The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1952
Page 10
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TAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1953 FARM NEWS — REVIEWSr. Remember Our Grand Opening TOMORROW! The first 200 adults to enter our store tomorrow will receive 15 CHICKS FREE! Bring Your Own Box! FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. "Your Purina Deafer" 513 East Main Phone 3441 VWWWWWWVJW.V It's HERE NOW! LIQUID PETROLEUM ECONOMY WITH THE WORK OUTPUT OF GASOLINE MASS EY- HARRIS U. of A, Reports On Performance Tests for Corn 1951 Was Good Year For Crop, Agronomist A. B. Burcfick Says FAYETTEVI1XE, Ark.—Tlie results of the 1951 mm porforrnnnce tests conducted hv thr- Arkansas seven locations In Aikimsas have been relr-ased Ijy tlir University of Arkansas Collar of AuricuHiiir. The report, which Is number 13 In the fitat inn's Report Series, was prepared by Di. A, n. nurd irk, ns- .sistunt profc.^snr nf agronomy. With a few locat rxcepUons. 1951 ! was a favorable corn crov/in^ your, Or, Biirdlck points out, and record What to Plant in Your Garden? Here are a Few Helpful Hints Before you buy Reeds for a Liberty Rarclen this .spring, ctevotc a few evening to considering what vegetables you will grow. To .some extent, the Jist wlH depend upon the amount of space you devote to this patriotic leisure-time activity. Heaviest yield from small space can be obtained from vegetables of which we eat the leaves. These Include the "greens" which are cooked, and the salad leave. 1 ;, which are eaten raw. They yield so abundantly they are usually overtimed. Next In food production, compared to .space occupied, are vegetable* of which we oat the roots, .stems, or i-.fcd pods. Beets, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, snap beans, turnip.? and onions all give heavy yields, ore ric.h In calorie value, vitamins and minerals. Don't discard anv of these on the theory that you do not like them, I'nlt'.ss you have eaten them when yields were obtained 7iV four oMhc ! hj ' lf * rown ' frc * sh from lhe ^nrdcn. tests. TheRn indndnnhr one nt! ThIs is an experience which-only Livestock an I-'ore.slry nrnnrh stn- honic *« "tenors can enjoy, and it tion at. BatcsviHe where the top wl]l * ivc anyone a,new conception yield wa.s at the rule of 1818 I 01 how delicious vefictables can be, bushels per acre; (he trsl at the! Vegetables which give the lowest Delia Siihstntion »t C[:irl<e(,n!o, return In food value for the space with a top yield nf 04.7 bushels per ncrc; I lie Fruit nnrl Truck Branch Station tr:;t at Hope, Ipj] yield of M.O hushpls per acre; rat the seed or fruits, surh fi.s nicl- ons, cucumber. 1 !, squash, sweet com. ... , pr^s and lima beans. But if you and the nice Branch -Station trsl can crow these on stakes, trellises at _Rtultgarl,_ where Mir highest j or fences, thus exploiting (he air yield was nt the rntr of 89.G bush- riehLs of your garden area, you can afford tho5C luxun,- crops even in a .small garden. Tomatoes should be crown in every oarden. pruned and staked pre- more yield els per acre. Because of thr former than average K rowing season, Inter mrttiir- inR hybrids shnwcci up relatively better In 1051 than would lie exported under usurd conditions, according to Dr. fiurdick. Hybrids rrcommrncri lor n^.e in the v:;rinns parts of the si Me, based, on performance in the 1DM nnd in previous tests, are nbmit the K?>tne ns tho^e rccohtmcndcd in previous years. In nil hut Uvo nf the tests, j most of the better yielding hybrids were white. Oilier tests were carried on at the Main Station, at FnyeltcvIHe; lhe Cotton Branch Station, at Marlnnna; r\nd at Blnck Oiik, in and summer. To enjoy n garden, you should keep it a.s small as practical, fertilize it richly, Rive It plenty of water, protection against insects, and good cultivation. Such a garden If well planned will produce as large a harvest, of superior quality, and with less work, than twice IM much space, upon which the same amount is expended without a plan. Empire W. R. Tops Cotton Variety Test Gt-oifce riHiR, owner of the Hale Seed Farm at O.sceola, this week announced results of the 1951 cotton variety test conducted at his farm and Empire W. R. was the top producing variety in the test. The Empire variety averaged 692 pounds of lint cotton per acre in the and It had the top four- year average of 721 pounds of lint per acre. Second was Kale's mPL) 33 with 571 pounds of lint per acre and four-year avenu>c of 103 pounds. Results ol the test: Home Agent Recommends Atomic Theme Atomic energy as a discussion opic could fit Into the citi/enship >rogram of any hnme demonstration club group In Mississippi County, Home Demonstration Agent Gertrude n. Holl/nan sMd today. Citizenship is a part of the iilar club program, and the possibilities of atomic energy fit well into the study and practice of citizenship. The problem of atomic energy may se>tn too big for any one individual to cope with, but groups of persons, one by one, or together will make decisions for this country's policy with regard to use of atomic power. Destructive as atomEc energy is when us.ed for purposes of war, it can also be a constructive force that is of real benefit f ,o mankind, it is a person's fluty as a citizen to help control the use. There is available a booklet called "Exploring Atomic Energy" that explains how atomic energy is released, how it is used in weapons. VARIETY 1951 4-Yr, Pounds Ave, Lint Per Lbs, LJnt Per Lint Lbs. ftTably, so they fake up no soil .space than carrots, yet abundantly over n lone sen son. Cu- ''iiniber.s, melons, and pole lima beans are all po'iri crops for train- inc on a garden fence, where they 3'ield well. A plan wflirh keeps your garden space busy throughout the .season will require some stndv. The crops which require most planning are those which give a shnrt harvest- and should be planted for nirveral crops, maturing one after (he other Empire W. R. . Hale iDPU 33. Fox (DPLJ ... Paula 20 Coker 100 Wilt Stoneville 2B , Dcltspitip 15 . rtle DeLtnpinc 3ortch 10 Arkol 2-1 Crafchcad County. For' earl) oMlici' rhc to .sow too much in tests, information is included on I lhc «P"."B. so there is more than ciilUirnl practices follnvctl, as well! ymt cni1 " cp frotn the firsl Invest,, r/Ue of platitintr. Fcrforninpce data" Include yields; lnr!?inK. shell- Ing, and stand percentages; number of ears per stalk; an tip cover ratings. Copies of the report ran be obtained without cliargc from county Kxtcnpion ngenLs or from the Bulletin Office, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, Fayctteville. Cerro Boltvcr, Venezuela.'.. 1 ; mountain of Iron, is one of the world's richest deposits. then n scarcity later on. Tlie faster a vegetable prows, the ICPS time it remains in good table condition after it mat HITS. To prevent waste, you must sow at first only enough seed trj produce the vegetables you can use before they lose quality. Then make other sowings, to mature In succession, so you always have a new crop, in harvest or approaching U. This takes figuring, but is not really difficult. A few hours devoted to planning this winter, will Rave much wasted effort in the spring Acre 632 511 521 -163 .-.,, 437 406 394 18... 390 3fil 243 Per A 721 703 D'lO 528 Baby Chisk OFFER! HtlCES GOOD FOR SHORT TIME STRONG, HEALTHY CHICKS Rotterdam, Holland, like much of the rest of the country, is at or below sea level, protected by dikes. Hi the first, two years after World War II about seven mill-on displaced persons went home again. N. Cri»l«, N. C.B.. W Asstrled £40 Heavies Per 100 POSITIVELY KG LEGHORNS 5 Rhod* U. Redi, targe I wVl't*« Rockt*'A%V t If) Chick Brokers Since 1932 ATLAS CO. fr!?? 1 a possibilities for peacetime ap- licntton and other points on its ffects and control. This is published by Science Research Associates, 7 West Grand Avenue, Chicago 10, , John Ijewclleii Is author of this unior Life Adjustment booklet. Since the book dust-usses civil lefense procedures and practices, the home demonstration agent suggests that it might be of value to schools, PTA groups, community Improvement organizations, && wall as the home demonstration clubg and other study groups. The material is pressnted In * clear, .step-by-step way that make* atomic energy easily understood. O/Jvtr No. 100 lJir«-bo/fom plo Master. One ond two-hollo typei a/(o ovattabta. thors t a c/ioj'ce of bottom equip- men! for all toil typei You'll be pleased the way the compact* short-coupled Oliver Plow Master tags your tractor around sharp corners. The power lift is foolproof and quick. It« exclusive ball-hearing depth adjusting screw » easy to turn. An upward arch in the "lucky curve" furrow ftxie provides extra high clearance. A simple, under- slung dial hitch pulls from a point between the beams to equalize and lighten drift. Making it stiJI lighter to pull are the exclusive Raydex bottoms, with shares so inexpensive you can throw them away when dull. FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO. B. F. Brogdon E. B. Woodson 515 E. Main Phone 6129 TRACTOR LESS I The Massey-Harris 44 L.P. Is custom designed and factory built for efficient opeiation on L.P. iuel. And because il is built as a complete L.P.-unit, the 44 LP gives you the senna high-power rajing as the 44 Gas—the same belt and drawbar~SiftcTency. In addition you get the economy of operating on low- cost iuel, and the low engine upkeep that results from the use of clean-burning, high-oclane L.P. Alk la a rfe.-nonittorion of lh> 44 1.P. ... 1.1 v. ihow you Hi froiwi Hiol jlvii you /owtr operctinj coili ond mc.i'muin powir In III (lull. "Your Massey-Harris Dealer" 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Highway 61 Phone 2142 DS. hny n Fortl Tractor and you'll linvc a fistful of cash left ovor to lmy nclclitional pquiputcnt or to stick in yonr pocket. But the low initial cost of a Ford Tractor is only lhc hrehminK of your savings. After you Iniy. yon continue to sflve \vith I'ord Tractor's operating economy . . . low inaintc-nnncc costs. And when you decide to sell your Ford Tractor, you'll gt't your hands on more dollars than you might think! That's Ijccnusc n Ford Tractnr always firings more on the used equipment market. See us todity ...and start to SAVE! What the Name "Ford" tin a Tractor Means to You! low First Cost low Operating Cost Good Sendee Evenjrwh«r« P»rts A«ailibk Modern DesFgn iitd Enginc«nn| Quiliry Clear Througti Top Vikie At trade-)* Time *jaied on IfancfflfJ r.sdttt prfceJ v S&S TRACTOR CO 112 No. l-'ranUin Phone 8951 "No 'Monkey Business' With A Massey-Harris DriSi Planter!" Massey-Harris has really taken the 'Monkey Business' out of cotton and corn planting... it's the 4-ROW DRILL PLANTER! You plant much, much faster ... up to 6 m.p.h. - 75 acres a day. The DRILL PLANTER is. rear- rnounted and easily attached to any tractor. You keep repairs at a minimum, save seed and plant a more valuable crop . . . easy pulling holds fuel costs down . . . when you plant with the Massey-Harris 4 ROW DRILL PLANTER. Come out and see this planter immediately ... we have only a limited stock. 61 Implement Co "Your MaMy-Harris Implement Dealer" N. Highway 61 Phone 2142

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