The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1952
Page 12
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Sue lie Dally r»t« per lint lot consecutiv Insertion: 1 time pet line 2 tlme» per line per day > 3 ttmct per line per day We <! times per lliit> per di»ir 7c J2 lime* ped line per d:iy 5c Month per line ...... 00c Con in fife average words to the line Ad ordered for tliree ot eli tmwi ft»d *topped before expiration will Jie clinrE- *d for the number of ilmr* [he nd • ppenred and cidJuMmeiu of bllJ made mltted Savc Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FUUNJTUJiE CO. 517 \V. Ph. 2552 8-2 ck It \ For rouph Inniher, nil nintK, or fnr F-pcrtRj cut Umrii-i*. mil o s. Kal)ison. 3309. South End 21M Klrert 2 15 i«X 3 15 ] f!r.on pri rf on 4 ]>)y wood bo.-it.s, o/ will inilld to oidcr. tfH W AMi. ph :«7« •.-. 225 pV. 3 2i F'rrsli Country f.KKf-— Groceries U'c arc ofK-n after Mipppr, hff the city must he necompanlrrt by cash Store. Do(jwoo<t. S 61. Ritr* may easily be comvuitts-j from ' — the obote tnble Adrritlslnf; ordered tot LrrrsnlM in- aertloni mice the on* tint* mbLe No responsibility will ho Mien toi more III en one Incurred In . 3.5 pfc 20 | sny All ad* ! nd •eMricted to their propi'i cj&sf n jcAiiun, sty te nntl type, Thf Courier Sewa reserve* lite flKbt to edit or reject an? ad. for Rent 2 room iinf npt., 300 S. Lilly I'h. 4SS-J. 3 13 pk ^0 Nice 4 rm tmftirti. npt. Hath, CJas A; hot wairr. Close In, Day Ph. 2121 — nlfThl 23F6. 3 10 ex 16 jf'ftll Charlie Oiogrton, fio. Highway fil. : I'h. 6847. 3 5 pX Itt j ! ! i Stork mid flxnires of Ororrry n 11 <t •Mnrv. StJi, A nice lart-'O Arore dolnc uri I i exrclU-ni huslm-ss, I.oiMted in n very J iiiooil IjusliK'fis f-jiot. SlielJ Oil IVo<Litrls, i A nlff three rnorn ho ISM* hPAtdp hiorc, f He.voji.ibJe rent- If you arc |)];iun!fiH foil poliiff in A husLnr-ss of this tyi>r-. jK'c this one iM-Iorc- you huy Lorr.n <1 ; one in1!c north of NunihT Nlsn-. nrxl j 41 j miles fast nr Ulwny «'.. on thf ! 'Ark-Mo StiUe linr Hue 10 III : will ^nrrllk-c- at Involre pririr. ntnin- ! Ins WHwin Otn. tt Serv Ktn. . 3 12 nk in 3 rm (urn. npt, Pvt. fiaih, pvt. PII- trancp. 404 E D:wls. I'll, 34B1. 310 pk 16 apw. (or rf-nt. Cn|] 6 ck tf I 7 ] 7 horsepower nirrctiry mnhfianl. ! Ooorl us new f 125 N. W. Gnyrnnn, Hf»n«^r 3, AUbnse.- I'll. 3721, 3 room A: 4 roo B612. C. Ahrnhou Duplex unfur apl., all conveniences. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Ph. 2175. 3|11 pk -i,n Upstairs 4 /com imlnrn flpt wltli bath, cleetrln water Iienter,<r1 for electric stove N'ewlv decoraiecl Couple on\y. Ph. 2787. - 2 13 ck U Modern 2 room fvir npt Tli, 2595 or 45«. 2H ck tf Modern «pt., 3 rooms nnrt bntlt. newly decorftlpd. Rood furniture, BBS equip- weni- Ph 3S73. r Sltnon. 9!2l ck if Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 3 rm & bath, Unfur. apt. 2(Ki E. Mo Bt. Call 6179. 3;4 pk IB 3 rm. unt. apt-, rear 801 S. Lake. Call 4312. 3;i2 jik 20 , 3 Ifl cK 17 TYPEWRITERS" DON EDWARDS CO. Ill W Walnut J*htme 33BI Plenty of Parking Space 2500 RnKhpis of Rooii com A L WUlRlta. Photic Dell 26i[. 2;2fi j>k 3;ifi Ufiril kUchru cnblnct. 1027 ChltknsrvA'- lin. 3fi pk in Gei'Se, Ph. 2A1-H Blrplp 3 10 pit 17 rtor 5 room apartment. J26 W. Ky. $35 jier month. No children, no rtops. Ph 2662 or 2913, 3|12 pX 15 3 rm it bath unt, duplex, wired tor #1*0 Btove, Ph. 31B7 or 2732. 3;12 c)t 15 I ne-A- Oliver •* r $110. 1 ncv.- Oliver 6(1, $1505, Oliver cranX srialtn and brnrlns, Complete to fit Oliver 70. $57,50 exchange. »ndlx plow shares Sl.flo size 12*. Otlior tractor rind h tiller parts at hlR discounts. US 50-13A whpv*l henrlnKS, US 50-H A I'heel brrtrjns M 25 per cent tllsroimt. See or cnll OHn Hnnlson, 517 \V, Asti, Fit. 2552. 3,13 cfe u Auto Supplies . and Services Don't «nfl»nser your family with fltul* tlrcj—BUT LI» TIH1S, CKAPUAN SERVICE STATION ftf«ln and DlTUlon Fhon<> 3503 I2]13 ck U Services . Tor mOTing * locnl hauling, call «529, W. W. Bcckhnm, 117 \V. nose, 3iH pk 21 | Will car* for girl RRC 3 to 8 In my 1 home dally or part time, ph. fiOOS. 3 13 pk 16 DRESSMAKING — FOHMALS AND CHlLDnEN'S CLOTHES A SPECIALTY 813 N. 8th. Ph. 67fiO. 3.11 pk 2^ laundry. In rny home Ph. 61-17 8 pk 4 : R I rrpalr nny make or'modrl \Mt.shliiK machine. 2 blocks west of Dlxlr PSR. on 8lh St.. by new school. Herbert Graham, Ph. 57 3 : 3.7 pk 4,7 At These Late Model Cars! 1950 FORD $1495 A lute model liciuify, lliis custom I'"ordor is Meadowljrook (I r e e n. Radio, healer and KHS- saving overdrive! 1950 FORD $1445 Here's I lie Ford in your fill ure! Sea Island Green custom <lcliiM> 'J'lidor . . . c(|iii[ii>ccl with radio and 1 lea I or. 1950 FORD $1445 If you prefer blue, then see lliis Inindsnme Klier- iilan liluc Tudor. Kadio, heater. Custom deluxe. '50 Chevrolet $1445 Another nice car, this li'tc model Chevrolet has he.'if K music. AKrucdvu green Town Sedan. '49 Chevrolet $1245 A deluxe Fleedine 4- . door Sedan, this gleaming black Chevrolet offers both radio and heater. '48 Mercury $795 A fine price you'll have' (u admit. This Mercury Town Sedan hoiisls a radio and heater, loo. Tan color. 1947 Ford $695 If you're looking for good service at minimum cost, fliis is it. Nice looking maroon Tudor Sedan. 1941 Ford $395 Phillips has older models, too. Tliis black Tudor is jusl S3<)5. Come to Mfl [{roadway in Blvthc- ville. Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 We have John Blue Fertilizer equipment & parts for Ferguson & Ford Tractors Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Help Wanted, Male NAllonat organl/Mlon h R a oprrilnff for fialeKrnan. irre lo travel, liiirorttice Icopyrifchlcd FtnunrlaL Service HusltiPSfi- .profpsxlonn] m*n. $1000 - S3000 rarnlng [pnce/iltnl. Plrnly repents. ttOO wu'ltly i draw phis [jomis to men quaUfs'lJifi, e ex [ic / IP j ice Box BF c/o Courier s. 3 ]4 pi( 13 Job Wanted For expert plumbing, oil stov« ami pump repairs, cnl) 63-J9 Harry Myers. 3!1 pk 4 1 We are now iti A position to do CE\- erincr special foods lor luncheons and Ancrle Hood Ph, 4013 l.cxlc fifty Ph. 4641 2 20 pk 3 k 2 10 UINUT* PHOTOSTATIC SFRV- IC«. O'STXEX'S STUDIO-115 W, MAIN 12;* clt tf Watch and Jewelry Repair I-DHT st rrlce on Jcwelrr — 3 rinys on wntch*s »nd rlnrVi, ed work €onc by exprr: rci^lrmcn LowMt "PAT O' BRYANT Main & Second For Sale, Misc. 7 ft. Crer>?rno pri'i-suie tr.'nt>vi frsiei- posJf, fl'i rtntj- frirb. -.vill l;r-i 2'i yr.\r=, R. E Stilii'.,-:. In front ol Ptarvup Dilvo in Thrjitfir. 3 11 pk lo V A C C^f tr.-ru.r. ir.i^-'l'1«'^'or Used or.e yerir, snn-.r as i :.•--,> = t.',»i>n Ko.^s CalriwciJ a: Go.tnc-M. I'J; f-,"V2 3 12 ]-»'k 15 .105 head of geese for sale. Will sell any amount of them. See Venson Polls, Slcclc, Mo., Phone 2SI-R. 14 pk 21 Complete Kdiphone diclni- inff nttd tnniHcriliiii},' system. Old model but in fimA condition. Price $.|(). One 2-driiwev desk, 28".x'IG", price SliS. One old desk 26"x<lr>", ?15. Ice water bubbler (h'inkinx foiin- tnin, $'15. Pepsi-Cola Botllini; Co., ph. 2000. ;>, |.| ck IS Hrcct Glit.T A; «O'.v5. wit! fiirrnw In lt-,\- lluys. A. P. Ihirks. Clrar t iko Hi G56B J M ,,1; IR [nri;e n^rn nt Prom1si v tl I.nnd, See ^T^s. Jim Fowler. Promised l.nnd 3 U 321 fort SALK Modrrn l>i »in r j. ^ ,„„„, hrirk t . ilcnco tomjilrlr with veiu'tlnn anil ilrajirs. MnnUvood rluors. motli'rn hrnllnu, K ns As electricity. ThlK home li Uicalcu i'i mi. H or ulytKovme on Invy. t)l. Iti n brnuninl Retllnii O! a acres or hint! with t^o car i,'.im«e wnrksliop, snmnipr hm,,c and servant*' •limners You will !u>vn to s<^ this to Hilly npprrclntc It. It Is n «iK)d huy nntl tortns cun lip »rrani:ed C^Ll A T Burls. Plinne s-9177. Kennett. Mn.. tor niipnliitinrnt. or CifnrKn Vatts nt GU'n- coe Hotel. Blrthnrlllr. Ark. 3 12-H-17-19-21-2t •1 room house :uul bath, corner lot, close in, ?GSn equity, •J3I.50 mouth thereafler H. C. CAMI'HI'M.L I'h. 'M'IG-187^ j: - 3 : 12 ek 15 12 fro rniini house. v:ood lorittlnn nrrn^s tdfflv Rchnol nivldrd Into .1 nri^rt- fi. r.lrli wl'.h elrrlttc Xltflirii Twn .!-roO(n iipnrtnirlits. OTIC fi-rnorn ap.irt- c-nt. nil tully (iu.i(su,.<l Porrwl 10 cll !iir.\iisr or 111 hcnllti Open for In- pcctlcin A|)|lly 113 OIllrkasiHvliu 2 2(1 ck It 3CTI licnd or cotton chopplnt; KCOSP. JO.Wn i, ;1 I: trncc JKJMS. 32 Jiu-h Hold frnrc S1J 75 per roll. 4 pt. bob wire. 5R 15 prr roll. Fli. or srp C:ild;vcll Stdrp. Hlqrmny Ifi. H miles E of Xrtrlcton. Ark. 3 14 pX 2] Notice 2 room fnrtory Initll II ulailr liciu S2SO. 707 N. For Sale, Real Estate Used Tractors 2—H Farmalls \viUi busters and cultivators. 3 B John Deeres with equipment. 1050 model Ferguson with cultivator and busters. 2 —F-20 Farmalls with cultivators 1 Massey Harris 101 Super with 4-row cultivator. S Sels o f International Middle Busters. , ! Cash or Terms | Many other jroud used trac-j tors to choose from. . . If you want a good used tractor at a rood price go to 61 Implement Co. N. Highway r>] Dial 2H2 12-14 ck tf 4 row John TV**re f'anter v/nh mnrk- cr. 1 -: 4 row Jnhn Dr-r-rp rotary hoo and Jcl.o Drrrr- rtl:-r hnrro^- Hale ficr-l Farms, Burdette. Pto. 4702. 37 ck tf Extra good G-room house and bath, on llearn Street close td hi^h school. G a s heat, lartre iiviug room. One of the three bedrooms is an extra lar^e master bedroom. Garajii 1 , outdoor storage, fencetl backyard. This house is in yond coiuiitioti insido a;xl (>ul, and the ueij;hbor- houd is lops. Price ?ui.OOO. .Modern Ji-bedroom home on Illinois Slroet — little lady. you'll like this convenient kitchen, You «-ill also like the dish-A-ashor and jrarbajrc dis- iK's;il. Clioicp neighborhood, corner lot. FHA financed. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 312 So, 2m]. Phone .1111 Residence INionc 25% 3M ck tf i For Fuller Htnsh Sfrvlce ^nd Drtni- tnntc CosmiMIrs Cull Mrs Jolm \\n\- tlcn. 25.13 nr 2^«8 2 2l ph 3.21 n^eulfir $12 5ft ro)rl w-avrs. *5 Rr£i~- *10 Mftr1i1n«» S4 50 S!l 50 liot oil treat men l. i2 O|ic-n cvc-nttu; hy np- pnLntincnt. Oprrntor^: I.niulys vt" Mnx- ln.c. L.indys' Bri\uty Shop. Ph. 2S9u. 3 3 iik 16 EASTER SPECIALS Jlo cold waves $10 •?10 cold waves ST.50 Macliinelcss ?5 up Till-: BKAUTY BAR Olrnroc nutcl Hlclg. Phone 32|12 .15 rk 4 S Private Rooms .,'ilrfmi^ Men nnly Mr.^ E F mi-vor I'h. Ifipo 2(1 |ilc A 9 \ s; \\Vlv IMythr-vlllc Hold 1 21 pk 3 Jl For fJcnt or Sale KF.NT A NEW SINGER VACUUM CI.KANEK >'! (lays—§ 1.00 SINGER SKW1NG CENTER Blytheville pi,_ 2782 3;13 ck 1C Situation Wanted Oltlrr lob. experienced | E , hookVrpp- IIK ^iid typing ,v P.B X. Bor.ia Freda -'Kf'ty, I'd. 1CC-J, Stccle. Mo, . 3; 12 pk 15 For Rent Store building localed 105107 W. Main St., across the street from Ro.xy Theatre and formerly occupied by Jim Brown Store. This building SO ft. wide by 120 ft. long. Freight elevator to use for upstairs. Will rent to one tenant or would divide into two rooms, each room 25 ft. wide )>.v 120 ft. Ioi># and upstairs 25 ft. wide by 46 ft. long. Also a paved parking space 20 ft. lonp between building and alley. Building has two front entrances now, each side with display windows. Will lease for any length of'limc tenant desires. The only lai-pe store building in city in the better business part of city for rent. Call us at once for further information. Phone 2323. I.irn.E REALTY CO 100 W. Main St. Blytheville, Ark. 3'10 rk 15 '.Vnltr'-FK wLOi 15 ye^rs rxpfrlrncr (!<•- :lre-s fulltlme employment, c.ill 4214. - Wanted to Buy Second hand bnby bed. call 2786. 3 13 dh If 2 bedroom hnme In this clly. Ph. 2«M after S p.m. 3; 10 ck 16 We will pay CASH for Tour olrl Kodaki. cameras and lenses lor pans O'STEEN'S STUDIO. US W«ST Main 12.« ck t< Half Wanfcrf Tractor driver with family to mnVe rop. Ph. 6H01. Utho Barnes. 3jl ck tt EDSON Continued from Page a Navy does claim its .shore-baser! Marine planes have flown roughly 55 pnr cent nf the support mw- Up to the end of January the Navy claimed IfiOO brid^e.s rlpAtrayed and 1600 damaged. 19000 buildings rtpstroyert and TifiOO damaged, 27CO command posts destrove and 1046 amngeci. 2100 railroad cars destroyed nnd G4CO damaged, 52751 enemy troops killed, -1ROO vehicle. 1 ; destroyed and 3300 damaged, 1100 warehouses destroyed and 803 damaged. And so on. In much more detail. Number of Naval planes in the Korean theater, like the number of Air Force planes, is kept .secret. Navy has operated its t-ask force 77 on the east ccast, with Uvo carriers rotating on active duty. On 1 the west const a baby fiallop carrier group has been ojn-uUeri Jointly by the U. S, and British. Communist «ir power in Korea— despite Its build-up from nothing to nOO planes — has been employed almost entirely in air-to-a i r combat. This i-s shown by an Air Force tabulation of missions: On ncrinl combat, UN plnnns flew 22.000 sorties, commie,'; 18,500. In close .support, of ground troops, UN ' pLine.-i flew 51,000 sorties, commies none. On interdiction, UN planes flew 124,000 sorties, commies only 75. These figures Indicate the complete superiority which OiV planes have had in Korea — up to noW. Still, they haven't won the war. Hollywood Continued from page 8 displays a s[ B n reading: "Chuck Wagon Supplies." Him Stars 20 rears r,.i(er Back in 1932. when Rudy Vallec was slill king, Ring Crosby was hired to duet one thorns of on Irving Berlin tune wliii Belie Daniels in the I>nielas Fairbanks, Sr. movie, "Reaching For the Moon." Today, tiie nJtn Is IjcitiK .shown on TV ami Bing is advertised as THE STAR! * * * MOM, with Kleu-ftrt Grander in niiiul, plunked out $25.000 (or Arthur Maysc's just-out novel, "The Desperate Search." about a pilot's hunt for a missing plane with his two children aboard. • • * Hu.weJI Ny|)c. K'ho took a beating on his first adventure in filmland, will he back this summer for another crack at the movies. He was replaced by Glenn Pord in MGM'.s "Young Man in a Hurry" after a week of shooting. New approach to stardom: Jack balance, who's cn-starring with , .Josin Crawford In "Sudden Fenr," j Is living In a San Fernando valley motel. . . Grade Fielils Is burning over London nichl club comedians <*-}io are having a hey-hey (Jay with jokes about her marri.ise. to that i radio repairman. * • * When the Oscar candidates were announced. Director Don siegcl noted disappointment written on the face of Gig Young. "What's the matter with you?" asked Sie- scl. "You should be happy. You were nominated for an Oscar." "Yeiih, I' knmv," rrplifd flit; mournfully, "but I voted for Charles !--iugliton:" The Time To Buy !s NOW IN Tin: CHANCE!!V COURT FOR TIIK CIIICKASAWBA nrsrrtrcT or AIISSISSITPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Ruby Jenn. Nrenlcy. Ptf. vs. " No. 11,984 Thomas H. Menley. Dft. WARNING ORDER TO: Thomas H. Menley, (he above named defendant: Yoi] are hereby warned lo ap- year in the courl mentioned in the fnptton hereto within thirty days nm! Answer the compltiitH o[ the plalnlift and upon your failure to appear, the complaint will be taken Dated this the 21th day of February, 1952. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Anita Sykes. D.C. 2 22-29-3,1-14 OVER 50 CARS AN D TRUCKS TO CHOOSE FROM—PRICES UNDER CEILING 195! Chevrolet deluxe Slyleline -l-door Sedan.. .driven only 12,000 miles, cqitipiied wilh fresh-air heater and plastic seat covers, liuy this one and save! J!)51 Clicvrolet deluxe 5-!'asseii};er Coupe...a lieauli- ful car with very low mileage and offered at a bargain price. Ifl IS Kord Y-8 5-!>asseiiKer Coupe. .. equi^ed S7ftC with radio, lieaicr ami spolliglii. . .special. .. I &a 1918 I'lymimth deluxe l-door Sedan. . .cciuip- peci wilh heater antt sent covers, a steal at only 1SI7 Chevrolet Fleelline .l-door Sedan. . .with ,? radio, heater, (iefroster and seal covers 1918 Chevrolet l-To;i I>ickii|i Truck... here's JOftC a bargain for you at this special low price u!/0 1316 fi^IC 1/2-Ton I'ickup 'IVtick. . .save money S on a pickup now at Sullivan-Nelson Ifllfi tnternational Vi-Ton pickup Truck SJIftJC mtr completely ovcrluiuled & good tires. A huy at* 493 Many .More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Hig Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 Wesf Walnut Phone 4573 Doc and Phone Retire After 60-Yeors V/ork NEW' YORK Ijp; Recent retire ment of Dr. Charles E. Birch. 88. White Plains physician, after CO | years of service, also retired an j old-time telephone. It had .been In use 54 years. It ! wns the old-fashioned wait type known as the "goose-neck" because the (rniisiniltrr V.TI.S mounted on an adjustable arm to bring It as close to the month of n standing speaker as possible. The phone had been superseded tu 1012 by a more compact, device, but the doctor preferred to keep the old one as long as he maintained his office. nnfiir. hnint n-nh bath. «S5 i E. Ash. Ph. 4667. 3 U ck 21 5 nvim 5**en c\ttrr iMf house 2^20 nir 311 ph Ifi \Ve HHVC house located just novth of KroKer Store for sate. Consist.-; of one four- room and hath apartment and one ;!-room nnd hath apartment, has separate light ami water meters. To enlarge the parkins lot for Kroner we must move this house. I'uroha.jcr will have to move it or wreck it at once. \Viil sell at low price to move it at once. C'all or see us now. TOM U'lTLK KMOAI.TY CO. Ph. 2323 — 109 \V. Main 3,10 ck 15 Slrr|ilni; room, coiivciilriu to Iv.ittv \rply ir..=. \Vi-5l V1nr. 3 12 yi* IS Lost and Found ?J.">0 reward for fiudinjj my ilianiond HUB. K. G. (!i|>- stm. Call :rj['i2, 3-12:! or -\-\fi.[. (ilont'oc Hotel. U ck tf Cmirrrl* Blnr» BiUldlns;. jiiltnlile (or nr>™so nr .inrr »nrt Bdjolplns S morn ' limi.v with li^th T.orntr[l In curTi* nn MIKha-Bv «l <lrtp nf Knllnnil MB Tall 4101 nr a-rlle Paul Byrtim Intnlc. -""' Co ,„ f i .. Mo<1rrn rnhlns A ftntu Conns rh P5151 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W ). Pollard Aponcy Planned Protection 124 W Ash Pt. GtENCOE HOTEL BUIT.D1NO IS ck 1C Real ESTATE Fauns—City Property LOANS If Intprr^Trft tn Haying OF 5C.MI13 *!••« Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Bkig. Ph. GSfiS ^^. ».30 clt U lcr nn eronnri lloor \>rv Sr<? W M Riirns. US Nortli 3 ,S rX tl U lmir=f with mftnl Rwnliih!* ort scourm of town. Pli 3 10 px ;P 2 i :n tioiiso with bAth. drc. . Th 2H?3 or 9671. 3.10 pk 2.1 *- £,- hflth /urn hous Office room 18 fret wide by 75 feet lonp. Very best flour- cscent lights, pas heat, tile on J'loor, has private office i in rear. Formerly occupied i liy <;.t'.r.C. Located 1015 S, ">!h Strp<>(, just sou Hi of Ark- Mo Tower Co.. local office. \\ ill lease for any period of time wanted. Call (is at 2323. TOM 1.1TTI.K RKAl.TY CO. 10!) W. Main j Blytheville, Ark. ! 3 10 ck lo PRESCRIPTIONS Ficsh Stock Guaranteed'Besi Prices Kirby Drug Stores ARE YOU A SAFE DRIVER? To no a safe driver, you have to know hnw fast you're Roinj:. That means ii» arm rate spcrdnmetnr. T.ct us rhrrk yours. We jcivc 1- Dajr service on sprerinmet«r repair for all makes cars and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Clir.Ysler-Flymo«!h Dealer Ul F.. Main Phone ^\^2 -COAL • Prompt Delivery NOWf» Courteous Service HESTER'S Phone 3186 Coal Yard DelintJng&TreatingService \Ve are now operating our NEW Carver Delint- inrj »nii Treating Pl»nt. All new enuipment including latest mo<lcl Slurry (liquid) treiter. All s»cks electric»l!.r sewed ... we gunrantee JOB Snick, f ficient and satisfactory service. Sffd accepted in truck or carload lots. . .discount on all lots of 5 tons or more. Insure * better stand and less rust danajre b.T treating your seed. Brint your seed EARLY and avoid the rush. WARD GIN COMPANY No. Highway fil _ Blyfheville — Phone ,175fi FUEL OIL TZO t "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Horner-Wilson's Car Values '•16 DODGE 5(195 This 2-donr Sedan has a new reconditioned motor, plus a i-arllo, plus a healer, plus good llres! MS CHEV $695 A tin; con R ?0 orl biiv Is this 1-Ton Pickup Triick for S605. And the tires are extra good! '51 RMC $1195 It's tike buying a ne<r truck at n bnrsain price! This 1051 !i-Ton I'ickup Is like new. ' (G .MERCURY . . . $G95 A Rood car. 19IG Mercury 5- I'.issrntcr Coupe. Anil, as an extra honns, It has brand new tires! Ml FORD ....... 5335 Tins car has sure been well taken care of. paint, too. Radio, heater. Test drive it. MS GAIC 2-TON ...5895 Her, take a look al Ihls super- buy on a big truck: This 2- Ton. CMC. Inng. whcclbase truck is clean! '•IS PLYMOUTH . .5395 'lore's a ear you'll ENJOY driving: Special deluxe 4- door Sedan with radio and heater, too. Drive II. '•12 DODGE $395 Tills car \vill give you fine performance ... a" 1912 Dodge 2-iloor Sedan wilh n real GOOD motor: Nice automobile. 'SO GMC ??? We're iint even goinc lo tell you the priec mi Ihis 1950 OMC: !i-Tnn I'Lekilp. But it's got Xeiv tires, ratlin, heater. ''Ifl GMC ??? Another pickup with r» mys- lory price, ilul if you want'lo finrl out what a ffnod trade vcni can make, sec us tomorrow. HORNER-WlLSON Kockct Oltlsmobile — CMC Trucks Phone 20ofi Used Car Lot — Phone fil ON MAIN STREET |

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