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Evening Courier from Camden, New Jersey • 11

Evening Courieri
Camden, New Jersey
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TT CAMDEN DAIIT COURIER, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1321 ia 1904, when the National Tubercu was sixteenth among the states last Sergeant William Homer; Of Hose-dele. -I ANCIENT HERD SOLD London tOO-rear-old herd of dinner en Sunday evening. UHaits Elisabeth Krt and Verna Bchott rendered several piano and' vocal losis Association was organuea, io 114 tn M29 per 100.000. Highland cattle Was sold recently at Zl IS a tremenoous -now- year ja the per capita sate. i The money thus, derived keen used to support nurses who find eases while they arc still curable and urge thum to take alinls and sanatorium Christmas Seals Arrive; Funds to Aid Afflicted Among- those present war.

Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Bailey and dauefi- ever, to reach the 10,000 active cases uoin.

oeiongea to (japiain a. A. R. MacDonaid and had been continuously in possession of his family for HlflE Elizabeth Krets, SUM Ml es rranoea Beideman. Thirty-third street and River avenue, was surprised recently by A bevy of thirty Mends.

A -pleasant evening fun and merry making followed. ilrs, C. T. Jeffs, 1640 Federal street. Is -reported Improving following an Verna, Schott and Julius Kretz.

i EAST CAMDEN 1 IHlltllllfiCTI ASPR1GESDRDP tbe last eight care. fit has alo supported day nnai mnA on tin ir for the anaemle. ia the state and render them assistance still curable. If the Christmas seal is used universally on all letters and packages between bow and Christmas, it will help very materially ia the effort to reduce the ap the Modern Health Crusade which reaches annually 100,000 pupils, nutri palling loss 01 lira rxors taw prevent- tion classes, open air schools and a campaign of education through lo-. iTtjtatmi and moviea.

able aisease, These efforts have baa much to oo Lonaon gets a shower of soot, to with the reduction i in inS4 the extent ot tour and a half founds and will continue until Christmas. The. seals wtll be pasted 'on letters and packages going through the mails. Thirty-seven million seals have been print id this year, and have been sent to the 26 local organisations in the various sections of the state. Last LIVE IN CHICKEN HOUSE Alton, Eng.

Sanitary inspectors have condemned a small building here as unfit for habitation, when they found it divided into three compartments. In two lived two families and in the third were chickens. HECK BRACELET LATEST. London A new form of necklace, a neck bracelet, has in a Hanover square shop. It Is a solid ring of Jet It has no fastenings and is just large enough to slip on over the aeaux nn hwui per acre every aay operation at tne cooper Hospital.

Bernard t- Brady, Alberta street has reiurned from a week's visit to Haddon Heights. Charles Matthews and wife. North Thirty-fourth street, leave for Sing-land on December 6 for an extended stay. They will be gone three month and will sail from New York. Mrs.

Julia Senser, county President of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, addressed the last meeting of the Lillian M. N. Stevens' Union at the home of Mrs, John Hogan. on North Thirty-sixth street Christmas seals, to be sold for one cent each, have been received by the Camden County Tuberculosis- Association, from the headquarters in Newark, and are being distributed to the various chairmen in charge of the drive. The proceeds realised from the sale of these seals Is turned over to the association to finance the fight which is being made on the "Great White Plague' 4n this county.

The drive begins on November 15, COMMUNITY MEETING. A community meeting will He given by the Kosedale Improvement Association In Eva Dora Hall, Thirty-ninth street and Westfleld avenue, on December 6. Prominent speakers will address the meeting. SHEPHERDS TO GIVE FIRST BALL The first annual ball to be given by Harmony Lodge, No. 55.

Order of the Shepherds of Bethlehem, will be held at Hall, street and River avenue, tomorrow night. Music will be furnished by the Wonder Boy' Orchestra. A delightful program has been arranged for the affair. MUELLERS ENTERTAIN. A company of friends were entertained by Mr.

and Mrs. Fred Mueller at their home. Nineteenth street and Bell Tkoue 39M-W. Keysteae Pama MHWr Opea Saturday Bvealnsre BntU 10 H. year l3.07S.6S1 seals were sold to the residents of New Jersey, which averaged 4.8 to a person.

New Jersey Merchants Improving Store Fronts Apartment Houses Going Up rrolerty owners In East Camden jare taking advantage of tbe fall In i Building prlcee and are rebuilding ana 1 renovating their possessions. Morris Tomar has purchased the old t' moving picture house at 209 Federal street, ana It making extensive ations which will be completed by the Soil GeoG CANCEL ANCIENT FEAST Sheffield, Eng. For the first time in 800 years, the annual cutlers' feast has been cancelled. This action was taken when the Duke of York an neaa. FISH DECORATE CHURCH.

London With dried haddocks, herrings and (0 other varieties of fish as decoration, the Church of St Magnus the Martyr celebrated the Harvest of the Sea. Canned meats and salmon adorned the pulpit steps and chancel. nounced his Inability to attend the N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND ARCH STS.

Danquet aue to tne prevalent unemployment. FIREMEN ABANDON TEA. Acton, Eng. The local Are brigade had its annual tea when an alarm came in. The men had to abandon the party and rush off to the fire, which was soon extinguished.

i end of this month. The building will be extended back to the building line and another story will be added. when completed it will be a modern store with several apartments. The Fresh Killed Poultry for THANKSGIVING! All of oar poultry WHed ana 4 reset kr awsetves, thereey lasurlDB yea at ebsolotely fresh stock Know what you're sjettias. Get the ThastkaftTivlas; ehiekea er turkey here at a fair price.

Free Delivery. Call by phone If Mrs. John Gray, 406 Sycamore Street, will call at Geo. Hand Son slie will receive $1.00 in merchandise free. Save ts ea Voir Coal Bill "THEMCOCal" pakM Um Ml bora Oivs 1-S more hat Lem cladvn ja oUtien.

Bant Parottl Post prepaid on rooerot of srio. 1.06. nmrtntoo Edw. S. Watts.

MtfT. IM1 Thompson P. Stretching the spine for a few minutes each day Is the latest recipe for prolonged youth. work is being done by William Holes, 108 North Twenty-fourth street. Harry Goldberg, shoe merchant, River avenue.

The guests included the Misses Theresa Edwards. Elsie Zacker, Alma Wheeler Margaret Broody, and Messrs. Allen Jarrett, Andrew Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. Har-.

old Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Hurlock, Mr.

and Mrs. Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett and Mr.

and Mrs. Zacker. THE SECRET OP PERSONALITY. "The Secret of Personality" will be the subject of the third lecture in the special series given by the Ushers' Union of Asbury M. E.

Church. The lecture will be given on Thursday evening by Dr. Samuel Purvis. In addition to the lecture by Dr. Purvis, R.

S. Johnson, tenor soloist of St. Philip's Protestant Church, of Philadelphia, will sing. There will also be instrumental selections. DONATION PARTY.

The East End Beetles' Club will hold a donation party on Wednesday evening at headquarters, 2410 Federal street. A 25-pound turkey will be awarded at this time. Proceeds of the party will be used to mako some Tempting Groceries for Thanksgiving Dinner Eveiyone wants the best of everything for the Thanksgiving least. To be assured of the best quality groceiies, get them here where our high quality brands are second to none. New layer and package figs, dates, cluster raisins, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, delicious red apples, oranges, graphs and many other tasty things to make up a real old-fashioned Thanksgiving Feast.

Atmore's Finest Celebrated Mince Meat, 32c lb. FREE DELIVERIES EVERYWHERE "Groceries oP "Better Taste will remodel the property at 2611 Westfleld avenue, recently purchased from Ralph Atkinson. The first floor is to be used as a shoe store. Thero will also be a basement store and an apartment on the second floor. A two-store front Is being built at fke property owned by Councilman jsffctor King, 2628 Federal street.

The A'nU- MnMlv naaHntf pntinnletlnn William Harker is constructing concrete garape for Harrv Letbish in tne rear ot hie home, 4uu westneia avenue. Mm U2 necessary repairs to the club rooms. 1 ipmMm jjlprovision co: NOW MAYOR JONES. Frederick Jones, 213 North Twenty- eighth street, former city councilman rrom Twelfth ward, has been elected Mayor of Seaside Park. Mr.

Jones spends his entire summers at the seashore resort as his home, serving as councilman there for several years. BE Mm ENJOYABLE VISIT. Looking the picture of health. Miss SPECIAL! Rump or Round Steak 22c lb. Si ITH TOMATO SAO' Esther Pettitt, 2802 Federal street, has returned from an extended visit to her brother.

Rev. J. Mervin Pettitt. at Bay City, Texas. Rev.

Mr. Pettitt was a former East Camden young Work will be started this week vpon an automobile paint shop to be buHt'. at 243 North Fortieth street. The construction will be done by Wil-? 11am Barker. i.

BKI) CROSS DRITE IS OJT. East Camden's Ited Cross drive Opened with a whirlwind of activity ij yesiordav. Josephus Jennings, as f-t (Chaixmnn of the committee, has sur--Ayiounded himself with a corps of as- isi'nt who have proven their met-'tle ia other campaigns. Excellent re- por a for the first day's work were iwade. but the returns are not nearly a as yet and Chairman Jennings not give a detailed report.

expeets to have the final reports by "Wednesday night when the drive ends. 1 Hiacassiptants are: Rev. O. C.

Bainuel English, Mrs. Frank llSWie, Mrs. .1. Deer. John Wible.

Cha? B. Coe, Howard Slater. Mra. I.izzif il Carlton Harris, Mrs. H.

Slater, and Miss Julia Asay. 1 AWTTIJfG DESTROYED BT FIRE. FJr. destroyed the awning in front 1 hf the American store at Twenty-i ljtth and Federal streets Saturday The blaze was discovered by l'rafflo Policeman Raymond Stark, rwh.0' summoned the firemen from the Sire house, a square away. The wind SPECIAL! Fresh Stewing Chickens 25c lb.

New Mince Meat 20c lb. Sweet Sugar Corn, Maine Style 9c can SPECIAL! Fresh Roasting Pork, off loin, in piece 20c lb. Fancy Cranberries 17c qt. New Early June Peas 12-15c can man. He was a lay reader at St.

Wilfrid's P. E. Chuivh, and later became 139 Bell 'Phone rector of St. Ai drow's Mission, from which place he went to Texas to accept a cal). Miss Pettitt motored to Galvaston, from which place Bhe took Sweet Tub Butter 45c lb.

Thyme, Sage Marjoram 5c pkg. steamer for home. FUNERAL OF WILLIAM C. zwlrner. 7S years.

5834 Don Worry About Your Complexion Cuticura WiUTakeCareoflt If you make the Cuticura Trio your every-day toilet preparations you will have a clear, healthy skin, good hair, and soft white hands. Soap to cleanse. Ointment to heal. Talcum to powder and perfume. Sunpltlukrmtjllon.

AMrei: "OltUon LtV rotorlai.Dtpt 940, 4S.MMI." 3old everr Christian Philadelphia, died dur Just one dish of these delicious, tasty beans will explain to you why they are so famous! Thanksgivin: Try Our Special Blend Coffee, lb 25c Try Our Special Blend Tea, 2-lb. pkg 20c ing the past week. His funeral took place last Saturday. He kept a dry foods store at Thirty-fourth and Federal streets for years. BRIEF NEWS NOTES.

Pollcf-man Joe Shrieve has been on the sick list with a heavy cold for several days. Mra Charles Whltten, of Hlghts-town, has been visiting her brother, was high, threatened to spread flumes tn nrtlninlns- hnHdlne-fl Whole Fresh Hams 20c lb. Home Made Scrapple 10c lb. iT-he fire was put out without much Fresh Shoulders Yearling 15c lb. Fancy Table Peaches tiamage.

A lighted cigarette drop wrioro. aoap xoc uinimenT zo onu duo. i ucom wo. Cuticura. ooap uuitm witbout bus.

ping from the poolroom above caused he fire. RGEANT AJTOERSOIT STROJIC.ER Fancy Golden Pumpkin 15c can Fresh Country Sausage 20c lb. Sergeant of Police George Ander- of the Third district, wno nas 111 for several weeks, is hold 25c Tasty Groceries for can ing his own, and it la believed ne Will soon be here, and then Christmas and New Year's lots to do and lots to buy before that time and lots of money you can save, Incidentally I Why not start cutting your butter bill down by using BELMAR BUTTERINE And why not stop buying eggs that are not fit to eat or use. We show you the inside of Belmar Eggs. We save you money, too, on canned goods we have cut profits to the bone.

Try shopping here this week. that Thanks will recover. Seargent Anderson Is a very popular officer, and all the men are earnestly hoping for his recovery. Tteoently a transfusion of blood was necessary to save his life. GIVES DINNER PARTT.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Morehouse. 3707 Westfleld avenue, gave a Tarbutton's the Grocery With a Smile Leon Todd Reai Estate HOBUGQ cVInSUKAMI Sun Maid Seeded Raisins, Pkg.

20c Fine Table Salt Bag 5c Vanilla Extract Bot 5c Apple Vinegar 10c Very Fine Blend Tea, Pkg. 8c Fancy Table Syrup, can 8c 5-lb. Bag High-Grade Hour 25c Tomato Catsup. Bot 10c Large Can Evap. Milk.

10c Best Corn Starch. 9c Sweet Oranges, 40c doz. ,4 giving Spread! There are smiles that make you happy Ripe Pumpkins, 5c, 8c, 10c JOHN CRAWFORD Mt7 Westfleld Art. Car en, K. THB BAST END TRUST CO.

Pyn 4 per cent, interest on mvlEff account Fancy Apples, 25c y4 Sweet Potatoes Turnips Celery Cabbage WEST night before Have 70U opened an account with the WF. CI.OSF. THANKSGIVING U.tT. mffra-Inhn A. Robins.

720 Grant Street, will call at Taylor East End Trust company z' e.uuu otner have. East Enfl Trust Company payw pt cnt. on saving! fond Provision Co. she will receive $1.00 in merchandise free, STORES and chief among these is the smile of deep enjoyment which is part of a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Our tempting high-grade groceries will do their part to make any Thanksgiving dinner a big success! Get them at or.

Ml FEDERAL SUPPLY CO. 939 BROADWAY Opposite Broadway Trust Co. Opei. Friday and Saturday Evenings If Mrs. Wm.

L. Dann, 843 Pine Street, will call at Federal Supply she will receive Jl.oO In merchandise free. DECEMBER PROVISION CO. S6rorJt rV71 $500 Plus $500 Equals $1,000 Easy enough to thus calculate, but how can this profit be realized? Get 1500 together. Pnt it in East Camden property now.

See If the coming; of the bridge don't make that tiOO worth a thousand. East Camden has a wonder, ful future Just around the corner. LEONE. TODD iDjnriBCt 2623 Westfleld Art. Real Estate Hortaaaes j'iSlnTssr L.

i.r ai iii-iiiiiT-" 1 Records IKcGrocffjef Hundreds of PleascxiParrMi 7f Mm Robert Sparks. 911 Federal Street, will call at any store selling Camden Goodies she will receive $1.00 in merchandise free. The Camden Kiddie Teacher who teaches 203 North Sixth Street Xow on Sale Our stock of Okeh Recorda ia now complete. Gin.nteed Phonos; rapbs, $10 and up. The OKeh Shop 924 N.

28th St, Camden Camden PL If Mrs. Howard Wentzell. 739 Elm Street, will call at Tarbutton's she will receive $1.00 In merchandise free. uperfine AT zsvl Pumpkin Pie or Maybe Mince Makes the Thanksgiving Dinner a Success Ask your grocer to be sure and save a Camden Gooches Thanksgiving Special Deep Pumpkin Pie or a Joyously Juicy Camden Goodies Mince. Mil nafeOa GOLDEN ROD A Rlek Tellew Cake.

Ckocolate-Vaama Idas. When yon want to be sure yon are getting the best in bakery goods insist on "Camden Goodies" Camden Baking Co. WEST AND CLINTON STS. CamdenTfJew Jerse. SQUARE WINE Nek.

sbU Teltosr, Its Ida. I DAINTY CAKE 1 POUND CAKES Cntat aile aaa Plata Posts Cakes. CHOCOLATE BREAD, PIES, DOUGHNUTS, 'CRULLERS AND EVERYTHING A Vf cake wtt -Vs. rmm l-ifc JELLY ROLL Ta. -teaiv KM mi Jelly RelL.

A ECLAIRS I cream purrs.

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