The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1952
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE. fABK.) COURIER NEWS Jane i-fhelton, Society Edito FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1952 Brida! Events Continue For Miss Crafton Sally Trieschmann. Chosen Queen Of Blytheville High Senior Class Miss Annellti Humphreys anfJ Miss Maureen Morris, bridesmaids o( the Crafton-Hines \vertdiME party. last night entertained with a Cupper party at (he Country Chib. The 30 gueM.s attondinR inrhiried the bridal couple, th«)r attendants and out-of-town guests. The guests gathered in thr Green Room where champfipne was yervert toasting the bnric. In keeping with the chosen .\'avy decortition.s \va.s the nianteE centerinece of a hc<fti shaped container holding white pln- dioli and baby breath and fcsiooncrt in red and blue streamers and Jare- lon. At* cither sid bur tied red. white and blue candles in golden candelabra. Supper \vas later served in the fimroom and the table was a Muriy of white. White stock and crvnia- tions Interspersed with mminiurr white wedding bells formed the centra! design and matching bolls were sprinkled about the tnblc. Q Bouquets of white gladioli anri ha- \ DLIHCO by breath completed the ^otUns, I A white cocktail gown en by Miss Graf ton. A matching material encircled her shoulders .and Inc. pown was trim- meri In burnt orange. She was presented white blooms from her hostesses. The evening was, later spent in dancing. The parents of the hostesses, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Humphreys and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Norrls assisted during the evening. Out-of-town gut'sls were Mrs. G. A- Hlnes, Sr., mother of Ens, nines; Mrs. Oscar Geer, aunt of the bridegroom; Mrs. Margaret Horsey, sister of the bridegroom; all of Ruthcrdfordton, N.C., Mr?. Jnhn Loy Bishop of Annapolis, Md.. aunt of the bride-elect, and Mrs. Frank Tomlinson of Houston, Tex., aunt of the bride. Mrs. Jiuncss Terry and Mrs. Dole BrlgBs yesterday entertained at Hotel Noble with a bridesmaids breakfast to en tit i n u c the party \s h i rl of the social set. A white, pink and In vender scheme had been chosen to 'predominate the setting. Seated at "T" arranged tables. John Wllks, son of Mrs. Grace. Wllks. ol Blytheville, who Is a freshman at the University of Mississippi. Oxford, has been mtialed Into Slfima Chi, social fraternity, Silly Trlcschmann, fcnir.r «tu- and , Phi Rta sii!ma - "cholns-tic hon- drnt it nivtheville Hiith School who ; al '- v ' r »<«''»lty for freshmen men. named I9S2 DAFI medalist earl- i " r ' , and M«. Barl Koom?. o[ this year, ha* been elected sen-! M . oblM ' | 5'' Mo - "turned to Blythe- ior queen by membfrs of her class. The Chickasau'." Bklhevllle Hirti's strident, paper, announced today. Danphter o( Mr. and Mrs. J. O hnumn, Sally was chosen iroin a list of seven nominec.s which included riell, Carrie Sue Hi ne.s. Barbara Johnson. Martha NMrhols, Jean shelton and Norma Jean West, The senior rnirrn. who vnl] lie rro'.vnrd by Larry Rnkr-r. senior ilis [Hc-sident, at the opening pro- diirnon of the senior memorial plays next, moiuh. is a member f>[ the National Honor Society which flic ville Wednesday nisht from Fulton, Mo., where they had attended the funeral of Mrs. Koontz's brother. Movs nryan. They will remain in Blylhevitle [or several day*. Paul Westbrook nn<! Jimmy Tompkins left this mornlne for Little Rock to attend the Baptist I Training Union convention this week at the First Baptist Church. Lt, and Mrs. Ted LyMer and son, Johnny are visiting here as guests of relatives. They recently arrived from Lake Charles. La . and f,t. Lyster will leave In the morn- for Camp Stoneman. Calif,, as vice-im-side'iir.' and holds ', < or ".'">; '" jB f' a "- Mrs - Sally 1 riesoliniiinn membership in the HHS choir in. wlilch she also hclds the office of vicc-j>re: iricnt, Beta Club ami Red 1'eplirr Club, £hf i.s a member of First, Meth- •+f-flist Church where she smss in j the choir, and is an honor roll stu- i dent. ™t o rr t Resumes Meetings; Shower Continues Bridal Events The Alpha Beta Bunco Club \ insht held its initial session at, the i home oT Mr.?. Helen jjTivhins after | several month.s di^hfindnieiir. ; Mrs. Ruth Btvxs and Ml^s Eli.'-e! Lewis met with the weekly de^rrt' bunco club as new nirmtjr-r.s, rtncJ '• The whirl of brichil affairs honor- IK Atiss Maxine Hipp, bride-elect l Cpl. James E. Wimberly, «as continued last nlchl with the miscellaneous shower at the Lloyd Kol- son will remain here as snest-s of her mother, Mrs. Jnhn Bourliiml. Mrs. J. A. Luckett and Miss Neil Lurkett ate VAcationlng at Hoi Sprinfis. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Chltmon and son and Mr. find Mrs. Dick Watson and daughter left today for Lake NorEorJc to spend the weekend. They Joined Mr. and Mrs, nob Crews, Jr.. of Osceola at their cabin there. Roger Him who is a student at ht University of Missouri School f Mines, Rolla. Is the Sprina holl- ay pucst of his parents Mr. and .Irs. John Lum. snoots with the club were Mr.s. Tom | Taylor and Miss Beulah HawlOns. i Mrs. Jimmy Keetie 'Aon high j wore, with Mrs. Hazel Kelt taking | ^ n " Thc cvcn j nR wafi sppnl in .<cconrf hich and Mis* Lewis win-[bridal parly games, with Mrs James nlng bunco. T . H fpp and Miss Emma Blanchard The hostesi server! refreshments wy<k homo on Cllickasawba Avenue. Mrs. Don Baglcy and Mrs. Kol- u-yck wore hostesses for the occa- following the Three Guests Meet with Club the.honoree's and special guests ta- and rent print? each of the ble was designated with a low bowl of while, pink and lavender stock from which extended the length of the tables narrow lavender .satin knotted at intervals to hold sprigs of of the stock. Handmade placecarls of bridesmaids dolls dreswd in formal powns were used and following breakfast Miss Crafton was presented a mantel clock from her hostesses. Dressed in an ensemble of gray flannel and nryry blue, she was presented white carnations from hor hostesses. Three Riie.sts. Mrs. T, R. Cnlemnn, Mr.s. nob Warren and Mrs. W. T, Rainwater yesterday were invUrrl to the dessert bridge at Rustic Inn entertaining Le Nueve Chib members. Mrs, Cole in an Stevens was hostess for the weekly bridcc small tables were Jonquil clusters arrnny- ed in bud vases. taking prizes. After Miss Hipp had displayed the assorted Rifts, party foods and punch wcT9 served from a lace draped table. Clusters of white carnations and Rrecnery surrounded the punch bowl base and the chosen color motif of green and white was repeated in the parly foods served. A irnusscMiii model of black French crepe wn.s chosen for the occasion l>y Miss Hipp, who pinned white carnations, a gift of the. hostess, at her shoulder. "° t ' 1ers of . " IC "agcd couple. Vlrs. T. T. Campbell hostess to Yavbro Group Mrs, T. T. Campbell yosterclny ntertained the Womens MLvion- ry Union of the Varbro Baptist Church at her home. Prayer by Mrs. A. L RU-harrLsnn pcned the session and the cievo- ional was given by Mrs. Jack Amry. Following the bust new dlsciLs- ions, Mrs. T. J. Richardson ad- ourned the meeting with prayer refreshments were served by JnSon member. 1 ! and two guests. bud vases. i i *. R, V" Oreen won high score !/VuS. /\. in the bridce game, wltli second hifih going to Mrs. Rainwater. Party Marks 77th Birthday Is Club Hostess lAiticheon nnd bridge al the country homo of Mrs. A. G. Little yesterday wns Kiven for Thursday Chib inmilxiis and lv:n guests.. Joiiignll.s formed !he central design for the tnhle at which the club ami snests, Ml.w Edith KelloB5 of Boston, Mnss., houseguest of Mrs. C. W. Aflilck and Mrs. Monroe At the Hospitals Bly(hev411c Hospllal DismLssed: Charles E. Boyd, Ltixora. Linda Nell Wyatt. city. Rook Club Meets In Huey Home Mrs. C. G. Schcrer yesterday took top honors in the weekly game r.f 11"' 1 - 5 an< l '"'Is were combined to ceu- the Thursday Rrok Club. Mrs. T. O.! * cr tbe refre.sliment, tahle from Hucy was hostess at her hnme to! wluch birthday cake, ice cream and A party for 16 cue.sts yesterday cclen.atcd the 17th birthday ol Mrs. Jennfe Malone. Mrs. F- L, need and Miss Angle ^. Hood, nieces of the honorre, were Grain. Jr;,-..u-ere seated hostesses at their home for the! Brklu^-i^Ls played event, j luncheon. : -with Mrs. J, A birthday candle cake, with ft sincle lighted taper burning as the honoiTc opened the assorted, presents, centered the plft table. Jnn- followin? - A, Leech winninc liish score and Mrs. E. B. Gee, second high. the club and one guest, Mrs. Harold Hcn>on. -Jonquils decorated the home for the event and second hich in the rook cnnie U'ent to Mrs. Huey, with Mrs. W. B. Mayo winning rooko. Your Summer, Favorite assorted party foods were served. As earh tuest arrived she \v a s presented a corsaqe of carnations from the hostesses. Dessert Bridge Entertains Club A dr.ssert hrirlpe at the home of The afternoon j Mrs Rill Lambert last nicht honor- was spent informally and pictures I cxi TljE cinh members, Gladioli was were marie. j aranprd in ^rrencry and set abou Mrs. L E, Gay and Mrs. G. s. At- i thn reception and entertaining kin;on assisted the in rooms, serving. Mrs. OMo Scrape won Wgri score in Hie hrirlcp came and second high went to Mrs, Herman Turner. Brid Patty Sue Harris ^n^^ won by Mrs - oil Marks Birthday Patty Fuc HavrK dauch'cr nf Mr. and Mrs. (Vtrdon Harris was ^ix vear.s rlrt yo.'trrclny nnd the nrra- .tion W,TS mnrkrd with n pnrry fur I 10 siirrts nt her Chiclcnsnwba Avei intr ho:r.r. ! .)<-v.rj>] ; :nr f'ui'e. Gr.m A'kinsi'n,; I Sii'-Ltn FDU l.^mu aiui .Jnn Cm tor [ I \\TIT pn/'-' winners in ihc parly ; i ^i^me*: conrJurtrd. ; Oiir.t' s \VI-TC rbi.'-.-'in;Ur, t i of l lie hnnnrre iu ,1 Pi e.-li\ te: inn Cliuirh plfijs and iMMchboi-hotxl childrni- ! I The S' Pn: r irk's ri a y mo 111 w ;is i iTjipatrn in thr p.uty de<-orati-in> i ! ,",nri CiMhtiny r;ike .Tisd i--p csr.ini • [cd by Mrs H-uli Hud,=-Mi. Mr,>. Cur-' [tt.i Anfirr=;ii anri Mrs. Qiinry AlC'X- nndrr. ' j ! Favors of horns «tie present- ' i ed. I i t GEO Club, Guest A/\pp,f j ^^ 5 -' ' i if they quit probing the causes of \ delinquency — anri spent the time ! trying to learn whru makes sound, well-adjusted, Imppv children. STUDY THE PROBLEM If we want to grow camellias successfully — we don't make a study of what- makes unhealthy plants. _.. . .. . We get rifiht down to brass tacks Often in the various newspaper* j ami rcfld everything we can about I road, I notii-e where a child study how to grow healthy camellias, jrnup or a PTA srcup. or a church i We shou id make a positive ; ! Positive Approach ,j Suggested For "Child Delinquency oj'framziulon is rievoiing a meeting nr A .'ei'ips of meetings to the study of "Causes ol Juvenite Delinquency ' If it is their own children par- ems are interested in, aren't they npprrn chins? thrir problem from the wrens: angle? positive approach whenever \ve set out on a constructive project, Anri .so it should bo wilh our children, Let the experts d\vell on the problem of what makes juvenile f delinquents. L nut we parents would do better \ to get busy studying how to rear Millet t Parents d o n ' t healthy, normal, hapny children. think of their ; It's not the wrong way of bring. own children as : ins "P children that should fascl- being "delin- I nate us. But the risht way. rjuonls" or even] Let's have more discussions and potential delin- | lectures on how to brine up chil- quont.t. so there | drcn sticcessfully and fewer on isn't, much Ihat'whiU causes Juvenile delinquency. come.s from such discussions that they take seriously to heart. But It uould be a different story I.UXOHA RESIDENTS TO SAIL FOB KN'OI.ANI) Mrs William A. Marttn, Jr., and children, Olenn, Rebecca and Larry, have received notification by the Air Force tliey are to report to New York Man-h 23 for sailing orders to join their husband anct father, S Hgt. Martin. who is stationed at Bui tomi'oort. England .Sgt. Martin has been at his present base for four months and is a veteran of \S'orld War II. Mrs. Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. c. E. Cunningham of Liixora. and children are leaving Tuesday by automobile for New York. bflpn employed in Rorkford, 111., for the pnst six months has returned /'nine. Ml 1 , nnfl Mrs. Eleene Watsnn. and Mrs. Girriol So Help Me! Prisoner Says It Was Mistake OKLAHOMA CITY < API— Before pleading guilty lo charges of transporting a stolen auto across state lines the prisoner, already serving five years in the state pen- 5-Tablc Howell Played By Bridge League A five-tnble Houell movement last nicht was played hy the Blytheville Duplicate Briti^e League at I the semi-weekly game at Holt] Noble. Mrs. W. D. Chamblin anrt Jim Roleson look first place, with Mrs- R. F. Kirs.hner anrl o. O. Hardaway v;innin^ secmid htch. Mrs. O \V. McCutchecn and Mrs. Joe Dillahunty ton kthird place. home. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Nirhnkon and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Nichol'on anrl i; In Slcele, Sunday. Miss Mary Ughtfoot whn has ' home. .NTi-s Ola Ray Twpedle spent the •Apekcnt! in Blytheville with hc-r ciam'MKihpi-. Mrs. Cleve Twecdle and Mr. Tivectllc. Mr. niitl Mrs. Elzin Dixon and son. Phillip visited Mrs. Ella Dixon near Kei.ser tho past week. Mr. and Mrs. c. W. Oarrisan are in Chicaso this wenk where Mr. Ganisan is attending an REA meeting. Mrs. Jess Moslcy is ill at her ,. . , hov.-ard were in Stecle itentiary. told this story to deputy marshals: He saw- a ririverless auto going down hill and Jumped In to stop it. but before he could bring it under control he had crossed state lines. , Half Moon News Mrs. Arfena Williams has gone to Mariana lor an extended vlsH with her daughter, Mrs. Girdie Helms and Mr. Helms. Mrs. Bill Connard and Mrs..Clarence Helms, u-ho have been visiting in Ne\v Albany, Miss., with, Mrs. Jack Greenwood, have returned AC ADVERTISED IN CHARM new hidden heel Mi.-s Jr'.tv Cbirc Huffman las iv:ht was ho>ir« at iirr home t nro ri::!i mfiiiiirr.s and one cues : (M ' ^ r '~ '''intv..- nf ])layiiK hi irtc Mi's. VV H. OKppfr was the only 'ur--t and m ihr hridcc camr. Mis Frank s-av won lii::h srore. Mrs .'"lniMni Rlarkwrll. sf-r^nd hich and Mru .latrr* !!":rrs. hrnlco. ' rllr ho^es-s .served a df.^ert cinir.-r- "churchi? 8812 11-20 By Sue Burnell Mrs. Cecil Shane Honors Club colorful inr.riiiils and hrid^l \v r frrnieri th^ cnror drsjcns [nr small t:iMrs arr,n::rrl nhoi:( Ivnir of ^Us. Cecil si>ai;c on ' Mam Ri:rc; y^slcitl.Tv for H . ••• •.',,,! .i^niii.ii lor r hr eres th.ii iwpntar h-llr-r sun- lmielirnn-hriti = p li(i:m:n-,i thr Mid- dress that insures an enviable su;i- i \Vrr-k Cliih Mr- F J Oirc \va-- t'lie tan. rctiuii-cs so little Saiirie. Top- only c':r--t with the i-rnim the Coming Even Is \ Vriihiv | Nir ii:il M:- Rupert Cra[t.-n en- | r':i-.n;ii: n' Hnirl Noble w i t h ; pin rii!;!'fr imty for CrAlton-J S.ilurdny | c^tL!l;.':i C'l'ili h.15 9 pin rn-lmr.ri uiiT nr Ilo-^l N'oh!e. Dr And Mr.= ' >":i ^:r.:'h. Mr. and Mrs. S E. j ~\r.',r, Mr .iid Mrs. Jimmy Stcv- iu--'" Mr r,-,rl Mrs. Bill Yoiinc "d Mr. Mrs. Richard Bfrk?r. Mi.-.- Mir- ?:LO Cr;ift<m hrronir^ j \\f hp..-,- ,v KV.'. O. A Hinr.«. Jr..' i 4 11 m ^'irri'nny at First Chris- ptrl riere vvnh In brisht cor.tratt. Irital lor'vac".i-! tion nays. Pattern No. fi?,i2 •-, p, sr-\v-;-;;r ' perfnrAlfrfi paaern in =;7f<. n 12 IS. H. 16, !8. 20. Si» 12 tires-' .!•,' yard., of 33-inch; jacket, 1 : . yards.; For [his p.ittrrn. jond 30c m ' COIN'S, your nain», address, size ciesirrd. and the PATfRRN" NUM- I HER (o Sue Buriv'll. Courier News.! 375 Quiney St , Chicsto 6. III. Basic FASHION' for '62 is filled with icioas to make your clothes \ budget go further—timr-snving and i econornleal dcsisns that are easy to • sew. Gill pattern printed Inside j 25 cents. I fn the hriciszr C.TIIIC foliouiu-^ hmclieon. Mrs. j T.ouis Cherry ^'.on hich srnrf. Mrs. Harry \V. i-iniiiop. scronfl hich anrt Mrs M. o. IJs- icy. bridco. t 1 Hi'dee l.eacne pl.iys a! H.->uM Xx'!i!e a 1 I:M pin. Sunday M.-s M;.>:nie Hijip r\,-haiue.= tiup- :M! vnv.i ,\,t!i C'pl. James E. Wlm- 'brrly ir, 2 I'm, c'rrrulany at First 1 Meth.-rii-t Chuivh. Nc<vc;t idea in Ciiuals from slic coaiinent^— (Vie invisible heel thai looks like pjil of the shoe! First time ever in n'.occasins—so chic tluy'll £0 where mcxc.isins never before! ChrtbiUTi, 8.98 «:^.,!1 F*.. !f 8.98 nmpaunc leather with HiirvrM Hroun lonther Innv Cosit & Carry Weck-End Special! $150 I Doi. The FLOWER SHOP Glencoe Hotel Hlvthcville SLIPPER SHOP Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and -1:00 p.m. daily for otir program announcements. Box Office Phone 2752 — Office Phone G09S Box Office Opens at l': 15 — Show Starts 2:0(1 p.m. Continuous Showing Everyday Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 9c & 30c At All Times LAST TIMES TONITB Pal Nites 2 For Price of One "The Entertainment Spot of Mississippi County" The Perfect Gift — Theater Book $2.50 MGM's stirriiij! adventure WESTWARD THE WOMEN ROBERI.TAVLOR"'DEMSE DA LAST TIMES TODAY £ X T R A Paramount Hews Selected Shorts Ritz Guests to See "Westward the Women' Mr. & Mrs. John Lum & Family Mr. & .Mrs. George Lamb JL&C* *.R«KOTOSti. TCCHNKOUM 2 Reel Comedy & Cartoon SATURDAY ONLY! Double Feature SATURDAY ONLY! _ The strange slory behind kistonj's unforgettable... ti ^^ LAST STAND! HOTD JOHH MARIE BRIDGES • IRELAND • WINDSOR —PLUS— Serial: Cap In in Video & Cartoon SUNDAY & MONDAY crp r- - -_ --• •- (LAhere's no plate '~$j%\ like Texas . .. ansT- /^'^ no place like hon^c- , '•._ /%f in today's great . new Sonthv/est! 2o, Serial: 1'iraics Harbor Also Cartoon SUNDAY & MONDAY Double Feature FRANK P. ROSENBERG • DELMER OAVES • DUDLEY NICHOLS PLUS: 808ERT RTAK • CUIIRE IfitVO!! IJW8UEm-8D8tl!T PRESTON —PLUS— I'arRinniint News Sc Sliorls. l-'n\ S Hie I?i\h!)il — livnnklyn Goes Smith Ritz Guests to See "Return of rhe Texan" .Mr. X Mis. R. C. Owers Mrs. .Marvin Hobiusun Mrs. Carpv \Vootllnirn Also Melro News

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