The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1952
Page 7
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JRIDAY, MARCH K' 1952 (AM.) OODMUER PAGE SEVEN fordtiick for Foreign Aid: Latt in a $•"'•«— Lack of Air Support Bases Is Danger Spot for NATO (EDITOR'S NOTE: How many nUllions hm« we poured Into the defenae of We*tera Europe? What have we gotten out of It H far? (The8« are the question? million* of Americans are asking themselve* as Congress debates President Truman's request for $7.9 billion In new Foreign Aid. (Armed with hltherto-unpub- shed figures on countrv-by- counlry assistance, an outstanding editor-reporter has traveled th'rough Europe measuring: the exetnt of tlie gains brought by America's billions, (Here Is hts analysis, In the last* of five dispatches supplied exclusively through NEA Service and The Courier News,") By RICHAKn HOLLANDER NEA Special Correspondent PARIS — (NEA1 — It is a tragic and dangerous fact that in this Air ;c, in which the United States Is presumed to be the leader, the weakest link in our Immediate lineup opposite the Russians in Europe is close air support—fighters- and fichtpr-bombers. - j It Isn't because we lack the j .planes. It's because we lack the | Anyone Seen a Stray Barn? Farm Buyer Hunts Lost One CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP)—Anybody seen a stray bnrn? One's missing. It was 40 by 50 feet. With many Is located at two old Luft- waffe bases near Munich, where two jet fighter-bomber wings are just about six minutes from the C'iech border. In the event of a "Pearl Harbor" attack, it would be only through sheer luck that we wouldn't have most of our planes caught on the ground. And then, the slim Allied ground forces in Germany would be left without air cover until planes in Britain could be brought Into action. But they are too far away for effective ground support In Central Europe. Bases in France would be close enough to be fully helpful and far enough away to be defensible. The dally life of our ground units In Germany Is one of almost constant alert, Like the airmen, our ground troops are fully aware that they would have little or no warning in the event of attack from the Russian Zone of East Germany. Their lives are more nearly those of active combat troops than any Amerl cans aren't 7-anted. But in the last co\ip!e of years, the feeling of the average German toward the Americans has changed slightly. Not so very long ago he seemed to feel that the very presence of Americans, or Allied troops. in Germany was an open invitation to the Russians to accept a challenge to battle. Now although the number of Allied troops in Germany isn't enough to hold against a major Russian effort, Germans srem to agree that maybe their very presence has been a deterrent to the Russians, The Allied show of strength in the Berlin airlilt had a gortl psychological effect. Germans, of course, are fnrreas- Inpfy awire that no European army can be a conxnlete success wUUnni (hem, and that no political and economic federation can possibly work unless they taVe part. This has plven them preal bargaining power. sind Chancellor Konrad Adenauer has made complete u?e of It at every turn. The is that in so far as nnny metal.roof. And valued si $1.500. Eighteen months ago it stood on windy hill, big as life, urroc* the state in We&t Virginia. It was on the farm of Dr. P. U Baker. Dr. Baker died, and none of his heirs moved on the 163-acre place. It remained idle until last week, when it was sold to settle his estate. During the sale, someone remarked that It had a nk* barn \ip on the hill. A young )ad standing by shook his head. "No barn/ 1 he said flatly. A quick check by the buyers and sellers pros'ed him right. No barn. State police were called in. No trace ol anything except Ihe stone foundation. And no sign of Its being called away. The farm's buyer. Dr. Thomas Bess, Is 6till looking for his barn. OSCEOLA NEWS By Betlyt Nellt Starr Quakers Pay Income Tax—Less Amount That Would Go to War Mrs. Driver Hostess met at Cramers for a 1 chicken sup- Mrs. Bpencer Driver entertained per followed by bridge at the home places. If the balloon were to go up— | the war start, as the military puts, it—our ground forces, and those of our allies, would be In dire troviblc. We are well fixed for strategic bases, or will be when the present ^S&gram of building is completed. NVe have bases in Britain, North Africa and elsewhere, from which long-range heavy bombers could take off and plaster most areas in Greater Russia. But we're silting riucks as far as cans are experiencing today—ex- '-. Amonenn military »nd civilian cept, of course, in Korea. j leader's In Germany are concerned, Daily missions of these .units in- \ the Germany come- otf lic r t In imy- volve border patrol along several • s in the"rlght| hundred mll ff °* the West-East j i German frontier. They are trained ; to be prepared at minutes' notice ] to throw blocks against an enemy, j and their only hope is to delay him long enough to let our rear forces get, set. .If the moment of invasion should, come, these young men and their | officers have no Illusions about i uabble with our closest European aU [ CS The recent agrrpm?nt^ nt Lisbon concerning i\"e character of Germany's contribution in troops arrt Gasoline Taxed 3 or 4 Methods WASHINGTON (&) — A Treasury Department, study oT over-lapping taxation disclosed today that the same pullon of gasoline sometimes iM taxed by as many as four l*ve!& of government — federal, state, county and city. Triple taxation prevails rather generally in some fields, Including tiquor, cigarettes and admissions. Double levies by federal And state two ol her bridge club.s with a luncheon at her home on West Semmejs Street Wednesday at 10 a.m. Bowls of specimen daffodils were used- In the bridpe eame. Mrs. Beitj-e Nell* Starr von hl^h score. Mr*. Jop Hale, .second high, and Mrs Charlie Hale, bridge. IJAR Has Tea Mrs. John EoYlngton's home was the scene of a tea Wednesday aft- j ernoon when she entertained 2fl I members of the Rol>ert Crittenden [Chapter of the Daughiess of Ames- i lean Revolution. Mrs. Hiuokl Weav- ! er of Kdmnndson, regfin. presided i over DIP meeting, Mr*. Cecil Oliver of Proctor pavp a report nn (he slate meeting in ! Pine'Bluff last week. Mrs. Edrinfj- ton. Male chairman, gave a talk on Valley Forge. Thp Chapter's projert of microfilming wills, marriage and joeci records were discussed and copies have been presented to the suite and national society. Tea was later served with Mrs, W. B. Flannipan and Mrs. W, B. Ertrmelon pro-hiding at the lea and of Mrs. Electra Spencer Gibson Pcrrin, with is hostess. Mrs. money to Enroncan defense se n m ! governments are so common they to incnn that the lmmcd : ?to military side nf the picture will b<? paramount. and the generals n\ c no'>- sible for th^ def^npe of the "front" In Germany will have won tnelr are tafcen for granted. their ability to survive. They know that the Russians have at least 150 divisions of their own, plus scores of satellite divisions. They know that our allies point. Sppiirjife from f'>n rest nf *Vrsl Oprmiinv, (lie Wp^lnm sectors nf ibe divided c'.tv of Tlerlin b«romc sMnlcr month by m*»nfi]. ^H dp Brothers Die On Scaffold bases for Intruders, Intertlisters, In-; along the rest of the Iron Curtain! sh ° 1>s MONTREAL <JTl — Two brcthers. Arrangements of daffodils in crystal containers were placed, at in- u-rvals In the library where the guest* played. Mrs. j. L 4 . Ward won high score and Miss Blanche Cleere won second high. Mrs. Peirln took bridgo Mrs. Qulun HnstesA Mrs, Wade Quimi entertained the Monday night bridge club with hot tamale supper. Mrs. S^arcy Meats. Mrs, Palmer Stantou nud Mrs. Dob Kendrlck and Mrs. Beitye Nolle Starr were gup.sts. Following supper, the evening was spoilt- in playing bridge, with Mrs. Jack Wilson winning hlsh score and Mrs, Starr, second high, Personals Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Rozelle of Luxora announce the birth o( a sou, Jackson Payne Rozelle, Monday at Memphis Baptist Hospital. They have a daughter. Anne Ashley, 15. and A. B. Rozflle. Jr., 7, Waller Dvvvfr is a patient, at a Memphis hospital. caiir TAP _ A Quaker pacifist couple have mailed thetr inconie tax returns to the Bureau of internal Revenue, minus, 72.6 per c«nt o{ l'n(; lax due. which they figure is the amount the government would spend: on a p ar. Francis Behn Riss*. 70> retired boys' school headmaster, and his wife. Valerie, 67, said ihoy expect the bureau to seize the missing funds from their savings accounts, "as It has been dolnt; since 1944." But, Mrs. Kigns added, "there Is a difference between handing the government our Income tax (or the military and the govern- neut taking It from us." Along with the returns, Mrs. ?iggs sent a note saying: "My onscience tells me that the klll- tig of human beings Is a crlml- ,al act. and that paying for that .illing is likewise criminal. This onviction Is based on religious iclief," terccptors and ground Btrength are concernprf. If the blame can be placed any- Tvhere, it cust be placed on the French, who have been fighting a strategic battle against construction of bases In France. They've been fighting against the coat of construction and against the use of good, arable land that Is earmarked. Lately, In Lisbon, they seem, to have come around to agreement about the extent of their responsibility, but much precious time has been wasted- Moat of our air strength In Ger- sujiporl perimeter are i «re. They know as weak as we } that those allies more E ose in i But that is only on the Rtrfacp Berlin Is truly a dyins; city, nnd it will die altogether unless it becomes a whole citv a^ain, and connected with Its >• inter land the erst coffee services. The table, overlaid with an imported Italian cut work cloth, was centered with a bowl of red tulips, blue Dutch iris and aca'ci.a a cift j ol Mrs. W. S. Johnston ol Blythe- vllle. Out-of-town members were Mrs. Rice Hungcrford of Tunica, Miss., Mrs. F. P. Merritt Jr., of Clnrks- dale. Miss,, and Miss Jean Gilliland of Coldwater. Miss. Honored on Birthday Mrs. Jonn ttcirmgton compitmcnt- «d her son. w. B, Edrlnston. Wednesday night with a birthday dinner for 16 of his friends and members of "The Builders" class which Italy Imports Pianos MILAN w>j—Italy, birthplace of tl'.c piano, doesn't produce enough of them to take care of its own needs. Italy imports about 10,000 pianos per year •— mostly from Germany and f-Yance. Some 10 factories in Italy now produce about 5.000 j pianos annually, uprights and baby, grands. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. FRIDAY "GOODBYE MY FANCY' ,Ionn Crawford, Kovejoy, Koljerl Frank Young tn scH (Han i convicted of murdering a T h r e e j Mrs. Edrington organiteri In . TUvers District taxi driver, were-This was the first reunion since all are ready ti fieht—In Just as unsatisfactory a pattern of strategic retreat as we face. But our young men have only to look at a map, . to know that an eastern enemy's! nf Germany. This t?n t hkelv to quickest way to the Channel | 5 1 Hanocn before nsor mortis Ms in. way right through them. The circumstance of our soldiers in Germany is not made easier by the relatively small but active minority of West Germans who are Communists or who do the Communists' work by using every device to make it clear that the Ameri[Last Call! Barney's Shoe Store Quitting Business Sale! Shoes Regrouped and Repriced With Much Greater Reductions One Group Ladies Dress and Casuals. Were on sale at $5. Price now slashed to One Group Ladies Dressy* and Casuals. Nationally Advertised. Values up to 12.95. Slashed to Without its hinterland. Brrlm's In- dustrv ran't snrpirt the city now, no*- v ill it ever be able to. The Americans in Berlin are more relaxed than they UTI^ rvm n year ago. They used to f.?el th.-.* the war. If it c^ me. would st^rt there, and that, fchpv would b? its first combatant victim?. Now thoy don't feel that way. They fed that they're already strategically enveloped, and that, onr mornin?, they'll wake up and find themselves official prisoners instead o£ unofficial ones. [End of a scries) hanged in Montreal Jail early today. Ga.ston. 32. and Marcel .Gervals. 26, showed no emotion as they mounted the scaffold- , The brothers were found guilty of the boys were in to service during World War U. Mrs. Edi-ington's table for the occasion was centered with an antique milk glass compote filled with, dpffodils and flanked by bilk glass of killing Gclmas, a semi- candleholders VUh burning nvaild from the Eiienne dcs Ores. village of St. Bomb Explodes In Rail Station tapers. The evcnine follov/Sne the chicken dinner was spent informally. Supper Club Alerts 'Ilic Tuesday night supper club TUNIS. Tunisia <>Pi—A bomb blew up in Gabes Railroad Station last night as a train drew in. killing five persons and injuring 17 others. Police and government sources hinted Communists have taken a hand in Tunisian violence and were Inclined not, to blatue Nationalists, who have carried out previous raids to enforce their demands for more independence from French rule. The Nationalists said they hart nothing to do with the station explosion. Sources close to French it- General Jean de Houte- took a Eimilar view. ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE $ 2 Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. Sun. liOO p.m. Last Times Tonight! Double Feature! UUINE DAY SOKK IYAN JOHN A6JI ! Edgar Kennedy Comedy & Cartoon SATUKDAY 'GUN RUNNER' with Jimmy Wukely & Cannonbiill Taylor SAT. OWL SHOW "NIGHT MONSTER" with ficla Lionel Alwoll Entebbe li (he .capital of th« I'itish Uganda protectorate. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration 'Your Community Center* MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 FRIDAY 'King Solomon's Mines" Granger SATURDAY "IN EARLY ARIZONA" Wild Bill Elliott SAT. OWL SHOW 'CALLING BULLDOG DRUMOND' Waller Pidgeon FRIDAY & SATURDAY 'Deputy Marshall' Jon Hall • Dick Foran Also Serial & Comedy SUN.-.MON.-TUES. "DRUMS IN THE DEEP SOUTH" James Craig Barbara Cayton SUN.-MON. 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Sunday UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY McCaul Tire Store JOHN BURNETT, MANAGER South Highway 61 — Across from the Swift Oil Mill — Phone 8662

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