by th 1S17, 'HE the GOVERNMENT Standard flours are coarser and heavier than the flours you have been using for years, and they require a strong, reliable leavening agent. Egg-O is a pure, strong.onfte. erring baking powder. Its first action occurs in the mixing bowl when cold water or milk is added.

Allowing the dough to stand for IS or 20 minutes will give better results, and when you put your baking in the for God and mammon. Dr. Shepherd also states: "I hope my visit to Calgary did some good in auletiiur the alarm of the people." is gradually being rebuilt. large number of men at good wages. It will also result in improved rural conditions, increase the value of farm property and enhance the attractions of the Island as a tourist resort.

Sydney Nurses Horn The copy of his instructions received by me made no reference to quieting the alarm of the people. Was he furnished with other and secret in The sum of twenty-three million dollars was placed at the disposal of the reconstruction commission. The size of the job faced by the commis-sion will be seen by the fact that 10,000 people were made homeless by the disaster. Three hundred and twenty-six hydrostone houses and 125 wooden houses are being erected. I The work is being carried on in ac-' cordance with the most modern ideas of city planning.

The residences are structions? Dr. Shepherd was sent to Alberta as referee to decide whether goitre was prevalent or not. The city of Sydney is securing plans for the erection of a home for nurses. The building will be of brick, and will cost in the neighborhood of $50,000. A public meeting was held recently at Halifax to deal with the question of the erection of a large and modern hotel.

The present hotel accommodation in that city is utterly inade In his report he followed as closely as practicable the theory advanced and published by me in my article on "The Spread of Goitre." oven Egg-O will continue to rise, and you will have no trouble getting light bakings. Well Known Trade Mark and all attractive with airy rooms and abundance of windows. The persons The treatment of the disease, also advised by him, was a treatment which he learned from me, but which for whom they are being built will nay for the buildings on easy terms. quate. An American capitalist in- f3- told him I had largely discarded after a deduction is made covering terested in the Stattler liotels ad as unsatisfactory to me.

Knowing the valuation or the dwelling de dressed the meeting. He told his HAM" 1 that a considerable interval would audience that he nad made a elapse between receipt of his report What is Back of It. MOST Canadians will instantly recognize our trade mark as standing for certain standards of quality in shoes. But what is back of it Why should it be so generally accepted as a sufficient guarantee of good value Let us see 1 thorough study of conditions in Hali and the meeting of parliament, and fax and gave it as his opinion that a hotel costing in the neighborhood having been advised by the com mission of conservation, Ottawa, that of one million dollars should be the mattelr was in the hands of the tm most excellent investment there. His decision has given an Impetus to the hotel project, and it is believed that province, and its duty to take action thereon, I decided to let the matter rest at least temporarily, believing that the provincial government would now act on the data received.

Uoyd George is introducing a bill in the stroyed. Lucky Rabbit Hunter Harold Bennett of George's River, Cape Breton, while out hunting rab-bite last week sighted a beautifully timed silver fox. The valuable prize escaped but Bennett took up the trail and finally brought down the animal. The hunter disposed of the pelt, which he dressed himself, for the modest sum of 160. The buyer is holding the skin for the sum of $1,000.

Dartmouth Oil Plant The Imperial Oil Company is completing its monster oil plant at Dartmouth. During the past 'ear 40 million gallons of crude oil were refined there and this large output will present plana will emerge in a definite undertaking. Eight-hour Day for Miners The coal miners and mine oper You can use sour milk, sweet milk, buttermilk or water with Egg-O a different and better baking powder. Egg-O Baking Powder Limited, Hamilton, Canada British parliament to institute a ators of Nova Scotia have agreed on thorough investigation into the health of the people there. As the war office found that goitre rendered men unfit for service in the war, and or an eight-hour day.

The collieries will commence hoisting coal at 7 in the morning, at which time all the men must be in the mine. The day's work will cease at 3 o'clock in the under bonds, as it were, to maintain the quality of his product, or lose his reputation. And the higher his reputation becomes, the heavier hit responsibility grows. Noblesse oblige. That is what is back of the A.H.M.

trade mark. That is what we offer to Canadian wearers of shoes. That is why we ask you to look for the manufao turer 's trade mark on the shoes you buy. We have prepared a booklet entitled "How to Buy Shoes." May we send you a copy with our compliments? Please address our head office at Montreal. In the first place, there Is back of it by far the largest shoe manufacturing organization in Canada, with resources far beyond those of any other, and greater buying power in the material markets.

But that is not all. Important as those things are, they are not the most important. For back of the trade mark there is something else which we could not escape if we would: an obligation to Veep faith with the public The manufacturer of unbranded goods assumes no responsibility for them after they leave his factory. The manufacturer of trade marked goods assumes an obligation which lasts clear through to the last day of their use. The trade mark puts him dered the rejection of all men af flicted with thyroid enlargement, this subject will gain special atten-Uon.

Prior to 1870 goitre was rare be doubled in the course of the next few years. The company is under afternoon. The recent convention of workers and operators, which met at Sydney, passed a resolution calling on the Dominion government to make the tariff on all soft coal coming in from the I'nited States 53 cents a taking a progressive programme in in Great Britain, the only place where it was recognized being in Derbyshire, hence its name of Derbyshire neck. During the last thirty or forty years a steady in housing their employes comfortably and in the settlement of industrial disputes. All questions between men cidentally, this rule regarding cleanliness applies to other parts, such as rear axle.

brake mechanism, etc. When mud is allowed to remain on brake rod clevises and other similar purt soaks up the oil designed to lubricate the points, which become dry and wear excessively. All such parts as this must be cleaned regularly and have fresh oil applied to them. NECESSARY TO KEEP MOTOR CAR CLEAN The car owner should be careful to keep the exterior of the engine cleaa as well as the Interior. Iirt, grease and general filth art as in-mrlators.

preventing the metal from throwing; -off heat into tho air. In ton. At present the rate is 53 cents ton for screened coal and is much crease and spread of the disease has lower for run of mine. American operators mix the two kinds of coal AMES HOLDEN McCREADY when shipping to Canada and net I saving of 20 cents a ton. It is be lieved that this practice is responsi limitid ble for the fact that three coal mines "Shoemakers to the Nation" been noted nt it is becoming prevalent.

This increase has been coincident with the introduction and extension of the use of Canadian dairy products, and as it is now admitted that' persons and animals are carriers and spreaders of the disease. With those findings it will not take the commission long to recommend a strict embargo against our people, our animals and our dairy products, even if the' foitre germ is not are now idle in Nova Scotia. A "Bluff Battleship" WINNIPEG EDMONTON TANCOUVBR TORONTO MONTREAL t. jch It may now be announced that one of the "bluff" battleships of Great 111 Britain visited the port of Halifax during the war. This was in reality this Trade-mark on every sole an old tramp steamer transformed When you buy Shoes look for If Baclcacliy or Kidneys into a make-believe battleship with wooden guns and trurrets.

The Hall and management are settled by a council of twenty-four, half of whom are elected by the men. Source of Silver Polish Most of the silver polish used in Canada comes from a lake in Colchester county, Nova Scotia, known as Silica Lake. Portions of this lake are drained from time to time and a fine grade of greyish-white earth lying on the bottom secured. This Riibstance is frequently termed in-fuserial earth. The raw material is first thoroughly dried and then put through a roller process, when it emerges as fine and as white as flour.

The present output is 1,000 tons annually and the price varies according to quality from $40 to $89 a ton. War Memorial Highway Representative citizens from all over Prince Edward Island met last week at Charlottetown to make plans for the building of a war memorial highway from nd to end of the province. Numerous public-spirited Island firms have subscribed $1,000 each to the undertaking. The war highway will be constructed of either concrete of tarvia. It is suggested that the milestones be made indi Botii gomans never suspected that the er visitor was other than a powerful fighting craft.

She was one of four isolated. And where will we be with access to the British markets denied us? From what I have written you will realize' the immediate necessity to have the germ of the disease isolated at th 'earliest moment and its antidote discovered, in order that the thyroid gland may return to its normally healthy function and relief be obtained and future generations protected. T. G. RITCHIE.

Cochrane, Mar. 24, teen ancient ships dressed up by Harland Wolff, the great Belfast shipbuilding firm. The manner in which this and other firms turned lef over this ore old cargo boats into accurate rep the Pantages deliberating question. to have a record audience, and a very interesting afternoon will be spent at Eat lew meat, aLo take glass of Salts eating breakfast resentations of powerful dread noughts is one of the romances of the war. The idea, of course, was to mislead the enemy as to the identity and position of various naval units.

The scheme was remarkably success Secretary-treasurer Miss E. M. ilaveety. Committee Misses Watchorn, Whit-lock, Boutilier, Wilcox, Sergt. Woods, James Tonks, Fred The courts of this club have always been most popular, owing to their beautiful situation on Prince's Island.

There will be tour splendid shale courts ready EARLY START TO BE. Lemon Juice Clears Skin breakfast for a few days and your kidneys will then act fine. This fa mous salts is made from the acid of vidual monuments to the men who ful. The battleship that visited Hall-fax lay off New York harbor for weeks early in the war, keping a large German steamer bottled up there. If that German had only known that a three-Inch shell would have sufficed to send his formidable antagonist to the bottom! have fallen.

Under the proposed Federal Highway Bill the Dominion for use aa soon as weatner permits. The executive committee has outlined a very interesting programme for th season, the Bennett trophy will be played off, and friendly tournaments arranged with other clubs. Membership is open to all. Those wisl ing to join apply to secretary at 1:129 Boulevard west, or phone M312B. will provide 40 per cent, of the cost of any permanent roadway.

It Is Make a beauty cream cheaply to soften and whiten the complexion. Massage the face, neck, 1 Urio acid In meat excites the kid-' neys, they become overworked; get sluggish, ache, and feel like lumps of lead. The urine becomes cloudy; the bladder is Irritated, and you may be obliged to seek relief two or three times during the night. When the kidneys clog you must help them flush off the body's urinous waste or you'll be a real sick person shortly. At first you feel a dull misery In the Vidpey region, you suffer from back-itche, sick headache, dizziness, stom-iwn gets sour, tongue coated and you feel rheumatic twinges when the weather is bad.

Eat less meat, drink lots of water; arms and hands. Read directions! Tenders for the Bowness Park Institution Will Shortly Be Let GOITRE AND ITS EFFECTS grapes and lemon juice, combined with lithia, and has been used for generations to clean clogged kidneys and stimulate them to normal activity, also to neutralize the acids in urine, so It no longer Is a source of irritation, thus ending bladder weakness. Jad Salts is inexpensive, cannot Injure; makes a delightful effervescent lithia-water drink which everyone should take now nnd then to keep the kidneys clean and active. Druggists here say they sell lots of Jad Salts to folks who believe in overcoming kidney trouble while it is only trouble. Advertisement c.

COSTELLO TO Many questions have recently been asked in connection with the commencement of the work on the new military hospital at Bowness park, and when the local official of the Soldiers' ADDRESS FORUM For an intelligent understanding of conditions confronting us and our posterity, I quote the following results following thyroid disease, as reported by medical investigators and generally accepted by the profession. The thyroid gland succumbs to two diseases only, i.e., thyroid enlargement and cancer. The also get from any pharmacist four ounces of Jad Salts; take a table- pint of skin and complexion lotion at about the cost one usually pays for a small Jar of ordinary cold cream. Be sure to strain the lemon juice so no pulp gets into the bottle, then this lotion will remain pure and fresh for months. When applied daily to the face, neck, arms and hands it should help to bleach, clear, smooth -en and beautify the skin.

Any druggist or toilet counter will supply three ounces of orchard while at. very little cost and the grocer the lemons. Advertisement WTiat girl or woman hasn't heard of lemon Juice to remove tan, freckles, gallowneas and complexion blemishes; to bleach the skin and to bring out the roses, the freshness and the hidden beauty? But lemon juice alonfe is acid, therefore irritating, and should be mixed with orchard white this way. Strain through a fine cloth the juice of two fresh lemons into a bottle containing about three ounces of orchard white, then shake well and you have a whole quarter spoonful In a glass of water before show the monglotd likeness they are full and broad through the body, with thin legs and arms, and are built like a frog. Their minds show that they are mentally unbalanced, but they manage to get through the world because they have in their natures a substratum of stoicism and callousness.

We already see one of the effects of the goitre germ on our children in Alberta in the elongation of the neck. The average length of neck in the normally healthy white race is 3 1-2 to 4 inches, measured perpendicularly from the angle of the Civil Re-establishment Commission was seen Friday by a representative of The Herald the latter was informed that C. A. Browne, the western superintendent of the engineering branch of the commission, was now on his way from Ottawa with the plans and would arrive In Calgary the beginning of the week. Expected Early Start No decision, it was ascertained, has as yet been made in connection wiln The sepaker at the People's Forum on Sunday will be Ir.

M. C. Costello, and the subject to be discussed Is one to which the public is giving so much attention, namely, the National Savings campaign. The ex-mayor is expected thyroid gland is one of a number of glands in the body which we designate as ductless and whose healthy action Is absolutely necessary for the welfare of the whole body. It is only wlthia recent years that the control exercised by the thyroid gland on the human body is jaw to the collar bone.

Our young people generally who have grown PAINT lirnnwrFTniTTrmwnTTTiTmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllll the awarding of the contract, and this matter will receive attention upon Mr. Browne's arrival. It is expected, however, that a start with the work will be made in the early part of April. Increased Accommodation The original plans called for l'J5 berls, 25 being for the province and I'M) for the Soldiers' Civil Ke-PStabliFhment. Objection was taken to this by the provincial authorities, and it was afterwards decided that the accommodation should be increased bv 60 beds, 75 of which will be for civilians.

being understood by the medical profession and even yet our knowledge is sparse and meagre. Investigators, however, have found that disease of this gland may cause very marked I deviations from type. The typical ALTHAIM rrhe right PAINT to PAINT right" FOR SALE BY THE MACDONALD-BAKER COMPANY 818 Eighth Avenue West up here, exceed this measurement by from one inch to an inch and a half. At present we discuss these necks as swanlike; if the Increase, however, continues at the same ratio, in future generations we 'will have to apply the name of periscope necks to them. Every woman who has been in Alberta for some years has found that she has lost much of hei hair.

She blames it on altitude or on dryness of the atmosphere. It is caused by an unhealthy condition of the thyroid gland. The same reason accounts for the excessive amount of dandruff complained of in Alberta. These present results may result in baldness in future A.Y.P. TENNIS CLUB MEETING YESTERDAY white person approaches closely to a standard weight, size, figure, hairiness, pigmentation and texture of skin and weight of brain, and hits a thyroid gland about the thickness of a sheet of paper.

We. therefore, now accept this gland, in its healthy condition, as the controlling factor in the various established types of people in the world. Thyroid enlargement, which can be caused by THE WORLD'S WATCH OVER, TIME i 1 Blemish Removed Every The annual meeting of the Anglican Toung People's Tennis Club, held Thursday night, was most enthusiastic. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Hon. president R.

B. Bennett, K.C. President Jeorge E. Healev. Vice-president Miss E.

L. Oiasford. the presence of goitre germs in the generations. From the same cause men are already succumbing to baldness in Alberta. We can get an excellent birds eye view of this from "The Speaker's Gallery" in the blood or by cancer, destroys all the normal restraining or stimulating' i influences of the secretion of the gland, and if permitted to continue IN TEN DAY Get the Beauty Methods of This LIFT OFF CORNS WITH FINGERS parliament building, Edmonton.

Destruction of the thyroid gland sometimes causes a gradual deterioration in physique, to such an extent that the victim's appearance is so altered that they are unrecognizable to friends who have not seen them for some time. In the past, before the paramount influence of this gland wsis known, its complete removal was found to result in an arrest of the vital processes and great changes in the appearance, which showed it may evolve a race of giants or of pigmies, symetrically formed, or of cretins and freaks with broad, heavy hodies. flail-like feet and waddling gait. The pigmentation of the may range from white, Albino, piebald to black, and the skin texture from smooth to scaly. There is already steadily increasing amongst the white race a breed of people whose facial expression is blank and stoical.

To these we apply the name of mongloids. In these people the ductless glands are at fault. Liife, Rpirit and hopefulness are lacking In them. When adults Beautiful Womsn lua Colonial Extremely thin at no sacrifice of accuracy Win Tefl Every Reader of This Paper Kow re self in mucous-liko deposits under I the skin, causing a general puffi- ness of the face, hands and body, Tho face has a sleepy and vacant expression, the voice may change, tho hair on the head, brows and beard becomes brittle and falls out, and large bald spots develop on the scalp which may turn to complete baldness. The pigmentation of the I only ads that you write me first.

Bend no money. All confidential. No one else will know. Then to vou. and Guarantee tiny reader of this paper, I'll give full Almost Blind From Headaches I ucuiustu lay wouueruu anu usiomsmng treatment.

No obli Rations. No risk. You be the sole judge. I offer this fairly pnd truthfully FREE to you. My great complexion beauty marvel has instantly produced a icnsation.

You can try it without risk prove ell I say all that thousands others say who know the results. Stubborn cases have been cured that baf-led physicians and beauty specialists for years. You have never in your life ised or heard of anything like it. Will rruko muddy complexions, red spots, Doesn't hurt a bit and costs only few cents It is hard to struggle along with a head that aches and pains all the time. Headache seems habitual with many people; indeed, some are seldom, if ever, free from it, suffering continually, and wondering why they can get no relief.

In nine cases out of ten. persistent headaches are due to poisoned blood, the blood being rendered inuiure cmpies, Diacjuieaas, eruptions vamsn almost luce magic, ffo cream, lotion, enamel, salve, plaster, bandage, mask, nanuca. diet or apparatus, nothing to swallow. It ducan't matter rhcthr or not joar complexion is a whether your face is nil of nnoddy spots: pppery bbckhcailjs. embarrasr.f? end miptimia, or whether your skin rough and Vorcy." ar.if you'va riod slmost evarytuinir undor the sr.n to cct ri A of tha LlomLihoa.

fhi wonderf ul treatment, in jiist ton daya. positively removes every tambhand beautifies your skin in a murvFioua wm. Innk vm-ru All Methods Now Known are Cast Aside by Pearl La Sage "THE refutation of the guar-antor is the all-important consideration in determining the value of a guarantee. The Waltham Watch Company, established in 1854, was the first company in the world to manufacture entire watch movements. At the present time the normal staff at the main factory includes 4,500 expert workpeople, hundreds of whom have spent the whole of their working lifetime on Waltham Watches.

The factory equipment includes many marvellous automatic machines developed exclusively by Waltham experts for shaping, drilling, polishing and finishing the myriad 6mall parts entering into high-grade watch mechanism. Every part is standardized. Guesswork is unknown. Inspection and reinspection is a rigid rule. The unvarying quality assured by such organization ami equipment has resulted in the winning by Waltham of every gold medal awarded since 1851 by the great World's Fairs for supreme watch merit.

And it is these things whirh give weight to the Waltham Guarantee. confer. It rives the bloom and tint of purify of a blown f'Twrsetrrwi who nowoffn 33. In ten days you can bo the subject of tho Iniratloa of "n'n tt rail rem friends, no matter what your aso or condition of health. tSSte'SfS'SS 0k this minute, send me vour name and address on the w.otHn wtke internally- skin may change and we may find it becomes splotched by different colors side by side, what we call in animals piebald or pinto, and the victims may rapidly progress mentally to their second childhood.

Partial removal of the gland may result in the above changes, but in a more modified degree. Hence it is dangerous to operate except in cases of dire necessity and to save life. Ir. Shepherd has reported that where goitre is prevalent he has found in new born infants thyroid enlargement of sufficient size to cause difficult labor in child bearing. The above are some of the results caused by affections of the thyroid gland and recognized by intelligent physicians.

What are we going to do about it? Delay allows a more thorough entrenchment of the goitre germ in our bodies. We cannot run away from it and leave it behind. Krom its prevalence in the province we cannot claim that the body of a single person is free from the germ. If the people of Alberta today were transported to ideal healthy surroundings and propagated on strictly eugenic lines, It would require at lease six generations of posterity to repair the damage already done to us by the goitre germ and bring the rnne back to standard. I have seen the results of goitre showing in the fourth generation plainly when I was engaged in lS6S-6i collecting data in England "on tint Iwin eoomn.

or postal or letter, and by return mail I von to 1 Vour Crnnolsilnn through some derangement of the stomach, liver or bowels. The reason Burdock Blood Bitters makes permanent cures of all cases of headache, Is because it starts the organs of elimination acting freely, and the poisons and impurities are carried off from the system, purified blood circulates in the brain cells, and instead of pains and aches there is revived mentality and bodily vigor. Mrs. Geo. Monck, Arden, Ont, writes: "I have been troubled a great deal with sick headaches, and at limp.

details in elain sealed envelope free. Dtcidc now ai.d du It for 9or own greatsx happiness. C-n Lock Like Mars If Voa Mill Ssntf at Your Nsma, Prontiss Ycu vmmMxjMv'r rRsg ccupo? Pearl La Sarre. -pt. a-315 Drop a little Freczone on an aching corn, instantly that corn stops hurting, then you lift it right out.

69 St. Peter Montreal, P.Q., Can. I am a reader of this paper and am entitled to know fall details of tho scientific method for Itivintr irarvelotis boai to te tvrrph'xin anl removing every Mcmi.h in ten d-v. There ia no objuration what ever on cy for Uui information. would almost go blind, and have to go to bed.

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B. is a purely vegetable remedy, and has been manufactured for the last forty years by The Milburn Limited, Toronto, Ont. Advertisement toes, and the calluses, without sore ness or irritation. ju i ij i i Li Lii i ii ii in i i ri i it 1 1 ijj i jjj i i ui in iju i i i nnj Ex. Freezone is the sensational dis Ks sas sac Ha i covery or a Cincinnati genitiM.

It is Advsvtisjurwnt TT" rr iiw ij.

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