The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN Senate Probe of Lush Ship Profits, Trading With Reds Ends Today WASHINGTON H'j—The stormy Senate investigation of lush ship deal profits and trading with the Chinese Reds ends today. And with it, apparently, ends a threat to cite government cleanup mini Newbohl Morris for contempt of Congress. Senatorial tempers slil] smoldered over Morris' statement that "the diseased minds" of some of the lawmakers have subjected him to "Insinuations and Innuendos." There was every indication that his troubles on Capitol Hill were far from over. But the talk of citing him for contempt subsided. Shijis Deal Is Center On this final day of public hearings, the Senate investigations sub-1 committee centered its attention j anew an the 3 '/, million dollar profit ( which Joseph E. Casey, Washing-j ton lav.'yer, has acknowledged tlio] ship deals produced for him ami other public figures on a $101.000 investment. As its windup witness the group called Raymond S. McKeough, a former member of the old U. S. Maritime Commission and a friend i of Casey since they served as' Democratic House members. "My Class Friend" Adm. William S. Smith, who headed the Maritime Commission wlicn It sold surplus tankers to Casey's Kroup In the late ID40's, testified yesterday that It was Mc- Keongh u-lio introduced c.iwy to him as "my close friend. Joe Casey." McKeough wa.s nn Illinois House Democrat from 1935 through 10-12. Casey was n representative from Massachusetts in the same years. Sen. Ilooy ID-NO, who heads (lie sul>ccjtnmittc'e, told n reporter he plans to call no further witnesses and said It would not lake very long to write a final report, 'ttic group's announced goals are 10 sh<>w whether: 1. Influence peddling entered the [anl:cr deals; 2. Taxes were avoided on the big profits; 3. Tlie maritime laws were circumvented, thus making a!l of Ihc eight tniiker.s Involved in (he deal liable to government seizure; and 4. Whether impropriety jr.arkcd the use of two of the tankers to haul 011 to Red China until a month before the Korean War started. Eisenhower Interest in GOP Nomination Appears Growing By The Associated Tress Gen. Eisenhower's I tit crest lit the Republican prcsJcJentiiil nomination seemed to be growing today as support mounted in the wuke ol hi.s clean sweep over Sen. TnH hi the New Hampshire presidential primary. Eisenhower's Washing ton head- Quarters relensed part of a letter from bltn to an unnamed close friend which sold in Effect he would not turn hLs back oil party workers niui lenders Ifttftr. It smnui- ed like he was telling those "In the rank nnd file" he wouldn't forget them tf elected. But a former New Jersey governor who supports Elsenhower .said he would do the free world n disservice by coming home to campaign. Walter E. Edge made the statement in R rndiu-tclevision broadcast. A former Taft supi»rter In New Hampshire, Richard G. Jordan of Manchester, wrote the Ohio senator to get behind Elsenhower, mul assure a GOP victory Iri November. Harold K. Stassen, another GOP candidate, campaigning in Wisconsin said he has not promised to deliver his delegation to Eisenhower if he fails to w in nt Chicago in July. He .said his supporters, in such an event, cnn mnkc up their OWH minds whom to supitort. lie .said if 'elected president ha would cull In Gen. MacArttiur for advice and counsel on the Korean brittle and on Gen. Eisenhower for European guidance. Summary Made Of Steel Issues WASHINGTON I,V> — A Wrtjjc StnblllznUon Board psmel has coin- jilctctl n summary of the issue.? In the sice] labor dispute find given It to industry iiml union representatives for Ammenl. This was learned todny while the WSB apparently was mnklng every erfort to come up with linnl recommendations for .saUUng the before n union contract extension deadline runs out at midnight Mnrch 23, n week from Sunday. Attend Demonstration O. O. Hntimwny, owner of the Firestone Store here, Pnul Cllnm- bers, manager, nnd Aaron Fetcr.son and Leon Scherer, salesmen, recently attended a demonstration nt West Memphis ol Firestone Tire and Rnbucr Company's tuneless "blowout-sufc" tire. SUFFER NO MORE VAGUS PAIHS, BAD BREATH, HEADACHES, DIGISTIYE DISTURBANCES, DIZZY SPELLS LACK OF VITALITY AND ENERGY, PALENESS NUMBNISS, HEARTBURN AND STOMACH GAS Also Bad Breath mid ComolejiSon Also Bad Breath mid Completion Always Tired ntid Listless. Palp' TrrlUWe. Vayae Pains, a General Run-Down Feeling With No Am- tlon To Work or PI*) 1 , New Life HOW LONG HAVE YOU SUFFERED from these complaints? Regardless of what you have tried in the past, or how long you have put up wllh these aliments, you can non- hope for relief wiiii HOPE MINERAL TABLETS. In just a few days, you will see the waite., CLACK AS NIGHT bc- Cin to leave your hody and you ^rill frnl Ide relief and wondrous change. MOTHER NATIiltF. 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It roulains cnly Natural minrral-,. no dopes, no oils, and is nut habit TAKE NOTE OK Von; ELIMINATION a few a\'-. after usinf HOPE MINEIiVl, "Tien the black waste besins to l.'are your body, do not become alarnicd—the minerals arc do- mj; their work. \Vhcn your organs are free o! waste and im- punlies, you B il| DI , B j n lo rcc | relief. Then be thankful you have filially found HOl'E MIN- LRAI^ Nature Cures DOCTORS WILL TFI T YOU. It take., Son and Xa lu ' re lo do the real and final curing More and more, they turn to nature for hcalimr. Thpr use natural mold (ri-o«lh tii ma fremcillin, they have fuum! II raw onions will kill bnetrr These and hundreds ol oil Colon Illustrations \STOMACH, J ROCK ' . . LIKE >4j t uf IMPACT!OH IfJ Vv' POECCENCII;;- COLON inxoim.xr, COLON. np,>j r .r or ih;< con .lion ivlncli t uv lei 1 lo r n pl'r ' ^ iva ** (-','X» RE XIIRM VI, COLON. Mlni-Mb uill Mp kp.-p Inr rmnrlcs o t your colon Him and hrjlthy. prove that Nature Provides vc '" do is "** vtULt * hc orters.' KN VOU ARE DEATHLY TIRED h.-n-e no amhltion, nervous, irritahle, VYvi!" , a ,?> p ^i" r * n<l " n '* 5lw P al nisht fAM. [ion. MINERAL. \Vhen you have nn color and you frcl and look old before your time ami life seems lo have Guaranteed Go to your druc store today and S cl a bottle of Hope mineral Tablets—use It sitisfipd, w'c will rrfunrJ voiir" mnrtf-r - . inveitmtul of )oiir PRICE $1.50 DRUG STORES Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N j Texas Corp Senrs ' U S Steel '.'.'.','. Sou Pac '. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III MV-'USDA)— Hogs 1.1,000- fnirly nclivc, weight,, 130 ]l>s up 15 to 25 lower than Thursday's average- HO Ibs down fully 50 lower sows steady u> 25 lower; bulk choice 180230 Ibs full width of choice grade 172.V-40; several Lots mostly choice Nos. 1 and 2 umter MO Ibs 1750- top to packers n.25; choice Nos i 2 nnd 3 240-270 Ibs 10.25-17.10- 280- 3W Ibs 15.7i-16.00; few <o 'lB25- 150-170 Ibs 15.50-17.00' 120-1-10 Ibs 13.25-15.00; 100-110 Ibs 11.75- sows •100 Ibs down 15.00-75; few to 1000- heavier sows 13.25-14.25; stags 115013.50; boars 9.50-11.50. Cattle 500, calves 400; mostly BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w York Cotton Open High Low 1:15 M"y 3980 4028 3013 1020 Jll| y 3865 3525 3815 3016 Oct 35ff7 3fi:<3 35M 3624 I)c = 3575 3612 3568 3001 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low 1:15 May , 397fi 4027 3960 4013 •"1'y 3881 3920 3812 3015 O<U 3592 3031 3585 3631 Dcc ,. 3571 3013 3505 3007 Soybeans High I/>w Close Mc " 300"i 2sa<; 300 Mn y 207'i 205-!1 297SI Ju 'y 232?. 290"! X2\ Sc|) 2B5 283 l.i 285 New York Stocks A T nnd T Anicr Tobacco .'. Anaconda copper lieth Steel Chrysler Coca-Coin Gen Electric Gen Motors Mimt;.o:iiei-y Ward N Y Central I»t. Harvester J. C. Penney ...... Republic atcel .... 154 3-8 .... 57 1-8 .... 47 7-8 ... 49 3-4 72 3-8 105 1-4 .... 58 1-8 .... 5-2 1-8 (il 1-4 IS 7-8 33 1-4 .... C7 41 5-8 25 1-2 37 1-2 34 3-4 78 1-8 57 5-8 53 39 65 5-8 FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1952 .- . 'ormer first Lady swlnt -Mw. Elcdno, Roosevelt aroused great In.crt when. an. she demonstrated Western (oik-dancing. Above, .he a diminutive partner In n fosl sel. Russia Expected to Say ' On Austrian Peace Proposal Ky JOHN' SCAM WASHINGTON U 1 .,—Russia Is believed ready to fire back a quick emphatic "no" to a new Big Three proposal for n streamlined Austrian lieace treaty. Officials say the Russian turndown, If and when it comes, will virtually kill the la-sl Western hope thai a four-power peace treaty for Austria Is |xjf.sib]c- and will mean continued Russian and Western occupation of Austria until some other way is found to break the present stnle;n;itc. fn formal notes made public yesterday, the United States, Britain, nnd France appealed to Moscow to nsrce to a 1.000-\vord. eight-article pact which would fully restore Austrian rule over its territory. At the same time, the United steady in cleanup trading; odd lots and individual head good to choice steers and heifers 30.50-33.00; utility and commercial steers and heifers 23.00-29.00; utility and commercial cows 22.00-24.00; canners and cutters 17.50-21.50. REVENUE States denounced Russia for stalling an a peace pact and falling to keep a 19-13 promise to join the \Vest In insuring Austrian independence after the The new draft" treaty was designed to replace a much longer 60- articlo pact that bogged down in argument, after five years of talk. Seven of the articles in the new j pact, n-ere lifted from the original. They had been agreed to by Russia's representative. The eighth however, came ns a surprise. All Musi Yield It calls on all four countries lo give up all Austrian property claimed as former Nazi assets or as v,-nr booty. This would'hit (lie Russians hard Russia now holds oil. shipping and industrial properties in Austrja worth several hundred million dollars, nnd Is believed to be making about 50 millions annually from their output. Under a 11119 western agreement with Russia. Moscow was to be allowed to keep some Austrian oil. and shipping properties and to get I (Continued from Page 1) conference today to discuss details. The present collectors may take the civil service exams fcr the new- top administrative field jobs in the bureau if they qualify- But Dunlap has said most of them will be out. He said the bureau needs experi- rn--i and skilled tax men in the l>osts. Seventeen of the collectors now in ofjlce have civil service status, and these may be found qualified to stay on. The Senate vote on the plan was a surprise since both sides had been predicting a "nip and tuck" outcome. In the showdown, the plan was backed by 30 Democrat? and 23 Republicans. Nineteen Republicans and IB Democrats voted to kill it. Of the 18 Democrats opposing it. 14 were Southerners. Read Courier News Classified Ads. 150 million dollars in exchange for numerous Austrian factories it Is now holding. Luxora Talent Contest Held Bobby Tate Is Winner In Senior Division LUXORA—Bobby Tale and Tommis Jo Olive were first place winners in the talent night contest at Luxora High School last night which was sponsored by the school's junior class. Young Tale, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Tate. Sr.. won first place in the senior division of the contest with his piano and son^ of "Cala- rteonla." He Is s member of the junior class. Second place honors In the senior division went to the dance team of Hetty Lou Hall and Glenn Brazeal of Kelser High School. Tommie Jo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Olive, won first place In, the junior events with a piano "boogie" solo. Second place honors went to a girls' trio composed of Linda Bynum, Barbara Lacomb and Ruth Bandergriff all of Luxora. By winning first place in the con(est, Tommie Jo and Bobby quail- fled to compete on Hart's Amateur Program over Memphis radio station WMC and Memphis television station WMCT. Bobby will appear on the amateur tomorrow and will be among those competing for a 5600 college scholarship prize. Hill Klllebrew, a television performer over station WMCT, served as master of ceremonies for the contest and judges were Ott rjousli, WMC program chairman. Mrs. ll' M. Jones of Osceola and Mrs R L. Houck of Luxora. Proceeds from (he contest will be used by the junior class toward the junior-senior banquet il sponsors each spring. Federal Spending Slash Urged WASHINGTON W,-The House Appropriations Committee todav recommended. a 10 per cent slash in the seven billion dollar bud>et of more than a score of federal agencies for the fiscal year start- •g July 1. It turned thumbs down on all new job proposals, cut by one- third the funds budgeted for travel communications, printing and binding; ordered n halt to accumulation of annual leave by government workers, and slapped \i ceiling of 2o.COO on the number of new publi low-rent housing units that may I started next year. Obituaries Former Resident Dies in Alabama J. L. Thompson. Sr., of Birmingham, Ala., father of j. L. Thompson. Jr., of Blythelle, died yesterday morning in Alabama. He was 84. Mr. Thompson was a former resident of Blytheville, coming here in 1902. He was a builder and contractor and constructed the First Presbyterian Church and many business buildings here. He moved from Blytheville in 1930. He leaves his wife; four other ns. Carroll Thompson of Memphis Nelson Thompson of Cleveland. Miss.. Dr. James Thompson - of Birmingham, and Paul Thompson of Havana, Pla.; and three daughters, Mrs. Vcr.i Jonas and Miss Mary Alice Thompson of Birmingham, and Mrs. Lewis Updike of Memphis, Services will be in Alabama. Cox Infant Dies The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs Robert Earl cox of Hermondale Mo., died today in a Blytheville clinic after a few hours illness. The child, William Ear) was 17 days old. Services will be conducted <u 10 a.m. tomorrow at Cobb Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev r. L. 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Highway 61 Phone 2434 ay he Jury Takes Over Finnegan Trial ST. LOUIS UP, — A Federal Courl jury takes over today in the trial or James P. Finnegan, former internal revenue collector nnci personal friend of President Truman. U. S. District Judge Rubey M Hulcn will instruct (he 11 men and one wonum before they retire to decide on two bribery and three misconduct in office charges against Finnegan. Maximum penalty on each bribery count is three years in prison and a fine three times the amount of the bribes plus permanent dis- cjualjfication from holding federal office. The highest possible penalty under each of the other counts is $10,000 fine and two years ImprLS- onment. Men prefer MAYFAIR slacks for their neat, Irim lines and cuslom-like tailoring and (it. For case or oction, there's no other ilack thai will give you 10 much satisfaction for wear, appearance and comlort

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